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9 Ways Reading Fiction Can Jump Start Your Career

Do you remember how excited you were when you landed your first job, or your dream job? It may seem like a work of fiction now, a story about someone else, but those were probably among the most giddy and dream-filled days of your life.

Discover Factors That Can Seriously Hurt Your Promotion Chances

Undeniably every employee wishes to drive endless opportunities in the professional world to make their career prosperous.

5 Ways to Beat the Crap Out of the Bully in Your Head

You aren’t satisfied with your life because you’re not getting everything you want out of it. You’ve figure out what you need to change to move you closer to the amazing life you want.

6 Low Paying College Degrees to Avoid

It’s obvious that salary prospects for different college degrees vary. The Economic Value of College Majors report by Georgetown University and Kiplinger’s list of low paying degrees shed light on how great the difference in salary really is.

Fitter, Happier and More Productive in 5 Simple Steps

Many people complain that they lack the energy to meet all the demands of their day. Human beings are not equipped by nature for the modern pace of living, so you must adapt, managing your input and output of energy carefully.

Do These 5 Things To Wake Up Energized (And Productive) Every Day

Picture this: you open your eyes as you wake up to a sunrise. Without a moment’s delay, you get out of bed and stretch.

Sleeping Always Matters

Sleeping is usually an underestimated activity either because we are not aware of what goes on during sleep or due to such a tiring and stressful routine that we only want to lie down and fall asleep.

Three Absolute Musts If You Want To Grow Your Business Working In Your Pajamas

Let me let you into a secret… I am usually working in my pajamas! And yes, it is kinda weird and maybe that puts you off me but the truth is, I love the flexibility of my life!

3 Signs You’re Losing Hope

On the subject of hope, civil rights hero Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” This would suggest to me that life will surly deal us all plenty of opportunities to embraced the darkness of hopelessness, but we have to learn to dig deeper to lay hold of an expectation that we are always progressing.

4 Branding Secrets from Eminem

In 1996 we were a world in transition. From Osama Bin Laden being expelled from Sudan, Mad Cow Disease outbreak in Britain and turbulent economic times in the US, our news was flooded with woes.

7 Awesome Things that Very Inspiring Bosses Do

Have you ever had a boss you didn’t crib about? Or a boss you really really wanted to be like? Or a boss you did not abuse the moment he/she turned around?

How Changing Your Attitude Can Build Your Confidence

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. Marcus Garvey We will all face some very challenging time in our lives.

7 Ultimate Steps to Overcome Disappointment

That feeling we get after every failure or unmet expectation is one of the worst feelings we women often experience.

Six Simple Questions Tp Help You Discover Your Purpose

As a high school student, one of my favorite Nollywood movies was ‘The Senator’. In the movie, Larry the lead actor knew right from high school that he wanted to be a senator.

7 Inspirational quotes by CEOs and co-founder that will guide you to be successful

Ever wondered what it takes to be a CEO of top companies or to have a successful start up. Answer to this might be quite complicated taking into consideration wide range of factors.

ASMR Relaxation and Tingle Braingasms

Do you get tingles when you stare into a drawing, or when you hear a type of repetitive sound? Are you burnt out from long days at work or essentially bored out of your mind watching the same fast paced and extremely jolting television commericals?

I Made $11.65 My First Year in Business! 51 Questions for Getting Through the Struggle

So, in April of 2014, I published my first post on my new blog “a prayerful & practical guide to facing change and challenge.” And yes, over the last 12+ months, I made a whopping $11.65 selling my ebooks and guides…wtf!

5 steps to regaining confidence

  Confidence is part of the human soul that affects us all. There are two primary aspects of life that can affect confidence: Number 1: Our own personal experiences.

7 Rituals to Help You Move Heaven and Earth

The things that we do to help ourselves only have ongoing positive effects if we make them into habits.

Should You Friend Your Boss On Facebook?

“Do I friend my boss on Facebook or not?” – that is the question that many working people ask themselves today.