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Teclast X98 Plus II Unboxing: Dual Boot 9.7 inch Tablet Switches Between Windows 10 and Android Easily (Video)

Here we are with a new unboxing of a tablet, this time the Teclast X98 Plus II model, that gets pulled out of the box below.

How to Remove Red Eye on iPhone Photos

How to Remove Red Eye on iPhone Photos is a post by Tim Buel from Gotta Be Mobile. Here is a guide on how to remove red eye on your iPhone photos to save a bad picture.

Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe weighs in on Palmer Luckey’s apology

After revelations that its founder had donated money to a pro-Donald Trump group, Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe has joined the discussion, noting in a Facebook post on Friday that "Palmer acted independently in a personal capacity, and was in no way representing the company." Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey apologized on Friday after a Daily Beast article revealed that he had donated a considerable amount of money to Nimble America, a group dedicated to "shitposting" and "meme magic," during the 2016 Presidential Election.

Replacement Galaxy Note 7s Having New Battery Issues

Samsung has been gaining quite a bit of momentum in the past few years by continuing to fine tune and improve their smartphones generation after generation.

The brains behind autonomous vehicles may need a license to drive

GUEST: Self-driving vehicles are already on the nation’s roads and many more are coming. Uber, Google, Tesla, and the major automobile manufacturers have plans to develop and deploy tens of thousands of such vehicles on America’s roads over the next decade.

Mafia 3 Gameplay Video Provides An In-Depth Look

Fans of the Mafia franchise have long been waiting for a new game. 2K Games finally confirmed earlier this year that Mafia 3 was indeed in the pipeline and that it would be released in 2016.

Tokyo Game Show 2016 – Akihabara, GoGoGorrila Curry, and a random retro arcade

See full gallery on TechnoBuffalo Don’t worry my fellow weeaboo otaku-fans. I made my annual trip to check up on Akihabara on my latest trip to the Tokyo Game Show.

Kevin Feige and Russo Bros. Discuss Why None of the Avengers Died in Captain America: Civil War - Dramaaaaa!

The stakes were already pretty high in Captain America: Civil War–and when it came to the characters who made it out alive, every one of the Avengers emerged (more or less) in one piece.

A pair of cute robots run into unexpected peril in short film Planet Unknown

Shawn Wang’s recently completed short film Planet Unknown looks a bit like WALL·E. It features a pair of rovers sent to a planet to see if it can harbor life, and as they set out to complete their mission, they run into some unexpected troubles.

Another Psychological Study Fails the Reproducibility Test

The field of psychology is currently in the midst of a kind of civil war, with one side claiming a widespread reproducibility crisis, and the other just as loudly proclaiming that concerns are greatly exaggerated.

The World’s Largest Radio Telescope Is Now Live

Image: CCTV News/YouTube. So far 2016 has been a year of unprecedented achievement for China’s ambitious space program: the country has launched a dark-matter seeking satellite, put another satellite to test quantum communications in orbit, outlined plans to send rovers to Mars and the dark side of the moon, and successfully launched a new Long March rocket.

Make the Tastiest Beer Cocktails Ever With This Pairing Guide

Beer cocktails may just seem like a way to get more alcohol into your alcohol, but given all of the amazing, flavorful beers now available, you can make a beverage that is nuanced, delicious, and—dare I say—refined.

Fender's FXA2 in-ear monitors sound great onstage and off

When you think "Fender," your brain conjures up images of guitars, of long-haired tattooed musicians exploding into ear-piercing solos.

Spectacles Sunglasses Upload Videos to Snapchat

Snap Inc., the company now formerly known as Snapchat, has introduced a unique pair of shades. Spectacles are a line of sunglasses that use an integrated camera to upload proprietary circular photos and videos to Snap Memories.

Original Forza Horizon Being Removed From Xbox Store

Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios developed the first Forza Horizon game that was released back in 2012 for Xbox 360 since that was Microsoft’s flagship console at the time.

Gary Johnson's Solution For Climate Change Involves Moving to Other Planets

Libertarian nominee for president Gary Johnson got a lot of heat recently for comments he made in 2011 about not having to worry about climate change because the sun was eventually going to destroy Earth anyway.

Battlefield 1 Free Trial Date For EA And Origin Access Subscribers Confirmed

Battlefield 1 is one of the most highly anticipated games of this year. If the record-breaking numbers that its first beta run saw are any indication, this game might very well be a hit at launch.

Microsoft Pledges To Use 50% Renewable Energy By 2018

Tech companies need to create more and more data centers across the globe to meet their demands as they further advance cloud computing technology.

What Google Allo’s launch means for chatbots

I have high hopes for this one. While Google Allo is still fresh off the starting block, it could become the most significant chatbot messaging platform ever.

Pippa Middleton iCloud Hack Believed To Have Compromised Private Pics

British publication The Sun reported yesterday that it was contacted by someone who claimed to be a hacker going by “Crafty Cockney.” The hacker had reached out via WhatsApp – which now encrypts all messages end-to-end by default – and claimed to be behind the Pippa Middleton iCloud hack.