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When the artist Ben Frost draws on medications packaging…

We already talked about the artist Ben Frost with “Lucky Charms, packaging paintings by Ben Frost“. Here is today a new selection of his creations, in which the artist hijacks and plays with packaging of Viagra, antidepressants and other medications with twisted illustrations, including some famous characters from pop culture, such as Disney or Simpsons… Ben Frost has just finished his solo exhibition entitled “Know Your Product” at the Soze Gallery (Los Angeles).

Asylums – Photographer documents the abandoned psychiatric hospitals

With his series “American Asylums“, the photographer Jeremy Harris documents the abandoned psychiatric hospitals throughout the United States, exploring with beautiful urbex photographs the “moral architecture” of the 19th century… Some scary and creepy photographs depicting the conditions of life for patients at the time.

The adorable creations of Hyemi Jeong

The adorable creations of Canadian illustrator Hyemi Jeong, based in Toronto, who is having fun with the small everyday objects with cute and creative illustrations… Some funny pictures in line with the Instagram creations of Alex Solis or Javier Pérez.

El Devenir – The street art of LIQEN

A selection of creations by the Spanish artist LIQEN, who oscillates between street art and illustration with a lot of talent.

Two artists having fun at university…

The “Untitled” series created by Polish artists and designers Pawel Fabjanski and Zuza Slominska, who have been invited to invest the vacant rooms of the Lodz University during the summer to create ephemeral installations using only materials found on site… Images © Pawe?

Packaging Rainbow – A colorful installation made of 1700 cardboard boxes

A colorful installation created with over 1,700 cardboard packaging of products and brands from around the world.

IKEA Instructions – Assemble yourself the iconic characters from horror movies

“IKEA Instructions” or when the illustrator and graphic designer Ed Harrington proposes you to assemble yourself the iconic characters of horror movies and pop culture with the style of an IKEA manual… Have also a look at: “Movies explained as Ikea manuals“.

Weapons of journalists – Beautiful campaign for freedom of expression

“Information is ammunition“, a beautiful campaign for freedom of expression and protection of journalists, created by the agency Juniper Park and organization CJFE (Canadian Journalists for Free Expression).

[60 pictures] UFUNK – The Week End Selection n°103

Week End Selection n°103: a selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all previous Week end Selections here.

Supersize Bed – Sleeping with a side of french fries

Are you addicted to french fries and junk food? Here is the “Supersize Bed“, a bed created by the designer Cecilia Carey in collaboration with Harry Parr, with a headboard shaped like the iconic carton of french fries.

Post Apocalypse – Two artists imagine the ruins of famous places

In their series “The World of The Last of Us“, inspired by the world of the video game, the two artist from New Zealand John Walters and Peter Baustdaeter have imagined what might look like the ruins of the famous places in a post apocalyptic universe, from Paris to Amsterdam via London or Rome… Ima

The Hong Kong of the 50′s captured into beautiful photographs…

“Hong Kong Yesterday“, a beautiful series of street photography created by photographer Fan Ho, who has skillfully captured the unique atmosphere and lights of Hong Kong during the 50′s and 60′s.

What your trash say about you – A brilliant campaign against littering

“Littering says a lot about you“, a brilliant Canadian awareness campaign that uses the packaging thrown into the street or into the wild to create words like “Lazy”, “Dumb” or “Selfish”… A campaign created by Live Green Toronto.

Creations of Animals – The illustrations of Ricardo Solis

The illustrations by Mexican artist Ricardo Solis, who imagines the creation of animals with soft and poetic images, mixing paint, pencil and ink, in which small characters are endeavoring to position the stripes of a zebra or the spots of a leopard… Images © Ricardo Solis / via

Homer Simpson takes part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

When Homer Simpson takes part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…

New series of creative street art by Pejac !

We already talked about the creative street art and urban hijackings of the Spanish artist Pejac (The street art by Pejac).

PHYSICS – The main principles of physics into minimalist posters

“Laws of Motion” and “Fundamental Forces“, or the main principles of physics illustrated into beautiful minimalist posters created by the graphic designer Justin Van Genderen.

Taser Photoshoot – When a photographer electrocutes his models with a taser…

The stunning “Taser Photoshoot” series created by photographer Patrick Hall, who decided to electrocute his models with a taser, capturing their expressions at the exact moment of the electric discharge… Some pretty dynamic and explosive portraits!

Tattooed Disney Princesses – The illustrations by Emmanuel Viola

The “Tattooed Disney Princesses” series of Italian illustrator Emmanuel Viola, who transports the famous Disney princesses into the world of tattoos… Between glam, gothic, hipster and pin-up !

The Silent Line – Remains of an abandonned railroad in Paris captured by photographer Peter Folk

The stunning series “By the silent line” of French photographer Pierre Folk, who documents since 2011 the remains of the famous abandoned train line in Paris: La Petite Ceinture.