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Some People Don't Get Bitten By Mosquitoes — Why That's True Will Surprise You

Summer isn't over yet, but Labor Day weekend is still for many people the last hurrah for barbecues, beaches, and nights outside.

Apple Just Unlocked A Big Mystery About How The App Store Works (AAPL)

But Apple published a report last week that unlocked some of the mystery behind how the App Store operates.

23 Ways Your Wall Street Job Will Make You Miserable

If you're considering going to Wall Street, you should really know what you're getting into. Yes, you will get paid better than average people all over the world.

America's Most Incredible Natural Gas Play Has Only Just Begun To Boom

Since 2009, natural gas production out of the Pennsylvania-centered Marcellus shale play has soared 650%.

A Strange New Video Game Transports You Into The Bedroom Of A Japanese Schoolgirl

Sony has showcased a potentially controversial new game to show off the technology behind its new Project Morpehus virtual reality headset.  Sony introduced the new game, called Summer Lesson, during its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, Mat Smith at Engadget reports.

STEPHEN ROACH: The Current Speed Of Global Growth Comes With A Major Problem

The world economy is growing, but not by much. "Collectively, the annual growth rate in the major developed economies averaged a little less than 0.7% in the first half of 2014," write economist Stephen Roach in a new piece for Project Syndicate.

The Last Known Passenger Pigeon Died 100 Year Ago Today — Here Are 9 Other Animals That Were Hunted To Extinction

The last known passenger pigeon, named Martha, died 100 years ago today at the Cincinnati Zoo. She was 29.

A Huge Change In The Fed's Forward Guidance Could Be Coming In September (DIA, SPY, QQQ, TLT, IWM)

Change could be coming to the Fed. In a note to clients, Lew Alexander at Nomura writes that the Fed is likely to make "significant changes" to its forward guidance.

Apple Stock Is At An All-Time High Ahead Of iPhone 6 — Is It Heading For A Massive Selloff? (AAPL)

Apple stock closed at an all-time high on Friday ($102.50) and is set to open at a similar level in Tuesday morning's U.S.

Ayatollah Urges Iran To Boycott 'Immoral' High-Speed Mobile Data

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has appealed to the country's religious leaders to embrace 3G internet after a prominent cleric used his website to denounce the technology.

The Bad News Out Of Europe Is Intensifying (DIA, SPY, SPX, QQQ)

All of the economic signals confirm that growth in the eurozone economy is going nowhere. The Eurozone manufacturing purchasing managers index plunged to a 13-month low of 50.7 in August., down from 53.8 in July.  This was worse than the 50.8 expected by economists.

A High School Baseball Game In Japan Lasted 50 Innings Over 4 Days

In a scenario more usually associated with its cousin, cricket, a baseball game in Japan dragged on for four days with two high school teams slogging it out over a record 50 innings.

Google's Self-Driving Cars Won't Work In Heavy Rain Or On Most Roads (GOOG)

It seems that Google may be facing a bumpier ride with self-driving cars than initially expected. An MIT Technology Review report released last week said that the cars rely so much on maps and detailed data that they can't drive themselves around 99% of the USA.

Apple Spies On The Media 'Using Anonymized Social Media Accounts' (AAPL)

Mark Gurman, one of the more important bloggers who covers Apple, has a written a masterful, in-depth breakdown of how Apple's PR team manipulates the media.

Ukraine Soldiers Are Battling Russian Tanks In Rebel-Held East Ukraine

Ukrainian troops on Monday were battling a Russian tank contingent in the eastern city of Lugansk, Kiev said, accusing Moscow's army units of moving into large cities in the region.

Here Are 10 Things That Are Right With America

There's no shortage of things that should be fixed in the U.S. There's the "crumbling" physical infrastructure, the never-ending bipartisan arguments in D.C., the inadequate public school systems...

Hong Kong activists in fightback after China vote decision

Hong Kong (AFP) - Hong Kong activists launched their fightback Monday against Beijing's landmark decision to limit voting reforms, heckling a senior Chinese official in angry scenes after hopes for full democracy were crushed.

Man United agree Falcao loan deal - reports

London (AFP) - Manchester United have agreed a sensational deal to sign Colombia striker Radamel Falcao on a season-long loan from Monaco, according to widespread British media reports on Monday.

Japanese Porn Queens Raise Thousands Of Dollars For Aids With Boob-Squeezing Campaign

Tokyo (AFP) - A group of Japanese porn actresses raised tens of thousands of dollars at the weekend by having their breasts squeezed by fans at a "Boob Aid" charity event for AIDS prevention.

All The Different Ways That 'iCloud' Naked Celebrity Photo Leak Might Have Happened

After naked photos of around 20 celebrities leaked online last night, the internet scrambled to try and figure out exactly how the images became public.