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Floral Field Guide – Drawings by Noel Badges Pugh

Pin It Noel Badges Pugh is an artist and scientific illustrator with a knack for accurately drawing various flora and fauna.His work is reminiscent of the old school illustrations found in old textbooks.

Before They Pass Away – Feature Photography by Jimmy Nelson

Pin It Jimmy Nelson is a professional photographer who first gained international acclaim when he published his unique visual diary of his travels in Tibet.

Inked Fauna – Art by Alice Macarova

Pin It Alice Macarovais a budding young artist from St. Petersburg, Germany.She specializes in elaborate ink and watercolour art which usually features animals.

Nature Photography by Idrus Arsyad

Pin It Idrus Arsyad is a very talented amateur photographer from Indonesia whose expertise is in nature, landscape, and wildlife photography.

The Secret Life of Insects – Illustrations by Paula Duță

Pin It Paula Duță is an exceptional illustrator who specializes in insect etymology.Her passion for drawing is obvious in the pains she took to highlight each detail of her subject.

Cool Futuristic Illustrations by Robert D. Brown

Pin It Robert Brown is the artist responsible for these awesome illustrations featuring the best of both worlds.

Hilarious 3D Artwork by Djanii

Pin It Djanii is a hilarious artist who specializes in creating work incorporating “trompe l’oeil” (French for trick of the eye).

Adrenaline High – Sports Photography by Tim Korbmacher

Pin It Tim Korbmacher has been a professional freelance photographer since 2012. He is also an avid skater, snowboarder, and biker – and it shows in his work.

Awesome Anthropological Images by Andrew Newey

Pin It Andrew Newey startedtraveling when he was in his 20s and the places he saw ignited a burning passion for photography.

The Magic Mirror – Digital Illusions by Laura Williams

Pin It Laura Williams is an 18-year-old photographer from Cambridge, England. She is currently dabbling with fine art and surreal photography.

Fantastic Mythical Creatures by Vladimir Stankovic

Pin It Vladimir Stankovic is the Serbian illustrator responsible for these weird and fantastic creatures.

Crawling Out of the Walls – Brick Sculptures by Brad Spencer

Pin It Brick sculptures are nothing new. They date back to ancient Babylon. Even so, they remain relevant in these modern times since they’re fairly durable, low maintenance, and can be incorporated into any brick building.

Small Adventures – Photography by Kouichi Chiba

Pin It Using hand-drawn paper cut-outs and his imagination, Japanese artist Kouichi Chiba has managed to create fragile worlds teeming with adventure.

Brain Food – Food Photography by Aaron Tilley

Pin It Aaron Tilley is a British photographer who specializes in interior and still life photography.He is currently dipping his toes into the delicious realm of food photography.

Digital Blending – Inspiring Landscape and Urban Photography by Daniel Cheong

Pin It Daniel Cheong describes himself as a passionate amateur photographer and a techie. He is admittedly obsessed in making his urban landscapes look better than they actually are using a technique called ‘digital blending’.

Stars and Whiskers – Underwater Photography by Eiko Jones

Pin It Eiko Jones is an A-list photographer whose work has been featured in National Geographic, TV Hören und Sehen, Diver Magazine, and Hello Canada.

Shooting from the Air – Aerial Wildlife Photographs by Zack Seckler

Pin It Zack Seckler is a Brooklyn-based photographer behind these beautiful aerial photographs of Botswana.

Optic Macrophotography by Suren Manvelyan

Pin It If eyes are truly windows to the soul, then photographer Suren Manvelyan is certainly trying his best to see it.

Burned Over – Images by Amelia Bauer

Pin It Amelia Bauer is the photographer behind the aptly titled series “Burned Over”. Burned Over was shot in the burned-over district in upstate New York.

Just Doodles – Impressive Ink Illustrations by Kerby Rosanes

Pin It While we mere mortals doodle with stick figures and bug-like animals, Kerby Rosanes doodles has put him in the international spotlight.