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Anonymous – The portraits of LEK Chan

A selection of the digital creations of the Taiwanese artist LEK Chan, based in Taipei, who leads us into a strange, poetic and surreal world through her beautiful portraits and self-portraits.

Cute girls do Star Wars impressions

6 hours of photo editing in 90 seconds

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens – The first photos from the set unveiled

The highly anticipated Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens unfolds a little more with the images of photographer Annie Leibovitz, who reveals the first pictures from the set and the casting in a series created for the magazine Vanity Fair.

Pop Culture – The awesome hand painted nesting dolls of Andy Stattmiller

The awesome hand-painted nesting dolls of American illustrator and designer Andy Stattmiller, based in San Francisco, very inspired by the world of Pop Culture, from Star Wars to Ghostbusters through Batman, Breaking Bad, Big Lebowski, Mario Bros, the Superheroes or the Simpsons.

Inkteraction part 2 – When illustrator Alex Solis is fighting against his own drawings

After the first part of his Inkteraction series, the talented illustrator Alex Solis continues to fight against his own drawings.

An impressive high-res photo of the Moon created by an amateur from his balcony

An impressive HD photograph of the Moon, created by the Polish amateur photographer Bartosz Wojczynski from his balcony!

Animal Kingdom – The double exposure photographs of Andreas Lie

The Animal Kingdom series created by photographer and graphic-designer Andreas Lie, mixing animals and landscapes into beautiful and ethereal compositions in double exposure.

The amazing customized coffins in Ghana

In Ghana, the dead are often buried in amazing customized coffins, shaped as airplane, fish, car, shoes or even mobile phone.

If famous movie directors were culinary artists

If the famous movie directors were chefs or culinary artists, an excellent series created by Cheekylicious, from Michael Bay to Steven Spielberg through Christopher Nolan, Tim Burton or the Cohen brothers.

Geotaggers World Atlas – A map of the most photographed places in the world

Geotaggers World Atlas is an interactive map of the most photographed places in the world, created by analyzing the metadata of photos shared on the web.

The satirical illustrations of Hsu Kai Ti

In line with the satirical illustrations by John Holcroft or Pawel Kuczynski, here are today the creations of the talented illustrator Kai Ti Hsu, based in Taiwan, who throws a dark look at our modern society through deceptively soft and delicate illustrations.

Awesome Urban Snowboarding session

LEGO Wes Anderson – The cult characters of Wes Anderson as LEGO Minifigs

The LEGO Wes Anderson series imagined by the American illustrator Matt Chase, who transforms the cult characters of the director Wes Anderson into LEGO Minifigs, from Mr.

[80 pictures] The Week End Selection n°138

Just a little ahead, here is a huge Week End Selection n°138, particularly strange and twisted, perfect for a nice and long weekend!