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Gorgeous Visual Compositions Assembled From Colorful, Unique Office Supplies

The team behind London-based stationery store Present & Correct, known for their design-centered writing and office supplies, experiments with the shapes and colors of their variety of products to create an ongoing series of visual compositions.

The Surprising First Item Ever Sold Online

[Click here to view the video in this article] It is that time of the year, when Americans take advantage of the huge Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Ethereal ���Miniature Wonderlands��� Of Everyday Life Captured Within Molten Glass

British artist Jenny Ayrton has created a collection of ���Miniature Wonderlands��� embedded within molten glass blocks.

Artist Creates Funny Cinemagraphs To Capture The Quirky Side Of His Friends

We previously featured the absurd portraits that Romain Laurent takes of his friends. The New York-based French artist and photographer is back with more quirky, twisted portraits created in the form of a cinemagraph.

Artist Transforms More Famous Landmarks With His Creative Paper Cutouts

Since photographer Rich McCor started sharing his creative photos of paper cutouts juxtapose against world���s famous landmarks, more people has started following his Instagram account and asked him for ideas and tips to recreate these photos.

Hidden References You May Have Missed In ���Captain America: Civil War��� Trailer

[Click here to view the video in this article] We recently featured the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War, which will be out next year.

Infographic: The Differences Between A Boss And A Leader

A boss should ideally be a leader, but there is sometimes a mismatch between the two roles. WittyFeed has came up with a series of posters depicting the differences between a boss and a leader, from the way he runs his business to how he treats his team.

This New Technology Can Make Your Internet 100 Times Faster Than WiFi

[Click here to view the video in this article] Invented in 2011 by Professor Harald Haas of Scotland���s University of Edinburgh, this technology can reportedly produce connection speeds up to 100 times faster than WiFi.

Common Adobe Illustrator Mistakes You Might Be Making And How To Avoid Them

Image: Apurv Ray Creative Market has highlighted common mistakes you might be making in Adobe Illustrator.

Man Creates A Gorgeous, Symmetrical Breakfast For His Partner Every Day

Image via Symmetry Breakfast Since our feature of Michael Zee���s immaculately symmetrical breakfast meals late last year, his popular Instagram account, Symmetry Breakfast, has surpassed its two year mark, and continues to inspire over 448,000 followers every day.

For Designers: Handy Tips To Improve Typography In Your Designs

Typography is a from of art, it goes beyond more than just choosing and matching fonts. Canva Design School has put together a list of handy tips to improve typography in your designs.

Infographic: A Delicious Guide To Pasta And Their Perfect Sauce Pairings

Pasta, the delicious Italian staple, comes in many different shapes and sizes, from long and flat, to hollow and short ones.

Grotesque Faces Shaped Like Letters Highlight How Texting While Driving Kills

Lightfarm Studios has unveiled a follow-up to its ���Letters Can Kill��� project. The campaign comprises grotesque and bruised faces shaped like letters, showing how texting while driving kills.

Useful Daily Habits That Will Help You Juggle Work And Creative Projects

If you find little room in your busy schedule to explore your creativity and work on personal projects, either to fulfill an interest or just for the sake of absorbing the learning process, the team at Brika has got you covered.

Watch: ���Star Wars��� Re-imagined As A Romantic Comedy

[Click here to view the video in this article] On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel imagines the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a romantic comedy, to appeal to the female audience.

Burger King Launches Delightfully Illustrated Packaging For Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, Burger King has announced their limited edition packaging for the festive holiday.

���F*cking Apostrophes���: Witty Book Teaches The Rules Of Grammar

Apostrophes can be confusing for many people and are thus often misused. ���Fucking Apostrophe��� is a book that tries to make sense of the rules of apostrophes, and is written with a bit of respectful frustration by Simon Griffin, founder of copywriting agency Hyperbolic, and designed by creative agency Music.

Tiny 4K Cube Camera Lets You Take Ultra-High Definition Photos Conveniently

The ���Mokacam��� is the world���s smallest 4k camera that is set to capture beautiful life moments more conveniently.

Infographic: 10 Superpowers Your Cat Has

Did you know that cats can survive falls from heights as high as 32 stories? Or that they can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour?

Artist Makes Video Look Like Van Gogh Artwork With Experimental Video Filter

[Click here to view the video in this article] We previously featured images created by artificial neural networks, demonstrated by Google to create mesmerising images.