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How about an iced cold beer to go with that shower?

Some people swear by the hair of the dog hangover cure. And if you’re trying to get ready for work the morning after a night of heavy drinking, you’ll probably need a beer caddy in the shower while you’re scrubbin’ away.

Artist creates a conversation about race via The Simpsons

In memory of those who lost their lives to American police brutality, artist AleXsandro Palombo has turned to The Simpsons and used his creative abilities to comment on the situation.

Man dives into frozen lake to rescue drowning duck

It’s the middle of winter in Norway. Everything is snow-capped and frozen. When this 36-year-old Norwegian man saw a duck trapped beneath a lake’s surface, he immediately swam to the rescue.

This chair is filled with as many litres of tears you’ll cry in a lifetime

Japanese designer Keita Suzuki has created a rather unusual-yet thought-provoking-chair design. The Tear Drop Chair is a free-form design that is filled with 64 litres of water.

Your worst nightmare: being stuck in an elevator with a crazy person!

This man had no idea his day would consist of the following unfortunate events. If he did, he probably wouldn’t have left his house.

The most memorable moments of 2014, in playdough form

2014 was an interesting year. In the past 12 months we’ve witnessed the rise of normcore (if you don’t know what it is, you’re not alone.

Weird Al teaches us how to do this floating orb magic trick: it’s so easy to do!

Apparently, when Weird Al Yankovic is not making parody videos, he’s out conjuring magic tricks! In this 17-second video, Weird Al show us a neat illusion: the mysterious floating orb.

A very honest ad was created to get this little jerk of a dog adopted

Instead of placing a sweet ad online to get ‘Eddie the Terrible’ adopted, someone at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley decided to let truth reign.

Forget the 3-cheese pizza: this Aussie chef has created the 99-cheese pizza

Because Aussies know great pizza, and because Johnny di Francesco’s a world champion pizza-maker, we’re all treated to the newest pie on the menu: the 99-cheese pizza.

Johnnie Walker just made these brogues that conceal mini bottles of their whiskey

Johnnie Walker Red Label recently collaborated with British cobbler Oliver Sweeney to make leather brogues that conceal miniature whiskey bottles.

Return to stone age and live comfortably within this ‘boulder’ of a cabin nestled in the Swiss alps

Called Antoine, this compact boulder cabin has a bed, table, stool, fireplace and window (you have to look outside for your ablutions).

Artist illustrates dragons playfully interacting with everyday objects

We’ve gotten dragons all wrong! They’re not the destructive, vicious, fire-breathing creatures we thought they were.

Designer revolutionizes Hanukkah by making the Dr.Dreidel

The dreidel game is about to change. He first conquered the music industry with Beats, now he’s revolutionizing Hanukkah.

DIY peppermint shot glasses will forever change how we celebrate Christmas

Be the star of your upcoming office Christmas party by bringing in these goodies. Food blogger Cheri Alberts, the same culinary genius who taught us how to make toasted marshmallow shot glasses, has come up with another delectable DIY recipe: peppermint shot glasses.

Pin-up models drenched in paint look like famous superheroines

Last year, London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz amazed us all after he came up with a series about naked pin-up girls wearing nothing but splashes of milk.

This turtle teaches us not to mind your own business and that a friend in need is a friend indeed!

It’s a S-L-O-W news day and I will give you one. Caught on tape live at the Taipei Zoo, this turtle was taking a leisurely afternoon stroll, presumably to walk off lunch, when it sees another turtle sunning on its back.

Another woman poses with a monkey, another photo goes viral

The trouble with taking selfies with monkeys is that… you’re taking a selfie with a monkey. A tourist on holiday in Bali has given us all a good laugh when she decided to capture a cute moment with a monkey on camera.

Baby elephant gets frustrated after chasing a dog, throws the cutest tantrum

At the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a baby elephant attempts to chase down a dog. However, when you’re a hulking 265 lb.

Guy takes his unsuspecting girlfriend into a photo booth, and proposes!

This is beautiful. Kevin Moran, from Chicago, hatched a plan to propose to his girlfriend, Molly, while in a photobooth to capture the moment in a unique way.

Would you dare take a rest in this gigantic hammock suspended 400 feet above the Moab desert in Utah?

50 thrill seekers took three day off to install this huge pentagon-shaped hammock 400 feet above Moab desert in Utah this month.