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Friday Five with Nico Marques

Nico Marques was raised in Portugal but found himself in Los Angeles to study at SciARC, where he received his Master’s Degree in architecture.

Five Travel Accessories for the Organized Designer’s Bag

Travel enough and you’ll quickly realize overpacking can be more hindrance than help. Yet you never want to find yourself without a tool for getting work done.

Fresh From The Dairy: Duvet Covers

It seems like Society6 is on a roll with textiles – their latest release is duvet covers. I am super extra excited about this because I was hoping to snag something more original for my bedroom.

A Modern Duplex in New York City’s West Village

NYC Interior Design renovated and redesigned this three bedroom, three bathroom duplex located in the West Village.

Graphic Textiles by NoMoreTwist

Belgian textile studio NoMoreTwist has created a new, 100% made in Belgium, collection of rugs and cushions for 2014 called ‘Histoires naturelles.’ The three collections are available in two ranges of vivid colors, and evoke natural beauty inspired by work of engraver Ernst Haeckel, a big name in 18th century naturalist illustration.

Support the Vignelli Legacy

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Massimo Vignelli, a great design mind and one of the most influential designers of this century.

Formwork Desk Accessories by Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, of Industrial Facility, designed a stackable collection of desk accessories for Herman Miller called Formwork.

The Runners House by AR Design Studio

The Runners House is a minimalist home located in Winchester, England, designed by AR Design Studio. The home, nestled along a leafy lane on the outskirts of Winchester, was once an antiquated building now transformed into its contemporary state.

Play Hookie With These Hanging Planters

From Finland comes a hanging planter called the Hookie, which has a tiny hook at the bottom so that you can hook them to one another to form a larger unit.

Roundup: 10 Modern Outdoor Dinnerware Options

1. Modern Wood Chevron 10″ Melamine Plate by Nicole Porter  2. Design Letters Melamine Plate, Bowl, & Cup  3.

A Semi-Detached House on a Hill in Montreal

Built within an inner-city suburb of Montreal, the Lansdowne House, designed by Affleck de la Riva architects, is located on a street with rich heritage, and steep inclines and plateaus.

Decorate Your Walls With the Internet: The EO1 Photo Frame

When first unveiled, pixel display digital frames seemed the obvious replacement for traditional photo frames.

Stitching Photographs: Various Approaches

An exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery in New York this summer explores the approaches of 11 artists who take a needle and thread to photographs.

Platform: A Line of Bathroom Accessories by Brad Ascalon for pba

Designer Brad Ascalon teamed up with pba on a collection of bathroom accessories that aims to up your bathroom’s ambience.

Bring Gourmet Cooking Outdoors with LA PLANCHA

French company ENO is launching LA PLANCHA®, a brand new way to cook in the great wild, er, or your backyard.

Interview: Samuel Wilkinson

The Design Milk/CraneTV team went to London to visit with industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson, whose work you might be familiar with.

This Pen-Style Device Hides Multiple Screwdrivers in One

mininch studio has designed the Tool Pen, a lightweight and portable alternative to a screwdriver set.

Architecture That Makes The Most of Indoor-Outdoor Living

One of the benefits of living in California is getting to spend so much time outdoors all year long and with that being said, it’s no wonder people want the exterior to be just as important as the interior.

OmieBox: The Healthier Lunch Box for Kids

OmieBox is a new, healthier lunch box that focuses on form and function. A far cry from the typical Dora the Explorer lunch boxes, OmieBox has an innovative design that will transform the way young children eat lunch, emphasizing healthy habits early on.

Linda Sieto Does It Again with Undertone Leather Bags

We’re clearly big fans of Budapest-based accessory designer Linda Sieto, and her newest collection Undertone, does not disappoint.