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45 Awesome Things People Did in 2017

As the year draws to a close, we’re not going to pretend that 2017 is going to be fondly remembered by everyone around the country.

This Robot Just Carried the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics Torch as It Cut Through a Wall

Robots are already coming for our jobs, and now it looks like they’re coming for our treasured cultural ceremonies, too.

The Shockwaves On a Rain-Soaked Window Screen Are Wonderfully Unique

Throw a pebble into a still pond, and the shockwaves from the disturbance will ripple out in all directions in nearly perfect concentric circles.

Gaze Long Into the Duck

What does this video represent to you?

This Artist Turns Spilled Paint Into Gorgeous Avalanches of Color

Thomas Blanchard doesn’t paint like normal artists do. Instead of painstakingly applying colors to a canvas with a brush, he dumps gallons of brightly colored paints into a giant tank filled with oils and other liquids, producing psychedelic waterfalls of color that could never hang in an art gallery.

You'd Never Have to Reach for Anything Placed on This Living Robotic Table

If you happened to be in Tokyo, Japan, this past weekend, you might had a chance to check out the 2017 International Robot Exhibition, where companies demonstrate cutting-edge robotics by having them perform pointless tasks.

Earth Looks Like a Bleak Alien World Under the Blinding Glow of a Drone Carrying a Spotlight

As soon as cameras got small enough to ride along with drones, the internet quickly filled with amazing aerial footage shot by pros and amateurs alike.

A High-Speed Bacon Slicing Machine Should Come Standard With Every Kitchen

Hidden away in factories across the globe are purpose-built industrial machines that the world not only deserves to know about, but also deserves a chance to own.

Storm Chaser Captures Slo-Mo Lightning Footage Like You've Never Seen Before

There’s no denying that a massive bolt of electricity streaking hundreds of miles across the sky is one of Mother Nature’s most impressive demos.

This Japanese Artist Paints With Microsoft Excel Instead of a Brush

Starting a new hobby usually requires a hefty investment in both time and equipment, but when 77-year-old Tatsuo Horiuchi retired and wanted to take up painting, he passed on the pricey brushes, paint, and canvases, and decided to use an app already installed on his Windows PC: Microsoft Excel.

What Kind of Sorcery Lets People Swim In This Sand-Filled Hot Tub?

You can try as hard as you want, but you’ll never be as cool an uncle as ex-NASA JPL engineer Mark Rober.

Watch These Daredevil Wingsuit Flyers Land in a Flying Plane

Because jumping off a mountain with just a pair of thin fabric wings underneath your arms isn’t already dangerous enough, professional wingsuit flyers Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet decided to do that and then try and land inside an airborne plane, using a side door that was just a few feet from the ai

Watch These Toys Get Annihilated During a 120 MPH Crash Test

If you had access to a crash test facility, whenever you weren’t smashing cars you’d probably be spending all of your free time thinking of other things you could launch at a wall at 120 miles per hour.

These Hyper-Realistic Squishy CG Heads Are Really Freaking Me Out

Looking for a creepy and unsettling way to start your morning? No? Well, too bad, you probably shouldn’t have clicked on this story because the hyper-realistic CG experiments in Simon Christoph Krenn’s short film, Parasitic Endeavours, are going to leave you feeling a little disturbed.

Watch a Blacksmith Turn Old Batteries Into a Beautifully-Detailed Knife

If you don’t have access to a proper recycling facility, a talented blacksmith who goes by shurap on YouTube has found another way to recycle old batteries by turning them into a gorgeous Damascus-steel knife that also uses a recycled Maglite flashlight for its handle.

Like You Have Anything Better to Do Than Watch Someone Spend 66 Hours Assembling A Chainmail Shirt

No one’s pretending that life in the middle ages didn’t suck. There was the plague, unceasing catapult attacks, and beheading after beheading.

I Can't Believe There's Not a Single Collision in This Massive Swarm of Birds

Filmmaker Jan van Ijken’s documentary, The Art of Flying, captures the hypnotic movements of hundreds of thousands of starlings flying in massive flocks that appear to be completely random and chaotic, but miraculously, not a single mid-air collision ever occurs.

Can You Find the Perfectly-Camouflaged Snow Leopard Hidden On This Mountainside?

There’s a good reason it’s so difficult for photographers and film crews to capture the elusive snow leopard in the wild.

Watching This Exterminator Remove a Gigantic Hornet's Nest Sent My Heart Racing

If the sound of a single mosquito buzzing near your ear is enough to send you running, you might want to skip this video of a Louisiana exterminator battling what is easily the largest hornet’s nest I’ve ever seen in my life, hiding inside someone’s backyard shed.

Hundreds of Perfectly-Choreographed Printers Are the Real Stars of This Fun Music Video 

By now the band OK Go is better known for its over-the-top, impossibly choreographed music videos than its actual music.