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Elevated Everyday Furnishings Designed to Sparkle

Francfranc recently launched a charming collection from designer Nika Zupanc (did you catch her recent Friday Five?

A 269 Square Foot Cottage on Wheels

I’m completely intrigued by the idea of living small – getting rid of all the excess, scaling back to what’s most important.

When Art Meets Transport: Stylish Bikes Inspired by Works of Art

To celebrate their 100th birthday, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA) teamed up with Handsome Cycles to create three different bicycles customized to look like famous paintings from the MIA.

Calibre 32 by Richard Yasmine for Squad Design

Calibre 32 is a stool by Richard Yasmine that’s inspired by horology and ancient Lebanese civilization.

Sony Wena Wrist Smartwatch Hides the Tech Inside Wristband

Did you know Sony has its very own crowdfunding site? Neither did we, until we got wind of the Sony Wena Wrist, a kinda-sorta smartwatch crowdfunding project aiming to bridge the gap between traditionalist timepieces and smart wearables.

A Sculptural, Outdoor Lamp that Blooms

Designer Eugeni Quitllet continues to collaborate with Vondom with the latest being Bloom, an outdoor lamp.

A Minimal Table Inspired by Japanese Hand Tattooing

Based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Wren & Cooper design minimalist hardwood furniture with simple, graphic details.

Dog Milk: Best of July + August 2015

Dog lovers? Have you been following along with Dog Milk? This summer they posted a ton of great stuff that I had a hard time picking favorites!

Bass Street Residence by b.e architecture

Melbourne, Australia based b.e architecture designed the Bass Street Residence with stacked, rectangular forms that have slightly angled walls in opposite directions.

Precious Waste: Contemporary Jewelry Made from Waste

Precious Waste is exactly what it sounds like. Questioning what exactly “preciousness” means and what makes something precious, artist Mariana Acosta began transforming waste material.

Desktop Wallpaper: September 2015

Graphic designer and painter Erin Cooper of CooperHouse follows Mitch Goldstein on Twitter and she says: “he never fails to make me laugh (or maybe cry a little…) with his quotes about design and art, such as this one: ‘Breaking: Everything is an art supply.'” This quote in particular stuck with me the other day and it’s just so true.

Textile Art by Elizabeth Pawle

I discovered UK-based Elizabeth Pawle’s creative stitchings on Instagram and was immediately hooked on her use of bright colors and unique textures.

Hotel not Hotel: Where Rooms Aren’t Just Rooms

If you’re looking for a hotel that’s completely outside the box, Amsterdam’s Hotel Not Hotel is just that place.

Castaway Furniture: Reimagining Waste

Sustainability is definitely a running theme in design. With our consumerist disposable society, designers are making efforts to create aesthetically pleasing designs and leaving the smallest environmental footprint as possible.

A Playful Residence for Kids to Run Around & Have Fun

The owners of this apartment wanted a place that their children could run around and play and have fun so they hired HAO Interior Design to make it happen.

Extendable Glass Table by Nisco for Tonelli Design

Earlier today, we featured an extendable stool, but how about an extendable glass table? Yes, glass! Nisco and Arrighi’s design for the Lapsus table comes from the idea of simplifying.

Recipe: Bob’s Mini Rosemary Ice Cream Sandwich Bites

Nothing says summertime more to us than ice cream sandwiches. Sure, the nostalgia of the store bought rectangles of your youth might be the first thing that come to mind… but Bob’s mini rosemary ice cream sandwich bites will soon become your new summer staple.

Arcus: The Lovers’ Stool

Designed by Charbel Gharibeh and Stephanie Sayar of Squad Design, the Arcus stool is inspired by the architecture traditional Lebanese houses and hides a little secret.

M-S-D-S Studio Tape Dispenser

Sometimes the most mundane and everyday objects can be redesigned to be beautiful tools. Such is the case with the eccentric handled design of this brass tape dispenser by M-S-D-S Studio.

Find Perfect Proportions Wherever You Go with This Golden Ratio Tool

The Golden Section, also known as the Golden Ratio, is a certain mathematical ratio that’s often found in design and prevalent in nature.