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Architect Overboard: Rusted Ship Hull Flipped into Arts Pavilion

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ] Cut from a massive decaying sea vessel, this hollowed-out section of hull has been transformed into a seating and performance space outside of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in South Korea.

Declutter Your Desk in Style: 16 Modern Office Organizers

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Products & Packaging. ] Open-plan offices with simplified furniture may look nice and minimalist, but they typically lack built-in storage and organization, making it hard to wrangle all the little things you need to use each day.

World’s First Art Exhibition for Dogs Features Fountains, Fans & Cars

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Installation & Sound. ] British inventor, artist and satirist Dominic Wilcox is at it again, this time with a contemporary art exhibition aimed at canine attendees with a range of interactive installations purpose-built for pups.

Toasteroid: Print Your Own Custom Toast Design With This App

[ By SA Rogers in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ] You don’t necessarily need skills to be a food artist these days, now that smartphone apps make it possible to do things like print custom designs on your breakfast.

Motor Magnificence: 11 New Supercar Joyrides for the Super Rich

[ By SA Rogers in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ] Mere fantasy rides for most of us, the world’s most luxurious high-performance supercars take all the elements that make driving a vehicle pleasurable and ramp them up about 10 levels, from advanced surround-sound to wildly powerful engines.

Street Eats: Free Urban Refrigerators for Sharing Spare Food

[ By WebUrbanist in Culture & History & Travel. ] A few years back, one man in Saudi Arabia was hailed as a hero for putting leftover food from his restaurant in a refrigerator along the street for anyone to take; since then, an ongoing effort in Europe has been scaling up the same approach to serve whole communities of people in need.

Unfree Wheeling: Amusingly Surreal Vintage Soviet Auto Ads

[ By Steve in Culture & History & Travel. ] The Soviet Union not only manufactured cars, they exported them to buyers charmed (or duped) by some amusingly and bemusingly photographed advertisements.

Prismatic Graffiti: Bending Light into a Spectrum of Wall Murals

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Installation & Sound. ] These intricately choreographed dances of light and color are at once static but ephemeral, lasting longer than conventional light graffiti but nonetheless made of impermanent light.

Light Art Comes to Life: Dancing Animated Gifs by Lucea Spinelli

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Photography & Video. ] Beams of light dance, jump, squiggle, scatter and interact with each other as if they’ve taken on a life of their own in a series of animated light art gifs by New York City-based photographer Lucea Spinelli.

LEGO-Like Architecture: $5,000 Homes from Recycled Plastic Blocks

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] A Columbian company is tackling plastic waste issues and affordable housing with a single ingenious solution: interlocking LEGO-like bricks that can be used to build houses for a few thousand dollars per structure.

Dramatic ‘Elastica’ Residence: The House of the Future is Here

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] Looking like the set of a sci-fi film, the ultramodern ‘Elastica’ residence in Bangalore, India is pretty much what we all imagined our houses would look like by the time we became adults.

You Won’t Believe It’s Not Photoshop: 36 Fake-Looking Photos

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Photography & Video. ] The very existence of Photoshop has made it easy to immediately dismiss impossible-looking images as digitally altered, but some bizarre scenes are more real than they appear.

Art of Protest: Student-Built Scale Model of $20 Billion ‘Bailout City’

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ] After the Austrian government spent €19,000,000,000 to bail out a bank in 2014, a student group in Vienna created a giant urban model of a place Hypotopia in protest.

Digital Dynamo: Massive Motion-Activated Media Wall Animates Office

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Installation & Sound. ] Spanning 1,700 square feet of interior walls in a Washington, DC office building, this stunning digital display cycles through different settings and seasons, reacting to workers as they walk through the building.

Simply Creative Use of Space: 14 Modern Japanese House Designs

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ] High-density neighborhoods with heavy foot traffic and tiny plots of land in Japan force architects to come up with some clever space-saving, privacy-protecting residential layouts.

Urban Camo: Bus & Train Fabrics Turned into Wearable Textiles

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ] Transportation system patterns, right down to seat cloth details, are designed to last and look good even when stained by dirt and spilled drinks over time, making them an oddly suitable choice to turn into apparel.

I Don’t Carioca: Awesome Abandonments Of Rio de Janeiro

[ By Steve in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ] Rio de Janeiro may host the 2016 Olympics but Brazil‘s most picturesque and second-most populous city also boasts a host of infamous abandoned buildings.

Scan & Draw: Color-Mixing Pen Can Make 16 Million Hues & Shades

[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Products & Packaging. ] A new pen aims to take art to the next level, letting users scan colors from their surroundings and deploy them, all via a single gadget.

Amphibious Folding Motorcycle from Russia Fits in the Trunk of a Car

[ By SA Rogers in Technology & Vehicles & Mods. ] “How long I’ve wanted this dream to come true,” wails Twisted Sister as a motorcycle zips through a mud pit that’s snatching the boots of its rider in this frankly ridiculous video of the Russian motorbike Taurus 2×2.

Legible Graffiti: Repainting Street Art for Digital-Age Audiences

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ] Artist Mathieu Tremblin has hit the streets again, expanding on his portfolio of repainted tags, turning messy walls into neat and readable ‘tag cloud’ arrays.