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Megan Williamson + Best of the Web

It’s incredible how much environment can shape and inform the work we do. Since moving to a small town upstate, I’ve found myself less interested in the highly linear and graphic artwork that I typically prefer and more interested in watercolor, pastels and gauche in a way I never was before.

In the Kitchen With: Valery Rizzo’s Caprese

On this column we strive to always share recipes that are simple and seasonal. Based on the Instagram pictures I’ve been seeing of the icy Hudson River, and emails from home, however, I thought I would give our friends suffering from the cold weather something to look forward to when the sun finally comes. Photographer Valery Rizzo is sharing with us this week her very simple recipe for a caprese salad. The beauty of the salad lies in its simplicity. Seek the freshest ingredients to maximize the flavors of the salad, which marry perfectly. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, you can try it out now with your finest local ingredients.

Home Ec: How to Clean Upholstered Furniture

One of my major design struggles is balancing my love of upholstered anything with my love of animals.

Artwork by Helene Comeositos

On last week’s episode of Broad City (which, by the way, if you are not watching, stop what you are doing immediately and do so), we found our protagonists Abbi and Ilana falling into a trap that befalls many in today’s day and age — the inexplicable dissolution of time that happens when one falls down the black hole of The Internet. One second, you’re checking your Facebook, and the next, 10 hours have gone by, you’ve consumed every Top-10 list that Buzzfeed has to offer, and you’ve forgotten how to walk and speak in complete sentences.

Flower Mandalas by Poppies & Posies

Few things are as inspiring to me as fresh flowers. Whether you group them in a simple vase or create something spectacular, it’s hard to beat their raw beauty.

A Home in the City with Coastal Touches

Brooklyn will always be our first love here at Design*Sponge. It’s one of the most creative boroughs in New York and it was home to many members of our team for a very long time.

Before & After: Dala’s Kitchen Makeover

One of the toughest decisions to make when moving into a new space is what to keep and what to change.

Before & After: Sabrina’s Front Foyer

When I ripped out all of the old tile in our downstairs bathroom, I felt like a superhero. It was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done.

Rebecca Clark

Over the past ten years there are definite areas and niches of design that I feel over-saturated with and need to avoid for a while.

DIY Corner Organizer

As our homes get smaller we have to be smarter and more creative about storage solutions. Making the most of space can not only give the illusion of a larger room, but it can also help to keep important items organized and even brighten up a dark corner.

Shop Tour: The Primary Essentials

Over the past few years, we have witnessed what might be called the rise of a new aesthetic. With whisperings found at design shows, craft fairs, and artists’ studios, this new style melds contemporary notions of small-batch craft production, the aesthetic of Postmodernism, and the impulses of minimalism.

Our 5 Favorite DIY Materials + Matching Projects

I’ve always found that the biggest stumbling block to becoming comfortable with DIY projects is getting your hands on materials that are affordable, comfortable and easy to transform into something special.

Marble Concrete Wallpaper

Ever since we got a chance to use wallpaper in our house, I’ve had wallpaper on my mind. While my style tends to lean toward black and white patterns, I love this new “marble concrete” wallpaper from Dutch studio Lilesadi.

Pay It Forward: 3 Ways to Empower the Next Generation of Professional Women

There’s no (or rarely) such thing as becoming an overnight success (and in my opinion, I think the term diminishes the hard work it likely took to get there).

Life & Business: Jaime Derringer of Design Milk

Design Milk was one of the first blogs I subscribed to and bookmarked, before I even really knew what a blog was.

New York City, NY City Guide with Deana Sdao

I find some of the best city guides are from tourist-turned-dwellers who once zealously ventured everywhere, sniffing out every street corner and hot-spot and now, as residents of the city, have a more refined and tried-and-tested list of places worth visiting again and again.

Emily Isabella

It’s funny how the things we love and surround ourselves with at home can be so different from what we wear.

A Connecticut Home With a Black and White Spin

Buying a home can be an exciting but terrifying process. The ups, the downs, the financial stress, the endless possibilities of a fresh space- all of them are wrapped up into one big leap and one giant contract.

A Sophisticated and Colorful Home in Plano, Texas

By day, Kris Drayovitch works in management for the mortgage division of a bank. But by night and on weekends, she pursues her creative passions, ranging from floral arranging to styling events and throwing dinner parties for friends and family.

Amazing Details In Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Finding a great apartment in New York City can often come down to the luck of the draw. No matter what your budget, there is always a chance that you might end up needing to settle for something a little less than desirable — closet-sized living quarters, a 20-minute walk from the closest train, a windowless basement apartment with a peculiar smell.