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Little girl does not want her baby brother to grow up

This little girl realises that her baby brother will eventually grow up but she doesn't like it. Such a cute response!

Incredible Illusion Created Live on Stage!

An awesome performance by the Umbilical Brothers.

Daddy and daughter dancing after he gets home from work

A dad dancing with his daughter. It will make you smile!

Meet Bertie, the Agoraphobic Owl

Bertie is one of the cutest owls in the world and it hates the outdoors. But just because he likes to stay indoors doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to have fun!

Why snakes are beautiful instead of evil

Andrew McGibbon created a remarkable photography series with three ingredients: coloured paper, bright light and lots of snakes.

Booboo and Friends

Booboo the guinea pig is a model pet of a photographer. She's shooting fantastic photos of her pet and its friends and sharing them on her blog called "Lieveheerbeestje".

How to pass time on the train

The funniest way to kill some time!

Feel like dressing up? Here’s your inspiration from 10 fabulous pugs!

Images collected by Dutch blogger Jonne-Marie.

Things Tim Howard Could Save

After an impressive World Cup performance the USA goalie Tim Howard has gained a huge fan following. As a token of respect, here are some things Tim Howard could have saved were he in the right place at the right time.

Simple Plates of Food Turned Into Amazing Works of Art

Lauren Purnell makes incredible culinary canvases. This food artist can make stunning images out of the simplest of foods.

The First 28 Days of an Orphaned Kitten

Here is a new one. Everything starts all over again!

15 Pictures That Prove You Can Create Art Out Of Cereal. Check Out This Celebrity Cereal Art.

Sarah Rosado is a self taught artist from New York Cite. This new project is named Celebrity Cereal Art and was created using corn flakes shaped into celebrity images.

Disney Gets Dark

Saint Hoax uses beloved Disney characters to get his point about the rape of minors. Controversial to say the least but perhaps this will have enough shock value to raise some awareness.

How to Make a Hit Pop Song

Turns out you don't need profound lyrics or musical talent, who knew?

Sometimes It is Better to Just Stay Inside

Swimming Pool (Sichuan, China) Catholic Mass (Madrid, Spain) Hindu Festival (Patna, India) Caiqiaohui Event (Sichuan, China) Football Match (San Lorenzo, Argentina) Highway Traffic (Cairo, Egypt) Beach (Luebeck, Germany) Remembrance Day Service (London, England) Train Commute (Depok, Indonesia) Beac

Game of Thrones in the Eighties

Old People and Facebook are a Magical Combination

We all know that one person who uses Facebook but doesn't really get how this whole social media thing works.

Baby Sloths are Pretty Much the Cutest Animals Ever

These 15 Hilariously Bad Wedding Proposals Will Make You Cringe and Laugh at the Same Time

Being romantic does not make up for bad spelling. Marriage proposals and restaurants are usually a good combination, but this does not include fast food joint.

You Will Not Know True Embarrassment Until You Have Seen These Videos

It is probably a good thing these videos are very short because the secondhand embarrassment you'll get from watching these is too much to handle for a longer period of time!