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Sleeping Time

I like this guy's way of thinking. Too bad the judge didn't go for it. Altoona Tribune - Jan 21, 1957

Great Moments in State Tourism Promotion

Original ad here.

Geek Orgasm Day

Windows 10 is now officially released. I've been up since midnight updating PC's. My hand is getting tired .

Rolling Pin Throwing Contest, 1928

Providing the proper motivation: "The target of the rolling pin is a life-size dummy of a husband and the contestants are 30 women trained by Miss Ann Beggs of the home economics department of the university." The Salem News (Salem, Ohio) - Aug 17, 1928 Winners of a 1932 rolling pin contest (via NCS

Kissing Chickens

"They ain't got no lips!"

Man vs. Horse, 1947

The experts predicted that the man vs. horse tug-of-war organized in Waterloo, Oregon back in 1947 would be no contest at all.

Cattle Delivery Via Motorcycle

I really wish this practice had caught on, for I would be delighted to be driving down a highway and see such a sight.

Hank Robar’s Toilet Art

Back in 2004, Hank Robar wanted to get a property he owned in Potsdam, NY rezoned so that he could open a donut store there.

Follies of the Madmen #255

[Click upper and/or lower half of ad to enlarge] Who knew that fresh coffee promoted dancing? Original ad here.

One In The Hole

A Norwegian golf course has been the victim of a perverse kind of vandalism repeatedly since 2005. Someone is sneaking on the golf course at night and defecating in the golf holes.

Fertilized roses with his own blood

Ralph Farrar suffered from hemochromatosis, which meant that his blood accumulated too much iron. The treatment was to have a pint of blood taken from him every week.

Bohemian Dancers

News of the Weird (July 26, 2015)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M433, July 26, 2015 Copyright 2015 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.


A Detroit man has come up with a hybrid sport he hopes folks will enjoy on evenings out. A cross between football and bowling called fowling which seems to be fun looking at the video at the link.

1948 Valvoline Ad

The connection between "the girl" in the swimsuit and the "faultlessly lubricated" car seems a bit of a stretch.

Old Quaker Booze

Once upon a time, thanks to Schenley liquors, you could get as wasted as old Ben Franklin (note: not a Quaker, just partied with them), in the manner of this Curly-Howard-lookalike above.

Twombly’s Untitled

Untitled, by Cy Twombly. Sold at Christie's auction house in 2010 for $2,378,500. It's referred to, by some, as the "I can't get this pen to work" painting.

Forgotten Afro Wigs of 1975

Even with the current renewed popularity of Afro hairstyles, I doubt we will see the return of any of these modes soon.

Weird Mayo

My latest article on The Top 10 Weirdest Mayonnaise Stories of All Time

Give a Party for the Party!

A 1930s party-planning manual for members of the American Communist Party, downloadable as a PDF here.