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On the Roof – Awesome aerial Street Art by Ella et Pitr

We already talked about the duo of artists Ella & Pitr, aka les Papiers Peintres, with their series “Frames and Anamorphosis“.

LEGO Ghostbusters Movie – Stop motion short film

“The LEGO Ghostbusters Movie“, a stop motion short film created by MonsieurCaron. via

Street Art and Industrial Wasteland – The ultra-realistic paintings by Jessica Hess

The ultra-realistic paintings by American artist Jessica Hess, who paints modern landscapes of industrial wasteland covered with graffiti and street art.

GOLD – A mesmerizing music video by Chet Faker

“GOLD“, mesmerizing music video directed by Hiro Murai for the latest track by Chet Faker.

SD Star Wars – Adorable Star Wars plush vehicles

“SD plush Star Wars vehicles“, some adorable plushes of the cult spaceships from the Star Wars saga… via Thinkgeek ($9.99)

Thousands of miniature robots able to organize collectively to create pictures

An army of thousands of miniature robots able to organize collectively to create designs? This is the amazing project of a team of researchers from Harvard University, who designed the “Kilobots“, some small and simple robots able to communicate with each other to act as a single “entity” and manage their positions without using a GPS.

Beautiful color-coded food by Emily Blincoe

In line with “Sugar Series – Candies arranged by color“, the photographer Emily Blincoe continues her series “Arrangements” in which she arranges food, flowers and even objects with a particular attention on the colors and shapes, creating some beautiful organized compositions… Images © Emily Blinco

Pop Culture and Superheroes fall back in childhood

With the excellent “25 Cent Wonders” series, the illustrator Patrick Ballesteros sends Superheroes and iconic characters from pop culture directly back to childhood!

Brave Bird – Beautiful paper cutouts by Maude White

As we talked a while ago about the rice paper cutouts of Chinese artist Bovey Lee, today here are the creations of the artist Maude White and her project “Brave Bird Paper Art“.

Graffiti Fur – Students invent gadget to draw on carpets

Have you ever noticed that when you brush the hair from a carpet in one direction or the other, it produces a color change?

Aerial – A photographer captures Iceland from the sky

A beautiful series of French photographer Sarah Martinet, who captures the captivating and fascinating landscapes of Iceland with stunning aerial photography… Images © Sarah Martinet

WTF of the day – An army of Pikachu invades Yokohama

When an army of giant Pikachu invades the city of Yokohama, an amazing and WTF scene that took place a few days ago in Japan at the Pikachu Festival, a festival dedicated to the famous mascot of the Pokemon saga!

When a makeup artist transforms her mouth into cult cartoon characters!

The awesome makeups by Laura Jenkinson, a makeup artist who has fun transforming her mouth into cult cartoon characters, from Nemo to Shrek through Timon and Pumbaa, Eric Cartman or Bugs Bunny!

Felicia Simion – The captivating photographs of a young 20-year-old photographer

The captivating photographs of the young Felicia Simion, a talented 20-year-old self-taught photographer from Romania, who leads us into a dreamlike, poetic and surreal universe.

Every death of Quentin Tarantino in a single video

Every death from the movies of Quentin Tarantino in a single video, from Reservoir Dogs (1992) to Django Unchained (2012) through Pulp Fiction (1994), Jackie Brown (1997), Kill Bill (2003 / 2004), Death Proof (2007) and Inglorious Basterds (2009) !

Cat Sins – The 7 Deadly Sins illustrated with cats

“7 Deadly Cat Sins“, or the 7 Deadly Sins illustrated with cute cats by artist Marija Tiurina. Lust Gluttony Greed Sloth Envy Pride Wrath Bonus: Pawesomeness!

New impressive ultra-realistic 3D paintings by Keng Lye

A new selection of the incredible ultra-realistic 3D paintings of the artist Keng Lye, based in Singapore (Part I: The amazing lifelike animals by Keng Lye).

OMOTE – Face tracking and 3D projection mapping

“OMOTE“, a great demonstration of real-time face tracking and 3D projection mapping.

Awesome illustrations and doodles by Kerby Rosanes

A selection of monochrome illustrations and doodles on Moleskine created by illustrator Kerby Rosanes, based in the Philippines.

Escape – These modern hermits who decided to live alone in the wilderness

With her “Escape” series, the Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko is interested in these modern hermits who decided to withdraw from the world to live alone in the wilderness, away from the cities, men and society.