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The New York Times wants you to vote for Hillary because she’s worthy, not because you hate Trump

Hillary Clinton may well benefit from the #NeverTrump movement. But the New York Times wants voters to know that the Democratic presidential candidate isn’t just the better alternative to her bombastic, divisive opponent—she’s a worthy nominee in her own right.

The first pop song ever written by artificial intelligence is pretty good, actually

We already know that artificial intelligence systems can work in law firms and beat the world champion at a game of Go.

Watch: Bill Maher slams Apple for pointless iPhone upgrade and consumers for falling for it

If Apple wants to live up to its motto of “think different,” perhaps it should try not releasing a new phone for a change.

Australia isn’t where you think it is

Australia may be the world’s most mischievous continent. Not only does it try to pull one over on us with its pink-colored lakes and insistence that Vegemite is edible, the country—home to more than 23 million people—has actually moved.

Expert rhetorical strategies women can use to outmaneuver the office “Trump”

When Hillary Clinton steps up to debate Donald Trump on Monday (Sept. 26), her situation will be utterly unique in several respects.

Snapchat’s new $130 video-recording sunglasses are a bold move into the wearables market

Snapchat has made its name as the messaging app of choice among the young and hip. Now the Venice, California-based startup is charging into the tricky wearable technology market.

Electing Donald Trump is exactly the stupid decision the rest of the world expects from the United States

Much of the US has greeted the rise of Donald Trump with horror, unease, and a great deal of confusion.

How to watch the first US presidential debate on TV and online

After more than a year of campaigning, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will finally share the stage Monday night in Hempstead, New York for the first of three US presidential debates.

Scientists have been caught manipulating data too many times. They must mend their ways before they lose public trust

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.” Sociologist Donald Campbell and economist Charles Goodhart reached this conclusion some 40 years ago, after analyzing the measures affecting their own professions.

A new book will show you the beauty and hopes of everyday Africa

An eight-year-old boy in Senegal’s capital, Dakar, takes a leap into the pounding waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

A new Smithsonian museum highlights the enormous influence African American culture has had on all of us

Having grown up in Asia, I didn’t go to Washington, DC’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) expecting to find myself represented in its galleries.

These 100-year-old photos reveal the birth of the modern mugshot

Malicious mischief and “badger” are some of the charges against the women below, whose mugshots were taken at New York police precincts more than 100 years ago.

Buddhist priests are so desperate for survival that they’re doing e-delivery

How do you bring a religion that’s thousands of years old and withering on the vine into the 21st century?

Photos: The jewelry and sculptures about racism and sexism that earned Joyce J. Scott a MacArthur “genius” award

A beaded necklace is an unlikely place to find a narrative about race, history, and slavery, says Lowery Sims, curator emerita at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) in New York.

Monday’s US presidential debate will draw as many viewers as the Super Bowl, analysts predict

Not only will Monday’s US presidential debate likely decimate the previous record of debate viewers, but it could well rival the audience of America’s biggest spectacle, the Super Bowl.

What I wear to work: how a celebrity stylist power-dresses through pregnancy

Jill Lincoln, a Los Angeles-based stylist, has been dressing celebrities for public appearances, special occasions, and everyday life for a decade.

Gabon’s highest court says Ali Bongo won its controversial presidential elections

Gabon’s Constitutional Court on Friday (Sept. 23) upheld the re-election of incumbent president Ali Bongo, extending his family’s five-decade rule over the oil-rich, small Central African nation.

Ted Cruz reverses, says he’ll vote for Donald Trump in November

Texas senator Ted Cruz, and one-time Republican presidential candidate, has announced that he will be casting a vote for Donald Trump in the November US general election.

China is sending grape vines into outer space

With a little help from the heavens, China is hoping to feed its people more homegrown wine. Among the items listed aboard the Tiangong-2 rocket’s cargo hold when it launched Sept.

China’s leading smartphone-maker Huawei is setting up shop in India

Taking a cue from Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s manufacturing push, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has learned that to make it in India you have to ‘Make in India.’ Huawei is the third-largest smartphone maker in the world, but it hasn’t been able to gain a strong presence in one of the biggest markets because of stiff competition from large competitors like Samsung, as well as smaller brands like Lenovo and Xiaomi.