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Happy Nutcrack Night!

Original article here. Who knew that Halloween used to be a time of divination for romance? LOVE TESTS OF HALLOWEEN tells of other forgotten customs.

Real or Fake?

Would you drive by the above and keep going thinking it was fake? A man beheaded his mother and kicked her head around before stepping in front of a train.

Doomsday Flight

The Doomsday Flight was a 1966 TV movie written by Rod Serling. The plot involves "a disgruntled aerospace engineer" who phones in a threat warning that he's planted a barometric pressure bomb on an airliner set to explode when the plane descends below 4000 feet for landing.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

The tour for squares. The tour for hipsters. Their home page.

Dr. Bouchaud’s Flesh-Reducing Soap

"Will absorb all fatty tissues from any part of the body." I wonder if Dr. Bouchaud was related in any way to Dr.

The Relaxed Wife

Okee the Painting Otter

A forgotten giant of the art world. Source: The Santa Cruz Sentinel - Apr 7, 1965.

One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

You recall perhaps the full-size rubber mask of the mystery half-wit? Well, here he is again, as a hand-puppet, inexplicably consorting with legit Disney characters.

Energy-harvesting jewelry

Naomi Kizhner's jewelry serves two purposes: 1) it's decorative; 2) it harvests energy from your body to charge your various electronic devices.

Refreshment on the Job

The economy that soda built.

News of the Weird, October 26, 2014

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M394, October 26, 2014 Copyright 2014 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Loony Lids, 1951 toy

Sold by The Ideal Toy Corp: "Inflatable Vinylite headpieces for children, built in the shape of lions, elephants, horses, and roosters.

The Tonopah Plague

Plagues have always been with us. Here's an instance from 1905. What was this exotic mystery germ? The answer is here.

Bonus ONION Video for Saturday

Farewell, Alvin Stardust


The Sincerity Machine

Artist Jesse England converted a typewriter to type in Comic Sans, "the most popularly despised font of modern times." He says that he hopes this will provoke thoughts about how we "create, consume, store (and fetishize) media." More info at his website.

Coffee Creamer Hitler

Swiss retailer Migros has apologized for placing pictures of Hitler and Mussolini on some of the coffee creamers it sells, calling it an "inexcusable blunder" and promising that "in the future we’ll be sure to sharpen our controls." However, they haven't really explained why they decided to use the Hitler/Mussolini photos in the first place.

Getting Started

Battle of the Vintage Chocolate Drinks

Name your poison! Bosco, Ovaltine, Borden's or Tootsie V-M?

Smog Rings

Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde has come up with a plan to use "patented ion technology" in order to create the world's largest smog vacuum cleaner.