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Wage growth in the UK hasn’t been this bad since the 1860s

The UK is mired in its “first lost decade since the 1860s,” according to Bank of England governor Mark Carney.

The failed battle to stop Australia’s vast new mine shows why the world isn’t ready to move on from coal

Following years of protest, Australia this week granted approval for a vast new coal mine to be built in Queensland.

So when is that elusive Apple store coming to India?

India’s wait for its first Apple-owned store is not going to end soon. In June, the Narendra Modi government had paved the way for Apple to open direct stores in the country—almost a decade after iPhones first started selling here.

I hated Jayalalithaa’s style of leadership all her life but I feel a strange love for her today

I can’t remember the last time I had a lump in my throat when a politician died. I do today. I surprise myself because I have never voted for the person, hated her brand of leadership and rarely agreed with her for the most part of her career.

Photos: The pockets of the old Hong Kong that still exist within the modern, glitzy city

Earlier this year photographer Andy Yeung wowed us with pictures of his hometown Hong Kong as seen from a drone buzzing over dizzying concrete canyons.

Michael Jordan finally won the rights to his own name in China

China’s top court has ruled that Michael Jordan owns the rights to his last name in Chinese, overturning earlier decisions against the 53-year-old basketball legend in a long-running trademark dispute.

Here’s why one in four Indians are worried about losing their homes

Losing one’s home remains a very real fear for many in India. Nearly 27% of Indians say they are worried about losing their homes in the next five years, largely because of a lack of official documentation.

India’s diamond industry is already weak, and demonetization could push it into critical care

The Indian diamond polishing and cutting industry—the largest in the world—is rapidly losing its lustre.

Japan is hoping robot babies will encourage people to have real babies

Driven by a declining population, a trend for developing robotic babies has emerged in Japan as a means of encouraging couples to become “parents.” The approaches taken vary widely and are driven by different philosophical approaches that also beg a number of questions, not least whether these robo-tots will achieve the aim of their creators.

Rodrigo Duterte’s next war is a growing HIV epidemic in the Philippines

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte is best known for his violent crackdown on drugs, but a new program from his administration shows that his iron fist could be beneficial for his more progressive policies.

The RBI got grilled on demonetisation. Here’s what Urjit Patel & Co had to say

On Dec. 07, India’s central bank surprised the country with its decision to hold interest rates. It was widely anticipated that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) would resort to a rate cut, given the liquidity crisis in the country due to prime minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation policy.

The woman who could take down Rodrigo Duterte: his soft-spoken, even-tempered vice president

For all the controversy he’s generated since taking office a little over five months ago, Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has—so far—remained a popular leader among Filipinos.

Newt Gringrich celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack by congratulating Japan

Former House speaker and major Donald Trump-backer Newt Gingrich chose a curious way to mark the 75th anniversary since around two and a half thousand Americans were killed at Pearl Harbor.

The last five US presidential election winners have been named Time’s person of the year

The selection of Donald Trump by Time Magazine to be its person of the year has left his detractors offended and his supporters emboldened.

The Japanese submarine that never made it to Pearl Harbor

Seventy-five years ago, US naval ships and aircraft spotted a mini-submarine just outside the entrance to Pearl Harbor.

The Oakland warehouse fire is what happens when cities ignore that artists can’t afford high rent

Oakland, California is booming. Uber is building its headquarters there and Google is planning a local campus, and this enthusiasm has driven rents so high that alternative living is the only option for artists.

The band of US veterans who stood with protesters at Standing Rock have announced their next stop

To the nation’s surprise, a day after 2,000 veterans and first responders appeared out of nowhere to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline, the US Army Corps of Engineers effectively shut down the project.

Burning Man just moved one step closer to becoming a religion

Burning Man, the Nevada desert festival that draws some 60,000 revelers every year, is an annual pilgrimage that resembles religious ritual: It requires travel to a far-off place in the desert, 10 guiding social laws intended to catalyze self-actualization, and the burning of an effigy.

Don’t believe your own hype: How Pebble went from being worth $740 million to less than $40 million

Confidence is an essential ingredient for entrepreneurs. It’s what makes them quit college or their jobs, tells them then can take on corporate behemoths, and helps them endure countless rejections.

Let’s not freak out about the “next major job killer” just yet

Amazon Go, the company’s latest store concept, allows shoppers to take products off shelves and walk out the door without waiting in a checkout line or dealing with a cashier.