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Link About It: This Week's Picks: An '80s all-girl skate gang, a Jaguar E-Type hearse, mapping NYC's LGBTQ+ landmarks and more in our look around the web

1. Extraordinary Aurora Given a Very Ordinary Name Termed as an aurora, but technically an aurora-like feature, this phenomenon behaves differently—and has been named differently too.

Tribeca Film Festival 2017: Highlights: Embracing, excelling beyond and avoiding traditional cinema at this year's event

In its 16th year, NYC's Tribeca Film Festival now comprises thousands of screenings, multiple venues, cross-disciplinary works and so much more to be excited about—whether or not cinema is your primary passion.

ListenUp: Bibio: Beyond My Eyes

Last year, prolific British producer Bibio (aka Stephen Wilkinson) released the gorgeous A Mineral Love (his seventh studio LP) as well as The Serious EP, and now he's already set to unveil his next record.

Test Drive: 2018 Audi S4 + S5: Behind the wheel of the subtly, but impressively, updated cars in Palm Springs

by Sue Mead A snaking, high-desert road course is the ideal test of the all-new 2018 Audi S4 and S5—cars that are spawned from the petri-dish of their ultra-high performance stablemates, the Audi R8 and RS.

Buy: "Vag" Tote Bag

Depending on the mother figure in your life, this "Vag" tote—made in collaboration by Dolores Haze and Brooklyn-based artist Dan Flanagan—could be ideal.

Link About It: Extraordinary Aurora Given a Very Ordinary Name

Termed as an aurora, but technically an aurora-like feature, this phenomenon behaves differently—and has been named differently too.

Object_ify 139 + Ace Hotel's Flag Project: Commissioning nine artists to create designs that represent their ideals, and support their chosen organization

After collaborating last year in NYC, Object_ify 139 and Ace Hotel have teamed up on a new project that celebrates design, supports activist organizations and explores hopeful and important values for the future.

Buy: Kush Candle

Nothing like the stereotypical smell of bongs in dorm rooms, this Boy Smells "Kush' candle is floral, fresh and crisp.

Link About It: NASA's Cassini Mission Gets a Google Doodle

Today, NASA's Cassini spacecraft is making the first of 22 dangerous swoops between Saturn and its rings.

Link About It: Vale, Jonathan Demme

Oscar-winning filmmaker, producer and screenwriter Jonathan Demme—perhaps best known for "The Silence of the Lambs"—has died in NYC aged 73 years old.

Making Miniatures Fly at Gulliver’s Gate: We talk to Adrian Davies, head of model-making, about the 2,200 square foot airport they’re building

In order to get a New York City resident into the heart of Times Square, the attraction must be one of pure magnificence.

Interview: Radish Fiction Founder, Seung Yoon Lee: A new model for publishing and a destination for lovers of serialized stories

As many writers know, it's not easy to make money in the literary world. Sure, most industries need scribes and there are many writing-centric fields, but for aspiring fiction writers, the industry appears much as it did 100 years ago.

Link About It: Mapping NYC's Historic and Cultural LGBTQ+ Sites

NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project has just launched an interactive map that pinpoints 100+ significant political and cultural sites across all the five boroughs.

ListenUp: MC Bin Laden: É Grau Olha pra Traz e da Tchau

An incredibly catchy vocal sample sets up the simple rhythmic structure in "É Grau Olha pra Traz e da Tchau," a vrooming track from Sao Paolo sensation MC Bin Laden, and it's a great introduction to the uniquely percussive, aggressive style born out......

Link About It: Building a "Harold and Maude" Jaguar E-Type Hearse

The morbid, macabre and entirely transfixing Jaguar E-Type hearse first crossed into the public consciousness through the 1971 cult classic film "Harold and Maude." Ken Roberts, in search of a "movie car," ultimately decided to build one himself.

Interview: Snowshoe Artist Simon Beck: A mastermind of ephemeral works on imagination, planning and creation

With snow-covered terrain as the canvas, artist Simon Beck snowshoes mind-boggling geometric art into the surface.

Buy: Totem Vase

Drawing inspiration from post-war studio pottery and mid-century design, self-taught ceramist Matthew Ward's work blends the past and present in a charming manner.

Salad For President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists: Author Julia Sherman's collection of more than 75 recipes drawn from the creative world

After years developing and sharing a sensory collaboration unlike any other, author and artist Julia Sherman has reshaped her famed Salad for President blog into book form.

Link About It: A Typeface for Rainbow Flag Creator Gilbert Baker

After the recent passing of artist and LGBTQ activist Gilbert Baker—who also created the all-important rainbow flag in 1978—NYC Pride and NewFest teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather and Fontself to create a typeface to honor the very special man.

ListenUp: Celebration: Rolling On

Bright and exciting from start to finish, "Rolling On" will be the opening track of Celebration's forthcoming Wounded Healer album.