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3D Printed Gold Plated Jewelry

Mocci provides 3D printed jewelry but takes it a step further by gold plating the end result. Let me clarify.

Wearable Mental Health

Olive is a twist on the fitness band that measures stress-related biometrics in real time to more effectively manage stress.

The Power Of Budsband

Like most people do it, I too pack my earbuds neatly with my laptop in its bag, but whenever I pull them out, they are a tangled mess.

Guerilla Gardening

For those who don’t know it, Guerilla Gardening is a livewire concept that sees folks planting and sowing seeds in abandoned plots or unlicensed places.

Well-Endowed Doggy Lighting

The title says it all! A combination of shock-art and lighting, this stylish dog-shaped luminaire features a light source in a rather cheeky location.

A Doggy Porta-Potty!

The award-winning Shake Dog Potty is stylish, easy to clean, and portable. It’s there when you’re not, providing a comfy, familiar spot for your dog to go when you’re on the go.

A Twist on Tool Design

BONE is an innovative concept for the creation of tools through generative design and selective laser sintering.

Pet Vision

Pet cameras make up for candid home videos, and adding to the brigade is the Gori. What makes this one different from the existing lot of devices is that its got a leash integrated into the design.

i(Phone) is for indestructible

Combine Evolutive Labs’ incredible RhinoShield Screen Protector with their latest product, the RhinoShield Crash Guard and your precious iPhone 5/6/6+ will be battle-ready!

The Best Fish Tank Ever. Period.

It’s called Avo and it’s the first truly self-maintaining tank! Its unique filtration system creates a balanced ecosystem where the plants, fish and bacteria work together and thrive.

The Modern Memo

This modern stationary concept reimagines the sticky note as a reusable, eco-friendly alternative to wasteful paper notes.

Light and Day

The Bright Pole is an innovative lighting system aimed at the hawking community and street stalls. The flexible pole not only features safe lighting but also holds sockets for plugging in electronic devices.

Transfusion Woes

Getting a transfusion is no fun and upon that the worry of the thang being administered properly is quite a worry amongst patients.

Pack In A Punch

The Puncho is an innovative boxing glove that integrates sensors. These help make the gloves ‘intelligent’ and measure details like the force of the punch, the speed and the result of the impact.

The Modern Harvest

The Nurture project began with an exploration into the usage of the term “fresh” in the food industry.

Other-worldly Theater Now a Reality

UNStudio’s completed design for the Theatre de Stoep in the Dutch town of Spijkenisse responds to the current cultural invigoration of the city by merging the archetypical function of a theatre- that of creating a world of illusion and enchantment – with the specific requirements to cater to the needs of the local community.

Every Dish in Perfect Harmony

Vacimi’s cleverly crafted collection of tableware is the ultimate in space-saving design! Each nesting set includes 5 ceramic pieces and a handy bamboo board for draining and organization.

Launching My Clothing Line

Hello there YD’ers. As some of you may know, I’ve started a fundraising campaign for my men’s fitness clothing line called TRANISM.

The Bedside Guardian

Ottone, the latest in Formabilio’s collection of modern furnishings, is simplistic without lacking personality.

The Transformer of Coffee Tables

More of a functional sculpture than furniture piece, the REK coffee table series is as beautiful as it is versatile.