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Wayne White – Giant letters and old paintings

The creations by American artist Wayne White, a native of Tennessee, who incrusts modern and colorful lettering into old and vintage paintings, playing with a lot of talent with light and perspectives.

CONTROLLERS – He documents his life of gamer through all the controllers he owned

“CONTROLLERS“, a series designed by the Spanish designer Javier Laspiur, who documents his life of gamer through all the controllers he owned, from the TeleTennis in 1983 to the PSVita in 2013 through the NES, the Saturn, the Playstation or the XBox.

Artist recreates masterpieces of classical painting with thousands of pieces of paper

When the artist Vik Muniz recreates the masterpieces of classical painting with collages made from thousands of small pieces of paper, torn from magazines, newspapers or even comics.

Dark and surreal photos by Christopher McKenney

Like in the middle of a bad dream, the American photographer Christopher McKenney, based in Pennsylvania, invites us into a dark and scary world with a series of strange and surreal photographs… Images © Christopher McKenney / via

Modern ruins and futuristic objects from the past

With his series “Used Sci-Fi“, from 2012, the Australian photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick has assembled a nice collection of mobile phones and remote controls, which seem from another age to us, like modern ruins, when they were brand new and futuristic only a few years ago… A nice way to put things in perspective. We already talked about Brendan Fitzpatrick with his series “Invisible Light – Passer le monde aux rayons X“.

This magician will guess the card you choose through a Youtube video

Mind reader? This magician is able to guess the card you choose, yes, through a Youtube video! So, did he manage to find your card?

ClockONE – A beautiful minimalist E-Ink clock

“ClockONE“, a pretty minimalist clock combining simplicity and technology, created by designers from Twelve24 studio.

Residents of a retirement home recreate cult movies!

After the residents of a retirement home in Germany (When residents of a retirement home recreate cult movies), it is now the turn of employees of Senior Living Communities, a U.S.

The Disney Princesses are victims of domestic violence…

The Disney Princesses are victims of domestic violence in the series “When did he stop treating you like a princess?

A photographer materializes WI-FI signals

Materializing the WI-FI signals on a picture? In line with “Immaterials – Light-Paintings using WiFi-Networks“, it is the turn of the artist and photographer Luis Herman and his project “Digital Etheral“, to capture the ubiquitous signals of wireless networks  to transform them into colorful lights, varying according to the intensity of the signal, thanks to a device he created himself… ”A creative exploration of wireless spectres”.

When Japanese school girls become real Ninja…

When Japanese schoolgirls become real Ninja in this excellent video full of action!

Street Art and Greek Gods – A stunning creation made on containers by Pichi and Avo

Between Street Art and Greek Gods, a beautiful creation made on containers by the duo of artists Pichi & Avo, for the North West Walls street art festival in Belgium.

Terrifying free fall drop in amusement park in Denmark

“Sky Tower“, an amazing attraction located in the Tivoli Friheden amusement park in Denmark, which invites you to be dropped into the void for a 30 meters free fall, almost the height of 10 floors, with no security except the net waiting for you on the floor… Tempted?

How to Cool a Drink in only 2 Minutes

A little handy trick to cool a drink in just 2 minutes! Simply dip your beer or your soda in a container with water and ice, and add a lot of salt, resulting in a rapid melting of the ice and fast cooling of your drink, from 24 to 5 degrees!

When a creative mother draws on napkins for her kids

In line with the creative dads “Bag Dad” and “Sandwich Art“, here are today the creations of the artist and illustrator Nina Levy, who with her project “Daily Napkins” has fun to decorate everyday the lunch napkins of her two sons with beautiful illustrations from video games or cartoons… Images © D

Book Posters – The vintage posters of Gunter Rambow

A beautiful series of very symbolic posters created in the 1970s by designer Gunter Rambow. Images © Gunter Rambow / via

Twerkbot – A strange robot designed to Twerk

Here is the “Twerkbot“, a futuristic twerking robot, imagined by the animatronics company Alterian Inc for the new Basement Jaxx music video!

Time is dancing – When a ballerina tells you the time

“Time is dancing“, a clock with a sleek and minimalist design, where the passing of time is indicated by the flexible movements of a ballerina (although some hours should not be very comfortable).

Selfie Toast – Have your selfie grilled on a slice of bread!

Your selfie grilled on a slice of bread? With the “Toasted Selfie“, a U.S. based company offers customized toasters that are able to “print” your photo (or another picture) directly on a slice of bread… The principle is simple, after sending your photo, the company produces the corresponding metal plates that slide into a custom toaster.

Wild and Woolly – A pretty psychedelic animation

“Wild and Woolly“, a pretty psychedelic animation film short, explosive and colorful, directed by Pablo Gostanian feat.