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The 250 Year-old Scissor Gets an Upgrade

Here at YD, we focus on the innovative, but every now and then we come back to the classics. The EXO scissors however, are a healthy combination of both.

Fitness-tracking foot-fabric!

We’ve come a long way to have socks that are also Fitness Trackers. Unlike the ones that strap to your wrist, just giving you a fraction of the data you deserve, Sensoria Socks have 100% textile sensors all along them that give you complete feedback on your run… in realtime!

Supercharge your Smartphone!

If you’re a die-hard Tesla fan after yesterday’s absolutely mind-melting presentation, you’re not the only one!

Move Over Laptop, Meet Taptop!

Even the skinniest desktop computer looks like a clunker next to the Taptop computer concept! This desktop PC design ditches the big box CPU that collects dust in exchange for a compact device that’s also at the center of the user interaction.

Swipe to open your gifts!

Our generation is so used to swiping at things that it only seems natural that something like the Nimble Cutter would exist!

The ultimate dust-royer

When you think of vacuums, there are probably a few images that come to mind – the engineering aesthetics of Dyson, the loveable face of Henry the Hoover or the old reliable clunky hard-shelled Bosch and Siemens of the past.

Capture your holiday in 360 angles!

Did you really go on that crazy adventure around the world if you didn’t record it? Of course it can be a nuisance having to bring around a camera all the time and then you can only get your point of view – it seems like a lot of hassle right?

That’s sew cool!

You know what I’ve noticed? Only certain appliances have seen game-changing innovations in them and looking at them, you can instantly tell the difference between an innovative product, and a product that’s begging for innovation.

Bye-Bye Bike Chain??

Imagine not having to deal with greasy bike chains ever again. It’s annoying maintaining them, and a complete pain when they come undone.

The Almost-Not-a-Chair Chair

At first glance, the minimalist INA chair might not even be recognizable as one. It’s all about a reduction in material volume without sacrificing style.

Meet the Bottle That’s Saving Our Planet

The design principles behind the Spain based company Closca are deeply rooted in preservation through efficient, useful problem solving.

The PERFECT winter companion!

It was only this time two years ago the world saw the unveiling of Ember – the World’s most advanced coffee mug.

The Perfect Podcast Product(ion)

When a product is described as a classic, it often means this product has a timeless quality – built to last the test of time whether it’s from a design or engineering standpoint.

The no-screw, no-glue toothbrush holder

Tooletries will make sure you never see an electric drill in your bathroom again. Using any flat, smooth surface, the Tooletries Mighty Toothbrush Holder sticks beautifully without the need to drill holes and hammer hooks and nails.

Chew-toy for the good boy!

Easily the most fail-proof pet toys ever, the JW Dog Toys are GUARANTEED to get your pet’s attention and keep it entertained.

Welcome the Luxurious Lucid Air!

What makes the future of electric vehicles so exciting, is that the traditionally spatial restraints have now been lifted.

The Sweetest Power Strip

Just as the name suggests, the Honey Strip looks to one of mother nature’s unique, natural geometries for inspiration!

A Flying First Responder

While it’s not designed to give you speeding tickets (yet!), the Highway Patrol Drone does help to make traveling on highways a lot safer.

“Hats off” to this bottle opener!

Ever seen a clumsy bartender serve a cocktail? No right? There’s a certain level of flair one must have, behind the counter, because if you’re not flipping cocktail shakers and setting martinis on fire, it’s just no fun.

Futurism inspired by the past!

Think ‘Back to the Future’ meets ‘Blade Runner’ with this gorgeously retro inspired/cyberpunk futuristic hovercar.