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Who’s self-driving your car?

But can it fly? WITH its successful test of robo-taxis on the streets of Pittsburgh last week, Uber has dominated recent headlines on autonomous vehicles.

The freaks are coming

PowerPoint slide, Berlin style ROCKET INTERNET has just moved into a splendid, red building in central Berlin, around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie.

Look, no claims!

ON THE list of industries set to be disrupted by autonomous cars, the motor-insurance business can claim a high place.

Welding bells

Plenty more where that came from FEW industries are in worse shape than China’s steel sector. Years of over-investment and a cooling economy have resulted in vast excess supply.

Split ends

LAST month Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), an American firm that owns financial exchanges, said it would do a stock split, dividing each of its existing shares into five new ones.

Mistry’s elephant

CHIEF executives in the West share some familiar gripes: quarterly-results-obsessed analysts who make it impossible to think about the long term; activists pressing for change before investments come to fruition; and sluggish economic growth.

Against happiness

LORD Percy of Newcastle, Britain’s minister of education in 1924-29, was no fan of the fad for happy-clappy “progressive” education that spread among the country’s schools on his watch.

Long journey

Rihanna shows the way ASIAN designers have little trouble appealing to wealthy fashionistas in the West.

Risky business

MULTINATIONAL companies have always paid careful attention to political risk in the developing world.

Pitt stop

SITTING in the back seat of the self-driving Uber as it navigates narrow streets in Pittsburgh’s old industrial heart, the Strip District, is surreal.

Three-hit wonder

Hack with a future FEW feel as conflicted about the internet’s descent into glib, 140-character tweets as Evan Williams.

Growing pains

LAST year, Pfizer almost became the world’s largest drug firm when it tried to merge with Allergan, an Irish company that makes Botox, among many other products.

Chemical reaction

Green and pleasant innovation ALONG the west bank of the Rhine, south of Frankfurt, cormorants and herons frolic as barges moor at Ludwigshafen.

Twitter in retweet

BEFORE Jack Dorsey helped found Twitter, the social-media firm known for snappy, rapid-fire updates, he worked briefly as a masseur.

Stay or go

EIRA, a 38-year-old Venezuelan, used to like shopping. Now she stands beside barren shelves in a Caracas supermarket.

Incumbents rule

LOBBYING is big in Brussels (see chart). As well as lots of cash, it takes up vast amounts of time. Between December 2014 and this July, members of the European Commission, the EU’s executive body, and their closest advisers held more than 11,000 meetings with lobbyists.

Breaking bad

GERMANY’S largest utilities, E.ON and RWE, used to be known in the stockmarket as “widows’ and orphans’ paper”, so dependable were their profits and dividends.

Making eyes across the ocean

NO GERMAN firm has paid a higher price for shopping abroad than Daimler-Benz with its disastrous $43 billion merger with America’s Chrysler.


NEW YORK CITY has just begun its sacred rites of retail. For its fashion week, which started on September 7th, tents go up, guests emerge from black cars, models sulk down catwalks and the wealthy and celebrated clap in unison.

Free speech

Ambani dials up the pressure IN THE end it was even worse than they had feared. For months now, India’s dozen mobile-phone operators have been pondering just how aggressively Mukesh Ambani, the boss of Reliance Industries and India’s richest man, would gatecrash their market with the launch of Jio, his new 4G telecoms operation.