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Watch this dog adorably roll up a giant snowball

While other dogs know how to roll over, one clever border collie learned an even better trick: roll a snowball.

This carry-on suitcase can turn into a high chair in mere seconds

Don’t be fooled. This might look like an ordinary suitcase, but this piece of luggage from design firm KAMO turns into a high chair in seconds.

You can now ride a Lapras like a real Pokemon master

It’ll cost you US$750 (AUS$950), but at least you won’t need a Pokeball to catch this rare Pokemon! Bandai has released a massive Lapras plush that they fondly call ‘Zettai ...

The world’s first plastic-free grocery aisle comes to Amsterdam

Walk down any supermarket aisle and, chances are, you’ll find most products are wrapped in plastic (we’re looking at you, Woolsworth).

Dad trolls daughter with fake rejection letter after she cheats on Mario Kart

If you’ve ever been cheated on while playing Mario Kart, you will know the act is unforgivable. This scorned dad has just taken cheating punishments up a notch.

The ‘Visit Shithole Zambia’ ad is the best response to Trump’s racist comments

Back in January, President Donald Trump earned the ire of many with his “shithole countries” remark. Oddly, it’s now being used as an unofficial tourism slogan.

NRA slammed for posting this photo on US gun violence walkout day

The National Rifle Association in America isn’t known for its tact. But their post, which showed an AR-15 rifle, completely missed the mark on a day of protest for students ...

Hasbro has a ‘don’t step in the poop’ board game, and we oddly want one

“Who can avoid the number twos to be number one to win?” That’s the strange yet oddly alluring concept behind Hasbro’s latest board game, called ‘Don’t Step In It’.

Now you can drink wine in a giant anus, just like you’ve always wanted

Are you a wine connoisseur or a wine connASSeur? If you’re the latter, then we know a perfect vino-tasting venue for you.

WTF! Man builds a tiny kitchen in the back of his car’s trunk

And yes, it has everything including the kitchen sink. New Zealand-born, Slovakia-based maker Gavin Shoebridge’s latest project proves that the tiny house movement can even be applied to the tiniest ...

Your baby deserves this ridiculous $60,000 gold-plated crib

With that price tag, it better be able to change my child’s diapers for me. For the upcoming INDEX exhibition in Dubai, designers Marta Buzalska and Darius Panczyk have unveiled ...

“Funeral Strippers” are a thing in China, and the government is not happy

In rural China people hire strippers for funerals, and the government is completely against it. The custom of bringing strippers to funerals has several reasonings behind it.

H&M’s racist hoodies were selling for serious cash on Ebay

We’re still really unsure how that infamous hoodie (that the Weeknd was not a fan of) was ever approved.

Former porn star Mia Khalifa is blaming ISIS for her retirement

In a recent interview with her close friend Lance Armstrong, the sports anchor Mia Khalifa claimed her successful porn career came to end due to continuous death threats from ISIS.

The world’s oldest message in a bottle discovered in Australia

The message asks the reader to answer a survey and send it back. Unfortunately for the sender, the message was received 132 years too late.

Wow! Two photographers unknowingly captured the same millisecond

When two photographers headed down to Great Island Commons in New Hampshire to capture a winter storm, they defied logic by taking exactly the same photograph.

Tokyo is building an unbelievable skyscraper… out of wood!

To mark its 350th anniversary, Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry plans to construct a 350-metre (1,148-feet) high wooden building in the center of Tokyo at a cost of Y6 billion (US$5.5 ...

Man imagines famous paintings hung in airports to make airports more bearable

Most, if not all, airports are made with function in mind, and seldom form. But what if we spruced up the sterile aesthetic of airports with a bit of fine ...

This photo series shows Hong Kong like you’ve never seen before

For over five years, photographer Billy Zammit has been flying back and forth between Sydney and Hong Kong, spending time to document the beautiful chaos of the world’s most densely ...

Baby accidentally locks his mum’s iPhone for 48 years

If you think getting locked out of your iPhone for a minute is bad, try 25,228,800 minutes – which was what happened to one unfortunate mum in China.