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Melting Lego With a Torch Is Somehow Utterly Captivating

Using a magnifying glass to scorch anything unfortunate enough to cross your path on a sunny afternoon is a popular past time among kids.

Is This a Picture of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

According to IMDB, Tom Hanks has acted in 81 movies in a career that started way back in 1980. Bill Murray has 83 acting credits dating back to 1973.

This Timelapse Makes Fog Look Like the Oceans Flooding the Entire Earth

There’s not enough ice on the Earth’s polar caps to flood the entire planet should global warming turn it all into water.

This Drunk-Looking RC Plane Is Made Entirely Out of LEGO

LEGO have many creative uses outside their intended hobby kits, but aeronautics isn’t one of them. Until now, that is.

Dad Makes Adorable Thunderstorm Costume for His Daughter

Lots of kids are terrified of thunderstorms, but not Zoey. Her dad, who you might remember from the glowing stick figure costume he made her a few years ago, is back with this over-the-top Princess Cumulus thunderstorm costume that’s as wonderful as it is impractical for actual trick-or-treating.

Watching Robots Make Tiny Springs Is Wonderfully Hypnotic

This is easily the best video to spend your eyeball time on today. That’s partly because it’s wonderfully shot and reveals the inner workings of the machines.

Why Are American Cities So Much Different Than European Cities?

European cities like Paris are much, much older than American cities like New York, and that age difference has led to many interesting differences in the layout of each city.

Brilliant Life Hack Lets You Carve a Pumpkin in Less Than 30 Seconds

Halloween can be a hectic time what with getting a costume ready, buying candy, and then re-buying candy because you ate it all before the 31st.

Icelandic Baker Uses a Hot Spring to Cook Bread

In Laugarvatn, Iceland, the ground itself is an oven. Read more...

The Arctic Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous in This Video

As you grow older, you start realizing that you might never get to see certain cities or visit some places around the world.

Watching Paint Daubs Get Mixed Together Is Weirdly Calming

You worked hard today, and deserve to relax. Open up a bottle of wine, light up some reefer, and let your eyes be entertained by beautiful colors merging into something magical, perfectly viscous paints smoothly coming together.

Watch These Excellent Match Cuts Used in Movies

A match cut is a technique filmmakers use to link two different scenes together by cutting from one shot to another in a way that’s almost visually seamless because the shots look so much alike.

The Actor Who Made a Career of Playing a Disembodied Hand

Even in the dingy, often thankless role of character actor, Christopher Hart holds a special position of anonymity.

Riding a Bicycle With Lights on Its Wheels Is Basically Tron

Bicycles with lights ringing their back wheels and expert visual editing basically turns regular mountain biking into light cycles on The Grid in Tron.

The Waves Are Amazing When You Windsurf in Extreme Hurricane Conditions

We really shouldn’t have to say this, but the next time a massive storm churns up towering waves in the ocean, it’s probably a good idea to head for cover, instead of suiting up and heading out for some death-defying windsurfing.

A Stabilized Camera in a Stunt Plane Will Make You Want to Puke

Stunt pilot Spencer Suderman does things with a plane that would make even other experienced pilots puke.

Woman Breaks the One Rule of Living in a Haunted House

For the most part, there’s no wrong way to inhabit a haunted house. See some pissed off ghosts, try not to die, and you’re good.

Watching a Slug Going Up a Wall in Timelapse Is the Only Way to Watch a Slug

Slugs should be so much cooler to watch. They have antennae that wriggle around and their method of forward motion is weird.

Very Happy Man Plays Custom CRT Sets Like Bongos

Japanese artist Ei Wada specializes in turning old consumer electronics into new musical instruments.

What Hiking from Mexico to Canada Does to Your Shoes

Hiking from Mexico through the United States and all the way up to Canada on the Pacific Coast Trail is just a little bit beyond a stroll in the park.