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The Week-End Selection n°270

[68 pictures] The Week-End Selection n°270! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.

PopCorn TV – The game to test your Pop Culture references is back!

Here is PopCorn TV, a new game to test your Pop Culture references! After the game PopCorn Garage, which asked you to find 66 references to cult movies hidden in a single image, and which was a huge success two years ago, its creators today unveil PopCorn TV.

Before/After – These comparisons reveal how the world has changed

A collective of photographers has created Re.Photos, a website that includes more than 750 before/after comparisons, to document how the world has changed!

Afro Art – This duo pays tribute to afro hairstyles for little girls

With their series entitled Afro Art, the couple of photographers Regis and Kahran, aka CreativeSoul Photo and based in Atlanta, decided to pay tribute to the art of afro hairstyle.

IN-SHADOW – This impressive short film is a violent criticism against capitalism

IN-SHADOW: A Modern Odyssey is an impressive short film, which paints a dark and satirical portrait of our modern society.

Street Art – Bordalo II installs a mural made of recycled waste in Paris

Street artist Bordalo II, famous for his monumental 3D artworks made from recycled waste, has just installed his latest creation in Paris!

Bad Taste – She pays tribute to Alien for her Thanksgiving dinner

Serving a very realistic Facehugger for Thanksgiving dinner is the strange idea of this food blogger, who pays tribute to this famous monster from the Alien saga.

Cheap Fashion – This actor recreates the outfits of celebrities with everyday objects

In line with Lowcost Cosplay, the American actor Tom Lenk is having fun recreating the outfits of celebrities using simple objects from daily life!

The world’s first floating city will be launched in 2020 in the Pacific Ocean!

The first floating city in the world, designed by the Seasteading Institute, will begin its construction in 2020 in the Pacific Ocean!

SpotMini – The impressive new robot by Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics, the company famous for its robots with incredible performance, today unveils a new version of its SpotMini, a new robot derived from their Spot and BigDog models.

Discover New York with an amazing Layer-Lapse!

NYC Layer-Lapse is a video that animates the huge buildings of the city in a fascinating choreography synchronized on music!

Stranger Tales – The episodes of Stranger Things as horror books from the 80s

What if Stranger Things was a series of horror books? With Stranger Tales 2, the illustrator Butcher Billy is having fun this time transforming the episodes of season 2 of Stranger Things into horror book covers, straight out of the 80s.

Sad World – The latest satirical illustrations by Gunduz Agayev

Dark and highly satirical, here is a selection of the latest illustrations by Gunduz Agayev, an artist and illustrator from Azerbaijan, who portrays the sad reality of the modern world, between conflict, poverty, and the excesses of the consumer society.

This artist transforms a 16th century church into a tennis court

This tennis court, set in a 16th century church in Milan, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful playgrounds in the world!

Ghibli Food – This girl is recreating the food from Miyazaki’s movies

Recreating the dishes and food appearing in the movies from Studio Ghibli, this is the amusing idea of the Japanese food blogger En93kitchen, who is paying a mouth-watering homage to the world of Hayao Miyazaki.

Animal Ball – The strange spherical animals of Aditya Aryanto

After the Animal Cubes series and its strange geometric animals, here is Animal Ball, a new amusing project created by the Indonesian photographer Aditya Aryanto, who is having fun this time transforming animals into inflatable balloons!

This artist projects the people of Los Angeles on the waste from the city

After The Dream is a striking new project by French photographer Philippe Echaroux, who projects the faces of Los Angeles residents on piles of garbage, collected by the artist on the streets of Los Angeles.

Sneaker Candles – These candles are inspired by iconic sneakers

Here are the Sneaker Candles, a collection of candles inspired by iconic Nike sneakers. Air Jordan, Air More Uptempo, Air Max, some scented candles that will bring a soft light to your sneaker head interiors.

Nebulae – This mesmerizing video immerses us in a stellar nursery

Nebulae – Cosmic Meditation is a contemplative and mesmerizing video, which leads us for 10 minutes into the immensity of a stellar nursery.

Europeana – Browse through 53 million pieces of art for free!

Europeana is a gigantic collection of more than 53 million artworks, available online for free! A titanic project born of a collaboration between more than 3000 European cultural institutions, such as the Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam or the National Library of France, which worked together to make their immense collections more accessible and to promote the cultural heritage of Europe.