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Obicà Mozzarella Bar, NYC: Fresh buffalo mozzarella like you've never had before (except in Italy)

Obicà Mozzarella Bar is an under-the-radar Flatiron gem—one block away from Madison Square Park—that should be on the list for those downtown planning their next work lunch.

Link About It: Why Memes Use the Same Font

No matter how diverse their images or messages may be, internet memes are bound by one common thread: their font.

Buy: Surf Lodge Bandana

This cheerful, nautical bandana is the perfect accessory for anyone visiting the Hamptons this summer—or dreaming about it.

Word of Mouth: Glasgow: With design as a theme, we explore the wonders of Scotland's cultural hub

by Leora Novick A country dominated by lush countryside, Scotland is at first glance a mélange of greys and greens.

CH25: George Arriola: An heirloom electronic for the post-smartphone era

When was the last time you sat down with friends or family and someone’s phone didn’t interrupt? George Arriola and the team at Monohm, wanted to “refocus the users’ attention to real people and the real world.” Their answer was the personal......

Interview: Artist Guy Yanai: Exploring the painter's processes and travel-driven inspirations

by Ari Samuel Artist Guy Yanai straddles the fine line between classical painter and contemporary hyphenate.

ListenUp: Jamie Lidell: Pink Light

The ever-charming Jamie Lidell has just unveiled "Pink Light"—a soulful and synth-heavy stand-alone track.

Link About It: Sam Van Aken's Magical Tree Bears 40 Types of Fruit

Sam Van Aken, an artist and professor at Syracuse University, has Frankenstein-ed together a tree that bears 40 different types of fruit, including peaches, plums, apricots and almonds.

ANP Quarterly's First Issue in Two Years: An in-depth, varied exploration of the arts in Volume 2, No 8

by Chérmelle D. Edwards Returning after a two-year hiatus, ANP Quarterly—founded and published by PM Tenore of lifestyle, surf and skate brand RVCA—releases its first issue of 2015, which also marks the publications’ 10-year anniversary.

Postcard Swimwear: Design the swimsuit of your dreams based on your favorite artwork or photography

While there's an almost overwhelming selection of swimwear available, the search for the perfect suit often ends in lukewarm feelings.

Food-Themed Pins and Brooches: From a 40 oz to cherry pie, mischievous accessories with no expiration date

Over the past couple of years enamel pins of all kinds have seen a huge comeback—from the NYC-made sporty and playful Prize Pins, to Melbourne-based Georgia Perry's celebrity portraits and Hungry Eyes' personified dishes.

The Punkt. MP 01 Mobile Phone: A stripped down device with just the essentials

In 2015, the idea of not having immediate access to the internet, games and social media apps on your phone has gone from inspiring terror and fear of missing out to sounding increasingly appealing.

ListenUp: A nine-minute love song from City and Colour, Gwilym Gold soundtracks ambiguous cartoon sex and more in this week's picks

Thundercat: Them Changes From Thundercat's mini-album The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam (his first solo album since 2013's Apocalypse, though he's kept busy working on Kendrick Lamar's last release and more) comes "Them Changes"—a track that......

Link About It: This Week's Picks: A planet almost identical to Earth, sneakers for the differently-abled and more in this week's look at the web

1. How to Survive Work on Little to No Sleep Eight hours of sleep might be recommended for a good night's rest, but it’s not always possible—especially with work deadlines, late-night partying and nightmares getting in the way.

Tales of the Cocktail 2015: Our favorite drinks from this year's New Orleans extravaganza, from peppercorn-infused vodka to champagne and gin punch

As far as trade shows go, there's really nothing quite like Tales of the Cocktail—a week long meetup of almost every major spirits brand internationally.

ListenUp: Gwilym Gold: Flex

In this simple yet spellbinding 3D-rendered video (directed by visual artist and regular collaborator Eddie Peake) for Gwilym Gold's track "Flex," two characters have an intimate encounter that many are familiar with.

ListenUp: Jaala: Hard Hold

If you're craving more of the future soul goodness that is Hiatus Kaiyote, then Jaala—another jamming foursome from Melbourne, three of whom are women—will appease some of the appetite.

Link About It: NASA Discovers Earth 2.0

A newly discovered planet—called Kepler-452b—is so similar to Earth that NASA has dubbed it Earth 2.0.

Laurie Lee Custom Leather: Refreshing vintage jackets (and Stan Smiths) with handpainted typography and a dash of humor

As a statement leather jacket that's more personable than something straight off the rack, London-based Laurie Lee's one-of-a-kind pieces are an enticing option.

Link About It: Instantly Upload and Edit 4K Footage With Gnarbox

A new hard drive and hotspot combination called the Gnarbox hopes to aid on-the-go filmmakers and photographers.