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Eros Pigalle – Discovering the sulfurous Pigalle district of Paris in the 70s

Eros Pigalle is an exhibition about the sulphurous Pigalle district of Paris of the late 70s, documented and narrated by the photographer Gilles Elie Cohen.

Personal Tattoo Machine – A small tattoo machine that lets you tattoo yourself

The designer Jakub Pollág has created the Personal Tattoo Machine, a small tattoo machine specially designed to tattoo yourself.

Socality Barbie – When a hipster Barbie is much better than you on Instagram

Socality Barbie is the Instagram account of a hipster Barbie, which is having fun with the codes and trends of the famous social network of photo sharing.

The Justice is dead – The satirical illustrations of Gunduz Agayev

The illustrator Gunduz Agayev, a native from Azerbaijan, is back with a new series of satirical illustrations entitled Femidead, featuring the death of Justice around the world.

Japan – The amazing dinosaurs made of rice straw from the Wara Art Festival

Some amazing dinosaurs and other creatures made of rice straw arise in the fields of Japan! These sculptures were made during the Wara Art Matsuri, a festival that celebrates the rice harvest in Niigata prefecture in Japan, located north of Tokyo.

BB-8 – The droid from Star Wars 7 is now a toy controlled by smartphone!

The already cult BB-8, the cute little droid that will appear in the upcoming Star Wars 7 – The Force Awakens, now becomes a toy controllable with a smartphone!

15 amazing animal facts you didn’t know

Here is a series of 15 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about animals, collected and illustrated by facebook user Captain Scoop.

L’Air des Géants – Monumental inflatable sculptures in the park of La Villette

L’Air des Géants is an outdoor exhibition of ten monumental inflatable sculptures, made of plastic or fabric, designed by international artists.

When classical painting goes crazy – The twisted collages of Barry Kite

The twisted collages of American artist Barry Kite, who diverts the famous masterpieces of classical painting to create funny compositions featuring the Mona Lisa, Vincent van Gogh or the Girl with a pearl.

North West Walls – Gigantic street art creations on container structures

For the North West Walls 2015 festival in Belgium, the talented street artists Fintan Magee, Pixel Pancho, Nychos, Gamma Gallery, Smug and Lula Goce have designed gigantic creations on structures made of shipping containers.

Uber VS. Mad Max – Drive through the city with crazy post-apocalyptic vehicles

Uber VS. Mad Max, an amazing street marketing campaign that took place in Seattle for the launch of the new Mad Max video game.

The cute predators of Alex Solis – part 2

The talented illustrator Alex Solis continues his project Predator vs. Prey with a new series of illustrations depicting some adorable predators and prey into cute and colorful compositions.

100 years of Lingerie in three minutes – The evolution of women’s underwear

100 years of Lingerie in three minutes, a video that explores decade by decade the evolution of women’s underwear from 1915 to 2015, revealing the iconic shapes and styles of each decade.

LEVEL – Beautiful surreal and confusing video

With its strange asymmetrical mirror effects straight out the movie Inception, LEVEL is an amazing surreal video directed by Joe Pease, who plays with our perceptions and the perspectives, creating a strange world, fascinating and confusing.

TUBE – A new monumental installation created by Numen/For Use

The artist collective Numen/For Use, which we have already talked about with their gigantic organic structure installed in the Palais de Tokyo, had just created a new immersive and monumental installation in the Austrian gallery Architektur Forum.

The ceramic sculptures of artist Haejin Lee

The beautiful ceramic sculptures of Korean artist Haejin Lee, now based in Vancouver, who transforms the porcelain into light and delicate strips, wrapping themselves to bring up human shapes and faces.

Looking for Sun – The surreal world of photographer Logan Zillmer

A selection of surreal photographs from the American artist Logan Zillmer, who leads us into a strange world, poetic and dreamlike, very inspired by René Magritte, Charlie Chaplin or Teun Hocks.

The Jacks – Beautiful scented candles shaped as crying skulls and animals

The Jacks is a collection of lovely scented candles in the shape of skulls and animals, whose dripping hot wax will make cry these small ceramic figures.

Paréidolie, Art-O-Rama, FRAC and more – An impressive art season opening in Marseille

The last weekend, from 2015 August 28th to 30th, the city of Marseille, south of France, has set an impressive art season opening with a huge agenda, marked by Paréidolie, the international fair of contemporary drawing, Art-O-Rama, the international fair of contemporary art, the two exhibitions at the FRAC PACA, but also the Night of Galleries organized by the network Marseille Expos, the opening of the Écho Système exhibition dedicated to the artist Gilles Barbier and more… I propose you a photo report with some of the amazing artists and creations discovered this weekend.

What if the voices of actors from Disney movies look like their characters

What if the voices of actors from Disney movies look like their animated characters? From Elsa to Woody through Rapunzel or Buzz Lightyear, a series of mashups created by Crystal Ro, who had fun combining the face of the voices and their characters.