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Canned Batman & More Incredible Links

Mmm, Batman in a can. [Reddit] 21 hamsters caught stuffing their faces. [Pleated-Jeans] The best ways to sneak alcohol anywhere (other than in your belly).

Playing Princess Bride Monopoly Is No Longer Inconceivable

Boardgame night just got Princess Bride-ier! Big Bad Toy Store has Princess Bride Monopoly available for pre-order for $40.

An Artist Uses A Magnifying Glass & The Sun To Make Art

Artist Jordan Mang-osan uses wood as his canvas and a magnifying glass coupled with the sun as his medium.

Watch This Woman’s Breasts Dance To Mozart

Sara X is a woman. A woman with a unique talent — titty dancing. This is a video of her boobs getting their swerve on to Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik.” Fancy!

Drinking Coffee Just Got More Tentacle-y With The Octopus Mug

ThinkGeek is selling this Octopus Mug. It’s got a tentacle for the handle. Grip it and it’s just like you’re holding hands with an octo.

The Dunkin’ Buddy Revolutionizes The Cookie Dunking Process

Milk and cookie mishaps happen. Sometimes the cookie gets too soggy, other times the cookie doesn’t get soft enough, most of the time you eat all the cookies and wonder why you did that, all of the time there are chunks of cookie casualties piled at the bottom because why does everything have to be […] The post The Dunkin’ Buddy Revolutionizes The Cookie Dunking Process appeared first on Incredible Things.

What Happens When Kids Are Read A Book With No Pictures?

This is a video showing actor B.J. Novak reading his new book, The Book With No Pictures, to a crowd of children.

This Farmer Has Created A Monster!: Frankenstein Pumpkins

Tony Dighera of Cinagro Farms in California brings us these Frankenpumpkins. They’re made by growing the pumpkins in a Frankenstein-shaped mold.

Lazy Hamster Does The Hamster Wheel Lying Down

Youtuber Ben Bever posted this video of a lazy hamster at the pet store. As you can see, she’s mastered the art of lazy exercising.

R2-D2 & C-3PO Wedding Rings, For You & The Droid Of Your Life

Juan Hidalgo Jewels designed these R2-D2 and C-3P0 wedding bands. They’re perfect for the couple who loves Star Wars, but don’t wanna go the Han and Leia route.

150 Baby Sea Turtles Being Released Into The Ocean Is TOO CUTE

Vimeo-er Leon Duplay posted this video of 150 baby sea turtles being released into the ocean. It’s so sweet, watching it gave me all the cavities.

Second Graders Visit One Of New York’s Fanciest Restaurants

The New York Times sent a group of second graders from P.S. 295 to have a meal at Daniel, one of New York’s fanciest restaurants.

Ponder Your Inevitable Death In This Badass Skull Chair

Etsy shop Chicsindesigndotcom is selling this awesome skull chair for $420. You can sit on its whole damn head or unhinge its movable jaw and sit in it.

Eesh, A Painful Video Of A Drunk Bikini Girl Taking All The Selfies

This is a video posted by Youtuber Perds Ton Temps. It features a young woman who appears to be drunk and wearing a bikini, taking a shit ton of selfies.

McKamey Manor Is The Most Horrifying Haunted House Ever

Holy shitstains in the back of your drawls, guys, meet the world’s most terrifying haunted house, McKamey Manor.

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge: It Belongs In A Mewseum

Etsy shop CatastrophiCreations is selling this Indiana Jones Cat Bridge fashioned after the one in The Temple Of Doom.

You Gotta See This Hilariously Evil Alien Invasion Prank

A couple of pranksters set up this pretty elaborate alien invasion gag on their pal. It is a MUST WATCH.

Practice Your Jedi Mind Tricks With A Lightsaber Shaped Key

Check out these lightsaber shaped keys. You can get a pair for just $10 over at

Apparently Simon The Cat Is Not A Big Fan Of Walking

Youtuber and cat enthusiast Morgan James posted this video of his cats Simon and Wash going for a stroll at the park.

This Chair Casts A Shadow Making A Scary Face

Desinger Yaara Dekel brings us the Pet Chair. It’s not a chair for your pet, it’s a chair that casts a creepy-ass shadow.