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Stunning video shows what it must be like to travel through dimensions

This video is so well made and so amazing that it's unbelievable. It's like being able to step into portals that jump through dimensions and break the laws of physics.

Watching liquid move like this convinces me that we're not alone

I'm not exactly sure what I just watched but I saw liquid dance in ways I didn't know liquid could even move.

I never imagined liquid could move in this way

I'm not exactly sure what I just watched but I saw liquid dance in ways I didn't know liquid could even move.

A gun machine that shoots dumplings together would be the greatest thing

The world should put together all their brain power and weapons experts and artillery and dumpling ammo so that we can make this dumpling gun machine happen.

A lone coyote running across the frozen waters of the Boston Bay

The US Coast Guard just tweeted this photo of a coyote running across ice, taken from one of its ships in the Boston Harbor, near Quincy.

Show this animation short to any children you want to scar for life

My first thought when I started to see Danny and the Wild Bunch—a short live action and animation film by Robert Rugan—was: "Is this some dumb Pixar imitation." I'm glad I kept watching, because I love when sugar, spice, and everything nice goes to hell.

These were Leonard Nimoy's Spock ears in The Wrath of Khan

Margaret Weitekamp, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's curator of science fiction and space memorabilia, has some thoughts about why Leonard Nimoy and his Spock character were so universally loved.

This video will help you make up your mind about foie gras

Munchies made this really interesting short documentary where chef and food writer Dave Arnold travels the world interviewing animal-rights activists, scientists, producers, and politicians to shed some light on what is really going on with foie gras.

These kinetic sculptures will haunt my dreams tonight

I know these kinetic sculptures by Korean artist Choe U-Ram will haunt me dreams tonight but, their soft movements and the dramatic lighting hypnotized me, and now I have to watch these videos over and over again.

This guy can chop onions so fast it's almost unreal

His technique may not be orthodox but it's definitely efficient. I timed it and he chops an onion in, roughly, ten seconds, which is less than what it takes to do it with a domestic food processor—considering that you have to cut the onion first, put it in the machine, close the lid, chop it, and take it out again.

You'd Never Guess That This Space-Age Gadget Was a Microscope

This beautiful piece of shiny scientific instrumentation is a brand new class X-ray microscope sitting inside a vacuum chamber at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Case solved: This is the true color of that goddamn white and gold dress

In what may be the biggest case of mass hysteria ever experienced in the history of the internet, everyone in the planet speculated tonight about what's the color of a stupid dress.

I can't believe these hyper real pictures are completely CG and not real

David O'Reilly and Kim Laughton curate a wonderful head innards shaking website, Hyper Real CG, that shows a collection of pictures that look completely real but are actually just hyper real 3D art made from CG.

My taste buds melted after watching this dessert get made

I don't especially love pistachio. I don't go crazy over tiramisu. Heck, I don't always have the sweet tooth hankering normal humans have for dessert and yet after watching this pistachio tiramisu get made, I can't help but feel as if my taste buds have all banded together demanding that I eat this right now.

Some people see this dress as white & gold while others see black & blue

I don't know where this image originates from but it's around the Internet right now and it shows a picture of a dress that is so very clearly white and gold to me but is black and blue to so many other people.

A fascinating view into the US Air Force boneyards

You can zoom in this 48 megapixel image of the USAF boneyard in Tucson, Arizona—stitched from Bing Maps satellite images—and try to identify all those airplanes.

Watch This Guy Get Completely Ejected From His Car And Walk Away

Alright, well, it was more of a limp than a jaunty saunter, BUT STILL. This guy was just completely thrown out of his car, slid along an icy highway, took one look at himself, and clearly thought "I should probably not be lying in this road right now." Read more...

Would you eat this grey ice cream?

I have had black sesame ice-cream and it's absolutely delicious. It didn't look like this soft black sesame ice cream cone, however.

Hydrofoil boarding big waves looks insanely cool

Watch legendary surfer Laird Hamilton foil boarding huge waves in Raglan, New Zealand. Hamilton is known for being the influence of many surf innovations including hydrofoil boarding.

Monster 280-pound catfish caught in Italy

Italian sport fishermen Dino Ferrari and his twin brother Dario lured in this monstrous 280-pound (127-kilogram) and 8.75-foot-long (2.67 m) catfish on Thursday in the Po Delta, in Italy.