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Toblerone ice creams are being trialled and we’re losing our freaking minds

BIG NEWS! Toblerone, the tried and tested choccy treat that EVERYONE buys as a last minute purchase when going through duty free at the airport, has announced a new spin ...

Joseph J. Jones to play first Lost at E Minor Session of 2018

Raised by jazz, swing and soul, Joseph J. Jones is set to go LIVE at the very first Lost at E Minor Session for 2018 this Sunday!

This article from The Onion sadly applies to every mass shooting in the US

Whenever there’s a mass shooting in America (which is, you know, often), The Onion posts a recurring article with the headline: “‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where ...

That AI-generated Harry Potter fan fic is now an animated short film

Last year, a Harry Potter story written by a bot went viral. Now, Botnik Studios, the startup behind the bot has produced a short animated film based on the story.

This restored 1972 Airstream is sheer vintage beauty

Los Angeles-based studio Silver Buddha Design’s renovated vintage Airstream looks great on Instagram as it does in the great outdoors.

The ‘penis-head’ statues at the Winter Olympics are now a meme, as they should be

The overload of phallic iconography outside the Olympic Ski Jump Center has unexpectedly added excitement to the events in South Korea.

Paris Hilton has a new song and it’s exactly as bad as you think

Paris Hilton has been teasing new music on social media, and now the wait is finally over. “Thank god!

Watch: director turns an irrational childhood fear into a music video

You’ve seen a movie trailer about sharks in a swimming pool. Now, check out an actual music video about the same irrational childhood fear.

Woman goes through x-ray machine with her purse to make sure it’s safe

In the city of Dongguan in China, security guards at a railway station got quite the surprise when a silhouette of a woman popped up on their x-ray machine.

Watch this giant ball made of 42,000 matches go up in flames

When Ben Ahles wondered if he could glue together thousands of matches to form a sphere, he knew he had to try.

Doughnut engagement rings are the best way to get her to say ‘Yes!’

Forget diamonds. Here’s an inexpensive ring for when she finally says ‘I do’ – or rather, ‘I dough’. UK-based creative agency Hope&Glory has collaborated with Doughnut Time and food delivery ...

This gross experiment shows why using hand dryers may be a bad idea

Choosing hand dryers over tissues might save precious paper, but if one experiment is to be believed, it might just cost you your health.

WTF: This piece of sushi is still moving after it is served

At least whoever ordered the sushi knows it’s fresh? Twitter user ‘@shoumizo3446’ recently went to popular restaurant chain Sushiro in the city of Kishiwada, Japan, and ordered some ‘iki hokkigai’ ...

Sean Hannity takes down nutty tweet about Obama’s portrait containing “secret sperm”

Fox News host Sean Hannity has removed a tweet endorsing a crazy conspiracy theory about Barack Obama’s recently unveiled official portrait.

This award-winning photo of a baby gorilla hugging the man who saved her life will warm your heart

A powerful photograph of an emotional embrace between a young Gorilla and the Ape Action Africa worker who saved her from poachers has won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year ...

Yes, there’s a mullet fest in Kurri Kurri and it’s the most glorious event known to mankind

The small town of Kurri Kurri, in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, is said to be the home of the mullet – the iconic hairstyle that defined the ...

These nifty sweaters were created to make you disappear

In his series Knitted Camouflage, photographer Joseph Ford makes models blend in with their surroundings using not military fatigues, but rather, sweaters.

Try not to cry as this lesbian couple accidentally propose to each other at the EXACT same time

We’ve heard of countless heartwarming proposal stories, but this one might just take the cake. Tori Monaco, a senior at the University of Texas at Austin, and Berkley Cade, who ...

In Finland, there’s now an island resort that’s only for women

Do you despise men and their patriarchal society? Ever dreamed of running away to a place where women run the world?

Study says that dolphins recognise themselves in the mirror ahead of humans

For three years, scientists recorded the reactions of dolphins to a one-way mirror they placed on an aquarium wall.