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AOC reveals new C4008VU8 40” curved 4K UHD display with 10-bit color

AOC knows that sitting in front of the computer all day long is not too good for your health — definitely not for your posture, and even more so for your eyes.

Your next computer could be in a data center

 Most of the apps on your phone already rely on a server component to store and process your data. When you post a video on Facebook, it gets re-encoded into multiple formats on the server so that other users can stream your video in SD, HD, etc.


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SmartThings vs. Wink vs. Insteon: Which Smarthome Hub Should You Buy?

Three of the biggest names in the smarthome hub world are SmartThings, Wink, and Insteon, all of which offer a consumer-friendly hub that allows users to connect all sorts of smarthome devices together and manage them in one place.

Hypnotic Footage Showing How Simpkins Confectionary Makes Their Iconic Tinned Sweets

Simpkins was founded in 1921 after Albert Leslie Simpkin returned from the First World War. They began making glucose sweets using natural flavours and colours and quickly became famous for their sweets in travel tins.

HTC Vive will get a $220 plug-and-play eye-tracking aGlass device in May

Eye tracking is one feature that could could benefit the performance and affordability of high-end virtual reality headsets.

Almond Charcoal Black Soft Serve Ice Cream

These are a handful of people's attempts at artistic Instagram shots of the almond charcoal flavored black soft serve ice cream available from the Los Angeles based Little Damage ice cream shop.

Two Vivo V5 Phones Reported to Have Exploded While Charging

The Vivo V5 was released last November as a seflie-focused phone. The phone has a 20MP Sony IMX376 sensor for its front facing camera, so you see why it is aimed...

'Super Friends' in the Style of 'Justice League'

"The classic vintage "Super Friends" TV series is back on the new "Justice League" trailer and the result can make your garndpa faint on the couch..."..(Read...)



Baby Hippo Braves the Deeper End of Her Swimming Pool

"Fiona is spending more time in the indoor adult pool and getting comfortable with deeper water. She porpoises, pushing off the bottom like a torpedo, up and down across the length of both pools and attempts water acrobatics.

Watch SpaceX launch its first big satellite for the US military this morning

This weekend, SpaceX is slated to do its very first national security mission for the US military — sending a spy satellite into orbit for the National Reconnaissance Office.

Happy Little Cow Loves Head Scratches

Happy Little Cow Loves Head Scratches..(Read...)

The Sun Sneeze Gene

The Sun Sneeze Gene..(Read...)

Firefox 53: new preferences and Ghacks-user.js changes

The following article provides you with information on new Firefox 53 preferences, deprecated or removed preferences, and changes to the Ghacks-user.js file for the Firefox web browser.

Fitbit Explosion: Investigations Reveal Flex 2 Didn’t Explode on Its Own

Last week, a Fitbit Flex 2 owner, Dina Mitchell said her fitness tracker suddenly caught fire and caused injuries to her arm.

Tempow turns your dumb Bluetooth speakers into a connected sound system

 Meet Tempow, a French startup that can make your Bluetooth speakers more versatile. The company has been working on a new implementation of the Bluetooth protocol in order to let you play music from your phone on multiple speakers and headphones at once.

Tech and politics clash in Cameroon as government restores internet

 The government of Cameroon ended its internet blackout of parts of the country last week, according to news reports and confirmation from the country’s Ambassador to the U.S.

MIT fires a rocket motor made using 3D-printed plastic

If you're going to 3D-print rocket parts, you'd want to make them out of metal to handle the stress, right?

Installing VeraCrypt in GNU/Linux

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Veracrypt is the successor to the encryption software Truecrypt.