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Adorable Quirky Wooden Toy Characters

Creativity can never be hidden or stopped, as a proof a Taiwanese artist Yen Jui-Lin has created an adorably quirky wooden toy characters.

Elegant Wood and Glass Sculpture: The Nano Tree

The Nano Tree is one of the most elegantly created red oak wood and glass sculpture. The Nano Tree is filled with magnetized ferrofluid that comes with a matching magnet to move the fluid around the glass.

Magnificent Glow Lamp

Bringing technology and nature more close with this LED lamps and enjoy the beauty. You will be more happy when you will see the nature along beautiful lights.

Mini Snow Globes: Four Seasons

Choose your favorite season and keep it handy or keep them on your desk. What’s your favorite season?

LED Lamp with Crystalline Shade

Make your room a wonderful one with a bright idea and decor it with this Crystalline Shade LED Lamp. You need not run out of ideas, and will surely get everyone’s eyes roaming around in your room.

Levitating Floating LED Light Bulb

Check amazing lamp design that brings the spirit of a bright idea to life through the magic of magnets.

Way to Live Life Inspiration by Cute Puppies

Many of us are are living a tough life, are you also having a rough day today? Are you tired up with the life today?

Motherly Love By Mother Cat

Watch how the mother cat did some surprising act when she felt that her child is in trouble and snatches the kitten.The kitten was crying in the hand of a toddler when the mother cat approaches the toddler and snatches the kitten away from the kid and left the kid upset by losing such cute […] The p

Bat Shaped LED Wall Lights

Checkout amazing bat shaped led wall lights for your home. These are one of the cool light exuding in the state of the renowned Black Knights, full of innovative identity and visual expressions suitable for bedroom or children’s room and corridor or for any other wall as well as corner.

Flying Jellyfish Plants

Try out this unique decorating idea which displays 3 Air Plants Oxacana set in 3 Alphones Sea Urchins that are suspended by clear line.

3D Skull Silicone Ice Mold

3D skull ice cubes are great for parties, bars, holidays and decorations. They are more special and funner than the normal ice cubes.

Sparrow Egg Magnets

Buy this amazing little sparrow and eggs to decorate your desktop. The little sparrow keeps your desk tidy as it has a collection of magnetic eggs, you can simply keep them on desk with the sparrow and eggs in the nest.

MicroMagnets : Tiny Neo-Magnets for Building, Fidgeting, Stress Relief

Playing with a single 2.5mm Micro Magnet might not seem like much fun, but when you’re playing with hundreds of those magnets, you won’t be able to keep your fingers off of them!

U.S. Navy Crew Grounded As Pilot Draws Penis in The SKY by Fighter Jet

Watch the funny yet serious video of a U.S. Navy pilot who drew giant penis image in the sky with the fighter jet’s exhaust.

Miniature Euro Electric Scooter – The Razor

Ride away on the streets with style with this amazing electric scooter the Euro-style electric scooter from Razor.

Classic Jack Solid Brass Puzzle

Puzzles have always been inviting everyone to try and solve. If you are a puzzle lover then you must try some of the puzzles by your self.

Helix Shaped Brass Key-Ring

This helix shaped brass keyring is a new twist on conventional key carriers. Helix Shaped Brass key-ring can be a distinctive gift for someone who is a fan of industrial design.

Professional Pocket DJ Mixer

Music lovers lets rock, with this amazing yet professional pocket DJ mixer. So lay down a professional sounding beat anywhere you go with this mini pocket sound mixer the DJ mixer.

Fractal Fantasy Right Angle Geometry of Aztec Art Puzzle

Fractal geometry meets jigsaw art in this plywood puzzle inspired by the decorative motifs of the ancient Aztecs.

Amazing Molecular Geometry Necklace

Check out the molecular geometry necklace along with your favorite scents. Molecular geometry lovers will be amazed with this amazing molecular geometry necklace.