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HUMANITY – Inspired by Lemmings, this game gives you control of hundreds of human beings!

Here are the first images of HUMANITY, an amazing puzzle game that offers you to control hundreds of human beings in a crowd simulation!

Candide Thovex skis without snow in unusual spots around the world!

The famous French skier Candide Thovex unveils a new explosive video, where he’s having fun skiing without snow in unusual spots around the world!

Papier Machine – A collection of paper toys to learn electronics!

Here is Papier Machine, a collection of paper toys designed to learn electronics! Imagined by three French designers, this excellent project combines paper folding with conductive ink electronic circuits to create interactive toys to assemble yourself.

Measuring Cube – An excellent gadget to measure everything while cooking

Here is the Measuring Cube, an excellent 3D printed gadget that will allow you to measure many quantities with a single object!

Immerse yourself in the surreal puddles of Jeffrey Michael Austin

The American artist Jeffrey Michael Austin reveals strange and surreal puddles, installed in the streets of Chicago, reflecting a blue sky or the vastness of the space.

Lucas the Spider – The world’s cutest spider is back

Lucas the Spider, arguably the cutest spider in the world, is back in new adventures! Its creator Joshua Slice, a former animator from Disney, continues to stage this little spider with the help of his nephews Lucas, who lends it his voice.

Snowlandia – They created the world’s largest snow labyrinth

In Poland, the Snowlandia Zakopane park invites you to discover the largest snow labyrinth in the world, which covers 2500 square meters!

The Week-End Selection n°279

[65 pictures] Here is the Week-End Selection n°279! As every week, here is a selection of WTF, retro cosplay, vintage advertising, trashy illustrations, strange pictures, surreal photographs and so on, without context or explanation, gleaned from the endless meanders of the Internet.

The art of making paper, kimchi or noodles – The fascinating traditional tutorials of Li Ziqi

On her YouTube channel, Li Ziqi reveals the art of making paper, kimchi, noodles or even smoked meat, using only traditional and old Chinese techniques.

This artist paints tattooed hands with impressive realism

A selection of paintings by Scottish artist Jackee Sandelands-Strom, who paints tattooed hands with impressive realism.

Paris Syndrome – These photos compare Paris and its Chinese replica

With his project Paris Syndrome, the French photographer François Prost had fun comparing the city of Paris and its Chinese counterpart, located in the suburbs of Hanghzou.

A comparison of the size of the stars

If seen from Earth, only our Sun is different from other stars, the size of the stars in space can vary impressively!

ORIGIN – This beautiful tree house is a real cocoon up in the trees

Named ORIGIN, this pretty wooden tree house is a real cocoon of softness and tranquility inspired by the bird nests.

Photographer recreates vintage sexist ads by reversing gender roles

By recreating these sexist vintage ads, and by reversing the gender roles, photographer Eli Rezkallah takes a look at the evolution of manners, ideas, and the role of women in our society with his series entitled In a Parallel Universe.

Enter the surreal and colorful world of David Stenbeck

A selection of the surreal and colorful creations by David Stenbeck, aka DovNeon, who leads us into a strange and fascinating universe mixing 3D, photography and visual experiments.

This cute Japanese accessory turns your cat into a fruit tart

Here is the Fruit Tart Cat Bed, an adorable Japanese cat bed that will turn your cat into a real hair pie!

Sweet Love – She illustrates love in the little moments of everyday life

When the Korean artist Young Joo Kim is having fun illustrating love in the little moments of everyday life.

If the birds had arms – A highly improbable and hilarious compilation

What if the birds had arms? Birds With Arms is a compilation of highly improbable and hilarious videos created by the users of Reddit.

Nintendo Labo – Some amazing cardboard experiments for your Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo has unveiled Nintendo Labo, a collection of amazing experiments for the Nintendo Switch! These new cardboard gadgets, to build by yourself, will offer players to discover new ways to play with their console: remotely controllable robot, fishing rod, piano, motorcycle handlebars, etc.

Art of Nature – The poetic Land Art creations by Richard Shilling

A selection of the amazing Land Art creations by Richard Shilling, a British artist who reveals a soft and poetic universe, using only natural elements to create fascinating and ephemeral compositions.