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3D-Printable Connectors Make DIY Furniture Assembly Easy

[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Furniture & Decor. ] Leveraging the best features of available 3D printers and the materials they can print, this kit-of-parts approach opens up an amazing array of possibilities for do-it-yourself furniture construction.

Invisible Barn: Mirrored Surfaces Create Camouflaged Folly

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Installation & Sound. ]   Like a mirage on the horizon, the structure seems to shimmer into and out of existence, playing tricks on the eye with a combination of see-through portals and reflective surfaces.

Beats on Fire: Music Visualized with Movement of Flames

[ By Steph in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ] We’ve seen what audio frequencies look like in mesmerizing resonance experiments using sand – so how does the same concept translate to a more volatile medium?

Shape-Shifting Furniture: Interactive 3D Surfaces from MIT

[ By WebUrbanist in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ] The Tangible Media Group from MIT has developed an approach to responsive design in physical space that is both conceptual and plausible, futuristic yet already a reality.

Brushed Off: 12 Dried Out & Abandoned Car Washes

[ By Steve in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ] Hold the hot wax and spare the soap, these abandoned car washes have blow-dried their last vehicle and will no longer thank you for coming again.

Digital Street Eraser: Rubbing Out Reality, Photoshop-Style

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ] Analog stickering is taking on a new dimension in the hands of these street artists, a pair of creatives selectively defacing signs, billboards, mailboxes, graffiti and more.

Rad Rides: Nuclear Power Plant Turned into Amusement Park

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Offices & Commercial. ] The iconic central cooling tower has been turned into a swing ride and climbing wall, but the re-purposed complex as a whole features over a dozen attractions including rides, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Ancient Engineering Fail: 12 Historic Structural Disasters

[ By Steph in Culture & History & Travel. ] You can’t exactly fault ancient architects for building structures that were unable to withstand stone-shattering earthquakes, or simply experimental in nature – failure is part of the learning process, after all, and engineering methods were obviously less advanced back then.

Unbelievable Advert: Augmented Reality Bus Shelter Window

[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Guerilla Ads & Marketing. ] Taking over a single bus shelter on New Oxford Street, guerrilla advertisers threw everything they could think of at commuters, including (but not limited to) flying space aliens, underground squid monsters and giant city-crushing robots.

Mountain-Shaped Residences with Walkable Green Rooftops

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Cities & Urbanism. ] Beyond any inherent beauty or formal references to surrounding mountains, there is a more profound proposition in this series of structures about the way we walk into, through and above spaces.

Living Legos: Build Your Own Robot with TinkerBots Blocks

[ By Steph in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ] High-tech and low-tech come together with this set of not-so-basic building blocks connected to a central ‘Power Brain’ cube that turns your creation into a working robot.

Disorienting Design: 14 Trippy & Surreal Interior Spaces

[ By Steph in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ] You might feel like you’re dreaming or even drunk when you wander into these bizarre, surrealist interiors, from a bar that looks like the inside of an alien to a hotel room modeled after TRON.

Emoji-Nation: Famous Paintings Revised for the Internet Age

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ] In a world of mobile devices, share icons and popup alerts, fine art is interrupted by signs and symbols of our times, adding a jarring layer of technology to recognizably classic works.

No Más: 15 Closed, Abandoned & Vacant Taco Bells

[ By Steve in Abandoned Places & Architecture. ] Don’t make a run for the border, most of Taco Bell’s 6,500 fast food restaurants are in the USA… not counting those that have been abandoned.

Floor-to-Wall Books: Dizzying Sideways Cafe Design in NYC

[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ] Looking like a bookshop flipped ninety degrees, this coffee shop was stands out even in Manhattan, a world of off-the-wall spaces and strange conceptual designs.

Surreal Snippets: Gifs Elevated to Mind-Bending Art Form

[ By Steph in Art & Drawing & Digital. ] Gifs are taking over the internet, and that’s not always a good thing.

Gravity: Augmented Reality Tablet Lets You Draw Ideas in 3D

[ By WebUrbanist in Gaming & Computing & Technology. ] Using a handheld stylus and tablet set combined with an existing augmented reality headset, this invention allows users to sketch in three dimensions and see the results of their work unfold in realtime.

Animated Still Lifes: 7 Relaxing Cinemagraphic Illustrations

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ] Reclining in the space between the extremes of sped-up, movie-style GIF files and traditional, immobile paintings, this artist brings lazy scenes of everyday reality to life.

Interact with Escher-Like Architecture in This iPad Game

[ By Steph in Gaming & Computing & Technology. ] Fantasy architectural structures inspired by M.C. Escher provide a playful setting for a fun iOS puzzle game called Monument Valley.

Ruins of America: 7 Castle-Like Abandoned Modern Wonders

[ By Steph in 7 Wonders Series & Travel. ] The word ‘castle’ may conjure up visions of medieval villages in places like Scotland or Romania, but believe it or not, America has its own incredible ruins of vast stone estates.