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This Indian PSA tells people to take their ‘poo to the loo’

Unicef has released a clever PSA to put a stop to the public defecating on the streets. According to the campaign, 620 million Indians are pooping out in the open every day, which adds up to 65 million kilos of poo!

Peter Jostrand likes flat butts (and he cannot lie)

Isn’t graphic design awesome? Peter Jostrand makes it a little more awesome (and let’s face it, weird) with his series of Flat Butts.

Ever wondered what tattoos look like when you’re old?

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment (like marriage, but lasts longer.) That’s why before getting inked, people ask themselves the question: ‘What would it look like when I’m old?

These are some of the oldest organisms on Earth, in photographs

Next time you complain about aging, have a thought for these incredible organisms! Since 2004, Brooklyn-based artist Rachel Sussman has researched, collaborated with biologists and ‘braved some of the world’s harshest climates from Antarctica to the Mojave Desert in order to photograph the oldest continuously living organisms on Earth’.

A cabin that’s so small, it doesn’t need a permit

Did you know that in Finland, you could build your own place without a permit? Of course, that place would have to be less than 96-128 square feet.

Forget the coffee machine, this device lets you microwave your next espresso

Coffee perks us up, so why go to all that trouble to toil away at a coffee machine on lazy mornings when you can take just 30 seconds to microwave a shot of espresso?

The adventures of Marutaro, the Hedgehog

Move over, Sonic, there’s a new hedgehog in town – and his name is Marutaro. The pygmy hedgehog from Japan has become an internet sensation, already having 53, 500 followers on his Twitter account @hedgehogdays, and 28,900 followers on his Vine account.

Game of Thrones’ three-eyed crow is real, thanks to taxidermy

All Men Must Die. But not before a crow gets taxidermied into a piece of fandom art. Taxidermist Allis Markham of Prey Taxidermy and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles created this haunting replica of the Game of Thrones’ three-eyed crow.

#Cookieshots are trending … we wonder why

When we posted this image on our Facebook wall a few weeks ago, y’all went nuts. We wonder why. It all started when French chef Dominique Ansel took everyone’s favorite comfort snack – chocolate chip cookies and cold milk – to the next level.

The world’s only penis museum needs a human penis

For 40 years, the curator of the one and only penis museum in the world has collected penises from all walks of life; from polar bear penises, to reindeer penises, to whale penises, he has a penis for every specie there is.

KFC chicken corsages are the most romantic thing for prom season

There’s nothing more romantic than having a KFC Original Recipe attached to your date’s wrist while you both dance the night away.

3D on the rocks: intricate ice cubes sculptures

Would you like your whiskey served ‘neat’ or on the Statue of Liberty? ‘3D on the Rocks’ is the latest ad campaign from liquor company Suntory, in which they used a high precision carving machine to create intricate ice cube sculptures to go along with that glass of whiskey.

Erm, what’s more sensitive to a bee sting: a penis or a nostril?

People do the craziest things in the name of science, love or their country. Back in the 1980s, Justin Schmidt, decided to take it up a notch and measure pain. He must have woken up one morning and decided that it was up to him to endure 25 bee stings to understand which part of a human body is the most sensitive to pain.

A T-rex illusion that stares and moves its head

You know how those paintings of people keep staring at you wherever you go? Kinda creepy, right? Now imagine those portraits moving their head to get an even better look.

Too scared to get a tattoo? Try these cookie cutters instead

Love the idea of a tattoo but not sure you want to dedicate a piece of your body to one design? Try these cool cookie cutters!

The eerie photographs of a retirement village in Arizona

Sure, you can call Sun City a tranquil and pristine place – after all, it looks just like a movie set.

Remarkable photos show Indonesian volcanoes spew blue flames

These amazing images by Olivier Grunewald show the bright blue glow of several volcanoes located within the 20km wide Ijen Caldera in East Java, Indonesia.

For the love of dogs: Humans making out with dogs

‘For the Love of Dogs’ is a series by photographer Chris Sembrot, wherein he captures various dog owners in the act of kissing – and to some extent Frenching – their canine buddies.

Rock it: rocking furniture pieces commissioned by Claudia Pignatale

If you’re going to commission something, you better make sure it’s something really cool. And Claudia Pignatale, founder and artistic director of Secondome Gallery did just this.

The oldest scrap of Earth crust is a glimmering crystal (from an Aussie sheep station)

This incredible crystal has been confirmed as the oldest fragment of Earth’s crust. Aged at 4.4 billion years, this zircon was found in sandstone in the Jack Hills region of Western Australia.