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Pretty embroidery on old radiographs – The creations of Matthew Cox

The beautiful creations of American artist Matthew Cox, based in Philadelphia, who uses old radiographs as canvas for his delicate embroidery.

The hilarious and incredibly crappy robots of Simone Giertz

American YouTuber Simone Giertz is having fun inventing the most hilarious and incredibly crappy robots to help her in her daily life, like putting on lipstick, preparing breakfast, brushing her teeth or even waking up.

Mood for Wood – Beautiful laser engraved rolling pins with delicate patterns

After the rolling pins of designer Zuzia Kozerska, here are today the creations of the shop Mood for Wood, which has created a collection of laser engraved rolling pins, that will print beautiful patterns on your dough and cookies!

The Low Bros – The pop and geometric street art creations of Qbrk and Nerd

Between canvas, wood paintings and street art, here are the creations of The Low Bros, a German duo created by the two brothers Christoph and Florin Schmidt, aka Qbrk and Nerd.

Cat Calendar 2016 – A photographer stages her cat into some ultra-kitsch pictures

With her Cat Calendar 2016, the photographer Kate Funk is having fun staging her cat in some ultra-kitsch pictures, elevating the traditional lolcat into an art form!

The famous Van Gogh’s bedroom is now available for rent on Airbnb!

Yes, the famous Van Gogh‘s bedroom is now available on Airbnb! An amazing and brilliant idea conceived by the Art Institute of Chicago, which created a beautiful replica of the painter’s bedroom, made famous by the painting Bedroom in Arles, painted in 1888.

Horror and Body Painting – When a beauty blogger reveals her dark side

The beauty blogger Andrea De La Ossa decided to reveal her dark side by creating Radicandrea, an Instagram account in which she publishs her gore experiments, between horror and body painting.

Chocolatexturebar – When Japanese design offers a new way to enjoy chocolate

In line with their previous project Chocolatexture, the Japanese designers of the Nendo Studio continue to experiment new ways to enjoy chocolate, and reveal today the Chocolatexturebar.

This strange video is mixing time-lapse, stop motion and a 3D printed baby

Run Baby Run is a strange visual experiment mixing time-lapse, stop motion and a 3D printed baby! The talented artist Eran Amir has fragmented the movements of a running baby, and then 3D printed the different steps.

47 surreal animations on the connections between human and nature

Symphony no. 42 is a short film that includes 47 surreal animations, dark and absurd, exploring the irrational connections between human and nature.

Protobacillus – A collection of abstract and truly mesmerizing GIFs

Protobacillus is a collection of abstract and truly mesmerizing GIFs imagined by the artists Gustavo Spredemann and Leone Simonetti, who get inspired by the microscopic world of bacteria to create colorful and organic animations.

Star Wars x Ghibli Studio – If Hayao Miyazaki had directed Star Wars movies

What if Hayao Miyazaki and the Ghibli Studio had directed the cult movies of the Star Wars saga? An awesome series of mashups designed by British illustrator Lap Pun Cheung, now based in Berlin.

Toy Car Series – Colorful mosaics created with hundreds of miniature cars

For his project entitled The Toy Car Series, the American artist Derek Miller uses hundreds of model cars to create colorful mosaics, using the toys as pixels.

LEGO Paper Plane Machine – A machine that can fold and throw paper airplanes

Here is the LEGO Paper Plane Machine, which as its name suggests is a machine made entirely of LEGO, able to fold and throw paper airplanes!

Bowie VS. Pop Culture – Some amazing mashups in tribute to David Bowie

David Bowie VS. Pop Culture is an amazing set of mashups in tribute to the famous singer disappeared on January 10, 2016, in which the cult characters from pop culture illustrate his iconic songs.

Syria – When a drone reveals the impressive images of a devastated city

Filmed with a drone, this impressive video reveals the images of the city of Homs, devastated by the war in Syria.

What the famous monuments of the world could look like in severe drought

Here’s what could look like the famous monuments and landmarks around the world in case of a severe drought.

Dreams of Dali – Dive into the famous paintings of Dali thanks to virtual reality

Dreams of Dali is a project created by the Dali Museum of Florida, which proposes you to literally dive into the works of Dali thanks to virtual reality.

LEGO Ghostbusters 3 – LEGO unveils the figurines of the new upcoming reboot

While the movie Ghostbusters 3, or rather the reboot of the cult franchise from 1984, is expected for July 2016 in the United States, LEGO has just unveiled its new LEGO Ghostbusters figurines!

This 3D printed sundial displays the time with digital numbers!

Combine the ancient concept of the sundial to a digital display and 3D printing, and you’ll get this awesome Digital Sundial, designed by the French maker Mojoptix!