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Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake release The Priest, a short film highlighting homelessness in Manchester

Ex-Smith’s member Johnny Marr and actress Maxine Peake have released The Priest, a short film co-directed by the musician taken from a spoken word album by the pair to be released in 2018.

ArteVue announces the finalists of the world’s first app-based art prize

ArteVue describes itself as “the first dedicated social sharing platform for art”. Now, it is the world’s first art prize to gather submissions through an app.

Clove magazine celebrates the diversity and cultural phenomena of South Asia

A new magazine launched by British-Indian journalist Debika Ray reflects on the diversity and cultural phenomena of South Asia, and the spread of its influence worldwide.

Simen Royseland’s zine inspired by the ancient philosophy of Stoicism

Oslo-based design student Simen Royseland has published a zine called Enchiridion, inspired by the ancient Greek philosophy Stoicism – a philosophy of personal ethics informed by a system of logic and views on the natural world.

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk is back with his most colourful show to date

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk is like an old pal who comes to visit us from time to time. Over the course of his career we have written about his joy-filled paintings countless times, always charmed by his distinct wit and smile-inducing colour palette.

Library Paper, by Catalogue Library, returns with its eighth issue: trips

Catalogue Library is back with the eighth issue of its “up-to-date representation of varied design and art practices from around the world,” – Library Paper.

Olgaç Bozalp and Benjamin Kirchoff photographs Turkey's male belly dancers

Belly dancers are one of the most popular of Turkish cultural exports, but somewhere in recent history, zennes — male belly dancers — have been forgotten.

Alex Grigg’s animation Born in Void tackles isolation in a vivid, abstract, interstellar landscape

Alex Grigg’s animated short film Born in a Void is utterly enveloping – not least because of the hypnotic use of perspective, shape and colour the animator used to create an interstellar landscape.

Nice Time Guaranteed: Introducing the It's Nice That x Timex watch

There are multiple reasons why people may visit It’s Nice That. Maybe to catch up on the creative industries, to research into new illustrators, photographers or graphic designers, or maybe just to procrastinate while they’re at work.

Y&R creates new brand identity, campaign and tagline for the US Navy

Y&R North America has worked with the United States Navy to create a new brand identity, creative campaign and tagline – “Forged by the Sea”.

Eike König’s students create a courageous calendar featuring a host of exciting illustrative talent

Courage is one of the foremost characteristics any graduate needs when they leave school or university.

Andrew Onorato’s surreal short about a genie and his eggy housemates

What do you get when you combine the genie of a lamp living with a bunch of floating eggs? A brilliantly weird animation by Andrew Onorato called Geenie Reenie, that’s what.

Parts of the Process — Gucci suits, puppies and blue-iced cupcakes: Behind the scenes of Us’ music video for Harry Styles

Lecture in Progress inspires and informs the next generation of talent with advice, insight and first-hand accounts that demystify the day-to-day workings of the creative industry.

How can we build “feel good” cities?

More than a manufacturer of city-friendly cars, smart sees itself as a concept born to shake up the status quo.

Graphic designer John Morgan launches type foundry and art platform, Abyme

Graphic designer John Morgan and typographer Adrien Vasquez have launched Abyme, a new digital type foundry and online art store.

Dani Pujalte captures Spain's immense cultural centres suffering from a lack of use

Dani Pujalte’s series Cultural Containers documents a host of newly created cultural spaces which have jeopardised autonomous culture on budgetary grounds.

Photographer Irina Rozovsky on how she captures considered moments across the globe

When looking through the projects of Russian-born, American-raised photographer Irina Rozovsky the immediate theme is the global ground she has covered with her camera.

Elias Hanzer’s portfolio updates demonstrate his varied approach

Berlin-based designer Elias Hanzer adapts his style depending on the project and works best when “everyone involved is excited about the task and is open to new things”.

Is it real, or is it not? Mirror Mirror's identity for Integrated 2017

“With a brief about creativity and criminality, a graphical direction referencing spray paint and street-art was initially exactly what we didn’t want do to,” explains Antwerp-based design studio Mirror Mirror, “but we kept returning to it, thinking to ourselves: ‘It’s a cliche not to use a cliche’.” This year, the multi-disciplinary studio was tasked with creating the visual identity for Integrated 2017 and its answer was a series of faux-in-situ visuals and a “post-real” poster campaign.

Joe Wilson’s latest film pays homage to the ‘golden era’ of UK rave

Social media pedestals the here and now, networks lure us in with a never-ending scroll of breaking news.