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Graphic Designer���s Creative Portfolio Grabs Attention With Bold, Over-Sized Text

When you are a graphic designer, the way you present your CV and portfolio can make or break job opportunities as potential clients and employers would definitely be expecting more.

Watch: How 72 Characters Met Their Gruesome Deaths In ���Game Of Thrones��� Season 6

[Click here to view the video in this article] Fans of Game of Thrones should be familiar with the drama���s penchant for gory deaths.

Hilarious Responses By The Internet To The First US Presidential Debate Of 2016

Image via seinfeId Earlier today, you might have seen this powerful ad about a former Miss Universe that shows why Donald Trump should not become US president.

Photographer���s Clean, Sophisticated Name Card Is Inspired By Geometry And Order

Based in Melbourne, Australia, graphic designer Nick Edlin has created a sleek and polished branding identity for photographer Zoe Wetherall���who specializes in aerial photography that is usually captured from the air���that speaks poetically about her work.

Designer Creates 25 Logos In 25 Days Using The Golden Ratio

Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, graphic and UI designer Kazi Mohammed Erfan recently embarked on a ���25 Days of Logos��� challenge, where he would have to create one logo every day.

Nostalgic Flat Design Illustrations Of Cartoon Characters From Your Childhood

Do you have fond childhood memories of watching your favorite cartoons on Saturday morning? If so, you would enjoy this series by Naydine Hartzenberg of Cape Town, South Africa-based creative studio Makers Company.

Watch: How 72 Characters Met Their Gruesome Deaths In ���Game Of Thrones��� Season 6

[Click here to view the video in this article] Fans of Game of Thrones should be familiar with the drama���s penchant for gory deaths.

Powerful Ad About Former Miss Universe Shows Why Trump Shouldn���t Be US President

Donald Trump doesn���t shy away from dishing out sexist comments. The US presidential candidate is known for his misogyny���a point highlighted in former advertisements from Democratic nominee for US president, Hillary Clinton.

Infographic: How To Make A Big Impression With Your CV

Having an impressive CV is of the utmost importance in this day, since the job market is highly competitive.

Infographic: 12 Surprising Psychological Reasons People Fall In Love With You

Being love is more than just having butterflies in your stomach. It���s the way your partner make you feel and fall in love with them.

IKEA Is Transforming A Ferry Into A Houseboat, And You Can Sleep In It

Many have dreamed of living in IKEA, and some have even attempted to sneak into the store for an overnight stay.

7 Things To Do In Your 20s If You Don���t Want To Have Many Regrets

Having regrets is an inevitable part of living life, and you���re bound to have regrets all the way until the day you die.

Infographic: How To Stop Yourself From Procrastinating

If you���re reading this now you���re probably procrastinating. This handy infographic from Luxafor breaks down beating procrastination into simple steps, so that you can also stop it easily.

Infographic: 15 Deadly Lies About Diet And Nutrition Everyone Needs To Know

There are many misleading nutritional information that people blindly follow, and this has resulted in the increase of health issues, such as obesity and diabetes.

NSFW: Sexy, Erotic Tattoos Of The Female Physique That���ll Get You Hot & Bothered

A France-based tattoo artist who goes by pseudonym ���SAD AMISH Tattooer��� inks sensual body art featuring the female form.

David Beckham And Kevin Hart Go On A Disastrous Road Trip In H&M���s Latest Ad

[Click here to view the video in this article] Back with a sequel to H&M���s Autumn 2015 campaign, David Beckham and Kevin Hart team up again to promote the retailer���s Modern Essentials collection.

Watch: Katy Perry Votes Naked In Light-Hearted Political Comedy

Teaming up with pop singer Katy Perry, website Funny Or Die has posted a new comedy campaign video, titled ���Everyone Vote���, which aims to encourage young citizens to participate in the upcoming election in November 2016.

Emma Watson���s Short Film On Gender Equality Sends A Powerful Message

Everyone���s favorite feminist Emma Watson is back with an important message aboout gender equality. In a two-minute short film titled ���Hurdles���, Watson narrated over a video of female athletes jumping over hurdles, a metaphorical expression of the obstacles that women have to overcome every day of their lives.

5 Composition Techniques To Improve Your Photos

The same architecture or scenery can look very different from a tourist���s camera and a professional photographer���s shot.

Watch: Why Do Dark Circles Appear Under Your Eyes?

[Click here to view the video in this article] Despite getting restful sleep, dark under-eye circles are still a common skin problem many people face.