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Why ABC Family is a leader in LGBT inclusion on television

ABC Family is known for teen drama, implausible murder mysteries…and LGBT inclusion? The network earned an “Excellent” rating from GLAAD in a report released this week (pdf, page 24) on the prevalence and treatment of LGBT characters on American cable and broadcast television.

In Hong Kong’s protests, technology is a battlefield

It was an image that fascinated the world—a sea of lights coming from thousands of Hong Kong protesters waving their lit up mobile phones in the darkness.

Catalonia won’t be triumphant without a rebellion

MURCIA, SPAIN—Catalan independence supporters dream of inhabiting a future sovereign nation in which they are no longer Spanish citizens living in one of 17 Spanish regions.

Will ATMs run out of cash this long holiday weekend in India? Depends

In different parts of India this holiday weekend is somewhere between five and seven days long. While banks in Kolkata are shut between 1st and 7 October, besides working for half a day on the 4th, in other parts of the country, this weekend spans from 2 to 6 October. This includes a national holiday for Gandhi Jayanti on the 2nd and festive holidays for Dusshera and Bakra Eid on 3rd and 6th.

Beijing needs to recognize that there are many different ways to be Chinese

Hong Kong’s Occupy Central protests, now in their fifth day, are primarly about Beijing’s refusal to allow the city’s residents to choose their own political leaders.

Paris Fashion Week fought off fatigue with older models, Canadian tuxedos, and a Kardashian invasion

Paris Fashion Week has officially wrapped, and so has the Spring 2015 “Fashion Month,” which included stops in New York, Milan, and London.

Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—Turkey’s ISIL problem, Rocket’s IPO, Zara needs Alibaba, Viagra blindness

What to watch for today Will Turkey join the fight against the Islamic State? The country’s parliament will vote on whether or not it’ll augment the firepower currently being supplied by the US and its allies.

Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—Turkey’s ISIL problem, Rocket’s IPO, the ECB rescue, beer drinking street cleaners

What to watch for today Will Turkey join the fight against ISIL? The country’s parliament will vote on whether or not it’ll augment the firepower currently being supplied by the US and its allies.

The speeches that defined Narendra Modi’s whirlwind US tour

Like any good politician, India’s prime minister Narendra Modi knows how to speak to his audience. He arrived in the US on Friday to much fanfare and even more expectation.

Hong Kong’s protests don’t impress mainland Chinese visitors

HONG KONG—Chinese tourists pouring into Hong Kong this week for a shopping holiday are getting an unexpected lesson in democracy from the city’s tens of thousands of protesters demanding free elections. So far, most of them are unimpressed.

The family trees of the five companies that make 50% of the world’s beer

Consolidation is once again in the air for the beer industry. ABInbev is rumored to be exploring an acquisition of SABMiller according to the Wall Street Journal (paywall).

The markets were clearly under the US dollar’s control last quarter

Long Shanghai. Short hogs. Looking through the rearview window, that would have been a great trade to make at the end of June.

India took a picture of Mars—and found a picture of India

Indians are swooning over the first images of Mars taken from their country’s Mars Orbiter Mission—and some are saying MOM captured not just the Red Planet, but also an image of India.

Why the world needs to put a better price on the rainforest

Convincing people not to chop down trees is hard, especially in poor countries, where the quick fix of clearing land for development and selling timber seems like a winning strategy.

Fancy an American diversity visa? The odds of scoring one are remarkably low

If you’re looking for inroads to become a US resident, this little-known fact may come as good news: The US State Department offers a diversity visa, which opened its 2016 application process today.

France’s “unprecedented” public spending cut is actually just a lower increase

The French government unveiled its 2015 budget (pdf, in French) with a stern warning that enough is enough.

Here is the full text of the Chinese Communist Party’s message to Hong Kong

Quartz has examined the harsh message that the Chinese government sent to protesters in Hong Kong in an editorial warning them of “unimaginable consequences.” Now we have translated the full text of that editorial.

Now we know exactly how much wellness is worth: $3.4 trillion

A growing middle class, evolving consumer attitudes about health and travel, and rising entrepreneurship are among the trends bolstering the global business of wellness, according to economists who’ve just quantified that business as a “mega-industry,” worth $3.4 trillion.

How Ebola turned into an epidemic, explained in 90 seconds

“It is not enough that 90% have access to some basic health service, every person has to have access to health service,” explains world renowned public health expert Hans Rosling.

There’s a good chance you’re reading this on a damaged mobile device

Your smartphone probably isn’t bent, but it very well may be damaged in other ways. Join the club. According to the 2014 ZAGG Device Damage Study (pdf download), 48% of smartphone users report that they are currently using a damaged device. Maybe we should stop dropping our phones.