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Death by Deodorant

Paige Daughtry, 12, is the most recent young person to die from overuse of deodorant. She reportedly used Right Guard deodorant like "it was going out of fashion." She was liberally spraying herself with the stuff in her parent's rented caravan, while the family was on holiday.

Louis Marinoff, Philosophical Counselor

His Wikipedia page. Still teaching. Still counseling, via Skype.

Smart Socks

"Imagine your phone could communicate with your socks," says the Blacksocks company. But imagine no more, because the company has now created "the smartest men's dress socks in the world." The company admits that, "This is something we dreamed about and we have made the dream come true." The socks feature a "communication button" that allows the socks to speak to your iPhone.

Gotta Get Over the Hump

Your new theme song for Wednesdays. Gotta get over da hump! More on the creators.

Le Canned Dress

Irwin Silver put a dress in a can, gave it a frenchified name, and then sold these for $25 a pop. This was back in 1966, and it was a marketing gimmick about as cynical as you might guess.

7 Clicks (March 27, 2017)

7 Clicks A Weird Universe News Service March 27, 2017 Least Shocking News: FBI offices have trouble hiring tech security geeks because: marijuana.

Atomic Bomb Car

In 1953, Corwin D. Willson of Flint, Michigan patented the Atomic Bomb Car. Though the official title on the patent was a "sedan having versatile structure." His idea was that if the United States were "atomically attacked," people would need to flee the cities, and then they'd have to live in their cars.

Vine-Grown Booze Fruit

Surely in this day of genetic engineering, science could help realize this dream of Samuel Untermeyer's.

Inmate Escape Pod

1980: Fred Caddedu escaped from Millhaven penitentiary in Kingston, Ontario by concealing himself inside an "escape pod" made out of a hollowed-out stack of dirty food trays.

News of the Weird (March 26, 2017)

News of the Weird Weirdnuz.M520, March 26, 2017 Copyright 2017 by Chuck Shepherd. All rights reserved.

The Ford House of Aurora, Illinois

1951 article here. Apparently still extant, according to this great set of current pics.

Jennifer Bornstein, collector

In 1994, Jennifer Bornstein appeared on a local LA cable access program that featured ordinary people and their collections.

The Glidden Tours

At the start of the Automotive Age, merely driving from, say, Detroit to Kansas City was a challenge and endurance test.

7 Clicks (March 24, 2017)

7 Clicks A Weird Universe News Service March 24, 2017 Evangelist Lance Wallnau, emboldened in the current climate, told his 200,000 followers that he "heard about" (therefore: true) a born-again ex-hooker who baked a special cake so great it turned a gay man straight.

Target Practice

Did she hit her target, or miss?

The Vidifont Titling Device

How did TV put a caption on the screen in the Sixties? Graphics, including all title graphics (i.e. "President Lyndon B.

Star Wars Celica GT

Back in 1977, as a stunt to help promote the opening of Star Wars, Toyota created a custom Star Wars Celica GT.

Follies of the Madmen #308

Yes, I want my product associated with the destruction of property and possible loss of life. That's a glamorous ambiance!

Reverse Tolerance

I had never heard of "reverse tolerance" before, but apparently it's a real thing. It describes a condition in which some habitual users of a drug will, over time, require less of the drug (instead of more) to achieve the same effect.

The Girlfriend of the Whirling Dervish

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Martin Denny, the inventor of exotica music. I think he certainly qualifies as weird.