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Ron English, the Godfather of Street Art, unveils his latest works in TOYBOX exhibit

Ron English, widely considered as the Godfather of Street Art and Seminal Pioneer of Pop Surrealism, has launched a new exhibit that promises to amaze and bewilder audiences with its ...

Photos from space show the magnitude of California’s tragic wildfires

As it turns out, Southern California’s wildfires can not only be seen from miles away, they can be seen from HUNDREDS of miles away.

This viral hit about Smoko is the most Aussie banger you’ve never heard

Look no further for your Summer anthem. Aussie music has delivered some absolute champions over the year, but none hold a candle to mullet-sporting Sunshine Coast band, The Chats.

Found At E Minor: Discover the jaw-dropping work of hyper realist painter Omar Ortiz

Mexican painter Omar Ortiz is dazzling the Internet with paintings that are so exquisitely hyper realist you could easily mistake them for photographs.

Cards Against Humanity is having a very real border conflict with Trump

Cards Against Humanity is throwing major shade at Trump, and we are completely on board. There are many reasons we all love Cards Against Humanity, but the latest reason is ...

An Australia-themed sex toy is the purrr-fect souvenir (NSFW)

What happens when you’re a horny, single Australian? You start making Aussie-themed sex toys, of course.

With this scarf you won’t be cold any schlonger

In the Northern Hemisphere winter has well and truly begun and surely nothing could keep you warmer than….

This booze bus will get your drunk ass home when you pass out on a train

Plan to get blotto but haven’t considered your journey home? Don’t stress, Japan has you sorted. If you’ve ever experienced the shameful jolt of awareness as you wake up at the ...

Harry Potter x Pokemon Go! Yes, that’s happening

Get ready Harry Potter fans, your life is about to change – augmented reality style. In 2016 we saw the nation glued to their smartphones, running around catching virtual Pokemon.

The Rock reveals the hilarious reason he can’t run for President

Prepare to have your hearts broken everyone. The dream’s over. Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock if you haven’t paid attention to the last decade or so of life, has jokingly ...

This Aussie dad’s EPIC letter about a school’s insanely sexist policy is a must-read

The only real explanation for casual sexism in 2017 is a rip in the space-time continuum, right Doc? Stephen Callaghan was not at all pleased when his 12-year-old daughter Ruby ...

Shocking footage of QOTSA frontman kicking female photographer in the face

Seems as though he’s living in the stone age… Video has emerged showing Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme kicking a photographer in the face during a concert.

Heart-breaking footage of starved polar bear shows the impact of climate change

Vision captured by a photographer has summed up the devastating impact climate change is continuing to have.

This Dudebro’s hilarious speech is the best thing to ever happen at a council meting

There’s a lot that’s wrong with the world. Which is why it’s good to see that at least one man is taking on the real issues.

China is going absolutely nuts for the latest range of ‘facekinis’

Staying out of the sun’s harmful rays is always important, but one designer has taken it to the next level.

Sydney’s 80-year-old wooden escalator is now this amazing sculpture

Australian artist Chris Fox has unveiled a new sculpture that bridges past and present, right in the middle of Sydney’s Wynyard Station.

Banksy has unveiled his latest work in Bethlehem, and it’s seriously turning heads

In celebration of Christmas, elusive street artist Banksy has returned to Bethlehem in Palestine to unveil a new politically-charged work called The Alternativity.

These dogs love cuddling with their cat best friend, and it’s absolutely pure

Snuggling up in a blanket is great, especially if you have someone special (or two) to share it with.

An interview with Amistat about their new EP, ‘The Coward’

Fresh off their sold-out European tour earlier this year, Melbourne duo Amistat has released a new single, The Coward.

The most gorgeous hair trend is here and we are absolutely in love

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to freshen your locks, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’ve had confetti hair, unicorn hair, and even Nutella hair.