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Secret to a successful marriage

February 1954: J. Frank Winebrenner, wed 72 years, when asked what the secret to his successful marriage was, replied, "We did little fussin'.

Live Burros By Mail!

I want these at the Spencer's Gifts location in my local mall! From THE ELKS MAGAZINE for October 1954.

Flying Saucers Are Real

A great new book by my talented and weird writer pal Jack Womack. Read a piece on it here.

Downunder Lipstick Glue

Glue for the lips "downunder." More info: NY Post, Forbes, Patent Office

Mystery Gadget 43

What machine requires such weird protective gear? The answer is here. And after the jump.

Manure Glass

1973 saw the debut of Envirite (aka Glass-Dung, Manure Glass, or Pasture Glass), a promised-to-be revolutionary building material made out of glass and cow manure.

Chicago Bar Association Annual Musical Revue

Who knew that Chicago lawyers and judges and other legal folks have been doing a theatrical production for nearly 100 years?

The Bruce Effect

If a pregnant rodent is exposed to the scent of an unfamiliar male, she will often spontaneously abort.

Joan Ridgway, Yodeling Cowgirl

Plenty more of her on YouTube. But hardly any biographical info. What little there is seems to indicate that despite all cultural signifiers, she was Australian, not American.

Name That List, #38

What is this a list of? The answer is below in extended. Scratch face Dead Spaniard Ape's laugh Goose-Turd Lustie-Gallant Smoked Ox Fading Flowing Merry Widow Kiss-Me-Darling Chimney-Sweep Dying Monkey Mortal Sin Love Longing Horseflesh Flybert Soppes-in Wine Maide's Blush

Follies of the Madmen #305

Australia offers the rest of the world its giant mushroom phallus. Original ad here.

News of the Weird (February 19, 2017)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M515, February 19, 2017 Copyright 2017 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Who Gets the Beanie Babies?

November 1999: After filing for divorce, Frances and Harold Mountain proved unable to agree on how to split up their Beanie Baby collection.

Giant Gown Folds Flat

Original article here.

The famous rhyming will

In 1830 Mr. Wheatstone, a solicitor of Chancery Lane died and left the following will, which was admitted to probate: As to all my worldly goods now or to be in store, I give to my beloved wife and her's, for evermore; I give all freely!


You can surely amuse yourself for hours reading this 1793 guide to rogues. And I think we should resurrect these old terms for modern times.

Ski masks for chilly cheeks

Almost as bad as styling on the slopes. Source: Teenagers' Weekly - July 3, 1963


Full story here.

Roy L. Gray, the Most Average Man

In 1927, William S. Dutton, a writer for American magazine, decided to locate America's most average man.

Miss Photoflash

The first foto below is of the 1945 contest. Given that it was the "First Revue" of the sponsoring group, we can tentatively date it as the first such contest.