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Meet the surprisingly avant-garde architects designing George Lucas’ Chicago museum

George Lucas gave the first inkling today of what his controversial museum in Chicago might look like when it opens in 2018.

Dubai is rewarding two-year-olds with gold for losing weight. Bad idea.

Skip the baklava, win some gold. Many in Dubai will be encouraging their kids to pass on the the traditional Eid-al-Fitr feasts to participate in the emirate’s “Your Child in Gold” weight-loss initiative.

One-third of people in Europe say they don’t feel European

The European Union was built on the principle of an “ever closer union” between its members. But not everyone who lives in the EU today is feeling the closeness.

The ugly side of Thailand’s elephant tourism

Tourism brochures for Thailand showcase its stunning beaches with clear blue waters; colorful carts of fresh fruits at outdoor markets; and elephants meandering through the jungle with excited visitors on their backs.

Here are the 3D-printed things you can buy on Amazon

Tap to expand image Now you can be a bobble head. (Credit: Business Wire)Graphic: Business Wire If you’ve always wanted a bobble head of yourself, it’s now really easy to get one.

Why Ebola reaching the Nigerian capital is a whole new level of scary

Since it claimed its first victims in Guinea last March, the Ebola virus epidemic has killed 660 people in three countries and infected nearly 1,100—more lethal than any other outbreak in the virus’s nearly 40-year history.

HBO is finally ready to break out of the cable TV bundle

The global ruler in premium pay-TV will soon offer its services in the US without requiring a traditional cable TV package.

The billionaires set to get even richer on the dollar-store mega-merger

The American discount retailers known as “dollar stores” help many working families stretch their paychecks for household supplies.

The best argument yet for net neutrality comes from Major League Baseball

Among the more than one million comments about net neutrality received by the US government this year was a submission by… Major League Baseball (MLB).

Only the very brave, or foolish, are investing in Russia right now

Russian stocks and bonds are dropping today, as is the ruble. It is difficult to isolate a single factor in the fall, as the threat of tougher US and European sanctions, a stagnating economy, and each new twist in the crisis in Ukraine conspire to weigh on Russian assets.

Don’t misread the rhodium rally

Prices for Rhodium, the precious metal used in the catalytic converters that curb harmful automotive emissions, are on a run.

Watch John Oliver make the case that America is the world’s greatest nuclear threat

Maybe the world’s biggest nuclear threat isn’t Iran or North Korea but the United States. Watch British comedian John Oliver make the argument on his HBO show: America has about 4,800 airheads in silos in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota. But these missile facilities are run down, poorly managed, and very outdated.

China is using its immense commercial fishing fleet as a surrogate navy

China has a lot of fishermen—with 695,555 vessels, its commercial fishing fleet is more than double the size (pdf, pg.

The diplomatic battle between China and Japan is taking a Latin American road trip

When Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe appeals to officials and business people in Central and South America this week, his hosts will be comparing him to another recent visitor: Chinese president Xi Jinping.

If you want to be rich and powerful, majoring in STEM is a good place to start

The standard narrative today is that science, technology, mathematics, and engineering (STEM) education is important because we need more data scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals.

Here’s what automakers have to gain from connecting cars to the internet

Carmakers from Detroit to Seoul are talking up their efforts to build “connected cars”—cars with in-built mobile connectivity.

How a little brown cow introduced a generation of Americans to the source of their food

Long before Gwyneth had Goop or Martha Stewart was Martha Stewart, a broad-hipped caramel blonde from Massachusetts stormed America’s kitchen culture.

Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—Gaza Eid ceasefire, Russia’s $50B verdict, McDonald’s goes meatless, zero-G geckos saved

What to watch for today A tense ceasefire in Gaza. The Israeli army eased its attacks and says it will only fire in response to rockets from Gaza, which have declined sharply as Palestinians began Eid al-Fitr celebrations.

India’s federal investigating agency opens enquiry against Google’s mapping contest

Google had organized its mapping contest, ‘Mapathon,’ from February 2013 to March 2013 in India. It invited users to help Google map landmarks and establishments in India.

Chinese pressure just shuttered Hong Kong’s version of the Huffington Post

A popular Hong Kong news site known for its criticism of Beijing abruptly shut down this weekend, another sign of escalation as the city girds for a showdown between demonstrators demanding universal suffrage and Chinese authorities unwilling to cede more control over Hong Kong.