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Google Home Review and Giveaway

Google Home is a personal assistant smart speaker, and it comes from a company that literally knows everything (about you). Like the Amazon Echo, the $130 Google device answers questions, turns on smart home devices, plays music, listens to your problems, and informs the FBI of your plans to become the next Walter White (we’re kidding on the last one… we think).

Fresh Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Renders Leaked Ahead of MWC 2017 Unveiling

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is the star of the Samsung MWC 2017 show on Sunday, even being featured in the press invite to that show, as its contour appears on the invite.

Rumor: Nokia 3310 Refresh Will Still Be A Feature Phone

HMD Global’s upcoming device launch event will take place on February 26 when the Finnish company is expected to introduce three new Nokia-branded Android smartphones including the Nokia 6, and a rather unexpected release – a refresh of the Nokia 3310.

LG claims its latest phone packs enough battery to last all weekend

LG’s upcoming flagship, the G6, will be the company’s big news at Mobile World Congress this month, but the South Korean company will also be showing off a few other new mobile devices.

Xiaomi Pinecone Processor: Everything you need to know!

It will be a historic moment for Xiaomi on February 28, when the company will announce its first ever processor, the Xiaomi Pinecone at a conference in China.

Cloudflare security breach exposes data from Uber, Fitbit, OKCupid among 3,400 websites; password changes recommended

User data from 3,400 websites has been leaked and cached by search engines as a result of a bug in Cloudflare, a content delivery network used by 3,400 websites.

Qualcomm Unveils SD835-Based VR Reference Headset, And More

Yesterday, Qualcomm Technologies announced its virtual reality development kit based on the Snapdragon 835 System-on-Chip, dubbed VRDK.

Samsung to change donation policies amid bribery scandal

In the last six months, Samsung has been no stranger to scandal. Since September, it's hurriedly dealt with the fallout from its Galaxy Note 7 recall, and in recent weeks has been thrust into an investigation over bribery claims involving some of its...

Melting iPhone 7 Plus caught on camera, Apple ‘in touch’ with owner and investigating

Is there "literally no explanation" for the latest allegedly random iPhone 7 Plus melting incident? Apple will try to find out.

New Google VR short takes a look at racial identity

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about using virtual reality to foster empathy, so it’s appropriate that Google’s latest VR venture focuses on racism and racial identity.

Decrypted: The Expanse: OK, so we broke a few laws of physics here

Enlarge (credit: Rafy/Syfy) Welcome to week four of Decrypted: The Expanse, our podcast devoted to the TV we're currently obsessed with.

Use Automated Health Tracking to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Life

The essence of the Quantified Self movement is to get knowledge about your mind and body using data. You can do this by manually checking and recording everything you do.

How the Analogue NT Mini Reimagines the NES for 2017

The options for those who want to replay old NES classics continues to grow by the day. Some point to the recent success of the NES Mini, a smaller version of the original NES preloaded with 30 games.

Will It Sous Vide? Little Jars of Cake

Hello, sous-vide fam, and welcome back to another installment of Will It Sous Vide?, the weekly column where I make whatever you want me to with my immersion circulator.

Archos Announces 50 Graphite & 55 Graphite Budget Smartphones With Dual Rear Cameras

After announcing the affordable and rugged 101 Saphir Android tablet, French company Archos has announced two new smartphones ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2017.

Google Messenger App Rebranded As “Android Messages”

The Google Messenger messaging app has now been renamed to “Android Messages.” The change was introduced through a client-side update that started rolling out on Thursday and should already be available for download from the Google Play Store in all parts of the world.

FBI refused White House request to publicly deny press reports about Russia

About a week ago, Donald Trump starred in his own solo press conference, which turned out to be one more attack against the media.

Apple is ‘looking into’ the viral video showing iPhone 7 burst into smoke

Apple might be pulling a Samsung. This Wednesday, an Arizona-based teenager shared a distressing video that shows her iPhone 7 Plus excessively release fumes after spontaneously heating up to the point of melting.

New LeEco Le Pro3 & Le S3 Update Brings The App Drawer

LeEco has just started pushing out a new update for the company’s LeEco Le Pro3 and Le S3 smartphones.

Which Roku Should I Buy? Express vs. Stick vs. Premier vs. Ultra

So you’ve decided you want a Roku, but there are so many choices. There are currently six different models (not including full TVs with Roku built-in), and it’s not at all clear what the difference between them is.