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Living With the Imperfect

Most people who knew me in the past all tended to mention the letters OCD one or twice during our relationship — especially when it came to my home.

Pattern Downloads from Alea Toussaint!

Since I started today with inspiration from Instagram, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce a special weeklong guest series with an incredible artist I found through Instagram: Alea Toussaint!

16 Beautiful Wallpapers from Readers

The Oh Joy! Book + Ombre Cake How-To

To do any job for the better part of 10 years is both a challenge and a privilege. No matter what field you’re working in, the conditions, rules and people around you will change — and when it comes to the field of blogging, the landscape is constantly changing.

In the Kitchen With: Nicole Hunn’s GF Apple Fruit Pies

I have the extreme pleasure this week of sharing another recipe with you by Nicole Hunn, one of my absolute favorite gluten-free bakers, and author of the Gluten-Free on a Shoestring blog.

Peek Inside World’s End Farm + Saipua Plant Sale

Over the course of my time on the Internet, I’ve seen a lot of really incredible businesses come and go.

This Ranch-Style Home Brims with Nostalgia

Cora was a perfectionist. 100 years old, she never let a cobweb linger or a spill last more than a few seconds.

DIY Clay Platters

As I’m getting older, I’m beginning to discover how much I enjoy entertaining, whether it’s bringing friends and family together to celebrate special occasions or just making an everyday meal into more of a memorable moment.

Hidden Potential in a Four-Story Michigan Home

I love hearing stories about people finding a passion they never knew they’d have, and it changing their paths completely. I can’t get enough of it, really.

Home Ec: Moving Day Tips + Ways to Save

Tomorrow, Julia and I are back in Brooklyn, packing up what’s left of our apartment and heading out on Friday to start our full-time life in the Catskills.

A Stone Farmhouse With Room to Roam

I always wonder, when it comes to older homes, what the original owners would think of the present-day families living inside.

Life & Business: Cotton & Flax

In a digital age, it’s so refreshing to find brands that still value the tangible and putting pencil to paper.

Life & Business: Jonna Twigg of Twigg’s Bindery

  When I was in art school, I wrote and illustrated a science fiction novel for my graduate thesis. It was a huge undertaking and I had plans to finish it off by hand-binding the pages into an elaborate hardcover book.

24 Hours in London, England With James Greig

James Greig is a graphic designer turned writer who (on most days) can be found spilling his guts out to strangers on the Internet and helping people who want to freelance with his free email guide.

A Collaborative, Creative Home in the Midwest

Interior design gets good when it’s pushed – when it’s challenged to solve problems and get personal.

A Hint of Bohemian Austin in Historic Virginia

Jennifer Eisner and her family moved into this townhouse in Richmond, VA just over a year ago from Austin, TX.

A Home Rooted in Hawaiian Heritage

Darren Namaye of Ideas on Purpose needed to create a space that would be warm and relaxing not only after a long day, but after a long flight.

How to Shop for Fabric on Etsy

Last week I shared some unedited and un-styled updates from the upstairs and downstairs of our new home upstate.

Abigail Borg Wallpaper + Best of the Web

I’ve been on a wallpaper kick all week. It seems like everyone is gearing up to launch new collections at the big design shows this spring, so social media has been full of great previews and sneak peeks.

In the Kitchen With: Valeria Necchio’s Spaghetti with Clams and Agretti

Not too long ago, London-based food photographer, Valeria Necchio, shared a quick and easy Venetian recipe with us for Polpette di Baccalà.