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A Modular Apartment in Tel Aviv with a Cool Staircase

The Tel Aviv-based firm Toledano + architects designed the Duplex Penthouse complete with a surrounding roof terrace.

Acoustic Tile Inspired by Bricklaying, Parquets, and Woodwork

BAUX, the brand started by Form Us With Love, has designed a new acoustic tile that was inspired by wood, parquet, and bricklaying.

American Rag x CLAE Hoffman Sneakers Find Inspiration in the SoCal Landscape

The colorway and style is described as “a distinct nod to Southern California’s sand, snow and luxury lifestyles”.

Female Factor: Stories of Success from Women in Design

Palm Springs Modernism Week is full of vintage eye candy, retro fixtures and finishes and a glorious, overwhelming abundance of mid-century-meets-modern architecture and design.

A Stool Made From Only One Sheet of Plywood

Mu Hau Kao, a design graduate at the Camberwell College of Arts, has created a stool made from a single sheet of plywood in a design that is so sleek, it won the coveted 2015 New Designer’s award at 100% Design in London.

Friday Five with Thom Fougere

Thom Fougere impressed us with his 2015 collection at the end of the year after only having founded his studio that Fall.

10 Red Objects You’ll Fall In Love With

For February, we’re skipping the usually heart-shaped gear in favor of great modern objects in shades of red.

A New Eichler Neighborhood is Born in Palm Springs

A few years ago we announced the exciting news that KUD Properties was bringing the Eichler back. They began building new Eichler homes in an exclusive Palm Springs neighborhood.

Lips, Lips, Lips!

I can’t help it. I went down a rabbit hole on Society6 looking at lips and couldn’t stop. There’s something so captivating about lips, and so many different ways to draw, paint and design them… here are some of my favorites: Shock pillow by Miriam3776 Lips framed art print by Alexa_dillon Sophie Lips by THE AESTATE Ink Lips tote bag by Mjenai Lips phone case by CharlotteWinter Don’t forget about the new Society6 Art Quarterly / No.1.1: In an ongoing effort to support independent artists from around the world, Design Milk is proud to partner with Society6 to offer The Design Milk Dairy, a special collection of Society6 artists’ work curated by Design Milk and our readers.

Darren Booth’s Illustrated Graphics

One of the most difficult things about design is how to define it. When is it design? When is it art?

TOWARD: A Sofa Inspired by Nature

The Anne Boysen-designed TOWARD sofa for Erik Jørgensen was given a soothing, nature-inspired makeover.

Block Memo by Nendo

Block Memo is a minimalist design created by Tokyo-based designer Nendo. The memo pad is separated into three different sticky note sizes that are unified into a cube shape.

Y5: A Chair Whose Back is Made of 5 Inverted Ys

Finland-born, Sweden-based designer Sami Kallio designed the Y5 chair, which gets its name from the five inverted Y-shaped components that make up the seat back.

New Materials and Metals at Adorn Milk

January and February 2016 releases from Adorn Milk include interesting materials, such as Corian and reclaimed metal, and two new collections with abstract, geometric designs inspired by cities and landscapes.

A Modest Box-Covered Victorian Becomes a Modern Residence

Baran Studio Architecture took on the Burnett project that involved an existing Victorian house that had been hidden by a simple white box.

Rabbet: Architectural Landscapes and Objects from Patricia Urquiola

Marble takes on a fairy-tale twist with Rabbet by Patricia Urquiola for Budri. A mini collection of pure, simple marble expressed through dreamy colors and shapes.

A Fully Functioning, 3D Printed Stainless Steel Bicycle

Leave it to a group of students to completely reimagine the bicycle! A group of students from TU Delft in the Netherlands spent three months designing and producing the fully functioning Arc Bicycle that’s constructed with a 3D printed, stainless steel frame.

MB&F MusicMachines Are Science Fiction Music Boxes

Swiss watch manufacturer MB&F is known for their unique steam punkish catalog of horological devices (alongside a more sedate, yet handsome collection of legacy mechanical wrist watches).

NET: A Fiber Glass Resin Chair With a Punched Pattern

With Raffaello Galiotto behind the design of Nardi’s latest release, the NET armchair aims to bring sophistication to your outdoor space.

Atelier-D Reimagines the Game of Checkers

Atelier-D strips the typical plastic components found in the game of checkers and reimagines it out of wood.