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Devious Things Selfish Travelers Do That Make Things Awful For Other People

When traveling, how far would you go to get a bit of extra space on an airplane, train or bus? According to this article by INC., some people have gotten really ���creative��� to make traveling more comfortable for them���unfortunately, they also make things more awful for the people around them.

There Is Now A Secret Drink For Dogs At Starbucks

The next time you drop by Starbucks for a drink while walking your dog, you would be able to get your beloved pooch a cuppa as well.

Juxtaposed Photos Reveal Changes In Facial Expressions After Stripping Naked

Just how much nonverbal facial expression do people show without being conscious of them? Photographer Dylan Hamm set out to satisfy his curiosity regarding the question above in his series ���Naked Faces���.

Photographer Fuses Contrasting Items To Create Entertaining, Trippy Short Clips

Just a few months after our last feature on the ���Combo Photos��� series, photographer Stephen McMennamy has created a new way to make our jaws drop.

Man Wittily Transforms More Photos From Random People Into Movie Posters

Earlier this year, Reddit user Your_Post_As_A_Movie garnered attention through his comical recreations of random people���s photos into mock movie posters.

Save Yourself, Learn How To Deal With Difficult Clients

���How to deal with a busy client��� How many times have you or a fellow designer complained about a client?

Watch: Why Heath Ledger���s ���Joker��� Remains As The Best Villain Of ���Batman��� Yet

[Click here to view the video in this article] It comes as no surprise that people have compared Jared Leto���s version of the ���Joker��� in the recently released Suicide Squad to that of the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.

Creative Animations Of The 2016 Olympics That Dodge The IOC���s Bizarre GIF Ban

Image via Mashable The International Olympic Committee got a bit of flack this year over its decision to ���expressly prohibit��� the transformation of golden moments from the Olympics into GIFs and Vines for social media.

Important Web Design Trends That Won���t Be Going Out Of Style Any Time Soon

While it may be tempting to chase design trends, doing so may result in work that would look dated after a very short while.

Watch: Adult Performers Describe Their First Day On A Porn Set

[Click here to view the video in this article] As part of its ���Ask A Porn Star��� series, Wood Rocket invited several adult performers to describe what their first day in porn was like.

Fun, Quirky Photo Series Features Popsicles Made Of Anything But Ice Cream

[Click here to view the video in this article] From left to right: M&M, honeycomb, meat Is everything with a stick in it considered ice cream?

Watch: What Makes A Good Jump Scare, How Does It Frighten Viewers?

[Click here to view the video in this article] Defined as a ���cheap method of frightening the audience���, the jump scare is one of the most basic elements of horror movies.

Fantastic ���Pok��mon Go��� Mural Features All 151 Pok��mons

[Click here to view the video in this article] Residing in Huntington, New York, artist Efren Guillermo Andaluz has captured all 151 Pok��mons from Pok��mon GO by painting all of them on the exterior of his studio, On Da Loose Design.

Guy Pokes Fun At Celebs By Photoshopping Himself Having ���Worst��� Time With Them

���Sunday gardening is the worst...But if you want to eat McDonalds everyday, you���ve gotta do some side jobs to be able to pay for that luxury life.��� A guy from Belgium, who goes by the moniker ���Average Rob���, is serving up the laughs on Instagram by photoshopping himself into photos of celebrities, all to show how he���s having the ���worst��� time with them.

Watch: Are Spotty Fruits And Vegetables Safe To Eat?

[Click here to view the video in this article] Did you know that in 2010, ���30 billion dollars worth of fruits and vegetables were wasted by American retailers and shoppers��� due to cosmetic problems?

More Adorable Snaps Chart Growth Of Twins Clad In Delightful Matching Outfits

We previously featured these adorable twins when they were just eight months old, already decked out with a kickass wardrobe full of quirky outfits.

Arranged In A Perfect Cube, Colorful ���Mosaic Sushi��� May Be Too Pretty To Eat

[Click here to view the video in this article] image via Chinami The Japanese is known for making everyday dishes into aesthetically alluring meals.

Dog Goals: Chilling In A Pool Of Tennis Balls Like A Boss

[Click here to view the video in this article] Meet Chris, the dog who gets to fulfill his dream at The Bark Haus, a boarding school for dogs in Miami.

Mom Dresses Napping Baby In Awesome Costumes Inspired By TV Shows, Pop Culture

Based in Los Angeles, wedding photographer Laura Izumikawa Choi has been dressing her baby Joey to resemble pop culture characters.

The Best 100 Films Of The 21st Century, According To Film Experts Worldwide

BBC Culture recently surveyed 177 film critics, academics, and curators from around the world to compile an extensive list of the best 100 movies from this century.