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How does your salary stack up to tech’s top foreign talent?

It’s tough to know who at a company makes what, or what the average salary is. Companies tend to be cagey about that information, so employees and jobseekers are generally left in the dark.

The Chinese government’s new censorship target: itself

First, 11 Chinese students studying abroad in Australia, the US, and the UK wrote an open letter to the people of China, enumerating the horrors of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre—which has its 26th anniversary next month—and calling upon the Communist Party to put those responsible on trial.

If you want to invest smarter, invest like a woman

There is a big body of academic research, mostly based on surveys and studies, indicating that women are better than men at investing because they are more patient, make fewer off-the-cuff decisions, and exhibit more self-control.

The US is the only country that can save soccer

Americans just don’t really care that much. And the world should thank them for it. Sure, every four years Americans will show up to a bar and watch people run around a field for 90 minutes during the World Cup.

Bankers are getting cocky again

Something happens between the bubbles, bailouts, boom and bust cycles that we can’t afford to ignore, and it’s happening right now in the US and Europe.

For months after recovery, Ebola is essentially an STD

Though 35 new cases of Ebola have been reported last week in Ghana and Sierra Leone, the worst of the epidemic is over.

The man behind France’s ban on supermarket waste says he wants the rest of the world to follow suit

Last week the French national assembly voted to ban French supermarkets from throwing away edible food. Now, the politician spearheading the movement to stop food waste in France wants other countries to follow suit.

FIFA’s real worst crimes, charted

You can follow Scott on Twitter at @Disalmanacarian and his book at @Disalmanac. We welcome your comments at

We are excited to announce our merger! With everything!

Dear Readers, We here at Gilbert Media are excited to announce our merger with Vox Media And that Vox Media has merged with Vice Media!

Mary Meeker’s 2015 internet trends report: All the slides plus highlights

Mary Meeker, the legendary internet stock analyst who’s now a partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, delivered her annual “State of the Internet” presentation today at the Code Conference in California.

No more monthly sales reports from McDonald’s

Maybe the company just got sick of reporting bad news. McDonald’s will stop releasing monthly sales reports, Steve Easterbrook told investors today (May 27) at a conference in New York. Easterbrook said the decision was part of an effort “to focus our activities… around the strategic longer-term actions we’re taking,” and that it would be effective July 1.

This artist mapped the strange phenomenon of women dying on Saudi Arabian highways

In 2009, Saudi Arabia was named the most dangerous place in the world to drive by the World Health Organization.

Forget Apple’s dubious “diverse” emojis—the world needs these feminist emojis

A Ruth Bader Ginsburg emoji? We’re tempted to say it was only a matter of time—but in this case, it also was a matter of feminist principle.

It’s time to give up the great American institution of the front lawn

Los Angeles and 25 other southern California cities are paying their residents up to $6,000 to dig up their lawns and put in fake turf and woodchips—part of a bid to help meet the state’s mandatory reduction in water use issued in April.

Photos: FIFA president Sepp Blatter, the most powerful man in sports, is a “de facto head of state”

Several top officials from FIFA, the global governing body of the sport of soccer, were sensationally arrested overnight in Zurich, Switzerland.

The FIFA corporate sponsor corruption dashboard

Are your favorite brands backing an alleged criminal conspiracy polluting the world’s beautiful game?

The Middle East deserves more thoughtful coverage from major US media

Major media outlets in the United States are failing the American public, particularly when the time comes to cover the Middle East and North Africa.

Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules mean you can live rent- and electric-bill free, globally

If you’ve just had it with taking the subway, or sitting in an office, or just generally being around other people, you may be in luck.

Comcast, investor in Vox Media and Recode, could end up buying them both

Share Tap image to zoom Vox on the block.(Vox Media) Before Vox Media struck a deal to buy Recode, the two digital publishers already had something in common: Comcast, which has invested in both companies and could end up owning them outright.

This Chinese executive may be the biggest “Star Trek” fan on the planet

A Chinese entrepreneur and avid Star Trek fan has built his company headquarters to look like the USS Enterprise of the classic American science fiction franchise. Liu Dejun, founder of the Hong Kong-listed online gaming company NetDragon Websoft, invested a total of 600 million yuan ($97 million) to build the replica of the spacecraft, after getting permission from CBS.