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The Cost Of Applause: 15+ Pics To Celebrate Ballet Day

Ballet Dancer source Ballet Dancer source Ballet Dancer source Ballet Dancer Ballet Dancer source Ballet Dancer source Ballet Dancer source It Means A Lot source Ballet Dancer source Ballet Dancer source Ballet Dancer source Rudolf Nureyev Ballet Legs source Ballet Dancer source Ballet source

Skier Swings An iPhone 6 Around His Head For A Matrix-like “Bullet Time” Effect

If you think that capturing epic footage of extreme sports requires some fancy equipment, you’re about to change your mind.

Grow Your Own Pokemon With This 3D-Printed Planter

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and plants – your life is about to get better. Thanks to NY 3D printing farm PrintAWorld, you can combine both of your likings into one!

This South Korean Woman Is Raising 200 Dogs She Rescued From Being Killed

61-year-old Jung Myoung Sook from South Korea has been saving dogs for the last 26 years. So far, she has rescued over 200 pups and takes care of them all.

Unicorn Bedroom Slippers That Light Up When You Walk

Let’s play a word association game: what do you think of when you hear “unicorn?” The correct answer is “excitement,” so if these batteries-included, light-up, unicorn slippers don’t excite you, you should get your pulse checked.

‘Pit Bull Flower Power’ Already Found Homes For 140+ Pits (New Pics)

Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power Flower Power

An Upside Down Wine Glass To Confuse Your Friends

This glass might look ordinary, but start filling it with your glorious wine and you’ll be confused. Its reverse design lets you sip wine…from the foot of your glass.

Fairytale Moss Rugs That’ll Turn Your Room Into A Forest

Alexandra Kehayoglou was born into Argentina’s first family of rugmakers. The 34-year-old artist started making unique, moss-like carpets after finishing art school in 2008.

Guy Falls Asleep At Work, The Internet Takes Him On Photoshop Adventures

Dreaming Resident Trump The office version And I say ZZZ zzz ZZZ ZZ zz Jack Ruby hates tired people They may be laughing at you now, but tell me, when was the last time one of those d**ks killed a mythical beast?

Cat Helmets With Ears From Russia

Badass cat lovers, these helmets were created just for you. Coming in 12 different designs, “Neko Helmets” all feature cat ears.

Dog Breaks Out Of Kennel To Comfort Abandoned Crying Puppies

Maggie the Australian shepherd had her puppies taken away before being put up for adoption herself. When she was finally adopted, Maggie’s owners decided to kennel her for the night at Barker’s Pet Motel in Alberta.

Marine Biologist Shows What A Baby Swordfish Looks Like

Marine biologist Juan C. Levesque captured a stunning close-up of a tiny baby swordfish on his finger tip.

This Phone Case Prints Instant Photos Like A Polaroid

The downside to digital photography is that, while you can take many more pictures, you’re less likely to print them.

Ink Mapping Brings Tattoos To Life Right On Human Skin

Oskar & Gaspar, a collective of visual artists from Portugal, can make your tattoos move quite literally.

Furbonacci Sequence Proves That Cats Are Purrfect (10+ Pics)

Math is the language of cats, and it is they who first discovered the so-called Fibonacci sequence. No, it wasn’t the Indian mathematician Pingala, nor Leonardo of Pisa.

How Sagrada Familia Will Look in 2026

La Sagrada Familia is one of Barcelona’s iconic structures. Designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, construction began in 1882, but was only one quarter complete at the time of Gaudi’s death.

I Want To Thank Bored Panda For Turning My Hobby Into A Job

I’ve been drawing my whole life, but I have never studied art, as my mother didn’t allow it. However, that never stopped me from doing it.

Crazy Kids’ Inventions Turned Into Real Products (15 Pics)

Shady Lamp Pringles Hook Tooth-O-Matic Family Scooter Phone Friend Leaf Catcher Ezy Slice Fryer (Instant Fries) Handy High 5 The Paint Slatta Baby Sleeper Food Cooler Glasswards Creakless Slippers Shout-Activated Camera Self Waterer Plant Pot – S.W.P.P.

17+ Awesome Glow In The Dark Tattoos Visible Under Black Light

Glow In The Dark Tattoo Glow In The Dark Tattoo source Glow In The Dark Tattoo source Uv Wrist Tattoo Glow In The Dark Yoda Tattoo source Angel Wings source Spine Glow In The Dark Lightsaber Finger Tattoo source Black Light Tattoo source Glow In The Dark Tattoo source Glow In The Dark Avatar Tattoo

99+ Dachshunds Dressed As Hot Dogs Stampede In Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

100 wiener dogs dressed as hot-dogs. They said it couldn’t be done, that no field on this Earth could bear so much delicious cuteness.