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LG V10 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Flagship Phablet Specs Battle

Contents:DisplayDimensionsConnectivityMemoryProcessorBattery LifeCameraDesignOperating SystemPriceConclusionIn an unusual move, South Korean manufacturer LG decided to launch a new flagship smartphone barely months after releasing its G4 flagship earlier this year.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Gets Benchmarked; Passes the 85.000 Points Verge in AnTuTu

Beside the Redmi Note 3 phablet, Xiaomi also announced the Mi Pad 2 tablet this week, an amazing device that arrives with a great hardware package.

How to protect your startup from copycats

Has your website content been stolen? Medigo’s Ieva Soblickaite and Florence Collins tells you how you can protect it.

Amazon's new Fire TV can talk to your connected home

Amazon's Echo speaker and 4K Fire TV just got much better at handling around-the-house tasks. The Fire TV now controls smart home devices with a simple voice command -- you can ask it to dim the lights right before you start a movie.

Shopping on a budget: iPads & Apple Watches under $300, MacBooks and iMacs under $1000, and Gifts under $100

Don't see the need for a pricey iPad when you can grab one for $199 or $250? Looking to spend less than $800 for a 2015 MacBook?

5 can't-miss apps: Giphy Cam, Picpal, Drop Messages and more

With the holiday shopping season now in full swing, you may have missed some of this week's best new apps.

Amazon says Instant Video app for tvOS could launch 'within a few weeks'

Amazon Instant Video was notably absent from Apple's tvOS App Store launch lineup in October, but the e-commerce giant is planning to debut the streaming service for the fourth-generation Apple TV in a few weeks, a company representative said this week.

This 'Super Mario Bros.' watch will cost you $18,950

How much of a Nintendo fan are you? Enough that you could spend as much as you would on a car, just to show the world where your allegiances lie?

How Tech Titans Know To Pull The Plug On Projects

 Not every new idea is destined to be great. Sometimes even the most promising concepts end up in the scrap pile.

Clip In Man Bun Gives Guys More Styling Options

Who doesn’t love an impeccably groomed man in a great suit with a not-too-contrived man bun to top off the look?

E-paper sneakers change your style on the fly

If you're the sort to buy multiple pairs of sneakers just to make sure your footwear is always fashionable, you might soon have a way to save a lot of money.

PlayStation Network is down and Sony is working to fix it (update)

Update on November 28 at 6:00 p.m.: PSN is down once again.  It’s a long weekend in the United States, but gamers may have trouble spending that free time playing games on a Sony console.

How Education Will Be Smarter, Less Intrusive, And Able To Respond To How You Feel

 Impatience characterizes the technology sector’s approach to education. Disruption is taking place in all other sectors of society — so, why not education?

Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge really that good?

The Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung's curved-screen version of its flagship Galaxy S6, has received heaps of praise.

How Will Adorable Droid R2-KT Next Be Included in Star Wars Canon?

R2-KT is an adorable pink droid who’s been around for ten years, created by members of the 501st Legion to memorialize a young girl named Katie Johnson who passed away in 2005 from a brain tumor.

10+ Gadget Gifts For Older Dads And Grandpas

There are so many new gadgets out this year that Dads and Grandpas would love. They cover the gamut from low tech to high tech, while all being user-intuitive.

Researchers create sodium battery in industry standard "18650" format

A team of researchers in France has taken a major step towards powering our devices with rechargeable batteries based on an element that is far more abundant and cheaper than lithium.

After Adding A Bunch Of Bloat To The Free App, ES File Explorer's $3 'Pro' Version Will Take Some Of It It Away

Since Google still only reveals a tiny portion of the file system to Android end users, most intermediate and "power" users have a go-to file manager that they use on a regular basis.

10 Outdoorsy Gifts for Hikers, Campers and Other Outdoor Adventurers

Have a trail-cutting backpacker or first-tracks-etching skier on your holiday shopping list? Our list of holiday gifts includes unique ideas for water, land, snow and air.

Scientists create stretchable, wearable, programmable keyboard

Most of the keyboards we're familiar with are actually rather complicated pieces of hardware, usually invlolving springs and wiring for dozens of keys, but scientists at the University of Auckland in New Zealand have developed a streamlined, programmable keyboard using a soft, flexible and stretchable type of rubber known as a dielectric elastomer...