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Egg-cellent Egg-xecution!

Why bring modularity to complicated things like phones and furniture when egg trays need it the most?

It’s a Futuristic Horse-carriage!

Any avid transportation buff will know how cars evolved as a replacement to horse-carriages. All vintage cars retained palanquin-based visual elements.

The New and Improved Oco Cloud Camera!

Big brother to the Oco1 currently for sale, the Oco2 now features self-learning, a full HD camera, hybrid storage, a handy magnetic base and even two-way talk!

B’lock’buster Design!

I get these mixed feelings when I see brilliant design. I’m awed by it but at the same time, I’m jealous for not thinking of something similar before.

Let Music Bring You Together

Sure, these days you can listen to any music anywhere at any time… but chances are you’ll experience choice overload and there’s still nothing quite like sharing and discovering tunes with friends and loved ones!

Look Good While You Feel Good

It’s so easy to go out and spend a fortune on a really good-looking pair of shoes. The pair that is in style.

Part Steamer, Part Sculpture

We’re at the cusp of a massive shift from a form-follows-function era to a form-follows-emotion era. Predicted decades ago, by Hartmut Esslinger (Frog Design), products should now tell a story, rather than showcase their functionality.

BMW = Big Monolithic Warrior

When it was named the BMW Radical, it was named for a reason. Radical absolutely redefines the way we perceive bikes, and in a good way!

Carry-On Mujjo

You just purchased yourself a new 12” Macbook. Now, you want to find the best protection for the best laptop.

A Quick-fix Orthopedic Cast!

Now that Pokemon Go’s here, you’re going to use that bicycle more often. And you’re also going to fall off said bicycle more often because you were trying to catch that Charizard instead of watching where you were going.

A Dust Mask for Dummies

Cyclone Mask 1 – Promotion VIdeo from Elias Pfuner on Vimeo. Dust is a major culprit of respiratory diseases but many avoid using masks and those that do tend to throw them away after a single short use.

Gotta Charge ’em All!

Is your Poké-game suffering because your battery can’t keep up?! Get more power to play from the only charger designed specifically for Pokémon Go!

If Baja and F1 had a baby!

Designer Radek Štěpán has conceptualized not only an innovative roadster, but an entirely new style of racing which he calls FORMUL2… and it makes F1 seem like a total snoozefest!

A Lawn chair with flair

There’s something about the Jedro deck chair that pulls me towards it. Its proportions, form, choice of color and material, all of them complement each other beautifully.

Switch on that window, will you!

Imagine having sunlight in a windowless room. That’s probably the strangest way to begin a design post, but think about it… I’ve lived in a dingy hostel room for five years of my life, so yes, sunshine was an absolute luxury.

Portable Audio’s Next BIG thing!

It’s difficult not to get excited by the Ropes headphones. Before I get into the hardware and design details, let’s appreciate how awesome Ropes is as a brand!

Stunning Ceramic Interiors

For over fifty years, Cedit – Ceramiche d’Italia has been renowned for material experimentation and stylistic research that have revolutionized ceramics.

Because everyone should cook!

Cooking, like any art form requires skill and passion. Passion comes easy, skill doesn’t… and when one has the skill, being limited by physical capabilities can be quite disheartening.

Total Body Cycling!

Trunky. Bottom-heavy. Those are just a few symptoms of “cyclist bod”. Seriously, it’s a thing! This happens when cyclists fail to supplement their extreme lower body training with upper body exercises.

Swim Again

Stuart Baynes’ Printable Prosthetics pushes the boundaries of customized prosthesis by extending the range of activities for lower limb amputees to water sports.