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Gratitude and Thankfulness

This past year has included more big life moments and change than I could have ever predicted, but all of which I am incredibly thankful for.

DIY Metallic Acorn Napkin Ring

I can never find the perfect table decorations for Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is just a day away (it definitely snuck up on me!

The Philly Love Notes Loft

In a converted shoe factory loft from the turn of the century, Emma Fried-Cassorla and James Healy make a 600-square-foot studio in the Callowhill neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA their home.

A Nashville Thanksgiving Tablescape

This Thanksgiving will be the first I’m spending away from Virginia (we’re having both of our families at our house for the first time!

A Once Neglected Home Beautifully Restored in the Midwest

As much as homes protect people, people, in turn, protect homes. Over time, the elements of nature have a way of transforming an abandoned home into shambles.

Life & Business: Diamond Troutman

If you ask any successful businessperson how they got started in their field, many will answer with: by just starting.

Life & Business: Rethinking Legal by Patrice Perkins

In over a year of interviewing business-owners and entrepreneurs, I’ve found that most of them dread and vacillate over the same thing: the paperwork, contracts, accounting and legal considerations that come with running a business.

“Neighbors” by Mariya Karimjee

[Editor’s note: This is the second installment of our new essay series curated by Ashley C. Ford. We’re so happy to welcome Mariya Karimjee today.

A Plant-Filled Home Overlooking Munich

Austrian-born Igor Josifovic of Happy Interior Blog was on the hunt for his first home in Munich, Germany when a certain listing caught his eye.

McMinnville, OR City Guide

After growing up on the East Coast, Emily Grosvenor, the voice behind the indie perfuming blog Pioneer Perfume, moved to the charming and ever-fragrant state of Oregon.

An East Village Home For A Talented Couple

Airports aren’t known as the most promising sites for real estate deals, but for Amy Chaplin and Jacqui Kravetz, that was where they first discovered the apartment that would become their East Village, NYC home.

In Los Angeles, Moving From Renting to Owning

The transition of renting to owning a home is at once exciting and daunting. As someone who is embarking on that journey right now, I love to dream about the possibilities my very own home can bring, in terms of decorating and renovating.

In Sweden, A Designer’s Home Gushes Color and Pattern

Recently, I snagged what I thought was a fabulous find: a mossy-green, flocked, baroque mirror! The second I got it home, however, I realized there was not a single good spot for it in my apartment.

A Bed-Stuy Brownstone Handmade With Love

Brandi Harper, owner of the natural knitwear brand purlBknit, lives and works on the top floor of a charming but sinking Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn brownstone.

Fine Art Focus: Heejoo Kim

When I was in high school, I came across my first art teacher who seemed to fit what I now think of as that classic art teacher style.

Best of the Web + Magnolia and Fruit Garland by JM Flora

This is the first year that Julia and I will be hosting both of our families at our house for Thanksgiving and we’ve been getting our house ready for weeks now.

In the Kitchen With: Laura and Dana’s Maple Syrup Fondue

Laura and Dana Putnam are the owners of Finding Home Farms in the Hudson Valley. Finding Home Farms started as Finding Home in 2004, as an interior decorating business, and added maple syrup making (video) in 2013 as a way to bring Dana and Laura’s two favorite things together – creating a welcoming home and making maple syrup.

What’s In Your Toolbox: Llubav Choy Duerr

When home is also a workspace, it has to function for all things and all people concerned. Llubav Choy Duerr, a prolific textile and surface designer with her own line of whimsical stationery, won our first-ever DIY contest way back in 2005.

A Harlem Home Filled with Memories and Artwork

Chef, restauranteur, author and opera singer, Alexander Smalls is a self-described “social minister” in New York City.

Interview + Studio Tour with Ikiré Jones

There are few things in the design world that I love more than a beautifully patterned fabric. Whether you’re upholstering a sofa with that fabric, creating a curtain, or turning it into a jacket, my love for patterned textiles knows no bounds.