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Evil Vinyl – Amazing art toys inspired by cult movies and series!

Here are the “Evil Vinyl” from the British studio Evil Corp, which designed some beautiful art toys inspired by characters from cult movies and series!

Neko Land – A French photographer captures the life of Japanese cats in the streets

“Neko Land” is a project of French photographer Alexandre Bonnefoy, who documents the life of Japanese alley cats, he meets by chance during his wanderings in the streets… His photographs have been published in his book Nekoland, a cat life in Japan.

Cult places from Pop Culture transformed into impossible holiday memories

The “Impossible Magnets” series from illustrators and graphic designers of Snack Studio, based in Portugal, which transforms the cult places of Pop Culture into impossible holiday memories… From Jurassic Park to Hill Valley through Gotham City or Mordor, a nice collection of animated GIFs and magnets (available here) for your fridge!

The disastrous adventures of a stone giant

“A Tale of Momentum and Inertia” is a funny and cute animation short film that tells us the disastrous adventures of a stone giant… A pretty video directed by Kirk Kelley and Kameron Gates from the studio HouseSpecial.

FIAC 2014 and Street Art – Creations to discover at the Cité de la Mode et du Design

As part of the FIAC 2014 and (OFF)ICIELLE, the dock of the Cité de la Mode et du Design currently hosts a selection of French and international street artists, among which are some well-known names: Swoon, Katre, Lek and Sowat the duo Monkey Bird, Madame, Kouka, Bault and Gris1.

My Day With Leo – He inserts Leonardo DiCaprio and others in his daily life

The “My Day With Leo” project created by Joel Strong, who is having fun inserting stars and famous actors in his daily life, starting with Leonardo DiCaprio, thanks to his Instagram photographs and pictures cut from old magazines from the 90s!

Star Wars details inserted into the beautiful photos of Thomas Dagg

A series of photographs simply entitled “Star Wars” and designed by Thomas Dagg, a Canadian photographer who subtly features, almost hidden, items, characters and spaceships from the famous Star Wars saga into beautiful black and white pictures… Images © Thomas Dagg / via

Some beautiful geometric paper masks

The Geometric Paper Masks, some beautiful animal masks, imagined by designer Steve Wintercroft. These awesome DIY paper masks can be downloaded from his Etsy shop (€5), and you will just need to print, cut and assemble them by yourself!

Impressive 95 million dollars penthouse with a great view on New York City

This impressive 95 million dollars penthouse has probably one of the best views of New York that exist, as it is located at 425 meters high near Central Park, making it the highest in the entire Western Hemisphere!

The cult album covers come to life in this awesome music video!

After the famous album covers as animated GIFs, the music video Mayokero by beatboxer Roy Kafri goes further by giving life to the characters of cult album covers, from Simon and Garfunkel to David Bowie through ABBA, Serge Gainsbourg or Prince.

La République du Skateboard – A contemplative skateboarding video

“La République du Skateboard” is a skate video directed by Neels Castillon, who leads us to the opposite of the classic noisy and trash videos, through a mesmerizing and contemplative walk in the world of Parisian skateboarding, supported by a great job on the sound…

The Painting Lady – The horrible Halloween makeup of Nikki Shelley

In line with the creations of makeup artist Elsa Rhae, today here are the horrible Halloween makeup of Nikki Shelley, aka The Painting Lady, an amateur makeup artist who likes to transform her face into horror movie characters !

Ocean Atlas – The underwater sculptures of artist Jason DeCaires Taylor

A selection of underwater sculptures of artist Jason DeCaires Taylor, who installs his creations under the sea, leaving them suffer the actions of water, salt, corals and marine life. Jason DeCaires Taylor has just unveiled his latest creation entitled “Ocean Atlas“, a giant sculpture of a woman, feminine reinterpretation of the myth of Atlas, which was placed in the waters near Nassau in the Bahamas.

A street artist paints the dreams of homeless

To raise awareness of the problem of poverty in the streets of Los Angeles, the American street artist Skidrobot decided to go and meet the homeless, and to materialize their dreams and hopes with a few strokes of paint… A very touching project.

Principles of Design – Ten design principles illustrated with stunning posters

The “Principles of Design” series of Turkish designer Efil Türk, who imagined ten posters to explain some design principles.

The strange selfies of Iiu Susiraja

The “selfies” of Finnish artist and photographer Iiu Susiraja, who portrays her body and her private life as simple objects.

Color Thesaurus – The name of colors

The “Color Thesaurus” created by Ingrid Sundberg, an author passionate about words who decided to collect in a swatch the true names of colors (in English) to help writers to address the conventional use of the six colors of the rainbow… There are obviously many other color names, but it’s a good start!

Inserting wrestler Randy Orton in FAIL videos

The trendy meme in recent days: inserting wrestler Randy Orton in FAIL videos…

Future Tense – The paintings of Alex Gross

We already talked about the creations of artist Alex Gross and his strange and surreal paintings, populated with references to pop culture and to our modern life.

The Death Of Conversation – A photographer captures the smartphone addicts

“The Death Of Conversation” series from photographer Babycakes Romero, who captures in the streets the smartphone addicts and the phubbing junkies… Some sad scenes from our modern lives!