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Go forth and multiply

FOREIGN universities crave access to India’s booming higher-education market. Less well known is how some Indian institutions are venturing overseas.

Blue period

Graceful amid the downturn LONG scrolls adorned the walls and stretched delicately over tables. There were serene landscapes in muted blues, greys and browns.

Debt and alive

IT WAS not the noise of shale being blasted that heralded the fracking boom in Cuero, Texas, six years ago.

Still slipping the net

ON a roundabout near one of the main roads into Amsterdam sits a drab office block which is home to hundreds of multinationals—on paper.

New rules, same old paradigm

IN 2013 investigators from America’s Senate shone a harsh light on a highly profitable unit of Apple that was registered in Ireland, controlled from America—and not paying tax in either country.

Norwegian blues

IT IS a capitalist country but it is dominated by state-owned enterprises; it is an oil giant but it eschews conspicuous consumption.

Clubbing together

GROUP buying—in which discounts are offered on goods and services once a certain number of consumers have signed up—may be falling out of fashion in many countries, with even America’s pioneer, Groupon, slashing over 1,000 jobs last month, but it is still doing well in China.

Selling the farm

THE bare expanse of Anna Creek cattle station (as Australians call ranches) belies its strategic attraction to investors.

Not twilight, but sunrise

This galaxy ain’t big enough for the five of us ESSEN is not one of Germany’s better-known cities. But for the world’s growing band of board-game devotees, it is paradise.

Snap, flip and crackle

NARENDRA MODI, India’s technophile prime minister, this week spent a good part of his visit to America, the second in a year, hobnobbing with Silicon Valley’s great-and-good.

A rig too far

Putting the Chukchi Sea on ice, again OIL companies have a proud history of digging holes in inaccessible places and producing gushers of money.

Capitalism and its discontents

DAVE SPART has been a stalwart of Private Eye, a British satirical magazine, since the 1970s. The bearded Bolshevik has never wavered in his enthusiasm for denouncing capitalism (“totally sickening”).

Warning light

VOLKSWAGEN doesn’t just make cars. Its enormous lending arm also helps customers to pay for them. With €164 billion ($184 billion) of assets, this is a big business for Germany’s national champion.

Lessons learned

THE auctioning of blocks of oil and gas fields, both onshore and in the Gulf of Mexico, is designed to bring foreign investment into Mexico’s decrepit energy industry as part of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s flagship reforms.

Good in parts

MODERN cars are packed with safety features designed to withstand horrifying pile-ups. The emissions-cheating scandal at Volkswagen (VW) will show whether carmakers are similarly resilient.

Climbing aboard the Africa train

Private equity aboard A LONG line of smoke-belching lorries clogs the highway for miles outside Mombasa, Kenya’s main port.

Green wash

WHEN it comes to corporate citizenship, Method’s ambitions are sky-high. The maker of environmentally-friendly cleaning products, which opened its first factory, in Chicago, in April, wants to be “the most sustainable and the most socially beneficial company in the world,” says Adam Lowry, one of its founders.

Cards on the table

“IN THIS case, there is no ‘House of Cards’.” President Xi Jinping of China charmed his audience with those words at a fancy dinner in Seattle on September 22nd.

From corner office to Oval Office

THE front-runners in the race to become the Republican Party’s candidate for president of the United States, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump, share more than mutual disdain.

From iPhones to iCars

HAVING redefined the personal-computer and mobile-phone industries, Apple has set its sights on a new, moving target.