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Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are Reuniting for a Netflix Series

Goddess bless the internet! Specifically, goddess bless the online video streaming site Netflix — in 2015, the year of the Lorde, Netflix will reunite Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in a thirteen-episode comedy series, Grace and Frankie.

Ilana and Abbi Started From the Bottom, Now They’re Here

In tonight’s episode of Broad City, the girls get paid and they announce it to the world the only way they know how: a Missy-Elliot-inspired hip hop magnum opus.

Tina Talks Muppets and the Constant Internal Threats to Her Life

My favorite milestone in a celebrities’ life is when, for one reason or another, they try to pull off dyed red hair.

Catherine Keener and Sally Hawkins Join How and Why

Screenwriter and director Charlie Kaufman has teamed up yet again with the ever-talented Catherine Keener for his upcoming FX comedy pilot How and Why.

Watch Lena Dunham Try to Top the Pyramid

On last night’s Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon and ?uestlove faced off against Lena Dunham and Hugh Dancy in a tailor-made for the Internet game of Pyramid: ’90s movies, Madonna lyrics, cheeses, — it’s like a living, breathing Buzzfeed list!

Funny Ladies on the Film that Gave Aaron Sorkin His First Boner, Broadcast News

In today’s Video of the Day, the cinephiles to our Full-House-ephiles, Funny Lady Film Club, are joined by the effervescent Morgan Grace Jarrett and Anna Drezen to talk the most unconventional romantic comedy to ever be anointed with the term: Broadcast News.

What Would Happen if You Went Out With That Guy?

Have you ever been on the subway only to find the love of your life sitting directly across from you?

Rachel Dratch Cast in Role She Was Born to Play

It’s always an exciting day when you learn that Rachel Dratch will soon return to your television screen and will be making funnies on a show that is brimming with fellow talent.

Video of the Day: “Sista’s Sense (of Humor)”

In today’s Video of the Day, one funny lady explains why there ought to be more Black women in comedy.

Selina is Making a Run For It in the Veep Season 3 Trailer

Much like everything that boasts Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ presence and willful participation — movies, the Golden Globes, luncheons, 3K run/walks, not Occupy Wall Street — Veep‘s Season 3 trailer is entirely excellent.

The Editors of The Harvard Lampoon on Today

A few months ago, famed humor magazine The Harvard Lampoon elected two women as its leaders. Alexis Wilkinson made history, becoming the first Black woman to serve as the Lampoon‘s President.

Rookie Makes a Garbage Cake with Aidy Bryant

In today’s Video of the Day, Saturday Night Live faerie Aidy Bryant teaches us what a garbage cake is and then makes, burns, and eats one.

Kissception: a Roundup of the Internet’s Best Kissing Video Parodies

We (usually) don’t like to berate out readers, but if you were inspired by that strangers kissing video that turned out to be an advertisement for attractive people….

Mindy Kaling Confronts Diversity Criticism, is a “Fucking Indian Woman”

Tumblr and Twitter social justice warriors, listen up: showrunner Mindy Kaling finds your complaints about The Mindy Project‘s lack of diversity “insulting,” or so she told the audience at her Marie Claire-sponsored SXSW panel earlier in the week.

Kristen Wiig Ups the Drama in Hateship Loveship

Lest we forget that the art of theatrical performance requires mastery of dual masks, one representing comedy, the other tragedy, Kristen Wiig is here to help us remember.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was Inducted Into the TV Hall of Fame

Last night in an intimate ceremony (which in Hollywood means dimmed lights and a gluten-free meal), comedy queen Julia Louis-Dreyfus was inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame.

The Ladies of SNL Dance Their Way Into Our Hearts

Remember how fun it was to learn the dance from Girls? Well the fun (and intense anxiety that you don’t know how to dance) doesn’t have to stop there!

The Park Police Sees What You’re Doing and It’s Not Allowed

In today’s Video of the Day, Alex and Danielle, our serious bosom buddies from SRSLY, wrangle with the mysterious police work of sketch group Good Cop Great Cop.

Chelsea Handler Calls Out Piers Morgan on Live TV

Say what you will about Chelsea Handler but you can’t deny that she is fearless when it comes to speaking her mind.

Female Comic Booted From Bill Due to Being a Female Comic

Last Friday standup comedian Jenny Collier received an email from bookers Mirth Control telling her to not show up for her show that evening.