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This Japanese ball of moss is actually ice cream

Nature regularly inspires art, and chefs, too, use the natural world to be inspired. Rather than make edible flowers or animal-themed hors d’oeuvres, the chefs at the Oirase Keiryu Hotel have created ...

The FBI can now use tattoo recognition technology to snare criminals

Authorities in the US now have the ability to identify someone and access their entire criminal history just by looking at their body art.

This stunning house can change colours just like a mood ring

What might appear like an ordinary home during the day, transforms into a stunning spectacle of colour and light at night.

Plates made entirely from leaves might just help save the planet

Who doesn’t love eating in the great outdoors? From picnics to barbecues, eating (and drinking) outside is probably the most enjoyable way to experience nature.

Prison Bae: This woman’s stunning mugshot almost broke the internet

It’s official: being really, really, ridiculously good-looking genuinely makes life easier. Much to this writer’s dismay, we can no longer hide our heads in the sand about this sad fact.

You can now rent an Airbnb that floats over the Great Barrier Reef

How does having your own address at the Great Barrier Reef sound? Airbnb, in partnership with Disney’s Pixar, is offering guests the chance to stay a night in the world’s ...

This case turns your phone into a Game Boy

A new generation of kids can finally enjoy the Game Boy of old! Or at least, something like it. Last year, gaming accessory manufacturer Hyperkin released an April Fools joke, ...

Chinese celebs hold concert to protest the Yulin Dog Meat Festival

June 21st is the day where no animal lover would forget. It’s the date that marks beginning of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and the death of thousands of dogs in China.

Kanye West’s NSFW video has Taylor Swift pissed, naturally

I guess you could say Taylor Swift is not about to ‘Shake It Off’ after Kanye West depicted her in the nude in his latest music video.

Alpaca makes couple’s proposal photo better by photobombing it

Wedding photographer John Myers was capturing a couple’s surprise proposal, when a curious little alpaca popped its head into the shot, photobombing the engagement photo session.

Guy devises prank so clever his awful neighbours moved out

A man from Michigan had been having problems with his neighbours when he came up with a diplomatic solution: have a sincere and open-minded talk make them believe their apartment ...

Engineers create robot that can make beautiful paintings

You may say machines can never be as good as human artists, until you see the mesmerising works created by TAIDA, the Robot Artist.

What famous cartoon characters look like before their morning coffee

Australian graphic designer Sam Milham shows us that popular cartoon characters are just like you and me – such that, they too, are sleep deprived and in dire need of ...

This site will help you make a snappy comeback during an argument

Have you ever been lost for words after a rude remark? Ever had someone say a nasty comment and you couldn’t come up with a witty reply?

Grandma goes viral with most polite Google search ever

Have you ever been so polite that you said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to a computer? Well, a British grandma has, and the internet is loving her for it.

Doing absolutely nothing is now a competitive sport in South Korea

Finally, a ‘competitive’ sport where we’re all considered elite athletes! The Space Out Competition is an annual event wherein contestants do absolutely nothing.

Japan opens its first museum for miniature architecture models

Architectural models have long been underappreciated, playing second fiddle to the real thing and ending up forgotten in storage.

This VR game helps you overcome your fear of spiders

Watching someone stumble about while wearing an Oculus Rift is hilarious to those not partaking in the VR experience.

Turning coffee grounds into clean energy is a stroke of genius

Apparently, caffeine can not only power you in the morning, it could also power your BBQ. UK-based bio-bean is the first clean technology company in the world to industrialise the ...

Melbourne has a restaurant where everyone’s naked, including you (NSFW)

Oh Melbourne. Just when we got used to the deconstructed coffee and oddly sculpted moustaches, you come up with a nude restaurant.