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Buy: Sterling Silver and Indigo Linen Necklace

With a sterling silver crescent at its base, Erin Considine's sterling silver and pale indigo-dyed linen necklace is anything but plain.

Buy: Twill Stand Collar Shirt

Named for its love of all things indigo, Blue Blue Japan excels at designing simple, quality garments that have been enriched by the deep, dark hue.

Buy: Pizza Towel

Pizza Towels only makes a single product. For those who always want to be with their beloved favorite dish and who want to make a statement (and maybe a few new friends) at the beach, this gigantic pepperoni towel—served fresh from Australia—is a loud......

Premiere: "Stranger" by VOWWS: The music video for the darkly sweet, industrial song strings together ghosts of memories

With their journey beginning in Sydney, Matt and Rizz of the Australian/Iranian duo VOWWS are now settled in LA and casting sublime, carefree West Coast temperaments into their shadowy, distortion-filled pop songs.

Buy: Recycle Rug Indigo

Constructed from recycled strips of Nudie Jean's high-quality denim, the Lill-Mats' Recycle Rug Indigo is a variation of a Swedish trasmatta—better known as a "rag rug." Made in an exclusive limited edition of 275 pieces, the beautiful indigo weave......

ListenUp: Robin Pecknold: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (The Five Keys Cover)

Out of the blue, Robin Pecknold of the Fleet Foxes releases a fun cover of the 1956 single "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" by the R&B singing group The Five Keys, with the message "happy holidays." His rendition starts out sweet and nostalgic, before blooming......

Unmade + It’s Nice That Collection: The publication picks three artists to try their hand at designing knitwear

In the two and half years since its founding, London’s Unmade Studio has already made an impact on the UK fashion scene.

New Ways to House Air Plants: Four unique vessels worthy of displaying the exotic, alien-like plants

Thriving without soil and growing into alien shapes, the rootless and pretty low-maintenance tillandsia—more commonly referred to as "air plants"—requires a throne worthy of their exotic uniqueness.

Holiday 2015 Gift Guides: Presents for green thumbs, lovable curmudgeons, sexually frustrated friends and more

During the Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy, the lead up to the rest of the holidays can be stressful at best.

Askov Finlayson + Marvel Bar Candles: Three new cocktail-scented scents

Minneapolis favorites—retailer Askov Finlayson and its sister Marvel Bar—launched their first candle collaboration in 2014 and it's graced the bar at CH HQ since.

ListenUp: Eloquent rhymes from young Loyle Carner, Erykah Badu's phone-themed mixtape, dolphin electronica and more in this week's music

Loyle Carner: Ain't Nothing Changed The genuine, poignant way in which Loyle Carner executes his dynamic rhymes—which don't shy away from being personal and direct ("Of course I'm fucking sad / I miss my fucking dad")—has completely taken ahold......

Link About It: This Week's Picks: The reusable rocket that made it back to Earth, light sabers inspired by designers and more in this week's look at the web

1. Otis Johnson on Life After 44 Years in Prison At the age of 25, Otis Johnson was sentenced to 44 years in prison.

Askov Finlayson + The Bachelor Farmer Candles: Three new cocktail-scented scents

Minneapolis favorites—retailer Askov Finlayson and its sister Marvel Bar—launched their first candle collaboration in 2014 and it's graced the bar at CH HQ since.

ListenUp: Erykah Badu: But You Caint Use My Phone

Since releasing her seven-minute take on Hotline Bling and another track "Phone Down," her R&B highness Erykah Badu has had us waiting impatiently for her mixtape "But You Caint Use My Phone"—for which every song is related to the device that keeps......

Five Wondrous New Chocolates: From camel milk iterations to birthday cake-like explosions

It seems like many of us are on an unending quest to discover new types of chocolate. The applications of cocoa are almost endless and we are frequently stunned to see new ways it's utilized—especially in trusty old chocolate bar form.

City Guide Spotlight: Miami: Food, drink, art and more in the ever-emerging cultural capital

If their vibrant, ever-growing hotel scene is any indicator, Miami continues to boom as a destination that's more than sunshine-soaked.

Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Gifts That Give Back: From a Doctors Without Borders watch to literary candles and canned chutzpah, unique presents that send support far and wide

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, organizing family events, wild spending, tantrums and inevitable stress, it's easy to lose track of the real spirit of the holiday season.

Customized Made-in-USA Shirts by Ratio: Button-downs crafted from a new Japanese fabric featuring multi-colored specks woven throughout

Off-the-rack is so passé. Denver-based Ratio Clothing offers quality custom-made shirts at a fair price, all the while keeping manufacturing in a North Carolina factory—a union shop where employees earn a living wage.

SideStory City Tours, London: Different guided adventures like insight into London's graffiti and street art

It’s a freezing Monday morning in London and commuters hurry past, heading to the warmth of the Bethnal Green tube station, as Karim Samuels introduces the history of graffiti and the artistic legacy of East London by pointing out stickers covered......

Link About It: Tips for Traveling During the Busy Holiday Season

As airports begin to crowd with holiday travelers, there’s bound to be an overbooked, delayed or canceled flight or three.