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Dollars per minute, in a chart

If you’ve ever wondered about the costs of things, minute by minute, Lapham’s Quarterly has a handy chart that will face off seemingly random costs — such as how much you’re spending on a JFK-LAX air ticket ($1.05), how much Facebook is making ($2,834.86), and how much money the U.S.

‘Don’t play with your food’ obviously doesn’t apply to sushi

Sushi aficionados may have already viewed the making and tasting of sushi as a precise art form, and they are absolutely right of course, but who’s to say we can’t have a little creative fun while at it?

What if Quentin Tarantino created Disney films!

A ‘what if’ series of Disney movies re-interpreted as Quentin Tarantino flicks? Brilliant! Of course, the mug of Samuel L Jackson — a perennial Tarantino favorite — is all over the face of these Disney posters, accompanied with suitably cussing taglines like ‘I just cleaned them step-bitches’ whole motherfucking castle’ (Cinderella) and ‘They just killed my motherfucking dad’ (The Lion King).

Oh no, this man transformed his face to look like a Platypus!

After modifying his face for seven years, 26-year-old Russian Jenya Bolotov has finally fulfilled his life’s ambition: to become a platypus.

Eek! Meet Toby, the 9-month-old rat who’s performing on Broadway

It’s the dream of every stage actor to perform on Broadway, and now a rat is living many an aspiring actor’s dream.

Sneaky! Bats get competitive, engage in sonic jam

We know that bats target prey with the help of echo-location. Now, scientists have found that bats actively disrupt rival bats who compete for food by jamming their sonar frequencies.

Golden retriever fails horribly at obedience competition, still wins our hearts

Dogs, they will never disappoint you. If they do what you tell them, it’s endearing. If they don’t do what you tell them, can you really get mad at those adorable puppy dog eyes?

The Imperial Walkers strike back… in a Chinese painting

We are loving this Star Wars-themed poster of the Imperial Walkers — Chinese painting style — by FLABSLAB, which claims to be ‘into all things beautiful and just want to be deadly good in anything we do’.

A tuneful look at 5 iconic Gibson Les Paul players across various musical genres

Presented by It’s undisputed that the Gibson Les Paul is one of the most recognizable guitars of alltime.

3D illustrations spread across different sheets of paper

We’ve seen a lot of three-dimensional illustrations before, but none can compare to the anamorphic art that Dutch artist Ramon Bruin has produced.

Video simulation of the world’s tallest skyscraper will make your stomach churn

Warning: do not watch this demo video without a barf bag in hand. The Skyscraper in Skyplex Orlando is set to be the world’s tallest roller coaster when it opens in 2017.

Photographer documents hidden corners in everyday life

Russian photographer Zhenya Aerohockey sees the extraordinary in the ordinary. While most people would only see a building, or leftover pizza, or a desk, he sees corners.

Fake everyday illusions by Martin De Pasquale

Buenos Aires-based art director and digital artist Martin De Pasquale  has a body of work that thrives on using digital manipulation to illustrate the banality of daily life.

Now you can subscribe to new obnoxious socks in the mail every month

Haha, this is hilarious. The Obnoxious Socks club sounds exactly like what its name suggests: members who sign up for it receive a pair of offensive socks every month that they can don to subtly offend other people at social events.

All hail the most surprising department store in Melbourne

We’re not really sure how to describe Ussed&Abbussed, but here’s a start: a self-styled ‘fashionable store in Cremorne catering for the label conscious’ that 1.

Iconic comic book covers get recreated in LEGO

At the recently-concluded 2014 Designer Con in Los Angeles, a group of LEGO enthusiasts collaborated for an art show called ‘Comic Bricks’, wherein they recreated famous comic book covers in LEGO.

These shoes are not made FOR Barbie, they’re made OF Barbie

Little girls may dream of owning their Barbie doll shoes when they grow up but their big sisters think nothing of wearing barbie heads in their shoes.

Kids get paint all over their faces, but watching them get in trouble from their Dad is priceless!

These two brothers are caught red-handed, or purple and green-faced. Together they teamed up and decided it would be a great idea to paint themselves.

Japanese designers have developed a lamp that realistically looks like the moon

All together now: ‘Shut up and take my money!’ This is an LED-embedded moon lamp by Japanese designer Nosigner (Eisuke Tachikawa) and his team.

Photographer reveals the beautiful and complex inner workings of old calculators

In his series ‘Low Tech’, San Francisco-based photographer Kevin Twomey strips bare antique calculators to reveal the beauty and complexity of their mechanical inner workings.