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Ocean Stones – Beautiful painted pebbles

Ocean Stones is a series of amazing painted pebbles created by Canadian artist Elspeth McLean, by covering the stones found on the New Zealand beaches with a multitude of small colored dots, creating some beautiful patterns and gradients.

Painting the statues from the Renaissance in an hyperrealistic way

When Renaissance masters discovered and copied the hyper-realistic sculptures of ancient Greek and Rome, they didn’t know that some of these works had originally been painted to make them even more life-like.

Ash Beads – Transforming the ashes of your loved ones into miniature planets

After this company that proposes to transform the ashes of loved ones into diamonds, here is the project Ash Beads created by the artist Merry Coor, who proposes to transform the ashes of your loved ones into miniature planets, adding layers of melting glass around the ashes, creating translucent beads different each time.

Photographer attaches fireworks to his drone

The long exposure photographs of Calder Wilson, who decided to attach some fireworks to his drone… I also strongly recommend you the amazing light painting series Motion Exposure and Tornadoes.

Drains of Manchester – Visiting the sewers of Manchester in time-lapse

Drains of Manchester is a beautiful video directed by the photographer of SubStormFlow, which leads us into a discovery of the Manchester sewer system through 5000 photos assembled in time-lapse.

Taking Pictures – A lovely short film about the meeting of two photographers

Here is Taking Pictures, an adorable short film about the meeting of two photographers and a budding love story.

Lumipen – A robust and ultra-fast tracking system for projection mapping

Here is the Lumipen 2, a high-speed tracking system based on moving mirrors, which will add a new dimension to the world of projection mapping, enabling some new and impressive effects and a whole new range of interactions!

A chef is transforming junk food into amazing and beautiful gourmet dishes

When the American chef Jacques Lamerde is having fun on Instagram transforming junk food into real gourmet dishes, imagining some wonderful culinary creations made from candy, chips, pop-tarts, donuts and other nuggets… Images © Jacques Lamerde

Birth – The illustrations of Conrado Salinas

A selection of illustrations from the portfolio of the artist Conrado Salinas, based in Los Angeles. Images © Conrado Salinas

Animal Kingdom – Between wildlife photography and surreal creations

The amazing Until the Kingdom Comes series of the artist and photographer Simen Johan, who made the bold move to mix his wildlife photographs, taken at the four corners of the world, with digital retouching, leading us into a pretty fascinating world, both poetic and surreal.

The old archives of the New York Police Department will soon be available online

The photographic archives of the New York Police Department (NYPD) will soon be available online through an initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Brik Case – This gadget will let you customize your MacBook with LEGO

Here is Brik Case, a simple gadget that will allow you to customize your MacBook Pro or your MacBook Air with some LEGO!

Last Trip – The beautiful black and white photographs of Vassilis Tangoulis

Here is Last Trip, a new selection of the stunning photographs in black and white created by the Greek photographer Vassilis Tangoulis, who we had already talked about with his Waterland series.

Barbary Coast – San Francisco seen by street photographer Travis Jensen

Barbary Coast, a series of images captured by the American street photographer Travis Jensen, who paints a surprising portrait of San Francisco, far from the pretty wooden houses and the Silicon Valley.

Love Is Colorful – A beautiful ad campaign

Love Is Colorful, a beautiful advertising campaign created by Lucas de Ouro from the Brazilian agency Tuppi, cleverly playing with the paints and pigment of the brand Zim Coloured Powder.

Also shot on iPhone 6 – When a street artist mocks the latest Apple campaign

With his tumblr Also shot on iPhone 6, a street artist decided to play with the latest Apple advertising campaign, we talked about a month ago: Shot on iPhone 6.

Nano Beauty – Photographing the chemical reactions with a microscope

A series of stunning photographs by Linden Gledhill, taken through a microscope connected to a camera to capture the microscopic details of the substances, crystals and chemical reactions, revealing the natural beauty of the world around us.

The wooden sculptures of Janusz Grüenspek

The wooden creations of German artist Janusz Grüenspek, based in Kleve, reproducing everyday objects in wireframe models, from the MacBook to the audio tape through the tape recorder, the coffee maker or the surveillance camera.

Simulacra – A filmmaker playing with reality

Simulacra is an amazing experimental video of the British filmmaker Theo Tagholm, who likes to blur the reality by inserting two dimensional images, creating some strange mirages and amazing illusions…

[72 pictures] The Week End Selection n°133

Live from the small Japanese town of Kawaguchiko, at the foot of Mount Fuji, here is the Week End Selection n°133!