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The Most Sexy Transgender Models

You wouldn’t say it, but these beautiful women were born as males. These women didn’t let the struggle that being born in the wrong body causes, stand in their way and became international models.

This Voice Actor Is Brilliant. He Imitates 95 Different Voices In Under 6 Minutes.

James Arnold Taylor is one of Hollywood's most prolific Voice-Actors today and doubles for many celebrities in film, TV, video games and animation.

You Had One Job! Here Are 32 Top Examples Of The Biggest Fails.

Hope you enjoy this one! :) Source

Meet This Adorable Panda Bear... I Mean.. Meet This Giant Anteater

The front legs of this giant anteater look like a panda. We believe this giant anteater is just trying to become cute!

Father Puts Little Works Of Art In Lunchboxes

A collection of cute lunchbox doodles. Source

Yoga Session From A Mother and Her 4-Year-Old Daughter

A lovely mother and her adorable daughter make their yoga session way more fun. I'm guessing that they are the cutest yogis ever.

Ten Cool Behind the Scenes Photographs from Famous Movies

Avatar The Empire Strikes Back The Dark Knight Inception Sesame Street The Phantom Menace Titanic Titanic The Avengers

Illustrations Inspired By Gestalt Psychology. The Whole Image Is Other Than The Sum Of Its Parts.

While creating these illustrations, the Italian illustrator Fabio D'Altilia was inspired by something that is called Gestalt psychology, a theory of mind.

Low-Cost DIY Costumes

A funny guy creates his own costumes from household objects. You can find more DIY costumes on his Facebook page Lowcostcosplay.

One Of The Best Moments On Wheel Of Fortune. How Did He Come Up With That?

How a 25 year-old student solved a three word phrase with only two letters on the board..

Incredibly Hyper Realistic Paintings. Nice and Crisp Realism.

You have to look twice to make sure these are paintings. The artist Ruddy Taveras paints the most beautiful hyper realistic paintings.

Today Is The First Day Of Spring. These 10 Pictures Show You Why Spring Is The Best Season Of The Year.

Spring is often considered to be the most inspirational period of the year. This article has tried to capture that spirit.

31 Rebels Who Do What They Want.

These people dare to show the world who is boss!

Here Are The 32 Coolest Kids Bedrooms In The World.

These bedrooms will probably make your inner child cry from jealousy. Via Dump A Day.

You Would Never Believe What These Women Did For Their Friend Who Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

A couple of weeks ago, one of Gerdi McKenna's friends proposed a photoshoot for all her friends as Gerdi was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before.

Basketball Star Lebron Is Genuinely Touched By This Inspiring Story Of Two Brothers

The two brothers Connor and Cayden were the recipients of Sports Illustrated Kids 2012 SportsKids of the Year Award.

These 13 Famous Bass Players Are Tickling Hairy Dogs. The Concept Of "Bass Dogs" Is Incredibly Hilarious.

The concept of "Bass Dogs" is simple: people who play bass with their fingers look like they're tickling hairy dogs.

These 3 Foods Are Not What They Seem. The Artist Hikaru Cho Paints and Disguises Food.

The artist Hikaru Cho did an excellent job in painting food as other food. Source