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What Black Mirror episodes would look like as comic book covers

Our favourite, creepy Netflix drama has now been reimagined into comic book covers. The science-fiction drama series featuring a range of standalone episodes was first a UK television hit before ...

Tim Tams have finally made it to the USA … you’re welcome America!

But the real question is, will good people of the United States know the proper way to eat them? It’s a fundamental part of the Australian identity, and now the ...

This bizarre game has players fighting evil living panties

Yes, there’s a new game on the market called Panty Party. And yes, it’s as bizarre as the name would suggest.

This jacket lets people ‘experience’ music through their body

Japan always seems to find a way to take the world by storm. This jacket is no exception. Japanese rock band ONE OK ROCK has found an exciting way to promote their ...

Watch this guy spend 17 hours clicking his mouse one million times

In one of the most unenviable achievements ever, a man became the fastest (and perhaps the only) person to click his mouse a million times.

WATCH: This Muslim comedian just delivered the most powerful speech Australian TV has seen in years

None of us thought that I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here would have given us must-see television – but Nazeem Hussein has done just that.

The world’s first 12-hour live commercial is here to teach you how to seize the day

What does ‘carpe diem’ mean to you? The literal translation is ‘seize the day’, which encourages you to live in the moment.

YAAS QUEEN: Bjork calls out sexism in the music industry

Critics are giving Bjork’s recent DJ project a harsh spinning, and she’s fighting back. When the curtains closed on the Day for Night music festival in Houston, Texas last December, many walked ...

Marvel at these impossibly detailed drawings by the world’s greatest explorers

Do you ever wonder what travel must’ve been like before the age of modern technology? Here’s a glimpse.

Smithsonian hires first ever beer historian – and it wasn’t you

One of the world’s best jobs was up for grabs, but all that VB you’ve been drinking got you disqualified.

In China, millennials can rent a partner for the holidays

In Chinese culture, the idea of settling down and having a family is a huge deal. The pressure from parents is so much, a myriad of rent-a-partner sites are appearing ...

Hallmark to release greeting cards designed by Dalí, Rockwell and Steinberg

Hallmark are just showing off now. In perhaps the most Hallmark move ever, the greeting card giant has moved to further crush their competition by re-releasing cards they commissioned ridiculously ...

This uber-cool world map reveals what each country is NUMBER ONE at

Whoever said pigeonholing was a bad thing had definitely never seen anything like this. Prepare to have all your stereotypes swept aside by a swathe of new, surprising and entirely ...

Uh oh – feral cats have almost gained full control of Australia

It’s a seriously well-worn debate. The old cats vs dogs conundrum. Both sides have their arguments but neither one has really had the ammunition to gain the upper hand – ...

This Aussie artist draws some of the most amazing nature illustrations we’ve seen

With the onset of technology, the art of scientific illustration has long been in decline. Australian artist Candela Riveros, however, is looking to reverse that trend and carry on a ...

These murals reveal hidden murals once they start glowing in the dark

Barcelona-based Reskate Studio has created a series of murals within murals – although you might not see them unless it’s already dark out.

This blanket will keep you warm and turn you into an owl too

Don’t give a hoot about what they say, looking like a giant bird is definitely the fashionable thing this season.

The Hague city hall is now the world’s largest Mondrian painting

To celebrate the centennial of the Dutch art movement known as De Stijl, the Netherlands is doing something big.

Artist arranges 20,000 seeds to make a massive realistic portrait

Continuing her work with unconventional materials, artist Red Hong Yi has created a giant portrait of Ai WeiWei using seeds – about 20,000 of them.

Man with a death wish gives girlfriend the most brutal Valentine’s gift ever

A word of advice: Ladies, if your man tells you he’s taking you to see Paris and Barcelona, better make sure he’s talking about the European cities.