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Why Purify Partially?

“Fine dust” doesn’t sound so menacing – in fact, it almost sounds like something you’d see trailing a cartoon fairy – but believe me when I say it’s nothing cute.

Would you Like to Own a Piece of Chicago?

UPDATE: less than 72 hours left, grab yours now! All civilizations either fizzle out, or they expand far and wide.

Branded Bread!

The latest in a trend of territorial food markings (think latte leaves), the Bread Stamp makes it possible to put a personal touch on your creations!

A Gem of a car

Very often we find ourselves looking at concept cars as somewhat a view into the future of the automotive industry but rarely take a step back to admire the beauty and true aesthetic story of the vehicle itself.

This is the year the bezel died

The poor bezel, I wonder what it ever did to us to deserve this hatred, but wow… Humans really dislike them.

Excited(!) to refuel?

Going through college, it’s almost as though there’s an unsaid list of products one must design before graduating.

The keyboard that charges your devices.

It’s funny how Microsoft’s new product design language is plain and simple visible in its logo. Clean geometric shapes, no fluff, no nonsense.

The Cleanest Design for Clean Teeth

The year 2018, we thought there would be flying cars, self-tightening shoes and so much more, yet we have an abundance of smart speakers and biometric data for every smart device.

A Literal Spin on Wireless Earbuds

According to designer Thomas Le, wireless earbuds just aren’t quite there yet. The touch controls can be difficult and tedious to navigate or, even worse, tend to dislodge them from the ears altogether!

Looks Incredible, Smells Incredible

The Scentee Machina gives the fragrance diffuser such a radically different avatar, it transforms what you imagine diffusers should look like.

The Hyper Style of Hyper Speed

Toyota, in recent days, has been hitting the talk of the town when it comes to their e-Palette concept and for excellent reasons too!

One Rad Toaster

I love a design that combines two unlikely functionalities but this one takes the cake… errr… toast, rather!

Scandinavian Beauty on Your Wrist

Not everyone is an attention seeker. Not everybody dresses to impress. Not all attire needs to be strikingly different.

A portable wall socket, essentially!

Power banks are great, without them I’d be lost. Literally. The amount of times I go camping and run out of battery is insane.

My word, Motorola!

Motorola has been the phone of my youth! I’ll never forget the days of flipping open my Motorola Razr and the level of excitement that I would get was second to none.

Does your speaker drive burglars away?

After getting into a fight with mainly his entire family, Kevin McCallister got sent to the third floor of the house by his mom and upon doing so wished his family would disappear – and they did.

Memorable bike for a memorable man

Death Machines of London (DMOL) are easily my favorite Motorcycle resurrectors there is at this moment in time.

The Only Portable Audio You Need

AXY audio is an essential item for anyone pursuing a minimalistic lifestyle! It aims to reduce the number of gadgets required for differing styles of listening, freeing you from superfluous devices and gadgets.

A Foldable Wheel that Can’t Puncture

What’s more frustrating, your bicycle tire being stolen or being punctured? I’d have to say they’re pretty much equal.

Electric Luxury Ahoy!

Don’t be deceived by those sails! The Kathreen yacht’s vertical honeycomb protrusions aren’t just for catching wind.