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Interview: Jennifer Mehigan: The fine artist goes in depth about the internet, cybersensuality and her remarkable work

There's twofold brilliance within the large-scale works of Sydney-educated, Singapore-based artist Jennifer Mehigan.

Method Studio: Stasis: A bike storage furniture piece fit for a gallery born out of an unlikely collaboration

On the outskirts of Edinburgh, overlooking the famous Forth Bridge, designer and woodworker Callum Robinson's most pressing issue at the moment is keeping his Border Collie puppy from chewing up the furniture.

L'Atelier du Bracelet Parisien: One of a kind, customized, made-to-measure luxury watch straps

Choosing the perfect watch can be a challenge: from price point to design, functionality and complexity, many factors can dictate a direction or even unhinge a commitment.

Intuizione Ploc: Milan's gallery-meets-workshop, where unbridled creativity is king

During Milan Design Week, visitors are faced with an overwhelming array of options of events and showcases, but many won't bother with the Interni guide (which lists all the official events) and they'll go rogue, taking home some of the best tales...

Brewseful: A new app to ensure the perfect coffee, no matter the brewing method

by Emily Bihl With the rise in coffee culture ever increasing and popularizing many intriguing brewing methods—from Chemex to Aeropress to the Kone Brewing System—our morning routines often consist of much more than pressing a button.

Interview: Kyleigh Kühn of Roots of Peace: Discussing development, inspiration and overcoming tragedy with the family-run organization's preeminent humanitarian

At the age of 13, in a remote Croatian minefield, Bay Area-native Kyleigh Kühn's life changed forever.

Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus: The prolific Czech design duo on influences, inspirations and combining function with form

Having met while studying at The Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague several years ago, Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus now work together on various kinds of projects including furniture, lighting, product and interior design....

Cool Hunting Video: Horse Cycles: A Williamsburg company that builds custom bikes to last a lifetime

Thomas Callahan, owner of Horse Cycles, invited CH to his Williamsburg workshop to show us around and explain a little about his impressive craft.

Haack Table: The self-taught customer furniture maker launches mini production runs of his favorite pieces

CH first spoke with Costa Mesa native, Sean Woolsey back in early 2012 when we discovered his pipe lamps, sheet metal paintings and love of the outdoors on Instagram.

Wacamole Ceramic: Personality-filled tabletop and hanging planters to surprise and delight

Spanish company Wacamole Ceramic was founded in 2013 as a joint venture between friends Luis Llamas and Lydia de la Piñera—a sculptor and designer, respectively.

FAKE NATOO : Zhang Na's Shanghai label, designed for the independent woman with a warm heart

Over the past few years, more and more independent Chinese fashion designers have been garnering attention and appreciation—and one of the loudest voices is that of Zhang Na (aka LALA), who studied fashion design at Xi'an Academy...

Satta + Stevie Gee: Be Love Now: Hand-painted skate decks inspired by surfing's transition to the streets for London's Pick Me Up graphic arts festival

London's Brixton neighborhood is fast becoming a bastion of creativity and artisan craftwork south of the river.

Charged: HYT Watches: Fluid mechanics meets haute horlogerie in the Swiss company's innovative architectural masterpieces

It was 2012 when Swiss watchmaker HYT (short for Hydro Technology) shocked the industry with its H1 wristwatch, but the initial design for the first watch to indicate time with liquid began almost a decade...

Solid & Striped Swimwear: A stylish modernization of classic designs for men, and a women's line debut

In the world of swimwear, patterns can be polarizing and acceptable sizes, shapes and styles vary per season.

Interview: Museum of Love: Longtime friends Pat Mahoney (of LCD Soundsystem) and Dennis McNeary on their new band and very "un-DFA" record

While the much-loved LCD Soundsystem disbanded in 2011, drummer Pat Mahoney has hardly remained idle.

Prefabulous World: Sustainable architecture and green building solutions with style from around the world

As sustainability becomes a greater concern across all fields, advances in materials technology and design mean aesthetics are no longer sacrificed for a reduced carbon footprint.

Spring Gardening Gear: Our favorites across rare seeds and hydroponics to smart tools and watering cans

Everyone can be a gardener with a little effort, proper scheduling and a dedicated plot of land. Whether or not you're interested in toying with orach or purple tree collards, or having your plants tweet, maybe this is the year you dig...

Love Grain : A healthy, tasty gluten-free pancake and waffle mix based on the tiniest grain in the world, Ethiopian teff

There's a new ancient grain in town, and it goes by the name of teff. The tiniest grain in the world is native to Ethiopia, where it's mainly used to bake injera; the flatbread that's a national dish and eaten daily in households....

Wear No Evil: A new book from Greta Eagan shows that sustainability and style are no longer mutually exclusive

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, an estimated 14.3 million tons of textiles waste were generated in 2012—that's not necessarily something you think about when trying to wiggle into a pair of jeans in the fitting room.

James Victore: Burning Questions : The graphic designer's web series serves up a dose of sage wisdom for the creative set

The lives of designers, freelancers and creatives are fraught with ups and downs. Projects come, contracts go, clients run the gamut from perfect to impossible, and sometimes the creative juices just don't flow when they're most needed.