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Bluetooth and Juice!

Can I get a DUH up in here?! — Because DENO is a portable audio design that just makes plain, perfect sense.

Urban Connectivity in Qatar

Appointed as the principal architect for the Qatar Integrated Railway Project (QIRP) which will extend to 60 stations, the design forms a bridge between past and future, drawing inspiration from the vast regional architecture lexicon while representing an effective vision of modernism and preservation.

Bringing People on the Tube Together!

Tube Games are a clever addition to the London Underground that bring commuters together for a bit of fun!

The Bracelet Of Power

As a Smartphone owner do you worry about your phone dying on a busy day … did I hit a raw nerve? Truth is, we are dependent on our phone for everything -time, entertainment, communicating, surfing the internet, social networking and on-the-go we have almost no option that is discreet, stylish and yet a great charger.

Bad-weather Friend

As we gear up for winter, one of the main worries that work on our mind is the weather. Snowstorms and blizzards are a common hazard and the biggest issue is visibility.

Universal Lost and Found

Whether you’ve been the loser or the finder, you’ll appreciate this clever community-driven system for giving/retrieving lost things!

E-GO Cruiser is Totally Gnar Gnar

The E-GO Electric Cruiser makes use of the Yuneec brand’s decade long expertise in the aviation field, featuring an aviation-grade aircraft electric drive system.

Swiss Cross Speaker

The SV/BS Swissvoice Bluetooth Speaker delivers great sound in a unique form factor that channels SV’s sporty identity.

Dousing That Fire

The LBS Portable Fire Extinguisher is established on Location Based Services technology and alerts residents the minute a fire starts in their locality.

Minimalist Wallet Case or iPhone Cover – You Decide

There have been several occasions where I’ve walked out of the house with just my iPhone and forgetting to carry cash or cards.

Courtly Cutlery

In creating Jarosinksi & Vaugoin’s design No. 192, Thomas Feichtner drew inspiration from the classic methods involved in producing utensils by hand, a process typically used by the manufactory.

Happy Hips for Pups

This clever canine creation, appropriately named “Hipster,” is a harness that helps rehabilitate dogs with hip problems such as dysplasia.

A’ Design Competition – Call for Entries

Someone rightly said that it is great to have valid competition; it pushes us to do our best! In light of this, we have the announcement of the 2015 A’ Design Competition, one of the Worlds’ largest and leading design accolade.

Turn on the Quiet

This audio device, called Joe, will be your bestie when it comes to your personal office space at work.

Maracas That Light Up Life

Traditional maracas are hollow balls made from dried gourd shell or coconut shell filled with seeds or dried beans.

Scented Sculptures

There’s little to not like about a candle, especially if it smells good… but, if there is one gripe, it’s that most are limited (aesthetically) to the following: country, hippy, tribal, or just plain cheesy!

Your Laptop’s Best Friend

Introducing, Easel: the comfortable feet for your laptop! However simple, this ergonomic solution has many benefits for both laptop and user.

Suprematist Sculptural Shelving

DSIGNIO’s Collage Collection is a system of shelving and cabinetry based on the Suprematist art movement (with a dash of Cubism and sprinkle of Neoplasticism!

3D Printer Reversed

3D printing is a pretty effective way to prototype and test out products. To scale any mass production of items kinda turns out expensive because of the high cost of raw materials.

We Need Illumination Everywhere

Light tabs that you can tear off just like a pill on a strip – that is what the Enlighten Self-setting OLED Sticker is all about.