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These intricate mandalas can climb up walls and over people

Amsterdam-based artist Suzan Drummen puts together thousands of colourful pieces that form kaleidoscope-like mandalas.

The smallest snail in the world could fit inside the eye of a needle

Researchers in Guangxi Province, Southern China recently discovered what could be the smallest snail species in the world.

Everyone is confused at how Burger King’s Black Whopper made their poop green

In anticipation of Halloween, Burger King recently launched a limited-edition black Whopper in the United States.

When you’re true to your pleasure, this is what happens…

Magnum ice cream teamed up with i-D earlier this year to create a short film contest called ‘Be True To Your Pleasure’.

Flight attendant’s secret notes in planes make travel more fun

In her ongoing series ‘#wordsfromthewindowseat’, flight attendant Taylor Tippett lifts the spirits of her travel-weary passengers by leaving behind secret notes for them to discover.

Turn your boring door into cute animals with these witty stickers

Helsinki, Finland-based Etsy store ‘Made of Sundays’ creates cute wall stickers that will fill your home with whimsy – and your doors with polar bears and cats!

Yes that is a hamster on a leash and going on a walk

Goodbye hamster wheel, you guys had a good run while it lasted. Over on Twitter, user ‘@bom_okss’ posted videos of his hamster Pico strapped to a pink leash and taking a relaxing walk outside of his cage.

Best dad ever lets his son dress as Elsa for Halloween

When Paul Henson’s toddler, Caiden, asked him if he could dress up as a Disney Princess for Halloween, he responded like any dad would: he said yes!

China’s crazy glass bridge just shattered, sending tourists screaming in a panic

Last week we told you about the terrifying glass bridge in Shinuizhai National Geopark in China, and how tourists were pretty scared of walking over it — it is 3,500 feet above sea level after all.

A French bulldog just scared the hell out of two bears

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog! In California, two bears who wandered into a residential property ran for their lives after meeting their worst nightmare: a cute, little French Bulldog.

Family rescues injured squirrel and makes her one of their own

In August of 2012, Hurricane Isaac ravaged across Louisiana, damaging homes and taking lives. One of those homes was that of Jill’s, a cute baby squirrel who fell from her nest.

Barbie’s ‘average’ looking friend is finally getting her period! (NSFW)

The world first greeted the Lammily doll in 2014, when creator Nickolay Lamm decided he wanted to produce a fashion doll with more typical body proportions than, say, a Barbie doll.

This is the Fallout-themed basement door all gamers need to have

Newfoundland, Canada-based gamer Trey Hill recently posted photos of his basement/man cave slowly being redecorated into a real-life vault from the popular video game franchise ‘Fallout’.

Best lighting for a bookworm? The Book Stork Lamp

Book Stork Lamp is the winning project of the Romanian design contest organized this autumn by ROD Cărturești, in the search for a fetish object created for avid readers.

Get up close with Medieval artefacts at this exclusive Queensland Museum event

Brisbane is coming alive this spring and summer with fantastic arts and cultural events you don’t want to miss, so if you fancy yourself a bit of a history buff, get to Brisbane’s Queensland Museum at least once from December until April of next year.

Prisoners are in charge of this high-class restaurant in London

To eat at The Clink in London, all diners are subjected to routine searches, sometimes fingerprinting, and if you happen to bring your mobile phone with you, it’ll probably be confiscated.

Is this the only marathon on earth where you get a hangover the very next day?

Not into fitness? Can’t even imagine running a marathon? Love your wine? Then head to France — the town of Pauillac, to be exact — and sign up for the Marathon du Medoc.

A lizard taking a cozy nap inside a rose is the most adorable thing

On Imgur, user ‘Cmycherrytree’ posted a photo of a rose picked out by her daughter, Angel. What makes this special though is not the rose itself, but what was inside its petals: a lizard taking a nap!

WTF: Due to a bizarre Facebook glitch, these strangers met and are now happily married!

Thanks to a Facebook glitch, Schuler Benson met the love of his life! It happened six years ago when Schuler turned his mobile phone on and discovered that he was logged into someone else’s Facebook account.  What’s weird about the entire situation is that Schuler had no mutual friends with the other person — he lived in Arkansas, she lived in Colorado — and he was stuck in this new Facebook account for an entire week!

We interviewed Charlotte Gomez, illustrator of the anxiety web comic

Last week we showed you a brilliant comic series by BuzzFeed’s Charlotte Gomez that dealt with anxiety and the everyday scenarios people with anxiety face.