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Hero trolls Trump by building a wall around his Hollywood star

Donald Trump finally got his wall, albeit not as big as he thought it’d be, and not located along the US-Mexico border.

This chihuahua is the winner of the 2016 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest

Dogs are usually heartbreakingly cute; from the big and loyal, to the petite and cuddly. Unfortunately, we can’t same the same about Sweepee Rambo – a Chihuahua cross Chinese Crested pooch that was just ...

ZANEROBE releases the third installment of its EP series

Australian fashion label ZANEROBE has finally launched the long-awaited EP03. EP, which stands for ‘Exclusive Product’, is a collection that features limited edition styles that sell out as soon as ...

Hauntingly beautiful photos show the lesser known side of Hong Kong

When we think of Hong Kong, we’re quick to imagine a metropolis teeming with skyscrapers and bright lights.

Artist arrested for inviting strangers to caress her genitals

Milo Moire, a Swiss performance artist, was arrested for inviting strangers to fondle her genitals and breast in public.

Watch the touching moment a cop proposed to his boyfriend at London Pride

It’s been a rough few weeks all across the world. This video will momentarily make you forget all the horrors and celebrate love instead.

People tried to recreate Adele’s makeup look without a mirror

Apparently, along with moving the world with her powerful vocals, Adele has some killer cat-eye makeup that is pretty hard to imitate.

Sending Game of Thrones spoilers anonymously is the best form of revenge

When it comes to vengeance, this revenge puts Ship Your Enemies Glitter to shame!If you find joy in the misfortune of others, get ready for some serious schadenfreude.

The Autobots: a Chinese film greatly inspired by Pixar’s ‘Cars’

A  Chinese company has created a movie called The Autobots which looks ridiculously similar to the 2006 Pixar blockbuster Cars, prompting Disney to seek legal action.

A Japanese man abandoned his wife for a sex doll

In Japan, a man has found true love with a sex doll, begging the question, “Are the rest of us looking for love in all the wrong places?

Artist completes his drawings by adding in everyday objects

17-year-old artist Kristian Mensa sees everyday objects not just as everyday objects, but as elements in art.

An Italian supermarket is pissed about people knocking on their melons

Media agencies in China have circulated pictures of a sign in an Italian supermarket asking customers not to knock on watermelons.

Makeup artist transforms her face into famous artworks

California-based artist Lexie Lazear transforms her face into works of art with the power of makeup! Lazear was inspired to turn her face into famous paintings, thanks to her love of art.

New study says dinosaurs may have actually cooed, not roared

Part of what makes dinosaurs so scary – as depicted in the Jurassic Park films – is their ferocious roar.

Lost at Splendour: Interview with Violent Soho

With their massive riffs, fearless vocals and relentless head-banging, Violent Soho have established a name for themselves as perhaps Australia’s best live band.

Check out this cloud that looks like a giant penis in the sky

16-year-old Samantha Meazaros from Miami was driving home with her mum and two friends last Saturday when she spotted something peculiar in the sky: a giant penis.

These might be the wackiest hairstyles you’ll ever see!

Crazy Hair Day is just around the corner. So, we’ve decided to put together some of the quirkiest hairdos ideas for parents to show off their kid’s wacky side!

Old photos show what gangsters in Australia used to look like

Dressed in suits, fedoras, and bow ties, these gentlemen may look like they’re posing for GQ. But, in truth, they’re getting their mugshots taken.

How VR is going to take us Beyond the Frame

When you’re at the start of a revolution, it’s almost impossible to predict where things are going to end up, or what the full impact is going to be – ...

A 100-year-old theatre is turned into the most spectacular bookstore

In Buenos Aires, you can find heaven for bookworms: a 100-year-old theatre renovated into a glorious bookstore.