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Beer For Her

A Czech brewer has introduced Aurosa, a "beer for her": Aurosa was born to prove that women can succeed anywhere without having to adapt and sacrifice their natural femininity.

Mystery Gadget 51

Purpose? Answer is here. Or after the jump.

Mr. and Miss Boll Weevil

This post is for KDP, who in response to Paul's post yesterday about the Maid of Cotton pageant, noted the apparent lack of a counterpart, Miss Boll Weevil.

Moon Cheeze

July 20 was the anniversary of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. Back in 1969, the Fisher cheese company, located in Armstrong's home town of Wapakoneta, Ohio, capitalized on that achievement by coming out with "Moon Cheeze." It seems to have been just regular American cheddar cheese.

Toilet Tissue Illness

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Scott Tissues ran an advertising campaign that sought to convince the American public that there was such a thing as 'Toilet Tissue Illness,' and that it was one of the great public health crises of the time.

Mystery Illustration 51

Which internationally famous best-selling singer of the 1970s is this supposed to be? Answer is here.

L.A. Knockers

The L.A. Knockers was an all-female dance troupe that formed in 1974 and stayed together (with members coming and going) for 12 years.

Hot Tub Boat

It's a floating hot tub. The invention of Adam Karpenske of Seattle. Top speed: three-and-a-half knots.

La Bostella

Original article here.

Man-Pleasing Recipes

The title of this 1971 recipe book was somewhat misleading. It claimed to feature "Man-Pleasing Recipes," but really it was a collection of recipes featuring rice as the main ingredient.

Growdina, the Marvelous Bust Developer

I just love the name "Growdina." Source. Source.

Celery Bikini

Another plant-themed bikini. This time it's Evelyn Hayes who, as "Celery Queen" of National City, CA in 1939, got to wear a celery bikini.

Artwork Khrushchev Probably Would Not Have Liked 5

"Lazy, nihilist capitalist tulip cannot stand up straight and proud like honest, hardworking Soviet tulip!

Cactus Bikini

It's become a bit of an iconic image — a young woman wearing a cactus bikini. The photo dates back to 1940 when the Tucson Sunshine Climate Club dressed some University of Arizona coeds up in cactus apparel as a publicity stunt.

Rolls Royce Gift Card

Source of story. Apparently still a thing these days, but in digital format.

Streamlined ice cream tricycle

Streamlined for speed? Also, nice hairdo. popular mechanics - May 1936

Myrtle Reinhart, trade show model

As a model at Chicago's Merchandise Mart in the late 1930s, Myrtle Reinhart got to dress up in things like lampshades, curtains, and streamlined underwear beneath a coverall of cellophane.

Mystery Illustration 50

What technique is being demonstrated here? Answer found at this link. Or after the jump.

Hitler Heater Ad

1999: A Taiwanese company came under fire for its "Hitler Heater Ad." The ad for the German-made heater featured a cartoon image of Hitler standing alongside the heater.


Design company Hochu Rayu has come up with a noise-blocking helmet for office workers. From their website: Helmfon is a device in a form of helmet, which thanks to the system of active sound absorption allows to concentrate in open working spaces.