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This new product wants to make you work even harder—and give you points when you do

In today’s buzzing workplace, we have so many devices and apps that we need new ones to shut them up.

Chinese textile manufacturers found a cheap new place for outsourcing: the US

The story of outsourcing apparel production to where labor is cheap is a familiar one. In the US, the garment sector has all but disappeared, as companies have sent manufacturing work to countries including India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and most notably China, which exported some $30 billion of clothing to the US last year.

United and American join Delta in banning big game trophies from their flights

In a win for outraged animal advocates, the three biggest US airlines have all banned the shipment of lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo trophies—the “big five” of African game hunting.

Silicon Valley’s favorite meal-replacement drink, Soylent, is now bottled and made of algae

The favorite nutritional shake for time-crunched techies, Soylent, is getting even easier to drink. The product, the work of a software engineer, got big on Kickstarter with Silicon Valley workers who wanted to chug down their meals like athletes and get back to work.

Here’s what happened when I held up a “Putin is a Dick” sign in Red Square

Stories of Putin’s opponents threatened, gunned down, imprisoned and disappearing left and right are abundant in Moscow and beyond.

The drug company give-away killing the world’s biggest trade deal

After ministers from the 12 nations negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership failed to make a deal last week during a Hawaii summit portrayed as the concluding round, the fate of the controversial trade-liberalization effort is back in jeopardy.

The US is accused of watering down a human rights report for the sake of politics and trade

An annual human rights report issued by the United States is being watered down by US diplomats in the State Department, according to a report by Reuters.

Here’s why drone cameras take such smooth, immersive video

Every video you’ve seen of someone doing something extreme with a GoPro camera is choppy, shaky, and sort of nauseating.

Who cares if supermodel Gisele wears a burqa?

Last week, recently-retired supermodel Gisele Bündchen was in Paris, allegedly for some plastic surgery.

Austerity and hyper-nationalism will make life dangerous for migrants in Greece

#BoycottGermany is one of the most popular hashtags that have emerged from Greece’s debt crisis this past July.

Beyond Bollywood: New Indian cinema finds critical and financial success

She cooks for him; he removes the washing from the clothesline. Together they have a home, even though opposing work schedules means they hardly see each other.

When it comes to determining dawn, roosters believe their rooster bosses over their own lying eyes

Even roosters can’t escape the clutches of a self-righteous boss. Whenever the sun may rise, it’s the dominant rooster that gets to decide the timing of the dawn’s first cock-a-doodle-doo, and only then will others in the vicinity chime in.

Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—BMW’s China troubles, Californian evacuations, lunar travel receipts

What to watch for today India and Pakistan find common ground at sea. More than 150 Indian fishermen who were held in Pakistan’s custody after crossing a controversial border are due to return home.

China’s ban on single women freezing their eggs has become a national conversation

Last month, Chinese internet conglomerate Alibaba stepped in to help temporarily relieve China’s sperm shortage: It put out a call for male applicants who, if healthy, would be paid 5,000 yuan ($805) for a donation.

Dear Indian internet startups: spend big on local languages if you want a piece of the next billion

It’s no secret that India has a massive internet user base. The number of internet users is expected to hit 500 million by 2017, driven by the growing use of mobile devices.

Britain is so devoid of sunlight that everyone is being told to take supplemental vitamin D

The UK’s lack of sunshine is no longer just an ice-breaker between two strangers—it may also be a health worry.

A Chinese media company is taking over East Africa’s booming pay-TV market

MultiChoice’s DStv used to be the powerhouse of Africa’s pay-TV market. Not anymore. The South African media company finds itself being challenged for supremacy by a new and cheaper option in the form of China’s StarTimes.

An investment from China’s sovereign wealth fund to Didi Kuaidi bodes well for ridesharing in China

Ridesharing’s legal future in China remains just as uncertain now as it was two years ago. For every government endorsement of Uber-like services, there’s another statement from officials that hints at a crackdown.

Ola is finally willing to share its bounty with hackers

Indian technology startups have picked up another lesson from their Silicon Valley counterparts. On Aug.

India and Pakistan’s unlikely anti-pornography crusaders: a lawyer and a teenager

They are separated by over two decades, two entirely different political establishments and one heavily armed international border, but Ghazi Muhammad Abdullah and Kamlesh Vaswani have fought for the same thing: banning online pornography in their respective countries.