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Apple’s real iPad problems are the iPhone and Mac

Tap to expand image Apple’s iPad business, long thought to be the future of the company, isn’t acting like it.

Microsoft’s weak earnings put its massive layoffs in context

Tap to expand image Microsoft just reported revenue for the June quarter of $23.38 billion, stronger than most analysts had forecasted.

Apple’s latest slow-growth quarter in charts

Apple continues to grow very slowly ahead of new product introductions. Total revenue grew 6% from last year, roughly the same rate it has grown over the past four quarters.

Bill Ackman’s attempt to destroy Herbalife has had exactly the opposite effect

So much for delivering a “deathblow” to Herbalife. That’s what the hedge fund manager Bill Ackman vowed to do on CNBC yesterday, prior to his screed against Herbalife today, which lasted more than three hours.

Chipotle reckons 120 burritos per hour is still way too slow

Despite a successful quarter that handily beat analyst expectations, Chipotle is not satisfied. In recent earnings calls, the US fast-food chain’s co-CEO, Montgomery Moran, has provided consistent updates on one of the company’s core obsessions—serving as many people as possible during its peak hours, when lines often snake out the door of some restaurants and cause bottlenecks.

The five ways TV has changed forever

LOS ANGELES—For the past two weeks at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour, network execs have trotted out the shows they hope will connect with audiences during the upcoming season.

Coca-Cola’s investment in the World Cup didn’t exactly pay off

Tap to expand image The numbers: Disappointing. The Coca-Cola Company reported second-quarter profits of $2.6 billion, down 3% from the same period last year.

Six months of world leaders’ phone calls to Putin about the crisis in Ukraine, charted

Russian president Vladimir Putin has spoken with Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte in four of the past five days, including this morning.

China’s enormous bad debts may mean good times for bankruptcy experts

Opinions remain divided about the health of China’s economy and the country’s future growth prospects, but one thing is for sure—the country’s debt load is massive—and it’s growing fast.

John Thain’s CIT just bought itself some intense regulatory scrutiny

Bring on the regulatory scrutiny. That’s the message that CIT Group’s CEO, John Thain, has sent to the US government.

Don’t give up on America’s long-term unemployed just yet

Federal Reserve researchers argue that the central bank has been right not to give up on the ranks of America’s long-term unemployed.

Britain is taunting Putin by reopening the sensational London murder of a KGB defector

Europe has mustered only a weak collective response to the apparent missile strike on a Malaysian airliner.

The most promising technology for cleaning up ocean plastic is a giant wheel

There are at least one billion tons of plastic in the ocean. Creative solutions abound, but few strike marine conservation experts as practical or praise-worthy. Too often, says ecologist Andrew David Thaler, projects like floating plastic-filter machines amount to little more than “concept art.“ According to Thaler, a marine science PhD and ocean-science website editor, the first “truly feasible” contraption to reduce ocean plastic is already in use: a solar-powered water wheel in Baltimore, Maryland.

No wonder Comcast is so desperate to prevent its cable customers from leaving

Tap to expand image Comcast’s aggressive tactics to hold onto its cable subscribers have been getting a lot of attention lately.

Here’s how the new Simpsons app will change your life

LOS ANGELES — Best. App. Ever. That’s the early consensus from many in attendance at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour as FX unveiled “Simpsons World,” its upcoming “ultimate Simpsons digital experience” that will contain all 552 episodes of The Simpsons, along with every other detail you’d ever want to know about the show.

Scientists have discovered how to make people to care about climate change

A woman peers through goggles embedded in a large black helmet. Forest sounds emanate from various corners of the room: a bird chirping here, a breeze whispering there.

Amazon is building the retail world’s most unbreachable “moat”—and it’s called Prime

Amazon is a company that has divided investors for years. Its relentlessly fast-growing revenues typically translate into relatively diminutive profits because the company reinvests most of its enormous cash-flow into expanding its infrastructure and maintaining low prices—the idea being that at some point in the future, it can turn the profit screws on and reap enormous financial rewards.

Three things I learned at Goldman Sachs that helped me launch my own company

Nancy Twine grew up making her grandmother’s recipes for soaps and hair care products developed on a West Virginia farm.

It’s time to admit that America will never really include black America

Last week, after watching another black man die at the hands of the New York City police, I can’t help but wonder whether there will ever be true equality for African Americans.

Americans hate Carnival Cruise Lines a lot less these days

Now 17 months removed from the infamous “Poop Cruise,” Americans are starting to come around to Carnival again.