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Cute Pun Illustrations Of Everyday Objects By Heng Swee Lim

These cheerful and punny illustrations by Lim Heng Swee (a.k.a. ilovedoodle) will brighten your Monday.

20+ Adorable Photos Proving That Your Kids Need A Cat

Baby With A Cat source Kid With A Cat source Cats Drinking Milk source Child And Kitten source Child With His Cat source Baby Playing With Cat source Best Friends source Girl With Her Cat source Kid With A Cat source Baby With Cats Baby With A Cat source Baby And Cat source Kid With A Cat Kids With

20+ Geeky Kitchen Items To Satisfy Every Nerd’s Needs

Nessie Ladle source Death Star Ice Sphere Mold source Lord Of The Rings Magic Mug source Star Wars Cupcake Sprinkler Death Star Cookie Jar source Tetris Sandwich Shaper source Doctor Who Tea Infuser source Keyboard Waffle Iron source Star Wars Pie Plate source Pacman Magic Mug source Khal And Khalee

I Make Wool Copies Of Peoples’ Pets

I am a needle felting artist who creates poseable sculptures of dogs, owls, and other realistic (and whimsical) creatures.  Many people I encounter have never heard of needle felting.

We Bring Giant Snails, Lizards, And Owls To Retirement Homes To Brighten Seniors’ Lives

We introduce retirement home residents to our very unusual animal ambassadors, bringing the animal world to their world.

Artist Creates Memorial Ash Beads From Cremated Remains Of Deceased Loved Ones

California-based artist Merry Coor has been making glass beads since 2000, but last year changed everything – a young couple asked her if she could incorporate some of the ashes from a dear friend lost too soon into a bead as a keepsake.

15+ Dogs That Have No Idea How Silly They Look With Their Toys

The Greatest Chew Toy Of All Time source Is This The Right Color Lipstick For Spring?

Teletubbies In Black & White Look Like A Horror Show

Few days ago, a terrifying photo of ‘Teletubbies’ in black and white went viral on the internet, and now everyone is thanking god that the show “was made after the colored TV.” Some say that “this looks like a murdering cult,” or “the most metal album cover of 2015″ while music magazine ‘Vanyaland’ compared it to the creepy Joy Division video for their song ‘Atmosphere.’ Within hours, a new video appeared on Youtube with the ‘Teletubbies’ stripped of their vibrant colors and combined with the song ‘Atmosphere’.

CAT-erpillar: Guy Was Taking Panoramic Photo When His Cat Decided To Walk Through

Meet CAT-erpillar, the world’s longest cat that was discovered yesterday in a living room. It all happened when a redditor named ‘FallenCoffee‘ was taking a panoramic picture of his room and his cat decided to walk through.

15+ Dogs That Have No Idea How Silly They Look With Their Toys

Giant Tongue Dog Chew Toy source The Greatest Chew Toy Of All Time source Read My Lips source Funny Pug With His Toy source Grinz Ball source Zombie Foot Dog Toy source My Boxer Chewing On Her Favorite Toy source Pug With His Toy source Dog Lips source Squeaky Dog Toy source Moustache Toy For Dogs s

A Badly Injured Baby Squirrel Gets Adopted By Humans

A heartwarming story has surfaced about how a family in Finland adopted and raised an injured red squirrel they found and lived with it for 6 years.

‘Granny’ Hair Trend: Young Women Are Dyeing Their Hair Gray

Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source Grey Hair Trend source G

Sea Gypsies: A Tribe In Borneo Living In Their Own Little Paradise

Traditionally, the Bajau resided in small boats, sailing day and night with the currents, counting only on their fishing gear to make a living.

Lazy Monsters Take Over Sofia, Bulgaria

The series “Sofia Monsters” show the familiar places of Sofia, Bulgaria in a different perspective. These pictures reveal the hidden creatures – adorable, lazy and funny monsters, which observe the everyday life and make people smile.

Stunning Wire Sculptures Capture The Movement Of The Human Body

It seems strange, but cold, thin wires are one of the best materials when an artist wants to represent the human form.

Las Muertas: Deadly Beauties Pose In Colorful Tribute To Day Of The Dead

Mictecacihuatl earned the title Lady of the Dead when she was sacrificed as an infant, but California-based photographer Tim Tadder brings her back to life in this haunting photo series called ‘Las Muertas.’ Inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, the choice of skull-painted women pays subtle homage to the festival’s Aztec roots where Mictecacihuatl, the goddess of the underworld, was worshipped.

18+ Of The Most Creative Earrings For Geeky Girls

Pacman Ear Pieces source Mario Piranha Plant Earrings source Dragon Ear Wrap source Black Cat source Arrow source Portal Studs source Ear Earrings source Creature Eye Plugs source Ursa Major source Dandelion Earrings source Shark Bite Earrings source Bacon Bracelet And Earrings source Octopus Ear Cu

Love Is Colorful: Paint Ads Show That Love Comes In All Shapes And Colors

Love is something that can grow between people of all shapes, colors and sizes, and this LGBT-oriented ad campaign by Zim Colored Powder drives the point home with beautiful photos of embracing couples saturated with color.

UPDATE: Reykjavik Police Instagram Continues To Be Awesome

The Reykjavik police department, which went viral for its wonderful Instagram full of beautiful and interesting photos documenting their interactions with the locals, is still as popular and awesome as ever.

What Your Cat Really Thinks

Have you ever wondered what your kitty would say if he could speak? Catsass is here to tell you. Don’t be fooled by its cute looks, this mean feline will tell you his deepest thoughts.