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A serious attack on the iPhone was just seen in use for the first time

Earlier this month, an Emirati human rights activist named Ahmed Mansoor got a suspicious text. It promised new details of torture in the country’s state prisons, along with a link to follow if he was interested.

Fox's new X-Men series will connect to the films, says Bryan Singer

20th Century Fox’s two upcoming series set in the X-Men universe are starting to look a little more ambitious.

Exoplanet Proxima b is 'potentially habitable' — so how would we find life if it's there?

Yesterday, the European Southern Observatory dropped a bombshell announcement: an Earth-sized planet orbits around Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our Solar System.

SAP is acquiring big data startup Altiscale for over $125 million

EXCLUSIVE: Enterprise software company SAP is acquiring Altiscale, a startup that offers a cloud-based version of the Hadoop open-source software for storing, processing, and analyzing lots of different kinds of data, VentureBeat has learned.

Apple releases iOS 9.3.5 to patch security flaws following targeted attacks

Apple today released iOS version 9.3.5, which contains patches for security vulnerabilities that exist in earlier versions of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Barackulus Rift: President Obama using VR for National Park conservation awareness

100 years ago, the US National Parks system was newly established, and people around the world used stereoscopes to view 3D slides of these natural wonders.

Peer-to-peer international courier service Grabr grabs $3.5 million

Grabr, a startup that allows users to request travelers to bring them rare finds from all over the world, announced today that it scored a $3.5 million seed investment.

We shouldn't be surprised that most VC firms won't take a stance on Trump. They won't take a stance on anything

"It doesn’t matter who you are—a journalist, a politician or a voter—we’ll all be judged by how we responded to Donald Trump." - Jorge Ramos The venture firm CRV - nee Charles River Ventures - has updated its webpage to say “Fuck Trump” in response to the presidential candidate’s ghastly policies on immigration and race.

Why Twitter is fucked

Need more proof that Twitter is absolutely fucked? Meet Jim Weber. Yesterday afternoon, Weber, a sports blogger and founder of, announced that he had been permanently banned from Twitter for posting a handful of gifs of the Olympics.

“I didn’t know they let pretty girls into Princeton”

In this week’s installment of my “A Uterus is a feature not a bug” podcast on badass working moms, Kim Scott shares a depressing story of the world exactly how you think it is and the opposite of that.

Meet the Facebook group calling out fake nature photography

A weasel using a woodpecker as its own private convertible; a wolf stuffing its snout in another wolf’s mouth; a reindeer comically failing to camouflage itself with some leaves.

Hearthstone’s One Night in Karazhan guide: How to beat The Menagerie

We’re going to a section of a magical tower that holds a bunch of animals, dragons, and other strange creatures.

Protein successfully combats Alzheimer's in mice

Our understanding of Alzheimer's, a neurodegenerative condition that, according to Alzheimer's Disease International, affects a staggering 46.8 million people across the globe, is constantly improving.

Garmin released a luxury smartwatch for people who exercise

Garmin has a robust wearable lineup that includes activity trackers, smartwatches, and even an analog watch with activity features.

Signal AI

Signal is an artificial intelligence-powered app that helps you keep current with your social network.

Hearthstone’s third Karazhan adventure wing is live now

The party continues. Hearthstone’s latest adventure continues today as the third episode of One Night in Karazhan is now live.

How the minds behind Metroid Prime and Mega Man joined forces to make ReCore

In 2002 a little-known developer called Retro Studios from Austin released Metroid Prime on the Nintendo Gamecube.

'World's first' Apple Watch battery charger is neither first nor useful

Kanex released its GoPower Watch earlier this week, which it claims is the "world’s first cordless portable charger for Apple Watch." It’s a 4000mAh USB battery pack with an integrated, Apple-approved Watch charger on top along with a second USB port for charging a phone.

Domino's drone gives new meaning to "pie in the sky"

Delivery drones hold the potential to one day completely overhaul the way we move all kinds of things, but right now a lot of people want answers to more simple queries, such as how quickly can they bring me a textbook, burrito or a pizza?

Volkswagen agrees to settle Dieselgate litigation with its US dealers

Volkswagen has reached an agreement to resolve litigation with its US dealers related to Dieselgate, including both the TDI vehicles and the value of Volkswagen franchises.