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A Designer's Brilliant Redesign Of The Airline Boarding Pass

UK-based designer Peter Smart has a new design concept for the airline boarding pass. Identifying the issues around how modern boarding passes are designed, he took on the challenge to simplify and redesign the boarding pass.

Imagine How Safari Animals Would Look If They Were Round

[Click here to view the video in this article] Germany-based animators Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow have created “Rollin’ Wild”, a set of clips that answer this question: If all animals became round overnight, would their daily life still run that smoothly?

hOMe, A Tiny Mobile Home On Wheels

Husband and wife builders Andrew and Gabriella Morrison have designed hOMe, a modern, mobile tiny house that offers maximum living without compromise.

Infographic: How To Disappear Online

Web company has created a detailed, step-by-step infographic that teaches you how you can completely disappear and wipe away all your online traces.

A Series Of Remarkable Aerial Photography Capturing Our Modern World

American photographer Alex MacLean has a remarkable series of photographs that capture the patterns in our modern cities from a plane.

A Germ Alarm That Beeps When You Forget To Wash Your Hands

[Click here to view the video in this article] Antibacterial soap brand, Safeguard, has recently created the Germ Alarm, an alarm that goes off every time someone visits the bathroom and does not use hand soap.

Adorable And Delicious Floating Marshmallow Cats For Your Hot Beverage

Japan-based marshmallow store Yawahada has created an adorable floating marshmallow cat that you can place in your coffee or other preferred milk-based beverage.

A Humorous Hairstyle Chart For The ‘Follically Challenged’

Let’s face it—when it comes to hairstyles, bald people don’t really have that many options to go with.

Condom Company Launches One-Hour Delivery Service For Men Who ‘Give A F***’

[Click here to view the video in this article] It’s a scenario most men are familiar with: you and your partner have retired to bed and things are getting hot and heavy between the both of you.

Artist Modifies Renaissance & Byzantine Paintings To Look Like Space Invaders

Artist Dan Hernandez has modified Renaissance and Byzantine paintings to make them look more like the video game Space Invaders.

Classic Paintings Of City Scenes Mashed Up With Google Street View Images

The Piazza San Marco towards the Basilica (1760-65) by Francesco Guardi Photo by Halley Docherty We previously brought you a nostalgia-inducing photo series that mashed classic album covers with Google Street View scenes.

Artist Paints A Stunning Watercolor Image Of Mermaid Every Week

‘The Mermaid-a-week Project’ is a beautiful on-going series by Canadian artist and illustrator Renee Nault, in which she paints a lovely new mermaid every Friday.

IKEA’s Latest Ad Makes Use Of Furniture To Make A Fun Rotating Kitchen

[Click here to view the video in this article] The latest IKEA ad from Mother London shows us a rotating kitchen that accommodates every member of the family.

‘Quickey’: A Versatile, Multi-Purpose Key That Opens Anything But A Door

[Click here to view the video in this article] Columbus, Ohio-based product design company Trident Design has created the ‘Quickey Multi-Tool’, a versatile multi-purpose key that opens anything but a door.

A Clever Business Card That Can Be Rolled To Measure A Lady’s Ring Size

The German ad agency Jung von Matt has come up with a clever business card that can be rolled to measure a lady’s ring size.

Adorable & Delightful Close-Up Shots Of Meerkats In The African Wilderness

[Click here to view the video in this article] Back in January, UK-based wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas spent six days in the Makgadikgadi Pans region of Botswana photographing meerkats.

10 Illustrators To Follow This Week

From magazines and posters to greeting cards and t-shirts, great illustrations can be found everywhere, but their goal is the same: to convey ideas and messages that words simply cannot describe.

‘Please, Don’t Be A Dick’: A Client’s Guide To Working With A Designer

London-based brand consultancy studio We Are Goat has published a handy guide book that offers advice to clients on how to work and play nice with designers.

A Tumblr Blog That Catalogs Vintage Video Game Ads

The Tumblr blog Putain Ouais Pubs JV has cataloged vintage video game ads that probably first appeared in France.

Eye-Opening Photos Of Famous Landmarks Zoomed Out To Show Their Surroundings

Taj Mahal, image by AP Most of us are familiar with how famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal, Niagara Falls and the Pyramids of Giza are usually depicted; all it takes is a quick Google search to throw up thousands of identical, close-up pictures of these man-made and natural wonders.