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Hypnotic Boob Enhancement

Michael Stivers had an interesting career. He was a professional wrestler, who used the stage name "Pretty Boy Behning." He was also a police officer for 13 years, but around 1990 he quit that profession to become a hypnotist.


It's harder to be more surreal than the original, but this mixed live-actor stop-motion version by Lou Bunin tries hard.

Dessert-Smashing Artist

Artist Mar Cuervo has created an art installation in which she destroys various desserts (cookies, marshmallow peeps, chocolate rabbits, cupcakes, etc.) by smashing them with her hand.

Mystery Gadget 40

A granite sphere sitting on a base. No moving parts. Yet it performed a useful function. What? The answer is here.

The Existentialist Hat

In 1948, the existentialist Parisian milliner Jean Barthet debuted the "existentialist hat" which was topped by a pair of floppy hands that were supposed to symbolize the hovering "hands of fate." For some reason, Barthet's hat didn't capture the popular imagination as a symbol of existentialist angst in the same way as, for instance, Edvard Munch's The Scream did.

Big Knob (Grange Fair) in Beaver (County)

Yes, here is a post for every twelve-year-old boy in WU's audience--even if you are fifty years old, or female.

Nude Birdwatching World Record

In Boobies, Peckers, and Tits Olaf Danielson documents his quest to obtain the world record for nude birdwatching.

Hot Blood

Band info here.

You can’t afford not to dress right

In 1957 the American Institute of Men's and Boys' Wear began running print ads that sought to increase sales of men's clothing by using outright shame and scare tactics.


Does anyone under sixty years old recognize that this bit of lame bureaucratic humor is a DRAGNET parody?

Wonder Boy X-100

Newsweek - Oct 21, 1957 1957: Simplicity Manufacturing introduced its experimental lawnmower of the future — the Wonder Boy X-100.

Mystery Illustration 31

This portrait is intended to depict what mythical deity? Hint: not an Asian religion. The answer is here.

News of the Weird (September 18, 2016)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M493, September 18, 2016 Copyright 2016 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

Pollution-Detecting Shirts

These shirts sold by aerochromics alert their wearers to the presence of dangerous levels of pollution by changing color.

Must Get Married by August 15th

August 1973: Jean Roth sat in the lobby of a building at Southern Illinois University with signs that read: "I must be married by August 15th for inheritance purposes." She explained to anyone who asked that she would give $50,000 to any man who agreed to marry her for a year.

Inedible Egg Products

Original article here. Even after reading this article about the big change in export rules for inedible egg products that occured in 1983, I still have no idea what these products are, or what they are used for.

Dystopian Ant World

Researchers in Poland have discovered a group of ants living a strangely dystopian existence. It's a group of worker ants that have fallen down a vertical ventilation pipe into an old nuclear weapon bunker and are unable to get out.

Thought she could fly like Batman

On January 28, 1966, Erma Veith was driving along Highway 19 in Wisconsin when suddenly she veered out of her lane and sideswiped an oncoming truck driven by Phillip Breunig.

Alec Templeton

I must confess that until a few days ago, despite loving clever weird music, I had never heard of Alec Templeton.

Killed by own invention

That's one way to cure rheumatism. The Decatur Herald - July 14, 1958 RHEUMATISM CURE FATAL Charles Werly, 52-year-old Swiss inventor, called in a group of specialists Saturday to demonstrate his new electric-wave apparatus for curing rheumatism.