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The Professional’s Gym Bag

Look around your office & you’ll likely see a striking number of people carrying 2 bags: 1 for work and 1 for the gym.

Fascinated With The TESORO Watch!

Haute horology is synonymous with timeless design and a watch-making legacy that is at least half a century old.

Refrigerators Are Now Food Conservation Systems

They say words have power – for example don’t call it a bowl of veggies, call it a bowl of stir-fried exotic vegetables with tangy sauce, dollops of butter and a dash of crushed pepper to spice it up.

Smart Scale for Dummies

Whether it’s to save space or keep things looking tidy, we have a natural tendency to push our at-home body scales right up against the wall.

Feed Wilbur From Anywhere!

It’s one thing to have someone dog-sit when you’re traveling, and another to have someone keep an eye on your fish!

Pump Up The Jam

A wise man once said, “Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” How many of us can really ‘hear’ the music – the true sublime sound!

Clip The Glove

The Rubber Glove Clip is one of those designs that you go – why didn’t I think of this before! Yes, we’ve been a dud about it.

Guessing Game Revisited

What is this? Hmm yes it’s a Samsung Concept…. Any guesses? Oh yeah! You got it – it’s a concept home theater design!

Border Defending Ground Drone

This unmanned rover concept uses an arsenal of hi-tech systems to provide supplemental support to border patrol operations.

e-Ink Your Smartphone

InkCase+ is a stand-alone 3.5-inch e-ink screen that can either be inserted into a dedicated smartphone case or used as an auxiliary second screen.

Chopsticks for the Modern Man

Chopsticks have gone widely unchanged for thousands of years, but Yuan Design has given them a functional facelift that’s also here to stay!

Lesson #5 – How To Save Water

While adjusting the temperature of the water, most of us waste a good bucket or two. To make sure we don’t do this kinda stupid wastage, the Eco-shower features an additional holding unit, that takes in the first rush of cold water and heat it up for you.

Digital Love Notes

With the advent of technology, the simple art of writing notes using pen and paper has literally gone down the toilet.

Smart Cooking Sous Vide-Style

Ever dreamed of being able to cook like the pros in your own kitchen? It’s a nice fantasy, but if you’re like me, then it’s only ever a fantasy because all the effort that goes into it is daunting!

The Clever Collapsible Cup

The Smash Cup is an ultra-portable, sealed travel cup that stays with you! When you’re not drinking, it collapses into a compact, liquid-tight disk, saving space in your backpack, handbag or even your pocket.

Ultra-lux Powerboat

This sporty yet sophisticated luxury powerboat concept takes inspiration from its land-bound cousin, the super sports car.

The Kitchen Lab

Spirulina is a magic superfood that is suitable for all ages and stages in life. You can Wiki the details, so I’m moving on to the concept of this project called ‘Grow Your Own Proteins’.

Water Collection Made Easy

There are many ideas out there, which are low-cost and effective in collecting waters in rural and remote areas.

A Pretty Place for Your Wine and Things

Molded from a near-paper-thin wood layers, Incurva is found at the intersection of modern design and craftsmanship, serving as a sophisticated wall or floor ornament that functions to hold your favorite things!

A speaker as good alive as dead.

We’d like to believe our beloved devices will last us a lifetime, but they all have an expiration date whether it’s because we upgrade or they fail to continue working.