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Here’s how Twitter is rethinking its product—so that more people actually use it

Twitter is simple, in theory, but it is also deceptively complicated. As a result, most people who see tweets or visit Twitter’s site don’t get hooked.

DreamWorks Animation isn’t doing well with movies, so it’s expanding into TV

The numbers: Not good. Dreamworks Animation posted a net loss of $15.39 million last quarter, compared to net income of $22.25 million a year earlier.

Argentina is about to choose a sovereign default that could wipe out its foreign reserves

With one day left to pay its creditors, Argentina appears to be heading for a voluntary default. If you’ve been following the debt saga of Latin America’s third-largest economy, you know things are a mess: A decade of restructuring following Argentina’s record default in 2001 helped the country reduce its borrowings through two debt exchanges, but a small minority of creditors held out and demanded full repayment.

Twitter’s shares are soaring on strong user and ad growth

Twitter shares are up 35% in after-hours trading following better-than-expected second-quarter results.

Bonds, tanks, drills, and the Ebola virus: Some of the things Europeans can no longer sell to Russia

Ever since the annexation of Crimea in March, the US and others have urged Europe to get tough on Moscow, particularly since the downing of a Malaysia Airlines plane packed with Europeans over eastern Ukraine.

The complete history of German bond yields, from Napoleon to Angela Merkel

Tap to expand image Always buy on Bismarck.AP Photo Any given day in the global bond market can be fairly snooze-worthy.

Twitter’s earnings call will be a role reversal for ex-Goldman star Noto

It’s showtime for Anthony Noto. The former Goldman Sachs star banker, who left the powerhouse investment bank to join the technology-focused hedge fund Coatue but ended up Twitter’s chief financial officer, is about to get his debut under the white-hot klieg lights of public company-dom.

How Facebook’s fancy New York office explains its management philosophy

A short elevator ride from New York City’s humid bustle is Facebook’s brand new office, a raw airy, open-plan space that manages to be luxurious even in a half-finished state. Look around, and there are plenty of signs that you’re in one of those fancy technology spaces that have become part of the appeal for Silicon Valley companies: a big, extremely well-stocked snack kitchen; a cafeteria under construction downstairs that will serve employees free meals; a coffee bar with a bewildering array of brewing apparatus; a cocktail bar overlooking Astor Place.

The New York Times’ earnings were not quite as ugly as the firing of its former top editor

Tap to expand image New York Times Company shares have opened sharply lower this morning (they were down as much as 9%) after the company released its quarterly results.

BP’s sweet deal with Russia is suddenly turning sour

Last year, BP thought it had put an end to a dark chapter in its history. The British oil giant sold its stake in a troubled Russian joint venture, known as TNK-BP, to Rosneft, the Russian state oil firm.

With a $1 billion funding round wrapped up, what next for Flipkart?

In the biggest round of funding into any Indian startup, shopping website Flipkart today said it has received $1 billion in funding from Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC, along with existing investors Accel Partners, DST Global, ICONIQ Capital, Morgan Stanley Investment Management and Sofina.

The Family Dollar deal embodies everything wrong with American capitalism

The French economist Thomas Piketty could not have dreamed up a better illustration of the problematic and growing income inequality in the US than today’s Family Dollar-Dollar Tree combination.

Twitter hashtags are finally neutralizing the Israeli government’s propaganda

I told CNN during a recent television interview that there hasn’t been a single hot-button topic treated with more intellectually dishonest, one-sided coverage than that which the American media has given the Israel-Palestine conflict—and that includes the War on Terror, Al-Qaeda, Guantanamo Bay, NSA surveillance, and torture.

The miracle anti-HIV drug is causing gay men to shame each other again

What would it be like to live in a world where preventive medication has rendered HIV completely non-infectious?

BlaBlaCar is building a global transportation network out of empty car seats

Call it the 21st century version of hitchhiking: BlaBlaCar is a peer-to-peer marketplace for open spots in cars across Europe.

The world’s third-largest smartphone maker is weirdly cagey about its progress outside of China

Tap to expand image Huawei has leveraged its position as the world’s biggest telecom equipment maker to quickly grab market share in the brutally competitive smartphone industry.

What fonts tell us about the global economics of the internet

If you mostly read English or other Romance or Germanic languages, you’ve been spoiled for choice with digital fonts.

I quit working full-time years ago—here’s why I recommend it highly

Life is too short for a full-time job. Too short, and too precious. Time unwatched is its own treasure, gracious host to conversations that drift and swoop, afternoons that stretch into evenings, dinners that slur into a last coffee.

There’s no longer any doubt that Microsoft is in China’s crosshairs

This post has been updated. Chinese authorities have launched an anti-monopoly investigation into Microsoft’s business in China, according to a statement from a government regulator today.

How AMC Networks could benefit from the urge to merge in cable TV

AMC Networks hasn’t found its much-needed replacement for Mad Men or Breaking Bad yet. And with its new shows like Halt and Catch Fire and Turn both underwhelming on the ratings front, its share price is still stuck in the doldrums.