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How to Transform Digital Customer Experiences for the Connected Customer

Digital transformation is only becoming more prominent in driving business modernization. Yet today, it is rarely designed, led and managed as one, sweeping, coordinated effort across the enterprise.

To innovate or advance digital transformation, look outside your industry

My good friend and journalist Dan Tynan wrote two exceptional pieces on digital transformation in Adweek, “5 Steps for Digitally Transforming Your Marketing to Be More Responsive to Customer Needs” and “Why Old-School Brands Like Gap Need to Learn New Tricks to Survive in the Digital Age.” If you’re not in marketing, please don’t stop reading yet!

The Next Round of Modern Commerce Disruption

The evolution of modern commerce is underway. Every day, we are introduced to new, niche players that introduce new personalized product and business models.

Las seis etapas de la transformación digital

For all of my Spanish speaking friends, my Prophet colleague Joseph Gelman and I have published an in-depth article based on my research-based maturity framework, “The Six Stages of Digital Transformation.” I hope it helps you. Espero que te ayude.

How Digital Disruption is Changing Customer Experience

Oracle invited me to present at its Modern Customer Experience event in London. That was one of the most memorable speaking experiences I’ve had to date.

WTF: What’s The Future of Travel and Hospitality?

We live in an era of digital Darwinism as technology and its impact on consumers continue to rapidly evolve.

Digital Transformation is not a Cost-Center, It’s an Investment in Market Leadership

In many progressive cases, digital transformation prioritizes customer experience initiatives. Because it focuses (or should) on customer behavior, preferences and outcomes, digital transformation can, in its own way, making businesses more human.

Exploring digital transformation and influence

I constantly face a challenge in that I spend so much time researching and writing that I barely have time to promote my research and writing.

You are not a digital marketer…at least not yet

There are no shortage of books to help you become a modern or innovative marketer. At the same time, there is a scarcity of useful, actionable and thought-provoking content to actually help you excel.

If we don’t disrupt ourselves, it will be a gift given to us by someone else

We all talk of change. But it’s a much different story when the need to change becomes our reflection in the mirror.

The Art of Storytelling in an Era of Connected Audiences

Once upon a time, brands and agencies set out to tell the most engaging, transparent and shareable stories the world had ever seen.

Adapt or die: How the travel industry can survive in the era of digital Darwinism

Why bridging the gap between current guest experience and their expectations holds the key to the travel industry’s success.

The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make in Digital Transformation and Innovation

Jeff Ashcroft is a dear friend of mine. He’s the host of the popular #MMChat on Twitter every week where he hosts some of the most progressive conversational streams on business modernization and innovation.

Designing for the Human Side of Digital Transformation

On this final episode of Digital Outliers Season 1, my dear friend Stowe Boyd joins to discuss the “humanities of it all.” Stowe is futurist and editor-in-chief at Work Futures.

Great Customer Experiences an Upgrade to Executive and Management Mindsets

It’s a new year and not necessarily another step forward. This isn’t the first time I’ve used this profound picture by Banksy as inspired by Meek.

The Nexus of Digital, IT and Science Fiction in the Future of Work

I have to tell you, I am absolutely loving the Digital Outliers podcast series and I hope you are too.

Future digital banking trends that apply to almost any consumer-facing business

Each year, my friend Jim Marous assembles some of the industry’s most interesting perspectives on retail banking trends and predictions for the year ahead.

Digital Transformation Through a Global Lens

Part 3 in a media tour series for my 2016 keynote at Digital Business World Congress (DES) in Madrid, Spain.

Defying Demographics: Generation-C, Today’s Hyperconnected Consumer ‘Generation’

Not that long ago, I spent time with Kevin Delaney and the digital transformation team at Cisco’s Connected Futures to explore the evolving consumer landscape.

The Digital Transformation of Cities and City Governments

Digital transformation is affecting every aspect of our world. Looking beyond the typical business case studies, some of the most interesting, and overdue, work in digital transformation is happening within local, state and federal governments.