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ICYMI: Our Favorite Incredible Things Of The Week

Don’t get left in the dust — here’s a roundup of our favorite Incredible Things of the week! A Bigger And Even Better CatCon Is Coming In 2017!

A Bigger And Even Better CatCon Is Coming In 2017!

CatCon, the world’s onliest CAT CONVENTION, is returning to Los Angeles on August 12-13 at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Cake Paintings Turn Classic Paintings Into Edible Art!

Harvard student Emily Zauzmer recreates famous paintings on cake. Here’s the result! Cake raintings, basically.

Watch A Guy Do The Same Dance With 100 Different People

This is a video of Youtuber Matt Bray doing the same dance with 100 different people, all across the US and Canada.

Like Free Stuff? Enter For A Chance To Win These Giveaways!

Enter below for a chance to win this week’s giveaways!     You could win a Lawson Tent Hammock. a Rafflecopter giveaway   Or a Darth Vader Light Saber Handheld Blender!

Human Centipede Gingerbread Man & More Incredible Links

A Human Centipede gingerbread man. That is all. [Creepbay] One dude built a giant cardboard dragon castle for his cat.

Try Not To Laugh At This Video Of A Baby Crying In Slow Motion

Youtuber Douglas R Witt posted this video of a baby crying in slow motion. It is way funnier than it should be.

Apparently, ‘Tis The Season For Beard Christmas Lights

Beard Christmas Lights is a thing that exists and there is no going back so just try to accept it. You know, usually I’d try to hate on something like this, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

With Flaviar, You Can Try All Kinds Of Unique Premium Spirits

This post is sponsored by Flaviar. Flaviar is a club that allows Members to enjoy and learn about an ever-changing collection of craft and premium spirits.

Your Safari Themed Bar Needs These Animal Head Shot Glasses

The Foodiggity Shop is selling these Animal Head Shot Glasses for $20. They already made the “party animal” joke in their product description, so there’s literally nothing left to say here that hasn’t already been said.

Art & Science Come Together To Make The Anaptár Calendar

Meet Anaptár, a unique and completely stunning calendar that does sooo so much more than just count the days.

Brace Yourselves, Game Of Thrones Wine Is Coming

HBO and Vintage Wine Estates has announced a line of Game of Thrones Wine! They’ll be selling a Chardonnay, Red Blend, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The line is rolling out in March of 2017… just in time for GoT to return in July!

Here’s A Super Sweet Video Of Paintings Coming To Life

This is a short but sweet video called “I fell in love with a painting” by Zach King. It shows paintings coming to life!

Ugly Christmas Suits Are The New Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Oppo Suits is selling ugly Christmas suits. Because ugly Christmas sweaters are the norm now and we need to up our game.

Cat-Opoly Is Monopoly For Cat People

Cat-Opoly is basically Monopoly for cat people. You can buy the game on Amazon for just $19. So! Uh, a cat version of Monopoly… Have we gone too far?

This Color Changing Unicorn Mug Is Magical AF

Firebox is taking pre-orders for this Color Changing Unicorn Mug for $17. It’s the super magical color changing unicorn mug of your dreams (provided you have had dreams of a super magical color changing unicorn mug)!

7 Out-Of-The-Box Gift Ideas For Kids And Teens

Christmas is a time for shopping gifts and all the goodies for family and friends. As a parent, you shop for a good number of toys and gadgets for your kids and teens every year.

GIVEAWAY: The Coolest Tent Hammock In The World!

This post is sponsored by Lawson Hammock. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock, winner of the prestigious Gear Of The Year Award by 50 Campfires can be used suspended or on the ground as a tent.

A Three Minute Compilation Of Cats Stealing Money

As the above title suggests, this is a three minute compilation of cats stealing money. So that’s why I’m perpetually (PURRPETUALLY?

This Genius Japanese Wrapping Technique Will Blow Your Mind

Youtube channel BeatTheBush brings us this tutorial on a Japanese speed wrapping technique. It’s pretty insane.