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Your pen, Your Majesty! We all need a geeky pen holder just like this one

Isn’t it about time you felt high and mighty when asking for your pen to sign papers or grade assignments?

Now you can wear all the tools of the trade on your wrist

Carrying around a heavy box of tools can get tiring if you do it day in, day out. So the geniuses at Leatherman came up with a wearable toolbox that includes pretty much every tool you’ll need on a day at work.

Illustrations of real life Disney princes will make your ovaries explode

Melbourne-based artist Jirka Vaatainen has discovered a surefire way to make ovaries explode everywhere: by illustrating Disney Princes as real guys.

This website will give you every excuse under the sun not to go into work

While some of us are blessed to have a flexible telecommuting policy at work, we still have to inform the boss when we’ll be working from home and have to come up with a pretty good excuse as to why we can’t make it to the office.

Rome ‘hood gets a brilliant technicolour makeover by street artist Blu

If only every neighbourhood had the Blu treatment! Blu, an Italian street artist, has really made his mark on his new home in Rebibbia, Rome.

All this turtle wants to do is dance in the shower

There’s something cuter than watching a puppy take a shower. It’s watching a turtle take a shower, while dancing.

Baymax bed will make sure you’re satisfied with your sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, Big Hero 6’s beloved healthcare robot has the perfect cure for that: himself!

Artist creates amazing pottery that’s no bigger than your finger

Tacoma, Washington-based artist Jon Almeda creates beautiful hand-thrown ceramics such as vases, bowls, and teapots.

Beautiful illustrations take us on a journey into the surreal

Matylda Konecka is an artist from Wrocław, Poland. She graduated from Landscape Architecture at the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, and has been awarded prizes in several major competitions, while also having a number of individual and group exhibitions throughout Europe.

Awesome mural is created in Melbourne with just acrylic paint and a brush

The Biker by Shawn Lu from Round 3 Creative on Vimeo. Melbourne artist Shawn Lu has created his most recent mural, The Biker, outside of the Juddy Roller studios in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Set your adrenalin alight on this Fijian jet ski adventure

Picture this: a vast expanse of tropical islands in every direction you look, blue skies above, and a smattering of ocean life gently swimming around you.

This guy is drawing more than 100,000 tool shed items to honour his late grandpa

In ‘#TheShedProject’, artist Lee John Phillips honours his beloved grandfather by illustrating all the items he left behind in his old tool shed.

Water droplets in these macro photos turn the ordinary into the extraordinary

We’ve seen beautiful and impressive macro photography over the years, but what we’ve never seen are water droplets undergoing ‘a phenomenal metamorphosis’.

Omg! Grumpy puppy is the funniest thing we’ve seen since Grumpy Cat

And you thought Grumpy Cat was as agro as they get! Meet Earl, the Internet’s ‘most morose mutt’. This little puggle enjoys eating snacks, sunbathing and chasing balls around the park – but with a sourpuss look on his face at all times.

Photo series parodies American Beauty to show that all body types are beautiful

Wanting to change the way we perceive beauty, photographer Carey Fruth has created a series that imagines women of different body types as the muses of a sexual dream.

This fallen angel sculpture looks so real it’s a bit disturbing

We probably won’t be eating chicken wings for a while. Back in 2008, Beijing-based artistic duo Sun Yuan and Peng Yu unveiled their most disturbing work: a highly-realistic sculpture of a fallen angel.

A copycat town of Austria’s Hallstatt, smack bang in the middle of China

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right? This seems to be the way things are going in Huizhou, China. A real estate development company has replicated the picturesque city of Hallstatt in Austria with lookalike buildings and quaint cobblestone laneways.

Meals are delivered by roller coaster at this bizarre Bavarian restaurant

Looking for a place to eat while travelling through Germany? Head south to Bavaria and don’t stop until you reach Nuremberg.

Rough night on the town in Tokyo? Cozy up in a tiny capsule til morning

It’s happened to the best of us – we have a bit too much fun on a night out and we miss the train. Or, we’re about to catch the train but we feel too under-the-weather to sit in a rattling carriage for an hour ’til we arrive home.

Interview with Aussie visual artist and graphic designer Nikki Flux

To say Nikki Flux has ‘made it’ is an understatement. This Aussie visual artist and graphic designer recently won the MIMCO Design Project with her State of Flux bag concept.