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Facebook Says It Will Use Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Page To Reveal Big Company Announcements

When it comes to sharing stuff with the world on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg doesn't do it as often as you'd think.

The Founder Of Russia's Version Of Facebook Flees Russia

After giving up control of Russia's Facebook-like social network, VKontakte, Pavel Durov, the site's founder, has fled the country, according to The Moscow Times.

Mark Zuckerberg Says That Facebook Messenger Has 200 Million Monthly Active Users

In Facebook's first quarter earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Messenger — its stand-alone messaging app — has 200 million monthly active users.  That's a pretty impressive number.

Greenpeace Tells Obama To Make 'More Responsible' Food Choices After Meal At Restaurant That Serves Endangered Sushi

After President Barack Obama ate at a famous Tokyo restaurant that serves rare bluefin tuna, the environmental organization Greenpeace issued a statement saying he should have made more "responsible food choices." "As a role model, people will naturally follow you.

Ronald McDonald Is Getting A Makeover, And He's Coming To Twitter

McDonald's announced it's planning to bring mascot Ronald McDonald back to the forefront of its marketing efforts for a new campaign entitled "Fun makes great things happen." In a press release published to its website today, the fast-food giant said that Ronald will have two new outfits and become part of its social media efforts via the hashtag #RonaldMcDonald.

Nearly Sixty Percent Of Facebook's Ad Revenue Now Comes From Mobile

Facebook first quarter earnings are out. The social network posted a strong performance for the first three months of the year, thanks to continued mobile growth.  First quarter ad revenue reached $2.27 billion, 82% growth over the same quarter last year.

Tech CEO Who Allegedly Hit His Girlfriend 117 Times Avoids Jail And Plans A $100 Million IPO

RadiumOne’s founder, Chairman and CEO Gurbaksh “G” Chahal, appears to be the perfect tech entrepreneur.

Hackers May Have Already Filed Your Taxes For You And Stolen Your Return

An unsettling number of medical professionals are finding themselves victims of tax fraud, reports Krebs On Security.

The First Thing Every Bond Investor Needs To Consider

FA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business Insider that delivers the top news and commentary for financial advisors.

The iPad Has Hit A Wall

Apple reported its earnings for the first quarter of the year today. It was a beat, but there was a disappointing stat: iPad sales were far below expectations at 16.35 million units.

NEW YORKERS: Brace Yourselves For The Montreal-New York Bagel Hybrid

Fans of New York's fat, doughy bagels swear they're the best in the world. Montreal natives are partial to their city's smaller, wood-oven-baked variety.

Meet The Former Diplomat Who's Wanted By The FBI For Allegedly Killing His Own Family

While recently profiling America's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, we discovered the most recent addition is a former Foreign Service officer who allegedly murdered his entire family with no known motive before disappearing in 1976.

This Russian Subaru Commercial Is A Dash Cam Parody Featuring A Brilliant Dog

Subaru has been on roll lately with their series of commercials starring an adorable family of dogs. But the company's Russian division may have just topped them all with its latest commercial.

Here's Why Heroin Is Spreading To US Suburbs

Heroin used to be viewed as a city drug, but now the narcotic is spreading to U.S. suburbs. The drug is hitting New England especially hard, where overdoses are spiking and a new, even more dangerous form of heroin is killing people.

Facebook's Desktop Business Is In Decline

Facebook just released its first quarter earnings. The company beat on revenue, but the numbers show that its desktop business is stagnant, if not declining.  All of Facebook's growth is currently coming from mobile, as clearly shown in this chart by analyst Ian Maude: Desktop revenue was up barely on an annual basis but is a dramatically declining portion of Facebook's entire business.

Christian Movies Continue To Crush It At The Box Office

Over the weekend, the religious film "Heaven is for Real" performed extremely well at the box office, earning $22.5 million.

CHART: Michael Jordan Is Still The Most Loved Athlete In America 11 Years After Retiring

For the third straight year, Michael Jordan was chosen by the most Americans as their "favorite athlete" according to a Sports Business Journal poll.

Apple Announces Stunning 7-1 Stock Split And Another Big Increase In Its Buyback Program (AAPL)

Apple's board just approved a big stock split and a $30 billion boost to its share buyback plan. The stock will undergo a 7-to-1 split.

Skydivers Set A New Base Jumping World Record With A Leap Off Of The World's Tallest Building

Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet broke a world record by jumping from a platform 500 feet above the world's tallest building.

Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Just Stepped Down From His Day-To-Day Role (ZNGA)

Zynga founder Mark Pincus has stepped down from his operational role, Zynga just announced in its quarterly earnings.  Pincus will keep his title as chairman of the board of directors, but will no longer be involved in Zynga's day-to-day operations as chief product officer.  "I would like to thank Mark for his dedicated service to Zynga players, employees and shareholders since the Company's founding in 2007," Zynga CEO Don Mattrick said in its quarterly release.