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The Plot to Steal Abe Lincoln’s Corpse

Once upon a time, some crooks thought it would be a good idea to rob the grave of Abe Lincoln and hold the corpse for ransom.

The Art of Emanuele Taglietti

WUvians will surely be interested in a great new art book showcasing the weird comics covers of Emanuele Taglietti.

Beware of Killer Umbrellas

As people enjoy the beach this Fourth of July weekend, the Ocean City Beach Patrol would like to remind everyone to beware of killer umbrellas.

Exploding Chickens

Spontaneously exploding chickens startle German farmer. Source: The Ogden Standard - Nov 17, 1950

Paddle Pops

More proof that everything is upside-down in Australia, as good old Popsicles become Paddle Pops.

Debtor’s Revenge

In my latest article, I explore the phenomenon of Debtor's Revenge — when debtors decide to get even by paying fines with pennies.

Laundry Shaming

This would be so great if it happened today. Can you imagine the ruckus on social media if some darling tyke came home with an accusatory advertisement pinned to its clothes?

The Woof Washer

Not only cleans your dog, but also apparently gets them to stand still.

The Fred Society

The FRED Society was founded in 1984, and still appears to be going strong. It's a kind of support group for people (mostly men) named Fred, designed to address the negative connotations associated with the name.

George Bennie’s Railplane

I want to live in a world where a system of Bennie Railplanes has been in existence for eighty years.

I’m Decompensating

When Charles Addams famously was decompensating, he submitted the same cartoon to The New Yorker (of kids in dog carriers, captioned something like "the kids are ready for summer camp" or something close to that.

News of the Weird (June 28, 2015)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M429, June 28, 2015 Copyright 2015 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Sleep Learning

"Discover how you can apply sleep learning to gain health, relaxation, confidence, personal magnetism, self mastery, memory power, success in business and human relations...

Follies of the Madmen #252

Indiana legalizes sawed off shotguns

Beginning July 1st we can own one as long as it is manufacture made. Mine is already ordered.

50 guys in one bed

May 15, 1964: the students of Wakefield College in England attempted to set a record for the most people piled in one bed.


The picture above is just a portion of what is recognized by Guinness as the worlds longest sculpture.

Getting Off on the Right Foot

This anonymous fellow, despite resembling Archie Bunker, is my new hero for sensible competence. His tolerance for falling is awesome.

Rock Feast

Last week I paid a visit to the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, and while there discovered they had an exhibit of rocks that look like food, which is a theme we've explored before here on WU (see The Original Rock Dinner and Stone Pie).

1950s Magnifying TV

How the heck did that magnification stunt work with 1950s technology? A lens sliding across the cathode-ray tube?