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Martha’s Vineyard, MA City Guide

Ever since she can remember, Sarah Waldman has visited Martha’s Vineyard in the summer. She has watched the island ebb and flow for 30 years, and together with her young family, took the plunge and moved there three years ago.

A 150-year-old Apartment in Brooklyn Heights

When I first started my apartment hunt, I immediately knew what would make me fall for a place — a vintage feel, white kitchen, and original details.

Two Menswear Designers’ Layered yet Orderly Co-Op

While I like being able to have final say in what goes into my home, I do sometimes wish that I had a partner to bounce ideas off of; someone opposite me that pushes for ever-unique solutions to design challenges.

Inspiration Makeover: The Portrait Chair

As our Instagram feeds can attest to, we sometimes see an image that moves us and stays in our heads a little longer than most.

New: Julia Rothman Wallpaper for Hygge & West

If there is anything thing I love more than design, it has to be pets. Whether you share your home with a dog, cat, bird, hamster, lizard or anything else in between, I will always have a soft spot for the living things that keep us company.

Pattern Download from Frances Macleod Day 5

This week has completely escaped me and it’s already 3pm on Friday! I haven’t had the time to read anything on the web this week so I’m going to skip this week’s “best of” links and make next week’s a bit more robust.

Behind the Bar: Emily Han’s Cherry Bounce and Balsamic Shrub

Summer is flying by, and with it goes the rich seasonal fruits we spend the rest of the year awaiting patiently.

MINE: Vintage Clothing, Trim & a Million Digital Photographs

While I’m only about one third of the way through my basement re-organization project, I can safely say it’s been one heck of a creative endeavor!

Before & After: South Street Philadelphia Pop-Up Garden

When the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society asked designer Karen Regan of Tallulah&Bird to create a pop-up warm weather garden on a vacant South Street lot, she imagined how the public gathering space would feel if it had developed organically over time.

A Photographer Couple’s Beachy “Treehouse” in Melbourne, Florida

I love when work means travel. I value getting to take in new places and experiences whenever possible, but I need a home base.

Pattern Download From Frances Macleod Day 4

Kelli, Sasha and I woke up in Detroit this morning and we’re on our way to a very special interview and photoshoot for the new book.

DIY Mirrored Box

I’ve always thought perspex (the same material as plexiglas or lucite) was a great material to work with.

The Big Picture: The Rise of Statement Art

When it comes to adding wall art to one’s space, there are a few schools of thought. We’ve watched the rise of the collection approach — which provides the cohesive interest of a salon wall — and now we’re seeing the return of statement art that boldly sets the tone of the room in a single, large piece.

Pattern Download From Frances Macleod Day 2 + 3

All week I’ve been in NYC with Kelli and Sasha for photoshoots and to celebrate Julia’s birthday. Today we’re all heading to Detroit for another quick shoot and in all the scheduling I forgot to post yesterday’s pattern from Frances Macleod!

Life & Business: Nilea Alexander of Cafe Rue Dix

Figuring out exactly what you want to do when you posses a variety passions is difficult (and something I personally struggle with.

Life & Business: Daniel Friedman of Bindle & Keep

Daniel Friedman is the owner and founder of Bindle & Keep, which offers bespoke, fitted, androgynous suits.

24 Hours in Beaune, France

I have always pined to visit France (who doesn’t dream about spending a day there?), and today we get a taste of that through the eyes of mother and daughter, Marjorie Taylor and Kendall Smith Franchini, of The Cook’s Atelier.

A Verdant Green and Golden Birmingham Craftsman

On their honeymoon in France four years ago, Holly Carlisle developed a passion for photography after tinkering with husband Scott’s charming old film camera.

A Plant Designer and DJ’s Easy-Going Brownstone

After working as a Visual Effects/Animation Producer for nearly a decade, Lisa Muñoz turned a new leaf (pun intended) and launched Leaf and June, an Interior Plant Design company, bringing greenery to New Yorkers’ homes, retail spaces, events and offices everywhere.

New Construction with Curated Charm in Texas

Rollerblading on Peachtree Lane until the streetlamps came on, swimming until dusk on Stagecoach Drive; my childhood homes in Texas hold many of my fondest memories.