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Stop motion origami rhino

Origami rhino [gif]

Pre-Swiss-army-knife multi-tool has 100 functions including a pistol and piano tuner, 1880 [7 pics]

10 years before Swiss army knives went into production around 1890, John S. Holler created this beast of a multi-tool… It has 100 different tools.

Young man loses both his hands, becomes an artist [11 pictures]

When Dhaval Khatri was 14, he lost his hands because of an electric shock. Up to that point, he’d never been interested in art, and (as you can imagine) this accident didn’t exactly make painting or drawing a more appealing or feasible hobby.

From fish brains to bat embryos — 20 incredible, award-winning micro-photos

Here are the winners of last year’s Small World Photomicrography Competition… 1. Zebra Fish Brain, by Jennifer Peters and Michael Taylor 2.

Insanely using a ladder to photograph a rockclimber [3 pictures]

Adventure photographer Corey Rich capturing footage of Alex Honnold for the film Why…

Picture-perfect pencil portrait of a woman throwing water on her face [6 pictures]

By Diego Fazio… Here are a few pics of the portrait in progress…

Hundreds of baby Nemos — Clown fish waiting to be born

From Davide Lopresti…

A mirror turns an old painting of a fisherman into the devil [3 pictures]

In 1902, Hungarian artist Tivadar Kosztka Csontvary painted a piece entitled “Old Fisherman.” If you place a mirror directly in the middle of this piece facing left, it will show an old man with his hands peacefully clasped and a calm sea behind him… But if you face the mirror to the right, all of t

Realistic paintings of what people are looking at, reflected in their sunglasses [6 pictures]

Artist Simon Hennessey has a unique way of portraying the various locations he wants to paint. Instead of simply painting a picture of the beach or Big Ben, he places the subject of his work in the reflection of a person looking at it wearing sunglasses…

Cloud completes tree’s shadow

A fortuitous illusion captured by photographer Christine Carr… (via NPR, This Isn’t Happiness)