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Grundig and the Future of Food, Design and Interaction: The appliance-maker thinks about the home, but also the globe

When it comes to designing and engineering household appliances, one of the most significant issues is energy and water consumption.

Link About It: Hangover-Free Alcohol

Created by Professor David Nutt, a synthetic alcohol called 'alcosynth' might be the solution to your hangovers.

Link About It: Casper's Insomnobot-3000 Will Text You When You Can't Sleep

Casper wants to make us all sleep better with the help of their mattresses and linens, but evidently they understand that sometimes it's impossible to snooze—so they built Insomnobot-3000.

ListenUp: Ryan Hemsworth: 3AM O4W Mixtape

Canadian DJ/producer Ryan Hemsworth has just released his "3AM O4W" mixtape, and it's full of unreleased remixes and reworks of tracks by the likes of Kornél Kovács, Lucas, Kodak Black and more.

Link About It: Hangover-Free Alcohol

Created by Professor David Nutt, synthetic alcohol called 'alcosynth' might be the solution to your hangovers.

CH Global Spin: Hollow, Bristol: Artist Katie Paterson’s public installation at the Royal Fort Gardens combines 10,000 unique tree species to form a microcosm of Earth’s natural history

Kids understand it as a giant climbing structure of tricky proportions. Adults recognize it as an intriguing public sculpture and when inside, an opportunity for a moment of zen.

Buy: The Girls: a Novel

A beautifully written book, Emma Cline's debut novel "The Girls" explores the secret lives of adolescent girls; the perils of the in-between.

Soxfords' Cheeky New Tie Collection: Deviled eggs, Hula girls and a party monster add some well designed fun to your look

In the limited world of men's accessories, ties (and bowties) are often given the mighty task of making a statement.

Link About It: Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture

Though the museum was originally proposed a century ago, Washington DC's Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture finally opened its doors this past weekend.

Converse Essentials Collection: Launching the new range for all genders, along with a collaboration with Fragment founder Hiroshi Fujiwara

Diverging from the tech-heavy, '90s-influenced activewear and athleisure gear that's still saturating the industry, Converse announced its Essentials collection today.

ListenUp: Francis And The Lights feat. Kanye West: My City's Gone

Francis and the Lights (Francis Farewell Starlite's project) has just released a gorgeous, minimal but still grand track called "My City's Gone." The song features Kanye West, but in a way that might not be obvious or expected: West's contributions......

Link About It: Snapchat Announces Video-Enabled Sunglasses

While Google Glass didn't really take off (yet), Snapchat evidently thinks there's still something in tech specs as they have just announced their video-enabled sunglasses: Spectacles.

Adam J Kurtz's "Pick Me Up: a Pep Talk for Now and Later": An activity book full of sound advice and existential, gallows humor

Brooklyn-based artist and designer Adam J Kurtz is launching his second book, "Pick Me Up: a Pep Talk for Now and Later" (the follow-up to "1 Page at a Time"), and it's very much an activity guide for grown-ups.

ListenUp: Sexual innuendo from Tegan and Sara, new music by Dirty Projectors, a video from Bloc Party and more in our musical round-up

Dirty Projectors: Keep Your Name After teasing us about new music for the first time in seemingly forever, Dirty Projectors (the project of producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist David Longstreth) has released a new track: the strange and wonderful......

Link About It: This Week's Picks: A new, intimate documentary about David Lynch; a functional 18-karat gold toilet; a clock made of trucks and more

1. "David Lynch: The Art Life" Documentary An intimate and fascinating look at the life of the brilliant filmmaker and artist David Lynch will premiere at next month's London Film Festival.

The First Futurecraft Shoe from adidas' Speedfactory: The Made-For-Germany sneakers demonstrates the factory's sheer proficiency

Not only is adidas making a push toward decentralizing their manufacturing—a move that will make truly local products in record (robotically-powered) time—they've also unveiled the first-ever shoe from their flagship Speedfactory concept production......

ListenUp: Kehlani: CRZY

Kehlani's You Should Be Here was a gift that kept giving last year, and now she helps us cling to summer with her new video for "CRZY." The sun-drenched clip features Kehlani and a diverse bunch of dancers showing off moves choreographed by Antoine......

September Scotch: Three Times Distilled Auchentoshan Single Malts: How the process affects flavor, and why it's OK to use this whisky in cocktails

The distillery for single malt Scotch brand Auchentoshan (pronounced "AWK-EN-TOSH-EN") can be considered geographically distinct for an uncommon reason.

Link About It: How Early Humans Migrated From Africa

Three recently published papers suggest that "modern non-Africans originate from a single out-of-Africa migration." This is believed because the three studies analyzed genomes from 787 people who come from over 270 populations all over the world—and......

Link About It: Hillary Clinton on "Between Two Ferns"

Certainly a scarier interview scenario than appearing on Jimmy Fallon, a very brave Hillary Clinton was interviewed by the brilliantly weird and funny Zach Galifanakis on "Between Two Ferns." The results are just as awkward and thoughtful as fans of......