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ListenUp: Starchild + the New Romantic: Can I Come Over?

Starchild + the New Romantic (aka Bryndon Cook) delivers wild, exploratory funk with his latest release "Can I Come Over?

Link About It: The Return of Nuclear-Powered Rockets

The atomic energy sector has seen little advancement since its introduction, especially in the United States.

The Latest from Japanese Outdoor Brand, Goldwin: The Toyama brand pushes their streamlined innovation further and also opens a NYC pop-up

Founded in Oyabe City in Toyama Prefecture, Goldwin has been producing sporting goods since the late 1950s.

Buy: My Ariel

Sylvia Plath's second book of poetry "Ariel" (famously edited and rearranged by her husband Ted Hughes) was published two years after her death.

Link About It: Ping Pong at the New York Philharmonic

Pairing sound from a US National Table Tennis champion face-off with a full symphony, the New York Times has made a captivating and supremely dramatic 90-second video.

Dekar Design Updates West Village Icon Bobo After 10 Years: The restaurant's original interior designers meticulously overhaul its aesthetic a decade later

For more than a decade, stepping into the century-old townhouse at the corner of West 10th Street and Seventh Avenue meant exploring a luxuriant culinary experience paired with whimsical decor.

TriBeCa's Hydroponic Wonderland of Herbs and Spices, Farm.One: An urban vertical farm producing rare ingredients for some of NYC's best restaurants

There's one window into TriBeCa's Farm.One, a series of hydroponic vertical gardens producing greens for some of NYC's best restaurants.

Buy: Line Miner XM Harmony Fade Goggles

Made with Oakley’s latest Prizm lens, the Line Miner XM Harmony Fade goggles enhance cyan and red to help best distinguish snow contrast in a stark landscape of white.

Link About It: "Black Panther" Pays Homage to Several African Cultures

Marvel's "Black Panther" costume designers Ruth Carter and Hannah Beachler pay homage to several African cultures through their work in the film.

ListenUp: I’m With Her: Game to Lose

In a collaboration that began as an impromptu performance in Telluride in 2014, I’m With Her has just released their first full-length studio album.

Word of Mouth: Buenos Aires: Cocktail lounges, craft coffee bars, the best meats and more in the bustling Argentinian city

by Ari Bendersky A cosmopolitan city bustling with energy, Buenos Aires is a jewel in South America that not enough North Americans visit.

ZsONAMACO 2018: The Universal Language of Angles: Exploring geometric abstraction at the Mexico City art fair

Just over a century old, geometric abstraction has remained an enduring and continuously evolving movement in the Western art world.

ListenUp: I’m With Her: Game to Lose

In a collaboration that began as an impromptu performance in Telluride in 2014, I’m With Her has just released their first full-length studio album.

Link About It: Apple Watch Sales Beat Combined Swiss Watch Sales

Throughout all of 2017, every Swiss watch brand combined outsold the Apple Watch—24 million units to 18 million.

ListenUp: Garden City Movement: Bitter Moon

From their just-released album Appollonia, Tel Aviv-based electronic trio Garden City Movement's "Bitter Moon" was inspired by the 1992 movie of the same name.

Winter Hair and Skincare Essentials: Eight products used to hydrate, nourish and protect during the colder months

All seasons require attention to skin and hair, but the winter months provide a certain type of duress.

ListenUp: Frank Ocean covers "Moon River," Dita Von Teese sings with Sébastien Tellier and more

Frank Ocean: Moon River (cover) There have been hundreds of covers of "Moon River" since the original (performed by Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's") but Frank Ocean's surprise version—released today—is certainly one of the most beautiful......

Link About It: This Week's Picks: Computer-generated candy hearts, a dating site for gorillas, an LGBTQ+ plaid from Burberry and more

1. Official Barack and Michelle Obama Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery Today, at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald became the first black painters to unveil commissioned presidential......

Six "When Will Winter End" Cocktails : Concoctions with extraordinary stories to tide us all over until spring

We are almost there. Those of us who have endured months of gray skies, erratic temperatures and unfriendly precipitation can perk up over the fact that we're now midway through February—sometimes considered the most demeaning of months in the Northern......

Link About It: Artists Awarded Millions in 5Pointz Case

A victory for the group of artists whose work was painted over back in 2013, a judge has ruled in their favor in their case against real estate developer Gerald Wolkoff.