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Photo Invasion – An illustrator invades the Instagram pictures of other users

With his Photo Invasion series, photographer and illustrator Lucas Levitan is having fun invading the Instagram pictures of other users with his illustrations, imagining adorable and twisted photobombs!

The incredible propaganda against women’s suffrage of the years 1900 – 1914

All social advances, from the abolition of slavery to the recognition of women’s rights, were always broken by the conservatism and traditional values.

An illustrator give an Asian touch to European tales and Disney classics

The creations of Na Young Wu, aka Obsidian, a Korean illustrator who likes to give a nice Asian touch to famous European tales and Disney classics with a beautiful series of illustrations, from The Little Mermaid to Snow White through Alice in Wonderland, The Beauty and the Beast, The Little Red Riding Hood or The Snow Queen.

Splash Heroes – The liquid Pin-Ups of Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

After his excellent Milky Pin-Up series, the British photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz now returns with a new series entitled Splash Heroes Calendar 2015, in which he features his sexy Pin-Ups dressed in liquid and colorful superhero costumes… Images © Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Christmas Dogs – A photographer portrays his dog every year for Christmas

Christmas Dogs is a project started in the 1990s by the British photographer Peter Thorpe, who decided to stage his dog Raggle every year in different costumes and scenery reminiscent of the holiday season to create his Christmas card !

Exobaby – The Iron Man armor for babies

For its latest commercial, the car brand Hyundai tells us the adventures of Exobaby, an baby equipped with an exoskeleton, halfway between the Evian commercials and the futuristic armor of Iron Man…

[72 pictures] The Week End Selection n°119

It’s now time for the Week End Selection n°119! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… All the previous Week end Selections are here.

Little Brick Box – 25 new strange and twisted photos by Trevor Drummond

We already talked about the 365 projet Little Brick Box of photographer Trevor Drummond (have a look at the first series here: the strange and surreal pictures of Trevor Drummond).

When Disney animators look themselves in the mirror to study their facial expressions

We had already seen that in the 1950s, the animators of the Disney studios were using rotoscoping technique to help them in the creation of their cartoons.

Art Snacks – The illustrations of Maria Tiurina

A selection of the latest creations of the British illustrator Maria Tiurina, who we had already talked about with her excellent project Cat Sins, the 7 Deadly Sins illustrated with cats.

Sign Language – An adorable alphabet illustrated by Alex Solis

An adorable alphabet in sign language, mixing photography and illustration, created by Alex Solis for the Spanish website La Limonada Creativa.

Refoulement – The impressive marble sculptures of Alex Seton

A selection of the latest creations by Australian artist Alex Seton, who we had already talked about with his Elegy of Resistance series, working with marble with a lot of talent to give it a soft and lightweight aspect of fabric or plastic, transforming stone blocks into everyday objects… Some impressive sculptures where lightness of the represented object strongly contrasts with the material used.

The Next Step – A beautiful commercial and its impressive making-of

If the latest commercial for Johnnie Walker, entitled The Next Step, is pretty beautiful, it is its behind the scenes that is truly impressive as evidenced by its amazing making-of!

Deconstructed portraits of Justine Khamara

The creations of Australian artist Justine Khamara, based in Melbourne, who likes to deconstructs portraits printed on plywood by cutting, stretching, distorting them until creating some abstract and surreal sculptures. A project that reminds the Unmemories by Lucas Simões or Facial Landscapes by Aldo Tolino.

Pin-Ups, Anatomy and Art Nouveau – The illustrations and collages of FFO

The illustrations and collages by Russian artist FFO, based in Moscow, who mixes American Pin-Ups, vintage anatomy boards and Art Nouveau into some beautiful, fascinating and surreal creations.

Stuff – The offbeat photos of David Stewart

The offbeat and humorous portraits of the talented British photographer David Stewart, who leads us into a strange world at the edge of surrealism through images created for his clients or for his personal projects like Stuff, Teenage Pre-Occupation, Cabbage or Thrice Removed.

National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 – The winning photographs

The winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 have just been announced, with this year again some beautiful and fascinating images.

Dollhouse – The Street Art creations and illustrations of Amandine Urruty

Between her colorful street art creations and her graphite on paper illustrations, the talented French artist Amandine Urruty reveals an incredible dreamlike universe, populated by fantastical creatures, hidden meanings, symbols and references to pop culture or mythology.

Super Families series 4 – The cults families of video games seen by Andry Rajoelina

Super Families series 4, or when the artist Andry Rajoelina offers us a new series of cult families through very cute illustrations, this time dedicated to video games, from Pacman to Mario through Zelda, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Punch Out or Donkey Kong and Street Fighter.

Animal Instinct – The mosh pits phenomenon painted by artist Dan Witz

With his Mosh Pits series, American artist Dan Witz, born in Chicago, examines the phenomenon of mosh pit, the hardcore variant of pogo, trying to recreate the energy of youth, the violence and bestiality of the crowd, but also the resurgence of our animal instinct… Images © Dan Witz