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A Real Cat Meets A Cat Statue, Hilarity Ensues

Youtuber MadWhiteSpy posted this video WITHOUT COMMENTARY. And you know what? It doesn’t need any stinking commentary!

This Kids Limbo Roller Skating Skills = Mindblowing!

This is 6-year-old Gagan Satish. As you can see, he is MEGA FLEXY. I’m pretty sure he’s made of rubber, but that’s my very uninformed personal opinion.

Brace Yourself, Game Of Thrones-Inspired Make Up Is Amazing

This is a series of Game of Thrones-inspired make up done by artist and superfan Allison Chase. Remember her?

This Laxative Ad Is Genius, Makes Me Very Happy

This is a hilarious advertisement for Dulcolax, an over the counter laxative. As you can see, it shows a bunch of poops locked up in poop jail with the tagline “Only you can set them free.” Those poor turds!

This Puppy Joins A Baby For A Nap & It’s Too Cute

This is an insanely adorable video posted by Youtuber and mom Brandi Hodges. It features a 10-week old human named Eisleigh sitting in her baby seat when an 8 week old puppy called Clyde crawls up next to her for a little snug sesh.

The Best Magazine Ever & More Incredible Links

Pls tell me Neil deGrasse Tyson gives tips on how to bang space. PLS! [Reddit] If 8-bit characters were accurate… kind of disturbing, actually.

Thrill-Seeking Skydivers Up The Ante & Land On A Slip N Slide

Skydivers Niklas Daniel and Brianna Thompson jumped out of a plane at 5k feet and landed on a 200 foot Slip N Slide going about 50 mph.

A Cat Wearing A Cat As A Hat Is Way Funnier Than It Should Be

This is a pretty simple yet delightful video of Kojiro the cat wearing a hat. But not just any old hat!

This Hybridized Tree Produces Over 40 Different Fruits

Artist Sam Van Aken has created hybridized fruit trees that grow over 40 different kinds of fruit and calls the pretty Frankenstein plant the Tree of 40 Fruit.

Bunch O Balloons Is A Water Balloon GAME CHANGER!

How many hours have you spent standing over a garden hose filling up water balloons one by one? Chances are, if you were ever a child at any point, the answer is probably like at least a few, right?

Photoshopped Celebrities Get Big Noses & No Mouths

Have you ever wondered what the rich and famous would look like with a big schnoz and zero pie hole? Congratulations, you’re weird!

A Room Full Of People Cracking Their Knuckles At Once

This is a video from the 2010 PAX East convention in which two dudes instruct a crowd full of people to crack their knuckles on the count of three.

A Compilation Of People Passing Out On Live TV

This is a bizarre video compilation of people passing out on live television. Man oh man, it’s a doozy.

How Much Underwear Should You Pack On A Trip?

How much underwear should one pack for a trip? It’s a question that’s plagued even the most experienced travelers.

This Toaster Toasts Your Selfie Onto Bread

Burnt Impressions is selling this toaster that toasts selfies onto bread. For just $75 you can have a very vague depiction of your face on a piece of toast.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Ride A Grocery Cart…

Youtuber Sergeyrus178  posted this video of a man demonstrating why you shouldn’t ride a cart. It is amazing.

This Cooler Doubles As Portable Air Conditioner

This is the Icybreeze Cooler, a cooler that doubles as a portable air conditioner. You can plug it in or you can operate it using the rechargable battery so you can take it anywhere.

A Twerking Robot Because What Is The World Coming To?

This is a video showing off the TW3RK-BOT 1.0, a robot that is programmed to twerk. Why? Because when the inevitable robo-pocalypse occurs, we’re gonna need some quality entertainment to distract us!

These Little Girls Are SO M3TAL It Hurts

This is a video of 10 year old Audrey playing War Ensemble by Slayer and her little sister Kate screaming her heart out on some improvised vocals.

Retirement Community Recreate Iconic Movie Scenes For A Calendar

Remember when that German retirement community put together a calendar featuring residents acting out iconic movie scenes?