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Classic Cycling Apparel by Henri 1865: Bike gear inspired by the "godfather of cycling" Henri Desgrange

Henri Desgrange was a celebrated sports journalist, decorated cyclist and the first organizer of the Tour de France.

Moonhead and the Music Machine: Andrew Rae's debut graphic novel is a humorous coming-of-age story with an unusual protagonist

Life's tough enough for a teenage kid in high school, but when you've got a moon for a head, it's even more difficult.

Interview: Daniel Lewis of Brooklyn Tailors: On the current landscape of men's fashion with the founder and designer of Brooklyn Tailors, presented by Cole Haan

Sponsored content: In the past decade or so, men's fashion has grown into its own. In generations past, one dressed according to their occupation, location or social economic sect, but nowadays a man's wardrobe reflects his lifestyle or, at the very least, the lifestyle he aspires to....

Cool Hunting Video: The Heidelberg Project: On Detroit's East Side, one man continues turning a whole neighborhood into an artistic haven

There's plenty to see in Detroit, MI right now. With a wide array of new businesses reinvigorating the economy and an influx of creatives, some may overlook aspects of the cultural and artistic history in the city.

Studio Visit: Atelier de Geste: Dancer-turned-designer Beau Rhee creates limited edition products inspired by movement and performance

Beau Rhee has worked as a professional dancer in NYC for years (apprenticing with Bill T Jones and Arnie Zane), but in a superhuman feat, also found time to work for art galleries and fashion showrooms.

Mirabeau en Provence's Vibrant Rosé: Two crisp, refreshing options from the French winery

Rosé consumption has reached a fever pitch—and rightfully so, as there's a beautiful ease to its modern elegance and a gentleness in the way it complements many meals.

Word of Mouth: The Sands of Ko Samui: A quick guide to the major beaches comprising this idyllic Thai island

by Jennifer Miller Any trip to Thailand should include some time spent at one of the country's incredible beaches, which are known for their magazine-worthy shorelines packing fine white sand, cerulean water and luscious palm trees.

Asiyami Gold Wekulom's A.Au Collection : Blending influences from Nigeria to America, the new bold range is for everyday wear

by Chérmelle Edwards Spending much of her childhood in Nigeria and then moving to Atlanta, Georgia, designer Asiyami "Gold" Wekulom injects traditions from both cultures into her work.

Cast Iron Cookware Restored by Best Made Co.: Sought-after, durable and quality century-old goods are given a new life

A longtime staple in kitchens and mess-kits across the US and worldwide, cast iron cookware is lauded for its durability, simplicity and downright great cooking experience.

Studio Visit: DoomedNYC: Leather accessories designed for female motorcyclists but suited for any creative adventurist, handcrafted in Brooklyn

by Tara Fraser Rachael Inman and Jason Goodrich, motorcyclists and founders of leather goods label DoomedNYC, are no strangers to going fast and learning how to take a fall—whether on a bike or in business.

Interview: Etienne Aigner's Creative Director Daniela Bardazzi: Inspiration, process and what it means to modernize a heritage brand

In 1959, Etienne Aigner opened his first showroom in NYC. From Munich, Germany to Paris' fashion elite, he had already established a name as one of the finest in accessory design—a hobby he initially embarked upon while...

Five Favorites from Boerum House & Home: The new Brooklyn store is designed to look like an apartment and is entirely furnished with shoppable products

Retail store, museum gallery or apartment: the newly opened Boerum House & Home joins the row of stores including jewelry designer Erica Weiner and fragrance boutique Twisted Lily on Atlantic Avenue that make the Boerum Hill...

Conventional Wisdom: Anthrocon: "Furries" unite from around the globe, as captured by photographer Arthur Drooker

“This is the highlight of my year,” Thumpie Bunny Eve shared with photographer Arthur Drooker, while sat atop a piano, wearing high heels, exuding sexuality—and wearing a rabbit costume.

Inside Botánica's Don Eliette Collection: NYC native Nic De La Paz finds inspiration in her father's richly textured wardrobe

Though the city is bursting with energy and ambition, designer Nic De La Paz's strolls through the busiest streets of NYC sometimes reflect the masses tendency to follow fads.

Horace and the Rough Stuff Fellowship: Crossing Iceland's moonlike central desert—past and present

Long before bikes got fat tires, full suspension and carbon fiber frames, the urge to push the pedals off road found its way into the hearts of riders.

Electric Vehicle Sports Racer: A look at the team taking the dream of the electric car onto the racetrack

"We are feeding it right now. It's hungry," says project manager and chief engineer of Electric Vehicle Sports Racer (EVSR) Charlie Greenhaus, referring to his electric racecar's appetite for a charge.

Miansai Swiss Movement Men's Watches: The Miami-based accessories brand launches a timepiece line featuring a Ronda

In addition to furthering their beautiful core watch designs, today, Miami-based accessories brand Miansai has upgraded their insides with a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement.

One-Off Ceramics by Leah Reena Goren: The Brooklyn-based illustrator manifests her flower and cat obsession onto dishes and vases to charming result

For a while now, Brooklyn-based illustrator Leah Reena Goren has caused waves due to her cat-influenced prints on tees, scarves and totes.

Homemade Pies from Jam Jar Bakery: Binge-worthy bites baked in single-serving jars, ready to eat

Baking pies right in mason jars isn't a new concept, but you'd be hard pressed to find those as well as executed (both inside and out) as the offerings from NYC's Jam Jar Bakery.

Qudos by Knog: A Prim and Powerful GoPro Light: Open up a new world of possibilities for nighttime shooting

GoPros have changed the way people shoot and share footage. Whether you're strapping yourself up with weatherproof HD cameras for a powder day, looking for a new angle on a shoot, or just messing around with friends, the applications for the ubiquitous cams...