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The U by Moen – World’s First WiFi-Connected Shower

Get latest high end yet freaky gadgets, tools, and accessories that can make you think of buying right away!

Funky Way of Wearing Prom Suits

Every teen always stays eager and are always eagerly waiting for the Prom night to come and they do dress up in an extra ordinary way.

Cute Friendship of the Baby And The Giant Dog

This Baby and Giant Dog’s Friendship Proves that every one must have a giant dog with them. The friendship of this giant standard poodle and a tiny baby have become a hit online and the photographs are getting viral and famous.

Fluffy Butt of a 9 Year Old Corgi Dog

Check Out This Cute Corgi’s Jiggling Butt, yes it’s all about, its all about its all about the fluffiness – its so FLUFFY butt which and its creating wonderful viral of a video taken by the Corgi Dog Owner recently.

Some Incredible Things to Watch Ever

Watch out our collection of 46 incredible things around the world. Watch these from our eyes and find out how strange they are indeed.

Rare White Moose Pictured Crossing The River

After three years of long searching, Hans Nilsson from Eda finally got success in capturing his dream.

Win Games of Thrones Coins – Contest

Want to have some #Games of Thrones #Coins? Come participate in the contest and you get a chance to win A Games of Thrones Coins.

Romantic Illumination – Rose Light Bottle

This beautiful rose light bottle is an eye-catching accent for table top or bedside. This wonderful rose light bottle creates romantic and magical moments when the kept upon table for two or an elegant patio party.

Floral Fashion Jewelry – Picture Frame Earring

Buy this delightfully dainty earrings showcase handpicked flowers and botanical preserved forever in a crystal clear resin picture frame.

Mini Bear Pocket Handheld Fan & Blender

Check this amazing handheld polar bear fan and handheld blender. Once needed you can switch on the fan and when needed you simply attach attachment given for blender and you are done.

HICKIES Elastic Tieless Shoe Laces for Kids

How you feel when your kids say they don’t know how to tie a shoelace. Well there is no need to worry about as HICKIES brings you a one size fit elastic shoe lace for all type of shoes specially designed for kids aged 5 to 12.

Eco-friendly, Electric & Smart OjO Commuter Scooter for Adults

Buy this Real Smart Scooter for Powerful & Smooth Ride as well as Smooth Transportation. OjO is the new evolution of e-scooters with ergonomic design for maximum comfort, style, & agility.

Stainless Steel Egg Mold Pancake Ring Set of 10

Buy this amazing stainless steel egg mold pancake ring set of 10. these stainless steel egg and pancake molds cook perfect shape for eggs and pancakes!

Bikini Themed Birthday Cake Candles

Watch out these incredible birthday candles in shape of Bikini. Its made from sturdy plastic toothpick-style which can be kept upon cakes, cupcakes easily.

Marimo Aqua Terrarium Kit for Home or Office

Amazing and delicate Marimo Aqua Terrarium – one of the best home or office decorative product. Basically, Marimo is a Japanese word where Mari means bouncy ball and Mo is a term for plants that grow in water.

Decorative Skull with Hidden Compartment

Buy this Erasmus Darwin’s Decorative Steam-Cerebrum Skull which has some unique features like Hidden Compartment.

Hanging Hexagon Wall Planters

Get this amazing wall hanging hexagon planters for your home or office, specially made for those who love wall art.

Ultra Quiet Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Get this large tank diffuser and decorate your home with a twist. This is Ultra Quiet Ultrasonic Nebulizer and is very easy to use, it is cool mist humidifier an essential for Aroma Therapy.

‘Unicorn Pizza’, A Giant Rainbow Sugar Cookie

Industry Kitchen NYC, the home of the most expensive pizza in the world per Guinness World Records, has created the “Pop Candy Land Pizza“, a giant rainbow-colored sugar cookie topped with sweet vanilla icing, colorful sprinkles, Pop Rocks, finished with a big dollop of cotton candy.

Rose-Shaped Ice Cream That Prove Edible Bouquets

These are the gelato flowers created by the scoopers at i Creamery in Sydney, Australia, presumably for MAXIMUM HAND STICKINESS.