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These Genius Pizza Condoms Come In A Little Pizza Box

Pizza and sex: you can’t have one without the other. If you don’t agree, you’ve been doing it wrong. Just kidding, I have no idea how it works.

Bodily Candles Are Creepy AF

Etsy artist uncannyartshop is selling these super gruesome, realistic looking bodily candles for $18.

Funny Food Names Is Ridiculous, But Absolutely Hilarious

Youtuber EntertainmentDaily posted this hilarious video titled Funny food names. It includes far better names for your favorite noms, i.e.

These Videos Of A Tiny Red Crab Migration Are Terrifying

Every year a shit ton (rough estimate) of tiny red crabs migrate to the coast of Christmas Island. Here are some videos of that.

The Extra Fancy Macaroni Necklace

Macaroni necklaces — they’re classic! And now you can buy a more permanent, extra fancy version. Designer Vanessa Mercedes is selling some super cute Macaroni Necklaces starting at $45 a pop penne.

How To Make Alcoholic OREOs

This is a big week for OREO cookies! First they were made into mascara, now they’re getting boozed up.

The 8-Bit Penis Scarf Of Your Dreams

This is a picture posted by Redditor 1Voice1Life, not to be confused with my cat, NoVoice9Lives. As you can see, it’s a penis scarf.

These DIY Pizza Croutons Make Eating Salad Almost Bearable

Because there’s no way anyone could possibly stomach a salad without throwing on a couple slices of pizza, here’s pizza croutons.

Check Out Budweiser’s Sappy But Sweet Super Bowl Commercial

This is a short but extremely sweet commercial released by Budweiser for this year’s Super Bowl. It will make you hug your dog.

If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair

Ever wonder what those perfect Disney Princesses look like with not-so-perfect hair? Buzzfeed’s Loryn Brantz definitely has and she drew up some of the possibilities.

This Little Baby Goat Wants To Headbutt This Horse SO BAD

This is an adorable video of a baby goat trying to headbutt a horse. He is not doing a great job, but he’s doing the best he can.

Mmm, Girl Scout Cookie Candles

Yankee Candle Company is selling Girl Scout Cookie Candles. Apparently they smell just like the real thing which I can only imagine will result in picking wax out of my teeth and wondering why I do this to myself.

Your Cat Will Be Jealous Of This House Made To Just For Kitties

What have you done for your cats lately? Dangled a little jingly ball toy in front of their sweet feline faces?

A Hummingbird Snoring = The Cutest Thing EVAR

This is a video of a hummingbird snoring. It apparently surfaced back in 2011, but I haven’t seen it.

How About Some Cupcake Panties For Your Sweet Cheeks?

Previously, Etsy seller Knickerocker brought us unders that show off your crack and animal panties with ears.

So Apparently You Can Make Mascara Out Of OREOs

Youtuber xxmakeupiscoolxx brings us this DIY tutorial on how to make mascara out of OREO cookies. Pretty interesting, even if it is more of a hassle than picking up a tube at your local drug store.

These Octopus Chandeliers Are The Best Kind Of Chandelier

Check out these fun octopus chandeliers by artist Adam Wallacavage. They’re made out of plaster and epoxy resin, then decorated with powders, spray paints, and glitter.

Double Down Dog & More Incredible Links

Holy Mother of Gluttony, get in my belly. [Foodbeast] Just a really really really human-looking cat. [Imgur] NASA just released the largest picture ever taken and OMFG yall.

This Little Boy Can’t Stop Words From Scrolling On The TV

This is a video posted by Michelle Williams. Presumably NOT Dawson’s Creek-Michelle Williams or Destiny’s Child-Michelle Williams, but an entirely different-Michelle Williams.

A Newly Discovered Googly-Eyed Pit Bull Creature

This is a short video showing a new breed of pit bull. Hm! Very exotic. Not to be confused with erotic, because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.