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Kaleidoscopic Street Art By Douglas Hoekzema

Miami-based artist Douglas Hoekzema, also known as Hoxxoh, creates incredibly beautiful kaleidoscopic murals.

Guy With Huge Husky Finds A Way How To Travel On NYC Subway Without Being Fined

The rules are clear when it comes to carrying animals on the New York subway. “No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.” But the rules say nothing about the size of the animal, and as you can see from this picture, some people are quick to exploit that fact in order to avoid a fine.

This Guy Is Painting Over Ugly Graffiti To Make It Legible

Graffiti can be beautiful or ugly, but when it comes to tagging – most people would probably agree that it’s the most hideous type of street art.

Finnish Photographer Takes Magical Photos Of Wild Animals From Up Close

21-year-old Finish photographer Konsta Punkka takes breathtaking pictures of nature and lifestyle. We’ve written about him previously, but just can’t seem to get enough of his photos of wild animals.

Helicopter Almost Hits Bride’s Head For Crazy Wedding Photo

CM Leung has been voted one of the world’s top wedding photographers, but even he couldn’t have planned the crazy picture that he took at a wedding in Iceland recently.

Meet Graham, The Only Man Who Can Survive A Car Crash

Meet Graham. He might look a little different but I assure you that he’s human. Well, sort of. The reason he looks the way he does is because his body has been modified to withstand a car crash.

Incredibly Powerful Microburst Storm Photographed Above Phoenix

Earlier this week, a microburst was hovering above Phoenix, Arizona. One photographer named Jerry Ferguson was in the right place at the right time and managed to take a breathtaking photo of it.

Dad Creates ‘Harry Potter’ Nursery For His Little Wizard

Illinois-based parents, Kaycee and Casey (yep, same name!) have created a magical Hogwarts nursery for their little 7-month-old son.

Woman Gets Revenge On Office Thief Who Kept Stealing Her Cream From Fridge

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Or, in the case of one particular woman, it’s a drink best served from the bottle.

Today Robin Williams Would’ve Turned 65 – Happy Birthday!

Robin Williams brought joy to the whole world. The Oscar winner would have been 65 years old today, so Prasad Bhat from Graphicurry made a GIF, compiled of his most notable characters to celebrate the occasion.

Someone Built A Tiny Wall Around Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

When Donald Trump famously announced that he wanted to build a wall, he probably imagined something a little grander than this.

Woman Paints Staircase With Her Favorite Book Covers

Pippa Branham and her husband moved to their first permanent home just last year, which meant it was finally time for Pippa to personalize their home.

Narcoleptic Bulldog Milo Has The Cutest Nappy Time Pics Ever

Get ready for a cuteness overload, because I’m sure you won’t be able to get through this whole post without saying “awwww”!

Origami Lights by Umut Yamac

This is amazing! Created by a London-based architect and designer with Turkish heritage, Umut Yamac, this is the Perch Light family.

Artist Paints NEW Stunning Seaside Murals While Balancing On A Surfboard

You might remember a post we did last year about Sean Yoro (a.k.a. Hula), the awesome paddleboard artist who paints amazing murals on abandoned buildings that interact with water.

Can You Guess Which Dog Helped Mow The Lawn?

“It’s hard to tell but one of my dogs helped mow the lawn” More info:

Zookeeper Can’t Take It Anymore, Decides To Add Pokemon Go Signs Next To Animals

Pokemon Go has officially taken over the world, and whether you like it or not, resistance is futile.

Construction Worker Hides Waldo On Site Everyday For Kids In Hospital Next Door To Find

A thoughtful construction worker named Jason Haney thought it would be nice to do something to cheer up the children in the hospital next door.

Pimple Cupcakes With Squeezable Heads Are A Thing Now (Unfortunately)

Like cupcakes? Well, that might be about to change when you take a look at these disgusting pimple cupcakes with edible pus-filled centres.

Ethereal Nature Tattoos Inspired By Changing Seasons

Crimean tattoo artist Pis Saro creates beautiful tattoos inspired by nature. Her style is somewhat peaceful and edgy at the same time, while the tattoos, which are created for both men and women, have so much detail and color that they could even be mistaken for real plants!