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Landforms: Paying Respect to the Spirit of Life

Jason Fiske, whose art we’ve admired before, is conquering new territory with Landforms. He moves from two-dimensional to three-dimensional pieces made of wood and other natural materials.

A Rural Home in Suffolk for a Retiring Couple

Designed by Mole Architects for a retiring couple, Stackyard is a two-story home on the border of Palgrave village in Suffolk that neighbors a farmhouse.

Ostrich Pillow Mini: A Personal Power Nap Pillow

Our quest for the perfect nap accessory continues and the new Ostrich Pillow Mini from kawamura-ganjavian for Studio Banana will make the power nap that much easier.

Ghostly & Behance Action Method Notebooks For Designers

The Action Method? In essence, it’s the process of breaking down a project into three primary components: action steps (specific tasks; “do this”), reference (notes, sketches, research, links), and things on the backburner (“for later, but worth keeping”).

A Dutch Table Goes Low

If you’ve ever stayed at the Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam, you might have spotted the Lloyd table by Christoph Seyferth of Serener.

Win A Modern Bean Bag Chair from Lujo!

The following post is brought to you by Lujo. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design.

H2O Bilbao: A Water Pitcher Designed for Charity

Bosa partnered with designer Patricia Urquiola to design a water pitcher for a charity project. H2O Bilbao is a reinterpreted ceramic Kaiku, a traditional, iconic container from the Basque culture made of wood that was used for milk and to warm up liquids.

Small Stockholm Apartment Lets Its Past Take The Stage

This apartment in Stockholm, Sweden had been nothing more than a space for storage for 30 years. During that time, the owner had started a renovation in the 1980s but that was halted when he became sick.

Eras of Design Inspire Custom 3D Printed Covers For the Panasonic LUMIX GM1

It was just last week we shared the insights and opinions of industrial designer David Tonge about the future of digital photography, a conversation which led to the importance of retaining a physical connection with the mechanical past even as our interactions with design becomes increasingly virtual.

Sebastian Foster x Design Milk Print Collection: Britt Bass Turner

I am excited about the release of another limited edition affordable art print created in collaboration with some of my favorite contemporary artists and art gallery Sebastian Foster.

Trio: A Jointless Stool by Andrea Quiros-Balma

Recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Andrea Quiros-Balma finds herself in NYC working as a furniture and fibers designer.

Friday Five with Rossella Bisazza

This week’s Friday Five explores the mind of Rossella Bisazza, the Communication Director of Bisazza, the industry’s leading brand of luxury glass mosaic tile (previous posts).

A Portable, Flexible and Affordable Cardboard Standing Desk

You’ve probably noticed how standing desks are becoming more and more popular as it’s pretty obvious that so much sitting is bad for us.

New Wool Felt and Cork Wall Coverings from Submaterial

Modern wall decor brand brand Submaterial has recently re-imagined their most popular wall hanging patterns into wool felt and cork wall coverings.

H Launches the Loom Collection

H has expanded their line of furniture with the release of the Loom Collection, which includes the Loom Chair and the Loom Stool.

Fresh From The Dairy: West Coast

Our superPAC exhibition at WestEdge Design Fair launches today (Booth #201!), so in honor, I chose Society6 artwork on a West Coast theme.

MOAI: Vases Inspired by Massive Stone Statues on Easter Island

Raul Frollà designed a pair of monolith-like, molded stoneware vases for Incipit which were inspired by the massive, human stone statues on Easter Island, hence their name MOAI.

Akatsuka House by MDS Co.Ltd

Akatsuka House is a minimalist home located in Tokyo, Japan, designed by MDS Co.Ltd. The architects wanted to create a residence that provided shelter against the natural environment and outside noises without completely isolating the residents from the outside.

Fossil: Tiles Inspired by Prehistoric Imprints on Rock Formations

Polish multidisciplinary designer Kasia Zareba designed the Fossil tile collection where she interpreted prehistoric imprints of plants and animals that appear on rock formations and turned them into a modern day design on tile.

A Shoreditch Warehouse is Renovated into Vibrant Spaces

Located on Calvin Street in Shoreditch, London, a rundown Victorian warehouse was recently converted into three loft apartments by Chris Dyson Architects.