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Watching This Multi-Armed Feather Star Swimming Freaks Me Out

The ocean is chock full of incredibly weird creatures that couldn’t possibly exist anywhere but under the sea.

Watching This Dude Sit and Spin on the Edge of a Building Is So Nerve Wrecking

This is very probably one of the scariest places you can park your bum: at the very edge of a corner of a very tall building in downtown Toronto.

Literal Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics Used Literally in a Goofy Short

There’s not much more I can add to this because it’s just the lyrics of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody sillily played out in a short film.

I Lost Track of How Many Car Crashes Happened in This One Snowy Intersection

It snowed in Montreal today and, well, things got kind of crazy on the road. I don’t know how many car crashes happened in this one wild intersection, but from what I can gather, the icy roads basically turned all the cars, trucks, and buses into giant sleds that all somehow crashed into each other.

Call in Sick Just So You Can Watch This Lego Machine All Day Long

The wobbly gear on Japanese Lego genius Akiyuky’s latest Great Ball Contraption might be the most hypnotic piece of engineering you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Hardcore Dude Socks It to Kangaroo to Save Dog

Pretty much every kind of flora and fauna in Australia can kill you. Seriously, take it from someone who was born there: Every crazy story you hear about Australian wildlife probably has some basis in reality.

Watching These Cards Get Shuffled Is Hypnotizing as Hell

Eliot Slevin, his flexible fingers, and his mastery of cardistry can turn a normal deck of cards into a beautifully choreographed dance that seems to tweak gravity (and can probably even cause hypnosis if you stare too long).

Seeing Random Things Like Styrofoam and Cardboard Get Shredded Makes Me Feel All Tingly

The ASMR effect is very pronounced in this video of cardboard and styrofoam getting shredded, because it all just sounds so damn pleasant.

What Post-Apocalyptic Worlds Look Like in Movies

It’s always nice (in a totally twisted way) to remind yourself of how bad things in the world could get by watching movies set in a post-apocalyptic future.

Don't Try This Refrigerator-Bike Challenge at Home

We’ve all been there: you have a large item to transport and a bike. While cowards everywhere might opt to hire a delivery service or make two separate trips, we found you some men who can do both.

Why Japan's Godzilla Is So Much Better Than America's Godzilla

Godzilla isn’t just a Kaiju that’s the king of the monsters. Godzilla doesn’t just spend its time mindlessly destroying the world with its atomic breath in brain-numbing American remakes that no one should spend two hours watching.

Check Out the Overhead Shots in Films by Martin Scorsese (NSFW)

It’s fairly easy to recognize a film made by Martin Scorsese: there are scenes in slow motion mixed with wonderful long tracking shots.

Shooting a Tesla Coil Gun Is Some Real Ghostbusters Shit

There’s nothing I want to do more in life than to shoot a Tesla coil gun. Seeing those bolts of electricity fly out of that death ray-looking weapon is basically all I’ve ever dreamed about since I’ve watched Ghostbusters, and this Tesla coil gun is the closest thing to a real-life Proton Pack that I’ve ever seen.

This Giant Inflatable Waterpark Is What Dreams Are Made Of

This 200-person capacity beachside waterpark might just make me travel to Dubai. Coming in at 252 feet long and 115 feet wide, this floating obstacle course looks like a grand ol’ time.

How Certain Parasites Can Make Your Life a Living Hell

Everybody knows that the world is filled with creepy, microscopic parasites. But a new Kurzgesagt YouTube video explains how a particular group of parasites are meaner and more disgusting that you ever could have imagined..

Watch Chernobyl's Huge Radiation Shield Slide in and Enclose the Damaged Nuclear Reactor

We already saw how the new $1.6 billion sarcophagus—the 843-foot wide, 354-foot tall steel shield that entombs the radioactive material leaking from the damaged nuclear reactor left over from the Chernobyl disaster—was going to be put in place to replace the old concrete structure that enclosed the

This Sweeping Footage of a Drone Flying Through the Beach Is Wonderful

Seeing this drone fly through Venice Beach in Robert McIntosh’s Fresh Squeeze in what looks like a perfectly planned flight is just lovely.

Sharpening a Dollar Store Knife Turns It Into a Killer Blade That Easily Slices Everything

I know that it’s pretty darn obvious that if you sharpen a knife over and over again, you’ll eventually get a razor sharp edge to slice things with.

Guy Builds a Matrix Bullet-Time Rig Using Just One Spinning High Speed Camera

To create those amazing bullet-time shots in The Matrix, the filmmakers used a bunch of cameras to simultaneously capture the action from all angles.

What Exactly Does Going to Space Do to Your Body?

Going to space is definitely one of the coolest things a human could ever do but damn if it doesn’t do a doozy to your body.