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IKEA gave the best response to a politician’s opinion on tiny apartments and sex

Here we have a perfect example of a serious debate being ignored in favour of a single ill-advised one-liner.

Cure your loneliness with this undressable man pillow from Japan

A man-pillow you can undress in stages before you go to bed now exists. Husband pillows and snuggies have nothing on the hug pillow!

Mac Sabbath: it’s just like Black Sabbath, but for fast food

In 2013, LA-based music manager Mike Odd received an anonymous phone call telling him to come to a nearby fast food restaurant.

Artist imagines what animals would wear if they had clothes

The first thing that springs to mind when you check out the Zoo Portraits website is, how can there be so many of animals wearing clothes?

That’s right, a perpetually drunk goat is mayor of this town

Deciding who to vote for in an election is a tricky business at best. You have to live with whoever you vote into public office for at least a number ...

This music station from photographer Emilie Ristevski is perfect for daydreaming

Australian photographer Emilie Ristevski tells stories of her travels through the lens of her camera, capturing images both dreamy and nostalgic with just one click.

Wine glass that attaches to the bottle lets you drink the way you want to

Social etiquette says that drinking straight from a wine bottle is a big no-no. But it never said anything about a nifty invention called the Guzzle Buddy.

Meet the artist who wants to fill Australia with MASSIVE street art

In her series Walls of Wonderment, artist Lisa King hopes to make Adelaide, South Australia, more beautiful than it already is by filling it with more murals – lots of ...

What everyday items would look like if they were longer than usual

The Dufala Brothers take the ordinary and make it extraordinary – and weird – by elongating it to absurd proportions.

You complete me: Artist creates adorable boiled egg couple

Love really does come in all shapes and sizes. Previously, it came in the form of an avocado couple, and now, we see it through hard-boiled eggs.

Look at how stunning these wooden purses with flower embroidery are

Istanbul-based woodworking studio GRAV GRAV puts together different embellishment mediums to create bags for nature lovers.

Australia, don’t panic but Allens are bringing green frogs back

Australia’s forgotten lolly is making a comeback. In 1970, Joni Mitchell ominously foretold of the fate of green frogs when she sung, “don’t it always seem to go, that you ...

These puppies went to the beach and loved getting buried in sand

We always knew dogs loved burying stuff in the ground, but we never realised they also loved getting buried themselves!

A metal band crashed an engagement party and it was terrifyingly romantic

When you think of romance, you don’t necessarily think of black metal bands. But John Awesome, and Nydia Hernandez did and it the results were pretty special.

This kid’s tauntaun costume is the cutest thing this Halloween

For this coming Halloween, a little boy won’t be dressing up as Kylo Ren or Darth Vader. He’ll be as Luke Skywalker – well, half of him, at least.

Photographer captures what kittens look like mid-pounce

In his newest project, entitled Pounce, photographer Seth Casteel shows us the goofy faces kittens make mid-pounce.

This Instagram account is perfect if you’re in love with matcha

Green isn’t exactly the most appetising colour for food (unless it’s guacamole), but this Instagram account is making us believe otherwise!

Backpacks that look like wings will make you feel otherworldly

Whether you’re in grad school wishing you were on cloud nine or in year nine wishing you were a fairy, these winged backpacks are a great accessory to escape reality.

Donald Trump fortune-telling machine tells bullshit like the real thing

With the US presidential election just around the corner, it’s still pretty hard to tell who’ll win. But maybe this Donald Trump fortune-telling machine might have an idea?

Watch this artist use parts of her body as musical instruments

Some people play music so well, you’d think their musical instruments are an extension of their body.