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11 Of The Most Beautiful Office Buildings On Earth

Office buildings are places for getting work done.  But as the winners of the Architizer A+ awards show, office buildings can also be quirky, artistic, and truly beautiful.

Chris Christie Did Not Like David Letterman's 'Fat Jokes' About Him

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tweeted a response Wednesday morning after late night host David Letterman mocked him for being "fat." Letterman's joke referenced Christie being named "Father of the Year" by the National Father's Day Council and noted "'Father' contains the word 'fat.'" Christie fired back by cheering the fact Letterman is due to be replaced by Stephen Colbert next year and declaring himself a citizen of "Colbert Nation." View the governor's tweet below.

This Is What It Would Feel Like To Drown

Well, I'm never getting on a boat without a life vest.  I just drowned because I wasn't wearing one, but luckily it was all just a simulation.

BMW's New Concept Car Gives Backseat Passengers A Lot More Control

Backseat drivers are about to have a field day, thanks to BMW. At the Beijing Auto Show this week, the automaker introduced the gorgeous Vision Future Luxury Concept, complete with tablet that will allow rear passengers to send messages directly to the driver's instrument and navigation displays.

13 Proven Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Life

Americans are way too wound-up. Seven out of 10 adults say they experience stress or anxiety every day, according Happify, a website and app that uses games and tasks based in positive psychology to make you happier.

Army Recognizes 'Humanism' As Distinct Religion

Members of the U.S. Army can now proudly and officially list their religion as "Humanist," after years of not being able to do so, according to the ACLU.

Watch How Quickly The War On Drugs Changed America's Prison Population

America's prisons are extremely overcrowded, and tough-on-crime laws implemented in the 1980s and 1990s contributed heavily to growing the U.S.

A New Anti-Bullying Ad Doesn't Actually Encourage People To Stop Bullying

VH1 has made a new anti-bullying PSA that doesn't discourage people from bullying so much as it tries to convince victims that being bullied isn't so bad.

How Knowledge of Credit Suisse's Dark Pool For High-Frequency Trading Leaked Out On LinkedIn

Michael Lewis's new book "Flash Boys," which investigates the unfairness of high-frequency trading on Wall Street, has a great section on how John Schwall, the former RBC global head of equities product management, came to learn that Credit Suisse — among other banks — was operating a "dark pool" that allowed high-frequency traders to get in front of stock trades of less sophisticated brokers, allegedly increasing the cost of investing in stocks.

Ex-'Daily Show' Writer Behind @TheTweetOfGod Has Religious Satire Heading To Broadway

You may not know the name David Javerbaum, but chances are you've heard his jokes. Javerbaum is the former head writer on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and the man behind popular Twitter account @TheTweetOfGod, which boasts over 1.2 million followers.

Despite A Legal Tussle With EMC, Startup Pure Storage Raises $225 Million At A $3 Billion Valuation (EMC)

Enterprise startup Pure Storage just got a huge vote of confidence from the venture world, even though it's playing in a chaotic market and the 800-pound gorilla, EMC, has been suing it and some of its employees.

CHART OF THE DAY: The Fed's Feeling Pretty Confident About Its Outlook For Rates

During the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve slashed interest rates to help the economy claw its way back to growth.

Victim Of Child Porn Gave A Devastating Response To Huge Supreme Court Defeat In Her Case

The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday threw out a $3.4 million judgement for a woman whose childhood rape was turned into porn, prompting a heartbreaking response from that victim.

4K TV Is Coming — And It Will Rollout Much Faster Than HDTV

Nearly every major TV manufacturer already has, or will soon release a 4K display television. The new format offers outstanding picture quality at four times the pixel density of standard HD.

A Group Of Athletes Created Jeans You Can Actually Move Around In

A group of weight lifters, snowboarders, and rock climbers in Nevada who were frustrated with their inability to find jeans that fit have started their own company.  Barbell denim jeans are "made to fit comfortably over muscular legs by accommodating your quads and butt without forcing you to buy larger sizes for the small waist you work so hard for," the company writes on its Kickstarter page.  The Kickstarter campaign was launched Monday and has raised more than $184,000 so far.  The jeans are different because they have a cut that allows for more 'flexibility and freedom of movement," co-owner Hunter Molzen told Fast Company.  "They began by taking the average measurements of their athletic friends and families and even from strangers who agreed to participate," according to Fast Company.

REPORT: Jeb Bush Admits He's 'Thinking About Running For President'

According to New York Times political reporter Michael Barbaro, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush made an unusually frank admission that he's considering running for president at an event in New York City Wednesday.

Here's Why The EU Isn't Going To Approve Tough Sanctions On Russia Right Now

The EU already imposed sanctions on Russia in March over its stealth invasion and annexation of Crimea, but those lacked teeth.

7 Maps Of Florida That Will Change The Way You See The Sunshine State

  <div>Please enable Javascript to watch this video</div>   Florida became a state in 1845.

These Skyscrapers Predicted The Worst Financial Crises In History

Saudi Arabia is expected to begin work on the Kingdom Tower next week.  The building in Jeddah is expected to cost $1.23 billion and stand 3,280 feet tall, according to the Saudi Gazette.

The 20 Most Flexible Employers In America

Offering flexible work hours, telecommuting options, and workday breaks are a major key to having satisfied workers.