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YD Handpicks: 8 Potent Portable Power Banks

How handicapped do you feel the minute your phone gives up on you because you haven’t charged it enough?

Putting the Yum in Museum!

It would be much too literal to shape a chocolate museum like actual chocolate, wouldn’t it? So designer Ricardo Canton decided to capture the allure and instant mouth-watering attraction of chocolate (or any candy for that matter) in his architectural style for the Nestlé Chocolate Museum.

Mesmerizing Illumination

Parabola Paradiso is an experimental lighting collection that utilizes an unusual material blend and process to form captivating, sculptural objects.

Adding sound effects to your life!

The more I think about it, I would have loved to have the Moff band as a child, and it would have probably driven my parents bat-crap insane.

Epinephrine Injection Has Never Been So Easy

Time is of the essence when it comes to treating anaphylaxis, so it only makes sense that the standard EpiPen would be as simple to use as, say, a fire extinguisher.

The perfect rep’lace’ment!

Alas, the bunny-rabbit shoelace story is no more! Remember the story we’d say to remind ourselves how to tie those laces in the bunny rabbit style?

Find me a sleeker speaker

Titled the LG Beats Tag (obviously it’s a concept, given the clash of brands), these may just be some of the thinnest portable speakers we’ve seen.

A room with a view!

All of us love homes with views. You crack open a window to be kissed by the sun, and a bit of a summer breeze.

Modest Mobility

Exoatlet may not be the first skeletal support system, but what sets it apart is thoughtful aesthetic paired with a motorized frame that goes the extra mile to assist the user in the basic requirements for mobility that most of us take for granted.

Making your smartphone smarter

I still live with a 16gb phone. It isn’t impossible, but it’s difficult. The world isn’t moving towards adapting to low storage, it’s increasing it.

The Houdini of Air Purifiers

This living room looks quite lovely, right?! That’s because there aren’t any unsightly appliances to kill the vibe!

Warrior robots bring your video-games to life!

We’re a month away from August, which means just a handful of days before the big USA vs Japan mega-robot fight… which is an absolutely legit thing.

The world’s first phone-based AR headset!

Remember when the Oculus Rift was announced?? We went crazy at the prospect, however the biggest breakthrough for us, the consumer, came when Google announced the Cardboard, a makeshift device that used your phone (the very gadget in your pocket right now!

Circular? More like Cir’cool’ar!

I don’t watch much anime, but I’m sure there’s an Airbender/DragonballZ reference you could throw in here!

Prosthetic Fins for Underwater Freedom!

Those with missing limbs are more capable than ever of living fulfilling lives and, thanks to devices like the Nimble Prosthetic Fin, they may even be more capable than able-bodied individuals in some instances!

The Unbeatable $99 3D Printer!

The 3Doodler pen is a rather fun toy. I say toy because while it’s an extruder, it isn’t capable of industrial-grade printing.

Finally, a Tasteful Fish Tank

Forget your fugly fish bowl! Tau is a twist on the standalone aquarium that ditches all the awkward tubing, hard lighting and unsightly box filters for a cleaner, minimalistic look that you and your fishy friends will love!

This ATARI is such a TEASE!

Gotta love this blast from the past! The ATARI 9000 is a hybridization of vintage fun and new tech that both old-school players and modern gamers will dig!

Not your average dual-lens camera

Don’t let its toy-ish exterior fool you. The Bonzart Ampel is regarded as one of the finest cameras of its categories and got sold out in Japan mere weeks after it was launched.

The future of mp3 players

The more and more I think about it, the more and more I wonder whether Apple played their cards right.