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The Painting Lady – The horrible Halloween makeup of Nikki Shelley

In line with the creations of makeup artist Elsa Rhae, today here are the horrible Halloween makeup of Nikki Shelley, aka The Painting Lady, an amateur makeup artist who likes to transform her face into horror movie characters !

Ocean Atlas – The underwater sculptures of artist Jason DeCaires Taylor

A selection of underwater sculptures of artist Jason DeCaires Taylor, who installs his creations under the sea, leaving them suffer the actions of water, salt, corals and marine life. Jason DeCaires Taylor has just unveiled his latest creation entitled “Ocean Atlas“, a giant sculpture of a woman, feminine reinterpretation of the myth of Atlas, which was placed in the waters near Nassau in the Bahamas.

A street artist paints the dreams of homeless

To raise awareness of the problem of poverty in the streets of Los Angeles, the American street artist Skidrobot decided to go and meet the homeless, and to materialize their dreams and hopes with a few strokes of paint… A very touching project.

Principles of Design – Ten design principles illustrated with stunning posters

The “Principles of Design” series of Turkish designer Efil Türk, who imagined ten posters to explain some design principles.

The strange selfies of Iiu Susiraja

The “selfies” of Finnish artist and photographer Iiu Susiraja, who portrays her body and her private life as simple objects.

Color Thesaurus – The name of colors

The “Color Thesaurus” created by Ingrid Sundberg, an author passionate about words who decided to collect in a swatch the true names of colors (in English) to help writers to address the conventional use of the six colors of the rainbow… There are obviously many other color names, but it’s a good start!

Inserting wrestler Randy Orton in FAIL videos

The trendy meme in recent days: inserting wrestler Randy Orton in FAIL videos…

Future Tense – The paintings of Alex Gross

We already talked about the creations of artist Alex Gross and his strange and surreal paintings, populated with references to pop culture and to our modern life.

The Death Of Conversation – A photographer captures the smartphone addicts

“The Death Of Conversation” series from photographer Babycakes Romero, who captures in the streets the smartphone addicts and the phubbing junkies… Some sad scenes from our modern lives!

Brick Flicks, recreating cult movies with Lego

“Brick Flicks” is a short film stop directed by Morgan Spence, a talented British young director, only 15 years old, who is having fun recreating scenes from famous cult movies with Lego and stop motion, from Titanic to Pulp Fiction through E.T, James Bond, Wayne’s World or Dracula

Afterglow – Night skiing with LED light suits

“Afterglow” is a beautiful and fascinating video of night skiing directed in Alaska and Canada by Nick Waggoner and Mike Brown, who filmed pro skiers equipped with bright LED light suits.

Human Stupidity – Turning stupid videos into clever campaign for organ donation

For its latest campaign to promote organ donation, the Belgian agency Duval Guillaume had the idea of using stupid and viral videos and photos that abound on the web and to turn them into a brilliant series of posters and videos with very quirky humor: “8 of their organs can be donated, luckily for us their brain is not one of them”.

I Am Bread – A WTF video game that lets you play as a slice of bread

Here is I Am Bread, a completely WTF video game that lets you play as a slice of bread. The goal? To wander through the different rooms of the house to be toasted and buttered before reaching the breakfast table!

[Infographic] All the superhero movies announced for the coming years

An infographic containing all the superhero movies announced for the coming years. Image © ComicsAlliance (Dylan Todd) / via

[76 pictures] The Week End Selection n°110

The Week End Selection n°110 is here! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, cosplay, retro, advertising, illustrations, pictures and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… You can find all previous Week end Selections here.

Murder Weapons – The strangest murder weapons photographed by Ed James

The strange and disturbing “Murder Weapons” series by photographer Ed James, which depicts the strangest murder weapons encountered in the news stories.

The San Francisco of the 40s and 50s revealed in stunning photographs

The San Francisco of the 40s and 50s revealed in stunning black and white photographs from the collection of photographer Fred Lyon, who captured with talent the special atmosphere of this legendary American city.

Glamburger, world’s most expensive burger

Here is the Glamburger, the world’s most expensive burger! You will indeed pay more than 1350€ in order to taste this burger created by the Honky Tonk restaurant in London. The burger patty is made from 220 grams of Kobe Wagyu beef minced with 60 grams of New Zealand venison to perfectly balance the fat content, and a rich center of black truffle brie to create a liquid pocket once the meat has cooked.

Voices in my Head – The dark and surreal photographs of Kavan The Kid

The photographs of American photographer and director Kavan Cardoza, aka Kavan The Kid, based in Los Angeles, who transposes his strange universe into dark and surreal pictures, in which you can find numerous references and inspirations, from the Wizard of Oz to Calvin and Hobbes through the Neverending Story or even the Fifth Element.

Instagram pictures of an American firefighter

A selection of Instagram photographs by Gregg Boydston, an American firefighter who is part of the US Forest Service Hotshots, which means he is deployed to combat and extinguish forest fires, including in the national parks.