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The world’s most luxurious (and over the top) bedrooms

When it comes to bedroom decorating, many of us just head to the local Ikea to pick up a cheap bed or chest of drawers.

Men pay supersize model to sit on them repeatedly

Standing at 1.9m and weighing 127kg, 38-year-old Amanda Soule from Las Vegas is not your average model by conventional standards.

Your car can have its very own flux capacitor USB charger, time travel not included

Previously an April fool’s gag, Think Geek has finally come to its senses and given the people what they want: The Flux Capacitor from the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy!

Confuse yourself and swap genders of everyone you read about online

Do you welcome a bit of confusion in your life sometimes? Well, here’s a Chrome extension that will genderswap everything you read on the browser (except for Gmail, for some reason).

Canon Shine Photography Contest: we interviewed the winner

This year Canon asked Australian photographers, amateur and professional alike, to submit images that focused on what they were passionate about.

Flowers that demand you give them a second look

We do not demand much from our flowers. They look quite pretty as they are and their role in our lives are also pretty standard thus far.

Sydney’s very choreographed men gives everyone something to look at … and then some

As part of the 19th Biennale of Sydney, artist Eglė Budvytytė is treating us to some rather bizarre performance art.

Heartwarming photography of orphaned boys with their adopted dogs

Robindra Boys is a project of photographer Sam Edmonds that captures young street children living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A hotel which doesn’t exist gets multiple reviews on Trip Advisor

Don’t you just adore the rather quaint hotel featured in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel? Apparently, some of us like it so much we have made fantasy trips to it and left reviews of our imaginary stays.

17 year-old Kiwi boy wins Instagram fame by dressing up as various female celebrities

How do you amass 1.5 million Instagram followers in the snap of a finger? Simple: follow the lead of 17-year-old Kiwi, Martin, who has created a massive online buzz for his regular uploads of him dressed as various female celebrities and film characters.

Paddington Bear gets a horror movie makeover!

Whether you like it or not, Paddington Bear is being made into a CGI blockbuster movie and will be released later this year.

Barker’s Brew: a beer for man’s best friend has finally arrived!

Barker’s Brew is a new non-alcoholic beer made especially for dogs. It comes just as beautifully packaged as any edible product fit for human consumption, just in case doggie feels discriminated against.

Husband became the hilarious subject of a maternity photoshoot after his wife refused to be part of it

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Saddened by his pregnant wife’s decision to not take maternity photos, this guy decided to push through with it by himself!

Customers got teary-eyed after receiving personalized gifts from this ATM

Warning: prepare lots and lots of tissue. You’ll be needing them at the end of this video. As part of their ‘#TDThanksyou’ campaign, TD Canada Trust went the extra mile to show their heartfelt appreciation for their customers by turning their ATMs into ‘Automated Thanking Machines’.

These pin-up girls made from cabbages will unexpectedly turn you on

You may not like eating vegetables, but how about lovingly gazing at them all day long like some pubescent teenage boy?

A world record was just broken for the fastest clapping in one minute

I think it’s safe to say no one really takes world records seriously anymore, especially when we’re faced with something like this.

This gigantic Banyan tree is bigger than your average Wal-Mart

A gigantic Banyan tree located in Kolkata, India may look like a forest from far away, but it is actually made up of a myriad of aerial roots that cover 3.5 square acres of land (approximately 156,000 square feet or 14,400 square meters).

Here’s how some people are trying to avoid sunburn in Japan

For those wanting to cover up in the warmer months, there’s a new item of clothing you might want added to your wish list.

This clever latte art took a sharp NSFW turn, very fast

Reddit is great for so many things–one of them being extraordinary latte art. But one Redditor, KingPimpCommander, had a different kind of latte art to share with the world.

Gorgeous fashion statements, upcycled from army uniforms and parachutes

Berlin-based Karen Jessen has been handcrafting, in the past few years, some interesting fashion collections out of upcycling and repurposing textile surplus.