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The secrets behind the surreal photographs of Erik Johansson explained in video

We already talked about the amazing surreal photographs by Erik Johansson, this Swedish artist who manipulates Photoshop with an incredible talent for creating optical illusions and fantastic landscapes.

Daily Splice – Using the free magazines to create a new collage every day

The creations of the British artist Adam Hale, aka The Daily Splice, who uses the free newspapers and magazines from London to create a new collage every day, cutting the photographs and assembling them by hand.

DOT Smartwatch – A connected watch that displays Braille for the visually impaired

The DOT Smartwatch is a connected watch designed specifically for the visually impaired, displaying Braille characters on its screen.

Nuigurumi Cafe – A cafe reserved for stuffed animals with no humans allowed

The Nuigurumi Cafe, which just opened its doors in Tokyo (inevitably), is a cafe reserved only for stuffed animals!

The Falling – The street art of James Bullough

A selection of the street art creations and paintings by American artist James Bullough, now based in Berlin, who uses a subtle blend of hyperrealism and graphic punctuations to create light and airy compositions.

100 years of beauty in one minute – The evolution of style in Germany

100 years of evolution of the beauty standards in Germany, from 1910 to 2010, explored through the changes of style and hairstyle.

The crocheted superheroes of Geeky Hooker

The adorable crocheted superheroes and other geeky characters by Geeky Hooker, an American who is having fun creating small figures inspired by the cult universes of pop culture, then hiding them in the streets of San Diego during the famous Comic-Con, creating some surprise gifts for visitors.

Creating guitars from recycled skateboards

The creations of Nick Pourfard, a 22-year-old young artist, skateboarder, musician and design student, based in San Francisco, who recycles old skateboard decks to create beautiful guitars.

The Remake Project – When artists recreate the famous masterpieces of painting

The Remake Project is a project initiated in 2011 by Jeff Hamada, creator of Booooooom, who invited amateur and professional artists to transpose the masterpieces of painting into photographs, from Magritte to Edward Hopper through Dali, Velasquez or Picasso, recreating the characters and stagings with the means at hand.

Tribute to Miyazaki – A beautiful video that recreates his cult movies in 3D

Tribute to Hayao Miyazaki is a beautiful tribute to Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli, recreating in 3D the dream worlds and famous scenes of these cult animation movies and inserting the characters, from Spirited Away to My Neighbor Totoro through Castle in the Sky and The Wind Rises.

Lost Sirens – An underwater graveyard populated by planes from World War II

Roi Airplanes is a beautiful series of photographs by Brandi Mueller, who captured an underwater graveyard populated by planes from World War II, located off the Marshall Islands in Oceania.

Star Wars – Comparative videos of all the changes made on the original trilogy

George Lucas is often criticized for having modified many times the original Star Wars trilogy, distorting the original masterpiece to adapt it to modern techniques.

SALt – A lamp that stays illuminated for 8 hours with a simple glass of salt water

SALt, for Sustainable Alternative Lighting, is a lamp that is able to stays illuminated for 8 hours in a row with a simple glass of salt water, providing light during emergency and natural disasters, but also allowing the users to charge their phone through the USB port.

Global Police – Satirical illustrations on the clichés about police around the world

The Global Police series of illustrator Gunduz Agayev, who stages the clichés surrounding the police officers around the world, particularly in countries known to violate human rights, through satirical and sarcastic illustrations… Read the original post Global Police – Satirical illustrations on th

Urban Camping – An experience between art, design and architecture in Amsterdam

Urban Camping is an innovative project bringing together 14 cabins between art, design and architecture, installed on the Centrumeiland in Amsterdam.

Serious Design – A new series of the strange culinary mashups by Matija Erceg

A new selection of the strange culinary mashups by Matija Erceg, who with her Serious Design series is having fun creating bizarre and twisted objects mixing food and everyday items, from sausage to water gun through bone marrow, pacifier or fried chicken and handbag.

Dancing at Home – A photographer captures the dancers in their intimacy

With his Home Stage series, the American photographer David Perkins captures professional dancers at home, in their intimacy, through beautiful portraits without artifice.

Mommie Poppins – When the truth comes out of the mouths of pregnant women

When the truth comes out of the mouths of pregnant women with the little quotes of Meghna Shah, aka Mommie Poppins, who illustrates in a way as honest as cynical and hilarious the torments of pregnancy and the life of a new mom… Read the original post Mommie Poppins – When the truth comes out of the

WTF – The porn parody of Jurassic World

After Strokemon, the Pokemon porn parody we mentioned last month, here is Jurassic Porn, which as its name makes clear, is a porn parody of the Jurassic World movie!

Desert Ink – A photographer documents the repented tattoo artists of Mexican gangs

With his Desert Ink series, the Australian photographer Jonathan May documents the life of 8 repented tattoo artists from Mexican gangs, capturing in a photographic tale their desire to break free from the daily violence to concentrate on their creations and their art, leaving behind a life forged in the world of gangs, shootings, drug dealing and jail.