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Claesson Koivisto Rune designs giant conical pendant lamps for Wästberg

Stockholm design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune has created a set of three huge cone-shaped lamps for Swedish lighting brand Wästberg.

Lakeside sauna by Partisans designed as a cavernous wooden grotto

Behind the burnt-timber exterior of this sauna by Canadian studio Partisans is a cavernous cedar interior that emulates the form of a seaside grotto (+ slideshow).

Vitra retrospective goes on show in Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is hosting an exhibition of products by Swiss brand Vitra to celebrate the company's American ties (+ slideshow).

Xintiandi Penthouse by Joyce Wang is "a celebration of metal"

Inside Festival 2014: Hong Kong architect Joyce Wang explains how she incorporated her client's "love for metals" into the interior of a luxury Shanghai penthouse (+ movie).

IDEO envisions a future where self-driving workplaces commute to you

American design consultancy IDEO has developed a series of concept vehicles that imagine how autonomous vehicles could transform the way we work, shop and travel (+ movie).

Frank Gehry defends MAD's Lucas Museum for Chicago as judge suspends work

News: Frank Gehry has written an open letter defending the design for the George Lucas Museum by Chinese architecture firm MAD, as a legal wrangle threatens to delay the project.

"Chinese architecture will benefit" from CCTV building, says Rem Koolhaas

News: Rem Koolhaas has defended the design of OMA's CCTV tower in Beijing, after the Chinese president called for an end to the construction of "weird architecture" in the country.

MVRDV's Pushed Slab office block has a huge hole in its middle

The gaping hole in the centre of this office block in Paris was designed by MVRDV to preserve views of another local building (+ slideshow).

AZPML, Lacaton & Vassal and Kuehn Malvezzi to redesign Montreal's natural science Biodome

News: a trio of international architecture firms will redevelop and add new facilities to Montreal's natural science museum, housed in a vast glass velodrome within the grounds of the city's former Olympic park.

Spiralling underwater cities could make oceans inhabitable by 2030

News: underwater cities with infrastructure networks spiralling down into the depths of the oceans could be a reality as soon as 2030, according to a Japanese construction company.

NASA 3D prints its first object aboard the International Space Station

News: a 3D printer on the International Space Station has produced its first object, "paving the way to future long-term space expeditions" according to the US space agency NASA.

Heneghan Peng's Greenwich architecture school has a restrained exterior and a modern interior

Behind a traditional limestone facade, Heneghan Peng's new architecture school for the University of Greenwich is a four-storey composition of steel and glass centred around a double-height critique room (+ movie).

Tokyo house bridges the rooftops of a dental surgery and garage

Japanese architect Kunihiko Matsuba has balanced a small white house over the flat rooftops of a dental clinic and garage near Tokyo (+ slideshow).

TZOA wearable environment tracker measures UV and air pollution

A group of Canadian designers has created a wearable device that monitors environmental data including air quality and UV radiation, and presents the metrics via an app.

Sparrenberg Castle visitor centre by Max Dudler boasts striated concrete walls

Multi-tonal layers of concrete resemble bands of sediment on the walls of this visitor centre designed by Swiss architect Max Dudler for a medieval fortress in Germany (+ slideshow).

"Is there a quota of new friends I can make while on this bridge?"

Comments update: Thomas Heatherwick found himself at the centre of a flurry of criticism this week, as planning documents revealed some unusual restrictions for his proposed bridge across the River Thames.

Jewel-inspired office block by Utopia Arkitekter to be built next year in Sweden

News: Utopia Arkitekter has unveiled plans to build a multi-faceted office block clad with shards of metal and glass beside the train station in Uppsala, Sweden (+ slideshow).

Foster + Partners works on "world's first commercial concrete-printing robot"

News: Foster + Partners has teamed up with building contractor Skanska to pioneer the use of 3D-printed concrete in the construction industry.

Neri Oxman creates wearable 3D-printed structures for interplanetary voyages

Neri Oxman's team at MIT Media Lab has created four 3D-printed "wearable skins" designed to facilitate synthetic biological processes that might one day allow humans to survive on other planets.

Ceramiche Refin launches graphic tiles with zigzagging grids

Dezeen promotion: Italian designers Alessandro and Francesco Mendini have reinterpreted a traditional orthogonal grid to create a new collection for tile brand Ceramiche Refin's research and development branch DesignTaleStudio.