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Make Your Delay a Vacay

RESTING FURNITURE FOR AIRPORTS from Rafael Martín on Vimeo. If you’ve ever missed a flight or been delayed you’re familiar with camping out in an uncomfy plastic seat using your luggage as pillow.

Origami Organisms!

You’ve got vegan meat, imitation fur,faux leather, but nothing’s quite as classy and cute as the PaperTrophy!

I present to you…

The Conbox channels this beautifully minimal, Muji vibe and to be honest, I’m absolutely loving it! When completely packed, it looks like a modern dimsum steamer, but it’s an entire table fan disassembled, packed neatly into a tiny little box!

A BMW Tribute to Turbo

BMW 2002 Hommage celebrates the birth of the turbocharged car. Though it’s a tribute to the 1973 BMW 2002 Turbo, it’s based on the current BMW M2 sports coupe.

One Super-slim Sliding Smartphone

Quite possibly the coolest slide phone since the Sidekick, the Sony Shadow is all about comfort, more free space for your fingers, and a roomier and clearer screen when you’re playing games, watching videos, surfing or just texting!

You Better Work Bench

From jewelry makers to woodworkers, we all do different types of work yet the tables available for us to use are largely the same.


Probably the most scary medical procedure to even observe, is surgery performed on someone’s eye. I imagine design can go a long way in not just making that procedure simpler, faster, and more effective, but also in making the idea of it less daunting.

Less phone, More Touchscreen!

What’s better than a phone with a curved screen? A phone with screens everywhere! What’s better than having to wear a fitness tracking device to check your medical stats?

A Better Band-aid

Throw out your icky flesh-colored band-aids! The Leaf-band-aid is a functionally and aesthetically superior alternative that looks and works better than any band-aid before it!

Round Surround Sound!

Is it pronounced Wide, or Widd? It’s the GIF/JIF story all over again, but all the name related speculation aside, the Whyd is a pretty cool speaker.

3 Peas in a Charge

As useful as multi-tap power extensions might be, they will inevitably leave your wires a mess and your aesthetic a total wreck!

Scissors That Differ

Cizorz breaks the archetypical perception of traditional-type scissors with an entirely new and innovative aesthetic and storing solution!

Infant-astic Incubator

I imagine having a baby born prematurely can be a very perplexing thing. While the child stays under medical care for large portions of time, it only bodes well for the child to spend a good amount of time with its parents.

Taking the Dust out of Industrial!

My design college was right beside a large cement warehouse. I’d usually keep my hostel windows shut because even though the warehouse was a kilometer away, the dust would carry itself to the campus, through the windows, and form a coating over all my things.

What a Can-Am Spyder Shoulda Been

The Can-Am Spyder trike gets a lot of eye rolls from motorcyclists like myself for one simple reason: it combines all the downsides of riding a motorcycle with all the downsides of driving a car!

Glowing and Growing

You see, the thing with the olden days was that sunlight was all we had. Providing light and nourishment (Vitamin D) for both flora and fauna, until we went and invented fire and consequently the light-bulb (You say Edison, I say Tesla, that’s a whole different argument).

S is for Sexy

The One S is the better-looking, younger brother of the Xbox One that many are heralding as the most attractive console ever.

Lights that Hang Together, Stay Together

What you’re looking at might seem like one ordinary (yet completely beautiful) pendant lamp… but it’s actually 5 or 6!

When kids saved the world

I remember having a fire-truck toy as I was a kid. Coupled with my wacky childish imagination, I’d envision scenarios where instead of ladders on fire-trucks, there’d be spiral slides, so that victims and escapees could slide down the spiral to safety.

The Human Ambulance Bag

Any mountaineers here? You guys will agree that mountain-climbing related injuries are the absolute worst.