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2014 Kitchen Trend Spotting with Susan Serra

Our fantastic friend Susan Serra, CKD, CAPS shares a few exciting new innovations and trends in modern kitchen design.  Observing kitchen design trends from year to year can be all about nuanced changes, and kitchen trend spotting for 2014 is no different.

Fresh From The Dairy: Portraits

This week, I had my picture taken so I started thinking about portraits… here are some fun portraits that I like created by members of Society6′s artist community.

Tiles Made From Hard-to-Recycle Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT)

Ever think about those old TVs we used to have long before our beloved flat panels? Those big, boxy television sets, along with computer monitors, were outfitted with Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT) that are now overtaking landfills with about 860 million pounds of waste because they’re extremely hard to recycle.

DIY Portable Hanging Wall Pocket

In this house, things tend to pile up quickly. Specifically, on my desk – I’ll spare you the “before” picture.

Lytro Illum: The Storyteller’s Digital Camera

Back in 2011 Lytro caught the photography world by surprise by introducing a camera unlike any other, a rectangular monocular with the capability of instantly refocusing focal points of photographs at the tap of a screen.

ZooM: 3D Printed Lampshades by Michiel Cornelissen

Michiel Cornelissen is always coming up with the most clever designs that I really want to own. His latest is a 3D printed lamp that’s kind of like a flexible textile.

Coleraine Residence by Naturehumaine

Coleraine Residence is a minimalist house located in Montreal designed by Naturehumaine. The project was completed for a real estate developer on the corner of a quaint residential neighborhood. One of the major impediments of the project was maintaining the two-row house requirement on an 8.7-meter lot without sacrificing natural lighting.

Sun Rising Lamp Inspired by a New Year Tradition

Sun Rising Lamp is a peaceful creation from Japanese design firm, h220430. In Japan, it’s a tradition for people to worship at sunrise on the beginning of the year, with new spirits and hopes and recite their New Year’s resolution.

10 Modern Colorful Watering Cans

To get your garden ready just in time for summer means watering your plants. Make it more fun with the help of one of these ten modern watering cans.

Monique-Corriveau Library Housed in an Old Church

What once was the Saint-Denys-du-Plateau church in Montreal has now become the Monique-Corriveau Library with the help of Dan Hanganu and Côté Leahy Cardas Architects.

Milan 2014: designersblock

designersblock is known for popping up in interesting empty buildings, and this year occupied La Galleria della Moda, a shopping arcade in Milan’s San Gregorio district that has been closed for 20 years.

Vik Muniz and the Photography of Photography

For over two decades, artist Vik Muniz has meticulously arranged and photographed things to look like other things: portraits in dripped chocolate, monsters out of caviar, and “paintings” from warehouses full of junk.

New Textile-Focused Pieces from Darono

Darono, a Portuguese home brand, recently debuted their new pieces for the home this past January at Maison & Objet.

Strap Chair by Scholten & Baijings for Moustache

The lightweight and stackable Strap Chair was designed by Scholten & Baijings for French furniture maker Moustache, to celebrate their 5th anniversary.

Cut & Paste Wallpaper Collection by All The Fruits

Never has wallpaper made me squee quite like All The Fruits new Cut & Paste wallpaper collection. I’m one of those people who has a hard time making up their mind when it comes to long-term commitment so the fact that this wallpaper is a mix of various colors and patterns makes my indecisive heart really happy.

Google Glass Aiming to Transform How We Travel

Google has been playing slow and careful when it comes to rolling out Google Glass beyond a small, albeit passionate, community of early-adopters and developers known as Explorers.

Milan 2014: SaloneSatellite

The SaloneSatellite was launched in 1998 to bring together the most promising new designers from all over the world and immediately became an incubator of young creative talent.

City-Inspired Sculptures by Rodger Stevens

Rodger Stevens is an artist and sculptor that creates epic sculptures out of many different materials including steel, wire, and iron.

Gus* Modern Launches New Furniture Designs

It never fails – Gus* Modern always launches the most amazing new pieces of furniture during High Point Market, and this year they brought it with some innovative sofas and tables.

A Visit to Blend&Blender

In September 2013, Netherlands-based designer Marcel Ossendrijverof M.OSS Design, started Blend&Blender with his girlfriend.