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Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” is the best/worst drop ever

There’s nothing more satisfying for EDM fans than dancing right at the drop. But what if instead of dropping bangers, the DJ instead played Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles?

Aussie band Little May tell us how they get amped up for their live shows

Little May were playing Sydney pubs just a few short years ago, but these days they are selling out gigs across the globe, and sharing bills with bands like Mumford ...

Man quits job to travel all over Australia with his cat

When Richard East from Tasmania quit his job and sold his house two years ago to travel all over Australia, he made sure to bring only the basic necessities, which ...

It’s not weird at all to use this brush to lick your cat

Because petting and snuggling your cat isn’t crazy cat lady enough anymore, someone went ahead and created a brush that lets you lick it too.

Whoops! US congressional candidate accidentally shows porn tabs on Facebook screenshot

A word of advice. If you’re going to share a screenshot of your browser, make sure all the porn tabs are closed first.

These gorgeous flowers were actually inspired by pencil shavings

While most people see pencil shavings as trash, Japanese artist Haruka Misawa sees them as design inspirations.

This cat and dog have been nap buddies since the day they met

Whoever said cats and dogs are mortal enemies clearly hasn’t met this kitten named Moses and his nap buddy, Molly the Border Collie.

Woman spray paints cheating boyfriend’s car to get revenge

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That saying holds true for one man after his girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend) vandalised his brand new Range Rover Revere.

Dad creates the most haunting horror photos with his daughters as the stars

In his series After Dark My Sweet, photographer Joshua Hoffine depicts classic childhood nightmares with his own daughters posing as the damsels in distress.

This little boy doesn’t care if you don’t like his pink stroller

Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. The same applies to toy guns and dolls. Right? Wrong, dammit.

Please (please, please) build this incredible futuristic aquarium

When’s the last time you went to the aquarium? We bet it didn’t look as exciting as this one. Italian architect Piero Lissoni recently won a competition to design New ...

Interview with the filmmaker behind the film iMom

In iMom, humanity has become obsessed with technology to the point that even parenting has been left in the hands of robots.

Man’s texts to his wife after their baby vomited is comedy gold

It’s sure isn’t easy being a parent – especially if you’re a sympathetic vomiter like California dad Ben Patterson.

Death Star Canteen: Brisbane is getting a Star Wars themed café

There’s a disturbance in the force, or is that just your stomach rumbling? Tokyo may have Pokemon and Sailor Moon themed cafes, but Brisbane’s hungry Storm Troopers are about to ...

700 mirrors create colourful pools inside a historic cathedral

In her installation Our Colour Reflection, artist Liz West filled the historic St John’s Church in North Lincolnshire, UK with hundreds of mirrors.

Sick baby hippo abandoned by family rescued by kind strangers

Meet Charlie the Hippo. Although he looks like the happiest little baby, his story didn’t start out so great.

Lemmy Kilmister now has his own commemorative stamps in Germany

The German postal service has launched a collection of commemorative stamps featuring late Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

Interview with the designers behind the Japanese school that encourages kids to play in puddles

In Kumamoto City, Japan, there’s a kindergarten that, instead of forbidding kids to play in the rain, actually encourages it.

Would you notice if your partner changed something tiny?

How well do you know your significant other – and how well do they know you? This video puts four couples on the spot to see whether they really know ...

Woman makes cakes so beautiful we’re getting turned on

Olga Noskova, a patissier from Russia, has cooked up a series of cakes so stunning, they’re almost erotic to look at.