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A Lamp shrouded in Mist-ery

Design’s job isn’t always form follows function. Sometimes all design aims at doing is being captivating, forcing a second glance out of you, followed by absolute fixation and attachment on the product in question.

Never remember another password

The pen’s mightier than the sword, but guess what’s mightier than the pen… A pen with technologically awesome capabilities!

The Modern Desktop Garden

The Grasslamp is a unique combination of gardening, interior decor and award winning design. This beautiful desktop lamp lets you grow your favorite micro-greens like wheatgrass using only water and LED light… no soil needed.

The Treehugger’s Chair

The Enexebre chair isn’t just natural-looking, it’s also nature-focused! Made with wood and left-overs from industrial production like wood shavings, mixed with bio-resins and natural colorants, it’s an 100% eco-friendly concept.

Introducing, the e-Chopper!

The first in bicycle maker Ono’s collection of outrageously stylish e-bikes is the wild-looking Archont.

Happy Sleep To You

Now I don’t mean to freak yo out but every illness, ailment has its roots in a lack of proper sleep. A disturbed sleep increases mental stress, decreases immunity, and that opens up the gates for a barrage of diseases.

Bathtub = Thinner than your iPad

Yes. If you look hard enough on the internet, you’ll find the absurd. Now that’s not necessarily bad.

The best bike you’ll see this year

This week’s absolute gold for cyclists! We’ve already got three articles about two-wheelers up and here’s one to absolutely top them all!

Time Savvy WeWOOD Watches Help Give Back To Nature

You keep hearing people talk about giving back to Mother Nature but doing little to help the situation.

Tech to Bring You Closer

This candidate for the Braun Contest, called “Distance Less,” uses technology to bring families closer.

Broom broom pow!

Every Indian child is familiar with being woken up and pushed out of bed because the maid wants to do her monthly ceiling cleaning in the morning.

Stay Dry, Look Fly

The latest thing on my personal Christmas list is this rad waterproof jacket from QWSTION! While they’re known for their collection of versatile bags, this is the first non-bag and falls somewhere in-between high fashion and functional utility.

A Trike for Urban Trekking

From the same designer as the EQUAL EV comes an e-trike that looks nothing short of the EQUAL’s smaller cousin!

Travol in style

Remember that Audi bicycle that was in the works? Designer Kyumin Ha just one-upped that with the Audi Travoler (Travel + Roller).

The Everyday Urban Bike

The RubyBike, named after the Kildemoes brand mascot, is distinguished by its special equipment platform that makes it easy to add or replace various components.

Eat Healthy, Eat Safe, Eat Right.

Google’s made some really nifty advances. Google whatever you’re eating and you’ll get a rough calorie count of your meal.

A Total Twist on the Toaster

The latest from designer Fraser Leid, the Conique toaster (designed for the ALESSI brand) envisions the toaster in a whole new way both functionally and aesthetically.

Say Peace Out to Painful Pricking

Flore is the first wearable device for diabetics that integrates biometrics to help alleviate the stress of managing the disease.

Got the sun in my pocket

As much as I’d like, Solar Power hasn’t become mainstream yet. I guess not many people have really seen how useful it can be.

Your Own Cloud

The first automated-backup system for home use, Helixee is a connected object designed to backup, automatically or on request, the content of all your desktop and mobile devices including tablets, smartphones, home and work computers.