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The EU is all but inviting the US to claw back a share of Apple’s tax debt

There could be more reluctant recipients for the billions in back-taxes that the European commission says Apple owes: Besides Ireland, which will appeal to avoid collecting the windfall, the EU all but invited its other members and the United States to claim their share of the €13 billion ($14.5 billion) sum.

Google is teaming up with a London hospital to inject AI into cancer treatment

We won’t have robot doctors for a long time, but the human doctors we have now are beginning to lean on specialized artificial intelligence to help save time.

More than half the lawmakers impeaching Brazil’s president have been either convicted or investigated themselves

After months of hearings in both houses of congress, Brazil’s senate is expected to vote to impeach president Dilma Rousseff tomorrow (Aug.

Today’s two biggest role models for young readers are total wusses

Pre-pubescent loser Greg Heffley is irreverent, whiny, and mediocre in school. He has few moral scruples, and his main activities are sarcasm and complaining.

One movie genre is quietly thriving outside the mainstream Hollywood system

One of the best films I’ve seen this year was made for $3 million, or approximately 2.2% of the $135 million it cost to make this summer’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D sequel.

A treasure hunter went missing in the Rocky Mountains, and a computer algorithm found him months later

When Randy Bilyeu disappeared, he was hunting for the Fenn Treasure, a chest allegedly filled with gold, precious stones, and jewelry, supposedly hidden in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The ultimate symbol of the Uber-for-X bubble is out of business

Make more room in the Uber-for-X graveyard. On-demand laundry service Washio recently informed customers that the service would shut down as of Aug.

Researchers have developed sensors that can detect which senior citizens are at risk of falling

What if you could stop accidents before they happened? Researchers at the University of Missouri have developed sensor systems that allow health care professionals to remotely monitor senior citizens around the clock, accurately predicting their chances of falling.

There’s no way Trump’s doctor knows who the healthiest president is

In December, Donald Trump’s physician claimed that Trump would “unequivocally” be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” His statement, full of non-medical, but positively Trumpian descriptions of the Republican presidential candidate’s physical excellence, resurfaced recently after right wing circles claimed that rival Hillary Clinton is physically and mentally unfit for office.

Mark Zuckerberg is on a surprise visit to Nigeria, Facebook’s largest African market

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is visiting Nigeria for a few days. Zuckerberg is expected to meet with tech entrepreneurs and interact with the local tech community during a series of events.

“I got scammed”: A tech worker’s awful story shows the gap between idealism and reality in Silicon Valley

Come to Silicon Valley, California. Build something important. Get rich! It’s a narrative that has attracted thousands.

West Africans are ditching Dutch wax prints for Chinese ‘real-fakes’

Since the early 20th century, Vlisco has produced African print cloth—otherwise known as Dutch wax prints.

SpaceX has found the first client for its reused—ahem, flight-proven—rockets

SES, the European satellite giant, will be the first company to hire SpaceX to launch a satellite on a previously flown rocket stage, the company said today.

Sorry China, the future of next-generation manufacturing is in the US

After three decades of dramatic growth, China’s manufacturing engine has largely stalled. With rising salaries, labor unrest, environmental devastation and intellectual property theft, China is no longer an attractive place for Western companies to move their manufacturing.

Tasmanian devils are becoming immune to their horrible face cancer

Cancer is something we humans can’t catch from one another. Some animals, though, aren’t so lucky. Tasmanian devils, along with dogs and shellfish, are all capable of spreading different types of cancer to one another.

Why John McCain endorsed Donald Trump, the man who mocked his military service

Donald Trump has singlehandedly turned the reliably burning-red Republican state of Arizona into a contested presidential battleground.

Apple is shocked—shocked!—at a massive tax penalty that everybody saw coming

Years of funneling earnings through shell companies in Ireland have finally caught up with Apple. Today (Aug.

What could Apple’s €13 billion in back taxes buy in Ireland?

The European Commission ruled today that Apple owes Ireland €13 billion ($14.5 billion) in back taxes covering a 10-year period.

An Indian TV star uses her bra to shame the country’s censor prudes

If there’s one thing India really needs, it’s the #FreeTheNipple movement. Priya Malik, a former contestant on reality shows Big Brother and Bigg Boss, seems to agree.

How Bitcoin was brought down by its own potential—and the banks

The best that can be said about Bitcoin right now is that it still exists. Split by internal divisions while its most useful aspects are harvested by the very financial behemoths it once hoped to destroy, Bitcoin is fast becoming the tech world’s version of Waiting for Godot, wherein a hermetically sealed community squabbles and bickers over arcane points of code and law as their world slowly crumbles around them.