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Jenna’s Bedroom Makeover

I will never fail to be amazed by the power of molding and decorative woodwork. I’ve always had a soft spot for painted wood paneling and wainscoting, but when you combine them and throw in a beautiful wooden floor, I’m sold.

A Rural 1800s Barn Becomes a Modern Home

After spending several years living within the concrete confines of Manhattan, designer Bill Hovard began to get the itch that befalls many a longterm New Yorker—the desire to uproot to greener, quieter pastures.

The Changing Pay Rates for Creative Talent

This year’s radio season is just about over, so for our 99th show, I wanted to address a complicated, controversial and crucial topic affecting our community: The Changing Pay Rates for Creative Talent in the Internet and Pinterest era.

Recycled Jeans Become a Comfy Lounge

Most of the before & afters we share here on the site start out with the same materials: paint, wood and metal.

DIY Branch Ladder

Natural elements have the power to make even the best spaces look a little bit better. There are endless ways you can bring some of the outside in, but one of my favorite ways is working with branches.

15 Gift Subscriptions for the Holidays

Nothing will ever beat a handmade gift or experience, in my book, but gifts that continue throughout the year are a close second for me.

DIY Boxwood Diamond Wreath

Boxwood wreaths are a holiday classic. They’re gorgeous in their simplicity and I always prefer them on their own without too much fuss.

In the Hudson Valley, Room for Work and Play

One thing I love about writing Sneak Peeks is the occasional opportunity to revisit the home of someone we’ve featured in the past.

25 Inspiring Collections

I haven’t been able to put down my copy of Collected: Living with the Things You Love since it arrived a few weeks ago.

Biz Ladies: Your Most Overlooked Biz Success Secret

Running your own business can often feel like a series of  “trial and error” moments. Attempting to find the methods and systems that work best and most effectively can be a bumpy road and leave you questioning your abilities. Jen Louden, a personal growth pioneer who helped launch the self-care movement with her first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book, understands better than anyone how self-doubt can plague your biz.

A Minimal and Liveable New Zealand Home By The Beach

I often shy away from super-minimal and/or newer-build homes in favor of the charm and comfort of an older home, but blogger, writer and stylist Michelle Halford’s nest may have me taking that back.

Sean Brock’s Cornbread Recipe

There is nothing more nostalgic than the smell of food from your childhood. Growing up, I had two favorite corn dishes, spoonbread and cornbread.

Printable Freebie: Woodland Gift Tags

Not to send anybody into a blind panic, but it’s officially crunch time: Christmas is less than ten days away. If you’re anything like me, this time of year will find you frantically running around doing all of the holiday shopping you should have been doing months ago like a responsible, level-headed adult.

We Bought a Home!

Last Friday, Julia and I packed up our tiny car with as many essentials as we could fit and we drove upstate to sign the contract on our new home!

Postwar Construction Meets Prewar Charm in Victoria

I have a moderately unproven and probably not-all-that-accurate theory that shopkeepers and restauranteurs are preternaturally adept when it comes to the task of homemaking.

A Mix of Old and New in Charleston, SC

Nothing makes me happier than hearing about artists and designers moving to (or staying in) the south to set up shop and be a part of the incredible communities there.

25 Books to Give as Gifts This Year

This year was an incredible year for books. From stunning art and photography books to helpful interior design and do-it-yourself guides and delicious cookbooks, my wish list for reading this year seems to go on and on.

Unfolded Wallpaper Inspired by Origami

Over the past 10 years, I’ve written about thousands of new products. Some designs come and go, but there are always a few that stick with me as truly innovative and beautiful.

Skye McAlpine’s Putizza Recipe

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I was already playing my Christmas music before Thanksgiving, when I had a memory of eating a gubana, a traditional sweet bread eaten during the festivities in the Friuli region of Italy, that I tasted for the first time around Christmas here with a family in Padova.

DIY Wreath of Boxes

A few boxes and a little twine is a clean and modern approach to gift wrapping, so why not use the same approach on a wreath?