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The Functionalist Fan

Fan Concept – Braun from Jorge R. on Vimeo. Inspired by Dieter Rams minimalist manta of “less, but better”, this simplistic fan ditches the frill for pure functionality.

A Little Sunshine Goes a Long Way

Sweet, sweet sunshine was the inspiration behind this innovative, hybrid hospital bed/wheelchair design by Lirong Yang.

Sounds of the Sea

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a grand piano… now, take that image and completely forget about it!

This Titanium tool will peel ANY and EVERYTHING

The good thing about Kickstarter is the fact that it allows makers to get funded by enthusiastic backers who believe in one sane or even completely insane idea.

The Karaoke machine we deserve

The Singman has a lot of potential as a complete home entertainment unit in itself, but let’s focus on what it’s actually meant to do.

Playing and painting with pixels

Most games we play now are digital. And the actual physical games we do play are the same old Monopoly or Pictionary with the family.

Mastering Interior Minimalism

A great mind once told me that making an effort to have less than 100 things visible in your home at any time would not only declutter your aesthetic but also your mind!

An entirely new car class?

Why choose when you can have it all?! The modular Vultran Solair is the answer to those who love going off road as much as cruising down the highway with the wind through their hair.

Superior Dental Packaging

The big names in dental care generally follow the same formula for their packaging. While it does the job, it isn’t the most conducive to travel.


Linnaeus is a drone. A drone that’s designed to monitor large open green spaces to make sure that plants are healthy and well irrigated, but this isn’t about Linnaeus’ function.

The Key to a Hassle-free Life

Whats the size of a key and can virtually get you out of any sticky situation? No, it isn’t a lock pick.

Your Very Own Robo-Buddy!

Who hasn’t dreamed of having your very own robot pal?! Well, now you can. Meet, MiP! This interactive robo-buddy has a personality all his own, communicating through motion, sound, and expressive RGB eyes.

The Shangri-La of Coffee Shops!

Capriole Café by Bureau Fraai is the cloud nine of coffee shops! The main goal of the design of the café was to create a total experience of every aspect of the making AND consumption of coffee.

Minimal Pen, Maximal Expression

The Piuma pen looks like an ink filled space-bullet. It’s so well designed that its design isn’t apparent anymore.

Record experiences, not images!

I have a new policy regarding concerts, events, and fairs. I try to take as little pictures as possible.

Minimal Pen, Maximal Expression

The Piuma pen looks like an ink filled space-bullet. It’s so well designed that it’s design isn’t apparent anymore.

Boeing Air to Auto

Boeing’s first attempt at a car didn’t go so well… but with driverless tech evolving, it’s the perfect time to give it another go!

A Closet that Cleans with Steam!

Us urban dwellers are always looking for ways to save time, money and space. It’s designs like the Electrolux Steam that help us do it!

A Geometric Artpiece Timepiece!

Don’t stare at it for too long, it may hypnotise you! The Divided By Zero Beta Series are for the people who want a watch that is minimal, yet eye catching… sleek, yet detailed.

Upturned Utensil

The Top & Down utensil design comes from a place of absolute ingenuity. Think of it as a life-hack turned into a product.