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On Site at NYC's Full Moon Fest: Previewing the annual all night music and arts extravaganza

Festival season is in full bloom and while it often calls to mind massive fields full of frolicking party people, sometimes smaller festivals deliver a more powerful, potent experience.

Link About It: Google Adds Restaurants' Busiest Times to Search Results

Many popular eateries refuse to quote wait times over the phone, making it difficult to decide if the trip is worth it.

Link About It: Scientists Create a Water-Leaping Robot

Turning to nature for inspiration, South Korean scientists have created a robot that can jump on water.

Peckham Loves Me: A charming photo book that traces life in the South London area during the 1980s and '90s

As cities evolve faster and faster and gentrification changes areas (for better or worse), it’s increasingly fascinating to see neighborhoods documented over a specific period of time.

An Idyllic Yurt in Northern Ontario: A hand-built escape on 600 acres with a private river

Shara Gibson isn't your typical landlord. In 2013, she took the internet by storm with two tracks that demonstrate her haunting songwriting abilities and vocal prowess.

Summer Screen Prints at Somerset House: Curated by Print Club London, an exhibition of film posters

London's historic Somerset House—the arts and cultural center at The Strand in London—shows movies in its iconic courtyard each summer.

REI's evrgrn Crash Sack: A Snuggie-like sleeping bag for walking around in the outdoors

At the beginning of this summer, REI debuted their new in-house product line evrgrn. It is aimed at the growing number of people who want to enjoy the spirit of the outdoors, but aren't necessarily seeking out technical gear for an upcoming backcountry......

Link About It: The History of Swearing on TV

Lately, cable television stations have eased up on their restrictions of swearing, adopting the word “bitch” as common vocabulary and allowing the occasional S-bomb to slip—but it wasn’t always this way.

Hennessy Black Brunch Martini: A refreshing, zesty take on a classic for weekend sipping

While Hennessy might be a recognizable brand, many of us aren't aware of the cognac's nuances—or remain wary of cognac in general due to a lack of understanding.

ListenUp: Angel Haze: Impossible

Following heartbreaking and emotional tracks from her upcoming EP In The Winter Of Wet Years, Angel Haze just released "Impossible." From self-empowerment to politics, the fiery track features a clattering beat reminiscent of a machine gun and Angel......

CydeKick Mobile USB Charger: The Spinetics-made device converts bicycle wheel rotations into power

With the season of summer Fridays already underway in the northern hemisphere, commuters and hobbyists alike are moving their bikes out of storage and into heavy rotation.

Folk Majolica Bowls by Michal Bačák: Ceramic works of art by the Czech Artist

Czech illustrator Michal Bačák conceived a cross-cultural, fantastical mythology in his new collection of majolica bowls for Prague's Křehký gallery.

Test Ride: Niner Bikes' RIP 9 Carbon: A lightweight carbon frame bike for an enhanced riding experience

by Nick Jaynes Since its inception, mountain bike-makers Niner has been the brand to which many experts and enthusiasts gravitate.

CH25: Roxie Darling: The NYC colorist boldly defining the next chapter of hair

Hair is one of the biggest (or perhaps most obvious) expressions of personal style. Coloring it makes a statement, showing how daring we can—or who we want to—be.

Folk Majolica Bowls by Michal Bačák: Ceramic works of art by the Czech

Czech illustrator Michal Bačák conceived a cross-cultural, fantastical mythology in his new collection of majolica bowls for Prague's Křehký gallery.

Link About It: The World's Most Heat-Resistant Material Discovered

Engineers from Brown University have discovered a new material that’s so durable, it can survive at the center of Earth’s core.

Link About It: Why Time Flies as You Age

While time certainly does fly when you’re having fun, you may have noticed that it also flies as you get older.

The Topo Designs Mountain Briefcase: A three-way carrying system that can go from a climb to a conference call

Creating all kinds of outdoor-focused bags—from ripstop cargos to travel packs—Colorado-based Topo Designs (a CH favorite) is well-known and admired for their simple and efficient design, durability and nature-loving manifesto.

Hennessy Black Flor de Jamaica Cocktail: A nuanced summer drink in which hibiscus meets cognac

There's immediate brand recognition when people hear the name Hennessy. For many generations, the brand has been associated with a refined sipping experience.

ListenUp: Lianne La Havas: Unstoppable

Ahead of her forthcoming album release—Blood out this Friday—soulful crooner Lianne La Havas stripped down her new track "Unstoppable" for The Daily Beast.