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This Weird Shoot Features Subjects Being Tasered

Check out this series of photos by Patrick Hall. He filmed all his subjects in slow-motion as they were getting tased by a handheld stun gun.

Watch As Penguins Engage In An Epic Slap Fight

This is a v. intense video of a couple penguins getting into a slap fight. I think one of them is trying to break it up, but it’s hard to be certain because being a penguin expert is hard work and that’s not what I’m about.

McDonald’s Japan Now Serving Sodas For Couples

McDonalds Japan is selling a jumbo-sized soda built for two. It even comes with two straws so you can sip gazing into your lovah’s eyes.

Couples Race To Build An Ikea Desk, Love Is Tested

Buzzfeed brings us this video of two couples racing to finish building an IKEA desk first. One couple has been kickin’ it for 10 years, the other having just met… the results will shock you.

Cats Run A Pizza Hut In Japan, Absurdity Ensues

Pizza Hut Japan has a store run entirely by cats as evidenced in this web series titled Pizza Cat! They are… not particularly good at running a business.

Play & Treat Yo Self With A Kickball Ice Cream Maker

I scream you scream we all scream aw hell you know the drill. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling this $35 Kickball Ice Cream Maker.

A Spa For Babies, Because Infancy Is Stressful

Babies: they eat, sleep, cry, look cute as hell, and poop their pants. And that is basically IT. The little freeloaders have like zero responsibility, yet for some reason someone decided to create a relaxing day spa for babies in Houston, Texas.

Dog Brings In Groceries, Makes Other Dogs Look Bad

This is a video of Millie the dog bringing in her humans’ groceries as two other lazy dogs watch. Pretty impressive!

Finger Hands Are Creepy, Make It Stop

Archie McPhee is selling Finger Hands, tiny hands worn on the ends of your fingers. A set of 5 goes for just $5.

Man Spots Wife In Halloween Photo From Childhood

Hold on to your butts, here’s a story that begins with “Florida man…” that doesn’t end in complete sadness aka meth and a mugshot.

Puppy Leaps Into His Human’s Arms, BRB I’m Dead

This is Rocky, a little French bull dog puppy making a leap of faith AND LET’S ASSUME LOVE into his human’s arms.

The World’s Oldest Gymnast Is An 87 Year Old Gramma

Meet Johanna Quaas, the Guinness World Record holder for the oldest practicing gymnast. She’s the big 8-7!

Man Proposes With 1001 Hot Dogs (She Said Yes)

Hot dogs: they’re basically @$$holes and elbows. But to one man in China, they were the key to his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

A Lizard Wearing A Cowboy Hat Riding A Tortoise

This is a video of Lizzie the bearded lizard wearing a cowboy hat, riding Rambo, the Sulcata tortoise.

Inception Mugshot & More Incredible Links

A mugshot within a mugshot is SO META. [UPROXX] Almost as bad as making out with a poster on your wall.

If Princess Bride Was A Horror Film…

This is a trailer for The Princess Bride if The Princess Bride was a horror film called The Princess Died.

Cats Wearing Watermelons Is All You’ll Ever Need

This is a video of three cats wearing watermelons on their respective heads. What a time to be alive!

Disney Dudes Show Off Their Junk & It’s NSFW or SFL

The ladies over at Jezebel imagined what the Disney Princes’ respective dingdongs look like. Here is the result of alllllllllllll of that.

Deep Fried Tequila Shots Are A Fiesta In Your Mouth

Amy over at Oh Bite It created Deep Fried Tequila Shots. Mmm, drinks and dessert coming together. Sounds dangerous.

Dramatic Kayaker Has The Overreaction Of The Century

This is a dramatic video posted by Youtuber SarOff 1234 aka SARAHHHH! It features her pal Max in absolute peril — his kayak fell over and duder is sinking fast.