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Burger Cake – Learn how to make an ultra-realistic cheeseburger shaped cake

Here is the Burger Cake, a yummy and ultra-realistic cheeseburger shaped cake, that you can make yourself at home with this video by Yolanda Gampp, aka How To Cake It!

One Loop – The latest absurd and twisted animated GIFs by Romain Laurent

A selection of the new animated GIFs from talented Romain Laurent! This French artist and photographer based in New York continues to create absurd and twisted portraits with the technique of cinemagraph, these photographs with a small animated part.

Made In Love – When condoms meet Art

Made In Love is a young French start-up launched by three sisters, Lizza, Julia and Manon, who had the idea of transporting sex into the Art universe by creating graphic condoms designed by artists and designers.

Tumblr of the day – Adding captions on the photographs from image banks

Images de stock options is our hilarious French Tumblr of the day, who is having fun adding captions on the photographs from image banks.

Some (sexy?) granny panties decorated with Ryan Gosling or Shia LaBeouf

Apparently, the good old granny panties are back! The designer Bullets and Bees decided to have fun with this amazing new trend by creating Not Your Grannies Panties, a line of granny panties decorated with the faces of Ryan Gosling, Shia LaBeouf or Bob Ross, but also the Golden Girls, kittens and so on.

LEGO Captain America VS. Nazi Zombies – An explosive stop motion short film

When Captain America meets the Nazi Zombies in a pretty gore and explosive short film, an awesome performance directed entirely with LEGO and stop motion by the youtubeur Forrestfire101.

Star Destroyer – The artist Roland Tamayo diverts the famous spaceship from Star Wars

With his latest series, the artist Roland Tamayo enjoys diverting the famous Star Destroyer spaceship from the universe of Star Wars, imagining twisted culinary mashups based on pizza, ice cream, pies or cakes.

A photographer documents all the objects that people touch over 24 hours

With her Everything We Touch project, the photographer Paula Zuccotti documents all the objects that people are touching over 24 hours, creating compositions that illustrate the daily life of her models.

Rijks Museum bans cameras but encourages the visitors to sketch the artworks

The famous Rijks Museum of Amsterdam has just banned cameras and photographs, but instead encourages the public to draw and sketch the artworks!

Pop Culture and Crayola – The latest adorable carved pencils by Hoang Tran

I propose you today a new selection of the latest carved pencils by Hoang Tran, who enjoys transforming Crayola into iconic characters of pop culture, from Star Wars to Adventure Time through Monty Python, Batman, Doctor Who and many more.

Morske Orgulje – A marine organ which plays music with the sea and waves

Here is the Morske Orgulje, an amazing sea organ that perpetually plays music with the sea, varying sounds with the waves, currents and tides.

100 years of tattoos in 3 minutes – The evolution of tattoos in the United-States

In line with the episodes of the series 100 years of beauty in one minute, here is today 100 years of evolution of tattoos in the United States summarized in 3 minutes.

When the artist Dave Pollot is having fun mixing old paintings with Pop Culture

The creations of artist Dave Pollot who is having fun mixing characters from pop culture into old paintings found in thrift stores.

The geometric tattoos by Nouvelle Rita

The geometric tattoos of Portuguese artist Nouvelle Rita, based in Lisbon, who produces complex and delicate creations combining many geometric shapes.

Super Shadows – When superheroes come out of the imagination of children

Super Shadows is a project of the artist and illustrator Jason Ratliff, who features superheroes emerging from the imagination of children, like colorful shadows.

Defying gravity – The beautiful aerial photographs of Mike Dempsey

The light and aerial photographs of the American artist Mike Dempsey, based in Los Angeles, who likes to defy gravity in his surreal compositions.

The satirical collages of Caiozzama

A selection of the satirical and engaged collages of the Chilean street artist Caiozzama, based in Santiago, who diverts the symbols of consumerism and the icons of our modern societies, such as the Facebook likes or the logos of major brands.

Knitted Glass – The sculptures of Carol Milne

The impressive sculptures by Carol Milne, who seems to knit glass with an amazing ease. The process is much more complex, since it is through a technique invented by herself in 2006, which combines knitting, lost-wax casting, mold-making, and kiln-casting with molten glass, that the artist manages to give to the colored glass the delicate curves and shapes of wool.

Glore – An explosive and psychedelic music video, full of pop culture references

Here is Glore, an explosive, twisted and psychedelic music video, full of references to pop culture! From Batman to the Simpsons through SpongeBob or Zelda, this video was entirely made with clay and stop motion and directed by Nicos Livesey for the American band Radkey.

[83 pictures] The Week End Selection n°167

Here is the Week End Selection n°167. As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… If you need some more, you will find all the previous Week end Selections here.