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Indian teaching startups make work for idle thumbs

TO ANY outsider it looks as if the children have been hypnotised by yet another smartphone game. As the spying elders in a TV ad try to break the spell, the sprogs flash a grin at their screens.

Opportunities are opening for electrified commercial vehicles

Pulls a heavy weight of expectation ELECTRIC commercial vehicles were once a common sight in Britain’s towns and cities.

Japanese businesses are struggling to keep up standards

KUMIKO HIRANO has noticed a disquieting change when she goes to her neighbourhood konbini, one of Japan’s ubiquitous convenience stores.

The world’s largest-ever tech deal now rests with Qualcomm

Hock Tan hones the art of the deal VALENTINE’S DAY might seem like a good time to discuss a proposal.

Will Comast try to outbid Disney for Fox?

WHEN Disney struck a deal just before Christmas to buy much of 21st Century Fox for $66bn, it was a career-defining moment for the two firms’ bosses, Bob Iger and Rupert Murdoch.

Google embraces ad-blocking via Chrome

FROM quantum computing and smartphones to self-driving cars, home thermostats and delivering the internet by balloon, Google or, technically, Alphabet, the holding company that the firm established in 2015, has its fingers in many pies.

Going out need no longer be a headache for teetotallers

BARS and pubs have not usually been the non-drinker’s friend. Knocking back pint after pint of juice or fizzy drink quickly gets boring.

Ten years on from the first quota for women on corporate boards

THE centrepiece of the opening-bell ritual at the London Stock Exchange on February 2nd was a roll call to honour 27 global investors.

The best—and worst—places to be a working woman

“PRESS for progress” is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8th. As our sixth glass-ceiling index shows, disparity between countries remains wide.

How does Chinese tech stack up against American tech?

AMERICANS, and friends of America, often reassure themselves about its relative decline in the following way.

The next generation of wireless technology is ready for take-off

NORTH KOREAN athletes will not be the only unusual participants at the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang in South Korea, which begin on February 9th.

Mining firms are dismayed by a new Congolese mining law

ROBERT Friedland, the boss of Ivanhoe Mines, a large Canadian firm that digs out copper and zinc in Africa, is not one for pessimism.

What Natarajan Chandrasekaran must do next at Tata

FACED with complexity humans often resort to a heuristic, a rough mental template that gets the job done.

How a brothel owner created the world’s biggest industrial park

Lance Gilman, tech-titan whisperer PAST the neon lights of Reno and the cookie-cutter homes of neighbouring Sparks, the I-80 highway winds through a thinly populated expanse of arid hills and lunar valleys in Storey County.

Airbus executives get swept away by a corruption investigation

  “THE success of Airbus is intimately linked to the success of John,” says Eric Schulz, successor to John Leahy, who has been chief salesman for the planemaker since 1994.

Creditors call time on China’s HNA

THE ascent of HNA, an aviation-to-financing giant, began on six wings and a prayer. It started out as Hainan Airlines, set up on China’s southern palm-fringed island in 1993 with three planes, in a joint venture between a Buddhist businessman, Chen Feng, and the local government of Hainan.

The release of Samsung’s boss leaves South Koreans exasperated

He backed the wrong horse “INNOCENT if rich, guilty if poor” is a well-known adage in South Korea. It has been trending anew on social media since February 5th, when Lee Jae-yong, the vice-chairman of Samsung Electronics, was released from prison.

A report of sexual misconduct allegations against Steve Wynn hurts his casino empire

Rien ne va plus EVEN in a business where the house always wins, Steve Wynn is used to winning more than anyone else.

A new sort of health app can do the job of drugs

LUANN STOTTLEMYER has had diabetes for 23 years, but it was only in 2016 that her doctor prescribed a treatment that changed her life.

What a $18.7bn takeover of Dr Pepper says about a secretive family’s plans

EUROPE is home to some extraordinary wealth creators who often try to hide their success. Ingvar Kamprad, a Swedish farmer’s son, constructed IKEA, a seller of flat-pack furniture that became a global giant with annual revenues of €38bn ($47bn).