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[62 pictures] UFUNK – The Week End Selection n°84

As the chocolate eggs hidden in the garden, it is now time to discover the Week End Selection n°84! As every weekend, here is a new selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures, pin-ups and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all previous Week end Selections here.

Marshmallow Cat – Cute and adorable Japanese sweets…

Here are the “CafeCat“, some adorable marshmallows in the shapes of little kittens and cat paws, designed by Japanese confectioner Marshmallow Shop Yawahada, based in Nagano… Some very cute Japanese sweets to have with your coffee, tea or hot chocolate!

24 new vintage Super Heroes portraits

A new selection of creations by Italian artists Marvellini Brothers, based in Milan, who create portraits of superheroes and iconic characters of pop culture from old vintage photographs, from Spiderman to Star Wars through Goldorak, Batman, and other… The first series: 15 Vintage Super Heroes portr

Sculpting awesome ice cubes with a precision drill…

“3D on the Rocks“, or when the Japanese group Suntory, specialized in beers and whiskies, has fun to create some amazing ice cubes with a precision drill… Some real miniature ice sculptures to enjoy with your whisky!

Food Painting – Culinary creations by Anna Keville Joyce

In line with “Yummy!

Sunset Lights and Broken Mirrors – 13 amazing photographs by Bing Wright

“Broken Mirror/Evening Sky“, a beautiful series of photographer Bing Wright, who capture the captivating lights of sunsets through broken mirrors… An amazing series !

Will you guess what is strange about these couples?

Will you guess what is strange about these couples photographed by Canadian photographer JJ Levine for his project “Alone Time“?

Truth Facts – 37 hilarious and twisted infographics!

A selection of “Truth Facts“, some hilarious and twisted infographics designed by website Kind of Normal.

Where’s Momo ? – The dog who plays hide and seek (part II)

“Where’s Momo?“, a new selection of Instagram photographs from graphic designer Andrew Knapp, and Momo, his adorable little dog who loves to play hide and seek!

The famous horror movies turned into a coloring book…

After the selection “Corrupting kids coloring books into trashy pictures” from yesterday, here is today “Bleak Movies Coloring Book“, a quirky and humorous project by illustrator Todd Spencer, who has fun to turn the famous horror movies and bleak movies into a coloring book for kids… From the Exorcist to The Fly through Seven, Requiem for a Dream or The Shinning!

32 retro ads for video games from the 80s and 90s!

Here is a huge selection of french retro and vintage ads for video games from the 80s, 90s and 2000s!

A giant Jenga game played with heavy equipment!

To demonstrate the power and precision of its construction equipment, Caterpillar has designed a giant game of Jenga, consisting of 27 pieces of 600 lbs each (272 kg), for a total of nearly 8.1 tons…

33 cute and twisted illustrations by Japanese Keigo

A selection of the creations of Japanese illustrator Keigo, who leads us into his completely twisted world through illustrations as cute as funny… Just awesome, I love it!

Marutaro – The most famous Japanese hedgehog!

After the adorable “Darcy – 25 photos of the cutest hedgehog in the world“, here is Marutaro, a Japanese hedgehog pet whose owner has fun to stage him with simple pieces of paper and some pen strokes… This little hedgehog has become famous in Japan, where he is followed by more than 50,000 followers on Twitter!

Corrupting kids coloring books into trashy pictures…

“Coloring Corruptions“, or when Reddit user CrayonsForBrains has fun corrupting the nice and cute coloring books for children into gore, trashy and completely twisted pictures… A concept that reminds the excellent “When a young Japanese has fun defacing his school books” or “When Asian divert their textbooks“.

Face Cartography – Amazing 900 megapixels portraits created with an industrial robot

“Face Cartography“, a project by photographer Daniel Boshchung, who created portraits of his models with a resolution of 900 megapixels.

Schadenfreezers – Popsicle Sticks and Twisted Humor…

“Schadenfreezers” a project created by artists and designers Matt Moore and Jason Kreher, who decided to bring a touch of twisted humor and depression to the riddles and jokes found on popsicle sticks… A clever project.

Moving through New York in Hyperlapse

After Paris hyperlapse and Shanghai hyperlapse, here is “Moving through New York“, a beautiful video that takes us on a wonderful hyperlapse ride through New York… A video directed by Geoff Tompkinson.

Beautiful Girls and Wild Animals – 23 amazing surreal photographs of Katerina Plotnikova

A selection of photographs by Russian artist Katerina Plotnikova, based in Moscow, who takes us into a surreal world populated by beautiful girls and wild animals, through dreamlike, poetic and fascinating portraits… A truly magnificent and amazing work created with real animals!

The reverse side of famous album covers…

With his series “The dark side of the covers“, the artist Harvezt has fun imagining the reverse side of famous album covers, from Pink Floyd to Nirvana through Sonic Youth, The Beatles, Metallica or David Bowie and Public Enemy… Images © Harvezt