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Scarlette New Delhi

One of my biggest dreams is to one day travel to India. One of my best friends worked throughout India for years and I was always so envious of his experiences there and the incredible people, places and traditions he had the honor of getting to know.

Uncovering Character in Dublin, Ireland

Seeing potential and helping something reach its potential are two very different things. It’s easy to appreciate what something can be, but putting the hours and labor into it inspires a whole new level of appreciation and creates something beautiful.

A Lovely and Intentional Los Angeles Loft

Our homes have a way of shaping us and making us grow. Through home challenges and luxuries alike, our behaviors start to conform to what our spaces allow.

Pattern Downloads from Kelsey Oseid: Day 1!

For all of the things that social media might be contributing to our culture that aren’t great (FOMO, pressure to be perfect, etc.), I find there are thousands of things it contributes that are wonderful.

Best of the Web + Meet Our New Puppy!

Last week Sabrina introduced us to her new puppy, Piper, and this week I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to do the same.

The Miniature Garden

I have a soft spot for miniature things. When I was little, I obsessed over my doll house and any catalog that sold tiny versions of normal house goods, like wooden spoons, rugs, lamps and books.

Kristi Kohut

The earth and all of its natural beauty is an endless source of inspiration. I love seeing the colors of the ocean pop up in textiles and little hints of fall leaves in wallpaper and ceramics.

Room to Grow in a Newly Built, Bright Bungalow

As much as I adore the charm of an older home, there’s something thrilling about the thought of having say in your home’s design and layout.

Before & After: Jenna’s Laundry Room Makeover

Making over our little laundry closet is a frequent daydream of mine. I imagine sliding a pocket door open to a bright white space with ticking stripe curtains and copper shades (basically this picture) and plenty of room to iron and fold things.

Home Ec: 10 Healthy Meals From Your Garden

Earlier this month, I wrote about the things that scare me most, and one of them related to the way my image (weight, dress, etc.) could negatively affect my business.

18 Reasons to Love Stripes

This month’s hashtag challenge, #DSStripes, was a totally selfish choice. I have been striped-obsessed since I was a little girl and the infatuation has only grown stronger as I’ve gotten older.

The Golden Carrot in Hoboken

Have you ever walked into a store and said to yourself, “I could totally live here?” I feel like I say that every now and then, and after seeing these amazing photos of The Golden Carrot, I’m pretty sure I’ve found my retail home.

DIY Rope Coil Doormat

There are a lot of different positive and negative aspects to renting. On one hand, you have the opportunity to concentrate on collecting (and creating) furniture you love, but on the other hand, it’s difficult to make the bigger changes that bring all your carefully chosen pieces together.

In Red Hook, a Functional Apartment Complete With a Little Elbow Grease

Philadelphia-native and graphic designer Sean Tice came to Brooklyn in 2007 to work as a Web Producer for CBS Interactive, where he met Kristy Hadeka, a then fashion student at Parsons The New School Design.

13 Amazing Female Podcasters to Follow

Last week I had 17 hours of traveling on my hands to and from DC and Philly, so I decided to catch up on my listening (and Chinese app playtime) and download some new podcast episodes to listen to on the ride.

#DSBlues Hashtag Challenge

This morning we’re launching a special edition hashtag challenge with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, inspired by their latest scent: Bluebell.

Smart Submissions: When To Send, Lend and Say No

The very first job I had in the design world was writing press releases for a small public relations firm in Brooklyn.

Life & Business: Jamie Leigh Moore

Architect, surgeon, artist; these were my career prospects as I knew it as a 15-year-old in high school.

Do You Run An Online Business? You Should Know About These New VAT Laws

If you’re an online seller, you’ve probably already heard some noise around the new EU Vat laws that came into force in January, but, if you’re anything like me (and the majority of North American vendors), you might be left wondering what it has to do with you.

24 Hours in Edinburgh with Eloise Leeson

Eloise Leeson is a CrossFit-oholic, food enthusiast, skilled barista, blogger, bad joke connoisseur and lover of all things shiny.