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This Canadian island REALLY wants you to live there

A local business in the island of Cape Breton in Canada has devised a pretty ingenious way to fight population decline.

These offensively cute greeting cards are perfect for your enemies!

Birthdays, births, anniversaries, promotions, and more. The list of moments when you realise “Bleeuurgh I guess I better get a card for that person I vaguely don’t like anymore” is ...

Black ice-cream is the new #foodporn on Instagram!

With ice cream, the colour is key in figuring out what the hell the flavour is supposed to be. You’ve got red for strawberry, yellow for lemon, and then a spectrum of ...

Pokemon Go is the new Tinder in Japan

Who knew an innocent game could potentially help solve an entire country’s demographic problem? In Japan, a full quarter of men over 30 are virgins.

This sled lets you go snorkeling without ruining your makeup

Have you always dreamed of discovering the wonders of the ocean without messing up your makeup? Throw out that leaky snorkel and get yourself one of these bad boys!

A black metal musician got elected into local office against his will

While most politicians would practically beg everyone to vote them into office, a Norwegian black metal musician did the opposite: he told people not to elect him, and yet he ...

This actually happened: Writer braves fire to save his life’s work

As any budding author can attest, completing a novel is incredibly hard. So when a New Orleans-based writer found his home was on fire, he braved the flames just to ...

Celebrate autumn by wearing these beautiful acorn necklaces

With the autumn season finally here, you’ll probably be changing your wardrobe to match the weather. Oh boy, do we have the perfect accessory for you.

Brilliant ad shows a T-Rex’s everyday struggles with his tiny arms

The Tyrannosaurus Rex might have been king of the dinosaurs, but even he has everyday problems – especially with tiny arms like those.

Yep, an inflatable Irish bar you can put up anywhere you like

Why bother going to that Irish pub down the street when you can easily put one up in your own backyard?

Woman sues her parents for posting her childhood photos on Facebook

While most of us just shake our heads whenever our parents post our embarrassing childhood photos, an 18-year-old woman in Austria might have taken things too far.

A knit cap that turns you into a Buddha is a real thing

The path to becoming a Buddha is long and difficult, spanning countless lifetimes in pursuit of enlightenment.

Women’s only capsule hotel in Japan lets fangirls “sleep” with cute anime boys

Japanese pop culture often reminds me of Charlie Sheen. It’s unpredictable, occasionally awesome, sometimes downright weird and is probably fuelled by ‘Tiger blood.’ It should come as no surprise then ...

Dresses dyed with flowers are a good alternative to synthetic dyes

How many readers right now are wearing a piece of clothing that contains synthetic dyes? After reading about a natural dye artisan in New York who uses leftover flowers to ...

Emmy Award-winning VR film about a loveable hedgehog will make you go awww

Parental warning: this video exceeds the recommended daily adult dose of cute. Children under 12 may experience brain-explosion.

Yep, Liverpool is still the best place to learn about The Beatles

Beatlemania may have reached its zenith in the mid 60s, but the band remains as popular as ever. The screaming girls (and sometimes boys) have now grown up, but new ...

This girl just curled her hair with Cheetos and it kinda worked

Cheetos get a lot of airtime. In fact, they’re probably the favourite savoury snack of the meme-sphere.

You can now vote for which cute emoji to appear next on your keyboard!

This year a whopping 72 new emojis have been added to the global lexicon and digital chit-chatters the world over have never been able to say so much by writing ...

McDonald’s accepts trash on the street as burger currency

We now have a new excuse to pig out at McDonald’s. An initiative in Stockholm lets people pay for their Big Macs in cans that would otherwise be litter in ...

Boy dresses up as his mum to buy booze, is surprisingly successful

Why bother getting a fake ID and growing out your beard to buy booze when you can just dress up like your mum?