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Steven Holl carves boolean voids from artist hideaway in New York state

Three-dimensional shapes are cut out from areas of this artist residence in Upstate New York by Steven Holl Architects, which claims the house can sleep five guests despite having "zero bedrooms".

Lisbon Triennale exhibition spotlights advancements at building sites

Cartoon representations of construction sites, a report on labour conditions and pioneering materials feature in an exhibition focusing on the development of the building site at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale.

"I threw more than 200 prototypes out of a bathroom window" says G-Shock inventor

In 1983, a young engineer at Casio invented the indestructible G-Shock watch. Kikuo Ibe, now the Japane brand's research and development chief engineer, told Dezeen how he developed the cult product.

Donald Trump's handwriting turned into Tiny Hand typeface

BuzzFeed designer Mark Davis has designed a freely available font version of US presidential candidate Donald Trump's handwriting.

Diamond-shaped latticework covers Victoria Gate shopping centre by Acme

London firm Acme has completed a shopping centre in Leeds, England, featuring a white latticed concrete facade and an interior modelled on old-fashioned arcades.

Job of the day: designer at rAndom International

We're launching job of the day, your daily dose of the best architecture- and design-based career opportunities, as chosen by Dezeen editors.

Fashion designer Richard Nicoll dies suddenly aged 39

British fashion designer Richard Nicoll has died aged 39 following a suspected heart attack. Read more

Ultra-lifelike figure shows potential future of virtual reality

Although it looks like a real woman, the ultra-lifelike figure in this music video is actually a digital model created using high-resolution 3D scans.

Bernardo Bader Architekten models larch-clad community centre on Austrian farmhouses

This timber-clad community centre by Bernardo Bader Architects is set at the heart of a village in rural Austria, and designed to reference the surrounding gabled farmhouses.

Void's thinnest ever timepiece arrives at Dezeen Watch Store

Swedish brand Void has launched a watch that is only seven millimetres thick, which is now available to buy from Dezeen Watch Store.  Read more

Wedge-shaped balconies front Carlos Marín's apartment block in Mexico City

Each apartment in this crisply detailed concrete and glass block in Mexico City features a full-width balcony lined with sliding glass doors.

Victorian home in Arkansas receives rectilinear annex by deMx

Arkansas studio deMx Architecture took cues from historic architecture while designing this two-storey modern addition to a local house.

Herman Miller updates iconic Aeron office chair

Herman Miller has unveiled a new version of its best-selling Aeron chair, which has been fine-tuned to make it more responsive to different body types.

10 of the most bizarrely photographed architecture projects

Juergen Teller got everyone's attention when he posed naked on a donkey, but he isn't the only one presenting unconventionally shot architectural photography.

Trump's Mexican border wall envisioned as Barragán-inspired pink barrier

Mexican firm Estudio 3.14 has visualised the "gorgeous perversity" of US presidential candidate Donald Trump's plan to build a wall along the countries' border.

This week's Dezeen Mail features Yves Behar's self-rocking crib and Apple's new London store

Apple's new central London store by Foster + Partners features in this week's edition of Dezeen Mail, along with a smart crib for exhausted parents and Juergen Teller riding naked on a donkey. Subscribe to Dezeen Mail ›

"Building cannot be separated from the economics that drive construction"

Both Amanda Levete's MAAT museum and the Lisbon Architecture Triennale opened in the Portuguese capital earlier this month.

Mobile Studio Architects installs giant flip-books in the forests of New Hampshire

London-based Mobile Studio Architects has collaborated with students at a US summer camp to create a series of oversized flip-books that depict fictional forest tales.

Martijn van Strien launches print-on-demand laptop sleeves to cut overproduction

Dutch designer Martijn van Strien's Makersleeve device cases are designed for production on-demand in any makerspace in the world.

See inside the kitchens of famous chefs with Miele's new film series

Dezeen promotion: a space-saving white and wooden island forms the centre of the Modern Pantry restaurant founder Anna Hansen's kitchen, which is revealed in this series of films by Miele.