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Designerbox#19: Drago Light by Maurizio Galante

Have you heard of designerbox? They’re an online concept shop that works with designers to create unique and limited edition design objects that are sent out each month starting out at about 29€ a month (approx.

Textscapes: Words That Come Right Off the Page, Literally

Hongtao Zhou, a Chinese artist and designer who lives in Hawaii, creates 3D documents that marry technology with text.

Lindavista: A Modern Chair Made with Folded Valchromat

Mexican designer Rodrigo Osornio’s latest project, the Lindavista Chair, is an industrial style chair constructed with Valchromat, a material that is described as a combination of wood fiber board and a solid surface.

Illusion Chair by Gabriel Särkijärvi

Made of birch wood and jute webbing, this simple chair actually has an artistic detail: an illusion of the designers face created out of the slatted backrest.

A Serene Home Designed for a Restaurant Owner

Jon Mikulic, Newline Design’s founder, completed this house in the Richmond suburb of Melbourne, Australia for a local restaurant owner.

Exploded View: Manipulating Light with Movement

Recent Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Sam van Gurp’s final show explores light and how it can be manipulated through movement.

Form Matters: Wearable Concrete Jewelry

Concrete is a pretty amazing material. Form Matters explores the dual nature of concrete — of how it can be used to create architectural masterpieces meant to last hundreds of years to wearable, everyday accessories.

Peg-it-all Pegboards by Kreisdesign

Designer Nikki Kreis, of Kreisdesign, has launched a storage solution based on the ever-practical pegboard called Peg-it-all Pegboards.

Friday Five with Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush heads up Los Angeles-based Jamie Bush & Co., an interior design firm that he founded in 2002.

A Full Gut Renovation Merges Two Apartments into One

Vinegar Hill Apartment is the work of Brooklyn-based General Assembly, which required a full gut renovation to combine two new builder grade apartments in a developer’s building.

Marocchino: A Half Cabinet by Rossella Ramanzini

Italian artist Rossella Ramanzini has amassed quite the portfolio of modern, hand-painted furniture that does away with all preconceived notions of the genre.

Paperlain: Paper Porcelain Pendant Lamps

Paperlain is a collection of pedant lamps designed by Ahsayane Studio using a material mix of porcelain, recycled paper and ceramic pigments.

Fresh From The Dairy: Shower Curtain Roundup

Shower curtains are one of those items that you don’t really think about all that much until you’re redecorating your bathroom and you realize that they take up a large portion of your space!

Fresh Finds at Las Vegas Market 2015

This week I headed to Las Vegas to check out the January Las Vegas Market show. I snapped it up on Instagram here and also on the Market’s Instagram account, sharing some of my faves while at the show, but here are my absolutely top picks: Alessi’s new Trinity bowl: I’m obsessed with this.

Tsukuba-Aiji-en by Ks Architects

Tsukuba-Aiji-en is a minimalist children’s nursing home located in Ibaraki, Japan, designed by Ks Architects.

Cicret Bracelet Turns Skin Into a Touchscreen Display

After years of wearing early iterations of smart wearable devices (whether for fitness or for data/communication) and perusing the aisles of new and upcoming wearables at this year’s CES, I’ve come to the conclusion the technology still has a way to go before become natural extensions of our lives and universally adopted.

A Brussels Apartment Gets a Renovation

Belgian architecture studio AUXAU designed this renovation of an apartment in Brussels. In just a matter of months they turned a typical three-in-a-row apartment (three connected rooms in row) in a house into a modern, two-bedroom apartment with lots of light.

Your New Pal, A Stool from Hem

We loved Hem’s debut collection and their new Pal stool is a cute new addition. Following along the same Scandinavian-inspired lines as the other pieces in their line, the Pal is a versatile piece that works with all kinds of decor.

Painting with Drones: The Art of KATSU

Let me first warn that these aren’t particularly pretty, but that isn’t the point. The point is that artist KATSU is remote-controlling a FLYING ROBOT that sprays paint!

Tweak, an Intelligent Bag from BirdWalk

BirdWalk is a brand new Portuguese design studio founded by Sara Ventura. Newly opened this year, they recently debuted their first product, Tweak.