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Coco 66

I’ve lived in Greenpoint for the better part of ten years now and it’s amazing to see the sort of changes the neighborhood is going through.

In The Kitchen With: April Carter’s Spiced Hot Cross Buns

A wave of cold has blown over so many places in the northern hemisphere, it’s hard to believe that Easter is on Sunday.  To celebrate, we chose to share a recipe for honey cardamom hot cross buns by British food blogger and cookbook author, April Carter.  Hot cross buns are traditional at Easter in the UK and in Australia, where I first had them.  The recipe only looks long because I asked April to add extra descriptions for those readers who may not be familiar with making hot cross buns, but be assured it is very easy.  We also have a recipe for dried fig and dark chocolate hot cross buns in our archives, if you’d like to try those as well!

After The Jump: Productivity Tips + Ways to Avoid Procrastination

This week’s radio show was a reader request: tips for beating procrastination and being more productive.

Design Icon: Wonder Bread

Design: Wonder Bread Date: 1921 Country of Origin: United States Manufacturer: Taggart Baking Company Background: You know the phrase “the best thing since sliced bread?

Before & After: A 1950s House Gets A Faithful but Modern Update

The midcentury suburban home, at least until recently, has not been given the reverence it mightily deserves.

Mad Style: Our Favorite Designs of the Late 60s and Early 70s

Top image mage via AMC. | 1. Vintage Panasonic Toot-A-Loop Transistor Radio | 2. Bird Bath Toy (via Victoria & Albert Museum) | 3.

Style Icon: Nina Simone

Known as the “high priestess of soul,” Nina Simone is an artist who is often copied but absolutely impossible to duplicate.

Past & Present: When Black Became Hip + Black Must Haves

I think I have six cans of black paint under my sink. I’ve painted the back of my doors black, I’ve painted the weird kitchen counter in my apartment black, I’ve painted tables black and walls black.

Flower Glossary: Carnation (Part 2)

My previous Flower Glossary post on carnations was primarily about me getting over my own dislike of this commonly found, often overlooked flower.

12 Flower-Themed DIY Projects for Spring

It must be the warm weather and sunshine, because I ended up creating a flower theme with today’s posts that I didn’t see coming.

Manka’s Inverness Lodge in California

I think the perfect vacation would be a drive along Highway 1 in California. I grew up in Southern California, but usually we were headed somewhere fast, so a leisurely drive up the coast is something I’ve never done.

West Elm $500 Giveaway

This month’s DS BIG 10 Giveaway is coming courtesy of a brand that has been a big part of Design*Sponge’s history: west elm.

Rebecca Louise Law

The other day I got a call from a newspaper inviting me to talk about the growing trend toward paper flowers.

Tiny PMS Match: A Color Love Story

There is no shortage of inspiration on Instagram for me right now. Every day I find something or someone new who I want to interview, work with or just follow online for daily inspiration.

Learning to Unplug: Confessions of a Tech Junkie

Alright, you guys. Confession time. I’m a technology addict. Like so many of my twenty-first century peers, my life has become hopelessly, utterly consumed by devices and their requisite apps and programs.

Biz Ladies: Making A Career Transition

After four and a half years of curating Biz Ladies content from extremely inspiring and talented contributors, I thought it might be time for me to step behind the keyboard and share some of the biz knowledge I’ve gained through my personal experiences navigating the career realm (and years learning from the pros!

Biz Ladies Profile: Shanan Campanaro of Eskayel

Today’s Biz Ladies Profile comes to us from Shanan Campanaro, founder of Brooklyn-based design studio Eskayel.

City Guide: Bozeman, MT

Today’s Bozeman, MT City Guide comes to us from Everything Golden shop owner, Mariah Palmer.  A mountain woman to the core, she grew up in Idaho, spent some time in Colorado and is now settled and so much in love with Bozeman, MT.

Flower Glossary: Scilla Peruviana

There are flowers like peonies and roses that seem so soft and recognizable and then there are flowering plants like this, the wildly unique Scilla peruviana, that make you stop, stare and wonder what they are.

Two Artists’ Santa Barbara Carriage House

Hannah Vainstein and Nathan Hayden are both artists with their own separate practices who occasionally collaborate. Hannah runs an artist salon and boutique called The Lower Lodge, which is an outlet of seasonal making with the emphasis in an integrated sustainable lifestyle. Nathan makes drawings, sculptures and installations, and currently teaches drawing and design at the University of California Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College.