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Creative, Colorful Branding For A Zoo Features Minimalist Graphics, Animal Icons

When you think about a zoo���s branding identity, high resolution photographs of its inhabitants would probably be expected.

This Christmas, You Can Decorate Your Tree With These Vagina-Inspired Baubles

There is still some time before Christmas arrives, but it is never too early to start decorating. This year, instead of boring trinkets, why not dress your Christmas tree in festive vagina baubles?

Watch: Nine Inspiring And Easy Hacks To Enhance Your DIY Photography Game

[Click here to view the video in this article] COOPH is back with another tutorial video featuring nine easy tips and tricks to help photographers achieve eye-catching images, sans burning holes in their pockets.

Uber Taunts Drivers Stuck In Traffic With Ad-Toting Drones

Stuck in traffic in Mexico City? Shame on you for not carpooling! UberPOOL has been going on the offensive in Latin America, sending out drones that taunt drivers stuck in traffic with Spanish placards.

Literature Takes Over: A Street That Is Completely Covered With 10,000 Books

[Click here to view the video in this article] Luzinterruptus, ���an anonymous artistic group, who carries out urban interventions in public spaces���, recently repeated one of their most popular installations in Toronto, Canada.

Designer Creates Gorgeous Covers, Exciting Plots For Fake Books That Don���t Exist

If you are a book lover, you would understand the appeal of a good-looking book cover and a compelling storyline.

Watch: Are Introverts Better Than Extroverts

[Click here to view the video in this article] Do you enjoy spending time with a close friend or partying with a bunch of strangers?

Quirky Illustrations Of Cats With Their Upper Bodies Stuck In Famous Sneakers

Based in Nagoya, Japan, freelance illustrator Atsushi Takeuchi creates whimsical drawings of people and animals.

Women Are Glueing Dead Scorpions To Their Nails In Bizarre Beauty Trend

[Click here to view the video in this article] Known to be incredibly venomous, scorpions are now part of a bizarre beauty trend sweeping Mexico.

Dad Converts His Son���s Wheelchair Into ���Ghostbusters��� Ecto-1 For Halloween

[Click here to view the video in this article] We have recently featured a dad who recreated scenes from the new Wonder Woman movie with his three-year-old, and another one who made a realistic Tauntaun to go with his son���s ���Star Wars��� costume.

Woman Pranks Tinder Dates By Showing Up In A Wedding Dress

[Click here to view the video in this article] To raise funds for Stand Up To Cancer, British YouTuber Laura Bubble pranked Tinder matches by showing up on the first date in a wedding dress.

Loving Newlyweds Recreates Romantic Wedding Photo Shoot At Their Local Target

Located in West Virginia, Target devotees Lauren and Corey Rexrod has recently celebrated their one-year anniversary by recreating their wedding portraits at their local Target store.

Watch: Four-Year-Old Russian Girl Stuns By Speaking Seven Languages Fluently

[Click here to view the video in this article] A toddler from Russia has impressed the world after participating in reality TV show ���Udivitelniye Lyudi��� (Incredible People).

An Illustrated Collection Of Annoying People Who Want Creatives To Work For Free

After coming across Emmie Tsumura���s hilarious drawings of bad pick-up lines that girls get online, Format Magazine hired the artist to create illustrations that visualized the ridiculous requests real artists receive from people via Twitter account ���forexposure_txt���.

Unusual, Innovative Wine Condom Bottle Stopper Keeps Your Drink Fresh

[Click here to view the video in this article] Sometimes, you are left with a bottle of unfinished wine and a cork that does not fit back in.

Photographer Captures Adorable Portraits Of Rescue Dogs To Encourage Adoption

Jackson Shelter dogs can be just as adorable and loving as newborn puppies, as proven in Richard Phibbs��� beautiful images of rescued dogs in ���Rescue Me���, the photographer���s tribute to the sweet animals.

For Designers: Three Great iPad Pens To Use With Your Favorite Drawing App

Image via FiftyThree With more creatives turning to the iPad as a serious design tool, Creative Bloq has shortlisted three iPad pens that you can use together with your favorite drawing app.

You Can Soon Play Chess Hands-Free, Just Like Wizard���s Chess From ���Harry Potter���

It may look unassumingly ordinary compared to its magical counterpart from the Harry Potter series, but this chessboard is as close as we can get to Wizard���s Chess right now.

Tips From An Ex-Pentagram Designer On How To Create The ���Perfect��� Logo

Texas-based graphic designer Armin Vit used to work for Pentagram, the renowned design studio behind the revamped logos of Mastercard, DC Comics and PBS talk show Charlie Rose.

Infographic: 14 Habits Of A Likable Person With A Million-Dollar Personality

Napoleon Hill, who is the author of top-selling book ���Think and Grow Rich���, offers practical insights on how successful people behave.