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Buy: Rosé

For a classic French rosé from Provence, find consistent quality from one of the more well-known producers, Domaines Ott, thanks to their gentle approach to nurturing their soil and vines.

Carla Colour Eyewear: An artsy new unisex line by self-taught designer Carla Robertson

Brisbane-raised and Brooklyn-based Carla Robertson had been working as a television producer for about 15 years until a few major life events put everything into focus.

Link About It: Why Caterpillars Are Responsible for Wasabi

Some of our favorite nose-burning condiments—including wasabi and horseradish—are apparently the product of an eons-long battle between caterpillars and plants.

Interview: The Black Lips on Stage Presence: Talking with the band before their Festival d'été de Québec performance

It's difficult to affix a genre to the type of music made by the Black Lips. There are elements of punk and garage rock; there's potency and power—and an immediacy.

Link About It: United Airlines Will Fuel a Flight With Farm Waste

Later this summer, United Airlines will fuel one of its flights with farm waste and oils derived from animal fats—giving “airplane smell” a whole new meaning.

ListenUp: Remi Miles: Under Light Symphonies

Nigerian-born, US-raised and now Brighton-based singer/songwriter Remi Miles performed his track " Under Light Symphonies" at London venue KOKO, and his sharp suit and bouncy moves perfectly reflect the breezy touches of reggae and swing that his......

Link About It: The Ethical Dilemma Behind Preserving World Art

As ancient artifacts become increasingly susceptible to destruction—especially in war-torn regions of the Middle East—Western museums have grown anxious to scoop up these prized pieces of history to protect them in their universal collections.

St Martins Lane Hotel, London: A recently revamped location that is light-filled, modern and welcoming

London’s Theatreland area can sometimes feel a bit stressful, with its scores of tourists rushing to get to the attractions.

DIY Furniture with a Few SNAPs: Make tables out of almost anything with these clamping steel legs, no drilling required

Spanish designers Maria Roca and Erika Biarnes of new company Be-elastic have come up with a creative way to help furniture keep up with our increasing mobile, space-conscious and environmentally-sensitive lives.

Sweden's Latest Bravur Watch Line: Sleek, modern accessories for your wrist

Swedish watchmaker Bravur follows its first entry into the market with a new model this summer. Called the BW002, the piece carries on from where its predecessor left off—remaining true to the company’s distinctive aesthetic and desire to create......

Link About It: Grace Jones Announces Her Upcoming Memoir

In 1981, Grace Jones released a song titled "Art Groupie" in which she sings, "I’ll never write my memoirs." Now—nearly 35 years later—the model, actress, singer and pioneering artist is changing her mind, explaining, “If I don’t, somebody else will......

Link About It: Why We're Adding One Second to Today's Time

If today feels like it's going by slower than usual, it’s because it is. A leap second will be added to today’s time in order to keep the Earth’s rotation in sync with the atomic clock.

Link About It: Dissecting Song Lyrics Through a Feminist Filter

Combining music, film and commentary, British-Jamaican filmmaker Cecile Emeke explores the strong emotional impact—whether good or bad—song lyrics can create in her new docu-series “Lines.” “Sometimes it’s a line that you’ve heard a hundred times and......

East Coast Tinning's Heirloom Copper Cookware: Coppersmith Jim Hamann develops his signature Duparquet line

While in France about 10 years ago, Jim Hamann and his partner ducked into an antique shop and found a huge stockpile of old copper cookware.

ListenUp: Klyne: Paralyzed

Netherlands duo Klyne isn't so, so new—they debuted as Nick Klein (who's on vocals, and Ferdous Dehzad produces) but did a quick name change after they spotted another Nick Klein also gaining traction within the music blogosphere.

Buy: New York Polaroids 1976-1989

Yard Press unveils a more personal perspective from the life of a downtown New Yorker with "New York Polaroids 1976-1989." Some 232 pages are held together with twist stitching and a faux leather cover, and within Swiss photographer and director Edo......

REVISIT + Erickson Woodworking: The Langhorne Stool: A functional and design-minded seat made for adventures

During Robert Erickson’s last year of college, an article about an Appalachian chair-maker piqued his interest.

Mignonne Gavigan's Beaded Shark Scarves: The New York designer's penchant for the finned creature isn't understated

You've probably spotted Mignonne Gavigan's work under another moniker, as she was head footwear designer at Rachel Roy as well as the senior shoe designer for Loeffler Randall.

Link About It: A Sculptural Cabinet That "Peels" Open

Artist and designer Sebastian ErraZuriz’s latest line of experimental furniture explores unconventional ways to interact with cabinetry.

Link About It: Richard Gilligan Captures DIY Skate Parks Around the World

For his new book “DIY,” skater-turned-photographer Richard Gilligan traveled across the world—from Poland to the USA—to capture DIY skateparks and the skateboarders that built them.