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Photographer captures how absolutely fabulous cats with ‘beards’ are

Get ready to get hyped, crazy cat ladies. Hong Kong-based photographer Robert Sijka has come out with a series that shows just how majestic cats are by documenting the Maine ...

The cassette tape coffee table is what every millennial apartment needs

A Los Angeles-based company has come up with a collection of coffee tables that will make you feel nostalgic.

New York museum presents a collection about, er, collecting stuff

Next time you take a trip up to the attic for a big clear out, think twice! That accumulated junk might just belong in an art gallery.

Illustrator imagines a world where books are present in all aspects

You know when you read a really good book and it seems to be following you everywhere for days afterward?

Here’s what happens when you swim in a pool of 25 million water marbles

Would you sink or float in a pool filled with water balls? Mark Rober, one of the Backyard Scientists, decided to find out – by actually dumping 25 million water ...

This powerful short shows how refugees adjust to life in a new country

Being finally accepted into a new country might seem like sweet victory for refugees, but as the short film Grey Bull demonstrates, their struggles are far from over.

A photographer spent five years capturing basketball courts in the Philippines

While most countries in South East Asia love football, the Philippines has had an obsession with a different sport, one that speaks of their American colonial heritage: basketball.

Artist shuts down sexists by turning their comments into art

In her series Handle with Care, artist Rora Blue highlights sexism by turning hurtful and demeaning words uttered to women into artworks.

This toy with googly eyes is actually a real squid in the ocean

At first glance, this might seem like a child’s doll, but upon closer inspection, it’s revealed to be a googly-eyed squid with a mean staredown.

Thunder Road: a simple but powerful film about a funeral and Bruce Springsteen

In Thunder Road, a police officer gives an emotional eulogy at his mum’s funeral, eventually breaking down and turning to Bruce Springsteen for help.

Dress submerged in the Dead Sea turns into a stunning salt-covered gown

In her series Salt Bride, artist Sigalit Landau submerged a black mourning dress into the Dead Sea. The result?

Sophisticate your makeup collection with genitalia-inspired products

A new genitalia-inspired cosmetic highlighter really brings out the va va voom in vaginas and demonstrates solid dick decor.

These 3D-printed Lego-like blocks are used to build science tools!

Playing with Lego is a great way to pass the time, but now, the concept of building blocks is now being used to make scientific advancements!

Woman cosplays at work after being told not to wear headscarf

In what is possibly the most fabulous retaliatory act ever, a Chicago woman has turned up to work in cosplay.

Experience dementia with this bizarre egg-shaped helmet

If you’ve ever had a loved one suffer from dementia, you may have wondered what their experience was like.

Dolphin helps recover an iPhone that fell into the ocean

Late last year, Miami Heat dancer Teressa Cee dropped her iPhone into the ocean while vacationing in the Bahamas.

This adorable pig from Hawaii can surf better than you

If you’ve ever felt helpless about learning to surf, prepare to feel even worse about it, because even a family of pigs can do it.

These tables look like they have animals swimming in the water

Since 1997, artist Derek Pearce has been making tables that make it seem that there are underwater creatures swimming right in your living room.

Great job Internet: Chinese netizens saved the fate of these stray cats!

The internet has won, saving an entire bunch of its spirit animal –  cats – from eviction in China. A family of stray cats are one of the most well-known ...

Metallica’s James Hetfield now has a PhD in astrophysics

Metallica’s lead singer and heavy metal guitarist James Hetfield just put us all to shame by getting a PhD in astrophysics.