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Sunbathing Bubble

This looks like it would roast you to a nice golden brown. Human Hothouse: For comfortable sunbathing in the city or during cold weather, a California firm offers a Plexiglas bubble which lets in ultraviolet rays but keeps out sand, soot, and wind.

Death By Flowers

This is either a case of the unluckiest spouse ever, or a perfect murder by the husband.

Brains and Bust Size — one medical opinion

Back in 1964, Dr. Erwin O. Strassmann of Houston kicked up a controversy by suggesting there was a correlation in women between bust size and I.Q.

The Animation of Joop Geesink

We marvel at films like Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, or Wallace and Gromit, in which, during a given scene, one or two puppets might be in motion.

Fascinating Illusion

Its awesome how realistic this looks when it is finished and fascinating how it is done as well.

Is your railroad invested in atomic research?

An ad placed in Time magazine (April 26, 1948) by the "Federation for Railway Progress" boasted about their investment in atomic research, and urged railroads to join the federation to benefit from all the great advances that atomic research would soon bring to the transportation industry: Will your railroad have a place at the atomic research table?

Mystery Illustration 8

Why is this woman placing her bare foot atop a crocodile's head? The answer is here.

Genitalia Vandalism

Genitalia vandalism, the funniest phrase I have ever seen, is how they refer to someone going through an Ikea drawing penises on everything, in Denmark.

Men of Mortuaries

Following up on yesterday's post about the sexy mortuary calendar from 1948, here's a more recent example of the same kind of thing, but featuring sexy "men of mortuaries." It was released as a one-off thing in 2008 in order to raise money for a breast cancer charity.

Father Pierre Monastery Herbs

Original ad. I wish I could find a picture on the internet of the packaging for this product. Or learn who the legendary Father Pierre was.

Crosscut Saw Filer

You know, I was actually getting into this a little bit, finding the esoteric knowledge somewhat alluring.

Beautiful Bodies by Chambers

The Washington DC mortuary of W.W. Chambers caused a scandal when it issued a calendar for 1948 featuring scantily-clad models to advertise its embalming business.

News of the Weird (August 23, 2015)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M437, August 23, 2015 Copyright 2015 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

A Regular Shortcut

Perhaps no one had ever complained before. Macon Chronicle-Herald - Feb 6, 1954 Suspect Tipsy Driver Took Wrong Short Cut AUBURN, Ind.

Mr. Machine

Put husband under bed, 1907

This sounds like it was straight-up spousal abuse, and the wife got away with it. The Washington Post - May 24, 1907

Sew on the Go!

Original article here.

Grass Eyelashes

Created by artist Mary Graham in an attempt to create a genuinely 100% natural cosmetics product. She writes: "Everything I used was created by nature.

Hyster Majesty at Labbodies

My ears, they bleed!


The out of control anti vaccination movement shows just how damaging junk science and the belief that being famous make someone knowledgeable can be.