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Calling All Home Makers! + Best of The Web

At Design*Sponge we celebrate makers of all kinds – from talented textile designers to amazing illustrators to our clever and industrious community of readers who share their inspiring before and afters with us.

In the Kitchen With: Kate Doran’s Homemade White Bread Loaf

When I was in graduate school I became obsessed with cooking and cooking shows (Great Chef, Great Cities anyone?

Hannah and Her Patterns: An Interview with Jenn Rogien, the Costume Designer behind HBO’s Girls

In the most recent season of Girls, Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, attends her friend’s jazz brunch performance while wearing one of her signature power-clashing outfits, a tie-collared, patterned silk blouse layered underneath a sweater that pays homage to William Morris.

Fine Art Focus: Miroco Machiko

I’m fascinated by artists and designers of all ages, but I always love discovering someone that is the same age I am.

Before & After: The Merchandise Building Loft

Sometimes the smallest details can have the greatest impact. In this downtown Toronto loft reimagined for clients by Ryan Martin and Amy Kent of Croma Design Inc., the catalyst for the renovation was, of all things, a broken-down dishwasher.

A Stately Family Abode in Baltimore

A blank canvas, no matter the size, can seem daunting. My humble home is a mere 700 square feet, and when it came time to decorate, I was a bit perplexed.

Life & Business: Michelle Bablo

“Magic-maker, gold fringe enthusiast, and designer of colorful parties” Michelle Bablo is a wealth of information on making small business profitable, and luckily for us, she likes to share more than just her booming descriptions.

Studio Tour: Emily Jeffords

Emily Jeffords moved into her first small studio with just a table and a box of paints. Her impressionistic oil landscapes now take up two of the largest studios at the White Whale Studios & Gallery in Greenville, SC.

Three Easy Ways to Mend Fabric, Inspired by Japanese Textiles

Ever since I started embroidering I’ve had a growing love for textiles. Surface design, pattern, texture and embellishment have crept their way into my everyday work.

Studio Tour: Priya Iyer of OUATT

Two years ago, Priya Iyer moved her family to a home in Los Altos, CA so her children could be closer to school.

Forging Their Own History in a Contemporary Space

Her handcrafted aesthetic doesn’t lend itself easily to a modern condominium, but jewelry designer — and founder of Rebel & Quill — Caroline Kim layers on the nostalgia through timeworn decoration.

Fine Art Focus: Minnie Pwerle

I find few things more inspiring than people who discover a great skill or passion later in life. It’s a wonderful reminder that life always has more to show and teach us.

Studio Tour: Lily Piyathaisere of Gamma Folk

I find it fascinating how the right setting, space and environment can increase productivity, inspiration and even joy.

Life & Business: Pam Lau

Sometimes, inspiration lurks in the most unexpected places, and hits you when you least expect it. A few months ago, I started really getting into photography and learning the ropes when I stumbled upon the Instagram feed of Pam Lau, who happens to neighbor me in Toronto.

Life & Business: LaTonya Yvette

Freelance stylist, creative consultant, and blogger LaTonya Yvette shares more of herself than most. She writes about her family’s life in Brooklyn, NY with husband Peter Staubs and their two children, River and Oak, and recently decided to make the time she spends on this passion project work for her by opening the lifestyle and parenting blog to sponsored submissions.

24 Hours in Chicago, IL

When dentist and fashion blogger Shaheen Khan first moved to Chicago, IL five years ago, she thought she knew what to expect.

A Brooklyn Couple Finds Their Saugerties County Escape

It’s hard to resist the lure of the Hudson Valley. My story of falling in love with this area and coming up to live full time is not unique and every week I meet someone new who came here on vacation and didn’t want to leave.

A Restful & Collected San Fransisco Space

Some homes are simply beautiful and some are primarily personal. Homes that are organically both draw me in.

Bohemian Meets Minimal in Katy, Texas

Yadira and Greg Gomez set out to find a new space when they realized their new family was about to change. “Shortly after getting married we learned I was pregnant.

Fine Art Focus: Koo Seong Youn

Until last fall, I was one of the largest consumers of candy I know. I started and ended most days with a handful of gummy candies from the corner store near our apartment.