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Little Dog Struggles To Reach A Treat, Big Dog Steals It

This is a short video of a little dog struggling to reach a treat, when (SPOILER!!!) the big dog swoops in an steals it.

Someone Made The Sesame Street Song Sad And Now I’m Sad

Youtube channel YAOG posted this video of the Sesame Street song played in a minor key, making it sound sad.

Hair Dye That Changes Color Based On Your Surroundings

FIRE is a hair dye that changes color based on your surroundings. It was developed by Lauren Bowker, owner of The Unseen.

Peeps Oreos Is A Thing That Exists IRL & More Incredible Links

Peeps Oreos, because nothing is sacred anymore. [Pop Sugar] This Redditor made a heart-shaped joint, because love is real.

Watch Two Babies Have A Conversation Over FaceTime

This is a video of two babies having a full blown convo over FaceTime. Do they understand what’s going on?

Just A Horse Playing Piano With His Lips, NBD

Okay, actually, I take that back — yes big deal. It’s a horse playing piano with his lips!!! It’s THE BIGGEST DEAL.

Here’s Baklava Wearing A Balaclava Playing A Balalaika On Black Lava

Certifiably insane Matt Haughey made this image of baklava wearing a balaclava while playing a balalaika on black lava.

Support This Kickstarter To Make Lisa Frank Makeup A Reality

Glamour Dolls Makeup is teaming up with Lisa Frank to bring the world a Lisa Frank Makeup Line. It will be, in the iconic artist’s own words, “Colorful, fun, high quality, inexpensive makeup for adults.” If you want this dream to become a reality (which — YOU DO), contribute to the Kickstarter campaign!

Girlfriend Vs Virtual Reality Video Game: WHO WILL WIN?

This is a funny video of a girl trying to woo her boyfriend while he’s lost in the world of VR. Sigh.

Some Vets Repaired A Snail’s Shell After It Was Stepped On :)

Here’s your feel-good story of the day! Vets at the HaClinica animal hospital in Tel Aviv repaired a snail’s shell after it had been stepped on.

These Animal Mugs Are SO KAWAII, IT HURTS

Check out these Kawaii Animal Mugs sold by Firefox for $14 a piece. The cups come in Bear, Cat, Fox or Panda varieties. You must choose, but choose wisely.

A Marijuana Bouquet, For When Regular Flowers Won’t Do

For a limited time, Lowell Herb Company of California will deliver a 1-oz Marijuana Bouquet to the stoner of your liking.

Come To The Dark Side, We Have This Death Star Pie

That’s no moon! It’s a Death Star pie by Jessica of Pies Are Awesome. Below is a video on how to make it via Food Network.

You Have To See This Camera Zoom To Believe It

This is a video titled “Cameraman Zooms in on Moon.” It is really something. As this post’s title suggests, you have to see it to believe it.

This Guy Performs Guitar, Drums, Vocals AT THE SAME TIME

Wow, you guys. Wow wow wow. Wowowowowowow. Here’s a man called Dominic Fragman playing guitar, drums and doing vocals for Tom Sawyer by Rush.

Soon You Will Be Able To Get Married At Taco Bell In Las Vegas

Starting this summer, you can get married at Taco Bell in Las Vegas for just $600. The fee includes a sauce packet bouquet/garter/bow tie, some “Just Married” t-shirts, Taco Bell branded champagne flutes, a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake and Taco 12 Pack, plus an officiant to, uh, officiate the ceremony.

A Regular Guy Tries To Cook With Gordon Ramsey…

Bon Appetit brings us this video of a regular guy cooking with Gordon Ramsay. The kitchen noobis guided only by Gordon’s melodious voice.

If You Don’t Know How Doritos Are Made, Now You Know

Doritos. They’re good. How are they made? I’m glad you asked. Here is a video showing how Doritos are made.

What Do You See In This Heat Activated Rorschach Inkblot Mug?

The Heat Activated Rorschach Inkblot Mug will psychoanalyze you before you’re even fully awake! And isn’t that what you look for in a coffee cup?

Check Out This Fancy Hidden Under The Bed TV Lift!

This is Auton’s Dream Machine, a hidden under the bed TV lift. Per the product site: You want the convenience of a TV in the bedroom but….You don’t want to hang it on the wall, you don’t want a TV cabinet blocking your view, and there’s simply no room to store it above the ceiling.