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5 Types of People to Avoid to Maintain Happiness (and Sanity)

Don’t we all just want to be happy? Of course, and most of us would like to see everyone else be happy as well.

How to Create an Animated GIF Using Photoshop

Animated GIFs have overtaken still images in popularity on the web, and they’re fun ways to express yourself in any number of ways.

How to Use a PS3 Controller for a Computer

If you enjoy playing games on both your PC and Play Station 3 console, you can connect your PS3 remote control to work with your computer as well.

How to get a Free Website and Domain Name

September 16, 1893: more than 100,000 threadbare pioneers astride horses, mules, oxen, bicycles and wagons gathered by the entrance to the Oklahoma Cherokee Land Strip.

How to Partition a Hard Drive

Most computer hard drives come with only one partition for all your files and programs. This set-up applies with Windows PCs and Macs.

How to Open a DAT File

A DAT file is simply an abbreviation for a data file, and it can entail a simple help file, an email attachment or a video file downloaded onto a system without a program to open it automatically.

How to Defrag a Mac Hard Drive

Mac OS X 10.2 and later versions have automatic processes that clean up fragmented files from the hard drive, but it can get to the point where you still need to defrag an older, slower-performing hard drive in your Mac.

How to Look Up a Business By Their Tax ID Number

A business tax ID number is also known as a Federal Tax ID Numbers, and the IRS issues it to business owners for various tax purposes.

How to Block Websites in Mozilla Firefox

Though the idea of slowing the websites you prefer, should Net Neutrality fail in congress, is not a good thing, the ability to control which websites will be viewable on your browser is.

How to Program a Dish Network Remote

Once it is properly programmed, a Dish remote control handset can serve as a universal remote for your other electronic devices as well.

5 Creative Contemporary Beer Pairings

While I won’t be covering nearly every possible beer combination, hopefully these pairings will spark an ingenious idea for your next gathering.

The ABC of an Epic Friendship: 26 Simple Ways To Be the Best Friend Ever

I grew up in a broken home. It was 1999 when my father left and it’s been more than a decade since the last time I saw him.

Zen in The Art of Productivity

Zen aims to simplify the mind. To exclude any concepts. Beginner’s mind has too many options. Master’s mind just knows.“ In Japan, archery is not only a sport where hitting the targets is the main purpose.

5 Ways to Help Get Out of Debt

Everything is becoming too instantaneous in this world these days, with the advancement of technology.

4 Tips for Finding a Great Pre-Owned Diamond

There is a common misconception surrounding pre-owned diamonds. Some people think of them like used cars, as if use and age greatly affect their value.

Quit Any Bad Habit (In 6 Steps)

Bad habits have something in common. Either it’s a cigarette you are reaching for, a cup of coffee, an energy drink or a sugar and fat laden dessert.

5 Ways To Create the Foundation of a Long Term Relationship

Every relationship has its peaks and valleys. Sometimes the valleys seem so deep and wide that it feels like you’ll never get out of them.

9 Little Things Happy People Don’t Do

Have you ever noticed that the happy people in this world seem to do things, or rather not do things that differ to what the majority of unhappy people would do?

Buying an Investment Property? Here’s What You Should Care About

A lot of people consider investing in real estate a great investment option. And why not? The ultimate aim of buying an investment property is to increase your wealth and safeguard your financial future.

The Best of Life Metaphors & Similes

You can look at life in many ways. Below are my favorite life metaphors and similes categorized based on the lesson it evokes.