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Design*Sponge Fall/Winter Classes Are In Session

I miss the days when fall meant a brand new school year and a fresh start. I would always get new binders, notebooks and boxes of pencils and then try to convince my mom that I needed a new pair of shoes to complete the look.

In the Kitchen With: Rachel Khoo’s Autumn Mille-feuilles

Rachel Khoo is one of my favorite food creatives. She is a television personality, as well as a cookbook author, and has run her own one-table restaurant out of her little Paris kitchen (which happens to be the name of her third cookbook and her first television series!

Bulb Planting 101

For the past 10 years, my favorite “down time” activity has been watching TV. Whenever I have some spare time to myself, settling into the couch with a pet on either side has been my preferred method of stress relief.

Sights and Sounds To Start Your Fall Weekend

Photo by Hadar Ariel Magar. Flickr | Instagram As the year begins to whittle down and the sun starts to set earlier and earlier each day, it’s easy to find yourself in the midst of an autumnal slump.

Before & After: ‘Feral Sheds’ Become a New Home

Sometimes a smaller space is all you need to edit down to discover what is most important in life. Designer, stylist and artist Paige Morse discovered just that when she decided to renovate, and then move into, a tiny “casita” she built in her backyard.

Escaping the City: AndNorth on After the Jump

With every new generation in every city across the country, there comes a time when people feel the urge to get away from it all.

10-Second Studio Tour: Greentree Home

One of my favorite things about living in Upstate New York is getting to meet all of the wonderful, creative people who call this region home.

An Art & Design Weekend Upstate

I’ve been a resident of Upstate New York for over a year now, but until recently, I have been shamefully behind on familiarizing myself with this beautiful region.

15 Beautiful DIY Ideas for Your Fireplace

Finding an apartment with a working fireplace is a big deal here in New York. If you can find a beautiful old mantel, you’re in luck, but if you can find a working fireplace, you’ve hit the jackpot.

DIY Project: Hello Beautiful Doormat

Fall is upon us, which brings crisp air, the coziest of clothes, delicious treats and lots of gatherings with our favorite people.

DIY Project: Button + String Envelopes 2 Ways

Button + string envelopes have to be one of my very favorite envelope details. I go back and forth between using one of two methods to create the look, depending on what tools I have on hand and how much time I care to put into project.

Sarah Kersten’s Covered Bowls

Some of my favorite designs are ones that bring an unexpected, handcrafted element to an everyday object. Oakland-based ceramist Sarah Kersten’s work does just this, pushing the boundary between the functional and the artistic, the commonplace and the extraordinary.

Everything for Everybody: Doing Away With Gender In Design

It will come as no surprise that, when it comes to design, I can be a bit of a junky. The bigger, the badder, the crazier, the better.

Biz Ladies Profile: Sara Davidson of Hello Fearless

Overcoming your fears is never an easy feat, but when there is a community of others to support you along the way, those fears often seem much more manageable and, oftentimes, beatable.

Biz Ladies: Discover How You Work Best

Are you a morning person, or a night owl? Are you most creative when you’re alone, or do you come up with your best ideas when you’re in the middle of a team brainstorming session?

Second Empire Style in the Hudson Valley

Everyone’s idea of a dream house is different. For some, it’s a penthouse apartment in a big city. For others, it’s a rolling country estate with wraparound porches and room to spread out.

A Rustic Carriage House With a Modernist Heart

When graphic designer and woodworker Rob Laliberte moved into this 1910 carriage house in Knoxville’s historic Old North neighborhood, the landlord was quick to point out that inhabiting the small space was a bit like living on a boat.

A Creative Oasis In Baltimore

Sometimes the best sorts of spaces are not the ones that are planned-out to a T, but ones that evolve and coalesce over time.

We Can’t Get Enough Of: Farmhouse Style

Rustic furniture and farmhouse style are having a real moment right now. From homes and clothing stores covered in salvaged wood siding to restaurants and coffee shops using reclaimed barn beams for their furniture, everyone seems to love that simple, worn-in aesthetic.

Best of the Web

I’m overwhelmed with a major sense of TGIF today because this weekend we’re taking Hope on a road trip to check out the Phoenicia Flea and Field + Supply, two wonderful artisan markets happening upstate.