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News of the Weird (November 29, 2015)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M451, November 29, 2015 Copyright 2015 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Human Resurrection Company

A new Australian company, Humai, has an ambitious goal. It wants to make people immortal. From its "vision" statement: We’re using artificial intelligence and nanotechnology to store data of conversational styles, behavioral patterns, thought processes and information about how your body functions from the inside-out.

Severed Stream

You will also find Mars's artwork on this great new collection of weird fiction, a nice Xmas gift for lovers of "cosmic horror."

Best Apple Butter in Oklahoma

The judges probably thought it was a bold new take on apple butter. The Plain Speaker (Hazelton, Pa. — Oct 24, 1956)

Greatest Shoplifter Ever?

Original article here.

Gang Member Rugs

Created by artist Renato Garza Cervera out of leather, polyester, polyurethane foam, glass eyes, and paint.

Follies of the Madmen #266

More Weirdness From Japan

Found a great Top 10 Weirdest Japanese Inventions list. The Daddy Nurser isn't number 1 but it should be!

Death of the Human Ostrich

1906: Robert Naysmith, the "human ostrich," died from eating too many hatpins and brass nails. Back in the day, I think there were a number of people who earned a livelihood by exhibiting themselves as human ostriches.

Television Set for the Differently Abled

Very forward-looking and thoughtful of Westinghouse to create a TV set that aided one-handed people. Of course, nowadays you only need one finger (on the remote) to tune!

Frozen Turkey Comes Back To Life

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all enjoy your turkey dinner — and that your frozen turkey doesn't come back to life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Perect Thanksgiving Dessert

If Turducken is Gluttony 101 then Piecaken is the Masters Thesis. A pie inside a cake layered on another pie inside another cake.

Can’t Miss the Show

January 1985: The women of the Thurlow family proved they were serious fans of the TV show St. Elsewhere.

Mystery Illustration 13

Which corporation--still around today--felt that this technological monster symbolized all the services they provided, back in 1969?

Safety Glass Tester, 1939

High-test safety glass was developed jointly by five American companies during the 1930s. It had an inner layer of polyvinyl acetal resin.

The Escorts

You've heard of MUSIC FROM BIG PINK? Well, here's MUSIC FROM THE BIG HOUSE. Full story here.

Life (Death) Hack

British lady tried out a life hack she read about on Facebook with unfortunate results.The suggestion was to lay the toaster on its side to make cheese on toast instead of grilling it.

Amish Marathon Runner

Apparently the Amish practice of "plain dress" extends to marathon running, because Amish runner Leroy Stolzfus has been showing up to races dressed in a long-sleeved shirt, black slacks, and suspenders.

Wailing, Sobbing, Shrieking Performance Art

Let me know when you bail!