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Google Glass Owner Has His Glass Stolen But Manages To LiveStream The Thief

For all the criticism that Google Glass receives for its capability to record video almost undetected,(and this video below just proves how undetected it can be)it’s situations like this one that make Glass a wonderful thing.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Anime Intro Dubbed in English for Your Pleasure

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate has finally given a few hints regarding its localization with the intro now entirely dubbed into English.

Man steals Google Glass and obviously quickly gets caught

As Google Glass rises in popularity, there are obviously going to be some people trying to steal the devices.

Official Wikipedia app updated with beautiful new design

Wikipedia has released a redesigned and updated app for iOS that brings with it a number of improvements, including a speedier experience while researching topics on the go.

Analyst Cuts iWatch Shipping Estimates Down To 3 Million

According to a report from yesterday, it was suggested that Apple could only begin shipping the iWatch this December.

Runtastic enters the wearable market with the Runtastic Orbit

Runtastic creates many great fitness tracking apps, and now they’re filling out their product lineup by jumping into the hardware game.

Microsoft Updates Office For iPad

Whenever a software is first released, naturally there will be some griping about how come there isn’t this feature, or why is this feature not working, and so on.

Apple To Begin In-Store iPhone 5s Screen Replacements This Monday

Sending in your phone for repair can be troublesome. This is because you don’t necessarily know how long it will take, and sometimes it can be pretty expensive too.

How Disney World is keeping tabs on visitors with rubbery wristbands

Beginning last year, Disney World started issuing "MagicBands," rubberized RFID wristbands that can do everything from unlock your hotel room to act as a fast pass to get you slotted to skip the long lines on rides.

Rogers Practiced “Unjust Discrimination and Undue Preference” With Respect to Roaming Agreements

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) was looking into complaints about Rogers, Canada’s largest carrier, and found that “there were clear instances of unjust discrimination and undue preference by Rogers Communications Partnership…[in regards to] the wholesale mobile wireless roaming rates it charged certain new entrants.”  The study started in December after reports had surfaced about these unfair practices in the way they were pricing domestic roaming charges to the smaller carriers, such as Wind, Mobilicity, Videotron and others.  These agreements allow a smaller carrier’s subscribers to make phone calls, text messages and use data on a larger carrier’s network.  In March, the commission recommended to make changes to the Telecommunications Act, which in effect said that any telcos could charge no more for roaming fees to the smaller carriers than they were charging their own customers for wireless services.

Here are all the free games PS4, PS3 and PS Vita owners can download in August

Not to be outdone by Microsoft's increasingly attractive Games with Gold program, Sony has announced the August lineup of the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation Blog.

Qi wireless charging will soon adopt short-range resonance charging

The Qi wireless charging standard is one of the most popular wireless charging solutions, but it still has limitations.

Wikipedia iOS app relaunches with mobile editing and a new design

Wikipedia recently revamped its app for Android, bringing the ability to edit articles and view random articles in the process.

Will Wearable Displays Soon Become A Fashion Statement?

At first glance, Google Glass may look like an odd piece of machinery sitting on a persons face. Although the device may have a funky look, Glass has pushed our boundaries and has placed us into the futuristic setting we have seen on TV for many years.

Amazon cuts the price of its domain-name service in the cloud

Image Credit: Robert Scoble/Flickr NOTE: GrowthBeat -- VentureBeat's provocative new marketing-tech event -- is a week away!

Facebook Starts Offering Free Mobile Data

Facebook’s plan to beam free Internet from the sky with drones might not have worked out exactly as planned, but the company is still moving forward to provide mobile data to the masses.

What you need to know about Stellar, the new open-source solution to international currency exchange

Sending money internationally usually involves an expensive wire transfer at a brick and mortar location.

T-mobile Updates The Galaxy Note 3 For VoLTE And Brings In The Download Booster

T-Mobile is pushing out an update to the Galaxy Note 3 today that will either enable VoLTE service on the device, or update the device to the most recent Android version/baseband.

Detecting industrial pollution could be an effective approach to finding ET

According to researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA), we might soon be able to detect hints of technologically advanced alien civilizations by measuring high levels of polluting gases in the atmospheres of distant exoplanets.

Typo 2 iPhone Accessory Looks Nothing Like BlackBerry

Remember the Typo keyboard accessory for the iPhone? For those who don’t, the Typo keyboard accessory is essentially a keyboard attachment for the iPhone.