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So cute! This kid thinks an old water heater is a robot

This old discarded water heater looks a lot like a robot. And if you don’t believe me, just ask the little girl in the video.

There’s now a luxury spa for babies in Perth

Baby behaviour can build up tension for parents and also for the babies themselves. So two Perth mums have created the greatest thing since Isaac Newton invented sliced gravity, and ...

This man just proposed to his girlfriend with a 33-tonne meteorite

Guys, the bar has been set. Try beating the size of this rock when you propose to your woman. A Chinese man has proposed to his girlfriend with a 1 ...

WATCH: Um…some guy is casually running around America with an actual kangaroo on a leash….

Well, this is some very strange and probably bad news. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a lot of information for you here – because..well..nobody really knows what the hell ...

Artist smudges his paintings to create the most oddly beautiful portraits

Perhaps his mother failed to tell him never to mess with the classics. We’re still glad he did. If the photo of Florian Eymann at the bottom is any indication, ...

A Nazi-themed Trump billboard has been erected in Phoenix

Heil, Trumpler? When it rains, it pours for Donald Trump. In one of the latest anti-Trump artworks to grab the internet’s attention, California-based artist Karen Fiorito has created a provocative image ...

This new tattoo ink can glow and can even sync with your smartphone

If you’ve ever wanted to be Tinkerbell and spend your time sparkling, your time may be coming. Okay, you won’t be lit with magical fairy dust, but this light-up ink ...

In South Korea, a ‘Flying House’ made for a pilot and his family

When a person who spends most of his time up in the air decides to build a house, what would it look like?

In China, parks are using tech to stop people from wasting toilet paper

A park in Beijing has gone to the extraordinary length of installing facial recognition software to prevent the pilfering of poo paper.

These edible, vitamin-infused cups can help solve our garbage problems

This looks to be one of the first steps towards a delicious, plastic-free world. Have a drink, finish it, eat the cup – poof!

That’s right, there’s actually an art to making movie sex scenes

In films, sex scenes might look like just a bunch of random moaning and grinding, but there’s actually an art to it called Scopophilia.

Aussie comedian Ronny Chieng explains goon to Americans, and it is perfection

It’s about damn time our country’s fine traditions started getting the recognition they deserve. Ronny Chieng is an Aussie comedian who’s been absolutely killing it overseas after he landed a ...

Good gal photographs dogs eating peanut butter to help them get adopted

Los Angeles-based photographer Casey Elise shows us that puppies aren’t the only ones who are cute and worth adopting.

Poor Kiwi weatherman can’t stop accidentally dropping c-bombs, goes very viral

Aussies and Kiwis are famous for their liberal use of the c-bomb. But it’s not often you see it on live TV!

Russian short film imagines the horrors that lurk in underpasses

In his short film THE CROSSING, filmmaker Arseny Syuhin turns an ordinary, if not mundane, place (an underpass) and turns it into a horror setting.

Finally, someone spliced ‘Rogue One’ with ‘A New Hope’

With Rogue One being the prequel to A New Hope, it was only fitting that we get to see a seamless transition between the two Star Wars films.

Damn, this U-shaped skyscraper in NYC is pretty insane

It’s called ‘The Big Bend’, and if it’s ever completed, it will be the “longest skyscraper in the world.” The concept, created by architecture firm Oiio, features a thin U-shaped ...

These heartbreaking portraits show us what it’s like to lose EVERYTHING

An Emmy-nominated photographer has created a heart wrenching project to generate awareness towards the victims of the Great Smoky Mountains wildfires of past November.

NASA wants you to help them deal with poo in space

NASA launched a competition challenging the general public to come up with ideas to deal with poo and pee in space.

This 11 year old university student is more accomplished than most of us will ever be

A young pre-teen from Ottawa Hills is taking social media by storm – not for snapping dope selfies or his water bottle flipping antics – but for something actually important, ...