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A Verdant Green and Golden Birmingham Craftsman

On their honeymoon in France four years ago, Holly Carlisle developed a passion for photography after tinkering with husband Scott’s charming old film camera.

A Plant Designer and DJ’s Easy-Going Brownstone

After working as a Visual Effects/Animation Producer for nearly a decade, Lisa Muñoz turned a new leaf (pun intended) and launched Leaf and June, an Interior Plant Design company, bringing greenery to New Yorkers’ homes, retail spaces, events and offices everywhere.

New Construction with Curated Charm in Texas

Rollerblading on Peachtree Lane until the streetlamps came on, swimming until dusk on Stagecoach Drive; my childhood homes in Texas hold many of my fondest memories.

Pattern Download from Frances Macleod Day 1

Pattern design is one of my favorite areas of the design community and I’ve been so thrilled to work with some of of my favorite designers this summer to bring free downloadable patterns to DS.

Behind the Scenes of Book #2 + Best of the Web

In less than a month, we are almost halfway done with the photographs for the next Design*Sponge book and I couldn’t be happier about the way they’re turning out — or the process of meeting these amazing women in person.

In the Kitchen With: Diana Leahy’s Rosewater Pancakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of any day. Kicking off the morning with good nutrition can enhance the way you look and feel and give you the right energy to start your day on the right foot.

Taking Control of Change in Life and at Work

Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt more excited, awake and like myself than I have in a long time. Mainly because I’m working on a project that means so much to me and feels so timely and important.

Before & After: A Logan Square Stunner for the Color-Averse

“When you’re looking for a fixer-upper, there’s less of that struck-by-Cupid’s-arrow feeling,” admits Lauren Ross, who recently updated every last surface of her 1895 frame house in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood.

Our Favorite Floors: 25 Reasons to Look Down

Living in the city, I was constantly reminding myself to look UP. So much of my time was spent trying to dodge people and cars and bikes on the sidewalks that I rarely deviated from looking straight ahead.

For the Love of Blue + White: Contemporary Clerkenwell Dishes

When it comes to tableware, I’ve developed a major love of blue and white. Luckily, when Julia and I combined our belongings, it turned out I wasn’t the only one.

DIY Stencil Pattern Beach Towel

Getting to the beach is a rare luxury for me. So when I do make it down to the coast I like to make the most of my stay there and spend as much time as I can next to the sea.

A Red House Legacy Way, Way West

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, we’re able to visit interesting homes throughout the country and around the world.

MINE: Vintage Trim & Notions

This past week I’ve been tackling some familiar boxes in my basement re-organization project. They’re actually not even boxes.

A Beloved Family Home in Washington, D.C.

One of the things I love most about sharing people’s homes here is that these stories live on the internet for years to come as a wonderful archive of a particular time, place and stage in people’s lives.

Life & Business: Hannah Trickett

When a chronic medical issue forced her to leave a busy job as an interior designer, Hannah Trickett rose to the challenge and started Hannah in the House, a blog about all things interiors and design, from her hospital bed.

Waterloo, Ontario City Guide

I spent my teen years and early twenties visiting my eldest sister who lives between Waterloo and Kitchener (AKA “KW” or “Tri-City” to locals), two side-by-side cities just an hour’s drive from me.

A Renovated 1890s Terrace House in The Netherlands

I watch my fair share of home-improvement shows. I’m excited to own a home some day – hopefully a 1930s craftsman bungalow – but watching these shows has opened me up to the realities and stresses of renovations.

Overlooking NYC, A Lofted Studio Filled with History

One of the things I love most about older homes is the stories and history they hold from those who lived there prior.

Thrifty Glitz in the Motor City

What I love about revisiting a home that we have previously peeked inside of is that the stylistic evolution is always so fascinating.

Living in the Moment + Best of the Web

This week was a blur for me, but there were a few moments that are delightfully clear and in focus for me.