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LEGO minifigs go on tiny, real life adventures by interacting with everyday objects

French photographer Sofiane Samlal, better known as ‘Samsofy’, shows us that everything is indeed awesome when imagination takes over and brings inanimate plastic characters to life.

Go on holiday and spend the night in a sewer pipe in Austria and Germany

They might not be your first choice for accommodation, but Austrian architect Andreas Strauss has totally revamped these sewer pipes and converted them into homes away from home.

Watch how beauty trends in the Philippines have evolved over 100 years

In the sixth instalment of their ‘100 Years of Beauty’ series, Cut Video shows us the evolution of Filipina beauty, as well as the historical events that have shaped it.

Accurate body painting shows how a baby fits inside a pregnant woman’s belly

Ever wondered how an entire human could fit inside another human for 9 months? Dutch maternal and infant photographer Leonie Versantvoort shows us how using something as simple as body paint.

These fire fighting superhero suits are personalised just for you

The trouble with fighting fires in traditional one-size-fits-all firefighting suits is that they’re heavy and bulky, weighing firefighters down when they’re climbing stairs or rescuing people.

Melbourne’s smallest gallery is located outside Australia’s smallest bar!

You might think that all art galleries are huge buildings full of empty space and a few pieces of art stuck on the walls.

The singing garbage man of New York City

They say to whistle while you work but in one man’s case, it’s all about hitting the high notes. Meet the most in-tune garbage collector in New York City.

The most awkward moments from Twitter, all on one app

Imagine someone pays a compliment to the person next to you, but you think it’s for you. You quickly say thank you, then just as quickly hang your head down in complete awkwardness, wanting to curl up into a little ball so nobody sees you.

The surreal ‘Plants of Gods’ terrarium makes gardening cooler than ever

Prodip Leung created what I can only call an exquisite work of art, with his ‘Plants of Gods’ terrarium.

Cities throughout Britain open up Duck Lanes along the waterways

In a new initiative to ‘encourage people to be mindful of the animals they share the road with when walking or biking’, Duck Lanes have been put in place along pathways in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Add this to the bucket list: The beautiful deserts of Namibia

What countries do you have on that bucket list? Perhaps Brazil for its beaches or Russia for its history?

Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off gets rotoscoped and is 100% more awesome

Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off music video has been given a makeover. The University of Newcastle’s first year animation students were each asked to rotoscope two seconds of the clip in any way their hearts’ desired.

GoPro captures tiny black birds feeding in the nest

Harvey Young got the greatest surprise in his garden recently – a mother black bird and her babies. Their nest was located right at the back of his yard and had been created three weeks before the birds hatched.

Teeny tiny miniature hand blown vases and wine glasses

If you’ve ever tried your hand at glassblowing, you’ll know all too well how incredibly difficult it can be to achieve a perfect finished piece.

Classical paintings superimposed on modern-day settings make everyday life more interesting

Angels, deities, and other scantily-clad classical figures make modern-day settings, such as subways and bus stops, their new homes in the series ‘2 Reality’.

Nintendo whiskey flasks conceal your booze in the geekiest way possible

Now you can once again enjoy the Nintendo video games of your childhood – though just not the way you remember using it.

Along London’s River Thames, a floating house you can rent on Airbnb

To celebrate London’s easing of tight home-sharing regulations, Airbnb is renting out a one-of-a-kind property that’s set in one of the city’s best locations: the River Thames.

Can you spot the optical illusion in this ordinary photo? It’s been mystifying Redditors for days

Redditor zibin probably didn’t expect such a reaction to his photo. After all, it’s just a snap or two ordinary construction guys standing in an ordinary cherry picker, right?

KLM and Heineken gave 10 lucky people an epic non-stop party in Amsterdam!

If you ordered a Heineken recently, you might’ve been rewarded – not only with an iced cold beer but a trip to Amsterdam via KLM!

Tortoises eating tiny pancakes is all you need to feel good today

Goes to show that everyone loves pancakes. Well, almost everyone. In this short video by BuzzFeed Blue, sulcate tortoises Oz, George, Tails, and Ralph are all treated to a healthy serving of pancakes.