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Moodboard – A tribute to the talent of these female photographers

This month, Adobe looks at The female creativity, and unveils the new face of women in advertising and modern creation.

Unicorn Candle – An adorable unicorn that cries rainbows

Here is the Unicorn Candle, an adorable unicorn that cries rainbows when you light it on! A funny and offbeat candle concept created by the designers from Firebox.

This target helps you to get a bullseye every time!

This target helps you to get a bullseye every time, analyzing in real time the trajectory of your dart and by moving itself to place its center in the right place.

Hi Stranger – A disturbing short film

Hi Stranger, a strange short film that puts you in front of a disturbing creature. A stop motion video directed by Kirsten Lepore.

Floral Tea Story – The soft and poetic creations of Marina Malinovaya

With her Floral Tea Story series, photographer Marina Malinovaya enjoys staging tea time by creating delicate compositions with waves of flowers and leaves.

She builds a beautiful terrarium in tribute to Princess Mononoke

This awesome terrarium in tribute to Princess Mononoke is a creation of Randomdorkgirl, a creative mom who decided to build a terrarium inspired by the famous film of Hayao Miyazaki for the birthday of her daughter.

Creative brooches let you customize the logos on your clothes!

The Japanese designer Mikiji Nagai has created a collection of creative brooches that allow you to customize the embroidered logos on your clothes.

Cubism and Tattoo – The colorful creations by Mike Boyd

A selection of tattoos by Mike Boyd, a London based artist inspired by cubism and the paintings by Picasso to create geometric and colorful tattoos.

KidZania – An amusement park to let children discover jobs

KidZania is a surprising concept of amusement park: letting kids discover different jobs. With already 24 locations, the KidZania parks offer children the opportunity to try out 60 different jobs, from firefighter to cashier, air hostess, waiter, nurse, engineer, dentist or chef.

The Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros is now a cute hand puppet

When the famous Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros becomes an adorable plush hand puppet! An amusing gadget inspired by one of the cult enemies of the most famous video game.

The most unsatisfying video of all time

This is probably one of the most unsatisfying videos of all time. A video that will clearly play with your nerves and your expectations by ruining small everyday situations.

When you meet an army of ducks…

Read the original post When you meet an army of ducks… on UFUNK

Filming cell division as a timelapse

33 hours of cell division of a frog’s egg, summarized in a 23-second timelapse. An impressive video! Read the original post Filming cell division as a timelapse on UFUNK

Despair – Watching all the tears of the world

The french director Laura Sicouri is back with Despair, a poetic and moving animated music video directed for the last track of Eric Legnini, featuring Yael Naim.

The glass sculptures of Lukacsi Laszlo

A selection of the beautiful glass sculptures by the Hungarian artist Lukacsi Laszlo, who transforms mineral matter into delicate organic creations inspired by the curves of nature, like some translucent shells.

What girls do when no one is looking

What girls do when no one is looking at them, a series of illustrations by Sally Nixon, an artist who illustrates the mundane situations of everyday life.

The surreal collages of Huseyin Sahin

A selection of the beautiful surreal collages of Huseyin Sahin, a Turkish artist and art director who leads us into a dreamlike and poetic universe.

Human Nature – The impressive wooden sculptures of Willy Verginer

We already talked about the impressive wooden sculptures by Willy Verginer, an Italian artist who amazes by the realism of his creations.

Zelda Home Automation – Control your house with an ocarina!

What if you could control your house with the melodies of an ocarina? Zelda Home Automation is a great DIY project designed by Allen Pan, which allows you to control the functions of your home by playing the melodies of the famous video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

SURF – The new sulphurous music video by Tommy Cash

The Estonian rapper Tommy Cash unveils SURF, a new sulphurous, trashy and falsely erotic music video.