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Best Deals for Wednesday 12/17

Link for teaser title: eBay Last Minute Gifts Sale: Up to 93% off, JCPenney Big Jingle Sale: Up to 80% off, Restaurant Gift Card Offers,...

The Simplest Way to Live Simply — And Cheaply

I moved this summer. Before packing, I did some decluttering, and took a lot of books to the used book store.

7 Beauty Savings Secrets Every Woman Should Know

According to The Huffington Post, women spend over $426 billion a year on beauty products. This can get exceedingly expensive for women who buy into the high priced anti-aging skincare lines and like to stay on top of the latest cosmetics trends.

15 Personal Finance Rules You Should Be Breaking

Personal finance rules can serve as handy means for guiding your money behavior. But rules of thumb that don't fit your situation can be a waste of time — or worse, actually worsen your finances.

10 Rude Things Even Polite People Do

Much rudeness is inadvertent. In fact, even the most polite among us probably have some bad habits that make us appear rude when we don't mean to be.

Best Money Tips: Surprising Ways to Beat Stress

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on surprising ways to beat stress, bad habits you may have when you shop for clothes, and simple ways to be inspired.

Best Deals for Tuesday 12/16

Link for teaser title: Ralph Lauren Holiday Sale: Extra 30% off, $100 Sears Gift Card for $80, Christmas Decor at Target: Up to 50% off,...

36 Workouts You Can Do in Your Living Room While It's Cold Out

It's cold enough to reasonably excuse yourself from running, but it's not too cold to workout inside.

Ask the Readers: What Is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

There are certain holiday traditions that we come back to year after year. They reflect our values, they are fun, or they taste really, really good.

7 Personal Finance Tips for Animal Lovers

The pet industry is big business — $56 billion in 2013 to be exact. And while you want your pet to be happy and healthy, you don't need to contributing any more to that $56 billion than is necessary.

10 Lies That Even Honest People Tell

Thomas Jefferson once said, "honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." But the second chapter in that book might be be: "except for these little white lies." (See also: How to Tell If Someone Is Lying) Being honest about the things that really matter is paramount....

18 Little Food Shopping Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Today

Think you've got your grocery game on lock? Check yourself before you wreck yourself with this list of food shopping mistakes that could bruise your ego — and your wallet.

Best Money Tips: The Worst Bad Habits to Have

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found some great articles on the worst bad habits to have, side hustle money mistakes, and rules for holiday tipping.

80 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for $10 or Less

It happens every year. You think you have your holiday spending under control, only to get tripped up by the stocking stuffers.

Best Deals for Monday 12/15

Link for teaser title: JCPenney Great Big Christmas Sale: Up to 80% off, Crock-Pot Sale: Up to 70% off, RadioShack: $25 off $75 w/ code...

7 Ways Psychologists Say Saving Boosts Your Mental Health

We all know that saving consistently can do wonders for our bank accounts, but what about our minds and our moods?

7 Ways to Boost Your Finances While You Sleep

So you work from 9-to-5, but your income just isn't cutting it. You need to earn more money, but there are only so many hours in the day.

7 Foods That Are Scientifically Proven to Increase Happiness

Feeling down? Many people self-medicate with food when they get down in the dumps, but that pint of double fudge ice cream isn't doing you any favors (granted, it's not hurting your tastebuds).

Best Money Tips: 60 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

Welcome to Wise Bread's Best Money Tips Roundup! Today we found terrific articles on ways to make money without a job, tips to clean holiday party stains, and lazy ways to save money.

Best Deals for Friday 12/12

Link for teaser title: Home Depot Overstock Sale: Up to 60% off, Small Appliances at Best Buy: 20% off one item, Victoria's Secret...