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A short history of those pearly white, mouthwatering rasgullas

There are many important, even vital things that Bengal claims to have contributed to India. Number-1-all-time-best Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore, Indian nationalism and the bottom line of the WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corporation—makers of Gelusil antacid—all owe their existence to Bengal.

How the Apple Watch may have saved this man’s life

Ken Robson, 64, was visiting his son in San Diego, California when he started feeling weak and light-headed.

Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—CEO pay disclosure, Republican debate lineup, 3D-printed chicken legs

What to watch for today John Kerry is in Malaysia. The US secretary of state will attend talks with the Association of South East Asian Nations, including an expected focus on China’s activity in the South China Sea.

After the US and China, India is the third-largest market for morning after pills

Indian women are spending big on “morning after” pills. According to recently released data from Euromonitor, India’s market for emergency contraceptives jumped 88% to $104.4 million (Rs667 crore) between 2009 and 2014, ranking the country third in the world after the US and China.

China plans to establish police units inside internet companies’ offices

China clearly doesn’t believe enough manpower is being spent policing the internet already; at a conference on Tuesday (Aug.

Lagos recycling start-up, Wecyclers, wins $55,000 from Steve Case Foundation

Wecyclers, a start-up that helps low-income communities exchange their recyclable waste for cash and other rewards, has won $55,000 from the Case Foundation of AOL founder Steve Case.

Narendra Modi—the master of the message—is losing the plot

Such was his wizardry that, in the heat and dust of the 2014 general election campaign, Narendra Modi could appear at dozens of rallies at the same time, luring voters with his promise of acche din.

Timeline: 200 years of India’s struggle with land acquisition laws

Narendra Modi’s ambitious plan to revive India’s economy has received a major setback. On August 3, India’s opposition managed to stop a refurbished and contentious land acquisition bill that Modi and his government had been pushing for since the past few months.

Why your internet connection is slow wherever you are in Africa

You might assume that if your favorite websites or videos take ages to load in Nairobi or Lagos, it’s because the local internet connection isn’t very good.

China has a growing “lost generation” of migrant children

Four-year-old Zou Ziyi sat quietly in a shabby classroom while the Walt Disney movie Frozen played on a television set.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is reportedly thinking about running for president

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is reportedly considering a run for the US presidency. Two recent reports suggest the CEO and chairman of the world’s largest coffee chain is at the very least thinking about the idea.

No, Kelly Osbourne, here’s what Latinos are actually doing in the American workforce

Today on The View, Kelly Osbourne overshadowed Donald Trump’s comments about Latinos by offering up this line: “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?

Netflix will offer up to a year of paid maternity and paternity leave

Netflix will offer up to a year of paid leave to new moms and dads. The policy announcement immediately drew praise and is likely to put pressure on other US technology companies, which compete fiercely over talent, to follow suit.

Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Kerry in Malaysia, Shire’s Baxalta bid, prosthetic chicken legs

What to watch for today John Kerry is in Malaysia. The US secretary of state will attend talks with the Association of South East Asian Nations, including an expected focus on China’s activity in the South China Sea.

Etsy’s market value is evaporating after reporting more losses

Etsy is coming apart at the seams. Shares of the online seller of handcrafted goods dropped by 13% in after-hours trading (following a 6% loss during the day) on Tuesday after the company reported a $6.4 million second-quarter loss.

AOL co-founder Steve Case on the relationship between Washington and Silicon Valley

Today (Aug. 4) the White House is hosting its first-ever Demo Day, where entrepreneurs from a diverse range of backgrounds are sharing their startup stories.

A mystery drone dropped a load of heroin and marijuana into an Ohio prison yard

Amazon may be getting ready to test drone deliveries, but some prison inmates in Ohio are already on it.

Houses of the near future can replace stairs with this Star Trek-like elevator

Aging Star Trek enthusiasts are in luck. There is now a futuristic elevator on the market that bears a strong resemblance to the lifts of the classic TV show.

Coach wants to be the American Louis Vuitton

Coach, the venerable but rather staid American brand best known for its omnipresent leather bags and accessories, wants to become a genuine luxury house—or at least be perceived that way.

Russia just claimed a huge chunk of the Arctic

Russia believes that it owns 1.2 million sq. kilometers (463,000 sq. miles) of the Arctic. The country has requested that the UN recognize the claim, which it first made in 2002.