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One of easiest ways to lose weight is about to get easier in the US

Starting in 2015, nearly all chain restaurants and places serving ready-to-eat foods in the US will have to post calorie counts and other nutrition information next to each item on the menu.

Here’s how Iran is responding to the failure of the nuclear talks

In initial remarks after their failure to close out a nuclear deal, Iranian leaders are crowing over their “success” in not being tricked by dastardly Westerners.

See the floating rocket landing pad SpaceX went to court to protect

Autonomous spaceport drone ship. Thrusters repurposed from deep sea oil rigs hold position within 3m even in a storm.

It’s harder for the average Brit to get a mortgage, but “super prime” London sales are soaring

Compare and contrast. New mortgage approvals for homebuyers in the UK fell by 16% in October, according to the British Bankers’ Association.

See how red tweeters and blue tweeters ignore each other on Ferguson

After prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown, a night of clashes between police and protesters produced burning police cars, blocked highways, and automatic gunfire.

Drones: the best gift of the season

This is part six of our holiday gift guide for your Quartziest friends and relatives. Collect all the installments here.

The US economy expanded even faster than we thought last quarter

The Bureau of Economic Analysis updated last quarter’s economic growth number, and it looks like the economy is expanding faster than the agency initially estimated: Share Tap image to zoom And if you strip out all the goods sitting around in warehouses and stock rooms to just look at goods sold, the situation looks even better: Share Tap image to zoom It also looks like non-housing investment is getting back to normal: Share Tap image to zoom The numbers are better than many anticipated—the consensus held that GDP was actually going to be revised downward.

Are big corporate backers finally abandoning FIFA over corruption?

With Sony’s decision not to renew its sponsorship of the World Cup, could it be that the world’s most controversial sporting association is finally feeling the heat over decades of corruption allegations?

When Turkey’s Erdogan says women are not equal to men, he’s talking to his base

On the face of it, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who recently argued that Muslims discovered America, appears to have put his foot into his mouth again.

Coca-Cola’s next offering: milk

Got milk? Coca-Cola soon will. The beverage giant is preparing to compete in the dairy aisle with Fairlife, a new, premium milk product that will cost double the price of typical milk.

The best tools for hooking up your kitchen to the internet

This is part five of our holiday gift guide for your Quartziest friends and relatives. Watch for new installments this week; collect them all here.

Los padres estadounidenses están sacrificando el matrimonio por los hijos

En algún momento entre nuestra niñez y cuando tuvimos a nuestros propios hijos, la paternidad se convirtió en una religión en los Estados Unidos.

Por qué todos los bebés en Facebook están envueltos en la misma manta

La mañana después de que nació mi segunda hija, le tomé una fotografía—donde estaba hermosa y serena—y la publiqué en Facebook. La imagen mostraba muchas cosas que mis amigos podían deducir y que los vendedores podían explotar: por ejemplo, su fecha de nacimiento, su color de ojos y su nombre.

La diferencia fundamental entre los niños que se distinguen en matemáticas y los que no

“Es solo que no soy bueno en matemáticas”. Lo oímos todo el tiempo. Y ya nos cansamos. Porque creemos que la idea de las “personas que son buenas en matemáticas”, hoy en día, es la idea más autodestructiva en los Estados Unidos. La verdad es que probablemente seas una de esas personas y, por pensar lo contrario, posiblemente, estés paralizando tu propia carrera. Peor aún, puedes estar ayudando a perpetuar un mito pernicioso que daña a los niños desfavorecidos: el mito de la habilidad genética innata para las matemáticas.

Así luce el Día de Acción de Gracias con un toque latino

Me gano la vida escribiendo y mostrándole a la gente la belleza de la comida mexicana, pero una vez que se enteran de que soy mexicana-estadounidense, inevitablemente creen que crecí con mi mamá y mi abuela haciendo tortillas en el cuarto trasero.

How America’s only water sommelier justifies his restaurant’s 44-page water menu

LOS ANGELES—Martin Riese doesn’t drink US tap water. “I mean, I use it to brush my teeth,” he says. “Have you smelled it?

See for yourself: This is the evidence the Ferguson grand jury saw before making its decision

A grand jury took three months to consider evidence in the shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black youth, in Ferguson, Missouri.

Our appetite for blockbusters like “Star Wars” is fuelling a boom at this British company

Share Tap image to zoom The numbers: Pinewood Shepperton, the British film studio where they make the James Bond movies, said revenues touched £38.5 million in the six months to the end of September, up from £36.2 million in the same period last year.

Toys that help kids become global leaders

This is part four of our holiday gift guide for your Quartziest friends and relatives. Watch for new installments this week; collect them all here.

People are treating Africa like a country because of Ebola

Ebola was one of the biggest news stories this year. What did we learn from it? Not much. Panic and fear replaced rational thinking.