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Endurance Bowling

Back in 1930, George Kinder of Milwaukee set a record for endurance bowling. He bowled for 50 hours 20 mins, rolling 362 ½ games.

Respect for the Aged Day

Today is Respect for the Aged Day in Japan. Japan Tobacco has long celebrated the day by giving senior citizens each ten packs of cigarettes.

Malvaz Malt Tonic

Oh, it's not beer, despite coming from Monarch Brewing--it's just a healthy Malt Tonic!

The Morale Raiser

Also known as a pat-on-the-back machine. An earlier version of this. Wilmington News Journal - Dec 22, 1950

England’s Smallest Window

Wikipedia reference here.

Drip Fire Rifle

Invented by Lance Corporal William Charles Scurry during WWI, while fighting in Gallipoli. The Drip Fire Rifle was a way to jerry-rig a rifle using readily available materials so that it would randomly fire on its own.

Tales of Justine:  “Albert, A Pet Sunflower”

Wasabi Smoke Alarm

Fire alarms for the deaf typically involve strobe lights or vibration (such as a vibrating bed or pillow to wake a sleeper).

Roadside America Miniature Village

Their Wikipedia page.

More stolen lampposts

Phideaux draws our attention to yet another attempt at stealing lampposts by strapping them to the roof of a car.

Burger Grease Artist

In 2009, Arby's commissioned artist Phil Hansen to paint a version of the Mona Lisa using grease from the burgers of 14 of their competitors.

Full Financial Disclosure

Back in the old days, when politicians still felt obliged to reveal their finances... October 1952: Mike Murphy, 12-year-old candidate for secretary of the student body at Madison high school in Phoenix, AZ, felt it would be the honest thing to do to release a full financial statement.

Wraparound Headphones

The Jecklin Float electrostatic headphones. They were non-adjustable. So they either fit, or they didn't.

Showgirls With Hiccups

Parachute Plane

Apparently this thing did fly. It was designed by Steven Nemeth in the early 1930s. He boasted that it was so simple to fly that a person who had never been off the ground could learn to fly it in 30 minutes.

Punky Punkin

WU's contribution to the seasonal craze for all things pumpkin. He's the happiest pumpkin--despite having his guts ripped out of him and doomed to rot more swiftly than his brothers in the field.

Psychic Baseball Game

No supernatural abilities actually required. Original ad here. Further information here.

Beefless Days

Back in 1942, the town of Ashland, Ohio instituted a policy of "beefless days." It had nothing to do with going vegetarian.

Beauty Mask

March 1940 — At the International Beauty Shop Owners' show in New York City, Ruth Scott modeled a mask to heat the face and tone up the skin.

Follies of the Madmen #325

Possessed pants try to ward off other occult rivals. Original ad here.