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5 Can't-Miss Apps: Rooms, Inbox, TinType and More

Between the first games of the World Series and the rollout of iOS 8.1, which finally makes Apple Pay available, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps.

Cool Websites & Tools – Broadsheet Webpages, Math Camera Calculator, & Drone Flight Video Collection

Broadsheet – is an easy-to-use digital publishing tool designed to create modern, eye catching webpages for any device.

TGI Black Friday app gets updated for 2014 deals

Black Friday is the single biggest shopping day of the year, so of course there are apps dedicated to keeping up with the deals for the year.

Elon Musk Compares Rogue Artificial Intelligence to Demons. Yes, Really

We've highlighted the dire warnings of Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk in recent months regarding the perils of artificial intelligence, but this week he actually managed to raise the bar in terms of making A.I.

Ikea hopes its new motorized standing desk will get you out of your chair

Study after study reveals the same thing: it simply isn't healthy to sit for extended periods of time every day.

Extreme Parking Stunt

The all-new, agile 2015 Audi Q3 attempts an extreme parking stunt in a crowded parking garage...(Read...)

Tongue-Shaped Silicone Tea Infuser

This tongue-shaped tea infuser "gives a fresh new way to envy your friends with a unique..(Read...)

Lonesome Light by Ben Young

'Lonesome Light' sculptures  by New Zealand artist Ben Young."Laminated clear float glass..(Read...)

The New IKEA's Sit/Stand Desk

IKEA's new  BEKANT sit/stand desk.  It raises and lowers with the touch of one button,..(Read...)

Why Do Things Taste Sweet?

Why Do Things Taste Sweet?..(Read...)

Someone made a parody of 'P.T.' in Xbox One's 'Project Spark'

The absolutely terrifying playable teaser for the next Silent Hill game might only be available on PlayStation 4, but if you have an Xbox One you might be able to play something close to it.

It’s (Apple) Pay Day for marketers

Image Credit: Eric Blattberg / VentureBeat McDonalds, of course, is one of the early brands accepting Apple Pay, the technology that could very easily prove to be the most important product Apple has launched after the iPhone.

Security Will Need Big Insight, Not Just Big Data

 In looking for new opportunities in security, and many sectors, we look for the echoes of the current IT mega-trends: cloud, mobile, big data.

Can You Find All The Hidden Messages In These Brand Logos?

Chances are great that you’re probably heard of most of the brands featured on this infographic. You’ve probably seen each of these logos.

CVS begins disabling NFC terminals in stores to cut off Apple Pay support in favor of ‘CurrentC’

CVS Pharmacy has decided to disable all NFC terminals in all of its stores after it was discovered that Apple Pay would work with the hardware.

Don't want retailers shutting down NFC? Tell them with your Apple Pay-powered wallet!

Apple Pay launched last week. In store, it's a secure way to pay for items using existing NFC technology, authorized by Touch ID fingerprint technology.

Best iPhone and iPad apps of the week: Inbox by Gmail and more!

It's been another week, and another batch of awesome apps and games are ready for the downloading. We've got apps from big names like Google, Jawbone, and Facebook, as well as a smattering of games ranging from sports to rhythm-based surgery.

Why you should buy the Nexus 6 instead of the Galaxy Note 4

Something occurred to me upon discovering the price of the Nexus 6 last week. I heard the gasps around the office as the 649 USD price tag was revealed.

The PlayStation TV might not be an Apple TV killer, but that’s not the point

Above: Sony's microconsole goes on sale in time for the gift-giving holidays. Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment The PlayStation TV, which was released last week, is a small set-top box that you can hold in your hand.

Waste Away Your Life Playing All The Games On [Weird & Wonderful Web]

Video Games are absolutely everywhere these days. On dedicated games consoles, high-end PCs, set-top boxes, TVs, tablets, smartphones, and even dumb phones (who could ever forget Snake, God rest his soul).