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Pigeon attacked by clam

Apr 1967: Death match between a pigeon and a clam. And it seems like if a photographer hadn't been there to intervene, the clam would have won.

Coed Prisons

I hadn't realized that federal and state governments had, for a while, experimented with coed prisons.

Virgin Hospitals

1945: Mrs. Lenora Hawkes Jones came up with the idea of having a network of "virgin hospitals" throughout America which would house lovely and brainy women willing to bear children by suitable men in order to "improve the race." Suitable men would be those who didn't drink or smoke, and weren't 'evil-minded'.

Lotte Fit’s Gum Commercial

Japanese chewing gum promotes uncontrollable muscle spasms.

Takes $1.95 Dispute to Supreme Court

During the gasoline shortage of 1979, New York state ordered a $7 minimum purchase of gas at stations, to stop people topping up.

The Fountain of the World Cult

"Members of Fountain of the World cult in Chatsworth are pallbearers and mourners at funeral of their leader Krishna Venta and two other cult members killed in dynamiting of their headquarters." Read a long fascinating article on this Manson precursor at the LA WEEKLY.

Bikini Experiment

So why was Simone Harris standing on a Sydney street in a bikini? Was this a publicity stunt? Was she a psychologist conducting research?

Craigslist Art

In an article on, Scott Indrisek explores the strange subculture of craigslist art, which involves artists posting offbeat requests on craigslist and seeing what happens.

Miss Vacant Lot of the World

The Miss Vacant Lot of the World contest was started in 1972. It was part of the Annual Armadillo Exposition and Confab held in Victoria, Texas.

Keg of Ranch

Hidden Valley has made it possible to buy a mini keg of ranch dressing for $50. This gets you five liters of ranch, or 169 fl oz.

Picnic Table Pyramid

Was it a prank, or was it art? Des Moines Tribune - Aug 1, 1963

Dirty-Talking Microwave

Wanda Hooper claimed that various electrical appliances around her home (her microwave, curling iron, TV set) were picking up and broadcasting obscene CB radio chatter.

Photographer Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones (1886-1967) seems to have had a quirky sense of humor. I like his series of shots titled "Odd Fences." You can see more at this link.

Smile Mirror

Visual Arts student Berk Ilhan has created a mirror that will only work if you smile. His idea was that this would help cheer up cancer patients by forcing them to smile.

Tiffany Tin Can

If you have $1000 to spare, you can buy a tin can from Tiffany. As far as tin cans go, it's a very nice one.

Name That List, #43

What is this a list of?

Starved for 11 months

Nov 1959: Helen Putnam, a performer who went by the stage name "The Ten Ton Fun" (her theme song was 'All of me') was accepted into a weight-loss experiment conducted by Frank Tullis of the University of Tennessee.

Follies of the Madmen #333

To me, this ad at first seems to imply that people used whisk brooms on their scalps when they had dandruff.

Soil My Undies Challenge

The California Farmers Guild is challenging farmers to soil their undies. More info: And Scottish farmers are also taking up the challenge.

Driftwood Collection

Whenever I come across stories about collectors of unusual items, I always wonder what happened to their collection after they died.