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This Makeup Artist Paints Cartoon Characters Onto Her Lips

We’ve seen London makeup artist Laura Jenkinson’s lip art before, but now she’s back with a whole new batch!

The Pipsqueakery Is A Hamster Rescue Group & Sanctuary

The Pipsqueakery is a hamster rescue group, foster home, and sanctuary in Bloomington, Indiana. Because hamsters need rescuing, fostering, and sanctuary-ing, too!

How Are The Disney Princesses Spending Valentine’s Day?

February 14th is right around the corner, so you’re probably wondering: why am I so alone how are the Disney Princesses spending Valentine’s Day?

Check Out Van Gogh’s Room IRL, Available To Rent On Airbnb

To celebrate hosting all three versions of Van Gogh’s painting of his room, the Art Institute of Chicago recreated the room IRL and made it available to “rent” on Airbnb.

Now You Can Watch A Mousetrap Crush A Tongue In Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys posted this video of a (hopefully unused) mousetrap closing on a tongue at 2000fps. Why?

Baby Meets Her Dad’s Identical Twin, Is Utterly Confused

This is Youtuber and new dad Stephen Ratpojanakul introducing his new baby to his identical twin brother.

These Pervy, Rude Stencils Make Your Latte Art Super Crass

Rude Kitchen is selling these rude stencils. A set of 6 novelty stencils will cost you $8 and most likely a great deal of embarrassment if you accidentally put them to use when your granny comes over for coffee.

A Helmet With Cat Ears, For Cat Loving Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Meet the Neko-Helmet, a motorcycle helmet that looks like a cat head, complete with kitty ears. It’s sold over at Nitronos Motostudio starting at $500.

This Elven Silverware Will Make Every Meal More Whimsical

Setae Flatware is a set of 3D printed silverware set by Francis Bitonti Studio. The product site says it’d look perfect on a table at an Elven court.

Magic 8 Ball Butt Plug, Where Have You Been All My Life?

This is a Magic 8 Ball Butt Plug made and sold by Etsy shop GlowFYourself. My, my. Well, one thing’s for true: predicting the future will never be the same again.

The Upside Down Wine Glass, Because You’re Wild As Hell

RED5 is selling this Upside Down Wine Glass. You drink from the base of the glass instead of, um, you know, the vessel-y part.

A Photographer Takes Photos Of Back Faces & It Is Amazing

Secret Friends is a photo series shot by photographer AnaHell. Each pic features a person bending forward with a face drawn on their back.

There’s A Lipstick Robot Because Doing Makeup Is Hard

Inventor Simon Giertz (previously HERE, with her slap alarm clock) is back with another functional but not particularly effective or safe invention, a lipstick robot.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Bourbon, Please Get In My Belly

Firebox is selling bottles of Peanut Butter and Jelly Bourbon for $68. It’s infused with peanut butter, raspberry jam syrup, and some Himalayan rock salt, because why the hell not?

Stop What You’re Doing & Watch This Space Cats Music Video

Youtuber Enjoyker posted this music video called “Space Cats — Magic Fly.” It is truly something to behold.

Does This Greek Sculpture Show Its Subject Using A Laptop?

Conspiracy theorists are wigging out over this Greek sculpture of a woman because it sure as hell looks like she’s using a laptop.

The Comfiest, Most DGAF-ist Cat Ever & More Incredible Links

This cat is living the dream harder than you could ever imagine. [Bored Panda] And this kitty is perpetually worried.

This Line Of Awkward Valentines Is Perfect For Weirdo Lovers

Check out this collection of hilariously awkward Valentines by Etsy artist Emily McDowell (previously featured HERE).

A Reporter Mistakes A Giant Mushroom For His Microphone

Go ahead and file this one under “Things That Make Me Insanely Happy!” This a video of a news reporter holding both a microphone and a large mushroom in his hands.

Behold! Taco Bell Lasagna, Because Life Is Beautiful

Our pal Elie of Foodbeast is both parts genius and gluttonous as evidenced by this Taco Bell Lasagna he put together this week.