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The art of stacking coins in balance

Some people apparently have way too much free time, as demonstrated by the Japanese Thumb Tani, who has mastered the art of stacking coins in balance.

Aerolux – Vintage lightbulbs with filaments shaped as flowers

Here are the amazing filament bulbs of Aerolux Light Corporation, some vintage bulbs with filaments shaped as flowers.

Niceballs – This big pair of desk balls is now on Kickstarter

A few months ago we were talking about Niceballs, a pair of silicone balls to hang under your desk. This very twisted concept, originally conceived as a simple joke by the agency Imaginarte, has met such a massive success that this gadget is now becoming reality thanks to a Kickstarter campaign.

Star Wars Holiday Special – The worst ever Star Wars movie is a Christmas tale!

Stop everything! Did you know that there is a Star Wars movie you probably never heard of? You thought nothing could be worse than Star Wars Episode I?

Yosegi – The Japanese art of marquetry

Yosegi is the Japanese art of marquetry, an ancestral technique that consists in sticking together pieces of wood to create geometric patterns.

The 50 most beautiful photos of 2016 according to National Geographic

National Geographic has just released its Best Photographs 2016, a selection of the most beautiful images published this year.

Méchant Cookie – Hilarious Fortune Cookies with an evil twist

Here is Méchant Cookie, some fortune cookies that want to hurt you! Forget the traditional quotes or sweet encouragements, these Chinese cookies will reveal passive aggressive insults and reproaches.

Creative Eroticism – How these funny ads get around censorship

How to promote erotic literature without being caught by censorship? The agency MortierBrigade and the Belgian magazine Humo have imagined a funny and offbeat campaign, using the ads of other advertisers to create some naughty situations.

Paper City – Artist builds a miniature and animated city entirely made of paper

Paperholm is a beautiful project by the artist Charles Young, who decided to build a miniature city entirely made of paper.

Flip-Disc Display – Bringing the analog display back to life

The Flip-Disc Display System is a creation of the Brooklyn-based design studio Breakfast, which wants to bring the analog display back to life, modernizing a technology invented more than 50 years ago.

The minimalist tattoos of Victor Zabuga

A selection of the minimalist tattoos by Russian artist Victor Zabuga, based in Berlin, who revisits the universe of classic and vintage tattoos with a beautiful touch of modernity and eccentricity.

UX Timeline – Visualizing the evolution of famous websites

What did look like the websites of Netflix, Youporn, Vimeo, Deezer or Airbnb when they were launched?

The 262 movies of 2016 together in a massive mashup

Moving Pictures 2016 is a massive mashup that brings together the 262 movies released in 2016 in the United States, mixing the images of all these trailers in a single montage created by Clark Zhu.

Colorized photographs of the French soldiers from the World War One

With his impressive colorized photographs of the World War One, Frédéric Duriez gives us a new look at the conflict that ravaged the world between 1914 and 1918, revealing the difficult daily life of the French soldiers.

Skylines – Beautiful necklaces in tribute to the major cities of the world

In the line with the Skyline Rings or the You are Here pendants, here is the Skyline Necklaces collection, which pays tribute to the major cities of the world with some pretty necklaces.

Unexpected Visit – A photographer surprises his models in their privacy

How would you react if a photographer came in your home? With his project Unexpected Visit, the Czech photographer Less talented Photographer is having fun staging the reactions of his models, captured by surprise in their intimacy.

Barbie the Plastic Religion – When Barbie lands in your Christmas Nativity scene

After the Hipster Nativity Set, which will give a hipster look to your Christmas Nativity scene, here is Barbie the Plastic Religion, which invites the famous doll into the world of Christian religion.

AFP Pictures of The Year 2016 – The most powerful photographs of the year

Agence France Presse, or AFP, has just published AFP Pictures of the Year 2016, a selection of the most important photos of the year 2016.

Do not trust appearances – This romantic video is not what you think

Simply entitled Evan, this cute and romantic video featuring the loves of a high school student is far from being what you think it is.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – The latest teaser trailer is out!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 unveils its new teaser in an explosive video, more than 2 minutes long!