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A mystifying mist-ifying shower head!

Do you remember the old-timey Windows screensaver called 3D pipes? Imagine turning that incredibly hypnotic graphic into an actual product.

Why this crypto-heater should cost much less than $3500

My facebook feed, prior to Fb’s shift to personal updates and friend posts, was filled with two things.

You’ll love the F out of this keyboard!

The Fucktron Glass Keyboard doesn’t just have a funky name. It’s also quite functional! The latest in a trend of stretched display devices, it can be used as a keyboard, shared/full display, or even as a game console itself!

Gamers Going Green!

Whether you grew up gaming, chances are your parents use the line “why don’t you do something with your life!

Forget the Glue Gun, Meet the Hot Glue Pen

A winner of the 2018 iF Gold Award, the Gluey pen from Bosch brings all new ease to adhesive crafting!

Does your Backpack Generate Free Energy?

Run this comparison for me. Imagine having to pay for electricity every month, all your life. Electricity to power your phone, laptop, tablet, watch, etc.

Low Poly + High Power

Designed with an aesthetic that’s instantly memorable, the Karlmann King SUV is a “Ground Stealth Fighter” with a design that one could characteristically and literally describe as edgy.

Chess is now a “card” game!

Never thought you could put a chess set in your back-pocket, right? I mean, sure you could download a chess app, but where’s the fun in tapping at a screen as opposed to actually moving chess pieces?

Make yourself some Darth-jeeling tea!

How does Vader like his tea? Burning hot! Although he doesn’t complain if it’s Luke-warm either… The Fowndry’s hilarious, quirky kettle pays tribute to one of cinema’s most popular villains.

Every Office Needs This as Part of Their Onboarding Process!

Whether you don’t have time to make it to the masseuse or you’ve got a significant other with stingy hands, it’s important to treat yourself to a good massage every once in a while if not for the good feels, for the health benefits.

The best weapon for digital warfare!

Aptly named for the kind of activity it’s made for, the Hunter 1.0 is a keypad designed explicitly for FPS (first person shooter) games.

An unmanned rover for Earth!

The Bend Unmanned Cross-country vehicle looks remarkable for quite a few reasons. Its tires, for starters, are made from scrap metal and are modeled in a manner that feels almost like a combination of Michelin’s 3D printed tires and NASA’s chainlink tires.

A different kind of bike donut

Add the Orbike to Musk’s Boring Company program and you’ve literally got a city that’s perfect for any commuter.

A Cosmically Cool Timepiece

When first imagining the Orbit watch, designer Josh Lopez was inspired by the concept of making the background be the foreground.

The Thinnest, Lightest Wallet That Ever Lived

The Micro Wallet answers the question, “How much can you truly achieve with minimalism?”. Its answer is, “Quite a bit!

If James Bond Were a Gardener

These would be his tools of choice! The first is a sleek, modern twist on the garden tool that actually combines the 3 most common shovel types in one simple, space-saving unit.

The Evolution of the Bang & Olufsen A-series

The latest from designer Hamid Bekradi, the Bang & Olufsen A3 Capsule was conceived to bridge the gap between the ultra-durable, rectangular A2 Beoplay Active and the circular Beoplay A1 speakers.

Most Buzzed Designs of February 2018

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in February 2018.

A music player with SWAG

You’ll never see a turntable with more of a bad-boy personality than the Dude. Designed to rest against a wall like a real dude would, the turntable comes with a mesh door that holds the vinyl in place, and the needle is built right into the door itself.

Fighting child diabetes with fun!

Every year, approximately 80,000 children are diagnosed with type-1 diabetes across the world (close to 19% of them are American children).