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People are not cool with Australia’s lamb ad featuring a vegan Hindu god

Indian and Hindu communities are in outrage after seeing a new ad depicting their deity Lord Ganesha at a barbecue.

Found At E Minor: This adorable little robot will melt your heart, and cut your weeds at the same time

Weeding is one of the most time-consuming and bothersome gardening tasks there are. Luckily, there’s a ruthless, methodical, and (let’s face it) adorable robot to take care of the dirty ...

Design visionary Vince Frost on how technology is transforming the world of design

Conventional thinking holds design up as an art form, but to Vince Frost it’s anything but. And that’s what sets him apart from the pack.

John Kelly couldn’t deal with Trump’s UN speech, and Twitter had an absolute field day

Amazing pictures have been circulating of White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly at the UN. While his boss was absolutely kooking it on the mic, big John had his ...

Designer creates business cards that are ONLY visible when seen through light

We’ve featured Canadian designer, Dori Pankowska, four times on Lost At E Minor over the years, and each time she seems to elevate the bar again for out-of-the-box lateral thinking.

This brilliantly gross fanny pack makes it look like you have an actual dad bod

You’re telling me we’ve been letting go of ourselves all these years just to get the perfect dad bod, and now people can have it just like that?

Found At E Minor: Pavement traffic lights could stop phone addicts from getting into accidents

Alarmed by the number of accidents involving distracted smartphone users, Australian design agency Buro North has proposed to embed traffic lights where they can be most visible: on the ground.

This restaurant empowers refugees by teaching them how to be chefs

Brooklyn-based Emma’s Torch Classroom Café is not only serving good food. They’re serving good deeds as well.

Banksy just made two incredible new murals in London

In honour of American street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy has unveiled two new murals near London’s Barbican Centre, an area known to be graffiti-free (or at least now it used ...

This Aussie reporter kept getting rejected at the Emmys, and it’s bloody hilarious

Sunrise’s Edwina Bartholomew may have got the cold shoulder on the Emmys red carpet, but the reporter turned the tables on Hollywood’s elite with this hilarious compilation.

Found at E Minor: Specdrums is the gadget you need in your life

Whether you make music for a living or you just like hitting stuff and making noises (guilty!), we have discovered the niftiest gadget in recent memory.

The last video of Chester Bennington has been released and it’ll break your heart

Chester Bennington’s wife Talinda has released a heart-wrenching video of the former Linkin Park frontman taken just 36 hours before his death.

LAEM Sessions: Chymes performs a cover of Jon Bellion’s All Time Low on the Lost At E Minor rooftop

Put simply, Chymes are one of our favourite emerging Aussie musical talents. The duo – Cameron Taylor and songwriter Kiersten Nyman – mesh downbeat electro grooves and melodies with shimmering ...

Guy gets worst possible tattoo just before a breakup

Ever done something you regret while away on a trip? This bloke just redefined holiday hangovers with a blunder that’s an important lesson for all of us: don’t get a ...

This artist was able to make crystals by painting with chemical reactions

Belgian artist Dries Ketels might not be the Night King from Game of Thrones, but he too can turn things into ice.

This artist makes LEGO minifigs of Asians minus the stereotypes

Unlike the official minifigs in LEGO’s collection, Sze Sze Ong’s toys accurately portray what regular Asians look like – which is to say, not everyone looks like a ninja or ...

South Park triggers everyone’s home devices with clever NSFW hacks

The 21st season of South Park premiered this Wednesday, hilariously parodying Kendrick Lamar, white supremacists, and messing up with home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home in the process.

The largest street art museum in the world is now open in Berlin

The five-story street art museum – touted as the largest of its kind in the world – features murals and installations from over a hundred artists.

Found At E Minor: This robot arm can stitch a shoe together in just six minutes

Called the ‘Uneekbot’, the robot arm is being dubbed as the world’s smallest shoe factory. In 2015, footwear brand Keen introduced a sandal – called Uneek – that’s held together ...

Sign language interpreter warns about pizza and monsters during Hurricane Irma update

When Hurricane Irma hit Florida early this month, strong winds and flash floods weren’t the only dangers to residents.