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[69 pictures] The Week End Selection n°233

The Week-End Selection n°233 ! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… If you need some more, you will find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Moodboard – The wild beauty of winter

I am proud to unveil a new season of our moodbard series, from our UFUNK x Adobe Stock collaboration!

The animated logos of the 80s

The vintage beauty of the animated logos of the 80s, with a demo reel from 1981. Read the original post The animated logos of the 80s on UFUNK

Natural Playground – When a wakeboarder is having fun with the floods

Natural Playground, or when a wakeboarder is having fun with the floods… A video directed by Benjamin Leclair.

Sculpting a wood and resin bowl

Here is the Secret Wood Bowl, a DIY tutorial by Peter Brown that will teach you how to create a beautiful wooden bowl with translucent resin.

Love is Love – A passionate and collective animation created by 120 artists

Love is Love is a collective animation directed by 120 different artists, each of whom illustrated an image of this kissing scene.

Do robots deserve rights?

Do robots deserve rights? What if machines become conscious? Some questions we will need to answer soon!

Life with a cat explained in a hilarious video

All those who own a cat will inevitably recognize themselves in this hilarious video of Simon’s Cat, which perfectly sums up the everyday life with a cat.

Most popular songs in the US from 1840 to 2013

A massive compilation that brings together all the most popular songs in the US from 1840 to 2013, year by year.

Freya the Fox – Beautiful images by a young 19-year-old photographer

Just 19 years old, the young Polish photographer Iza Lyson leads us to meet Freya the Fox, a beautiful domesticated red fox, through captivating and poetic photographs.

Mosaic Maker – The photobooth that creates your portrait in LEGO

Here is the LEGO Mosaic Maker, an amazing photobooth that will create your portrait in LEGO! After taking your picture, the Mosaic Maker turns your face into LEGO, and offers you two portraits: the first one is printed directly by the machine, the second one is a LEGO box containing all the necessary parts and the manual to assemble your portrait at home!

Albert Clock – The clock that will improve your math skills

Albert Clock is a clock that will improve your math skills! Imagined by designer Axel Schindlbeck, this clock replaces the classic display with equations to solve.

Erosion of cultures – Beautiful landscapes sculpted in books

A new selection of the sculpted books by Canadian artist Guy Laramee, who carves and paints old books to transform them into magnificent miniature landscapes.

Daddy Cool – Paternal love and black humor

Daddy Cool, a very twisted short film filled with black humor imagined by Camille Jalabert, Zoé Guillet and Maryka Laudet.

Playing music with the drawing of a unicorn

The musician and youtuber Andrew Huang imagined the Unicorn Song, a unicorn drawing that turns into music when it is read as a MIDI score.

NASA discovered seven planets the size of the Earth

NASA has just announced the discovery of seven exoplanets the size of the Earth, orbiting around a small star called TRAPPIST-1.

Harry Potter – A supercut of all the times the words Harry Potter are said

A supercut of all the times where the words Harry and Potter are said in the Harry Potter saga. Read the original post Harry Potter – A supercut of all the times the words Harry Potter are said on UFUNK

Private – An artist unveils the secret life of Donald Trump

With her Mental Images series, the British artist Alison Jackson is having fun portraying the secret life of Donald Trump in some trashy and compromising photos.

The rise of photography seen by the covers of the New York Times from 1852 to 2017

A video that brings together all the covers of the New York Times from 1852 to 2017, allowing to clearly witness the rise of photography, and its place in the media, and then the arrival of color photography.

Land Lines – Playing with landscape curves

Land Lines is a new experimentation from Google Chrome that offers you to play with the curves of the landscape.