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Buttered Flip

In an old American medical journal, The Philadelphia Medical Museum (1811), Dr. Richard Hazeltine of Berwick, Maine shared a traditional yankee recipe for "buttered flip" cough medicine: Often in the imbecile age of childhood, after I had gone to bed have I sip'd, and with no great reluctance, the steeming, salutiferous "buttered flip;" administered by the careful hand of an affectionate mother, to several, perhaps, of her tender offspring, who were affected with various catarrhal complaints, brought on by wet feet, and exposure to sudden vicissitudes of the weather.

Turtle Clapping

The only source that I can find for this supposedly ancient and semi-legendary practice is a single article in FIELD AND STREAM.

News of the Weird (August 28, 2016)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M490, August 28, 2016 Copyright 2016 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Anti-Aging Mouthpiece

Searching for that youthful look? Forget expensive surgery or dangerous therapies! Japan has the answer and it is as simple as it is, well, unusual.

Go Topless Day:  August 28, 2016

Needless to say, bare chestal areas of XX-chromosome carriers in video and at homepage.

Unfazed By Fire

People who ignore fires burning around them, even as firemen battle to control the flames, seems to be a recurring theme in weird news.

Mystery Illustration 29

It seems as if the ad agency could not quite settle on one model for their spokesperson for this product.

Mailed herself to the Beatles

June 1966: 12-year-old Beatles superfan Carol Dryden of Sunderland, England came up with an ingenious scheme to meet the Fab Four.

Adolph Heilborn’s Theories on Women

I can learn little personally about Adolf Heilborn (1873-1941). But his book THE OPPOSITE SEXES caused a bit of a stir when it appeared in 1927, given that he described the female human as the missing link between ape and male human.

Paid half to ex-wife

Robert Lucas and Rita Cohen met while both were undergraduates at the University of Chicago, and they got married in 1959.

Oriental Rock

One plus for Haley: does not rhyme "fella" with "yella."

Shoes Concealed in Buildings

In the 1950s, the Northampton Museum (home of the "World Famous Shoe Collection) began to receive reports of shoes that had been found hidden in buildings.

A Minute of Dance Per Day

Une minute de danse par jour /sélection d'extraits de danses from Nadia Vadori-Gauthier on Vimeo. Une minute de danse par jour 20 08 2016/ danse 585 (One Minute of Dance a Day).

New Spam Filter

The spam filter on the new version of our hosting software seems extra sensitive today, having mistakenly bagged comments by Expat and Phideaux.

The Royal Handbag Code

While on a lecture tour of the United States in 1990, Raymond Fullager, an expert on the British royal family, revealed the existence of a royal handbag code.

Bensen Gyrocopters

Aren't drones a little wimpy, when you could be flying your own Bensen Gyrocopter? Original ad here. Heck, even Batman had one!

Things Named After Mae West

Mae West in "She Done Him Wrong" (1933) Actress and sex symbol Mae West cast a large shadow over popular culture, as can be seen by the number of things named after her.

Cow Triplets

Cows are a definite WU theme. But in all these years, I do not believe we have ever commented on the rare instance of triplet calves.

News of the Weird (August 21, 2016)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M489, August 21, 2016 Copyright 2016 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Beirut Spite House

Beirut Spite House A "spite house" is a house whose primary reason for being is to annoy someone. In The Hidden Dimension (1969), which is a study of how people perceive space, the American anthropologist Edward T.