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Best Money Tips: The Best Sites for Renting and Buying Textbooks

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some stellar articles on the best sites for renting and buying textbooks, steps to financial prosperity, and things you should know about the U.S.

15 Ways to Get People to Respond to Your Email

The average person spends about 13 hours every week sorting through email. With the number of worldwide email accounts expected to hit nearly 4.1 billion by 2015, it seems that those hours are likely to keep on growing and growing.

Best Deals for Thursday 08/28

Link for teaser title: Victoria's Secret Clearance: Up to 75% off (from $3!

Are You Eating the 10 Most Over-Priced Restaurant Menu Items?

Americans love to dine out. We spend an average of $1,000 annually just on going to lunch. In total, we each spend about $2700 annually in restaurants and on take-out.

You May Be Putting Your Retirement Money in the Wrong Place

For many investors, their primary — if not only — retirement investment account is their workplace 401(k) plan.

10 Quick Ways to Become More Hygienic

Right now, at this very moment, there are germs running literally all over you, all over your home, and all over absolutely everything you own.

The 5 Best Hair Clippers

Investing in a solid set of hair clippers and cutting your own hair can save you a ton in the long-term on haircut costs.

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Best Money Tips: Steps to Make Sure You Buy the Right House

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some amazing articles on making sure you are buying the right house, maximizing your dollar at Subway, and creating work/life balance when your kids return to school.

8 Hours? 9 Hours? This Is How Much Sleep You REALLY Need

Ask anyone how much sleep they should be getting and most people will tell you 8 to 9 hours. But new research suggests that you might actually need less sleep than that — possibly as little as 7 hours for full rest and maximum health benefits.

5 Things to Say to Your Boss to Get a Promotion or Raise

The squeaky wheel gets the grease, and that goes double when it comes to asking for a promotion or a raise.

6 Warning Signs That You Need to Stop Using Your Credit Cards

In romantic relationships, career choices, even struggles with drugs and alcohol, professionals often ask us to look out for warning signs.

12 Back-to-School Shopping Tips for the Busy Parent

Shopping for everything on the back-to-school list can be a real pain. Not only do those $0.75 highlighters add up (especially if you have several children), but it's easy to feel overwhelmed when you're adding that shopping on top of everything else you have to do to prepare for the coming season.

The 5 Best Universal Remotes

Anyone who has ever owned a home entertainment system is aware of the plethora of remotes required to control each component and the chaos that can ensue if you were to lose one of them.

8 Powerful Brain Hacks You Can Do in Under 2 Minutes

Brain Hacking, also known as "mind hacking" has become increasingly popular over the last few years. According to Squidoo, mind hacking is "to perform some act that gains access to the fundamental mechanism behind your mind and other people's minds by here-to-fore unknown or apparently mystical means." (See also: 13 Easy Ways to Improve Your Brain) Other people see it simply as "mind over mind over matter," which basically comes down to self-control using techniques that allow you to tap into your mind's seemingly unlimited potential.

Best Money Tips: Things You Can Do To Find Your Calling

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some amazing articles on things you can do to find your calling, protecting your child's identity, and vices that can ruin your finances.

9 Satisfying Stir-Fries in 20 Minutes or Less

One of the fastest, cheapest meals I make on a regular basis is the stir-fry. As a vegetarian, it's a great way to get a big dose of vegetables and protein in one convenient pan.

Ask the Readers: How Do You Unwind After Work?

For many people, the regular work day is filled with stress, deadlines, and constant movement — whether physical or mental.

9 Financial Lessons People Learn in High School — Did You?

Whether it be in the classroom or via real life experience, high schoolers get the chance to learn and apply a lot of the basic tenets of personal finance and money management.

10 Foods With the Most Bang for Your Buck

What does it mean to get the most for your money when it comes to food? If you want to get the most calories for your dollar, you needn't look much further than the nearest fast food chain, which will gladly serve up a high-calorie burger, french fries, or a milkshake for less than $1.