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Blindfolded strangers kiss for the very first time in this social experiment

Last year we showed you the First Kiss video that saw total strangers kissing in front of the camera.

Womankind saves the world in this surreal, gender-flipping art animation

This dreamily-paced stop-motion animation is the work of Sydney-based illustrator Sarah Carter-Jenkins (previously featured on our Illustration pages), as part of her Master of Design studies.

Fallen autumn leaves are given a fresh start as tiny paintings

Every autumn, Polish artist Joanna Wirazka ditches her traditional canvas for something that’s readily available and waiting to be noticed: fallen leaves.

Artists imagine what it would be like if they had really big heads

In their ‘Big Heads’ project, artists Bego Anton and Monica Sanchez document themselves going through everyday life wearing overblown paper heads.

We get up close and personal with the dwarf planet, Pluto!

The New Horizons spacecraft was launched in 2006 and after getting up close and personal with jupiter, NASA turned its attention to Pluto.

Renters with pit bulls are preferred by this landlord in Rhode Island

There’s a 3-bedroom home up for rent in Providence, Rhode Island, where the landlord is looking for a tenant that has a pit bull.

How to insult someone in (almost) every language (NSFW)

Whenever you learn a new language, you’ve just got to know the bad words first, right? What’s the point of learning a foreign language if you can’t insult people while you’re travelling?

Goat gets arrested in Canada after refusing to leave a Tim Hortons

Someone’s been a baaaad boy. Last Sunday at a Tim Hortons in Martensville, Saskatchewan, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested a goat who refused to leave the premises.

There’s a good reason tourists don’t want to walk over this bridge in China

A glass-bottomed bridge in Hunan’s Shiniuzhai Geopark recently opened to the public, making this nightmare structure the world’s longest glass bridge.

This is a vinyl record being played under 1000x magnification

Music lovers, you can finally see just how your favourite record is played thanks to a microscopic image that shows what a record’s groove looks like under 1000x magnification.

You need to have this Jabba the Hutt inflatable on your lawn right now

Because a giant alien slug who runs a criminal empire is the best choice to spruce up your yard. This here is the officially-licensed Star Wars lawn ornament that’s made to look like Jabba the Hutt.

You can have dinner inside Hogwarts’ Great Hall this Christmas

Now you won’t even need a letter to experience Hogwarts. This Christmas, Potterheads will get the chance to dine like a wizard inside Hogwarts’ Great Hall at the Warner Bros.

Sick dog with severe mange is rescued and makes an incredible recovery

A street dog suffering from mange was found lying on the side of the road in India after giving up hope.

Fulfill your Hobbit dreams by renting out this awesome treehouse

In Black Hills, South Dakota, there’s a geeky house that’s been remodeled to look like a Hobbit’s humble abode.

Pumpkins carved into Donald Trumpkin is a thing this Halloween

Now here’s something that will really scare trick-or-treating Democrats off of your porch: Donald Trump!

A camera dropped from the sky into Burning Man… this is the footage!

While we all kind of know what goes on at Burning Man, it was this footage that really showed us what we’re missing out on in the Black Rock City of Nevada.

Paint tubes with no names are a new way to teach kids colours

In Japan, a couple of designers have come up with an unconventional (but totally cool) way of teaching kids colours, without actually naming the colours.

A tennis ball on top of your phone lets you take the perfect dog selfie

This here is the Pooch Selfie. It’s basically a smartphone accessory that uses a tennis ball to catch your dog’s attention, letting you snap picture-perfect moments with your BFF (without making them look bad).

Crayons recycled to make… even more crayons!

A Californian dad has come up with a genius way to recycle crayons that would otherwise be thrown out after one use at restaurants or schools.

These humble kiwi fruits look very, very familiar

Food art is getting out of hand these days. And by out of hand I mean wow, some people really have a lot of talent.