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Sanders wins in New Hampshire, planting the flag for a fifty-state battle for the Democratic party

Concord, New Hampshire Senator Bernie Sanders has won the New Hampshire primary by a commanding margin over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, based on preliminary results from bellwether precincts.

This is really happening: Donald Trump easily wins the New Hampshire primary

If you didn’t take Donald Trump seriously when he reshaped the Republican presidential race and led the field for many long months, believe it now: The billionaire real estate developer converted fans into voters to win the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary.

Zenefits is learning the lesson of skirting the law to “disrupt” an industry

It starts with the seemingly impossible: a claim to “disrupt” a tightly regulated industry with a new model of doing things, typically centered around software.

Over 8 billion “red envelopes” were sent over WeChat during Chinese New Year

As China rang in the year of the monkey, its internet giants were vying for the attention of smartphone owners.

For Apple Pay, the future is apps

While most attention has been paid to which retail stores have started accepting Apple Pay, the iPhone-based payment service has quietly made serious progress in mobile commerce.

Pirates can now stream movies extremely easily, thanks to a new browser plugin

A bare bones layout, x-rated ads, unending legal issues, and a vast library of pirated movies and TV shows—that’s what the globally popular file-sharing site The Pirate Bay is known for.

Mexican oil giant Pemex has a new CEO—and the same old problems

Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned oil company and one of the largest oil producers on the planet, has a new CEO in José Antonio González Anaya.

Snapchat is willing to experiment with just about anything to make money

Snapchat has the eyes, ears, and fingertips of young people in the US, but the five-year-old media company is still figuring out how to make money off that audience.

An AI-powered Super Mario and Luigi can now learn from each other to beat their own game

The machines are starting to team up—although for now, it’s just to beat classic video games. Researchers at the University of Tubingen in Germany released a video Feb.

Google wants to deliver packages from self-driving trucks

Look out, Amazon. A new patent awarded to Google today suggests that the search giant is looking into developing self-driving delivery trucks, just as Amazon readies its autonomous delivery drone fleet.

Red Lobster sales jumped 30% thanks to a Beyoncé lyric about eating there after sex

Beyoncé’s Midas touch sent Red Lobster’s sales skyrocketing on Super Bowl Sunday this year after she name-dropped the American seafood chain in a surprise single she released the afternoon before.

The single most important thing an economics course can teach you

Two extraordinary things happened to the economics profession in the last 20 years. Economics became the most popular course at many universities and the financial crisis seriously damaged the field’s credibility.

Jerry Lewis has broken a 40-year silence about his “disaster” of a Holocaust movie—on German TV

Comedian Jerry Lewis has spoken at length for the first time about his never-released 1972 movie, “The Day The Clown Cried,” in a German documentary.

Marco “Robo” Rubio’s latest glitchy gaffe tops his last

Speaking to a crowd in Nashua, New Hampshire, Marco Rubio suffered yet another rhetorical malfunction.

Kids with step-siblings are more aggressive, research says

We all remember that one angry kid who used to stomp all over other children’s sandcastles on the playground.

How American tipping grew out of racism

In the US, restaurant servers work under a very different pay system than most people. Beyond a small hourly rate, their employers don’t pay their wages—customers do.

These 14 private startups now have higher valuations than Twitter

Twitter had a rough day. The social media company’s share price hit a record low Monday (Feb. 8) ahead of its earnings release on Wednesday.

Democratic primary in-fighting threatens to undo eight years of progress

Until fairly recently, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have taken great pains to be congenial. In their initial appearances during election season, they seemed to be trying to outdo one another in expressions of “deep respect.” But coming out of a near-tie in the Iowa caucuses and an anticipated win for Sanders in New Hampshire tonight, the Democratic candidates’ rivalry has sharpened.

Even pro wrestling is not immune from sport’s concussion crisis

A beloved pro wrestler, Daniel Bryan, retired yesterday (Feb. 8) on World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship show after being out injured since May.

A new costume theme at Carnival in Brazil this year: the Zika virus

There could be, hypothetically, a force powerful enough to grind Brazil’s Carnival to a halt. It’s not the Zika virus.