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World’s Fastest Lawnmower

Clocked at 116 mph. Although I think a more relevant test would be how fast it can go while simultaneously cutting grass.

Johnson Smith Catalog Item #31

From the 1930s catalog.

News of the Weird (April 20, 2014)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M367, April 20, 2014 Copyright 2014 by Chuck Shepherd Lead Story The billion-dollar deer-farming industry in America produces generations of bucks growing progressively larger racks of antlers mainly for eventual bragging rights by the so-called “hunters” who will pay large fees to kill them in fenced-in fields just so they can hang the grotesque antlers in their dens.

Happy Easter!

[Click to make big] More on the artist. Many images of a bare-breasted nature.

Motorized Skates

Gay Jeans

Gay Jeans begin life looking and acting like regular 5-pocket denim jeans, but as they experience normal washing and wearing over the course of their life, their indigo dye gradually fades away, revealing fabulously colorful yarns just waiting to come out.[]

Charcoal Cheese

Cheese mixed with charcoal. Looks strange, but apparently tastes pretty good. [Sleaford Target]

Follies of the Madmen #218

That's either a carnivorous plant, or some bigtime genetic engineering! Original ad here.

Mr. Q. Cumber

Some WU-vie sample this and tell me what it tastes like, please. I myself am scared to try.

Jenga For The Big Boys


The Perfect Easter Egg

A bacon Easter egg! I'd certainly fill it differently, but the idea is deliciously appealing!

Pot-Smoking Jesus

An ad by a Seattle burger restaurant, inspired by the fact that Easter Sunday is on April 20 (4/20), which is a special day for cannabis enthusiasts.

Mystery Object

What is this? Answer is here.

Modern Sensibilites

The judge in a custody battle has cautioned dad not to use uppercase and large fonts when emailing the children.

Rabbit Pizza

New Zealand's Hell Pizza is introducing rabbit pizza just in time for Easter. And they're advertising it with billboards covered in rabbit skins.

Dr. Sanden’s Electric Stimulator

[Click to enlarge] [Click to enlarge] "Seminal weakness" indeed!

Snail Cream

You no longer need to let snails crawl across your face to stay looking young. Because Charmzone is now selling Snail Wrinkle Recover Cream (available from Amazon for $59.99 a jar), which it claims is the first cream formulated with concentrated filtrate of snail mucus.

Ling Ching Tong

The musician.

SOCCKET (Energy-Producing Soccer Ball)

It sounds like a nice idea. The "SOCCKET" is an electricity generating soccer ball. So children in impoverished communities, whose parents can't afford electric light, can play soccer during the day to charge the device up, and then use it at night to power a small lamp to read by.

The Great Mull Air Mystery

In 1975, a pilot in a small plane makes a mysterious unscheduled night flight, and goes missing. Several months later, the pilot's body is found, close by the air base from which he took off.