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If You Like Thingamabobs, You’ll Love Mermaid Makeup Brushes

Check out these super pretty Mermaid Makeup Brushes from Glamour Shop B. Previously these have sold out in just 2 days.

If You’re Getting Hitched, Be Sure Create A Domino’s Wedding Registry

The Domino’s Wedding Registry is REAL and I honestly do not understand how people have even been getting married before now.

This Color Changing LED Unicorn Diffuser Is SO CUTE

Smoko is taking pre-orders for this color changing LED Unicorn Diffuser. It’s easily the cutest diffuser I’ve ever seen!

R. Kelly’s “Ignition” Performed By Kermit The Frog Is Everything

Here’s another mashup video from Mylo the Cat aka Adam Schleichkorn. This time it’s R. Kelly’s Ignition performed by Kermit THE Frog.

The Cone Of Shame Lamp Is A Real Thing That Exists

This is the Dog E-Collar Lamp designed by Matt Pugh and sold over at Uncommon Goods for $155. I like to call it The Cone of Shame Lamp, but that’s just me and — I assume — everyone else on the planet.

The World’s Smallest Cup Of Coffee Being Brewed Is Satisfying

Director and animator Lucas Zanotto brings us this video showing the world’s smallest cup of coffee being brewed.

This Amazing Pizza Dress Is Truly Something To Behold

Meet the amazing Pizza Dress by Olivia Mears AKA Avant-Geek. What a delight! See a photo of Olivia and the dress on a throne made of Domino’s pizza boxes and be sure to check out the Instagram video where Olivia demonstrates the dress’s twirl-ability.

An Alien Baby Doll, Because Alien Babies Need Dolls Too!

The Bradford Exchange is selling this Alien Baby Doll. It’s handcrafted in vinyl, hand-painted, and comes with its own “cosmic blanket.” You can buy it for $100.

So, Uh… Owls Have Weirdly Long Legs & More Incredible Links

Breaking: owls have LEGS. Long ones! Cue: all the screaming, forever. [NYMag] Dayum! Samsung getting sassy AF on social media.

Here’s An Astronaut Making A PB&J Sandwich IN SPACE

This is NASA astronaut and Expedition 50 commander Robert Shane Kimbrough making a PB&J sandwich in space.

Watch This Adorable Baby And Her Dog Go Crazy Over Bubbles

This is a sweet video of a baby and a dog losing their minds over bubbles. The whole thing is adorable, but the best part is the baby giggles.

We’re Giving Away Some Bottles Of Sprayable Wing Sauce!

Zach’s Wing Sauce is handcrafted, small batch and SPRAYABLE. That’s right — sprayable wing sauce. It comes in five different flavors: Sweet Heat, Sriracha Lime, Better Buffalo, Chocolate Chiptole, and Mesquite Heat.

Here’s How Much Superheroes’ NYC Apartments Would Cost put together this infographic showing how much superheroes’ NYC apartments would cost. We get a glimpse into the rent of Peter Parker, Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, and more!

The T-Rex Lunch Box Is The Coolest Lunch Box You Can Buy

This is the T-Rex Lunch Box available for pre-order from The Foodiggity Shop for $35. It’s pretty cool.

This Russian Grandma Makes Her Own Green Screen Videos And They Are THE BEST

Tatiana Subbotina is a Russian grandma who makes her own green screen videos. Here are some of them. They are amazing and so is Tatiana.

The Longest Caterpillar Line Ever & More Incredible Links

This caterpillar line just keeps going and going and going. [Youtube] The biggest buffalo wing IN THE WORLD.

Carnivores Rejoice! Now You Can Get Your Grub On At A Meat Festival

On April 22, Foodbeast is hosting a MEAT FESTIVAL. It’s been dubbed Meat Street and it will feature all kinds of exclusive meat-centric food items.

How To Put On A Sweater Without Disturbing Your Cat

Youtuber Roger Brawn brings us this tutorial on how to put on a sweater without disturbing your cat. It is a real treat.

Come To The Dark Side, We Have This Darth Vader Grill

Burned By Design is selling this Darth Vader grill for about $500. Because why have a regular-ass grill when you could have a Darth Vader grill?

Here’s The Perviest, Most NSFW Pocket Watch You’ve Never Seen

This is a video from Youtuber Singing Bird Boxes demonstrating a vintage pocket watch that is, uh, kinda sensual!