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Tokyo Street Photography – Life in Japan seen by Lee Chapman

A massive crush for the street photography of Lee Chapman, a photographer based in Tokyo who reveals his view on everyday life in Japan through beautiful and amazing pictures.

ProPILOT Chair – This robot chair is the future of waiting in line

Here is the ProPILOT Chair, an amazing robot chair to replace standing in line! Queues being common in Japan, particularly in front of restaurants, Nissan decided to demonstrate its latest technologies for sensors and cameras, by offering automated chairs that can manage a queue.

Red Bull Illume 2016 – The stunning photographs of the 11 winners

Here are today the winning photographs of the Red Bull Illume 2016! While I presented you ten days ago the most amazing photographs of the semi-finalists, I let you now discover the great winners of this photo contest rewarding the best photographs of extreme sports, with a series of breathtaking pictures .

French fries with pumpkin-chocolate sauce for McDonald’s Japan

For Halloween, McDonald’s Japan has unveiled french fries accompanied by a chocolate sauce and a pumpkin sauce!

Greek Gods and Graffiti – The latest creations from Pichi and Avo

A selection of the latest creations of the talented duo Pichi & Avo, these two Spanish street-artists who blend Greek gods and graffiti into explosive and colorful compositions.

Is Beard Jewelry a new trend?

Yes, there are now jewelry for beards. The Italian design studio Krato Milano has designed a collection entitled soberly Krato Beard Jewelry, which offers a series of creations to hang in your beard in the manner of a pin.

Coral Colors – This mesmerizing time-lapse reveals the beauty of corals

With Coral Colors, the photographer Antonio Rodríguez Canto reveals the beauty of corals with an amazing and mesmerizing video!

Weapons of War and Petits Fours – The strange world of arms fairs

For his latest project entitled Nothing Personal, the artist and photographer Nikita Teryoshin wanted to document the lucrative business of weapons and defense, photographing the strange world of arms fairs.

Urbex in Britain – Capturing the abandoned places of Great Britain

If you like urbex, I invite you to discover the Instagram account of the photographer Simon Yeung, who captures the abandoned places across Britain with beautiful pictures.

Tiny Morning Sketch – An illustrator is publishing her moods on Instagram

With her Tiny Morning Sketch project, the French illustrator Louise Bertoux is having fun publishing her mood every day on her Instagram account through funny, offbeat and colorful illustrations.

Abyss Horizon – The depths of the ocean are invited in your living room

After his first Abyss Table, which we talked about in 2014, the British designer Christopher Duffy and his studio Duffy London today unveiled the Abyss Horizon table, which once again invites the depths of the ocean in your living room.

Bad Little Children – The trash and hilarious parodies of children’s books

Here are the Bad Little Children’s Books, some trashy and hilarious parodies of children’s books designed by the illustrator Arthur C.

Moodboard – Beautiful night lights

Northern Lights, Milky Way, starry nights, nocturnal thunderstorms, urban atmosphere or light painting, I propose you today a new moodboard dedicated to the lights and colors of the night, through captivating photographs using long exposure.

Long before Photoshop – The strange headless portraits of the 19th century

Long before the invention of Photoshop, or even of computer, the photographers of the 19th century were already having fun creating photo montages, as evidenced by this strange vintage series of headless portraits.

Big Trash Animals – The latest impressive street art creations by Bordalo II

The latest street art creations from the Big Trash Animals project by Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo, aka Bordalo II, who continues to transform garbage and waste found in the streets into incredible colorful animals in 3D!

Orthodox Calendar – When sexy priests are posing naked for a good cause

After the taxi drivers, the students and the firefighters, here is the Orthodox Calendar 2017, an amazing sexy calendar in which Orthodox priests are posing naked for the good cause!

Trump Protest – A colorful collection to protest against Donald Trump

Pins Won’t Save The World is a collection of pins, stickers, patches, posters and t-shirts designed by Sagmeister & Walsh, which includes many artists around a common cause: to protest against Donald Trump!

Erotic Tattoos – The very naughty creations of Sad Amish

Here are the erotic and very naughty tattoos of artist Sad Amish, currently based in Bordeaux, who stages naked women in the most extreme and suggestive positions, exploring all the dimensions of physical pleasure.

DJI Mavic Pro – An ultra-portable 4K drone capable of following a subject!

DJI has just unveiled its DJI Mavic Pro, a new futuristic 4K drone, ultra-portable, foldable, and which offers many advantages!

L’Aurore – An incredible music video created with 3D printed toys

L’Aurore is an amazing video created entirely with 3D printed faces and toys! This awesome video, signed by Simon Gesrel and Arnaud Viémont for the French band Yeti Lane, takes us into a dark bar to discover a mesmerizing scene of fighting, composed of a succession of actions frozen in time.