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See How One Hilarious Dad Recreates His Daughter’s Selfies

This is a series of photos of dad Chris Martin recreating his daughter’s selfies. It is hysterical. Well, to everyone except for his daughter.

This Rotating Wine Glass Aerates Your Vino & Prevents Spills

Meet the Aura Glass. It’s a rotating wine glass that aerates AND prevents spills. Double whammy! Currently it’s crowdfunding on Kickstarter (HERE), so contribute $20+ if you want a set of your own.

Baby Goats Jumping On A Sofa Is Way Cuter Than It Should Be

Youtuber Maymo posted this adorable video of baby goats jumping on a sofa. Well, trying, anyway. They eventually get the hang out of it though.

Behold! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Beer

Two of my best pals Ben & Jerry is releasing Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale with the help of New Belgium Brewing.

Now You Can Anonymously Send A Dick In A Box

Give A Dick In A Box is a company who will anonymously ship a dick in a box to you or someone of your choosing.

Drink From A Flask Made From An Old NES Video Game Cartridge

A few years back, Ink Whiskey hosted a Kicktstarter to raise funds to make Nintendo Cartridge Flasks a reality.

Meet The New World’s Ugliest Dog, SweePee Rambo

This is SweePee Rambo, the new world’s ugliest dog! She placed first in the 28th annual World’s Ugliest Dog Competition at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair last weekend.

Self-Stirring Camera Lens Coffee Mug For Coffee Loving Photogs

This is a self-stirring camera lens coffee mug being sold over at Dude I Want That for about $13. It looks just like a camera lens, but it’s not. It’s a self-stirring coffee mug that looks like a camera lens and that’s IT.

For Chocolate Scented Farts, Try Chocolate Scented Fart Pills

PilulePet is selling chocolate scented fart pills for about $21. They’re meant to make your farts smell like chocolate.

Low Budget Meals Get Fancy & More Incredible Links

These masterfully plated low budget meals are super gourmet. A 7-11 corn dog never looked so fancy! [Pleated-Jeans] Behold!

A Baby Gorilla Tries To Beat His Chest, But Fails Adorably

Check out this short but sweet video of a little baby gorilla trying to beat his chest and failing. It is adorable.

This Kid Has A Stare Down With A Camera At A Baseball Game

This is hilarious video of a kid having the ultimate stare down with an ESPN camera at a baseball game.

Here’s A Seven Person Tricycle, Because Why The Hell Not?

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling this seven person tricycle. At first I was pretty unsure about the whole thing, but then I watched the video.

Watch As Color Blind Brothers See Color For The First Time

Youtuber jpapenhausen posted this video of two color blind brothers seeing color for the first time using EnChroma glasses.

Incredible Things Went To CatCon And It Was Amazing!

This weekend, we got to go to the world-famous cat convention, CatCon! It was great, as evidenced by the video above.

ICYMI: Our Favorite Incredible Things Of The Week

Here’s a roundup of our Favorite Incredible Things of the week! This Portable Bunk Bed Is For Slumber Partying On The Go   Catnip-Based Wine For Cats So Your Kitties Can Get Sauced Too   These Skull Planters Are Cute AND Totally Bad To The Ass   This Tap Instantly Pours Boiling, Chilled, & Sparkling […] The post ICYMI: Our Favorite Incredible Things Of The Week appeared first on Incredible Things.

Apparently Blue Wine Is Now A Real Thing That Exists

Check out this new kind of wine that’s BLUE. It’s called Gik and it’s from Spain. Before you get all up in arms about food coloring and whatnot, slow your roll.

This Snake Stuck In Its Own Shedding Skin Is Trippy AF

Hold on to your butts, this is some real freaky deaky stuff right here. The Alice Springs Reptile Centre in Australia posted this video of a Stimson’s Python stuck in his own shedding skin.

These Cute Cactus Candles Will Light Up Any Room!

Amazon is selling this 6-pack of Cactus Candles for $9, plus shipping. They are adorable. Should you set an actual cactus on fire?

BK’s Mac N Cheetos Mozzarella Sticks Are Everything

In news that will excite stoners everywhere, Burger King is currently testing Mac N Cheetos in Southern California.