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Inspired by #MeToo, I talked to a sexist I actually love

It’s 8pm on a Thursday, and I’m sweating through my t-shirt waiting for the phone to ring. The expected caller is a 64-year-old man who has for decades made inappropriate comments about women, and I’ve reached out so that he and I can have a direct conversation about his behavior.

Finally, Japan’s push for female empowerment is being lead by a woman

Tokyo’s proud and stubborn patriarchy hasn’t been the same since July 31, 2016. That’s when the capital city’s 14 million people opted to elect a woman for governor, over Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s chosen candidate.

Pollution’s price tag, police body cams, and eight other stories you might have missed

1. Check your thermos, stat Trouble is brewing. “Climate change could spell disaster for coffee, a crop that requires specific temperatures to flourish and that is highly sensitive to a range of pests.

How to navigate “peak TV” and identify TV shows you’ll actually like

There’s no experience in life susceptible to choice paralysis as much as TV-watching. The era of “peak TV” really just means “too much TV”—far too much for any reasonable person to watch.

Beautiful, streamable movies you can watch with your children without being miserable, appalled, or disgusted

DRAFT, IN PROGRESS, PUBLISHED ONLY FOR TEST SITE LAYOUT PURPOSES There has never been a better time to watch TV if you’re a kid—or a worse time to be the parent of a TV-watching kid.

SoftBank, which already runs the largest tech investment fund, wants a new one that’s double the size

SoftBank already controls a $100 billion tech investment fund—now it wants one twice as large.

Jean-Claude Van Damme is bringing absurdity back to the action genre

“No one’s going to die, except for all the people I’m going to kill,” Jean-Claude Van Damme says in Jean-Claude Van Johnson, an upcoming series from Amazon.

Facebook is teaming up with governments to protect elections from fake news

Mark Zuckerberg famously called “pretty crazy” the idea that Facebook had influenced the 2016 US elections.

Puerto Rico is becoming a textbook example of how waterborne disease outbreaks spread

The disaster in Puerto Rico wrought by hurricane Maria is still unraveling one month after it hit. Most of the island remains without electricity.

A few choice words from United’s CEO has investors calling for his resignation

Quarterly earnings calls are a numbing ritual of the corporate business world. Executives recite dry numbers and offer sunny assurances of continued growth.

Managers could learn a lot from Larry David—seriously

The comedian Larry David is the master of the micro. His HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, like the hit TV show Seinfeld, which he co-created, moves between the tiny moments in life, like those few seconds in which you allow someone to step ahead of you from an elevator, and that person then proceeds to sign in before you at the doctor’s office.

Bitcoin’s latest record high makes Satoshi Nakamoto the 247th richest person in the world

Bitcoin recorded a new high today, hitting $5,991 on the benchmark CoinDesk price index. On major exchanges like Bitfinex and Bitstamp, the price briefly crossed $6,000 intraday.

Top figures in Trump’s White House are making war with North Korea sound inevitable

When US national security advisor HR McMaster spoke yesterday (Oct.19), press reports focused on his strained relationship with senator John McCain and details an attack in Niger that killed four US soldiers earlier this month.

Stitch Fix is going public, anticipating a future too busy for shopping

Stitch Fix has a simple value proposition. “We save our clients time by doing the shopping,” it said in its IPO filing yesterday (Oct.

This video shows how valuable your personal data really are

Every time we search the web, part of us is traded. Or more specifically, our personal data are traded.

The plague has already killed nearly 100 people in Madagascar

Nearly 100 people have died from a plague outbreak on the island of Madagascar. The death toll from the outbreak has reached 94, with more than 1,100 suspected cases reported, the World Health Organzation told French news agency AFP.

While Elon Musk is firing his US workers, he’s giving the Germans a huge pay rise

Soon after Tesla fired hundreds of workers at its plant in Fremont, California, it managed to settle a problem with its German staff that could have been far, far worse.

LaCroix’s CEO went on a rant in a bizarre, ALL-CAPS press release

The maker LaCroix Sparkling Water— a US millennial cult-favorite—has seen its shares fall by 23% since their peak on Sept.

Listen to Amber Tamblyn: Don’t blame women for their husbands’ screw-ups

Our culture expects women to apologize for a lot of things—from the way we talk to the way we dress. But why stop at apologizing for our own existence?

Silicon Valley’s march to reshape American culture just got clearer with a near-invisible store in Chicago

Apple has a new store in Chicago, and if you look closely, you might even see it. Of course, Apple fully intended the store’s near-invisible aesthetic, as the company does with everything it designs.