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A beetle and a frog become BFFs and it’s all caught on camera

Wildlife photographer Hendy Mp has captured the beginning of a beautiful friendship on camera, and you won’t believe who or what is involved.

A fitness trainer responded to hurtful comments by photoshopping her body step by step

Physical trainer Cassey Ho is in excellent shape. But that didn’t stop the hateful and hurtful comments pouring in over the way she looks.

This is what swimming through a tunnel made of millions of fish look like

If you’ve ever needed a reason to sign up for scuba diving lessons, this is it. In the GoPro video below, a William Mitchell goes diving into the enchanting waters of Silversides in Grand Cayman.

This artist turned delicate sheets of glass into spiraling geometric sculptures

Japanese artist Niyoko Ikuta turns ordinary glass into sculptures that seem to come alive with motion and fluidity.

Meet Honor: She was the #NameTheGirl sensation who gave us chills with her vocals, now she’s debuted her first single

Most musicians have a fun backstory as to how they got their first record deal. Honor’s is probably the most unique.

Cute and weird creatures by Hong Kong graffiti artist, Bao Ho

Hong Kong’s street art scene has been slowly but surely blooming. Like the greenery in this city, bits of it have been gradually peeking out from behind the greyness of the sidewalks and skyscrapers, adding splashes of colour that brighten up this concrete jungle.

The 365-Day Instagram challenge to create art from pencil shavings

For the 365-day Project, Meghan Maconochie creates unique artwork using pencil shavings that she posts regularly onto Instagram.

Walnut the crane is crushing on her zookeeper, and has totally bred with him (SFW)

There are an estimated 5000 white-naped cranes left in the world, so when Walnut the crane violently refused to mate with the males selected for her – she actually killed them both – her zookeeper, Chris Crowe, decided to step up and be a man.

What the last meals of Julius Caesar, Jimi Hendrix, and Napoleon Bonaparte looked like

I guess you could say that these last meals really look… heavenly. In his project ‘Last Suppers’, director Gus Filgate of Little Fish Films gives us a visual history lesson on what the last meals of famous people looked like.

The Strati 3D printed car takes 44 hours to print and reaches speeds of up to 50mph

You can be one of the very first people to own a 3D printed car with the Local Motors Strati vehicle.

The break up bean is the perfect way to end a relationship on a sour note

Just when you thought breaking up through text could be the most despicable and insensitive way of ending a relationship, online store ThinkGeek comes up with something more dastardly: The Break Up Bean.

The 10-piece brain specimen coaster set you’ll need for your next geeky party

Online store ThinkGeek is selling brain specimen coasters that will be a hoot in parties involving neurosurgeons, psychologists, zombies, and psychopaths named Hannibal.

A lady selling roses on the subway got the surprise of her life by a generous stranger

Hooray! This shows that New Yorkers do have hearts. While riding the subway with a basket full of coloured roses, one man stopped a woman and asked how much they were.

Artist gives old computer parts renewed purpose by turning them into intricate insect sculptures

They say that ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’, but in this case, one man’s broken circuit board is another woman’s bug sculpture.

Pugs buried in sand is the latest trend to sweep the nation

Pugs are cute, we already know this. But take a pug to the beach and bury it in sand and it becomes infinitely cuter.

Get excited, your next daily distraction has arrived: introducing

We know you love videos (we do too), so the Lost at E Minor team has created a site just for that. Yup, we’re introducing

A colourful photo series of tattooed parents and their children

When you’re a teenager and you’re dying to get a tattoo and your parents say no way, these kids know they’ve got a very good comeback: ‘Well you’ve got one, so I can have one, too!

An abandoned water tank was transformed into a beautiful art piece in the middle of the desert

Kinetoscope is an incredible artwork created by Christina Angelina x Ease One, which took an abandoned water tank in the desert of Slab City, California, and converted it into an eye-catching (see: spectacular) work of art.

Tilt shifting Vincent Van Gogh paintings reveal so much more about this talented artist

Vincent van Gogh’s art is already spectacular for its beautiful blending of colours in grand landscapes.

Genius! New drivers in Romania practice driving theory via Google Maps

When do you yield? Can you park that close to a fire hydrant? And, when do you give way to pedestrians?