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Watch: The swift, stratospheric death of a weather balloon, as seen by a GoPro

Hundreds of weather balloons are launched into the atmosphere each day, sending back weather-related information such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, and wind speeds.

The new (RED) iPhone shows how a simple act of charity can quickly get complicated in China

In China tomorrow (March 24) Apple will launch the crimson-hued iPhone 7 and 7plus devices in partnership with (RED), an AIDS-relief charity it has promoted and supported for over a decade.

What’s behind phantom cellphone buzzes in your pocket?

Have you ever experienced a phantom phone call or text? You’re convinced that you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, or that you heard your ring tone.

Trumpcare would force insurance companies to stop offering abortion coverage on their marketplace plans

If the American Health Care Act of 2017, the Republican party’s proposal to replace Obamacare, becomes law, many things would change in the American health care system.

Why women overload texts with emojis, as explained by one hilarious video

When Rebecca Blaine Carton worked in an all-women office, she came to realize how necessary emojis and friendly punctuation have become for basic communication.

I’m an MIT professor who used math to help treat diabetes

When people ask me why I, an applied mathematician, study diabetes, I tell them that I am motivated for both scientific and human reasons.

Here’s what happens to the athletic wear industry when China starts going to the gym

If the world’s big sportswear brands could invent a country with just the right mix of ingredients to fuel their businesses for years to come, it would look a lot like present-day China.

A court in China wrote a poignant verdict on the killing of a reporter who covered domestic violence—by her husband

Hong Mei, a reporter in China who was covering domestic violence, was killed by her husband last year.

When reporters accidentally wrote science fiction: A true story about Mars

Communication can be a tricky business, whether it’s your profession or you’re just exchanging words and ideas with your fellow humans.

An Indian comic braces for a wave of “inflated egos and fake accents” returning from Trump-hit US

Summer is the season of the NRI in India. This is the time that non-resident Indians (NRIs), a haloed but much ridiculed lot, flock back home from various perches in the west and elsewhere for vacation.

Will the Modi government move beyond using social media as a public relations platform?

When Narendra Modi was elected in early 2014, the media declared him “India’s first social media prime minister” and compared his approach to technology to that of former US president Barack Obama.

Does your child really need an iPad to get through a flight? These airlines don’t think so

The US government’s new ban on personal electronics in airplane cabins—provoked by concerns that terrorists may modify such products to become explosive devices—has understandably alarmed parents.

Amid a saffron wave, data show that Mughal monuments still rule India

Even in these days of rising Hindu nationalism, the remains of India’s Islamic past are of monumental significance.

Homegrown technology is being used to help millions at risk from a devastating famine in Africa

Two weeks ago, in Stockholm, Mohammed Omer and four of his friends gathered to talk about the biting drought ravaging their home country, Somalia.

As its freebie period ends, Ambani’s Jio unlikely to lose many subscribers: Study

Reliance Jio has cast its spell on India, and how. Last September, Mukesh Ambani launched mobile telephony services with much fanfare.

The Philippine tourism chief wants coverage of the drug war toned down to make her job easier

If you’re the tourism secretary of the Philippines, part of your job is convincing tour operators to send travelers to your country.

India is going to come online using old-school feature phones

As countries like Singapore, Taiwan, and Australia permanently shelve their 2G networks, the majority of Indians are still holding on to their 2G-capable handsets.

페미니즘 진영과 한국사회 내 깊게 뿌리박힌 여성혐오 세력간의 극적인 전투가 시작됐다

Read in English: An epic battle between feminism and deep-seated misogyny is under way in South Korea 서울, 대한민국 지난해 9월, 남성잡지 맥심 (MAXIM) 한국판은 컬트 영화 ‘올드보이’에 출연했던 배우 김병옥을 표지모델로 세웠다.

Children in Fresno, California have three times the rate of lead poisoning as the children in Flint

Flint, Michigan put lead poisoning on the map for many. But the midwestern city is far from an outlier.

The US State Department has no time for your pesky international institutions

International organizations are having trouble getting on US secretary of state Rex Tillerson’s schedule.