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[77 pictures] The Week End Selection 198

It is now time for the Week End Selection n°198! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet… If you need some more, you will find all the previous Week end Selections here.

Glam Gore – When Disney Princesses are turned into zombies

Between cosplay and makeup, here are the creations of Glam & Gore, an American makeup artist based in Los Angeles, who likes to transform the famous Disney princesses into frightening and very realistic zombies.

LELO HEX – The future of the condom?

The Swedish designers from LELO studio have created the HEX Condom, an innovative condom that combines an unparalleled finesse to an amazing hexagonal structure.

The amazing double exposure tattoos of Andrey Lukovnikov

A selection of the beautiful double exposure tattoos by Polish artist Andrey Lukovnikov, who gets inspired by the modern creations in photography and graphic design to imagine intricate and colorful compositions, mixing flowers, animals and insects with great finesse.

Sexy Pool Floats – Put the worst of bad taste in your swimming pool

It’s when you think you’ve seen everything that the Internet reveals all its magic. This is maybe the worst inflatable pool toys that ever floated in a pool!

SpotMini – Boston Dynamics unveils a new very disturbing robot

After Atlas the humanoid robot we were talking about a few months ago, Boston Dynamics has unveiled a new robot named SpotMini.

An awesome interactive display made of 5880 arcade buttons

Google has just unveiled an awesome interactive display consisting of 5880 arcade buttons! Located in the lobby of their offices in New York, this screen uses the library AnyPixel.js, for managing software and harware to create the most unusual and massive displays.

Dain Yoon – The amazing and surreal body illusions of a young Korean artist

In line of the Body Painting Illusions of Hikaru Cho or the experiments of Lisha Simpson, here are today the creations of the young Korean artist Dain Yoon, who enjoys creating surreal body modifications thanks to makeup and body painting.

Poolmoji – Playing billiard with emoji

If you have not yet had an overdose with the ubiquitous emoji, know that you can now play pool with Poolmoji, a collection of billiard balls that pays tribute to the most famous emoji expressions.

Game Boy Camera Man – An Instagram account dedicated to the Game Boy Camera

If you were born in the 80s, if you’re a fan of retrogaming or if you love pixel art, I suggest you to have a look at Game Boy Camera Man, an Instagram account dedicated to the Game Boy Camera!

Mural Festival 2016 – All the creations from the street art festival of Montreal

The Mural Festival 2016, the famous street art festival in Montreal, has just ended! This year I was lucky to be there, and I invite you to discover in pictures all the creations made for this new edition of the Mural Festival, as well as some photos of the artists in action and a selection of works from the previous years, still visible today.

Trams in Amsterdam are offering games without smartphones

Why not putting down your smartphone in the public transport? It’s with this idea that the trams in Amsterdam have created GVBeestje, a cute and ultra simple game, totally low tech, just using the window of the tram, a sticker and the movements of your head.

The ultra-detailed hand-cuts of Mr. Riu

A selection of the impressive creations of Japanese artist Mr. Riu, who makes some ultra-detailed hand-cuts inspired by the shapes of nature, but also by the mandalas or even the characters from the movie My Neighbor Totoro.

Gïk Blue Wine – An intriguing blue wine arrives in Europe

Six young entrepreneurs have just launched the Gïk Blue Wine, a wine with an amazing blue color! After the traditional red, white and rosé wine, this wine of a new kind was assembled with red grape and white grape varieties, with an addition of anthocyanins, a natural pigment from the skin of red grapes, but also of indigo dye.

Eva – When a Korean photographer documents his life with a sex doll

Through his Still Lives: Eva project, the South Korean photographer June Korea decided to stage and document his life with an ultra-realistic sex doll named Eva.

Creative Bread – The incredible surprise breads of a Japanese baker!

Here are the creations of Konel Bread, a Japanese baker who likes to create the most impressive drawings and patterns inside his breads, which reveal their surprise only when sliced!

Make love, not war – A surprising and clever campaign against AIDS

Make love, not war is a new amazing and creative campaign against AIDS, designed by agency TBWA/Paris for the AIDES foundation.

Strange Beauty – The portraits of Lu Cong

A selection of artworks by the Chinese artist Lu Cong, now based in the United States, who turned to art and painting after studying biology.

The Rich and the Poor – Capturing the impressive differences with a drone

For his project entitled Unequal Scenes, the South African photographer Johnny Miller, based in Cape Town, wanted to capture with a drone the incredible differences between the rich and the poor of his country.

Pinot Meow – They just created wine for cats based on catnip!

I present you the Pinot Meow and the MosCATo, two wines based on catnip and designed especially for your favorite cat.