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This Bigfoot Cake Reveals Where Sasquatch Has Been Hiding

The latest Bigfoot sighting is a real treat. Literally! It’s in the form of a cake made by Jenn Fujikawa.

A Video Tutorial On How To Make A Cookie Monster Rug

This is a video tutorial on how to make your own Cookie Monster Rug brought to us by the letter C Instructables user Mikeasaurus.

George The Cat Prefers To Stand On Two Legs Like A People

This is George the cat. He prefers to stand on two legs like a person, instead of all four like a regular-ass cat.

The Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt You Never Knew You Needed

Everyone, stop what you’re doing — a Star Wars Hawaiian Shirt exists IRL. Why? I think the real question here is why not?

Tallywackers, The Male Equivalent Of Hooters, Is Coming To The US

Gather round ladies (who like gentlemen) and gentlemen (who like gentlemen), the US is getting the male equivalent of Hooters.

Dogs Get Their Hair Cut To Have Perfectly Square/Round Heads

Check out these ridiculous photos of dogs with perfectly round and square heads. Apparently circle and square haircuts are all the rage in Taiwan.

Youtube Turns 10! Watch The First Video Uploaded To The Site

Today Youtube turns 10. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the double digits. It’s all downhill from here. In celebration of this special day, let’s take a peek back at the first video to ever be uploaded onto the site!

These Cerebral Coasters Stack Up To Look Like A Brain

Check out these brain coasters. They’re coasters that, when stacked up, look like a brain. They’re NOT coasters for your brain.

LOLWUT: What If The Disney Princesses Were Juggalos?

F***ing mash-ups, how do they work? If they’re Disney Princess mash-ups, they never stop working. Here they are as Juggalos.

A 102 Year Old Dancer Sees Herself Perform For The First Time :’D

This is Alice Barker. She’s a 102 year old dancer who used to get her swerve on in the 30s and 40s with all kinds of famous musicians like Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, and more!

These Baby Possums Eating Fruit Make The Cutest Sounds

Youtuber Amanda C posted this video of a couple baby possums eating fruit. It is world’s cuter than I thought it would be.

How To Make Rainbow Unicorn Cookies That Poop Stars

Check out this video tutorial by Elise of My Cupcake Addiction. It learns you how to make Rainbow Unicorn Cookies that poop star sprinkles.

Get Your Drink On (For Science!) With This Cocktail Shaker Set

Periodic Tablewear is selling this cocktail shaker set. It includes an Erlenmeyer flask shaker plus beaker and flask shot glasses.

A Hilarious “We Can’t Stop” Parody Pregnancy Announcement

This is mom Andrea Chapman and her family’s pregnancy announcement for baby number FOUR. It’s to the tune of “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus.

These Jellyfish, Octo, & Squid Air Plant Holders Are SO CUTE

Etsy artists Cindy and James Searles sell these adorable air plant holders that look like all kinds of sea creatures.

You Have See How One Artist Uses Bananas As His Canvas

Check out this fantastic banana art by Stephan Brusche. So impressive! Using bananas as a canvas is genius!

This Sweet Little Rescue Pup Doesn’t Like To Eat Alone

This is Bonnie, a sweet rescue pup. She doesn’t like to eat alone so she takes matters into her own hands paws by moving her bowl across the room, right next to her pal.

What Happens With This Guy Smashes A Spider = Nightmare Fuel

What’s worse than one big-ass spider? Hundreds of tiny-ass spiders. This is a video posted by Youtuber Danny Ford.

You Need This Dragon Cake Pan For Your Next GoT Party

ThinkGeek is selling this Dragon Cake Pan for $25. Pretty cool, but once you ice it, you lose the effect.

A Japanese Airline Has R2-D2 Jets For International Flights

This fall Japanese airline All Nippon Airways is rolling out R2-D2 themed jets for international flights.