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Persona – A photographer captures his models and their everyday objects

In line with the project It Bag, but also Family Stuff or All I Own, it is now the turn of American photographer Jason Travis to paint a portrait of his models by exploring their possessions and their everyday objects.

A cute and detailed hand drawn map of Paris

A lovely map of Paris entirely drawn by hand, including a lot of small details and references, created by British illustrator Jenni Sparks.

Flight Stream – Visualizing the air traffic on an interactive globe

Flight Stream is an online application in WebGL that allows you to visualize the air traffic on an interactive globe.

Steam Babel – An impressive creation between illustration and digital collage

Steam Babel is an impressive creation between classical illustration, engraving and digital collage, that requested more than 470 hours of work to the artist and illustrator Marc Ferrario, aka Mandril.

[79 pictures] The Week End Selection n°129

It is now time for the Week End Selection n°129! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all the previous Week end Selections here. I wish you all a great weekend!

Future Marketry – Beautiful wooden creations

The amazing and beautiful wooden creations of French design studio Future Marketry, based à Paris. Images © Future Marketry

The surreal landscapes of Jung-Yeon Min

A selection of the paintings by artist Jung-Yeon Min, based in Paris, who leads us into some strange landscapes, organic and surreal.

Coffee Stain – Illustrations and coffee stains

The Coffee Stain series created by illustrator Carter Asmann, who uses simple coffee stains as the basis for his illustrations.

The Internet of Useless Things – When designers make fun of connected objects

The Internet of Useless Things, or when the designers of Rehabstudio make fun of the big trend of connected objects with some hilarious parodies!

Vortex – The psychedelic and mesmerizing installations of Peter Kogler

The creations of the German artist Peter Kogler, who imagines psychedelic installations by covering rooms from floor to ceiling with geometric patterns, transporting the viewer into a mesmerizing vortex… Images © Peter Kogler

Mold filmed with macro and time-lapse

Mold filmed for several days in macro and time-lapse in a beautiful and mesmerizing video, created by Russian photographer Nick Lariontsev thanks to a camera and some customized equipment.

Preservation – When a photographer is covering his models with dripping honey

Preservation, an amazing series of American photographer and artist Blake Little, who is covering his models with honey and capturing them into dripping portraits, frozen in this golden sugar as in amber.

Shampooed Heads – The hair transformed into abstract photographs

The creations of the photographer Cheuk Lun Lo, who transforms hair and shampooed heads into abstract photographs on black background in a series imagined for Chinese magazine NUMERO.

Procrastinations – The visual experiments of Velvet Spectrum

Distractions & Procrastinations, a selection of the explosive and colorful visual experiments of American graphic designer Luke Choice, aka Velvet Spectrum.

The Bullshitters – The beautiful monochrome illustrations by SHANE

A selection of the illustrations by Shane, a French graphic designer and freelance illustrator based in Paris, who mixes with a lot of talent typography and drawing dot by dot into beautiful monochrome compositions.

Ocean Gravity – The power of marine currents shown in an unreal video

Ocean Gravity is an unreal video, directed by Julie Gautier for Les films Engloutis, which reveals the power of ocean currents.

Breakfast Lollipops – Awesome bacon, waffles, and donut flavored lollipops!

For lovers of American breakfast, here are the Breakfast Lollipops, some awesome bacon, waffles, and donut flavored lollipops!

Bookniture – A stool that fits in your library

Bookniture is an excellent concept created by designer Mike Mak, based in Hong Kong. This small multifunction furniture can indeed be fold and stored like a book in your library!

Urban Mandala – The street art creations of Arthur-Louis Ignoré

The Urban Mandalas of French street artist Arthur-Louis Ignoré, aka ALI. Images © ALI

Wild Africa – The beautiful animal photographs by Laurent Baheux

A selection of the animal photographs by French photographer Laurent Baheux, who captures the wild animals and endangered species of Africa in beautiful pictures in black and white.