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Who Knew Safety Could Look So Cool?

Click to unmute California-based company MonkeyLectric created a stunning bicycle wheel display system that projects hologram-like images to both sides of your wheel.

Street Artists Transformed Arkansas City Into A Stunning Outdoor Art Gallery

The Unexpected Festival in Fort Smith, Arkansas is a ten-day annual arts and cultural initiative that invites world-class street artists to revitalize the walls of the city’s downtown area.

Hypnotizing GIFs For Your Visual Meditation Therapy

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10+ Scar-Covering Tattoos With Amazing Stories Behind Them

A Bluebird Covering Scars From Multiple Surgeries source A Straight Spine In Celebration Of Overcoming Scoliosis source One Word Next To A Spinal Surgery Scar source Blooming Peony Tattoo Covering Scars From Self-Harming source A Feather Covering Scars Resulting From An Abusive Relationship source B

This Starry Skirt Will Light Up The Universe Around You

If you’re somebody who’s always reaching for the stars then this Twinkling Stars Skirt is for you. It glows with more than 250 LED lights and it’s sure to make you shine even on the darkest days.

Giant Inflatable Duck Apocalypse Has Begun In Scotland (VIDEO)

First a giant inflatable duck appeared in Hong Kong. Then a monster inflatable minion rampaged through Dublin.

Artist Turns Trash Into Animals To Remind Us About Pollution

Yuwana source Weasel source Fox source Flying Squirrel Close Up source Yellow Frog source Pelican source Trash Kitten source Ouriço source Opossum source Camaleão source Meerkats source Flamingos source Wolf source Filthy Whale source Beee source

How To Keep Perspective Right

Click to unmute Here’s a hack that will transform your perspective drawing forever. The idea is as clever as it is simple: first, you stretch a rubber string and attach its both ends to the canvas, then connect a clip to it and voila!

Spirograph Rainbow

Click to unmute Source: Youtube Spirographs let anyone draw intricate curved patterns, but one Instagram channel took this geometric art to another level.

New Yorkers Are Going Crazy For These Adorable Fish Ice Creams

Like fish? Like ice-cream? Ever wondered what would happen if you combined the two? No, we’re not talking about fish-flavored ice-cream.

Orphan Kangaroo Thinks This Cop Is His Mom

Click to unmute Source: Youtube This poor little kangaroo was found in his dead mother’s pouch after she was hit by a truck.

School Replaces Detention With Meditation And Results Are Amazing

Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore sounds like the best school ever. Why? Because there’s no such thing as detention at the Baltimore Elementary.

20+ Best Friend Tattoo Ideas To Show Your Squad Is The Best

Best Friends Tattoo Idea source Best Friends Tattoo Idea source Best Friends Tattoo Idea source Best Friends Tattoo Idea source Best Friends Tattoo Idea source Best Friends Tattoo Idea source Best Friends Tattoo Idea Best Friends Tattoo Idea source Best Friends Tattoo Idea source Best Friends Tattoo

How Your Job Changes Over Time (1st Day Vs 101st Day)

We’re all eager to impress when we get a new job. We come to work on time. We want our boss to like us.

Baby From Nirvana’s Album Cover Recreates Iconic Photograph 25 Years Later

Whether you’re a fan of Nirvana or not, chances are that you’re familiar with the cover of their Nevermind album.

15+ Of The Most Creative Benches And Seats Ever

Park In Vöcklabruck, Austria source Rotating Bench Keeps The Seat Dry After Rain source Bench In Kiev, Ukraine Creative Park Bench, Massachusetts source The Blue Carpet In Newcastle, England source Bench Out Of Pencils In Kiev, Ukraine source Whale Tail Bench source Bench By Alleswirdgut Architektur

Lightning Bolts Striking Beirut, Lebanon

Lebanese photographer Karim Bechara captured a stunning photograph of lightning bolts striking Beirut, Lebanon.

I Gave My 19-Month-Old Son My Old Canon G12: Here’s His POV

Stan has learned how to use a camera and to shout out cheese as he presses the shutter. Show Full Text He has a few of my old crappy point and shoot film cameras in his toy box to play with, but today I gave him my Canon G12.

We Traveled 3500km To Sleep In A 5-Billion-Star ‘Hotel’ In Norway And It Made Our Jaws Drop

We drove my old rickety Ford Escort from Helsinki to Troms with my adventure buddy Mika-Pekka Markkanen.

Anonymous Person Just Put $8,000 into This Animal Shelter’s Donation Box

On Wednesday, staff at the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA were shocked when they saw that moments ago a mysterious visitor put a wad of twenties into the animal shelter’s donation box with a sum total of $8,000.