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You want to play Candy Crush Saga. Too bad, you have a 200 page thesis to write. Your brain’s telling you to crush candies, and that you’re much more efficient when you work at the last minute.What should you do?

Smartphones by Hege

Hege’s RedMi series is a personalized twist on the smartphone that features models with slight variations in speaker placement, display size, camera type, and memory for near complete customization for the user.

A Perfect Pebble Face

Just in time for the rollout of the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel, inSquare is a minimalist yet elegant digital watch face characterized by a simple square with the divided time inside.

Squander-less Seating

As you might’ve guessed from the name, the Economical Chair was designed to minimize industrial waste.

A Foldable Chair like never before

Now before you plop your tushie on this chair, let me warn you. It isn’t for sitting. But you can admire all you like.

Think out of the box. Live within it

Modularity is DEFINITELY in. Look at Phonebloks (Google Project Ara), or even IKEA’s furniture. We are an indecisive species.

The Tablet for Students by Students

There’s no such thing as a “universal” drawing tablet that’s a good fit for everyone, but Ergos is a perfect match for entry-level graduates.

A Better Bottle for Extremes

Designed for climates with intense heat, the Gannet bottle features a stainless steel cylinder with a double-walled vacuum to ensure that liquids maintain their temperature for several hours despite the external conditions.

Ergonomic Bumrest!

I’m convinced that beanbags are secretly really hungry monsters. I sit on them and within ten minutes, I’ve sunken in as if it were trying to swallow me.

Captivating Cutlery

Every once in a while you stumble across an idea for a product that changes the very notion of it. A tiny alteration here or there and you have something that’s volumes better.

Mad About Modular

With the intention to put the user in charge, stimulate creativity and decrease “throwaway” mentality, this playful modular system will always find a way to fit into your life!

Buck Naked e-Bike

One of the things about motorcycles that keep riders coming back for more is the complete exposure to the world around you.

Follow-Me Purifier

The Zephyros strays away from the typical stationary design of other air purifier appliances which only target areas in a single direction.

Briefing up or Beefing up

Getting ready for a gruelling day at the office? This bag’s perfect for you. Got tennis practice? This bag’s perfect for you.

Filtration on the go

You’d be surprised how many diseases are water-borne. Tap water isn’t always the safest way to go, and packaged water is just an unreasonable luxury.

The Sophisticated Speed Yacht of Tomorrow

Faisal Semari’s FS20 concept is a futuristic reinterpretation of the classic luxury speed yacht that maintains signature elements introduced in a new fashion.

Lanky Lighting

Noneli is an LED floor lamp with a simple, harmonious shape that unveils a charming personality. The contrast between the solid, robust base and the ultra-thin graphic stem is further emphasized by materials of ash wood and tubular steel.

Stitch Without the Kitsch

The Stitch chair transforms a 2D single sheet of aluminum into 3D situational seating with a simplistic yet sophisticated system of folds and carefully placed cuts.

Open to Light

As a tribute to books (remember those?), the SIVU table lamp utilizes an intuitive folding action to activate and deactivate its light source.

Droops of Coffee

So here is a concept that makes the current coffee capsules redundant and brings in a wave of innovativeness.