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PS Vita Accessory Gives The Handheld Console L2/R2 Triggers

One of the cool features of the PlayStation 4 would be its remote play feature that basically lets you play games from the PS4 console on another device, like the PS Vita for example.

Tetra Lockscreen sees important update on Windows Phone

Being able to modify anything in Windows Phone isn’t really something easy, but then again, that doesn’t apply to the lock screen.

Google X Labs made synthetic skin to test a cancer-detecting bracelet

If someone asks you to name a Google X Labs moonshot, you'd probably say Glass, self-driving car or maybe even Project Loon.

Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge expected to include Gear VR support

Against all odds, the Gear VR turned out to be an incredibly cool accessory. Unfortunately, unless you own a Galaxy Note 4, you aren't able to use one, but according to SamMobile, that's going to change.

How to manage iCloud Drive syncing over cellular

If you store a lot of documents in iCloud Drive, and you're on a limited data plan, you may not want apps moving large files around unless you're on Wi-Fi.

Bank Of America Will Drop Windows Phone Support

It was not too long ago that we brought you word that Chase Bank would no longer support the Windows Phone mobile operating system, and when you see one of the market leaders make a move, what will the rest of the industry do?

BBM Beta For BlackBerry To Come With Landscape Support

Do bear in mind that this might be a limited beta at the moment, and will not be made available to just about everyone at the moment, but at least it will appease some of the masses who were not too happy that BBM on iOS has already obtained landscape support.

As Apple nears $200B in cash, U.S. Senators once again propose a repatriation tax break

U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Rand Paul on Thursday announced the "Invest in Transportation Act of 2015," a proposal that would allow companies such as Apple to bring foreign cash reserves back to the U.S.

LG H959 Appears On GFXBench

The LG G4 has had its fair share of drama and rumors surrounding it, will it or will it not be revealed at Mobile World Congress at the beginning of March this year just happens to be one of them, and we have already answered that question recently.

This website will make you nostalgic with a musical timeline of your life

There’s nothing better than a little nostalgic music, right? Retrojam, a free website, generates a nice visual timeline of popular music from your childhood from just your birth date.

Meet Jurassic World's monstrous new dinosaur

Not content with the thousands of identified species of real-world dinosaurs, beasts that grew so huge, with claws so sharp and teeth so long that their collective name literally means "terrible lizard," the makers of the upcoming Jurassic World decided to make a new monster.

Why Singapore is hoping to attract U.S. startups

GUEST: Singapore has aspirations to become the world’s first “smart nation” and extended a $200 million fund to U.S.

Facebook “Place Tips” to Show Location-Based Ads, Starting in NY

See full gallery on TechnoBuffalo If you thought your Facebook News Feed couldn’t possibly fit any more ads, you were wrong.

Microsoft to back Cyanogen’s plan to weaken Google’s control of Android

Microsoft hasn’t found the amount of success it wanted to see in mobile. Windows Phone is still just 3% of the mobile market, and even with its moves in acquiring Nokia’s mobile division, the company is still struggling to re-invent itself internally.

Yu Yureka Gets Sold Out In A Matter Of Seconds…Again

It was just last week that we brought you word on how the Yu Yureka, a smartphone from the folks over at Micromax that will run on the Cyanogen operating system, was sold out in a matter of just seconds over in the world’s second most populous country, India.

Yahoo App For iOS Gets New Features

It is more or less a given that a piece of hardware or a particular software should not remain as it is for all time – it will surely get outdated, and in order to maintain interest and grow your market share, it would be wise to ensure that new features and capabilities are introduced to it from time to time.

Sony Xperia Z4 Allegedly Certified In Indonesia

Just about everyone knows that there will be a new flagship device from Sony arriving later this year, and it will no doubt continue from where the Sony Xperia Z series left off – which would mean the latest model number would be known as the Sony Xperia Z4.

US Cellular Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, And Galaxy Note 4 Get New Dialer, Updated Camera App, And More In The Latest OTA

If you have a late-model Samsung phone on US Cellular, odds are pretty good that there's a software update waiting for you.

Google Glass Did Not Have The Impact Google Was Hoping For

Back in 2012, Google took the wraps off their Google Glass wearable. For a moment there it looked like it be the next big thing, but unfortunately the product took too long to reach the market, not to mention its asking price to be part of the Explorer program was too prohibitive for most people, which is why it didn’t exactly come as a shock to see Google shutting the Explorer program down.

Forever 21 Hit With Lawsuit Over Pirated Software From Adobe, Corel, Autodesk

While using pirate software is wrong and illegal, we guess it is understandable that for individual users, paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a single piece of software does seem a bit expensive, but for companies to use pirated software?