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Best Deals for Tuesday 01/24

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Almost Half of Job Applicants Make This Same Foolish Mistake

Hiring professionals in industries far and wide, when looking at applications ranging from entry-level to upper management, say almost 50% of the applicants are making the same mistake.

Best Money Tips: 16 Tax Breaks That People Often Miss

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on often-overlooked tax breaks, packing tips from flight attendants, and signs your personal finances are in trouble.

5 Times Buying the Extended Warranty Makes Sense

Every time you make a big-ish purchase — like a TV, home appliance, or automobile — you're offered the extended warranty.

4 Reasons to Cut Yourself Some Slack Following a Financial Setback

So, you fell off your financial wagon. It's particularly easy to do this time of year, though financial mistakes aren't necessarily seasonal.

Simple Guide to Evaluating a Credit Card With an Annual Fee

When you're choosing a credit card, you can find plenty of products without annual fees. For most consumers — especially infrequent travelers or those who don't use credit cards a lot — annual fees simply are not worth it.

Make Sure You Choose the Best Balance Transfer Card for You

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Best Deals for Monday 01/23

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Get $100 Cash Back When You Sign Up for a Credit Card

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Get the Most Valuable Travel Perks With These Credit Cards

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The Best Credit Cards to Wipe Out Holiday Debt

If you leaned heavily on credit over the course of the holidays, you’re probably not alone. Forbes reported that families added $1,073 of credit card debt for gifts, holiday parties, and other seasonal treats.

What Freelancers and Side Giggers Need to Know About Income Taxes

The freelance lifestyle has numerous advantages — among them, freedom and flexibility. Even so, you can't escape your tax obligation to Uncle Sam, and being a freelancer poses its own challenges at tax time.

What to Do About a Terrible Airbnb Stay

I have a friend, I'll call her "Diane." Diane was excited to find an affordable two-bedroom Airbnb rental in Chicago.

Flashback Friday: 41 Frugal Ways to Battle a Cold or Flu

Have you gotten sick yet this season? No matter what your answer is, you might end up with a cold or flu before the snow melts.

10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

We've all been there. The pressure of a stressful workday makes us say something we instantly regret.

Best Money Tips: Time-Saving Hacks for Busy Moms

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found articles on timesaving hacks for busy moms, things you should stop doing if you have anxiety, and super useful things you can make with a 3D printer.

Get a 0% Intro APR For Up to 21 Months When You Transfer Your Balance

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Best Deals for Friday 01/20

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Creating a Financially Literate Future for Your Kids: Highlights from our Chat with Jump$tart

Jump$tart joined us for our #WBChat on January 19th! Our #afinlitfuture #WBChat included awesome advice on how to teach your kids about money and Jump$tart shared many wonderful tips.

FICO or FAKO: Are Free Credit Scores From Credit Cards the Real Thing?

Building up and maintaining a good credit score is a great step toward achieving your financial goals.