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All Aboard!

Now here’s something you don’t see often. Ships and ferrying vehicles aren’t your typical luxury transport machines.

The Magic Key Rack

Rackless is a minimalistic approach to the entryway key rack without any hooks, knobs or screws. A magnet hidden within a wood block holds your keys in place, making them appear to float in midair.

The “Good” in Good Design Award

The short of it is that The Good Design Award registrations are open and the deadline for entries is June 3, 2015 – So hurry and Apply Now!

The Sticky Feet Flex Mount

The best thing since the selfie stick, GekkoPod is the must-have photography accessory for smartphones, cameras, GoPros and more!

One Photogenic Pinhole Cam

The smartphone has made everyone and their mother a photographer, but the ONDU Pinhole Cameras Mk II are a fresh take on an old technology that will actually put your skills to the test.

The Car I’d Like to Bang – Version 2.0

From the designer of the sexy Ferrari Celeritas , the Ferrari Celeritas 2.0 is a more refined, realistic evolution of its far-out cousin.

Glow on the go

I love products that are simple in their intended purpose. Not every product needs to be as complex as a hadron collider, does it?

The Bare Chair

We zip-line through life stopping only to click pictures of nature’s abundant beauty for our Instagram.

Hindu for Hipsters

“Hindu Tales – Souvenirs of a Future” aims to question the interactions of spirituality and technology.

One Smart Pendant Garden

The Babylon Garden brings us closer to nature – with sheer simplicity. Plants are suspended in a cycling nutrient enriched clay-based soil solution that provides the perfect conditions for fast and healthy growth.

The Mighty Mouse Ergo-mod

However beautiful, the Mighty Mouse’s diminutive size is a total pain for many people. The Harmony Magic Mouse support brings together unique functionality and comfort in a unified aesthetic design solution.

Excellent Earthenware

Benjamin Hubert’s “Canisters” series of large ceramic centerpieces stems from the studio’s research in creating mass-produced products with unique details by manipulating the traditional ceramic manufacturing process.

Plastic Fighting Plastic Waste!

The CauseBottle is a stainless steel water bottle that triggers users to rethink their daily consumption.

The Global Projected Satellite

Because of the great area they must cover on foot, hikers often find the screens of traditional hiking GPS devices too small to properly navigate terrain.

H2O Enlightenment

The Enliten Tap has 3 revolutionary features that together help reduce user’s overall water consumption.

Ripples of Light

An expansion of Richard Clarkson Studio’s nature-inspired designs, the Rain Lamp circulates actual water to create a stunning, shimmering ripple effect.

Lights, Camera, iPhone!

I regret to say that the DSLR is probably dead. Smartphone photography, or “phonography” has become completely viral and convenient.

A Better Kettle

Sometimes product design can be as shallow as making a product look more aesthetic, and I don’t see any harm in that.

Listening to Light Music

Description: First came the incandescent bulb. Then the CFL light, then the LED bulb, and then the Smart LED bulb.

A Boost of Bamboo

From the creator of the Beacon Alley Skateboard comes the Bamboost e-Bike with the same high-performance, woven bamboo sandwich core construction.