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Rosé Deodorant Is Now A Thing & More Incredible Links

Wow, everyone. Just wow. Native is selling rosé deodorant as a part of their “Brunch Series.” That is all.

This Gorilla Dancing In A Pool Is The Best Thing Ever

Here’s a video of Zola the gorilla dancing in a pool. It is absolutely and inarguably glorious. What a G-D delight.

Cartoon Characters In Real Life Are Actually Pretty Terrifying

Bored Panda rounded up a bunch of artists’ renditions of cartoon characters in real life. Here are some of the highlights.

This Pop-Up Game Of Thrones Bar Looks Absolutely Amazing

Drink Company and Ommegang Brewery teamed up to bring the world a pop-up Game of Thrones bar in DC.

The Ice Cream Burrito Is Wrapped In Cotton Candy!

Behold, the Ice Cream Burrito! You can find it at Sugar Sugar in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. The glorious frozen treat is made up ice cream (duh!

Aubrey Plaza Getting High With Nuns Is Just Great

Cut Video is back with another with vid, this time it’s featuring Aubrey Plaza getting high with nuns.

Here Are The New 2017 Emojis & More Incredible Links

Silently whispered “Yaassssss!” to pretty much every one of the new 2017 emojis. [Bustle] A family has been bothered daily for 13 years by an alarm clock in the wall.

Now You Can Buy A Kit To Make Your Own Ice Pipe

Here’s a kit that includes everything you need to make your own Frost Pipe. What’s a Frost Pipe? It’s a pipe made of ice.

A Cat Learns How To Knead Dough From A Youtube Video

Watch as a cat learns how to knead dough from a Youtube video. He’s a total professional. No, wait! A total purrfessional.

These Stick-On Shoes Will Change The Way You Summer

Nakefit is hypoallergenic adhesive pads that stick to the bottom of your feet. Basically stick-on shoes.

You Have To See Barbie’s Boyfriend Ken’s New Look

Barbie’s main squeeze Ken just got a ~new lewk~. Actually, he got several! Now Ken comes in different body types and skin tones, plus he’s rocking new ‘dos as well.

Soap, Oil, And Paint Under A Microscope Looks Like Outer Space!

Check out “Galaxy Gates,” an awesome video showing soap, oil, and paint under a microscope. The result?

Triangular Pizza Storage Bags To Store Your Leftover Slices

ThinkGeek is selling these triangular Pizza Storage Bags for your leftover pizza. Just $3 gets you a pack of 24.

Here’s An Insanely Adorable Compilation Of Puppies Vs Stairs

Youtube channel MrFunnyMals posted this compilation of puppies vs stairs. Wow, who knew being a puppy was such hard work?

Peen-i-corn Leggings Are Magical AF And Probably NSFW

Artist Sarah Morningstar brings us these Peen-i-corn Leggings! They’re leggings with little unicorn-looking peens printed all over.

One Luxurious-Ass Hotel Offers $224,000 Gold Bed Sheets

If you live in the lap of luxury, do you sleep in the comfort of gold bed sheets? You should. If you’re not, you’re doing it wrong!

Edible, Boozy Bubbles Is Now A Thing That Exists IRL

BubbleLick is a bubble formula that you mix with alcohol to create BOOZY BUBBLES. A pack of 6 bottles of the stuff will set you back $14.

Iceland’s New Cat Reality Show & More Incredible Links

Iceland now has a cat reality show called  Keeping Up With Kattarshians. You should purrobably check it out.

This Colorful Rainbow House Is So Unbelievably Stunning

Here’s a peek into artist Amina Mucciolo’s amazing rainbow house in Downtown Los Angeles. As you can see, it is gorgeous!

Animal Socks Make Your Feet Look Like Animal Paws

What on Earth is selling these Animal Socks. They’re not socks for animals, they’re socks that look like animal paws.