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Contemporary Cast Iron Cookware

Joshua Court’s stackable series of modern cast iron pots and pans are for the space-concious cook who doesn’t want to compromise on quality.

Travel Buddy

One of the best ways to use the Fabric Assistances is when you travel. The device not only cleans and deodorizes your clothes, it also irons them.

The Ball Boy

To make things more efficient around the Tennis Court, we have here the Tennis Ball Boy, an automated ball collector.

Not Your Mama’s Washer-Dryer

Annie is a bedraggled bachelor’s best friend! It’s almost half the size of standard washing machines and completely portable, making it perfect for a small studio or other compact living spaces.

This’ll Make You Say “Duh-mbrella”

The Illuminate Umbrella is proof that opposites really do attract! The clever design combines two unlikely objects into one highly functional product that will simultaneously keep you dry and light your way.

3D GPS for the Blind

Discover is a handheld navigation tool designed for the blind that goes beyond the limitations of Braille maps, allowing users to “feel” their surroundings.

The Pocket Watch Redefined

The story goes that in the 18th and early 19th century, men typically wore pocket watches and wristwatches were meant for women.

The Utility Pole Dance

Electric cables and wires can get messy around the utility poles, posing a fire hazard. To ensure that the cables stay streamlined and accountable, the Doughnut Pole offers a great solution.

Together at Last!

There’s nothing worse than an awkwardly quiet dinner! On that note, there’s nothing that will kill the aesthetic vibe of a room quicker than ugly electronics.

The Maker of Morning People

The Barisieur is an alarm clock that will wake you up with a bespoke cup of coffee right when you need it most.

Industrial Chic-wear

The Clamp Series of customizable rings by Drilling Lab translates factory aesthetic into fashion accessory!

Cooking Starts In The Garden

It would be so easy to have your own vegetable patch to source fresh veggies and herbs from. There are two main obstacles though: lack of space and lack of a green thumb.

The Right Distance

Researches have shown that myopia at young ages is usually caused by the failure of keeping adequate distance between the book and the eyes when writing and reading.

ATV Awesomeness

We usually consider ATV’s to be testosterone-fueled tuff stuff, and this quad is no exception, but you might find its aesthetic inspiration surprisingly soft!

Yesteryear’s Furniture, Today

Modeled on an abandoned stretched Eames Fiberglass Shell Armchair at the Henry Ford Museum, the design imagines the lost prototype reborn using the most modern materials with the most traditional methods.

Customer Service Goes 3D

Grrrr.. there’s nothing more annoying than calling a customer service number only to wait on hold before being transferred to a robot that can barely understand you!

The King’s New Clothes

Zero Waste is a body scanning and 3D printing unit that recycles old clothes to the latest trends. The first round of raw material needs to be bought and there after all you need to do is scan your body, pick your style from the design feed and get a brand new 3D Printed outfit.

Nifty Like The Ant

Modeled on the basis of how an ant works in the ant farm, the Ant-bot is a robotic home cleaner. It cleans up messes and works autonomous, however you can define certain areas that need extra sprucing via the dedicated pointer.

Lighting to root for!

There’s little to dislike about the simplicity of a single bulb pendant, but if you’re not into the raw industrial look, the Root socket is the perfect way to warm it up!

The Window Box Wonder

It’s a box! It’s a shelf! No… it’s Cubby! — the simple way to get convenient wall storage. Each Cubby features a recessed back panel and keyhole that ensure it mounts flush against the wall, an removable window that protects items, and a simple lid for quick access.