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WATCH: Aussie news anchor falls off chair live on air, proceeds to swear uncontrollably

Erin Molan is arguably the best thing about Australian TV. The star of the AFL Footy Show and Nine News is one of the country’s most respected journalists and presenters ...

16-year old model, musician and actor has a better résumé than all of us

16-year old Los Angeles, California native, Breaker Novogratz, has kept busy in Hollywood, to say the least.

Strange things happen when a camera’s frame rate syncs with a bird’s wings

In Austin, Texas, resident Al Brooks was reviewing his home’s CCTV footage when he saw something unbelievable: a bird hovering without flapping its wings.

What classic Disney movies would look like if they were made in 2017

Tom Ward, a graphic artist from the UK, has come up with a series of illustrations imagining what Disney films would look like with iPhones, CCTV cameras, and the LGBT ...

Yes, really: This Japanese band’s concert lasted only 8 seconds

“LOL, the countdown was longer than the show.” Last June 29 at the Sunshine City mall in Tokyo, local rock band Golden Bomber had a free concert which lasted only ...

Artists ‘deleted’ a car Photoshop-style using a clever illusion

How do you make something instantly disappear? Well, with Photoshop, of course! As part of Stenograffia, an annual street art festival in Russia, several artists collaborated to help remove the ...

Drone captures how a pod of orcas brutally hunt down a whale

I guess that’s why orcas are called ‘killer whales’. Recently, a team of Russian scientists on an expedition off the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula witnessed a pod of orcas ...

Pharma bro Shkreli can’t get a jury together, because people hate his face

Remember pharma bro Martin Shkreli, the hedge fund kid who jacked up the price of life saving medication before being the only person to buy Wu Tang’s limited release Once ...

Chuchu’s outrageously gorgeous sculptural hats are simply … outrageous

Originally from Hong Kong, artist Chuchu’s creations will leave you nothing short of breathless. Her organically flowing sculptural hats adorn the heads of models in fashion shows and in magazines, ...

The five must-see up and coming acts playing Splendour this year

Don’t panic, but Splendour in the Grass 2017 is nearly here! Yep. It really has a habit of sneaking up on us.

Meet the artist who makes ceramics that all look like Shiba Inus

Tetsuya Iseda is a Fukuoka, Japan-based artist who makes ceramic figures of the internet’s most beloved dog breed: the Shiba Inu.

This Chinese airline’s new haute couture uniforms are so hot right now

At the recent Paris Couture Week, Hainan Airlines unveiled new cabin crew uniforms that are set to take aviation fashion to new heights.

Taiwan turns commuters into athletes by disguising subway cars as sports venues

To promote the upcoming 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei, Taiwan, the city has redesigned its subway cars to look like sports venues, effectively turning ordinary commuters into elite athletes.

This rare image shows what nap time for whales looks like

Without beds or sofas in the ocean, how exactly do whales take naps? As it turns out, they do so with a very strange sleeping position.

Cop forgets he has body cam on while planting drugs at crime scene

There are lots of videos showing police officers abusing their power. However, it’s rare that we get to see such incidents filmed by the officers themselves.

The Strokes ‘Is This It’ producer, Gordon Raphael, is launching another rising artist … himself

The man, the myth, the legend–yes, we are talking about THEE Gordon Raphael. Producer, songwriter, and musician Gordon Raphael is known to stumble across iconic talents, such as The Strokes ...

Here are our favourite Linkin Park songs to remember Chester by

Linkin Park’s lead singer Chester Bennington has tragically passed away overnight at just 41-years-of-age.

This artist’s sculptures will make you want to recycle your avocado pits too

While most people put their avocado pits in the trash, Ireland-based artist Jan Campbell has someplace else in mind for the stones: an art gallery.

Repair man gets locked inside ATM, slips notes through receipt slot to get help

On Monday at a Bank of America in Corpus Christi, Texas, customers using the ATM were surprised when, in addition to their money and receipt, an SOS note also came ...

China is building the world’s first vertical forest city to fight air pollution

Plans have been unveiled for a forest city in China capable of absorbing up to 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 57 tons of pollutants annually.