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Bitcoin’s collapse is worse than the ruble’s

It’s true. Bitcoin has received an even worse battering than the threadbare Russian ruble this year. (As of today, anyway.

Foreign companies are trying to figure out what to do in Russia

President Vladimir Putin may be trying to restore confidence (paywall) in the Russian economy, but it’s a very hard sale.

The highlights of Putin’s press conference from the panic station, charted

Some 1,200 journalists packed into a hall to hear Vladimir Putin’s year-end press conference today, which came amidst Russia’s worst financial crisis since its 1998 default. The world watched for clues on how the Russian president would respond in particular to the collapse of the ruble, which is roiling savers, shoppers, and companies throughout the country.

Watch this disabled dog run on 3D-printed legs

About three months ago, a project management director at a large 3D design and printing company took a dog into foster care.

Americans can now legally import Cuban cigars

US president Barack Obama announced plans yesterday to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease travel and trade restrictions.

It’s time to put a Cuban cliché to rest

As more and more Americans plan trips to Cuba, it’s a fair bet many are imagining a country frozen in time by a five-decade embargo.

Three ways Hong Kong’s Umbrella protesters are fighting for democracy this Christmas

When police dismantled the last protest site of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement earlier this month, demonstrators pledged that they would be back.

This airplane gadget could finally put an end to the armrest wars

Memories are still fresh of the angst and soul-searching set off this summer by the “Knee Defender,” a gadget for airline passengers that prevents the seat in front from reclining.

The Big Lebowski will be preserved as a historical piece of American culture

The National Film Preservation Board added the Coen brothers’ perpetually quotable cult classic The Big Lebowski to the National Film Registry this year, preserving it in the Library of Congress for all time and cementing The Dude as one of film’s most beloved characters.

The scientific evidence against spanking, timeouts, and sleep training

At the end of a gravel road in the Chippewa National Forest of northern Minnesota, a group of camp counselors have gathered to hear psychotherapist Tina Bryson speak about neuroscience, mentorship, and camping.

These are the 7 best tablets for kids

Imagine you’re a kid and every toy you owned was locked up in one box. When your mother does let you play, she will open the box and let you choose what you want.

How to keep your kids from getting into trouble on your tablet

Around this time, two years ago, I managed to convince my husband that our children needed to have tablets because it would increase their educational options.

Here are the US airlines most likely to lose your luggage

Lost luggage is a traveler’s worst nightmare. Whether your checked-in bag never made the plane, or is on its way to the wrong continent, it can spoil your entire trip.

How many smartphones can you buy for the price of an iPhone?

This many, in India. Fully paid up. Without a contract. All for $170. That’s compared to the upfront cost of an iPhone on contract in the United States, which is $200.

$30 smartphones are here—and they’re getting better every day

In the first few days of 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the future of mobile: the smartphone.

US public colleges now get more revenue from students than from state funding

Thanks to state and federal grants, public colleges and universities have historically been the most economical way to get a good education in the United States.

Hacked emails reveal China’s elaborate and absurd internet propaganda machine

“NOTICE: We request every internet commenter carry out the following task today,” begins an email from the supervisor.

Why Big Soda is still struggling with stevia

In the past two months, both the number one and number two soda makers in the US have launched new, mid-calorie drinks.

Why is the Modi government throwing money behind a failing SpiceJet?

India’s third largest airline, SpiceJet, is collapsing—and the Indian government want its banks to throw money behind the carrier to keep it afloat.

Here’s the surprising social trait that the English and Chinese have in common

It’s the social mobility of their respective elite classes. What does this mean? Well, two professors, Gregory Clark and Neil Cummins, have recently published a very interesting paper called “Surnames and Social Mobility in England, 1170-2012.” Bear with me while I explain their research, before I turn to the surprising correlation and explanation of why China has had a similar outcome as England.