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Where exactly do airline workers sleep during long flights? These images reveal all

If, like me, you always thought airline staff were living it up on long-haul flights when they went to ‘rest’, you’ll be surprised to find out there’s actually no special treatment given to these hard workers.

Miniature-ception: tiny animals carrying tiny worlds on their backs

‘SEKAI’, which means ‘world’ in Japanese, is a series by artist Maico Akiba, wherein she places miniature ecosystems on the backs of toy animals and dinosaurs.

Homer Simpson joins the ice bucket challenge, nominates Donald Trump, Lenny, and Flanders

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that’s been going viral around the world has finally reached a new destination: Springfield.

Meet Jiff, the fastest pooch on two legs!

It may be a case of four legs good, two legs better for this Los Angeles Pomeranian named Jiff. After all, this very special pooch can walk on its front or hind legs to anywhere it wishes in a jiffy.

This funny video shows us what it might be like to create sound effects for, er, adult movies

‘I do what I love and I do what I hear, I hear what I love and I love what I hear.’ These are the perplexing word of Grant Meyers, foley artist for the adult film industry.

Sticky fingers! This artist paints with different flavors of ice cream

How artistic can one get with ice cream? If you are talented like me, you wipe your gooey fingers onto your tee and call it abstract art.

Female photographer imagines how different her life could have been with dozens of different male partners

Who do you want to be? Or, more accurately, who could you have been? Czech photographer Dita Pepe takes these musings quite literally, re-imaging her life in a hundred different scenarios in her series Self Portraits with Men.

This lamp disguises itself as a giant pencil

At first glance you might be fooled into thinking that there’s a giant pencil scribbling away at the room’s flooring.

Once a week this hairdresser from New York does something heartwarming

Every Sunday in the Big Apple one man is doing what he can to make the world a brighter and more compassionate place.

What a four-year-old diner really thinks of fancy shmancy food at a Michelin starred restaurant

Some parents wouldn’t be caught dead taking their kids out to a family-friendly restaurant, let alone a Michelin-starred one.

Street art that makes more sense as you come closer

Street artist Pejac’s latest works in Paris involve you having to give them a detailed examination, because if you don’t come closer, you might not even notice they’re artworks at all!

These ads about recycling tell litterbugs what they really are

If asking nicely won’t work on litterbugs, maybe name-calling would help them clean up their acts! ‘LiveGreen Toronto’ is currently trying that approach with a series of ads that uses the very garbage these litterbugs throw out to hurl insults, hoping that they’d feel bad enough to have a change of heart.

London’s council commission a floating village to ease demand for housing

Floating villages are by no means a new phenomenon, having been established in Vietnam and Cambodia for hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years.

These are the most beautifully disgusting jewelry pieces you can ever wear

Get her to say the ultimate ‘Yes’ by popping the question and revealing to her a ring adorned with an eyeball!

This video shows the drastic difference between the lungs of a healthy person and those of a smoker

Newsflash. Smoking is bad for you. Ok, we all knew that smoking isn’t exactly a great part of a healthy lifestyle, but many people are guilty of deceiving themselves about quite HOW badly it affects your body.

Ukrainian artist creates unbelievable recreations of famous paintings using nothing but plasticine

Svitlana Postelga is an artist with a refreshingly unusual talent. Most of us are familiar with plasticine as a children’s toy (and an awesome one at that!

Photographer takes a pizza all over California taking pictures of it as he goes

Here at Lost At E Minor we like to think we’ve seen everything and that nothing can surprise us. That being said, we are always delighted to be proved woefully wrong as is the case here.

Help beat bowel cancer by making a funny fart video

In order to raise awareness on bowel cancer and to encourage people to ‘get their bums checked’, New Zealand’s Beat Bowel Cancer Aotearoa organization have come up with a hilarious campaign.

36 years of nail clippings is about as horrifying as you’ve always imagined

I’m not ashamed to say I have a couple of locks of hair stored away from when I was a baby. And Richard Gibson sure isn’t ashamed to say that he, too, collects parts of… himself.

A couple bought unwanted iMac computers and turned them into cat beds

It looks like even cats are Apple fanboys now. Miles and Aimee Harrison of ‘Atomic Attic’ love infusing new life into unwanted iMac computers by repurposing them into beds for cats.