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Architreasure Weekly #6

Enough talking, let’s get into this week’s architecture round-up! You can tune in every Friday to check out our top 10 weekly picks from the world of Architecture Design.

The Zero-Emission BMW Mission

Just hours ago we were introduced to this mean machine, the BMW Motorrad Concept Link. Fresh from its reveal at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2017 in Italy, the Concept Link is BMW’s concept scooter aimed to usher in a new era of urban mobility.

A New Spin on the Fan

Ceiling fans do a great job of circulating cool air during the summer and moving hot air that has risen during the winter.

Literally your ‘Utility Belt!’

There’s a subtle socio-cultural reason why the SOG Sync II is such a wonderful piece of industrial tool design.

A Penguin Meant for Flying

This tuxedoed carry-on luggage set takes animalistic inspiration, ironically, from everyone’s favorite flightless bird – the penguin!

50 Shades of Day

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are constantly aware of the time in large part due to the position of the sun and the brightness outside… not just because you can look down at your phone or watch!

Become a Multitasking Mastermind!

From a very technical standpoint, two screens should mean double the productivity, right? Either which way, with the Mountie, you can convert two gadgets into one, by allowing your tablet or phone to become a secondary screen for your laptop!

Behold the tires of the future!

What we’re seeing here is the future of tire design. With companies like Bridgestone and Michelin investing efforts in airless-tubeless tires that absorb shock beautifully, we may one day see conventional tires become completely obsolete.

When Architecture met Footwear

If you ever thought one design discipline couldn’t inspire another, you’re wrong. Product designs can often take inspiration from typography designers, graphic designers can often look to fashion designers, and the occasional shoe designer can often see wonderful design cues in architecture.

A Vape That Doesn’t Look Lame

Hydrology9 looks and functions like no other vaporizer you’ve used before. Crafted from spacegrade aluminum alloy and borosilicate glass and fitted with LED lights, this futuristic vape almost looks as if it might double as a lightsaber!

Alexa’s Smaller, Cooler Cousin!

Even though there’s barely anything to the Hiddenradio2 Speaker, I can’t get enough of it. Designed with true minimalist spirit, this metal blob looks unsuspecting at first.

Drone-vertising is Here!

Advertisers are always looking for funky new ways to get products in front of our faces and this just might be one method we can expect in the future.

Efficient Extraction

When we think of the word “juicer” we imagine a big bulky electronic contraption… but all you really need is something to help squeeze!

Retina Screen, Retro Back!

It’s a shame that the Macbook Pro ditched everyone’s favorite, the light up Apple logo at the back. It was truly one of the unnecessary yet most loved design details on the laptops (some people even modded their iPhones and iPads to have the glowing logo).

Balcony desk will have you working from home!

Balconies are only used for drying clothes, and probably for the odd Romeo Juliet scene, if you have an interesting love-life.

Your absolute last chance to win a Red Dot Design Concept 2017 award!

If you’re a designer, you’ve obviously heard of the words “Red Dot”. They’re arguably the most coveted words that every designer wants to flash on their product, or resume.

No More Shredded Sofas!

They say if you take a piece of tape and make a square on your floor, your pet cat will automatically sit inside it.

One Wicked Sharp Smartphone

Bust out the plastic NOW because Prometheus is on its way and you’re not gonna want to miss 50% off the pre-order!

Show Where You Go

I can’t count on two hands how many times I’ve used the appropriate hand signals to indicate the direction I’m turning on my bicycle… because the answer is… um… NEVER.

Move forward… look backward!

It seems rather strange that the bicycle doesn’t come equipped with the basic accessories that motorbikes do.