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The most stressful robot in the world

Would you dare to entrust your hand to this robot armed with a knife? Read the original post The most stressful robot in the world on UFUNK

Flower Cakes – The beautiful culinary terrariums of Iven Kawi

The culinary designer Iven Kawi, based in Jakarta, unveils her Flower Cakes, some magnificent culinary creations imitating terrariums, filled with succulent plants or colorful flowers.

Repainting the famous Disney Princesses

The American illustrator Isabelle Staub had fun redesigning the famous Disney Princesses, bringing light, realism and depth to the original images from the movies.

World for All – A creative campaign for animal adoption

World for All is a lovely creative campaign for animal adoption, which uses negative space to create animal silhouettes.

Rick and Morty are invading GTA V

Rick and Morty, the best cartoon of all time (objectively), arrives in GTA V thanks to a mod designed by a fan!

The new carved fruits and vegetables from Gaku are amazing

A new series of the incredible fruits and vegetables carved by the Japanese artist Gaku, who we talked about just a month ago!

Artist draws his animals on dirty cars

Drawing animals on dirty cars, an excellent series of the artist Nikita Golubev, who patiently traces his illustrations in the dust and grime that cover the cars.

Clear Coffee – They launch a transparent coffee!

No, these bottles do not contain water, but transparent coffee! Here is Clear Coffee, aka Clr Cff, a new drink imagined by Adam and David Nagy, two entrepreneurs who have created a system to produce transparent coffee from arabica, with taste and caffeine.

Showing your butt in beautiful landscapes is the new trend

Showing your butt in the most beautiful places in the world, a new amazing trend appeared recently on Instagram!

Starry Night – When Van Gogh meets Pop Culture

When Vincent Van Gogh‘s famous painting Starry Night meets Pop Culture, an amusing and offbeat series created by artist Aja Kusick, who inserts the cult characters under beautiful starry skies.

[75 pictures] The Week-End Selection n°240

Here is now the Week-End Selection n°240! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.

When people around the world express themselves with balloons

Silence Was Golden is an amazing artistic project that offers people from around the world the opportunity to express themselves with the word or idea they choose, posing with golden balloons.

Double King – A brilliant and weird animation short film

Double King is a brilliant and very strange animation short film imagined by Felix Colgrave. Read the original post Double King – A brilliant and weird animation short film on UFUNK

Embroidery and Vintage Photos – The creations of Julie Cockburn

The creations of the British artist Julie Cockburn, who embroiders colorful shapes on vintage photographs.

Street Art – The latest creations from Tristan Eaton

A selection of the latest creations of the street artist Tristan Eaton, between massive murals and detailed canvas.

Tattoo – The lines of Caleb Kilby

A selection of the tattoos by Caleb Kilby, a British artist based in London who combines simple lines to create minimalist compositions on the edge of cubism.

How audio cassette tapes are made

A video that unveils the secrets of making audio cassette tapes. Read the original post How audio cassette tapes are made on UFUNK

Sweet Darkness – The illustrations by Virginia Mori

A selection of the strange illustrations by the young Italian artist Virginia Mori, based in Milan, who imagines dark and mysterious compositions, between dream and nightmare.

Neurocircuit – A collection of twisted short films

Neurocircuit is a collection of explosive and twisted short films created by Nog. Read the original post Neurocircuit – A collection of twisted short films on UFUNK

White and Blue – Timo Lieber captures the fragile beauty of the Arctic

For his new project entitled THAW, the artist and photographer Timo Lieber captures the fragile beauty of Arctic ice in impressive aerial photographs.