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4 Reasons to Embrace Adversity with a Happy Heart

Adversity is cruel. Adversity is unkind. Adversity sucks. Oh, well. Nothing new, right? All of us face some kind of adversity.

8 Mind Hacks That Give You Instant Results

Learning never exhausts the mind Leonardo da Vinci I have many weaknesses. I struggle to engage in conversation.

14 Things Only Shy People Understand

Being a shy person has its perks (oh, it does!), but it also has a long list of not-so-great consequences that only we—shy people—can understand.

3 Monumental Startup Disasters And How Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Them

Startup culture and entrepreneurship in the US is on the rise. The darlings of Silicon Valley – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat to name a few – have all started with a simple concept.

How NOT to Try and Help People in Times of Stress

Whether you are a kind, helpful person or an egoistic introvert, you will always find yourself in a situation when you can’t help but to feel sorry for a person and try your best to support him or her.

6 Manageable Steps to Life Goals Achievement

There are many steps one can take to achieve their goals. Though different, they all have one thing in common; you can only go so far, if you do not take them together.

5 Ways to Achieve Any Goal

You are frustrated! You passionately desire to move from where you are to that grand goal you have set for yourself.

5 Tips to Use Social Media for eLearning Content

So you want to promote your eLearning content on social media. Well, you’re not the only one. These days, everyone and their mother is trying to promote their business on social media.

Why You Need Good Writing Skills To Survive College

Anyone can write. But not everyone can write well. College requires a lot of writing.This isn’t like high school where you can pass a 500-word essay about your reflection on a movie and get away with an easy A+.

How to Get Great Testimonials for Your Business

Social proof is a great way to bring credibility to your business, and to encourage people to buy from you.

Why we need to take e-waste seriously

The only way to truly grasp the urgent need to make a more serious effort to recycle electronic gadgets and electrical equipment is to fully understand the environmental impact of e-waste.

Four ways to save your relationship

When you are trying to get into a relationship, you often do not think about the challenges that may lie ahead.

Fantasies or Reality?

What if I told you, you could do anything you want, be anyone you want, buy anything you want and go anywhere you want and no one will judge or criticize you, for a day.

3 Sneaky Ways Complacency Can Kill Your Success Habits

“Even the oldest church in town still rings the bell” – Dr. Doug Hughes Comfort… in life, in business, in body.

Living the Freelancer Life: 5 things every variable income earner should know

If you’re a freelancer, you know that life isn’t all sleeping in until 11, and never putting on pants.

By Mistake: 6 Things You Do That Kill Your Productivity

There are not so many people who know the art of time management well. However, all people want to be productive.

How to Control Your Emotions in Any Situation

Emotions are what make us human, but sometimes, our most human side can lead us into pitfalls that could have been easily avoided had we kept our emotions in check.

How Do You Know When To Persist and When To Quit?

How I Broke the Cycle of Mental Hospitalizations There is real magic in the wisdom of making the right life decisions at the right time.

Can you handle SMM or better hire a manager?

Branding for small business allows it to achieve serious, impressive and professional reputation. It is not just advertising on national TV or in popular magazine.

How Rise Up When Disappointment Gets You Down

Not getting what you expect can be a pleasant surprise – or a devastating disappointment. When things didn’t turn out the way I hoped while traveling with a friend, I was quick to blame it on her.