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Winter Hellebores by Swallows & Damsons

The Hellebore is my favorite winter flower. There is no more welcome a sight in a barren, frosty winter garden than the ever so subtle shy glimpse of a Hellebore.

A Warm and Calming Home for Healers

Though working in medicine, Milena Kaufman, a psychiatry resident, and Vic Perkins, an anesthesia resident, sometimes feel like the hospital is where they actually live.

A Refined and Welcoming Australian Home by the Ocean

Tours don’t get much happier, brighter or more lush and green than it did in the Smack Bang studio tour.

Hand-Lettered Quotations: Day 4

This morning’s quotation, hand-lettered by Chandan Mahimkar, speaks to the struggle of striving for originality above all else.

DIY Heart-Shaped Tea Light Candles

As I’ve grown older, I’ve gotten more into the idea of a personal and intimate Valentine’s Day. I like to think if you’re celebrating it romantically, then it’s a day when you should turn off your phone, put away your laptop and focus on your relationship. If you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy a more relaxed Valentine’s Day celebration.

A Fine Artist’s Playfully Curated Home in Los Angeles

The things we love find their way into our homes. My own home is filled with stacks of interior design magazines.

A Charming, Minimal and Character-Filled Home in Minnesota

While attending graduate school, Kari Jensen and her then-fíance, Aaron, rented a space in her brother’s home in the heart of Saint Paul, MN (which we featured in last week’s city guide).

What’s In Your Toolbox: Pastrana Studio

“There is nothing worth having in life that isn’t worth fighting for,” insist Julian and Kate Pastrana, artisans who are adamantly “creating and living the simple life in Texas.” Their woodshop Pastrana Studio allows the couple to make the furniture, home goods, and paintings that fit into their own lifestyle — things that they love living with, and will bring joy to the lives of others.

Hand-Lettered Quotations: Day 3

When Chandan Mahimkar and I were deciding which quotations we wanted to illustrate for this week’s guest series, we both knew we wanted to look for thoughts and ideas that would apply to life as well as work.

5 Flowery Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ (& Support Farmers, Artisans and Creatives)

Valentine’s Day usually conjures up visions of red roses (okay, and chocolate), and while gifting roses is a lovely gesture, it’s also a tired one.

Life & Business: Andrea Whalen

Throughout the long journey to hand-screenprinting her own collection of textiles, Ohio-based designer Andrea Whalen “wanted to create a line that comes with a history already built-in — a story of the hands that drew, carved, and placed every motif.” With the advent of Internet inspiration and commerce, Andrea created the first patterns as Domesticate, her own label at on-demand fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap producer, Spoonflower.

Life & Business: Young Huh

Named one of Lonny Magazine’s “Next Big Names In Design,” Young Huh is the woman behind many an immaculate home.

24 Hours in Nantucket, MA

Nearly 30 miles into the North Atlantic (and seemingly a world away from the Massachusetts mainland), today’s city guide brings us to the enchanted enclave of Nantucket Island. Once the whaling capital of the world, Nantucket hasn’t changed all that much from its whaling heyday — at least, architecturally speaking.

Hand-Lettered Quotations: Day 2

All week we’re being joined by artist Chandan Mahimkar, who has created these beautiful, hand-lettered pieces inspired by some of our favorite creatives.

Doing It His Way In Cape Town, South Africa

Nearby the city center in Cape Town, South Africa, freelance designer, director, and entertainment consultant Chad Findlay pulled off quite the feat — transforming the basement of his parents’ home into his own dream apartment.

In Canada, a Dog Lover’s Century-Old Rental

By day, Brittany Shmyr is a Visual Manager for Anthropologie, overseeing “…all aspects of presentation, display and merchandising within the store.” By night, at their shop The Nested Owl, she and a close friend give new life to old furniture.

The Eclectic Home of Two Washington, D.C. Go-Getters

Without a doubt, environmental lawyer Paulo and his partner John, an entrepreneur, are one motivated couple.

“English Tables” By Kathryn Walton-Elliott

[Today is the 4th installment of our new essay column, curated by Ashley C. Ford. You can read previous installments here.] In 2006, I flew to England to study for a year.

Hand-Lettered Quotations from Chandan Mahimkar

This week, I thought it would be fun to share some inspiration in the form of hand-lettered quotations.

Artwork by Xochi Solis + Best of the Web

As we head out into the weekend, I wanted to wrap up the week with this beautiful mixed-media artwork by Austin-based artist, Xochi Solis.