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Vice President Joe Biden gets a little too cozy with these helpless anime characters

Joe Biden has been caught out getting a little too cozy – a la John Travolta – lately. His hands just won’t quit.

Infant goes on crazy daredevil adventures thanks to his photographer dad

In his series ‘Madd Stunts’, Seattle-based photographer Brandon Hill imagines his infant son Maddex going on all sorts of crazy adventures as a diaper-wearing daredevil.

Adorable cat keeps everyone awake at night snoring like a freight train

This cat has no idea he’s keeping the whole house up at night. To him, it’s just another evening cuddling up in bed, dreaming about mice and climbing cat towers.

Check this out: this is body art, BODY ART! Simply amazing

These super trippy optical illusion designs are the work of body paint artist Natalie Fletcher from Oregon.

Photographer’s self-portraits show how he gracefully levitates through everyday life

For the past three years, Berlin-based photographer and dancer Mickael Jou has been taking self-portraits seemingly levitating in mid-air as he goes about his daily life.

These towels sure look delicous for Japanese food lovers

These towels look like pieces of delectable sushi when they are rolled up. And whether you prefer your maki on the inside or outside, you’re covered – just change the fold.

These gruesome band-aids will make your wounds look worse than they already are

Never be ashamed of your ulcer with maggot infestation or chemical burn ever again. ‘Boo-boos’ is a collection of adhesive bandages that make your wounds appear worse than they really are – perfect if you want to show your squeamish mother that you’re absolutely fine.

Heartwarming video of skeletons kissing and hugging show us that love has no labels

Warning: prepare lots of tissue. In the video below, a bunch of skeletons kiss, hug, and dance behind a giant x-ray machine as a crowd curiously watches on.

In Japan, robotic dogs are given a proper family funeral when they cease to work

AIBO the robotic dog was sold in Japan by Sony between 1999 and 2006. Equipped with artificial intelligence, these dogs were able to develop their own personality and they were so popular that the initial batch of 3000 units were sold out in 20 minutes flat, in spite of the $US2,000 price tag.

Guy recreated the film ‘Ted’ by going on a date with his giant teddy bear

Finding himself without a date on Valentine’s Day, Cairo-based photographer Hossam Atef decided to take his childhood friend out instead.

Clever milk bottle design makes it look like your baby is chugging beer

Start them young, that’s what I always say. This is the ‘Chill, Baby’ bottle by Fred and Friends. It’s a clever milk bottle designed to get you some disapproving looks every time baby takes a swig.

Lingerie with burgers, fries, and milkshakes prints redefine the meaning of ‘food porn’

San Francisco-based lingerie company ‘Naja’ has come up with a lingerie line that puts the ‘porn’ in ‘food porn’ – their cheeky knickers feature prints of hamburgers, fries, milkshakes, as well as sushi and sake on the front.

Ever taken a shower at 40,000 feet? The best bits of luxurious flying by a first timer

Short of winning a competition or marrying a millionaire, most of us will never fly first class. However, as rewards and frequent flyer programs allow you to cash in and upgrade, flying business class is becoming more attainable.

Japanese photographer transformed a design on paper into a wearable piece of avant-garde art

For those into avant-garde fashion, this ‘rib-cage’ top should command your immediate attention. It was originally designed by Japanese illustrator Tetzco for a collection of illustrations he called ‘Internal Organ Neurosis’.

Designers create chairs that look like a swimming pool ladder

Your cramped apartment might not be big enough to have a pool, but you can have the next best thing: the ladder.

Can this woman’s sign find her the perfect stranger of her dreams? You better believe it!

When Sarah saw a handsome stranger past her while walking his dog last week on a New Zealand beach, something inside of her said she had to meet him again.

Slurpee surfing: ocean waves are now rolling in as slush due to freezing temperatures

Record freezing temperatures have been battering the eastern US in past weeks, resulting in many a grumpy driveway owner.

Father and son team creates gorgeous turntables from the cross-section of trees

Seattle-based Silvan Audio Workshop have created something that will make hipsters go nuts: a beautiful turntable made from the cross-section of a tree trunk.

Redback spider versus Snake is the battle royale that will give you nightmares all week

Only in Australia! This video from Victoria shows us just how deadly the redback spider is, even when a snake is concerned.

Parents get tattoos of their daughter’s birthmarks to make her feel even more special

Tanya Phillips celebrated her 40th birthday by getting her legs tattooed so that she’ll have some large splotches of red covering her limbs.