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Street Art Anatomy – New awesome creation by Nychos

I was so pleased to stumble upon a new creation of Street Art Anatomy by artist Nychos, created this week in San Francisco, in Haight-Ashbury!

Famous album covers painted on faces by makeup artist

When music meets body painting! A beautiful series by the British makeup artist Natalie Sharp, who reproduced some famous and cult album covers on faces, from Joy Division to Talking Heads through Grizzly Bear.

When a photographer has fun with her toy cars…

The amazing “Traveling Cars Adventures” series of the young British photographer Kim Leuenberger, who enjoys staging miniature toy cars in beautiful compositions, playing with perspective with a lot of talent… I also highly recommend you “Forced Perspective – The art of photographing toy cars by pho

8-bit Ghibli – Tribute to Miyazaki’s movies by R. J. Evans

After the excellent “Miyazaki Mashup, when Miyazaki movies meet other famous anime styles“, here is a series of illustrations entitled “8-bit Ghibli“, created by the graphic designer Richard J.

What if Wes Anderson had directed Forrest Gump?

What if Wes Anderson had directed Forrest Gump?

Star Wars Steampunk – New illustrations by Bjorn Hurri

“Star Wars Steampunk“, a new series of stunning illustrations by artist Bjorn Hurri, who transports the characters from the Star Wars saga in a retro steampunk universe… You will also find a selection of some of his other creations that are worth peek!

Journey to the Center of the Earth – Caves of the world photographed by Robbie Shone

A selection of photographs by Robbie Shone, an adventurer caver and talented photographer who travels the world with scientific expeditions to explore the caves and abysses… From China to Crete through England, France or Borneo, journey to the Center of the Earth through some amazing beautiful images!

Back To Childhood – Photographer has fun with old toys

After he has discovered a box containing the old toys from his childhood, the French photographer Julien Mauve, based in Paris, had fun staging them in a nice and playful series entitled “Back To Childhood“!

My Toy Plane – The Instagram photos by Varun Thota

A selection of Instagram photographs by Varun Thota, who for his series “My Toy Plane” has fun to stage a small plane into beautiful compositions that are both simple and creative… Images © Varun Thota (Instagram) / via

Cuppaday – A designer has fun with paper coffee cups

Since last year, the designer Paul Garbett has fun with disposable paper coffee cups for his project entitled “Cuppaday“.

Scandinavian Spring – Body Painting by Janine Rewell

“Scandinavian Spring“, a beautiful series of body painting creations by illustrator Janine Rewell for a collaboration with Minna Parikka.

Paris In Motion – Moving through Paris in Hyperlapse

“Paris In Motion“, a series of four videos that take us on a wonderful hyperlapse ride through Paris.

[62 pictures] UFUNK – The Week End Selection n°84

As the chocolate eggs hidden in the garden, it is now time to discover the Week End Selection n°84! As every weekend, here is a new selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures, pin-ups and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all previous Week end Selections here.

Marshmallow Cat – Cute and adorable Japanese sweets…

Here are the “CafeCat“, some adorable marshmallows in the shapes of little kittens and cat paws, designed by Japanese confectioner Marshmallow Shop Yawahada, based in Nagano… Some very cute Japanese sweets to have with your coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

24 new vintage Super Heroes portraits

A new selection of creations by Italian artists Marvellini Brothers, based in Milan, who create portraits of superheroes and iconic characters of pop culture from old vintage photographs, from Spiderman to Star Wars through Goldorak, Batman, and other… The first series: 15 Vintage Super Heroes portr

Sculpting awesome ice cubes with a precision drill…

“3D on the Rocks“, or when the Japanese group Suntory, specialized in beers and whiskies, has fun to create some amazing ice cubes with a precision drill… Some real miniature ice sculptures to enjoy with your whisky!

Food Painting – Culinary creations by Anna Keville Joyce

In line with “Yummy!

Sunset Lights and Broken Mirrors – 13 amazing photographs by Bing Wright

“Broken Mirror/Evening Sky“, a beautiful series of photographer Bing Wright, who capture the captivating lights of sunsets through broken mirrors… An amazing series !

Will you guess what is strange about these couples?

Will you guess what is strange about these couples photographed by Canadian photographer JJ Levine for his project “Alone Time“?

Truth Facts – 37 hilarious and twisted infographics!

A selection of “Truth Facts“, some hilarious and twisted infographics designed by website Kind of Normal.