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The next logical step for Apple Pay: a loyalty program

Soon, it may pay to use Apple Pay. Close financial partners and job postings on Apple’s career page hint that the company is interested in more closely integrating Apple Pay into loyalty programs that reward customers for using the mobile wallet.

The US housing market is starting to boom

The evidence is piling up. The latest indicator comes from the updated US GDP numbers published this morning, which showed the US growing at a faster-than-first-reported 0.8% clip in the first quarter.

Critics of Obama’s Hiroshima visit have called him everything from an apologist to a “lunatic”

US president Barack Obama’s visit to Hiroshima, Japan, today (May 27) was seen by many as a poignant gesture—not quite an apology for the US’s devastating atomic bomb attack on the city during World War II, but at least an important acknowledgement of the human cost of that military action.

A legendary New York designer designed his own funeral, and he didn’t miss a detail

Most funerals are modest, hastily-planned events left to mourning family members to put together. But for design legend Massimo Vignelli, who passed away two years ago today (May 27), it was a farewell that he personally designed down to the last detail, capping a long, storied life in design.

For the third year in a row, the US National Spelling Bee has two winners

Two prepubescent word nerds are having the best week of their lives. Last night (May 26), 11-year-old Texan Nihar Janga and 13-year-old New Yorker Jairam Hathwar won the coveted US Scripps National Spelling Bee championship.

A UK rule aims to stop officials from prejudicing voters. The US should do the same

These are trying times for voters in the US and the UK. Stateside, Americans must contend with the rise of Donald Trump.

My grandfather survived Hiroshima. Here’s what he wants Obama’s historic visit to accomplish

A bright flash, followed by hell on Earth. That’s how many survivors describe the moment a United States pilot dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

The story behind the racist Chinese ad where a black man gets his skin color scrubbed off

The racism of a recent Chinese advertisement that portrays a laundry detergent as so strong it can wash away the skin color of a black man has caused a stir on the internet.

Somehow, the world’s governments can’t find more than $4 million for the WHO to fight Zika

Zika has gone from an obscure, rare disease to a global pandemic in less than a year with active transmission in 48 countries and risk of spreading to several more in Europe and Africa.

This is what music written by AI sounds like

Five days from now Google will publish open-source tools that will focus its machine-learning engine on music and art.

Vladimir Putin’s approval rating has fallen to a two-year low most world leaders would kill for

Low oil prices, crippling sanctions, and a volatile currency. A multi-year recession. Wages now lower than in China.

Welcome to the new Cuba, where dog baths cost what some state workers make in a whole paycheck

Havana, Cuba If there’s anything more anathema to the ideals of the Cuban Revolution than a chihuahua-sized hoodie, I don’t know what it is.

Scientifically proven tips for a better BBQ this summer

This weekend, US Memorial Day (May 30) kicks off the unofficial start of summer. To celebrate the sun and warm weather, Americans will open their pools and fire up their backyard grills.

The big data revolution is already magnifying how racist we are

Big data promises to harness information and deliver a more efficient economy, better pricing, and products that better suit our needs.

People dump AI advisors that give bad advice, while they forgive humans for doing the same

We accept that to err is human. Not so with machines. When our electronic counterparts fail us—whether its baggage screening software or the latest artificial intelligence—we are quick to shun their advice in the future.

Peter Thiel proves Silicon Valley only hates lawsuits when it’s the one getting sued

Silicon Valley purports to hate the legal system. To hear the tech world tell it, lawyers are leeches and regulations are mostly outdated.

Gawker stories that might have pissed off Peter Thiel and his Silicon Valley friends

Peter Thiel’s financial support for Hulk Hogan in the pro wrestler’s lawsuit against online media outlet Gawker has once again pitted Silicon Valley against the media industry.

Digital spring-cleaning tips to help speed up and secure your devices

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a digital hoarder. My devices, cloud storage, and email accounts are full of old notes, photos, Seamless receipts, bills, music, and videos.

To make the most of your three-day weekend, be a little lazy before and after

Three-day weekends are tricky—72 hours isn’t enough time to properly indulge in wanderlust, but studies have shown a short vacation can be just as good (pdf) for decompressing as a longer one, even if short means fewer than five days.

The radically simple way to make female refugees safer from rape: decent bathrooms

Lesbos, Greece For the tens of thousands of refugee women trapped in Greece, daily life is made that much more treacherous by a very basic problem: unsafe bathrooms.