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Martijn Sandberg: Image Messages

Dutch visual artist Martijn Sandberg creates Image Messages in public spaces as well as in paintings and sculpture.

Harvezt: Album Covers from the Other Side

Click to enlarge Flickr user Harvezt has cleverly ventured to the other side. The other side of iconic album covers, that is.

Lauryn Bertolo: What’s The Date?

These are fun. Illinois-based graphic designer Lauryn Bertolo designed a wearable calendar. What’s the Date, as the 3-piece bracelet is called, is screen printed on fabric in bold type and adjusts to every day of the year.

Motoko Ishii: Visual Music

SVA design student Motoko Ishii used what looks like cassette tape or reel-to-reel audio tape to create a visual interpretation of Radiohead’s song Last Flowers.

Cornea Ti: FH Mainz

The Frankfurt based Luminale 2014  — one of the world’s largest and most renowned light festivals — concluded this past weekend.

The Big Egg Hunt NYC

Reminiscent of the summer of 2000 when The Cow Parade hit the streets of NYC—we were huge fans, having set out on the mission to find all the cows and photograph ourselves with our favorites, pre-social media era, just for our own pleasure…imagine that!

Edgeland House: Bercy Chen Studio

If you were to pass by the Edgeland House in Austin, Texas, you may just think you’re seeing a small hill that has somehow split apart, or you may just miss it altogether.

Alyse Emdur: Prison Landscapes

Dan and I went to The Last Brucennial this past weekend and among the fun chaos that is the show, we spotted some work that really stood out for us.

The Elastic Perspective: NEXT Architects

Amsterdam-based firm NEXT Architects (previously here) has created a spiraling sculptural staircase titled The Elastic Perspective that seemingly leads to nowhere, but in fact provides a lookout point with panoramic views. The looping oxidized-steel structure, with its rusty Serra-esque quality, is located in an industrial precinct, near to railway tracks,  sitting prominently on a grassy hillside on the outskirts of Rotterdam.

Corsage/Boutonniere Redux: Daniela Gilsanz

Spring is fast approaching (like, tomorrow…yay!) and along with the lovely season come school proms, weddings, and other formal occasions where the purchase of a corsage or boutonniere might be warranted.

Michael Goodward: Sculptural Humor

Switzerland-based, British artist, Michael Goodward makes art “with a serious smile and a wry mind.” His humorous sculptures and installations are eclectic and a manifestation of the curious way he occupies his time with anything that is remotely connected with the nature of being and man’s perception of the world within and around him.

Street Artist Portraits: Guille Lasarte

I like this concept: projecting street artists’ work onto them and photographing their portraits is what photographer Guille Lasarte did here.

Number 23: MATT Architecture

In addition to its sleek, minimalist design, this West London private residence dubbed Number 23 (based on its street address) designed by and for Matt White of MATT Architecture, is very playful.

In Orbit: Ward Shelley & Alex Schweder

For performance artists/architects Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder (previously here) sharing an unconventional living space is not a new concept.

Fashion by Mayhem

Yes, this is probably all over the internet by now, but how could we, a mother-daughters design blog not post about it?

Tobias Rehberger: Home & Away & Outside

German artist/designer/architect Tobias Rehberger (previously here) currently has a three-part exhibit titled Home and Away and Outside at the Shirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt.

Iván Navarro: This Land is Your Land

If you walk by Madison Square Park here in NYC from now through April 13th, you’ll spot a confusing sight: three water towers, the sort we usually see perched atop the city’s buildings holding much of our water supply—and usually a familiar part of the urban landscape.

LATA 65: Lara Seixo Rodrigues – WOOL

This is such a great project. LATA 65 is a simple concept: organize street art workshops for the elderly.

Jeremy Scott for Moschino

Em, who’s always tuned in to the latest fashion news, sent along Moschino’s newest collection designed by the company’s recently appointed creative director Jeremy Scott.

Doug Wheeler: Rotational Horizon Installation

A couple of weekends ago, when Dan was in town for a short visit, we went over to the David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea to catch the new Doug Wheeler light installation.