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We Went To The 80th Tokyo International Gift Show And It Was A Real Delight

We’re always on the look out for the latest and greatest most incredible things (it is our namesake, after all!

A Raccoon Was Raised With Dogs, Now Thinks She’s A Dog

Meet Pumpkin! She’s a raccoon. But don’t tell her that — her person Rosie Kemp says she thinks she’s a dog because she was raised with dogs.

The Dildo Selfie Stick Is A Sign Of The Times (Sexy Times, That Is!)

This morning I received a brief but immensely informative message through our handy tip line. It read “The Dildo Selfie Stick is here,” as though I had been waiting for this to happen with masturbated breath.

So It’s Finally Come To This: Disney Princesses As Hot Dogs

Just when you thought the Disney Princess mash-up schtick was surely beat, food magazine Lucky Peach serves up the Disney Princesses as hot dogs.

This Rotating Wine Glass Aerates Your Vino & Prevents Spills

Meet the Aura Glass. It’s a rotating wine glass that aerates AND prevents spills. Double whammy! Currently it’s crowdfunding on Kickstarter (HERE), so contribute $30+ if you want a set of your own.

Celebrate The Jerks In Your Life With These Mean Balloons

Fairgoods sells a couple different collections of mean balloons. They’ve got rude inflatables perfect for burning someone on their birthday, anniversary, or just for the hell of it.

Watch The Friends Opening Sequence Recreated With Hamsters!

Mashable recreated the Friends opening starring hamsters. This is the result. It’s pretty cute, but personally I prefer the Friends opening starring dead wasps.

I’m Not Entirely Sure How I Feel About This Adult Onesie Thingy…

Dame Gi is a $50 adult onesie. It’s got a hole in the face for your mouth and a, um, hole in the butt for your butt!

This Mobile Private Island Probably Costs A Bajillionty Dollars

Kokomo Ailand is a mobile private island by Migaloo Private Submarines. A submarine company making islands?

Give Your Cookies Life With This Skull & Crossbones Rolling Pin

Because there’s nothing more hardcore than getting your bake on, Etsy shop Mood For Wood is selling this skull and crossbones rolling pin.

A Day Care For Chickens Because This Is The World We Live In

Qoopy is a company that provides day care for pet chickens. You read that right — a day care for chickens.

A Nonprofit Will Preserve And Frame Your Tattoos After You Die

Want to preserve your tattoos after you die? Good news! The National Association for the Preservation of Skin Art (NAPSA) is nonprofit membership association that will do just that.

The Smallest Snail Ever Is So Tiny I Can Barely Breathe

Meet Angustopila dominikae, the smallest snail ever discovered. How it was discovered, I don’t know, because it’s tinier than a grain of sand!

The Portable Pizza Pouch Is Both Practical And Fashionable

This is the portable pizza pouch sold by Stupidiotic, which is weird, because there is nothing stupid or idiotic about a pizza pouch.

A Simple Phone Attachment Helps You Take The Best Dog Selfie

Pooch Selfie is a smartphone attachment that helps you take the best dog selfie. It’s pretty much just a piece of plastic and a tennis ball that grabs your pup’s attention so you can snap a good shot.

Whoa, This Makeup Artist Gave Herself A Creepy Cool Makeover

Makeup artist Promise Tamang drew an extra face onto her face! It is hard to look at without feeling queasy.

See All The Phases Of The Moon As You Drink Out Of This Cup

Meet The Moon Glass. It’s a mug designed to show off the phases of the moon as you drink from it. When the cup is filled to the brim, you see a full moon.

The Giant Inflatable Jabba The Hutt Lawn Decoration You Didn’t Know You Needed

Check out this giant inflatable Jabba the Hutt! The 6 foot tall lawn decoration is selling for $170 over at ThinkGeek, where, I’d like to add, the product description states the inflatable Jabba is not suitable for the bedroom, nor is it intended for year-round use.

Listen To This Baby Lion Roar And TRY Not To Smile

Youtuber Chubby-Fish posted this video of the cutest little baby lion roar you ever heard. Or trying to, anyway.

Budsies Turns Your Child’s Drawing Into A Stuffed Animal

Budsies is a company that brings artwork to life. A team of skilled artists handcrafts a stuffed toy using your child’s drawing as a guide.