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Hong Kong has too many poor people to allow direct elections, leader says

HONG KONG—Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement protesters have been demanding that the city’s top official, CY Leung, step down for weeks now.

Tim Cook, in his own words, on why the iPad has a bright future

Apple’s iPad business was the lone drag in its otherwise strong earnings report today. iPad sales last quarter dropped 13% from the previous year, to 12.3 million, their third straight quarter of decline.

Why music must embrace the latest wave of industry disruption

Music was the first corner of the entertainment business to be truly disrupted by the internet. And this relentless disruption has come in multiple waves that have pounded revenues for labels and artists.

Apple sold 39 million iPhones last quarter and is predicting a huge Christmas

The numbers: Good and improving. Apple’s September-quarter results were better than expected—showing overall strong performance, except for the already struggling iPad business.

We have not yet seen peak Chipotle

The numbers: Pretty darn good. Chipotle’s shares were already up more than 40% for the year, and the company just delivered another huge quarter.

Here’s what companies are saying about Ebola

The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa is forcing businesses worldwide to assess the disease’s impact on their bottom lines.

The complete guide to Apple Pay

Apple launched its mobile payments service, Apple Pay, today in the US. It has the chance—if successful—to become the first mainstream mobile payments service in many markets.

Academics are using emoji to explain their research

Academic papers are often long, tedious and impossible to read, as Steven Pinker pointed out last month.

This is how Uber’s surge pricing is supposed to work—if the company isn’t lying to you

This new research will be music to Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s ears: It turns out that taxi drivers are exactly the income-maximizing, labor-optimizing robots that neoclassical economics expects them to be.

Apple is America’s favorite stock—except in five states

Share Tap image to zoom Apple’s omnipresent position in the American psyche extends far beyond consumer devices: America’s biggest company by market value is also it’s most widely held stock.Or at least that’s theOr at least that’s Or at least that’s the conclusion to be drawn from the result of a survey of 161,000 Americans released last week by FutureAdvisor, a San Francisco wealth advisory firm.

Nigeria’s president may finally do what he should have done all along: bring back the girls

Perhaps it was too good to be true. And indeed many thought, prayed, and hoped it wouldn’t be. When the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan announced last week that the government had reached an agreement with the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram, to free the 219 kidnapped schoolgirls, their parents rejoiced.

Amazon’s new Kindle Voyage is getting unanimously excellent reviews

Amid the usual hysteria surrounding Apple’s latest slate of multifunctional products—the iPad Air 2, the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6—tech writers are collectively lauding a single-task device that’s not from Apple but from Amazon: the new Kindle Voyage e-reader.

Jeff Bezos is either the world’s best CEO—or a terrible underperformer

The Harvard Business Review just bestowed the title of best-performing CEO in the world on CEO Jeff Bezos, who last year tied with late Steve Jobs for the honor.

The Houthi coup in Yemen is a new political era that may end in ruin

In September 2014, Yemen entered into a new political era. The Houthis, a Zaidi Shia revivalist group with a militant wing ended their month-long demonstrations in Sana’a after government forces killed nine peaceful protesters.

The vast, untapped potential of YouTube

Last week, earnings from Google, one of the biggest and most important companies in Silicon Valley, slipped by without much fanfare; the news was buried in headlines about convulsing financial markets, new Apple gadgets, and Ebola.

All your #selfie questions, answered

If this tweet by Indonesian president Joko Widodo graced your Twitter feed as it did ours, you may have glazed over the smiling faces, assuming it was just another group hug staged for social media.

A new biography reveals just how sad and lonely Mandela was at the end of his life

For me Zelda La Grange’s Good Morning, Mr. Mandela, long and repetitive, was a labor to read. But it’s been called a great success for good reason: it’s an important edition to the Nelson Mandela canon.

Why Marc Andreessen thinks tech’s diversity problem is overstated

A series of large tech companies recently revealed disappointing gender and diversity statistics, sparking discussion over whether there’s something fundamentally wrong with hiring practices in Silicon Valley.

Alcohol, and other boosters of male fertility

Good news for the steak-and-red-wine guys: moderate drinking and meat consumption may increase male fertility, according t0 studies presented this morning at a meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Watch John Oliver skewer the US government for failing its war zone interpreters

In Iraq and Afghanistan, interpreters working for the US military and other American organizations automatically become targets for terrorist groups.