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What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared from Earth?

It’s an age old question that we love to entertain because we’re all obsessed with our own mortality and the future of the world: what would happen to the world if humans disappeared?

Jumping Straight Down the Side of a 3,228-foot Cliff Looks Like a Neverending Free Fall

The drop doesn’t seem to end. And that’s because the jump is off a 3,228-foot cliff in Norway. At that high of an elevation, that free fall will feel like it’s going on forever.

How Can Budget Airlines Be So Cheap to Fly?

Budget airlines like JetBlue and Southwest in the United States, and Ryanair and Easy Jet in Europe, are often significantly cheaper to fly compared to legacy airlines like Delta and British Airways.

How to Create a Rainbow-Colored Pyrotechnics Show

The summer’s almost here, and what goes perfect with scorching heat and unbearable humidity? That’s right, fire and explosions.

The Half Life 2 City Scanner Comes to Life With a Sweet Drone Mod

Modder Valplushka gave a thorough overhaul to a quadcopter and brought to life the single most annoying enemy in Half-Life 2.

A Simulation of What 100,000 Volts Does to Human Flesh

Besides shooting an actual human or a pig carcass, the best way to determine the efficacy of a projectile—like a bullet—is with ballistic gel, which has almost identical density and viscosity to human muscle tissue.

A Drill-Powered Electric Skateboard Is the Silliest Way to Get Around Town

Boosted boards—those snazzy electric longboards—are in high demand, and they’re expensive. Fully decked out, one of these is going to run $1,600.

What It Might Be Like to Get Fired on Mars

Losing your job sucks. Losing your job when you live on the Red Planet could really, really suck. This short imagines what it might be like.

Can Liquid Nitrogen Put Out an On-Fire Swimming Pool?

Teenage rebellion takes many forms. Some of us get dumb haircuts or listen to some truly terrible music.

Incredibly Animated Finger Puppet Looks Like it Might Actually Be Alive

You’ve heard of math savants and chess geniuses, but Barnaby Dixon might be a young prodigy when it comes to designing puppets.

Skateboarding in Zero Gravity Is Tony Hawk's Best Trick Yet

Among his many accomplishments, Tony Hawk is probably best known for landing the first 900 during an official competition at the X-Games.

What Makes a Movie Great?

It’s a big sweeping question that can’t possibly have an answer. Is it the story? Is it the characters?

Amusing Parody Video Perfectly Skewers All Those Precious Food Videos

We all love watching cooking videos, and we all gasp and drool over food documentary videos. We simply can’t stop ourselves.

These Real Moments in History Inspired the Events of Game of Thrones

The world of Westeros in Game of Thrones is so impressively detailed, and the history of its characters is so well crafted, that it’s amazing George R.R.

What Actors Aged with Make Up Look Like Vs What They Actually Look Like When They're Old

Here’s a fun and interesting look at how Hollywood ages actors with make up and prosthetics versus what they actually look like when they get old.

Testing Roach Trap Glue on Humans Is Pure Torture

To test the sticking power of the glue used inside its Gokiburi Hoi Hoi roach traps, a Japanese pest control company called Earth Chemical created a human-sized version and then made a scientist, athlete, and sumo wrestler attempt to get from one end of it to the other.

We Can't Legally Tell You to Be High While Watching This But

Ever wonder what the dreams of a professional animator must look like? Adult Swim’s Off the Air videos continue to be some close approximate of that breed of visual weirdness, and Shapes is the latest installment.

A Supercut of Movies Welcoming You to the Movie You’re Watching

Welcome to the post.

How Movie Sequels Play with Our Emotions By Recycling Nostalgia

The Nerdwriter has a really interesting breakdown on intertextuality in movies, or the idea of how something seen in a movie is shaped by something previously seen in something else.

Those Lame Fire Snakes Get Way More Impressive When You Super-Size Them

Aside from sparklers, the most least piece of fireworks kids have access to are black snakes, those tiny pucks that grow into long ashen serpents as they burn.