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We Are All Stressed – 3 Simple Lifehacks That Help!

  We are the sickest, unhealthiest, and fattest we have ever been as the human species. The number of people who are overweight or even obese is at an all-time high, cancer rates are at an all-time high, and a long list of other diseases are all at “all-time-high” levels.

15 Steps to Mindfullness And A Better Work Day

Mindfulness and Focus are hot topics right now among the Leadership and Management communities. I get questions now and again from clients and colleagues who recognize the value but don’t know where to begin.

5 Habbits To Achieve Greatness

You’ve made the decision. Starting right now you are going to take the necessary actions to develop yourself.

Three Reasons I Hate My Facebook ‘Friends’

I hate Facebook – that seems like the best way to start a discussion about my friends. Oh, I use it of course, otherwise how would I know I hate it; but I use it begrudgingly.

4 Reasons Why You Fail At Investing

If you are like the average investor, you fail at investing. I’m sorry to be so harsh, but studies have shown this to be true.

8 Good Reasons Why You Suck At Life

Having a great life, enjoying freedom and flexibility in your days, and truly being fulfilled by what you do is something we all strive for.

5 Easy Ways to Brighten Someone Else’s Day

It is an unfortunate truth that as members of the animal kingdom, we are naturally inclined to think of ourselves before anyone else.

6 Popular Summer Resolutions You Should Never Do

Whoops! It’s suddenly summer in earnest. Last we looked, summer was just toeing the water, fishing a long-lost floatie from the shallow end.

10 Products That’ll Save Your A** At Work (And Maybe Even Get You a Raise)

When you work for someone else, that little behind of yours is always on the chopping board. You know you’re a peon in corporate America if you stress over deadlines, get scolded by managers, get that nervous sweat when the big bosses pop in for a visit, deal with annoying or unproductive coworkers, lose sleep over job insecurity, and decide whether to work through your lunch break or not.

4 Baby Steps to Approach Minimalism As a Lifestyle Today

For anyone who is not acquainted with the trend, let me give you a quick overview. In recent years a crowd of authors and bloggers revived this very old philosophy, which is based on the principle of living more conscious with less possessions and distractions.

Don’y Worry About The Future – It’s The Easiest Way to Get What You Want In Life

Worry does nothing but steal your joy and keep you very busy doing nothing. Unknown I’ve always worried about everything.

One Thing Everybody Should Do To Improve Their Life

A life worth living is a life worth recording – Marilyn Grey We often find ourselves in a rut where we are demotivated and just not making any progress on the things we want in our life.

The Number One Reason You Are Attractive

  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from friends, family, friends of friends, and the general public (yes, I am listening in).

8 Little Ways to Be Awesome on a First Date

A First date is like a gift wrapped in a box; you’d never know what’s inside until you open it. And when you do, you are either left excited or disappointed.

Body Hack: 10 Ways To Super-Charge Your Memory

Forgetting things suck, doesn’t it? No one knows why our brains are so fickle, but what we do know is the sensation of information we’ve just heard gushing out of our brain faster than hot water through a spaghetti strainer.

3 Ways You Are Being Controlled By Your Mind

We live in the subconscious. Rather, 90% of our daily operations belong to the subconscious realm. That’s a huge chuck of us we are not in control of.

5 Apps to “Gamify” Your Habits and Turn Boring Tasks Into Exciting Ones

Work. Is. Boring. Am I right? Just the thought of of sitting down… opening a text page… getting your work notes out… and doing the work… Bleh, not fun at all.

5 Life Lessons Learned From The World Cup

Sports metaphors for life are a bit cliche, and there wouldn’t be so many of them if there wasn’t something to it.

Why You shouldn’t Chase Money and Power (and What to Do Instead)

  “The problem with external power is that it is fleeting: when you lose the money, position and possessions, you lose the power.

4 Steps To Find Your Passion

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Most people would answer that question with “my alarm?” I contend that the happiest people in the world could jump out of bed in the morning without the use of an alarm clock!