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What is MultiPLX

MultiPLX is a RSS Reader for people who have no idea what RSS means :)

Actually RSS is a great technology built by developers for developers - not for the general population. So geeks already know what it means and no need to explain it in technical terms.

But for the rest of us here is the explanation of RSS;

Basically websites have the ability to let you know when they post new stuff - which is called RSS, but to use this ability you need "RSS readers" which are technical, boring and cluttered with too many features for "regular" people. This is the main reason why all big brands and many websites are using Facebook or Twitter instead of RSS when they have new stuff to share. On the other hand this is not the real intend of Facebook or Twitter services and also not the best way to find out and read about new stuff when there is already a better technology for it.

So we wanted to build a RSS Reader for the rest of us. For everyone who doesn't care about the technology behind it. For everyone who just wants things to work.

With MultiPLX you don't have to visit every web site you like, opening ten windows in your browser to see if anything is new. MultiPLX is like a beautiful, easy to read magazine which you can personalize and new content comes to MultiPLX automatically when it's posted in original website.

We are hoping that MultiPLX will change your reading experience and how you stay up-to-date.

How does it work?

While signing up we give you the option to personalize your MultiPLX account choosing some of the topics. We believe that you will discover many websites of your interest that you have never heard of before.

Once you create your account you can add all the websites you want to follow using PLX button. Once you start following a website, every time a new article is posted it will also show up in MultiPLX.

You also have the option of adding more content from our editors just by going to "Add/Discover Content" link under Settings.

You can manage the websites you follow, creating folders, renaming or deleting them just by clicking "Settings" or "Manage Followed" links as well.

That's about it. Nothing complicated we hope.