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Redefining Washing

Designed for the single folks and those with a space crunch, the 3 in 1 Washer is an innovation that we could do with.

The Clip Button

Murphy’s Law – just when you are late for office, that dang loose button on the shirt will fall off. For such emergency situations and for the likes of me – who simply hate mending – we have here the Clip Button.

Kids’ Pinball Challenge

Fun PinBall is a twist on the classic that takes the game to a whole new, exciting level with modular pieces that allow kids to mix, match and create their own designs!

Super-linked Solar Street Concept

A recipient of the 2014 red dot Design Award, the Solar Street Concept is an energy saving product for public spaces.

A Simple Find-a-Bike System

With the influx of bicyclists in urban areas, so comes the problem of misplaced bikes! In a sea of other similar-looking bicycles, this external add-on makes it easy to locate yours.

Remote Baby Bonding

Parents of preemies can find themselves at home worrying in the first days or weeks following the birth & miss out on building a physical/emotional connection.

Mosquitoes on a Mushroom

The biggest problem with camping is the battle with mosquitoes (and other creepy crawlies). No matter how much of the repellent you rub on yourself, they do tend to find a spot to attack you.

Simply Slide!

It’s not the question of carrying money and cards; its how we carry it. A well-designed wallet is all that we ask for, one that is minimalistic, sexy and above all – functional.

Scuba Smart-Goggles

The key to a good scuba dive is knowing your surroundings, so the Scubus S provides multiple layers information to divers through augmented reality.

Dat Flatness Tho!

Each piece of the Fläpps Collection from Ambivalenz is printable and combinable with the others, giving users the freedom to compose their individual wall requirements or change things up on a whim!

A Moto Disguised

Despite having pedals, the Hydro Bike isn’t really a bicycle at all. This fuel cell-powered transportation features these faux pedals because in a lot of countries it would legally still be considered a bicycle, avoiding the need for a motorcyclists license, road tax, etc..

This Plug is a Switch!

Ideas that enhance functionality are always welcome, and hence the Clack Plug makes its way here. The socket is the switch itself; hence the design compels you to switch off the plug when not in use.

2014 KeyShot Render & Animation Competition

Start your (render) engines! This October, Luxion kicks off their annual KeyShot render competition to submit your best automotive-related rendering created in KeyShot for the opportunity to win a license of KeyShot Pro.

Turnt Up Chess!

The game of chess has long been an iconic symbol of status and intellect, so why not put your own on display?

Introducing… the future!

It’s called Bleen, and it’s a breakthrough in technology that reimagines the holographic projection system of tomorrow as as convenient and portable.

Oculus Redesign Awesomeness

This redesign of the Oculus VR Headset focuses on user familiarity to more comfortably introduce this new virtual reality gaming tech.

Summers Be Damned

The ‘Aircon+E’ is akin to a fan that uses thermo-element technology, so when it works with electricity, it cools like an air-conditioner.

Safe Haven

The Safe Box is a safe haven or shelter intended for children and the older civilians who are caught in the crossfire of a war.

The Go-Anywhere Chair

Introducing, REST: the world’s most compact, foldable seat! In its collapsed form, it’s so small it can fit in your pocket… but expand it and you’ve got a comfy place to rest your bum.

Chandelier Illusion

The inspiration behind Jacob Mazor’s Flat Chandelier came from a desire to turn the single hanging bulb in his flat into proper lighting, but having a limited budget that didn’t allow for it.