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10 Classic Movies and Their Alter Ego Chairs

When I first started Design*Sponge, I had a bit of a chair problem (which has now been replaced by a ceramics obsession).

3 Great Ways to Spend Some Quality Design Time

  Most of who love design, also have an affinity towards collections. Whether they’re in a museum or in our own homes, collections tend to make us feel connected, perhaps because we can see the individual parts of a whole so clearly.

Biz Ladies Profile: Lisa Fredrikson of TREAT AND COMPANY

While great ideas will always have their place in the business world, it’s a fact that the more unique the idea, the more viable it will be.

Biz Ladies: Mastering the 3 C’s as a Woman Business Owner

I’m all about finding ways to stay focused and motivated when it comes to maintaining and growing your business, and sometimes it comes down to a helpful list of reminders to keep me moving forward.

Asheville, NC City Guide

First, we spent 24 hours in the artistic town of Asheville, NC with Macon York, and today Dean and Lisa Peteet, co-founders of Atlas Branding, a creative agency based in Asheville, NC, share a more in-depth look at this mountain city.

Decorating with the Whole Family in Mind

When Kate Paillat, founder of Maurice and King, and husband Guillaume were looking for a London neighborhood to settle into with their two small boys – Etienne (4) and Jacques (2) – they knew they wanted to be in Notting Hill.

When the best color choice is white

Before Rebecca Crall and Eric Neagu found this apartment, they both lived in the Lincoln Square/Ravenswood area on the north side of Chicago.

Finding Success in a Tropical Paradise

After finishing college, but before settling down to a 9-to-5 life, Kelsi Vande Velden hit the road with her best friend on an epic road trip.

The September Issue

Every year fashion-lovers wait in anticipation of Vogue‘s epic September Issue. It’s the magazine’s huge issue full of trends and ideas for the full year going forward that’s become so legendary they even made a movie about it.

Lisa Congdon Signing + Best of the Web

One of the most challenging parts of running an arts-based business is well, the business part. It’s certainly not the only hurdle, but I’ve found it’s one of the biggest and it always helps to get advice from people who have been doing it successfully for years.

Buckwheat Porridge with Poached Pears (Video)

When I was 14 I spent most of my time in my room playing Hole songs on my guitar and wishing I lived in Seattle.

Behind the Bar: 12 Bottle Bar’s Maple Thyme Sour

This week we have a Maple Thyme Sour by the duo behind the great website 12 Bottle Bar.  I can say from personal experience that my little bar cart is probably nearing collapse under the weight of all the different bottles I’ve purchased to make the cocktails you see on the column once a month.  I was therefore really attracted to the concept behind David and Lesley Solmonson’s website: you can make a wonderful home bar with just 12 bottles!

10-Second Studio Tour: Bread Hive

At the end of each summer, the gang here at Design*Sponge takes a weeklong break to rest up, rejuvenate and get re-inspired before autumn approaches.

D*S + eBay: Our How-To Guides & Collections

We all have our classic eBay score stories. And we’ve all spent way to much time obsessively searching for the perfect object to add to our collection.

10 Creative Office Transformations and Upgrades

Every time I begin to feel the cool chill of autumn rolling in, I start to get a restless mixture of anxiety and excitement—no doubt a remnant from the back-to-school butterflies that used to accompany the beginning of every September.

After the Jump: Dealing with Negativity Online

In the creative community, and in pretty much every other community, every new project these days seems to have an online component.

DIY Embossed Cards

I always think of embossed cards as the little black dress of stationery. A simple embossed card always feels in style and detailed enough to be interesting but isn’t so in your face with decorative details that the message is lost in the design.

Lighting DIY 101

One of the easiest ways to update the look of a room is by changing out the lighting, and as we start moving toward shorter days and longer nights, it can have a huge impact on the way you feel in a room.

From the Runway to the Home: 2014 Fall Trends

The other day, I popped into a Brooklyn boutique around the corner from the office to try on a fuzzy white coat that was calling to me from the window.

10-Second Shop Tour: Dry Goods

My little area of Brooklyn (the somewhat ambiguous area that includes Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill and Downtown) has undergone some pretty drastic changes since I moved in, some welcome and some not so much.