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Stunning Ballpoint Pen Drawing by Marite Desine

Young Latvian artist Marite Desaine

Concentric Ceramic Sculptures by Matthew Chambers

British artist and sculptor Matthew Ch...

The Brick House by iSTUDIO Architecture

The architects and designers from the Indian studio called

Amazing Steampunk Edison Light Bulbs

The designers of Edison Light Globes

Miniature Fictional Worlds by Kendal Murray

Australian artist

Superheroes of the Renaissance by Sacha Goldberger

Let’s imagine for a while what it would’ve been like if superheroes were born in t...

Temporary Homes for Homeless People in Canada

According to Canadian Homelessness Research Network (CHRN), an organization engaged in researc...

Impossible – An Electric Bike That Fits into Your Backpack

Before you is one of the most compact electric bicycles in the world. It is called Impossi...

Monochromatic Paintings by Michael Peck

Today, we present to you a small preview of a large-scale exhibition of monochromatic painting...

A Psychedelic House in the State of New York

American artist Kat O’Sullivan

Quadrofoil – Electric Hydrofoil Watercraft

The developers from Slovenia, whose company name is

Potholes Decorated with Mosaics by Jim Bachor

Chicago based artist Jim Bachor ...

Paintings on Film Negatives by Nick Gentry

You may have seen the work of this British artist before.

Floating Sauna in Finland

Sunalautta. This is the name of this unique Finnish sauna that can be rented for any period of...

Impressive Hybrid Animal Sculptures by Jessica Joslin

American artist and sculptor Jessi...

Massive Colorful Staircase Mural in Honor of an Italian Poet

Well known artist Alice Pasquini h...

Moebius House: A Vivid Example of Modern Architecture

Australian architectural studio Tony Owen Pa...

LEGO Ships inside Small Bottles by Bangoo H

The author with a nickname of

Autonomous Self Cleaning Tropical Fish Tank

Of course, for many this concept might not seem very impressive, but for those who are familia...

Drawings on Starbucks Cups By Soo Min Kim

South Korean illustrator Soo Min K...