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Everyone competes at something; the first step is to admit it

My son’s cello teacher is dying. This is the third time she’s had cancer, so this week is my son’s last lesson with her.

How to know when you should apologize

I saw a graph about when anyone is most likely to have a birthday. My mom and ex-husband and now-husband all have a birthday in the first week of April.

Healthy ways to deal with incessant worry

I arrive in San Francisco and it takes me fifteen minutes in Melissa’s apartment for her to start crying about that she is not married.

The worst mistake people make when networking

I read that in Silicon Valley there’s a four-year waiting list to be a summer volunteer at the local hospitals.

Too little too late: Sheryl Sandberg apologizes for Lean In

Now that Sheryl Sandberg is a single mom, she has announced, in a post on Facebook, that it’s understandable that single moms do not Lean In.

Tips for making teams work better

At age ten the Farmer was doing chores before and after school and most of the weekend. This was normal for his family.

Online Course: Write Great Blog Posts!

Here is some feedback from other people who have taken writing courses with me: Penelope is absolutely brilliant at cutting through the bullshit.  – Cheryl C.

How to be a better friend, even when you’re busy

The best time for people with Aspergers to throw a party for their friends is Passover. Passover is a very long meal where Jewish people follow proscribed conversations and eating rituals.

The entrepreneurship craze is over. Now what?

You can easily trick yourself into believing that entrepreneurship is all the rage among young people.

Online course: Write great blog posts that go viral

This is really the course I’d like to teach every day of my life. But for now, I’m teaching it only five days: May 2 -5 each night for one hour, from 7pm to 8pm Eastern.

How to look younger for your career

Maybe you think I’m taking a cue from Cosmo here: Look Younger at Any Age! Before I lose you, let me just say that it’s pretty true that anyone, at any age, is better off being younger when they interview.

Passive income is BS (but here’s how to get it)

We are the psychos in first class. People see me and my older son and wonder how we could afford tickets.

Open letter to the guy who refuses to be the sole breadwinner

I coach so many women who say they want career advice, but what they really want is permission to not work.

How to change a habit

If you want to make a change in your life you need to change something in your routine. Gretchen Rubin writes a lot about this in her book about habits, which I read to figure out how to stop eating when I’m anxious.

Online course: How to get a job at a startup

This online course runs four days: Feb. 29 – Mar. 3 from 6pm – 7pm EST. You can watch any of the videos on-demand if you can’t see them live.

How to manage your online brand

Melissa broke up with her boyfriend. Thank god, because I never liked him. I have never liked any of her boyfriends, and the most unlikable of her boyfriends would say I’m overbearing and jealous.

Resolution for 2016

The only resolutions that work are lifestyle changes, and if you are really ready to do a lifestyle change, you don’t wait for January 1.

How to price the work you do

I couldn’t handle the amount of people who were asking me to coach them. Even though I coach over the phone, and often in my pajamas, it takes a lot of energy and I can’t do more than two calls a day.

Strategies that will change the way you negotiate

Negotiating is not a work skill—it’s a life skill. File it in the have-good-social-skills category, not with make-more-money.

Warning signs your job is becoming obsolete

We were playing Cards Against Humanity, which, by the way, is a great way to educate kids about everything important, and we have a rule that if you don’t know what a card means you can trade it in, but you have to ask what it means.