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The Unbutton Collection by Cristina Bulat

Made up of two bedside tables and a sideboard, the Unbutton Collection, designed by Cristina Bulat, was inspired by the outfits of pinup models.

A NYC Warehouse Becomes a Penthouse Loft

Turett Collaborative Architects took this former Greenwich Street warehouse and created a modern penthouse loft while maintaining parts of its historic past.

Open Doors at Openstudio, Designblok Prague

Openstudio was one of the highlights of my first visit to Designblok in Prague. As with all the events of the festival, it was held within a building normally closed to the public – in this case in Dum U Minuty (The house “at the minute”) on Prague Old Town Square, a stunning example of high-Renaissance architecture outside and more contemporary functionalism inside.

The Samsung Induction Range Projects Virtual LED Flames

Induction cooking – an electromagnetic technology which heats faster, is thermally more efficient, and provides more consistent heating across surfaces compared to either gas or traditional electric stovetops – has quickly staked a spot amongst upper tier home kitchen appliances.

Multifunctional Sound Absorbent Screen System for the Office

Designer Stefan Borselius has joined forces with Abstracta to create an aesthetically pleasing and hyper functional sound-absorbent screen system, called Domo.

Dulwich Residence by Naturehumaine

Dulwich Residence is a minimalist home located in Montreal, Canada, designed by Naturehumaine. Situated near Montreal’s south shore, the clients wanted a contemporary extension that would coexist with their existing 1920′s residence.

Puzzle-Like Side Table by Herr M

Taking inspiration from a children’s puzzle, Hamburg, Germany based Herr M designed a side table with hidden storage called Schiebepuzzle.

A Light-Filled, Industrial Loft in Barcelona

Planell-Hirsch Oficina de Arquitectura took on the interior design of Loft 2 in an old factory building in Barcelona, Spain.

Super New Work at Designblok’s Superstudio

The stunning Art Nouveau Grand Hotel Europe, originally designed by architects Bedrich Bendelmayer and Alois Dryak, opened its doors for the first time in decades as part of the Designblok premise of hosting design events in buildings not normally open to the public.

BRANCH RECIPE: Salt-and-Vinegar Tater Tots

These tater tots are basically an excuse to eat french fries in a party setting. We’re using what nature gave us — the starch in the potatoes — to bind them together haphazardly; when assembled and fried, each bundle should have the spiky haphazard look of a handful of spaghetti.

Cubic Rubber Bands from Nendo

Sometimes a simple idea can be, well, genius. Take for instance these Cubic Rubber Bands from Nendo. Super simple, yet so smart.

DOCKS: One Module, Endless Possibilities

Romero Vallejo is leaving the possibilities up to you with their latest design. The DOCKS collection for Gandia Blasco is made up of one module that can be used in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Anda: An Inflatable Chair by Tehila Guy

There’s been a time or two that blowup furniture has hit the market with a bang but for the most part, you were hovering so close to the ground while you were sitting that it was impossible to get up.

A Taiwanese Home Where the Kitchen Takes the Stage

Located in Kaohsiung city, Taiwan, The Family Playground is a new project completed by House Design studio.

New Leather Tech Goods from Italian Brand Soffio

Soffio is a new Italian brand based out of Chiampo Valley, offering fine leather tech accessories. With clean, minimal lines and functional twists, each piece is handmade from naturally aged leather.

Colored Pencils That Reveal Your Inner Qualities

The School of Life has launched a unique set of pencils that aim to help reveal your inner qualities.

Modal Lamp by Studio McKenzie-Veal

Studio McKenzie-Veal recently completed a brand new project for The Modal lamp, inspired by the versatility of a classic workshop clamp lamp, brings the portability of that idea and creates an elegant version for inside the home.

Where I Work: Rachel Castle

For this month’s Where I Work, we head to the Sydney, Australia workshop of Rachel Castle, whose work spans multiple mediums, including textiles, paint, printmaking, sewing, you name it.

SA™: The Umbrella Reimagined by Nooka

Umbrellas have pretty much been the same for, well, forever. Now, designers Matthew Waldman of Nooka and Justin Nagelberg have partnered up to reimagine the rainy day accessory.

“You Are How You Eat” Design Contest – Vote For Your Favorite to Win!

Our “You Are How You Eat” contest entries are in and the esteemed judges from our partners, Adobe, Alessi and Shapeways, have selected their top 10 favorites.