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Wrong Car

Similar to Alex's post of a day or two ago! How often does this kind of thing happen? Original article here.

Fondled while floating to earth

1997: Cockrell couldn't keep his hands to himself. The Des Moines Register - Feb 9, 1997

Happy the Cowboy Ventriloquist Dummy

"Happy" looks anything but, as if he's battling the DTs. Does his cigarette really emit smoke? Original ad here.

Thought he was Jerry

So who was this Jerry, and what did he do? I guess we'll never know. Arizona Republic - Jan 29, 1953 Man Stabbed With Apology SAN FRANCISCO (INS) — Lawrence Bridges, 32, San Francisco Municipal Railway bus driver, reported to police that he was stabbed by a man who then leaned over him and said: "Oh, pardon me, I thought you were Jerry." He was stabbed twice, in the cheek and shoulder, as he walked on Sutter Street near Fillmore.

Horsford’s Acid Phosphate

What was once a patent medicine for "tired brains" and "seasickness" is now a hipster cocktail ingredient.

News of the Weird (February 7, 2016)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M461, February 7, 2016 Copyright 2016 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Flying Fish a Hazard

[Click to enlarge] Original article here.

Inverted Preacher

September 1928: The novelty of preaching from a casket having worn off, Rev. H.W. Thomas of Minneapolis announced he would henceforth deliver the gospel message while standing on his head.

Love trapped

A man who died after having sex with a prostitute ended up trapped inside of her. They had to be taken to the hospital to be "de-coupled"

Follies of the Madmen #273

Happy Joe Lucky was no Roger Rabbit, but he does a credible job here with Gisele MacKenzie.

Wedding ring instead of coin

Two examples makes this a recurring theme, though not a frequently recurring one. The theme being: wedding rings used instead of coins.

Arrested for eating grapes

April 1988: Albert Culberth of Miami ate a few grapes as he and his wife were doing their grocery shopping.

Two Weird People Find Each Other

I cannot embed the song that goes with this title, but you should be able to listen it in its entirety at this site.

Breast milk jewelry

Texas mom Bridgette Boudreaux has figured out a way to turn breast milk into jewelry, allowing mothers to permanently "commemorate the bond between mother and child." She calls her business JoBri Milk Charms, and she boasts, "You're getting what came from you." She can also add some placental blood to the jewelry, upon request.

Ri Molnar - Hell Is Real at Transmodern Labbodies

Caution: bare bazooms. But it is art. And after viewing, you will agree that "Hell is real."

Porn, Accidentally Shown

There was a recent case in which some x-rated material was accidentally shown during a funeral for a father and son.

Bus Driver Asks Kids If He Should Hit Dog, Then Does

January 1994: A school bus driver in Port Washington, Wisconsin insisted he was only joking when he shouted out "Should I hit the dog?

Johnson Smith Catalog Item #37

Click to enlarge. From the 1930s catalog.

The Continuing Adventures of Rayo

After being ignored by most people when he nailed his tongue to a wooden board, Rayo the Fakir sealed himself with a snake inside a glass "bottle," in which he toured Europe.

Bob Gaffner, Fishermen’s Helper

That Bob! "He's full of the old mick!" Huh? That expression summons up a mere two Google hits. I suspect it's a euphemism for "full of the old Nick," which in turn was a euphemism for "full of the Devil."