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The Simpsons x Adventure Time Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Simpsons opening theme redone in the style of Adventure Time. Totally mathematical! The post The Simpsons x Adventure Time Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed appeared first on Incredible Things.

The Latest WTF Music Video Will Be Stuck In Your Head All Day

This is a video by Japanese performer Piko Taro. It is called Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen and it is ridiculous and it is amazing and I wish that guy was my dad.

Create A Video Easily And Effortlessly With Mysimpleshow

This post is sponsored by Mysimpleshow.  Creativity and chill. Sometimes you want to be productive but don’t want to get off the couch… Mysimpleshow fixes this common dilemma.

A Hedgehog Gets His Head Stuck In A Paper Towel Roll

This video shows a hedgehog getting his head stuck in a paper towel roll. Man, don’t you hate when that happens?

Pumpkin Spice Latte Pizza Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

The Pumpkin Spice Latte got together with pizza. This is the result: Pumpkin Spice Latte Pizza. If you want to make this abomination at home, you can find the recipe HERE.

If Animals Had Eyes On The Front Of The Head (Instead Of The Sides)

Imgurian Kiyoi put together this series of photos showing animals with eyes on the front of their heads instead of, you know, the sides.

The Twinkling Stars Skirt Lights Up With Over 250 LEDs!

ThinkGeek is selling this pretty Twinkling Stars Skirt for $60. It’s equipped with over 250 LEDs powered by a battery pack that hides in a discreet pocket hidden in the waistband.

Totino’s Stuffed Nachos Illustrate Americans’ TV Binging Habits

Our pals over at Foodbeast put together this video using Totino’s Stuffed Nachos to illustrate Americans’ TV binging habits. Not only is it interesting, but it also made me hungry.

Let’s All Marvel At This Guy Carrying Two Sheep On A Bicycle

This is a delightful video of a Ethiopian man carrying two sheep while riding a bicycle. What an all-star.

Like Free Stuff? Enter For A Chance To Win These Giveaways!

Enter below for a chance to win these giveaways!   There’s the Stack Party game! a Rafflecopter giveaway   And try your hand at Series G Headphones!

This Pretty Geode Lip Look Is All Kinds Of Stunning

Check out this geode lip look by makeup artist Johannah Adams. It totally rocks. And with that, I will let myself out.

Hamdog Is The Hamburger And Hotdog Hybrid Of Your Dreams

The Hamdog is a hamburger and hot dog hybrid. Now you no longer have to choose between a hamburger and a hot dog because you can have both AT THE SAME TIME.

This Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing During A Segment About A Clown Car Crash

Youtube channel FunnyAvenue posted this clip of a news reporter struggling to get through a segment about a clown car crash.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Beer Exists & More Incredible Links

Pumpkin spice latte beer. It was only a matter of time. [Tasting Table] Look at these vintage fast food commercials lol the olden times were funny.

Butterflies Drinking Caiman Tears Because Mother Nature’s Crazy

This is p. crazy, you guys. Photographer Mark Cowen captured this shot of butterflies drinking a caiman’s tears.

These Fortune Cookies Contain Messages That Are Kinda Horrible

Check out these horrible fortune cookies. They’re brought to us by the creators of Cards Against Humanity.

A Timelapse Of The World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle Being Inflated

Meet the world’s biggest bouncy castle! It’s taller than the Great Wall of China and it can hold up to 100 people.

A [Presumably Rich] Woman Paid $500 To Save Her Pet Goldfish

As the title suggests, one lady spent $500 to a vet for emergency surgery to save her pet goldfish. Exsqueeze me?

Look At This Giant Slug!!! It’s The Size Of A Small Dog WTF Send Help

This is a video of Beyond the Tide host Coyote Peterson holding up a slug that’s the size of a small dog.

Wow, Everyone — The Cat Bonnet Is A Thing That Exists

Archie McPhee is selling this Cat Bonnet for just $6. That’s right — $6 for a Cat Bonnet. That’s a steal!