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Microsoft Ireland data warrant upheld, stay on data turnover lifted

A stay giving Microsoft permission to deny a warrant ordering email release from a user whose data is stored in Ireland has been lifted by Judge Loretta Preska.

Featured Review: HTC Desire 816 (Virgin Mobile)

HTC has always made beautiful handsets with great build quality. It’s one thing I really like about HTC and is why I’m always on their side to pull through.

Sin City as a 16-Bit Video Game [Video]

CineFix presents Sin City retold via old-school 8-bit (and a little 16 bit ;) game tech. No quarters or controllers required!

HTC T1 tablet will have a slew of accessories upon being available, LTE variant on the way as well

It is only a matter of time before HTC announces its upcoming T1 tablet that will have beastly specifications.

The Backed Pack: smart running aids, smart LED bulbs, and a Mac tablet

Each week, our friends at Backerjack bring us updates on some of the most successful gadget crowdfunding campaigns.

Underworld Movie is Getting a Reboot with Same Producers

Reboots are nothing new in Hollywood these days, and honestly I rather like many of them. I like it when they take some of my favorite films, change them up, and toss them out there again.

Doctor Who Cyberman Floating Pen

There’s also plenty of other Doctor who floating pen right here! [Available @]

Airline Seats, iPhone 6, Viral Hoaxes, How We Watch Porn, and More

Well folks, September is almost over, and you worked hard. Hard enough to earn yourself and everyone else a long weekend.

Microsoft’s Upgraded EMET 5.0 Offers More Windows Protection

We recently covered Microsoft's lesser-known Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) that adds protection against malware.

iPhone 6 Video You Have to See This Weekend

iPhone 6 Video You Have to See This Weekend is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. A new iPhone 6 video has emerged ahead of the iPhone 6 launch date on September 9th.

How to unsubscribe from notifications for status updates, photos, pages, and more with Facebook for iOS

Ever comment on someone's Facebook status or photo from your iPhone or iPad only to find the Facebook app incessantly bugging you with notifications every time someone else leaves a comment on that particular status or photo?

Nokia Lumia 730 And Lumia 735 Spotted (Rumor)

Earlier this month, we did manage to get hold on some images that leaked out, touting that those images held what could very well be the first close look at the upcoming Superman – or rather, the Nokia Lumia 730.

Intel Welcomes Senior Qualcomm Executive To The Team

  Intel has been struggling as of late in many different aspects of their company. PC sales are stalling and developing chips for mobile devices have yet to take off.

Milk Music Comes With New Dial Design

Do you find it a snap for your radio streaming service to locate the kind of music that you generally favor?

Apple Wins Patent on Transparent Cube Store Design

Those dreams of massive cities full of beautiful Apple store-style glass cube buildings? They've been officially been smashed Apple has won a patent on its glass cube building design, effectively guaranteeing that the only see-through cube buildings you'll see in U.S.

Researchers Create A Pig Heart that Can Survive in Primates

Last week, researchers announced that they’d implanted the heart of a transgenic pig into a baboon, and kept it alive for a year.

Report: iWatch Could Ship In 2015

Not too long ago, we brought you word from an analyst who claims that the upcoming Apple iWatch, which is deemed to be a unicorn-like device of sorts (not for its magical properties, but rather, being part of a fantasy imagination), will not ship until the year 2015.

Everything is not awesome to everybody

It's OK not to love everything We're about to see what Samsung and Motorola have to show us for their annual release of two really nice Android phones — the Galaxy Note 4 and the next version of the Moto X — as well as assorted other products like watches, and maybe even some super-duper secret things that will make us all want to spend money.

Samsung And Nike Launch Nike+ Running App

The folks over at Samsung has joined forces with sporting giant Nike, and the two have worked to roll out the Nike+ Running App that ought to keep fitness buffs interested.

Fuji Xerox Printed Delivers Documents Right To Your Desk

I am quite sure that for many of us who happen to work in a traditional office setup can so identify with the following – our computers are connected to a network printer, so each time that we hit the Print button on our respective computers, we will have to wait for a while (if the printer has decent speed) and then walk over to the printer in order to pick up whatever has been printed.