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[85 pictures] The Week End Selection n°190

The Week End Selection n°190 is here! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… If you need some more, you will find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Underground – Animals in the subway

A selection of the latest surreal creations of the artist Matthew Grabelsky, who likes to represent anthropomorphic animals comfortably reading magazines on the subway.

50 Nerds of Grey – A hilarious geeky parody of 50 shades of Grey

Here are 50 Nerds of Grey, a geeky and really hilarious version of the famous book 50 Shades of Grey!

Cutting objects in half with water under very high pressure

The water jet cutting, which involves using a jet of water under very high pressure, can cut almost anything, even the most resistant metal.

If famous superheroes were dragons

If the famous superheroes were dragons, a nice series of illustrations designed by Lynton Levengood, who is having fun transforming Hulk, Wolverine, Iron Man and others into terrifying flying reptiles straight out of a heroic fantasy universe.

The bedrooms of teenagers in the 90s

In the 90s, the photographer Adrienne Salinger has documented the bedrooms of American teenagers, asking teens to pose surrounded by their personal possessions.

Pop Culture Cookies – The adorable creations of ButterWinks

Here are the Pop Culture Cookies by ButterWinks, a mother-daughter duo who likes to create adorable cookies inspired by the cult universes of pop culture, from Zelda to Batman through Futurama, Pokemon or The Avengers.

Anorexic Celebrities – A series of powerful pictures against anorexia

Anorexic Celebrities is a series of photographs that pushes to the extreme the usual retouching of fashion photographs, revealing some powerful and shocking images of stars and famous actresses affected by anorexia.

Internet In Real Life – When social networks come to life in a small village

After installing secret rooms in the streets of Milan, the street artist Biancoshock now returns with his WEB 0.0 – Internet In Real Life project, for which he transformed the famous social networks into urban furniture, from WhatsApp to Facebook through Twitter, Gmail, eBay or WeTransfert.

Exploded Cars – This photographer explode the famous sports cars

Here is Disintegrating – Exploded Cars, the new project by photographer Fabian Oefner, who we had already talked about with his colorful experiments Liquid Jewel and Ferrofluides.

Colorful Blobs – The strange organic sculptures of Dan Lam

The strange sculptures of American artist Dan Lam, who mixes polyurethane foam, acrylic paint and epoxy resin to create organic and colorful shapes, sometimes dripping, which seem to come from another world.

Little Astronaut – A creative dad captures his son discovering the world

With his Small Steps Are Giant Leaps project, the photographer Aaron Sheldon decided to stage his 4 year old son dressed as an astronaut, exploring our daily lives.

Pop Robots – When Jake Parker transforms pop culture into robots

After transforming the spaceships from Star Wars into monsters, today the illustrator Jake Parker is having fun transforming the cult and iconic characters from pop culture into adorable robots, from Pikachu to Mario through Spiderman, the Disney characters or even the Instagram logo.

Chill Out – The hand lettering by Nairone

The French artist and illustrator Nairone, a specialist of hand lettering, typography and dotwork, has unveiled a new collaboration with Eristoff, to create the four bottles of the Chill Out Edition.

What Russia looked like before 1915

A nice set of vintage photographs that reveals what Russia looked like before 1915. These images from the past are from the Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii Collection, which includes photographs taken by the scientist and photographer Prokudin-Gorskii, between 1905 and 1915.

This interactive ping-pong table will teach you how to improve your skills

Here is the Table Tennis Trainer, an interactive ping-pong table that uses tracking and projection mapping to display your performances or the trajectory of the ball, but also that can completely transform the game by adding new visual rules.

Nature Tattoos – This artist is using real tree leaves for her tattoos

To achieve her tattoos, the Ukrainian artist Rita Zolotukhina, aka Rit.Kit uses real tree leaves as the starting point for her creations.

Beauty Inside – A photographer places insects in the mouth of his models

For his project entitled The Beauty is Inside, the American photographer Marc Lamey is featuring real colorful insects out of the mouth of his models, combining macro photography and fashion photography in striking compositions.

Text and Drive – Are you really able to do two things at once?

Are you really able to do two things at once? Apparently not, since a study showed that over 98% of people are not multitasking.

10 famous actors and their cult roles summed up as animated GIFs

From Leonardo DiCaprio to Johnny Depp through Tom Hanks or Arnold Schwarzenegger, these 10 animated GIFs pay tribute to the careers and cult roles of famous actors!