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A Tour of The Grey in Savannah + Chow Chow Recipe + Weekly Wrap Up

Savannah, GA always has been, and always will be, one of my favorite places on earth. It is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited and it is chock-full of some of my favorite people.

In the Kitchen With: Rosie Birkett’s Semifreddo

When I recently came across the Instagram feed of Rosie Birkett, a London-based food writer, food stylist, and cook, the first image I saw was of this amazing salted butterscotch popcorn cheesecake.

Home Ec: Skip The Store & Grow Your Own Flowers

One of the most incredible things about gardening is that with a little extra work, you can often grow your own things for a fraction of what they would cost in a store.

The National Stationery Show: House Plants

When living in the city, it can sometimes be hard to find enough nature in your life. Being cooped up in a studio apartment doesn’t allow for much space for houseplants, making it difficult to fill that wildlife void.

New Colony Furniture by Annie Evelyn

Annie Evelyn of New Colony Furniture comes from a line of fine furniture makers, with her grandparents at the helm of Old Colony Furniture back in the 1920s, well before her time.

Before & After: Brooklyn Backyard Makeover

One of my biggest dreams related to moving to the country was getting to build my own garden. I made grand plans, bought a car-full of plants, and now I feel both a little overwhelmed but also overjoyed by the prospect of having space to grow things.

DIY Painted Cat Nails

I’ve always been someone who shied away from trends and “must-haves” from the fashion and beauty world.

How to Build Your Own Neighborhood Street Library

I love fun, decorative DIY projects, but when DIY can do something good and give back to the community, it really makes my day.

The National Stationery Show: Moglea

It was Meg Gleason’s attention to detail that first attracted me to her company Moglea, a letterpress stationery studio based in rural Iowa.

VOLK Furniture by Brian Volk-Zimmerman

Handmade in Brooklyn, VOLK Furniture has a distinctive playfulness that showcases hard materials yielding to various attempts at aesthetic softening.

DIY Abstract Picture Frames

Every now and then, we come across a project in a home tour that inspires not only our team, but readers, to request a DIY version we can all try at home.

A San Francisco Home Built for Play

What would happen if the kids’ playroom turned into the entire home? It would look a lot like the San Francisco home Julia Busenitz shares with her husband Dennis, two sons Rune and Sepp, and dog Gucci.

DIY Tissue Paper Art

One thing my home is sorely lacking is art. I’ve been so consumed with furniture, soft furnishings and far too many hanging planters, that I’ve neglected to extend the decoration to the walls.

Umbra Shift: Functional, Familiar, and Forward-Thinking

Many an organized life has been enhanced by the use of Umbra items over the past 30 years, and the Toronto-based product design company continues to innovate with a new line of designer items that incorporate contemporary aesthetics on top of their clever functionalities.

MissPrint Modern Wallpaper

MissPrint came to visit us at ICFF all the way from East London, where Rebecca, Lee, and Yvonne Drury conduct the family business.

National Stationary Show: Ferme À Papier

There are many elements of my personal style that can be traced in a straight line back to my time spent in Paris.

An Artistic Home & Studio in an 1850s New England Church

Searching for the perfect home can take some creativity in where to look – especially if you aren’t looking for a traditional house.

Life & Business: Bethan and Joe of Decorator’s Notebook

Bethan and Joe are a brother and sister team from England on a mission is to prove that design, quality and ethics can go hand in hand.

Life & Business: Jane Sachs of HS2 Architecture

Building a business is hard, and sustaining one for five, ten or even twenty years is no simple feat.

Chiang Mai, Thailand City Guide

For the past four years, Chiang Mai, Thailand has been home to Alana Morgan. It was also the spot she called home after moving out for the first time, and where she accomplished many other milestones from learning to ride a motorcycle to teaching English to backpacking for two months with a stranger.