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10 Stunning Images You Can Use For Free On Your Website

Image: Christopher Donohue So you’ve just gotten your website or blog up and running, and you need to fill it with beautiful pictures, but have no idea how to go about doing so?

David Hasselhoff Rides A T-Rex In New ’80s-Style Music Video

[Click here to view the video in this article] Here’s an awesome music video, starring American actor David Hasselhoff, to kickstart your weekend.

Immortalize Your Favorite Facebook Posts In An Elegant, Nordic-Style Journal

[Click here to view the video in this article] Romantics everywhere love the idea of keeping a journal, but find it difficult to set aside time to put pen to paper, may like the concept of 365 Days In Print, a gorgeous, elegant journal that draws its pages from the best posts on your Facebook page.

Photos Of Pop Culture Icons Hilariously Added Into Historical Paintings

Miley Cyrus, A Spanish beauty, by Henri-Guillaume Schlesinger. French graphic artist Bénédicte Lacroix has created a funny Tumblr blog titled Voyages dans le temps, which translates to ‘time travel’.

A Useful Guide To Packing Healthy, Delicious Lunches Instead Of Eating Out

Many of us know that packing our own lunches to school and work is more cost-effective and definitely a lot more healthy than eating out, but for some reason, we are not packing our food more.

‘Where's Walter’: Find Walter White In These Clever, Imaginative Drawings

Max Dalton, a graphic designer based in Buenos Aires, will thrill fans of the popular American TV series, “Breaking Bad�, with his series of illustrations that is playfully titled ‘Where’s Walter?

Milton Glaser Shares Insightful Advice From His Design Career In An NYT Short

[Click here to view the video in this article] The New York Times has shot an insightful short film on designer Milton Glaser, in which he shares invaluable advice gleaned from his years of design experience.

Watch: How The Sound Effects In Porn Movies Are Made (NSFW)

[Click here to view the video in this article] It is not unusual for movie houses to release behind-the-scenes footages that show how their films are made—but do you know what goes on in the post-productions of adult movies?

Photographer Captures Eye-Opening, Before-And-After Portraits Of Cosplayers

Dana Paige/Grace Soulfire, billing analyst New York-based photographer Corey Hayes has captured eye-opening, before-and-after portraits of cosplayers for his series ‘Alter Ego’.

Infographic: 14 Simple Hacks Every Wine Drinker Should Know

Here’s an infographic that will be useful for the upcoming weekend. Business Insider has put together ‘14 Simple Hacks Every Wine Drinker Should Know’, detailing helpful tips from opening a bottle without a corkscrew to ways to store wine and keep it cold.

David Hasselhoff Rides A T-Rex In New ‘80s-Style Music Video

[Click here to view the video in this article] Here’s an awesome music video, starring American actor David Hasselhoff, to kickstart your weekend.

The Difference Between Sexual Objectification & Sexual Empowerment

How can you tell if one is being ‘sexually empowered’ or ‘sexually objectified’? Comic artist and illustrator Ronnie Ritchie puts the debate to rest with the comic titled ‘Who Has The Power?

‘Star Wars’ Fans Can Now Fly In An Airplane Painted To Look Like R2-D2

[Click here to view the video in this article] The force is strong with this Dreamliner from Japan’s All Nippon Airways.

Funny Hat Lets You Pretend To Pay Attention While You Use Your Phone

[Click here to view the video in this article] Video director Brad Hasse introduces the ‘Texting Hat’, a goofy hat that features your own face printed on the top.

Twitter Account Pairs Up Random Tweets That Rhyme Into Funny, Relatable Poems

@Pentametron is a Twitter account that pairs up coincidentally rhyming tweets from strangers, forming them into short poems that are relatable, amusing or just plain silly.

Satirical Project Uses The ‘Golden Ratio’ To Transform Faces Of Celebrities

Russian designer Igor Kkk has created a satirical project that uses Dr Josef Fibonazi’s ‘Golden Ratio’ of design.

Amazingly Intricate Illustrations Drawn With A Single, Continuous Line

Cory Casella, an artist based in Birmingham, Alabama, has a talent for drawing with a single continuous line.

What Happened To These Famous Internet Memes And Where They Are Now

‘Success Kid’ It is hard to ignore the many memes that fill the internet. Have you ever wondered how these Internet meme stars look like in real life when they are not stuck in that same famous pose or not altered with Photoshop?

HBO Now & Uber Let ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans Request For An Iron Throne Ride

Game of Thrones fans can now have a seat on the Iron Throne, courtesy of a partnership between HBO Now and transport service Uber.

‘Star Wars’ Fans: Twitter Rolls Out Awesome Stormtrooper, BB8 Droid Emoji

With the release of the new Star Wars:The Force Awakens trailer, Twitter sets to thrill fans of the sci-fi franchise by launching three awesome Star Wars-inspired emojis.