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Miscellaneous: Present & Correct make a blog of all their lovely Stationery Compositions

Stationery Compositions is the favoured extra-curricular activity of much-loved online stationery store Present & Correct.

Publication: Terrifically deisgned book accompanies G. F Smith rebrand

We already praised Made Thought’s considered G. F Smith rebrand to the skies earlier this week but hot on the heels of the announcement we discovered this terrific book too.

Studio Audience: Pod's back with Pick Me Up and Richard Turley's move

After a week-long hiatus while we moved studio Studio Audience is back and wasting no time delivering some effervescent art and design chat to your lugholes.

Publication: Amazing retro photographs of Evel Knievel's 1972 visit to Oklahoma

There are various figures whose names I recognise – who have seeped into the contemporary cultural consciousness for some reason or other – but who I know nothing about.

Product Design: Siggi Odds and friends produce a stunning selection of graphic quilts

As part of this year’s DesignMarch in Iceland, one of our favourite illustrators and designers, Siggi Odds, got together with a few collaborators to produce something 3D and tangible.

Exhibition: Our personal highlights of his year's Pick Me Up 2014

I love Pick Me Up, especially the private view. Fine cheese, meats, booze and the best illustration and graphic arts you can hope for under one roof.

Web: Waste your time wisely on this beautiful and hypnotic music app, Patatap

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that the week back to work after a long weekend drags like no other, so with that in mind, we’re bringing you some light entertainment to break up your Thursday afternoon and while away the hours until Friday hits.

Photography: Stunning series of football pitches taken all around the world by Austen Ezzell

The people at It’s Nice That – including me – who aren’t really into football get reprimanded for referring to it as “the beautiful game” or “the game of two halves” or “the game of the reds and the blues.” But you know, it’s hard for someone who isn’t into football to get emotional about it.

Photography: Katie Miller on sun, sky, landscape, and the backs of heads (some NSFW)

Remember shooting your first roll of film as an enthusiastic and slightly precocious six year-old on a sticky disposable camera?

Architecture: Ana Varela designs beautiful flooring made up of tessellating patterns

Architect and designer Ana Varela was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, where she graduated from the Superior School of Architecture with a bachelors degree in 2007.

Here 2014: Agi & Sam join the line up for our summer symposium!

British designers Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton are one of the biggest success stories of the London menswear scene in recent years.

Photography: America's hip hop honeys and cheerleaders colourfully captured by Brian Finke

Documentary photographer Brian Finke has travelled extensively across America capturing an incredible variety of people, professions and social rituals.

Graphic Design: Grilli Type produce a fantastically angular new typeface, GT Sectra

Swiss type foundry Grilli Type have just released GT Sectra, a bespoke typeface based on the calligraphic forms of a broad nib pen.

Graphic Design: A look at which creatives did some of the Secret 7" record sleeves

And so as Secret 7” draws to a close for another year; it’s always interesting to keep an eye on the big reveal.

Designs Of The Year 2014: The seven category winners have just been announced!

We can all pretend that we don’t care that much about design awards but the truth is that it’s always interesting to see who wins what; particularly when it comes to the Design Museum’s prestigious Designs of the Year.

Publication: Yusuke Miyagawa's portrait of Kingston, Jamaica

It was in 2007 that Yusuke Miyagawa’s Funky Jamaica first came out, but we were only just starting up then, so excuse us for missing it.

Illustration: Cheeky magic from German illustrator Nadine Redlich

Another Flickr prodigy rears its multicoloured head in the form of Nadine Redlich, a German illustrator whose work is a dangerous cocktail of hilarious and magical puerility.

Photography: Luke Stephenson goes on an ice cream pilgrimage to find the UK's best 99

Bird-spotting, Santa-papping photographer Luke Stephenson has recently turned his attentions to the documentation of a Great British culinary staple; the humble 99.

Advertising: Romain Laurent directs a wonderfully original ad for Hermès

There is more than one way to skin a cat, or so the old expression goes – and there’s more than one way to create a brilliantly effective fashion ad too, the new offering by Hermès being my case in question.

Photography: Tobias Harvey's amazing pictures of Toulouse-Lautrec's ancestral home for Port

It’s always a pleasure when the new Port magazine drops through our letterbox and the latest issue was no exception.