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In Japan, competitive hole-digging is an actual thing

Now this is new: an annual competition that actually pits teams against each other for digging the deepest hole as they build camaraderie.

Cookie Monster covers Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade into you’ and makes us all feel a little uncomfortable

With his shaggy blue coat and his undying love of cookies, it’s hard not to love Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.

This Loch Ness Monster ladle will cause a stir every time you make soup

Finally, we have confirmed sighting of the Loch Ness Monster… in your soup! This is the adorable ‘Nessie’ ladle, it’s designed to look like the mythical creature from Scotland.

American Mum outraged after spotting a satanic symbol in a local school bus brake light

Yes, we all know people are crazy. This news story is proof that some people are crazier than others, especially when they’re bored.

This argument between dad and toddler is the most adorable video on the Internet (right now, at least)

Lola, a fifteen-month-old toddler, is already quite the talker. She’ll stop at nothing to make sure her point is heard!

These handy street interventions are really quite something

French artist Chifumi Krohom  from Strasbourg, who lives in Phnom Penh, purports to have a taste for experimentation with no destination or purpose, which pretty much sums up the greatness of his larger-than-life wheatpasted works across Cambodia, Nepal, India, as well as Italy and France.

Craigslist strangest ad for dog walking just got stranger

We all know Craigslist is a bizarre place filled with weird ads by the oddest of people. But some ads tend to outshine the weirdness of others.

The beauty of Iceland and Norway captured in miniature form

The video is called The Little Nordics and it was captured by DAMP Design’s Martijn Doolaard. Showing beautiful scenes of incredible fjords, kayak cruises, winding roads, and ferries sailing back and forth, this short video was recorded during Doolaard’s exploration of Norway and Iceland, in places such as Geiranger, Atlanterhavsveien, and Trollstigen.

Stray bullet chairs are the next big thing to conquer the art world

There’s something about a quirky chair design that just captures my attention, so here is my next eye-catcher: the Stray Bullet Chair.

A discarded Boeing wingtip is repurposed into a beautiful, futuristic desk

If having a 747’s jet engine for a desk doesn’t suit your style, maybe you’d like to try its wing instead?

Stay warm and manly on the slopes with these bearded ski masks

I don’t always grow a long, silky smooth beard, but when I do… Ok, I don’t. I can never grow a beard and enjoy its warm, comforting thickness hugging my cheeks.

Bewitching glass sculptures sandwich waters with landscapes

Looks like we can’t get enough of Ben Young’s glass sculptures. Raised in Waihi Beach, New Zealand and now based in Sydney, Australia, the self-taught artist has been doing these for over a decade, drawing, cutting and crafting his works by hand, layer by painstaking layer.

Prisoners get a tattoo make-over to help them return to societal norms

The project called Freedom Tattoos has one goal: to transform those ugly, and often crude, amateur tattoos on prisoners.

Salt flats are the stuff of dreams

Who knew the salt flats of Salt Lake City, Utah, could be so beautiful? Julieanne Kost did. The photographer, who is also the principal digital imaging evangelist for Adobe Systems, captured these amazing aerial shots of salt flats near Salt Lake City, and the dream-like textures really make us swoon.

Waiting at the traffic lights, these antsy Russians decided it was dance-off time

There’s a 1977 hit by the Jackson 5 titled Keep on Dancing. You might’ve heard it before-it’s quite catchy.

It finally happened! Aussies put vegemite inside their pizza crust, and the rest of the world are gagging!

Pizza Hut went where not many companies would go. They advertised how much their customers hate their product.

One disgruntled dad is selling his used pram on EBay in the most hilarious way possible

Parenthood can be looked at two ways: you either adore your kids and your life changes for the better… or, it doesn’t.

Koreans taste American snacks for the first time and their reactions are priceless

The U.S. is known for its aisles and aisles of snacks in grocery stores and convenience shops, but the rest of the world isn’t always in-the-know on American snacks, so it seemed like a fun experiment to gather a few Korean girls, sit them down, and have them taste some of America’s favourite snacks.

Amusing photo series shows us what artworks see all day and night

While paintings and sculptures are the center of attraction in any museum, it appears that their lives (if they had lives) are not as glamorous as we thought they’d be.

Christ and Lucifer are baby names that have been taken off New Zealand’s list

New Zealand law can reject names for any number of reasons. If they are too long, resemble a title, rank or considered offensive, then they can’t be used.