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The Pooping Dogs Calendar Is A Real Thing You Can Buy

This is the 2017 Pooping Pooches Calendar. I thought it was the same as the dog poop-related calendar we posted last year (HERE is a refresher), but alas!

This BB-8 Waffle Maker Is The Waffle Maker You’re Looking For

ThinkGeek is selling this BB-8 waffle maker. Yes, a Star Wars waffle maker. Because they will not stop until there is a Star Wars version of everything.

Feast Your Eyes On This Amazing Halloween Eye Makeup Art

We’ve seen some of Tal Peleg’s eye makeup art before (HERE and HERE, for example), but she’s always coming out with new stuff that is worth a second (and third, and fourth…) look.

This Is The Best Political Ad Of The Year, Possibly Of All Time

This election season has been a doozy to say the least. But something delightful that’s come out of it: this video for Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty’s bid for re-election.

Cue All The Nightmares, Here’s A Spider Carrying A Mouse

This is a short but freaky-deaky video of a spider carrying a mouse. I did not know they made spiders that big.

GIVEAWAY: The Orchid Gene, A Maintenance-Free Orchid Terrarium

This post is sponsored by Orchid Gene.  We’ve got the perfect gift for people who can’t seem to keep a plant alive — a maintenance-free Orchid Terrarium!

ICYMI: Our Favorite Incredible Things Of The Week

Don’t get left in the dust — check out this roundup of our favorite Incredible Things of the week!     Leotards For Dogs Is A Thing That Exists Now, Okay?

This House Has The Best Halloween Light Show Ever

This is a video by KJ of Creative Lighting Displays showing off his Halloween light show. It’s set to Time Warp and it is awesome.

These Cardboard Mugs Aren’t Actually Made Of Cardboard

Artist Tim Kowalczyk makes these ceramic cardboard mugs. That’s right — those cardboard mugs aren’t actually cardboard!

This Narwhal Toothpick Holder Is Unbelievably Cute

Fred & Friends is selling this Narwhal Toothpick Holder for $13. The product site says it dispenses a new toothpick with a quick shake.

Meet The Most Expensive Potato Chip IN THE WORLD

St. Erik’s Brewery of Sweden brings us the world’s most expensive potato chip! It’s meant to pair with their craft beer.

This Is What Happens When You Put Skittles In Hot Water

Here’s a video of what happens when you put Skittles in hot water. Rainbow magic! The post This Is What Happens When You Put Skittles In Hot Water appeared first on Incredible Things.

A Happy Snail Eating A Cucumber & More Incredible Links

Is this not the cutiest little snail eating a cucumber that you have ever seen?! [Geekologie] In news that sounds fake but is apparently not: Leonardo DiCaprio is bringing Captain Planet to a theater near you.

These Haunted House Photos Of Terrified People = Hilarious

Here’s a series of hilarious haunted house photos from The Nightmare Fears Factory in Niagara Falls. It shows visitors just as they’re experiencing extreme fright.

The Guzzle Buddy Lets You Drink From The Bottle ~With Class~

The Guzzle Buddy is a wine glass that screws into the bottle so you can drink straight from the source.

Calm The F*ck Down Tea Will, Well, Calm You The F*ck Down

Need to calm the f*ck down? Have some Calm the F*ck Down Tea. You can buy it from Firebox for $13 a tin.

Color On The Doodle Tablecloth, Then Wash It And Color Some More!

This is the Doodle Tablecloth. You can color on it with washable markers. The best part is, it’s reusable!

Stop Everything Someone Made A Beer Claw Machine

Mark is a man. A man from Victoria, Australia who turned a regular-ass claw machine to be a BEER CLAW MACHINE.

Whoa, This Bug’s Camouflage Game Is Insanely Good

Wildlife photographer David Weller took this footage in Costa Rica. It shows a Lichen Katydid that has a NEXT LEVEL camoflauge game.

Halloween Products You Will Want To Use Year Round

This post is sponsored by Apollo Box. Halloween is just around the corner, but here are some Halloween products you’ll want to use ALL YEAR LONG.