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This plane froze on the tarmac, so the passengers moved it with a giant push

Want to get from A to B this holiday season? You might have to push the plane on the tarmac! This story comes from Igarka airport, just above the Arctic Circle, where the plane carrying 70 passengers actually froze to the ground.

The ultimate beverage class is here… the bubble wrap glass!

Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? It’s the thing we all look forward to popping for days on end after unwrapping a gift.

Beautifully lush cinematography on show in independent Aussie film, Love is Now

Independent Australian film Love is Now features a host of Australian talent, including actors Eamon Farren, Claire van der Boom and Anna Torv.

The clothes-drying rocker: yep, a clothes dryer AND a rocking chair in one!

Sure, we can all multi-task, but not like the Object Chair E. Created by Seoul-based designer Seung Yong Song, this chair provides an extra comfy place to sit and rock away the stress of the workday, in a minimalist design.

Bob Dylan surprised a superfan with a private concert … just for him!

The other afternoon, 41-year-old Bob Dylan superfan, Fredrik Wikingsson, walked into Philadelphia’s Academy of Music.

This guy just made a fireplace coffee table and he’s sharing the DIY instructions with you

That friend who just bought his new home with a fireplace? He’s got nothing on your shoebox apartment with a fireplace coffee table!

HBO is set to show a new Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck

Next year, you can expect to watch filmmaker Brett Morgen’s Kurt Cobain documentary titled Montage of Heck.

Best invention of 2014? Booze-filled mouth spray

Christmas stocking alert! Lithuanian advertising agency McCann Vilnius sure knows how to grab our attention.

He was the company’s 100th hired employee and his first day of work was one big party

Think you had the best first day at your new job? Elliot Nordstrom-with the help of McGarrah Jessee-totally outdid you.

Even dogs who look like teddy bears need exercise, too

What’s better than a dog walking around the house in an adorable teddy bear costume? More walking in the same costume.

Unbelievably detailed and delicate traditional costumes made entirely of paper

There are paper cuts (BIG OUCH) and there are paper cuts the likes of these unbelievable paper costumes we’ve never ever seen before.

A piano comes full circle for this keyboard player of Lady Gaga

Just as far out as Lady Gaga, whom he plays for as keyboard player at her concerts, musician Brockett Parsons has collaborated with a team of designers to develop The Piano Arc, a piano that comes full circle with 294 keys, three 88-note keyboards joined together and a 28-note control section for a seamless high.

Niku Towel: a towel that looks like a slab of meat

How would you like to dry yourself off, medium rare or well done? This is the Niku Towel by designer Seiko Makita, and yes it resembles a delicious slab of beef, complete with brown butcher paper!

Artist lets public stick chewing gum all over giant sculpture of himself

We’re not pulling your leg. Stick gum on this sculpture and you won’t get in trouble, you’ll even be considered an artist!

Need a trusting, flexible sidekick for your heist? Here’s the perfect tool

Like comic books and films have taught us for ages: when you’re planning your heist, it’s important to be agile and flexible.

Ten 3D tattoos so realistic they’ll creep you out!

As tattoos become more popular and mainstream, the onus is on tattoo artists to introduce new and exciting styles for them and their customers to stand out, far from the madding crowd.

The Co-Create Series: Victoria Garcia’s illustration inspired by an ant coated dinnerware collection

For the Co-Create series, we’ve invited six of Australia’s most talented creative talents to produce original work exclusively for Lost At E Minor inspired by some of their favourite posts on the site and using only the Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

Photos reveal the incredible art of Parma ham making

Prosciutto di Parma (Parma ham) is known all around the world and is used in high-end restaurants, sold in delis, and if you’re lucky, used on pizzas in authentic pizzerias.

This guy is drinking 10 cans of coke a day to prove an unhealthy point

There’s a bunch of no-sugar diet plans making the rounds on social media, but one man is doing the complete opposite.

Nickelodeon and Toyota collaborated to make this Spongebob Squarepants car

Nickelodeon and Toyota recently collaborated to make a car who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Currently on display at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Spongebob Squarepants-themed concept car was created to promote the Toyota Sienna and ‘The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water’.