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Ricky Gervais promotes Netflix Australia in the laziest (and most funny) way possible

When you hire funny man Ricky Gervais to promote something, you expect a whole lotta laughs. And harsh honesty.

Teacup sculptures feature Cthulhu and the Kraken coming out of your tea

I imagined Cthulhu would be a lot bigger. Brisbane-based artist Michael Palmer has tamed the fiercest, darkest creatures that live in the ocean’s depths and entombed them in teacups.

New York’s finest music photographers are getting together for an evening of short-form storytelling

New York City, mark your calendars for the evening of April 3 because you’re about to indulge in a night solely dedicated to music and photography thanks to The BlowUp.

Street artist travels the globe and gets creative with his gigantic rainbow murals

Some street art is so abstract you can’t understand it. Other street art can be too high brow to get (no, seriously).

Photographer is fed up with stick-skinny mannequins, is on a mission to help women embrace their curves

It can be difficult feeling comfortable in your own skin when the media perpetuates an idea of what beauty is.

Kangaroo wranglers help a poor roo get its head unstuck from a watering can (it’s ok, the kanga was freed)

A two-metre tall red kangaroo thought it was a great idea to fetch a drink… in a watering can. After taking a sip, this poor roo got its head caught inside the steel can and needed a few kangaroo wranglers to help him out.

The Ring Cam will capture every romantic moment of your glorious marriage proposal

We’re in the age of creative marriage proposals and if it’s not caught on camera, it didn’t happen (so the saying goes).

This Baymax lamp will make sure you are satisfied with your care at night

What better way to cure a child’s fear of the dark than by giving him his own superhero robot? Inspired by the lovable protagonist of the Disney film ‘Big Hero 6’, the Baymax LED Lamp is the bedside companion perfect for both kids and adults.

Patient cat models funny expressions drawn on paper by her owner

In his adorable series, Redditor ‘Luke_Hero’, places mouth expressions on his patient and cooperative cat, creating portraits of a feline who can work the camera.

OMG: Giant Ferrero Rocher makes us want to lose our diets

You can start drooling now. Last month in celebration of World Nutella Day, food blogger Elizabeth LaBau of ‘Sugar Hero’ cooked up the kind of Ferrero Rocher we all want: A giant Ferrero Rocher.

A children’s chair that looks like it’s floating away with your kid

This is Disney’s ‘UP’ minus everything except the armchair. The ‘Balloon Chair’ is the latest creation to come from Japanese designer Satoshi Itasaka, wherein he creates a simple but effective illusion out of a child’s chair.

If you buy this house, its female owner may marry you too

Indonesian woman Wina Lia wants to sell her two-bedroom house in Sleman, located near the Javanese city of Yogyakarta.

Goat and his llama buddy appear out of nowhere and surprise one unsuspecting man

Stephen Peterson had just finished a job and was packing up ready to go home when a goat appeared out of nowhere.

These women apply breast milk on their faces to avoid turning red

We have read about breast milk being used for jewellery and lollipops. Some bodybuilders swear they build muscles faster when they consume it.

An award for employees who attended another meeting that could have been avoided

You might not have won the ‘Employee of the Month’ award, but at least you can have this. Actually, everyone can have it.

All this slow loris wants to do is pole dance (and he’s pretty good at it)

Dogs can fetch. Birds can mimic their owners. And slow lorises… well, in some cases, they pole dance.

It took one man, 33 years and plenty of stones to build this stony palace in France

Ferdinand Cheval is one postman who stumbled upon an odd stone of unusual shape in April 1879 and decided there and then to collect stones and build his dream palace in his garden.

Artist illustrates Charlie Brown from ‘Peanuts’ as famous horror genre characters

Charlie sure makes for a cute serial killer or psychopath. In his series ‘Run for Your Life, Charlie Brown’, UK-based cartoonist Dennis Davies re-imagines one of our favourite ‘Peanuts’ characters as famous horror genre icons.

Rechargeable LED corks renew old glass bottles as romantic ambient lamps

One man’s trash is another man’s romantic table lamp. The ‘Bottle Light’ is an innovative device that gives used bottles new beginnings as ambient lamps.

Plants and animals intertwined with negative space produce these awe-inspiring art pieces

When you look at Ellen Jewett’s work, you’ll appreciate that her ‘creature’ sculptures are intricately layered inside out with an astute accumulation of numerous tiny components, many of which are microscopic representations of plants, animals and objects.