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Stop Everything — There’s A Toaster Just For Bacon

This is the Bacon Express™ Crispy Bacon Grill by Nostalgia Electrics. It’s a toaster just for bacon. GAME CHANGER.

This Dog Came Up With A New Way To Play With Squeaky Toys

Youtuber Akash Premsen posted this video of Ludwig the Golden Retriever playing with squeaky toys. But he’s not playing with squeaky toys the regular way!

Photos Of What Dinnertime Looks Like In 36 Different Homes

This is a photo series by Lois Bielefeld giving an inside look into dinnertime in 36 different homes.

This Is The Star Wars Bouquet You’re Looking For

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so you know what that means! Love is the air or whatever. And ThinkGeek is selling this Star Wars Bouquet for $60.

This Puppy’s Happy Dance Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Here’s a video of a puppy’s happy dance. It is so cute, I can’t stop screaming. Like, I literally I physically can not stop. Gonna have to leave the office early today I guess!

A Hilariously Accurate & Completely Valid Bachelor Rant

This is one dude’s funny Bachelor rant. I think we can all agree that it is… pretty accurate. Taking wedding photos on your first date which also includes 9 other women?

How To Trick Someone Into Believing You’re Home In Bed

Ever wonder how you can trick your significant other that you’re in bed, when you’re really at the bar?

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VR Porn Will Soon Be Adding Scents To The Experience…

Adult entertainment webcam platform CamSoda is trying to add smells to the VR porn experience with OhRoma.

These Needle Felted Purses Are Unbelievably Cute

Check out these adorable felted purses by Etsy artist ElvesInGlass. They come in a variety of colors and designs with prices starting around $65.

Watch As This Man Gives His Cat 11,453 Stern Looks

This is a video of Redditor and Youtuber Gus Johnson giving his cat 11,453 stern looks. It’s nearly fifty minutes long so you might want to skip around.

A Collection Of The Biggest And Baddest 80s Hairstyles

Tara of Dangerous Minds scoured the web for photos of the biggest and baddest 80s hairstyles. This is the result.

Finally! Stranger Things Gets The Star Wars Treatment

Artist Michael Maher Jr. shows us Stranger Things getting mashed up with Star Wars. Or is it Star Wars getting mashed up with Stranger Things?

The Bread Avengers & More Incredible Links

So, um… Bread Avengers????????????? IDK anymore, you guys. [Foodiggity] Is Rick Astley rickrolling us with this new Rick Astley beer?

You’ve Got To See Popcorn Popping In Slow Motion

Here are two videos of popcorn popping in slow motion. But not just regular-ass slow motion! This is super slow motion.

This Video Of A Machine Cutting A Pipe Will Hypnotize You

Youtube channel Manufacturing Production posted this video of a machine cutting a straight pipe into a wavy pipe.

Watch Squirrels Steal Candy From A Convenience Store

The Kim family owns a Luke’s Grocery, a convenience store in Toronto. They were experiencing multiple candy bar thefts and decided to set up a camera to find the culprit.

Horror Movie Pop-Tarts Are Almost Too Scary To Eat

These are Horror Movie Pop-Tarts by graphic designer Newt Cloninger-Clements. Basically he mashed up scary film baddies up with Pop-Tarts.

We Can No Longer Ignore That Sorority Girls Pose Like Meerkats

Twitter-er Kevin Bergbauer pondered aloud on the interwebs: is it just me or do sorority girls pose exactly like meerkats for pictures?

This VR Exercise Equipment Makes You Feel Like You’re Flying

Check out this video of the super innovative ICAROS VR exercise equipment. It’s supposed to make you feel like you’re flying while also losing boosting reflexes, stimulating muscles, and strengthening your car.