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Help! My Boss Is a Millennial (and I’m not)

Guest post by  Liza Benison (#StartupMom), a non-millennial’s take on the millennial mindset I’m not your typical start-up employee.

What Makes a Truly Great Experience?

I’ve been working with IBM over the past several years on everything from the future of work to cognitive computing to social business to smarter commerce.

Uber is Driving a New Generation of Collaborative Marketing

A few weeks ago, I had a very interesting conversation with Fortune’s Sarah Silbert, one that’s still resonating with me.

The Insider’s Guide to Digital Transformation and the Path to Innovation

For those who do not know, Altimeter Group was acquired by Prophet, a brand strategy consultancy, in July 2015.

Disruptive Technology is Disrupting Behavior

I study disruptive technology, specifically innovative technology that gains so much momentum that it disrupts markets and ultimately businesses.

Sometimes The Best Experiences Were Meant To Be That Way

Close your eyes for a moment and think about the last time you had a truly great experience… an experience that moved you…that captured your heart, mind and spirit.

Tracking Our Next Digital Steps

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since the launch of X. In the last two weeks, I’ve hosted conversations about the promise of experience design in London, Düsseldorf, Oslo, Sydney and Geelong.

Xcited to Announce That X: The Experience When Business Meets Design is Now Available

Three-and-a-half years in the making, I’m proud and also relieved to finally announce that X is now available online and in a store near you.

How To Unify Your Sales, Service and Marketing Departments Around Customer Experience

Guest post by Omar Akhtar (@obakhtar), Managing Editor, Altimeter Group, a Prophet company Imagine you’re getting ready to drive your car.

Wolfpack is a Mobile Social Nichework for Guys to be Guys – Is this the Dawn of Social Nicheworks?

I thought I’d seen it all. Wolfpack is a new mobile-centered, social network that helps guys connect with like-minded buddies around interests and events.

Experience is the Brand: Why this is the time for experience architecture

While I was in traveling in Europe, my friends at 800CEOREAD reached out to talk about X. I was so focused on production and printing that I’ve almost neglected letting people know that the book is finally getting released!

Marketing to Marketing to Reimagine Marketing

Guest post by Fred Studer (@fredstuder), Chief Marketing Officer at NetSuite Sometimes, in fact oftentimes, the most important audience for your message are the people who are already working for you.

The New Peeple App Does Not Represent The People; Stop This App Before It’s Released

Character is destiny. This is the ironic tagline for Peeple (I’m not linking to it), a new app that wants to be the “Yelp for people” allowing anyone to rate you “professionally, personally and romantically” as long as they have 1) a Facebook account, 2) your phone number and 3) that they’re a real person.

Silicon Valley Hierarchy of Needs

The other day, my fried Loic Le Meur shared a hilarious take on Maslov’s famous Hierarchy of Needs, simply called, “Silicon Valley Hierarchy of Needs.” For many, including me, the list of laughably superficial “needs” of those mocked in Silicon Valley are also a little too familiar or relatable.

Officially Announcing My Next Book: X – The Experience When Business Meets Design

It is with great pride, relief mixed with a bursting sensation of anxiousness that I announce my next book, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.

Why Customer Experience is The Catalyst for Digital Transformation

As a digital analyst, I spend a lot of his time thinking about the future of customer experience. So much so that my next book attempts to rethink the term “experience,” X:The Experience of Business Meets Design.

Racing IndyCars with Team Penske and Hitachi

On August 30th, 2015, I dropped the top on my 1960s Corvette Sting Ray, fired up the 427 and made my way from Silicon Valley to Sonoma Raceway for the big IndyCar race finale.

Creator vs. Creative and the Importance of Artistry in Everything

I am a big fan of Chase Jarvis and I’m also proud to call him a dear friend. As I was preparing for the launch of my next book, I found this gem of a video from 2013.

Apple’s Odd, Yet Effective, Social Media Strategy

CIO’s Matt Kapko recently explored why Apple’s social media strategy seem to play the game differently, according to its rules, and not the best practices of everyone else.

New Media and the Path to Business Transformation

I have a standing offer to all universities (around the world) who use my books as part of the editorial program.