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The Weekender: Summer's just around the corner, celebrate with this week's Weekender

Hey guys! For us Brits in the UK it’s actually a Bank Holiday weekend right now, which means we’re going to spend the next four days drinking shandies in the sun and being forced by children to hunt for eggs in damp, pansy-ridden back gardens – fun!

Mixtape: A bank holiday Friday mix from NTS radio's very own Shane Connolly!

Here ya go! Another installment from the music men at the ever-brilliant NTS Radio, this time from Shane Connolly (or Shamos), creative director of the station.

Graphic Design: Snøhetta create lovely geometric identity for Oslo 2022 Winter Olympics

Any kind of graphic design related to the Olympics can be fraught with challenges – just ask the folk over at Wolff Olins about the London 2012 furore – but maybe the pressure is slightly less intense when it comes to the Games’ winter iteration.

Photography: Alex MacLean captures the patterns of civilisation from planes

I like to imagine that if I were to hop on a spaceship and zoom a distance away from the earth I’d be able to watch all of the inhabitants of our busy planet scuttling hurriedly around its surface like tiny ants.

Exhibition: Tauba Auerbach touches down at the ICA with some extraordinary sculptures

In 2011 San Franciscan artist Tauba Auerbach held a solo show at the Bergen Kunsthall in Norway that cemented her reputation as a fine artist with heavyweight conceptual clout as well as being a maker of extraordinarily beautiful objects.

Graphic Design: A bunch of great guys designing incredible stuff in Berlin, meet Eps51

Wow! This is such nice work. Visual identities, posters, books and brochures have never looked so cutting edge and friendly at the same time.

Publication: new magazine Girls Like Us showcases femaleness at its absolute coolest

Just in case you needed any further proof that women are producing some incredibly high quality girl-focused projects just now, here’s another.

Film: Amazing film sees man walk through the streets of Tokyo backwards

Like inhaling helium or unexpectedly getting a free meal, there’s definitely something magic about messing around with slow motion or playback on film.

Photography: Magdalena Wosinska's stunning travel photos convey a sense of endless summer

Magdalena Wosinska has something of a reputation for creating exciting images that all the big brands want to buy into.

Furniture Design: Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson just reinvented the humble shelving unit

Sometimes the best projects are just people injecting some light into dormant, ubiquitous objects that lurk in corners waiting to be transformed.

Opinion: Will postage stamps ever lose their relevance to the design world?

This week, assistant editor Maisie Skidmore ponders the design eminence of stamps, and how dull the communication world might be without them.

Illustration: Vincent Mahe's excellent drawings of his Parisian neighbours

Vincent Mahe was utterly unknown to us until very recently, and my, are we glad we stumbled across him!

Photography: Ramon Haindl adds beautiful reportage to his portfolio of fashion photography

We first fell in love with Ramon Haindl’s work about a year-and-a-half ago when he was still finding his feet as a freelance photographer.

Here 2014: Penny Martin of The Gentlewoman will join us at Here 2014

As editor-in-chief of The Gentlewoman, Penny Martin is a publishing world powerhouse. Having studied 1980s fashion magazines at the Royal College of Art and a stint as professor of fashion imagery at the London College of Fashion, she was ideally placed to head up the editorial team at Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio before taking over Gert Jonkers’ and Jop van Bennekom’s female answer to Fantastic Man.

Publication: Andy Massaccesi designs Sublime for a Milan-based model agency

It might be argued that if you were to take a selection of women whose job it is to be startlingly beautiful, and then have extremely capable photographer Alessandro Furchino photograph them, you’d have a hard time making a book of the images that was anything less than lovely.

Graphic Design: Whoever chose Tom of Finland to be on Finnish stamps is a genius

Stamps deserve to be emblazoned with heroes. Remember when artist Steve McQueen made a series of soldiers killed in Afghanistan?

Film: Richard Mosse's amazing infrared imagery becomes a majestic, haunting film

I was lucky enough to be at Dublin’s OFFSET festival this year to hear photographer Richard Mosse talk about his extraordinary work in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Illustration: Succulents, planets and embalming in Hye Jin Chung's world

If you’ve yet to step into a world where succulents and cacti spring from the ground at every step and where minerals take the form of planets suspended around a yellow room, then welcome to the one fabricated by Hye Jin Chung.

Bookshelf: Up this week is Top Boy director Jonathan Van Tulleken!

Never before have we had someone on the Bookshelf feature who has admitted to stealing a book because it was so engrossing.

Illustration: Navigate joyfully around the lovely new Nous Vous website

Raise an earthenware mug of ale to the Nous Vous boys, as it’s time to celebrate the launch of their fantastic new website.