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Input/Output – A weird and surreal short film

Input/Output is an awesome, strange and surreal short film, composed of a succession of small and very bizarre moments of everyday life, where nothing goes as planned.

Desserted in Paris – An Instagram account that captures the finest pastries from Paris

A very appetizing Instagram account, which captures the finest and most beautiful pastries in Paris! Desserted in Paris is the Instagram account of Tal Spiegel, a pastry chef based in Paris who visits the city everyday in search of the finest culinary creations.

Charth Vader – A photographer illustrates the darkest moments of childhood

With her Charth Vader series, the American photographer Ashly Stohl portrays her young son Charlie with a Darth Vader mask to illustrate the darkest moments of childhood.

PopCorn Garage – 66 references to cult movies hidden in a single picture

PopCorn Garage is a little game where the goal is to discover the 66 references to cult movies from pop culture hidden in a single picture.

Walking Dead Cake – How to create a bloody brain-shaped cake for Halloween

To prepare Halloween, chief Yolanda Gampp, from the website How To Cake It, is teaching us how to cook her Walking Dead Brain Cake, a yummy and bloody brain-shaped cake.

Survival technique – Building an impressive hut with a tiled roof from scratch

We have already talked about the very resourceful youtuber Primitive Technology, who has taught us how to build a primitive wattle and daub hut from scratch.

Watch a unicorn poops rainbow ice cream in the world’s most WTF commercial

The true magical power of the Internet, is to lead yourself to watch a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream in the world’s most WTF commercial, just to talk about the Squatty Potty, a gadget that can help you defecate and relieve your colon.

The tattoos of Pony Reinhardt, between nature and ancient engravings

A selection of the beautiful tattoos of American artist Pony Reinhardt, based in Portland, inspired by nature, animals and ancient engravings.

Robuchon – This cute little robot is actually an amazing smartphone

Behind this cute little robot named RoBoHoN hides an amazing smartphone! Designed by the Japanese manufacturer Sharp, this new humanoid gadget is a strange hybrid between a robot and a smartphone, designed as a personal assistant that can be controlled by voice.

Murals in the Market – The creations of the street art festival in Detroit

The street art festival Murals in the Market held in Detroit in September, bringing together world-class local and international artists to paint the walls of the city.

Antropoamorfico Alphabet – A beautiful organic and vintage alphabet

Antropoamorfico Alphabet is a beautiful vintage alphabet made of organic elements, created by Spanish designer Yes I do concept, and imagined on the occasion of the 36 days of type challenge, for which graphic designers are invited to propose their vision of typography.

Feral Children – Disturbing real stories of feral children illustrated by a photographer

The stories of feral children have always fascinated our collective memory, between urban legends and frightening stories.

Monsoon 4K – The mesmerizing and contemplative video of a storm chaser

Monsoon II is a time-lapse video, mesmerizing and contemplative, which summarizes in 10 minutes and with beautiful images the wanderings of a storm chaser through Arizona.

Kings of Cocaine – How modern cartels are inspired by the life of Pablo Escobar

I propose you to discover Kings of Cocaine, a documentary produced by VICE, which explores the true life of Pablo Escobar, but also the mark he had left in the universe of drug and cartels.

Facades of New York – The beautiful hyper-realistic models of Randy Hage

A selection of the hyperrealistic models of American artist Randy Hage, who reproduces the facades and storefronts of New York with an incredible accuracy.

Sad World – When Instagram identifies the most depressing places in the world

The Instagram account Sad Topographies is having fun on Google Maps identifying the most depressing places in the world, with names like the disappointment island, the island of the dead dog, the killer lake but also the suicide bridge road, the depression pond or the road of death.

Sunset Selfies – When a photographer is having fun with cardboard silhouettes

Sunset Selfies is a series of creations of John Marshall, based on an island in Maine, who is having fun staging himself with large cardboard cut silhouettes, playing with the shadows and lights of sunset.

Project Xray – A new impressive demonstration of the Microsoft HoloLens

By unveiling the Project Xray at its last conference, Microsoft has made another impressive demonstration of its HoloLens, a system that mixes virtual reality and augmented reality to give life to 3D elements directly into your environment.

The Prophecy – A photographer depicts the most polluted areas of Senegal

With the project The Prophecy, the Belgian-Beninese photographer Fabrice Monteiro is staging the most polluted areas of Senegal in a series of captivating and frightening photographs, transforming his models into hybrid monsters using only trash and waste found on site.

Cat vs Dog – What if your closest and weird friends were acting like cats and dogs

Cat-Friend vs. Dog-Friend is a funny and twisted series that explores what would look like your daily life if your closest and weird friends were acting like cats and dogs… I invite you to discover the first three episodes of this series created by FATAWESOME.