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This rat meatloaf has got to be the most unsavory food item ever

As if meatloaf wasn’t disgusting enough! To get into the Halloween spirit, author and humorist Charles Phoenix decided to cook up something grotesque: a giant rat made out meatloaf.

Puppy is unstoppable after learning how to ring a bell for a treat

Your puppy will never go hungry again once you teach it this neat trick. Then again, you’ll never have peace and quiet again once you teach it this neat trick.

St. Helens: Tasmania’s under-the-radar sandy paradise

When you dream of an exotic Australian getaway, you might think of the Goldcoast first. Maybe even a trip to Sydney for the white sandy beaches of Bondi or Manly.

This house is actually made of wax and will completely melt in 30 days

Literally, house of wax. In London, artist Alex Chinneck used 8,000 paraffin wax bricks to build a 2-story house that will gradually melt in 30 days.

A foot tour of Newcastle supporting our favourite small businesses

Newcastle. It’s that biggish town above Sydney, right? As Australia’s seventh largest city, Newcastle is making a name for itself as one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Baby goes on fun adventures every time his dad doodles on him

Even before he could walk or talk, he’s already flown to space, gone skydiving, and even played Quidditch.

The Co-Create Series: Michael Corridore’s photography inspired by a giant pencil lamp

For the Co-Create series, we’ve invited six of Australia’s most talented creative talents to produce original work exclusively for Lost At E Minor inspired by some of their favourite posts on the site and using only the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Here’s a chandelier that not only lights up, but freezes over time

You’ve seen the Disney movie, but now it’s time to experience frozen in real life. Created by Arturo Erbsman, the Polar Light is designed to be hung from a tree branch in the winter.

These 3D printed modular dog toys are great, if a little puzzling

Here’s a Kickstarter campaign we weren’t expecting. Sleek and sexy toys for your dog… That’s right. We’re proud to introduce Odin, a 3D printed dog toy.

That harassment video that went viral? Turns out it was doctored, and some guys have hit back with their own one

The viral video of a woman walking through NYC streets for 10 hours to prove that street harassment is indeed a thing caused the Internet to explode with opinions and controversy.

Chinese artist uses his tongue to paint ‘masterpieces’

Chinese artist Han Ziaoming has found a very unique way of creating his fine art. Instead of a brush, this creative guy uses his tongue to paint!

This incredible hyper-realistic cat latte art is almost too real to drink!

In Japan, the latest trend in coffee is hyperrealistic drawings. Although the newest art style called super-kawaii – a 3-D sculpture of latte foam into various animal shapes– is taking off, Twitter user @dongurinekobei sets higher standards in the art of coffee drawings.

Now you can curl up in a sheepskin bean bag… for $1,200

Remember when bean bags were all the rage? And remember how they only cost around $20? Those were the days!

Why make art when you can get industrious ants to make it for you?

If you don’t like bugs then stop reading now. Otherwise you need to check out this awesome installation!

Adorable images of pups in mid-shake

We all know how cute puppies are, but they get even cuter when they’re caught mid-shake! These pictures are from photographer Carli Davidson for her Shake Puppies series of 61 pups.

Keep calm at the doctors with the resident stress reliever: a ginger tabby cat!

Visiting the doctor can be a really terrifying experience if you think about all those needles, all those tools poking and prodding you, and of course, all those diagnoses.

Cool things that multi-task better than you and I: this dining table that doubles as a pool table

It might look like any other dining table at first glance, but this is actually a multitasking table designed by Fusion Tables.

Beautiful portraits of albinos by Gustavo Lacerda

Brazilian photographer Gustavo Lacerda wanted to give albino people the chance to feel their importance, so over three years, he found people to photograph for his series, Albinos.

If life came with IKEA instructions, here’s what they’d look like

If only we had these sooner! UK-based artist James Chapman teaches us meaningful life lessons in a series he recently did for BuzzFeed.

A visit to this Australian National Heritage national park provides an unparalleled rugged experience

Rising abruptly from the surrounding Western Plains, the Grampians (Gariwerd) is a series of striking and rugged sandstone mountain ranges and forests rich in wildlife.