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Four-day webinar with Penelope: Networking for people who hate networking

This webinar includes four days of of video sessions and email-based course materials. You can purchase this webinar for anytime, on-demand access.

Don’t let your career become outdated

I’m still stuck on that study in the Harvard Business Review that I wrote about a few weeks ago. The data shows that what women want from their career is respect, and what men want is a series of engaging problems to solve.

When is worry good?

Last night I was in bed with Matthew, and I was reading The Week, which I totally love because it’s like a summary of every idea that has been posed by mainstream media for the last seven days.

The revolution in Ukraine… and on my site

Did you notice there is a person in hiding on the Quistic team page?  He won’t let me show you his picture or give you his real name because he’s scared people will find out he works for an American company and they will come to his house to take his money.

How to build a career if you have Aspergers

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote for More magazine titled, Could Your Boss Have Asperger?. I was thinking that the article is so good and someone should give me a book deal from it.

How to tell if you’re headed to the top

While Generation X did not give a crap about building corporate America, Generation Y defined its own paths through corporate life, all largely non-linear, family-centric, and gold-star focused.

Wrong job or wrong career? Here’s how to tell.

I took my eleven-year-old son to Colorado for a paleontology adventure. Digging up shards of tibia bone with a toothbrush is so not what I want to do with my time, but I want to support my son in finding his passion, and he is enthralled with paleontology.

How to delegate effectively

I am the poster-child for the saying “You have to spend money to make money”. I make a lot of money but I spend most of it on people who help me to do things so I can keep making money.

13 Ways to keep debt from holding you back

I have tons of debt after launching four companies. There has never been a launch that didn’t mess up my personal finances.

Five traits of high earners that will make you not want to be one

I am in the car about forty hours a week. I hired a driver. She won’t drive all they times I have to drive.

Live 4-day course with Penelope: Get the Guts to Start Freelancing

After a long break from new courses, Melissa and I are doing a course on how to start freelancing. This is especially timely because over the last six months while I have been rejiggering my online courses Melissa has launched a freelance business.

Three cheers for women who say they don’t want to work. At least they’re honest.

One of my favorite twitter feeds is GSElevator. It’s stuff people overhear in the Goldman Sachs elevator, and most of it features bad behavior that confirms it was better for me to marry a farmer than the bankers I dated before him.

Your weird behavior is the key to finding your career niche

My personal hygiene is holding back the growth of my startup. This month I am teaching a course: Get the Guts to Start Freelancing.

Men with families feel more trapped than ever. Here’s how to fix that.

Here’s the problem men have today: They understand how bad it feels to be raised by a dad who is never around.

Guest post: How I manage up, working for Penelope

This is a guest post by Cassie Boorn. She works with me at Quistic. That’s a photo of Cassie and her son.

Most popular posts of 2013

This year I finally admitted I’m not the climb-my-way-to-the-top type I was when I first started writing.

The secret for keeping a New Year’s resolution: KPIs

Each of us is only as effective as the questions we ask. So understanding the process of asking good questions is essential to our success.

The new authenticity: More nuanced than simple transparency

You know authenticity is how you connect with people, but it’s hard to know how to gain authenticity.