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You’ll get plenty of good vibrations at this museum of antique vibrators

Talk about having good vibrations. That’s how you’ll feel if you’re into antique vibrators at the Good Vibrations antique vibrator museum in San Francisco.

Concept house harnesses the power of tidal waves for electricity

This is more than just a house. This feat of architectural engineering is also a power station that harnesses the power of waves.

Street artist paints shadowy ghosts all over an empty psych ward

This sure is some creepy street art! Painted in a ward of an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Parma, Italy, these ghostly shadows bleed away from derelict wheel chairs and through cracking doorways.

Awesome things that hide secret powers: These funky stickers are also 3mm thick bluetooth beacons

These colourful stickers might not look like much, but this is the digital age, and with the digital age comes smart technology.

Melbourne’s smallest art gallery is a bunch of repurposed mailboxes

You know what they say: ‘It’s not the size that matters – it’s how you use it!’ What was once a row of ordinary postboxes has now been repurposed to become Melbourne’s smallest art gallery, called Mailbox 141.

Soak up some Latin American heat and beats at the Darling Habour Fiesta in Sydney

Who loves a party? Be one of the eager 200,000 party goers who are expected to turn up over two weekends in October at Sydney’s Darling Harbour, especially if your Brazilian soul is aching for some solid Latin American funk.

Charge your phone by plugging into the butts of Disney character USB adaptors

I never thought I’d see the day when I’ll be charging my electronic device through Mickey Mouse’s buns.

Pharrell’s new video is an anime produced by Takashi Murakami: it’s amazing, of course

You’ve got to give it to Pharrell Williams. Not content with releasing the biggest hit of 2013 and most viral music video of 2014 (444 million views and counting), and supplying the vocals and melody to the next best song of 2014, he’s now teamed up with legendary artist, Takashi Murakami, for his latest music video, It Girl.

The Rolling Bridge in London rolls out like a red carpet for your crossing across waters

We’ve heard that London Bridge Is Falling Down, but is there one that rolls too? Apparently there is and it’s at the Grand Union Canal at London’s Paddington Basin.

Autistic 5-year-old learns to communicate by painting gallery-worthy pieces

Iris Grace is a 5-year-old girl living in Leicestershire. However, Iris was diagnosed as Autistic at the young age of one.

These gummi bear candles reveal a skeleton when you light them up

Because hanging out in the dark is a lot less scary when you have a 3-pound Gummi Bear around (or so you think.) The Gummi Bear Skeleton Candle, as the name says, is a candle that weighs over 3 pounds and can last up to 100 hours.

This couple had slow service at a restaurant on their anniversary, so they tipped the waiter $100: here’s why

It’s your anniversary. This is your once-in-a-year chance to have a romantic dinner out and buy lavish gifts for your significant other.

For the first time ever, a giant red leech was filmed swallowing a worm whole

In the rainforests of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, a rarely-seen breed of leech was filmed for the first time, revealing its disgusting and repulsive dining habit.

70 artists turn this office building into a huge art gallery before it gets demolished

The face of Tokyo is changing at a quick pace, Many old buildings are being torn down to make way for new facilities planned for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

This costume inspired by the three-boob woman deserves an award

As it turns out, the girl who underwent surgery to get a third boob is a hoax. There is no three-boob woman, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be like her this coming Halloween!

Although they might be called Paradise, these places certainly aren’t

The word ‘Paradise’ certainly carries a weighty meaning. It ‘comes steeped in religious significance, the ultimate home of the just.

Help this little boy convey his love to his dad by leaving your porch light on

6-year-old Darren of Clarksville, Tennessee wants you to leave your porch light on so that his dad would know that his love for him can light up the entire sky at night.

The ideal jacket for the travelling germaphobe

If you share the same fate a millions of other people around the world and find yourself crammed into overcrowded public transport every day in a desperate commute, then this might just be the perfect item for you.

Attendees of this festival slept on hammocks that hung across the Italian alps

That’s definitely going on my NOT-bucket-list list. At Italy’s biggest slackline festival, the International Highline Meeting, attendees (or slackers, as they’re called) showed how they love laughing at the face of death by doing stunts and taking photos as they balanced precariously on tightropes hanging above the Italian Alps.

Behind the lens with Californian photographer Sean Sullivan

We love the clean, classic framing and the vintage saturated colors that dominate photographer Sean Sullivan’s work.