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I’ve never wanted to sit in a chair so badly…

Take a little bit of Eames and mix it with a handful of harlequin and you’ve got yourself a “Tiles” chair!

Another iWatch!

Just when you thought the iWatch concepts had died a natural death, we spied yet another concept that is based on the current Apple iOS7 and other “leaked” information.

Flying Economy Can Be Fun on COS

A show of hands – all those who hate flying economy class! If designer Jan Meissner had his way, we all would be comfy and cozy in the economy cabin – the envy of Business Class and First Class – thanks to the awesome features integrated to the economy seats.

Two Faces, One Bag

Introducing the first ever, two-sided, leather backpack. It’s called the 2Face Backpack and it’s handsomely handcrafted to go everywhere you go!

Like Fighting Fire with Fire!

We’re constantly cladding our precious iPhones in plastic and rubber for protection, ultimately changing one of the important aspects of their beautiful design that draws us in to begin with.

Personal Humidity

The Straw Humidifier brings us a step closer to personalized humidity control. The concept is based on the norm that a clean personal humidifier should be available for us anytime, anywhere.

50,000 Years Young

At around 50,000 years old, ancient Kauri is the oldest wood in the world. Here it meets FiDU, currently the most innovative technology of flexible steel forming.

Feel That Old Time Rock and Roll

There’s something pleasing about sorting through a box of old records… it’s that very feeling that’s lost in our transition from analog to digital media.

State-of-the-art Scooter

The latest in a trend of fairing-clad scooters, the electric XQ’s semi-monocoque body does more than help aerodynamics.

Ultimate Transparency

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Apple Keyboard, but I hate the fingerprint marks that my daily usage leaves on it.

The Guide Brick

The Blind Guider is an innovative guide brick that for the sight impaired. It provides the street names and directions to blind via RFID embedded on the guide brick.

Snow Cone + Shovel

It’s getting hotter by the day and as the temperatures soar don’t you wish you were back to shoveling snow.

Urban Nature Redefined

Cella is a specially constructed planter pod made of flexible, lightweight plastic to house moss and small plug plants.

TRANISM Episode 8!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it. It’s been an incredibly busy month here at YD so I haven’t had much time to capture all the videos I wanted but I promise more product reviews are coming.

A Twist on Shades

The Twist Hinge Eyewear collection offers a delightful new interaction for the wearer by twisting rather than folding!

Rugged or Refined Lighting

Introducing, Spot On- a pocket lamp as strong as automobile headlights and almost as small as a smartphone… but also stylish enough to bring indoors as a modern home lighting accent.

Shady Illusion Lamp

Now you see it… now you don’t. This clever lamp is my latest obsession! Simply called LIGHT, it brings new meaning to “throwin’ shade.” Flip it on and light shines through a finely cut hole to create the illusion of a classic lamp shade shape against your wall.

Speaker Creatures

There’s nothing like singing in the shower to get your day going, right?! Now, with these little waterproof shower buddies you can bring your tunes with you to make rocking out in the shower that much better!

Memos and More Case

As useful as our smartphones are for reminders, calendar management and other organization, sometimes it’s still just better to write things down!

Armor For Your iPhone

[BRIC+]xtreme is a top-tier protective bumper case for iPhone 5/5S and 6. Your beloved iPhone will be well displayed, protected & resistant against shock, water, dirt & mud.