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News of the Weird (July 27, 2014)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M381, July 27, 2014 Copyright 2014 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Are You Serious?

Homosexuals are possessed by 'fart demons' according to Holy Fire Ministries founder Burt Farias. These demons are so foul smelling that other demons stay away from them and pigs prefer death to possession.

Tokyo Compression

Photographer Michael Wolf took a series of photos he calls "Tokyo Compression" showing commuters in the Tokyo subway during rush hour.

Soapy the Germ Fighter

"'re a living cake of soap!"

Follies of the Madmen #225

Who ever knew that Snap, Crackle & Pop had villainous counterparts in Soggy, Mushy & Toughy?

Magnet Hat

Failed Kickstarter: Looks like only 3 people thought this guy's "magnet hat" was a good idea. Product page.

The Chewbaru

It's a Subaru to which 70 pounds of dentures (as well as 70 pounds of dental impressions) have been attached.

The Disembodied

If you like the snippet above, featuring the sensuous writhings of Allison Hayes (Attack of the 50-Foot Woman), then watch the full movie below.

Fading Email

A new email service allows you to send emails that fade away seconds after the recipient opens them. Though I assume, of course, that the NSA will still have a full, permanent record of it all.

Giant Golf Bag at Miniature Golf Course

Original article here.

Urn for the Frugal

Archie McPhee via ohgizmo

This Land Is Mine

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo. So very very timely......

Fighting Ministers

Episcopal ministers participating in role-playing exercises in order to learn how to be more assertive and not always be "knuckling under to overbearing parish members." Here they're participating in the hostility exercise, acting out how an argumentative church group might behave.

A Snort History

The takeaway message? Drinking and driving is an eternal fun recreation of humanity, encoded in the genome of the species, and will never cease.

Flower Power

Back from the '70s, its...flower beards!

Spray Cake

Newly available: cake in a spray can. Just spray, microwave, and eat. But, of course, you'll also need some spray can frosting.

Follies of the Madmen #224

All the fake employee singing in the world could not save the Robert Hall chain from bankruptcy a mere 4 years after this commercial aired.

Wild & Woolly

Your Bonus Post for Sunday. Because Alex, Chuck and I love you all!

News of the Weird (July 20, 2014)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M380, July 20, 2014 Copyright 2014 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Not a mannequin

Seems like this was a week for weird corpse stories in the news. First there was that story about the errant corpse traveling down a busy road on a gurney.