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Underwater – Photography by Soon Tong

Singapore-based photographer Soon Tong is one of the lead photographers for Calibre Pictures and Ideas and specializes in aquatic and people photography.

Photography – Skylines reflected in Water

Cloudy skies mirrored in the Bolivian salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. Photographer: Michael Kittell. Tagged: Landscape photography, Photographers, photography, places

Tree House

Treehouse in Hokuto, Japan, surrounded by cherry blossom trees. Photo: Akihisa Masuda Photo: Sjonnie van der Kist Tagged: architecture, japan, photography, places

Oil paintings by Igor Mudrov

Oil on canvas paintings depicting people walking in the rain by Igor Mudrov. Tagged: art, Painting, Visual Arts

Wire Sculptures by Yong Won Song

Korean artist and sculptor Yong Won Song used wire to create these whimsical sculptures. The idea behind using wire was to create an exhibit with pieces that look like life-sized scribbled drawings.

Nature close-ups

Beautiful nature macro photography shots by various photographers.

Nail Houses

Building in the middle of a  highway, Wenling, China (2012) before it was demolished “Nail houses” are homes that their owners refuse to leave them to make way for new constructions.

Anamorphic Illusion Drawings by Ben Heine

The illusion paintings below are part of Ben heine‘s “Pencil Vs Camera” series, full of magic, illusion, poetry and surrealism.

Epecuen: Eerie photos of the town that was underwater for 25 years

In 1985 after a long period of heavy rains a dam burst and Epecuen, a tourist small town on the banks of a salt lake in Argentina, was submerged beneath 10 metres (30 feet) of water and 1,500 residents fled their homes.

Parrot Illusion Body Painting

In his latest work, artist and a former world body painting champion Johannes Stötter has transformed a female model into this colourful bird.

Make-up meets Chinese Art

Hong Yi is known as the artist who ‘loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush’. In this series she has used makeup to create landscapes, portraits and chinese art.

Macro Photography of insects by Igor Siwanowicz

Igor Siwanowicz believes that small insects are underrated. As a child he spent hours hunting for spiders and beetles with a microscope.

Fine Art Photography by Idrus Arsyad

Talented amateur photographer Idrus Arsyad from Indonesia, is interested in landscape, nature and wildlife photography.

Zipper Installations by Jun Kitagawa

Japanese artist Jun Kitagawa installs zippers in buildings, on walls, and even in public ponds, around Japan.

Surrealistic Ballet Photography by Sparrek

Fine art photographer Kylli Sparre, (aka Sparrek), spent years training to become a professional ballet dancer.

Light pillars over Ontario

Light pillars form when a bright light (from the sun, the moon or man-made light sources) reflects off the surfaces of millions of falling ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds.

Stop:watch – reinventing everyday objects

Dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink with her series Stop:Watch hopes to make people realize that “everything has its beauty and that it is just more fun to take a closer look.” Stop:watch is about taking a closer look.

Surreal Digital Art by Ben Goossens

Ben Goossens worked for 35 years in his native Belgium as an ad agency art director. After retiring, Goossen’s turned to creating photo montages with a distinctive Surrealism style reminiscent of his fellow countryman, René Magritte.

The Odd Installations of Myeongbeom Kim

Myeongbeom Kim was born in Busan but currently lives and works in Seoul and Chicago. With his installations he creates surreal experiences through unexpected encounters between man-made objects and items from nature: a light bulb filled with water in which goldfish perform for the audience, a tree that floats in the air, suspended by colored balloons used both as a reference to a weakness waiting to explode and a falsely cheerful element… His exhibits can be seen around the world, as his work is constantly growing and breaking free of the regular.

Unkai Terrace – Above the clouds

Unkai Terrace is located atop a mountain peak on the island of Hokkaido in Japan, offering tourists breathtaking views of clouds floating below.