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In Nigeria you need cash for everything, the problem is actually getting hold of it

Anytime Oghenefega Otitifore, an engineer living in Okearo, needs to withdraw cash, she does not bother going to the ATM.

Kamal Haasan gives the south Indian identity a new political dimension

Tamil actor Kamal Haasan is called Ulaga Nayagan, a global star, by fans in his home state of Tamil Nadu.

How Maharashtrian is Mumbai, really?

Figures differ and are controversial but everyone broadly agrees that something like 60% of the population of Mumbai comprises non-Maharashtrians.

Hong Kong’s stock exchange has put the harsh truth about the stock market on its walls

A monumental wall installation at Hong Kong’s stock exchange is drawing criticism for being full of inauspicious symbols and references that could dent investors’ luck in the stock market.

The first step towards fixing the UK’s health care system is admitting it’s broken

Britain’s health care system has been broken for quite some time, but it’s not beyond repair. While US president Donald Trump was incorrect about why people were marching about the National Health Service (they were protesting the level of government spending), there was some truth in what he said about “health care going broke and not working.” But judging by many Brits’ responses to Trump’s comments, which were not taken well, you might think the UK’s free health care system is perfect.

Canada has forgotten its worst mass murder: the 1985 Air India bombing

Rattan Singh Kalsi kept photos of all his grown children in his room at the seniors’ home, but one of them towered over the rest.

Japan’s fear of China and North Korea is helping Texas’s “Cowtown”

Japan plans to buy at least 20 more F-35A stealth fighters over the next six years, according to a report by Reuters yesterday.

Trump Jr is wooing India to make his real estate empire great again!

“Trump is here, are you invited?” The question, in gold and serif font, was asked in the full-page advertisement on the front pages of top newspapers in India on Feb.

R&D is the best bet for jobseekers in India’s battered IT sector

At a time when redundancies and pink slips have clouded the Indian IT sector, there is one silver lining: the local research and development (R&D) centres of multinational companies (MNCs).

India’s biggest online binge-watchers are in its small towns

Small towns are the heart of India’s thriving online video-content space. In 2017, India’s online video consumption rose almost five times, according to homegrown over-the-top (OTT) platform Hotstar’s India Watch Report 2018.

A teenager survivor’s fierce argument for gun control in Trump’s school shooting session

Donald Trump hosted a group of students, parents, and teachers at the White House today to talk about how the US can prevent school shootings, in the wake of last week’s lethal school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The astonishing power of Stoneman Douglas students, in their own words

In the seven short days since a 19-year-old gunman killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, teenagers who survived the violence have emerged as America’s most powerful advocates for reforming gun-control laws.

Watch teens organize against guns in their native language: Snapchat

Across the US today, Feb. 21, high school students have been organizing walkouts over gun control, a week after a gunman opened fire at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, killing 17 students and teachers.

Watch live: Donald Trump meets with survivors of the Florida school shooting

Donald Trump is hosting students who survived the attack at a Parkland, Florida high school last week that left 17 dead.

Gucci’s tweedy, embroidered, nerdy style is on a huge winning streak

Since Alessandro Michele took over as Gucci’s creative director in 2015, he has breathed a strange new life into the label, boosting sales by 40% to €6.2 billion ($7.6 billion) last year.

Talking about gun control without passing laws is actually great for gun makers and the NRA

Tragedies like the school shooting that left 17 dead in Parkland, Florida, should be damaging to the National Rifle Association and the gun makers it represents.

This is how quickly fake news that exploits tragedy spreads on Facebook

Social media companies may be adamant that they’re serious about their battle against fake news, but the aftermath of the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead shows just how far they have to go.

America’s wireless internet added more cars than phones in 2017

Last year marked the first time that more internet-connected automobiles joined US wireless networks than smartphones, with AT&T leading the way.

China is poised to lead in self-driving cars—and it’s not because of technology

China may adopt self-driving cars faster than the US, but not because of any technological advantage.

The “Black Panther” impact on voter registration could match its blockbuster performance

A grassroots group is turning Marvel’s Black Panther into a rallying cry for black voters ahead of the 2018 US midterm elections.