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ListenUp: New music by The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Erykah Badu covers Drake and more in this week's musical round-up

High Water: Moonlight Mind High Water (aka NYC-based musician Will Epstein) has been mostly mum since releasing his debut EP The Beautiful Moon in 2013.

Link About It: This Week's Picks: The women boxers of NYC, housing on Mars and more in this week's look at the web

1. The Women of New York's Boxing Scene With more people turning their attention toward the world of women’s boxing (thanks in part to UFC champion Ronda Rousey), photographer Brittany Carmichael ventured into some of NYC’s boxing gyms to capture......

ListenUp: Erykah Badu: Hotline Bling (Drake cover)

Erykah Badu has recorded the most empowering cover yet of Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” a song that remembers an ex-lover.

Buy: Got This Licked Bag

HAY Mini Market's "Got This Licked" bag is covered in mouths wide open—tongues, teeth and all. The print is made in collaboration with UK graphic artist Jody Barton, and first appeared in their Wrong for Hay collection; the design is now available......

Buy: Swimming Pool Notebook

Inspired by LA in the 1960s, Poketo's useful Swimming Pool notebook contains 128 blank, white pages for you to scribble, doodle and write to your heart's content.

Link About It: Models Wear Models at Rick Owens' Fashion Show

You never know what to expect from a Rick Owens fashion show. Earlier this year he sent models onto the runway wearing outfits that had peepholes for their penises, and his latest show at Paris Fashion didn’t disappoint: it featured models wearing......

Link About It: Ghazaal Vojdani's Visual Identity for Pratt University

Designer Ghazaal Vojdani has created a new visual identity for Pratt University based on the very city in which it’s located: NYC.

Link About It: The Women of New York's Boxing Scene

With more people turning their attention toward the world of women’s boxing (thanks in part to UFC champion Ronda Rousey), photographer Brittany Carmichael ventured into some of NYC’s boxing gyms to capture the city’s fighters.

Opening the Our/Amsterdam Vodka Distillery: Global vision meets local production for a superb new white spirit

There's no business model in the alcohol industry quite like that of Our/Vodka. While headquartered in Stockholm, and owned by France's Pernod Ricard, right now there are nine petite production facilities opened or opening around the world—all of which......

Buy: Life is Fantastic Tea Towel

Bouncing from endearingly odd to throwing around wildly positive vibes, Scotland-based David Shrigley never disappoints.

Buy: Gradient Puzzle

Artist and graphic designer Bryce Wilner's Gradient Puzzle is a feast for the eyes and a true challenge for the brain.

ListenUp: The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Get Some

The prolific, controversial Anton Newcombe, frontman of the now Berlin-based The Brian Jonestown Massacre, is working on releasing new material—and calling the package, straight up, Mini Album Thingy Wingy.

Orvis + Pendleton Dog Accessories Collection: Two heritage brands celebrate 100 years of National Park Service with a collaboration for pups

To celebrate a century of National Park Service (occurring in 2016), heritage brand and outdoors experts Orvis have teamed up with fellow iconic company Pendleton for a collection of pet accessories that will keep your buddy warm, comfortable and......

Link About It: Mealworms Might Be The Solution to Growing Landfills

An unlikely hero has been identified in the fight against the world’s growing landfill problem. As it turns out, mealworms (the crawly larvae found in many science classrooms) can safely and effectively digest styrofoam—the pervasive takeout container......

Wasserman Project's Vibrant New Detroit Arts Space: A renovated firehouse turned Eastern Market interdisciplinary haven

On 25 September 2015—in the midst of Detroit Design Week—a new 5,000 square-foot multimedia arts centered opened its doors for the first time.

Premiere: "Lover Knows" by Steady Sun: A tender song of escape from the Brooklyn band's self-produced album, Flora

Brooklyn band Steady Sun is made up of quite a few passionate music nerds. Frontman Dylan Nowik met drummer Andrew Emge at NYU while they both pursued music studies, while fellow NYU alum and bassist Danny Rose owns his own recording studio in......

From Photos to Fishing Lures, Custom Framing with Framebridge: Finally a service that doesn't cost more than the artwork itself

Earlier this month at the NYC Affordable Art Fair's fall edition, CH favorite Shantell Martin was the official artist-in-residence, taking her black marker to the walls and floor of the programming lounge as well as displaying her own pleasantly......

Buy: Drink Rocks

Newly available at the MoMA Design Store, Oslo-based designer Runa Klock's drink rocks keep the temperature down, without diluting what you're sipping.


SOPHIE, the secretive London-based producer who sometimes hangs with PC Music, has established a cult following with surprisingly few solo tracks (you can count them on one hand) as well as production on songs like QT's "Hey QT," Le1f's “Koi” and even......

Kebei Li Kickstarts His Cubic Cable-Holder : The industrial designer's sculptural brass and copper cord organizers become a reality

Imitation is apparently the greatest form of flattery—but once industrial designer Kebei Li learned that a cheap, almost-too-similar version of the cubic cable holders he designed as a RISD student was being funded on Kickstarter by a new SF-based......