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Waltz On The Walls – A beautiful performance of aerial dance

“Waltz On The Walls” is a beautiful performance of aerial dance, also known as Vertical Dance, performed on the facade of the City Hall in Oakland by dancers Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber from the collective Bandaloop.

The Parisians – A photographer shots 365 portraits in the streets of Paris

The “365 Parisiens” project from Russian photographer and art director Constantin Mashinskiy, who created every day for a year some stunning portraits of Parisians, perfect strangers met by chance during his wanderings.

Burning Man – 28 photos by Trey Ratcliff

Here is a new selection of photographs by Trey Ratcliff, created during the famous Burning Man festival 2014, but also from various previous editions.

Dream Creatures – When a photographer gives a face to the trees…

The “Dream Creatures” project from the Italian photographer Elido Turco, who gives a face to the trees with a simple effect of symmetry.

[65 pictures] The Week End Selection n°106

48 hours late, here is finally the Week End Selection n°106 (which you can refer as the Monday Morning Selection n°1 if you prefer)!

Nothing Special – A photographer captures the strange scenes of everyday life

The “Nothing Special” series by Czechoslovak photographer and artist Martin Kollar, who seeks to capture the strangest scenes offered by daily life, through a raw vision without artifice.

L3.0 – A moving short film set in a post-apocalyptic Paris…

“L3.0” is a moving short film featuring Leo, an Hi-Tech robot companion wandering alone in a post-apocalyptic Paris, following the mysterious disappearance of all living species… A beautiful short film created by the students of the ISART Digital school.

The Wall – A stunning trampoline video

“The Wall” is a beautiful and stunning video of trampoline directed by Dominick Sheldon, featuring the brothers Eric and Sean Kennedy, aka Flippenout.

Stacked Hong Kong – The beautiful photographs of Peter Stewart

“Stacked” is a beautiful and amazing series of Australian photographer Peter Stewart, who captures the giant buildings of Hong Kong in fascinating photographs, playing with a lot of talent with colors, lights and perspectives… The prints are available on his website.

Arcade Run – A video between Parkour Freerunning and retro video game

“Arcade Run“, or when freerunners Jason Paul and the Team Farang land in a retro world of a 8bit video game, jumping over platforms, levels and enemies with a nice set of acrobatics!

Chalk Street Art – 37 new adorable creations by David Zinn and his Sluggo

We already talked about the chalk street art by illustrator David Zinn (see here) who has fun staging his character Sluggo and all his friends in adorable adventures.

The surreal world of Charlie Davoli

The fascinating world of Charlie Davoli, who transforms his iPhone photographs into beautiful dreamlike creations.

Compare the size of famous spaceships with this huge infography [UPDATED]

What are the biggest spaceships of science fiction? The illustrator Dirk Loechel has updated his gigantic infography, bringing together hundreds of spaceships from the most famous science fiction universes, with of course Star Wars and Star Trek, but also Dr Who, Cowboy Bebop, Mass Effect, Stargate, Macross, Babylon 5, Warhammer 40000, Wall-E, Firefly, Halo, Dead Space, Starship Trooper and many others… A daunting task!

The Bézier Game – A game to learn vector drawing and the pen tool

“The Bézier Game” is a small game that aims to teach you the vector drawing and how to use the pen tool through a series of challenges and drawings to reproduce!

Street Art – Bordalo II is turning trash into amazing 3D creations!

The Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo, aka Bordalo II, we had already talked about with “When a street artist is having fun with railroad tracks,” is back today with an amazing series of 3D creations made with trash, garbage and objects found in the street!

Translating sounds and onomatopoeias in other languages

After “How to sneeze in 10 different languages” and “Animals noises in other languages“, here is how to translate the sounds and onomatopoeias in other languages!

Geography of Poverty – A photographer documents the rural California

With his project “Geography of Poverty“, the American photographer Matt Black decided to document the rural zones and small poor cities of California, far away from the splendor of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley… A vision he brings to us through beautiful contrasted black and white photographs, for which he indicates the location and life conditions on his website Geography of Poverty.

Background noises – Street art by Sean Hart

The work of French street artist Sean Hart, who with short phrases or quotes painted on the walls, seeks to provoke thought, wonder or openness.

Beer Colors – Minimalist beer cans inspired by Pantone colors

The “Beer Colors” project by Spanish graphic designer Txaber, based in Bilbao, who designed minimalist cans and bottles of beer inspired by Pantone colors.

RUSH HOUR – When a videographer has fun with traffic and circulation

The video “RUSH HOUR” directed by Fernando Livschitz, who is having fun with the morning traffic to create a dense and surreal circulation… An excellent video in line with “Reorganized Traffic“.