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An Italian alpine mountain retreat with panoramic views can be all yours for only €245,000

If you’re a lover of mountain trekking and all things Italian, you may just wanna pop by Ebay cos an entire Italian mountain retreat is on sale right now.

This designer created the sweetest resume he could give to prospective employers

Now that’s one way to court a potential employer! Design student Matthew Hirsch took the iconic Hershey’s Chocolate packaging and put in some personal touches, turning it into a delectable resume for his potential employers to drool over.

Behold! The hamster wheel has been reinvented for house cats

Gotta admit it: this cat wheel invention from California-based Sean Farlay and his company based in Camarillo, CA is giving us the chuckles.

Past made present in these colourised photos from history

We delighted to bring you a new wave of instalments in the rising trend of colourisation, the art of bringing historical photos into the modern day by applying the realistic colours that were leached out by the black and white photographic processes of yesteryear.

The world’s first public toilet for dogs has been installed in Spain

Public toilets for dogs sound like a great idea, especially in towns like El Vendrell in northern Spain where pet owners can be fined up to €750 for neglecting to pick up their dogs’ waste.

If Disney Princesses had Instagram in real life, they’d look something like this

Ever wondered what lives Disney Princesses would lead if they were set in the real world? ‘Seventeen Magazine’ imagines exactly that by coming up with Instagram accounts for each princess.

The beautiful and inspiring sreet art murals of Anat Ronen

It’s hard to believe, but Houston-based creative Anat Ronen is a self-taught artist and up until five years ago, was working in admin fields.

Photographer travels to live among the Eskimos, produces photo series over 20 years

The Inuit people of Northern Greenland have a myth that partly explains their theory of creation, and it goes something likes this: ‘In the beginning giants lived on the land and ate plants that they gathered.

You won’t recognize these men after they put on makeup and transform into women

BuzzFeed recently asked five men to sit down with a professional make-up artist and experience getting a fabulous makeover for the first time in their lives.

Say ‘I do’ in a junk food wedding? In McDonald’s Hong Kong, you can

Looks like we’ve found the perfect budget wedding idea, and it’s right under the Golden Arches. That’s right, in McDonald’s Hong Kong, you can choose from any one of four wedding packages starting from US$373 ($2,888 HKD) for a Happiness Party to US$1290 ($9,999 HKD) for a Love Forever Party.

Someone is cutting onions! Writing on the pages of this book will make you cry

Notebook manufacturer Magnus Ferreus recently launched a quirky new product – the Onion Note. Although it doesn’t stink like an onion, it has the same effect as cutting one.

A whale gets up close and personal with a kayaking couple

A couple had the time/fright of their lives when they want for a sunset kayak outing off the coast of Puerto Madryn, Argentina.

Law-abiding Japanese citizens simply do NOT make boats from their vaginas!

Did you know that in Japan there is an annual penis festival every April that thousands of people attend.

Dunking your Oreos into milk is so uninspiring when you can make art out of them

Tisha Cherry is a nurse who happens to be a very talented food stylist with a huge soft spot for Oreos.

This is what different foods look like when separated into monochromatic themes

Photographer Isabella Vacchi gives us an idea of what different meal settings look like when color variety is absent.

Strangely mesmerizing video of hundreds of scooters on their daily journey

This video of hundreds of scooters in Taiwan moving forth is strangely mesmerizing. The approximately two-minute video is a real gem of a lesson in patience as it shows the riders in a seemingly unperturbed, trance-like state in what must have been a horrendous traffic jam to boot and probably something they have to endure every single day of their commute.

This London Cinema offers double bed seating in the front row

Everybody knows the best way to watch a film is under the covers, in bed. And London’s Electric Cinema has gone with this idea and planted six upholstered double beds in their cinema’s front row!

Record sleeves, rescued from the bargain bin but not from blasphemy

I randomly chanced upon the rather curious Bargain Bin Blasphemy in Tumblr, and I’ve got to say, whoever is doodling over these music album sleeves and giving them all hilariously blasphemic makeovers (check out the Fleetwood Mac one!

Nickels carved in the images of famous pop culture characters

Previously, we featured the glorious but little known art form of the Hobo Nickel. Popular among hobos for its low cost and portability – hence the name – the Hobo Nickel is the technique wherein the artist carves the surface of any old coin until it forms a miniature bas relief.

Guess what this Manhattan skyline does

Made of rubber, this detailed model of the Manhattan skyline by designer Luca Lichee looks incredible.