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[Giveaway] Win two Tokyoflash Kisai Link smartwatches with UFUNK!

UFUNK offers you today to win two Tokyoflash Kisai Link Wood smartwatches! Unfortunately, you must reside in metropolitan France to participate to the giveaway.

Dog People – When a photographer asks her models to pose like their dog

With her project The Dog People, the photographer Ines Opifanti, based in Hamburg, has created portraits of dogs and their owners, asking them to reproduce the pose and expression of their loved pet.

Citee Fashion – Maps of cities all over the world printed on beautiful t-shirts

Citee Fashion is a collection of beautiful t-shirts all-over printed with the detailed maps of major cities around the world, from Tokyo to New York through Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Montreal, Mexico City, Milan, Barcelona, London, Beijing and more.

The winning photographs of the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015

For its second edition, the International Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015 awards the most beautiful landscape pictures, with 101 images selected by a professional jury from among over 2,600 entries from around the world.

EverBlocks – Some giant LEGO bricks created for the joy of grown ups

Here are the EverBlocks, some giant bricks imagined on the model of the LEGO bricks, which allow you to create furniture and decorative elements with the same joy and the same ease as the LEGO constructions of your childhood!

Body Landscapes – Hiding nude models in the landscape thanks to body painting

With his project simply entitled Landscapes, artist and photographer Filippo Ioco, currently based in Sicily, is having fun hiding his naked models in the landscape through body painting, playing on the fragility of the human body, but also and especially on the deep links that bind us to nature.

WTF of the day – A strange muzzle to turn your dog into a frightening zombie

A pretty strange and frightening muzzle that will turn your dog into a monster, at the crossroads of zombie and werewolf.

[76 pictures] The Week End Selection n°155

Here is the Week End Selection n°155! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Wet Paradise – Rishabh Kaul documents the daily life of a swimming pool in Prague

The Wet Paradise project by talented Czech photographer Rishabh Kaul, who spent two months documenting the daily life of a swimming pool in Prague, applying the principles of street photography to this aquatic world.

Kiss Your Coffee – A strange human mouth-shaped lid for coffee lovers

Take Kiss Out is an amazing concept of Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok, who created a human mouth-shaped coffee lid, allowing caffeine addicts to fully express their love by kissing their cup with every sip… A twisted project that plays with the current trend of take-away coffee and the fast food culture.

Invasions – Artist Charles Pétillon installs 100.000 balloons in Covent Garden

For his Invasions series, French artist Charles Pétillon has just installed 100,000 white balloons in the covered market of Covent Garden, London, creating a poetic and surreal cloud!

Painted Elephants – The colorful elephants of the Jaipur Elephant Festival

The Painted Elephants series of French photographer Charles Fréger, who in 2013 captured the colorful elephants of the Jaipur Elephant Festival, a celebration that takes place annually in Rajasthan, in northwestern India, and brings together hundreds of elephants to pay tribute to these animals, which are then decorated with paintings, fabrics and jewelry.

Ella and Pitr creates a huge and impressive street art creation on a 21.000 m2 rooftop

The French duo of street artists Ella & Pitr has just created what is announced as the world’s largest street art creation, by painting a giant lying character on the 21.000 m2 rooftop of the Block Berge Bygg in the city of Klepp in Norway.

SexyCyborg – An engineer creates 3D printed shoes hiding a complete hacking kit

The Imgur user SexyCyborg, a passionate and jack-of-all engineer, has designed a pair of shoes containing a complete set of hacking.

Panoramic Adventures – The awesome vertical photographs by MatCloud

The Been There Done That series of Polish photographer and graphic designer Mateusz Chmura, aka MatCloud, who uses the vertical format and some very long panoramic photographs to imagine his surreal visual stories, mixing reality and fiction with a subtle blend of perspective and digital editing.

SmartHalo – A beautiful connected gadget to turn your bike into a smart bike

SmartHalo is a beautiful connected gadget designed to turn your bike into a smart bike. This little box to attach to your handlebars connects to your smartphone, and allows you to view different information through its innovative and minimalist display.

Chemical Brothers – A dark and futuristic music video for Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

The new music video of the Chemical Brothers, directed by Ninian Doff for their new single Sometimes I Feel So Deserted, which leads us into a futuristic post-apocalyptic universe, mixing desert areas and humanoid robots in a strange pursuit reminding the world of Mad Max… Read the original post Che

Vintage arcade and wooden LEGO phone – The awesome creations of Love Hultèn

I invite you to discover the creations by Love Hultèn, a Swedish designer and craftsman, passionate about video games and music.

Photos of Tokyo through a magnifying glass

The photographs of the Japanese Takashi Kitajima, who enjoys capturing the nights of Tokyo through a magnifying glass, creating a very interesting effect!

The evolution of covers of famous magazines

To highlight the evolution of the covers of the most famous American magazines over the past 100 years, Karen X.