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Disney Princes As Magic Mike Characters Are… Well, Magic

Artist Isaiah Stephens drew up the Disney Princes as Magic Mike characters. It is… really something! Something good until I scrolled past Beast.

You Guys, These Kitten And Owl Best Friends Are TOO CUTE

Marimo the kitten and Fuku-chan the owl are best friends. The unlikely duo live at Hukulou Coffee, an owl cafe in Osaka, Japan.

A Tattoo Artist Gives A Little Girl’s Leg Braces Disney Villain Tattoos

This is 8-year-old Hope Laliberte. She lives with cerebral palsy and has to wear leg braces. When she told her folks she wanted to give the boring braces a makeover, they set out to make her dream come true.

Any Wino Will Appreciate These Hilariously Honest Wine Labels

Vinepair put together this collection of hilariously honest wine labels. They show what wine bottles would say if they could talk.

You’re Definitely Gonna Want A Slice Of This Watermelon Bread

Check out this watermelon bread! It isn’t made from watermelon, it just looks like watermelon. Confusing!

Japan Hosted The World’s First Robot Wedding, Because Love Is Real?

The first robot wedding happened on Saturday. You might be surprised to hear this, but it took place in Japan.

Clocky Is An Alarm Clock That Runs Away So You Can’t Snooze

Meet Clocky, an alarm clock that runs away from you so you can’t snooze. It’s sold by Nanda Home for $40.

These Wiener Dog Minions Are Equal Parts Doofy & Adorable

This is a funny little video called Wiener Dog Minions. It features Crusoe and Oakley, the same two dachshunds who fight fire and play cops and robbers, dressed as some Minions from Despicable Me.

Check Out These Amazing, Droolworthy Pop Culture Donuts

This is an awesome collection of pop culture donuts by apparent donut whisperer Timmy Hanno. He’s got donuts inspired by characters from movies, cartoons, TV shows, and video games.

Now You Can Strut On Tentacles With These Octopus High Heels

Shoe designer Kermit Tesoro brings us Polypodis, a pair of octopus high heels that look like they’re made out of tentacles.

This Makeup Artist Paints Cartoon Characters Onto Her Lips

We’ve seen London makeup artist Laura Jenkinson’s lip art before, but now she’s back with a whole new batch!

The Tiny Hamster Hosts A Tiny 4th of July BBQ & It Is Adorable

HelloDenizen is back with another adorable tiny hamster video. This time the tiny hamster is hosting a tiny Fourth of July BBQ for his bunny, hedgehog and guinea pig pals.

Pornogami: A Guide To The Art Of Paper-Folding For Adults

Pornogami: A Guide To The Ancient Art Of Paper-Folding For Adults is a book by Master Sugoi that teaches you how to craft up some pervy origami shapes like cha chas, ding dongs, handcuffs, and more.

The Crispy Corner Brownie Pan Ensures Crispy Corners For All!

Bakelicious is selling the Crispy Corner Brownie Pan for $18. It makes every brownie a four-cornered crispy brownie.

Why Not Make Your Next Tattoo A Cross Stitch Tattoo?

Check out these clever cross stitch tattoos by artist Eva Krbdk! They’re pretty amazing. Almost makes me want to get a tattoo.

This Sweet Little Monkey Getting Groomed Is Ridiculously Cute

Wow, you guys. Here are some videos of Angel the monkey getting groomed. It is ridiculous. Ridiculously cute!

If Disney Princesses Had Moms… Things Would Be A Lot Different

College Humor posted these hilarious pictures showing how things would be different if Disney Princesses had moms.

Collect & Display Your Bottle Caps With The USA Beer Cap Map

This is the Beer Cap Map, a wooden map made in the shape of the good ole U S of A. It comes with a bunch of holes for you to display bottle caps from the country’s best breweries.

The Pizza Bikini Is The Only Swimsuit You’ll Ever Need

Pyknic is selling this glorious pizza bikini. You can buy the top HERE and the bottoms HERE, each piece is selling for $32.

A Bunch Of Baby Goats Hopping Around, Playing Musical Chairs

Watch these baby goats hop around and play musical chairs! Or don’t! It’s totally up to you. But if you’re a fan of things so cute it makes you angry, this is definitely the video for you.