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Temporary tattoos and social networks

While social networks are playing an increasingly important role in our lives, the Taiwanese artist John Yuyi, now based in New York, likes to transpose the icons and visual elements of Twitter, Facebook or Instagram on the skin of his models, thanks to temporary tattoos.

PokeNatomy – When an illustrator reveals the anatomy of Pokémon

With his PokeNatomy series, the illustrator Christopher Stoll is having fun revealing the anatomy of Pokemon, which dominate pop culture again since the release of the game Pokemon GO.

Mosaic Sushi – The latest amazing food art trend from Japan

Halfway between a bento and a sushi platter, here is Mosaic Sushi, a new trend of food art came from Japan!

MANU Dance – A new demonstration of this impressive puppet

The young designer Barnaby Dixon offers a new demonstration of MANU, this impressive puppet on which he worked for over a year and a half.

Nobody Speak – Politics escalates quickly with DJ Shadow and Run The Jewels

DJ Shadow and Run The Jewels just unveiled Nobody Speak, a quirky and explosive music video featuring the representatives of the different countries at a UN meeting… An excellent video directed by Sam Pilling.

Catching Spirits – The beautiful illustrations of Kevin Hong

A selection of the stunning illustrations by American artist Kevin Hong, based in New York. Very inspired by manga, anime, video games and pop culture but also ancient prints and Asian culture, Kevin Hong leads us into a magical world populated with fantastic creatures and haunting spirits, sometime reminding the poetic universe of Hayao Miyazaki.

Embroidered illustrations of Sarah Benning

The delicate embroidered illustrations of American artist Sarah K. Benning, who imagines soft and natural compositions filled with plants and flowers.

Beautiful terrariums by Nightshade Studio

The Canadian designer Alexander McLachlin, creator of Nightshade Studio, imagines beautiful geometric terrariums for your plants, mixing with talent the modern aesthetic to a deliciously vintage spirit.

BMX – The explosives tricks of Mark Webb

The British rider Mark Webb, BMX professional, opens the doors of his favorite skatepark and reveals the whole extent of his talent by chaining the most mind-blowing tricks and combos!

Forbidden Fruit – The subversive porcelain creations of Chris Antemann

A selection of the creations by American artist Chris Antemann, who brings a naughty and subversive touch to the baroque porcelain of the 18th century.

Hate Mail – Sending pretty anti-greeting cards to your enemies

In line with the Hate Mail For Hire project or the Postcard for your enemies series, here are the anti-greeting cards from the Hate Mail shop, which will allow you to send some beautiful insults your favorite enemies… Read the original post Hate Mail – Sending pretty anti-greeting cards to your enem

A giant cockroach in your swimming pool

After the inflatable pizza, the sexy pool floats and the Animatronic Shark costume, here is today a new strange and quirky accessory for your swimming pool: the pool float shaped as a giant cockroach.

Homeless Dreams – When homeless reveal the dreams of their childhood

When homeless reveal their childhood dreams for The Prince and the Pauper series by American photographer Horia Manolache.

Smoking Kids – The disturbing photographs of Friele Janssens

Created in 2012, the personal project Smoking Kids of the talented Belgian photographer Friele Janssens confronts us with the very disturbing vision of young children smoking.

Moodboard – Action and Extreme Sports

Skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, BMX, parkour or kitesurfing, this new moodboard will immerse you in the heart of the action photography with some beautiful pictures paying tribute the fans of extreme sports.

[70 pictures] The Week End Selection 206

It is now time for the Week End Selection n°206! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… If you need some more, you will find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Wooden Mandalas – The latest creations of Gabriel Schama

We already talked about the creations of artist Gabriel Schama, who assembles many layers of wood and other materials such as acrylic or leather, creating amazing laser cut compositions.

Airlander 10 – The renewal of the airship?

The Airlander 10 just completed its first flight successfully, paving the way for the renewal of the airship.

Tokyo in Pink – The saturated photographs of Xavier Portela

On a recent trip to Japan, the photographer Xavier Portela decided to pay tribute to the city of Tokyo and the fantasy image that it conveys, through a series of night photographs, saturated in pink.

Cinematic – Photographer Matt Henry pays tribute to the 1960s and 1970s

A selection of photographs by Matt Henry, a British photographer based in Brighton who manages to recreate the atmosphere and kitsch of the 1960s and 1970s into colorful compositions, created as a tribute to American photography, cinema and literature.