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LSD Illegal Images – The world’s largest collection of LSD blotters

Institute of Illegal Images is undoubtedly the largest collection of LSD blotters in the world, owned by the American artist Mark McCloud, who for 50 years is collecting or creating himself the LSD blotters and their illustrations.

Alright – New music video by Kendrick Lamar is amazing, both visually and musically

Alright is the latest music video of rapper Kendrick Lamar, from his new album To Pimp A Butterfly. A real visual and musical slap in your face, where his devastating flow is supported by a surreal and flawless filmmaking.

Famous Oldies – When famous characters of pop culture become old

After his series of adorable predators Predator vs.

Rape and Consent – Explaining the difference with 7 little comic strips

Many people do not understand the difference between rape and consent, especially when speaking of the family context and the circle of friends and acquaintances.

An artist is using his hand as a stamp to create some stunning portraits

The creations of the artist Russell Powell, who is using his hand as a stamp to create some stunning portraits.

LiquiGlide – This new non-stick coating will revolutionize packaging

Here is the LiquiGlide, a new non-stick coating, super-hydrophobic (water repellent) and oleophobic (oil-repellent), which could revolutionize the packaging of many food products such as ketchup or sauces, toothpaste, shampoo and so on, but also non-food like painting for example.

Drenge – Clever music video filmed in reverse

I Want To Break You In Half is an excellent music video filmed backwards, staging a fight with many twists in a bar, augmented with some beautiful pieces of animation.

Painting the sky – Matt Molloy stacks his photos to create some beautiful skies

Halfway between time-lapse, long exposure and HDR, Canadian photographer Matt Molloy is having fun combining his photographs to create some beautiful and surreal skies, inspired by the paintings of the Impressionists.

Quasi Modo – This dog has just been elected World’s Ugliest Dog 2015

After Peanut, the World’s Ugliest Dog of 2014, it is now the turn for Quasi Modo, a dog born with a malformation of the spine, to become the ugliest dog in the world by winning the American contest World’s Ugliest Dog.

Explosive Pop Culture – The colorful creations of Matt Gondeck

Between street art and illustration, here are the creations of the American artist Matt Gondeck based in Los Angeles, who likes to blow up the characters of pop culture in twisted and colorful creations, from The Simpsons to Bugs Bunny through Futurama, the Pink Panther, Garfield and so on.

Beautiful coffee stains by Giulia Bernardelli

There are those like me who spill their coffee and must clean urgently trying not to drown their computer, and there is Giulia Bernardelli, an artist who uses spilled cups and coffee stains as a starting point for her illustrations.

Art of Birds – The beautiful bird photographs by artist Cheryl Medow

A selection of the photographs by artist Cheryl Medow, who with her Envisioning Habitat series offers us some beautiful digital collages, combining several pictures taken by the artist.

Clocky – A motorized alarm clock that runs away to get you out of bed

Clocky is an adorable gadget halfway between a motorized alarm clock and a drone. Designed to get you out of bed, the Clocky will use its wheels or its rocking to run away from you, forcing you to get up to stop the ringing.

COLORS – A tribute to color in everyday life

COLORS is a short film that celebrates color in our everyday lives, focusing on the small colored details that inhabit our daily lives.

Mario Is Unreal – Mario meets the ultra-realistic graphics of the Unreal Engine 4

Mario Is Unreal, or when the famous mustachioed plumber from Nintendo meets the ultra-realistic graphics of the Unreal Engine 4, far away from the usual cute and colorful world of the saga.

Tattoos and Celebrities – The lastest Shopped Tattoos by Cheyenne Randall

A new selection from the Shopped Tattoos series by artist Cheyenne Randall, who continues to imagine the imaginary tattoos of celebrities, from Liz Taylor to Christina Ricci through James Franco, Bill Murray, Frida Kahlo or Sofia Loren… His previous creations: Shopped Tattoos part I / Shopped Tattoos part II.

The coloring book of Game of Thrones will make you use a lot of red color…

The Game of Thrones coloring book, a funny and twisted series designed by the illustrator Grant Lindahl, who imagines what might look like an illustrated version for kids of the dark world of George R.R.

Wonderland – The creative Instagram photographs of Ponypork

A selection of the Instagram photographs of Ponypork, who uses a view from above to achieve some creative and colorful self-portraits documenting his artistic experiments.

Street Art – The artist iHeart creates an open air exhibition in Vancouver

The Canadian street artist iHeart, who we had already talked about with iHeart, between street art and social networks, continues to explore the new means of communication and the freedom offered by the street art to create a wild exhibition in Vancouver entitled #asignoftimes, unveiling his new ironic and offbeat creations in the manner of an art gallery.

Pancake Art – Some ultra-detailed pancakes

The ultra-detailed pancakes of Tiger Tomato, who uses colored pancake dough to create famous characters from pop culture, from the Simpsons to Frozen through Pokemon, Sonic or Minions.