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How do you eat? – A photographer documents the habits of New Yorkers

With her Dinner in NY project, the Japanese photographer Miho Aikawa documents the eating habits of New Yorkers, revealing the ways in which families, couples, students, employees, singles organize their dinner.

Paper Spaceships – The impressive and very detailed paper models of UHU02

A selection of the beautiful creations of Japanese UHU02, who designed some amazing paper spaceships with great detail and precision!

Brunch City – The miniatures metropolises

The Brunch City project designed by illustrator Bea Crespo and photographer Andrea Portoles, who recreates the great cities of the world as miniatures, based on the culinary specialties of the cities, from the wurst of Berlin to the waffle of Brussels through the french fries of New York, the sushi

Stroller – Visiting the world through the eyes of a baby in a stroller

With his series simply entitled Stroller, the American photographer Diego Acosta wanted to see the world through the eyes of his baby, by installing a GoPro in the stroller while visiting New York with his family… Images © Diego Acosta / via

Serious Design – The strange and twisted culinary objects by Matija Erceg

The amazing Serious Design series by photographer Matija Erceg, who imagines some strange and twisted culinary objects, born of the improbable and surreal encounter between food and everyday objects.

Twitter hilariously revisits the History with the tweets of WebHistoryPics

The hilarious tweets of @WebHistoryPics, a French Twitter account that is having fun revisiting History, simply by using old paintings and really funny yet clever legends.

[70 pictures] The Week End Selection n°124

It’s now the time for the Week End Selection n°124! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all the previous Week end Selections here. I wish you all a great weekend!

Girls and Birds – The paintings of Amy Judd

A selection of the paintings created by the English artist Amy Judd, based in London, who mixes bodies of women with birds and feathers, but also other animals, in sensual compositions inspired by mythology.

Twisted Balloon – The amazing balloon creations of Buster Balloon

Twisted Balloon is a series of photographs of the creations of artist and performer Buster Balloon, created in collaboration with a New York photographer. If you like balloons, I also recommend you the 25 balloon creations from the World Balloon Convention.

Wheat is Wheat – When everyday grocery products become luxury items

The Wheat is Wheat series created by the artist and designer Peddy Mergui, who transforms simple supermarket products into luxury items, imagining what would look like everyday products if they were sold by famous luxury brands such as Versace, Nike, Apple, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Ferrari and so on…

Candy Minimal – The soft and colorful Instagram photos of Matt Crump

The Candy Minimal series by American photographer Matt Crump, who populates his Instagram account with soft and colorful minimalist compositions, combining architecture, perspective and details of everyday life into pretty pictures.

Etiquette – Vintage screen messages used in the movie theaters in 1910

If today you are asked to turn off your mobile phone in theaters, the cinemas from the 1910s also used these informational messages to explain to the audience how to behave during the screening of a silent film… A nice set of vintage pictures created in 1912 by John D.

Vertical Dance – An aerial dance on a cliff in a gravity-defying performance

A new aerial dance performance by collective Bandaloop, in which the dancers Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber fly and intertwine gracefully on the Marin cliffs, north of San Francisco.

Above the Fold – The amazing papier sculptures of Richard Sweeney

The awesome paper sculptures of the British artist and designer Richard Sweeney, who imagines complex and delicate three-dimensional shapes thanks to a great technical mastery.

Mega Cavern – A gigantic bike park created in an abandoned mine

The Louisville Mega Cavern is an old abandoned mine transformed into a giant underground bike park! With nearly 8 kilometers of tracks built in the old galleries of this limestone mine, the Mega Underground Bike Park is the largest indoor bike park in the world!

Il Re Pastore – A Mozart opera revisited as science fiction and futuristic space opera

Il Re Pastore is a creation that revisits the classic Mozart opera into a futuristic tale between science fiction and space opera, with inspirations from Capitaine Flam to Flash Gordon through the world of Leiji Matsumoto (Harlock, Interstella 5555) or Dragon Ball Z.

Picattoo – Turn your Instagram pictures into temporary tattoos

After Boomf, that turns your Instagram photos into marshmallows, here is a new service, called Picattoo, that offers you to turn your Instagram photos into temporary tattoos!

Underwater Pole Dancing – The aquatic photographs of Brett Stanley

The Underwater Pole Dancing series by American photographer Brett Stanley, based in Los Angeles, who captures the aquatic performances of his models in languorous and acrobatic underwater poses.

The street artist INSA creates a giant animated GIF visible from space!

The street artist INSA, famous for his series of GIF-ITI, which we had already talked about with INSA, Street Art and animated GIFs and the GIF-ITI by INSA, has just completed what is arguably one of the largest and ambitious animated GIFs ever, with a street art creation visible from space!

Surgery – Artist transforms total strangers into celebrities with paint and plastic pieces

With her amazing Paint + Plastic Surgery project, the Canadian artist Marie-Lou Desmeules likes to turn total strangers into celebrities using paint and plastic pieces.