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2014 Gift Guide: Him

Besides the usual suspects from the gadget and sports-related categories, men aren’t always the recipient of the most creative gifts.

Creative Designs from the Barilla L’arte della Cucina Poster Design Contest

When I agreed to be a judge in the L’arte della Cucina poster design competition from Barilla Sauce, I had no idea how many amazing entries and creative ideas there would be!

NOWNESS In Residence: Knud Holscher [VIDEO]

A new edition of NOWNESS’s In Residence series, goes inside the modern brick home of famed Danish architect and designer Knud Holscher.

Castor Design’s Modern Oil Lamp

Sometime in your life you’ve probably seen an oil lamp, even if you weren’t around when people actually used them all the time—you know, “back in the day”.

Stencil Watch by Nendo Inspired by Drafting Tools

Stencil is a minimalist design created by Tokyo-based firm Nendo. The wristwatch is inspired by the drafting instruments utilized by draftsmen for creating precise plans and drawings.

Documenting One of America’s Relics: The Rest Stop

Photographer Ryann Ford is on a mission to make sure she documents a dying breed of architecture: the American roadside rest stop.

Handcrafted Wood Furniture from Israeli Designer Alon Dodo

Israeli designer Alon Dodo can craft some pretty wicked wood furniture. With the design motto of “perfection of imperfection”, Dodo believes that the natural weathering of wood doesn’t detract from furniture – rather, it adds depth and personality.

Compartes Melrose: A Chocolate Shop in Los Angeles

AAmp Studio designed a place you could die happy. First, the design is a design lover’s dream and second, it’s a chocolate shop.

A Set of Tools for People Who Have Difficulties Eating

One of our dear friends and former Pinch intern, Louise Knoppert, debuted her latest product concept at Dutch Design Week.

2014 Gift Guide: Her

Shopping for that special lady in your life (or yourself, am I right ladies?) is pretty important. Gifts don’t have to cost thousands of dollars to be well-received as it’s the thought that means the most.

LOGIFACES: A Concrete Puzzle for Digital Minds

LOGIFACES is a new geometric puzzle that stimulates the mind, while also acting as some nice-looking home decor.

An Outdoor Collection Inspired by Musical Instruments

Looking at musical instruments and figuring out a way to use them differently, Eugeni Quitllet designed BUM BUM for Vondom, a design that makes you think of a person holding a shell up to their ear to hear the music of the ocean.

Insect Byproducts Used to Create Sculptural Objects

Yep, you read that right. Insect byproducts. Growing up in a family of beekeepers, Britain-based designer Marlène Huissoud was always intrigued by the idea of using insects and their waste streams to create artifacts.

A Modern Thai Boxing Gym by Spray Architecture

All gyms kind of look the same, don’t they? A little tired and not very inspiring. Then there’s La belle equipe, a Thai boxing gym in Paris designed by Spray Architecture.

2014 Gift Guide: Kids

When it comes to gifts for kids, the sky is the limit. With a little imagination and thought, you can come up with some cool, creative toys and gifts that the kids in your life will love for a long time.

Geometric Sculptural Paintings by Zin Helena Song

Zin Helena Song is a Korean artist based in New York City who is creating vibrant geometric paintings and sculptures on wood and canvas.

New Talent in the City of Kortrijk

We have already posted about the Biennale Interieur Expo itself, but perhaps even more interesting was the city program – a visually-linked trail on Buda Island in the heart of Kortrijk, described by organizers as “an inspirational route with young design talent, cultural installations and spaces of encounter.” InHale by Ben Storms: a marble block weighing over 200kg carried on an inflated metal cushion.

Where I Work: Marc Thorpe

We visit New York City to check in on the Union Square studio of architect and industrial designer Marc Thorpe who manages to bridge the gap between architecture, design, and technology.

2014 Gift Guide: iPhone 6 Accessories

Well, hello there. This is the first time we’re EVER doing gift guides here on Design Milk. We hope you enjoy them!

Two Boring, Connected Bedrooms Get an Alpine Chalet Look

Two adjacent bedrooms with a bathroom in between becomes two modern sleeping areas inspired by an alpine chalet in a project called MATT.