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Photos: Fed up with the trains, migrants begin a long march down the highway in Hungary

Thousands of migrants stranded at the Keleti train station outside Budapest stormed out and took to the highway, preferring to walk some 150 miles to Austria in the hopes of reaching Germany than to stay another night in Hungary.

The story behind those office monkey GIFs that are suddenly everywhere

In the past week or so, you’ve probably seen a few GIFs like these floating around the internet: This GIF is trending:

Car companies are scrambling for AI talent as Google and Apple’s driverless cars loom

Before Silicon Valley can disrupt the car industry, the car industry wants to join forces with Silicon Valley.

After a drowned Syrian boy’s photo goes viral, the UK softens its stance on refugees

British prime minister David Cameron announced today that the UK will be accepting “thousands more” Syrian refugees by expanding its current program of resettling those currently housed in camps on the Syrian border—a shift to his long-held stance on the subject.

The Good, the bad, and the ugly: The 10 most important economic charts of the week

The Good The US had a pretty darn decent jobs report Euro zone inflation is looking stable (but that could soon change) …and unemployment fell below 11% for the first time since 2012 Americans haven’t been this excited to buy houses in a while The Bad Canada’s economy is back in recession, thanks to

It takes the US two years to process a refugee application from Syria

More than four million Syrians have left their homes since civil war broke out in 2011, with roughly three million fleeing to neighboring countries, such as Jordan and Turkey.

President Obama praises an Iranian boy in a Humans of New York photo

Brandon Stanton has been internet famous since 2010 for his wildly popular street portrait and interview series, Humans of New York.

Score an Olafur Eliasson-designed piece and help bring power to areas of Sub-Saharan Africa

This may be the best deal in the art market today. Celebrated contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson, whose works have drawn six-figure sums at auction, just launched a Kickstarter campaign offering backers an Eliasson original starting at 55 euros (about 61 dollars).

Africa is minting millionaires but the poor aren’t getting any richer

Africans are getting richer. In their latest look at Africa’s monied class, the research firm New World Wealth reveals that there are 163,000 millionaires across the continent, that is, people with assets worth at least $1 million.

NASA is developing a “hedgehog” robot to tumble around comets and asteroids

Imagine an army of tumbling, twirling, gyrating robots exploring faraway icy bodies. Do they look anything like this?

Data-shamed, economists are turning an influential email into an experiment about bias

The weekly email that I and more than 20,000 others get from the National Bureau of Economics each Monday at 4:15am ET is something that I genuinely look forward to.

The very funny Instagram political catfights of this US election cycle

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but at least he’s consistent. Even on Instagram, a platform that brands and celebrities generally use for relatively cute, happy-go-lucky messages, the Republican presidential hopeful will start a nonsensical fight.

This English couple generates enough electricity for a whole village using a river that flows through their garden

Somerset, England—Back in 2002, Rachel Feilden and Anthony Battersby got the chance to buy a ruin. They snapped it up.

Sorry, city kids. It’s healthy to spend your childhood rolling around in dirt

Apologies, germaphobes. A bit of dirt is actually quite good for you. Scientists have known for a while that kids who grow up on a farm have far fewer allergies and are less likely to develop asthma, but up until now, they weren’t sure why.

We’re live-charting the US jobs report for August

It’s that time once again. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics will issue an update on the US jobs situation at 8:30 a.m.

NASA is working on making a tractor beam out of hoverboards

It’s looking like 2015 won’t be the year we actually get Back to the Future-style hoverboards, but one of the companies working on them is now partnering with NASA to use their technology to build tractor beams (a beam of energy used to move or suspend objects, most famously on Star Wars and Star Trek).

Watch how a presidential motorcade can double a neighborhood’s traffic in an instant

When the president of the United States comes to town, driving can get tricky. As his motorcade traverses the city, roads are closed.

Today’s buzziest cars are more fuel efficient, but they’re not what Americans are really buying

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Sept. 2 that the company’s next electric car, the Model 3, will start production in two years.

Amazon wants to know everything about you by having a robot talk to you

Recently, Amazon made its first foray into helpful home devices—Echo, the perky remote-vending-machine-disguised-as-smart-home-hub that answers questions, controls a few lights, and, incidentally, orders products from the mega-company.

China has made key stock market data—from two weeks before the crash onward—mysteriously unavailable

Most of the time, weekly data published by the China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation (CSDC) is as dull as the organization’s name would suggest.