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Said no at altar

I guess that's why it's posed as a question. You don't have to say "I do." Anyway, if you're 16, the correct response to a marriage request is 'No.' Unfortunately, it seems that Lois did end up getting married a week later, despite her initial reluctance.

Skinny Suicides Survival Rate

I had this post in the queue before Alex did his story about the woman jumping yesterday. Maybe this is the explanation for her miracle.

News of the Weird (June 26, 2016)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M481, June 26, 2016 Copyright 2016 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Waitress learns her lesson

1951: Miss Evelyn Marshall learns a lesson, the hard way. The Courier-Journal - Dec 24, 1951 Woman 'Cured' By 5-Story Dive; Won't Jump Again Denver, Dec.

Motorized Ice Racing

Something frosty to contemplate during the summer heat. Full history here.


Editor’s Note

Yr View from the Ledge Editor is having to alter the Mon-Wed-Fri posting regimen . . . to Tue-Fri . .

Scientist who thought women were like apes

The wikipedia article on Oxford anthropologist Arthur Thomson (1858-1935) notes that he's best remembered for formulating Thomson's Nose Rule, which states that ethnic groups from cold climates tend to have thinner noses than groups from hot climates.

Mystery Illustration 22

Which very famous movie star--he flourished from the 40s right into our present millennium--is this awkward drawing supposed to represent?

South Dakota’s Western Border

If you look at a map of South Dakota, you can see that the western border isn't perfectly straight. Right where Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota meet, the border jogs inward a little bit.

Hannah, the Comicstrip

I stumbled on this forgotten strip while browsing through old newspapers online. Apparently it was a weekly feature.

View from the Ledge ((June 22, 2016)

View From The Ledge(Chuck channels the spirits of his landmark 1980-1996 zine) June 22, 2016 (released June 23, 2016) World's Greatest Lawyer: Chris Dyer, in La Crosse, Wis., convinced a jury that there was "reasonable doubt" when a 17-yr-old resident came home and found Dyer's client in the basement, pants down, perched doggy-style over the resident's doggy (the golden retriever Cooper) and then quickly rose and pulled his pants up.

Fashion Show with acne

The theme of Malaysian designer Moto Guo's "Picnic in the Society" fashion show was flaws, including skin flaws.

Anchor Stone Building Blocks

Another weird old playtoy for building stuff. Very pricey on Ebay. Wikipedia entry here. A blog post here.

Editor’s Note

Oops--I must've misread the calendar! View from the Ledge will return tomorrow rather than today.

How to shrink paper money

Dip the bill in liquid ammonia, then let it dry. Repeat this a few times, and you'll end up with a mini-sized bill.

The Heidelberg Tun

Full story here.

Late mail, postage due

1974: Roy Baker of Guthrie, Oklahoma received a Christmas card two years after it had been mailed. Because the price of a stamp had gone up between the time it was mailed and the time it was delivered, the post office decided there was postage due.

Mystery Gadget 38

What is this 1950s fellow dressed for? The answer is here.

View from the Ledge (June 20, 2016)

View From The Ledge (Chuck channels the spirits of his landmark 1980-1996 zine) June 20, 2016 Start Spreading the News: A "DEA lawyer" who says he's in the loop told a reporter for the Santa Monica Observer that cannabis will be moved from a Schedule I Controlled Substance (i.e., no medical benefit) to Schedule II (rx's OK in all states) on 8-1-2016.