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A Floating Hot Tub That Lets You Enjoy A Relaxing Dip While Cruising The River

Netherlands-based company HotTug is a floating boat hot tub that allows you to enjoy a relaxing dip in the tub, while cruising along the river or lake.

Humor: The Truth About Moving Into Your First Apartment

[Click here to view the video in this article] Brooklyn-based writer and director Alexander Engel has created ‘This Is It’, a truthful and humorous short film that depicts the reality of moving into your first apartment in college.

A Look At Etiquette Messages Shown Before Silent Movies In The 1910s

On a popular Reddit thread for movies, one user has posted a series of screencaps of Etiquette warnings shown before silent movies in the 1910s.

The Newest, Boldest Hair Coloring Technique: Pixelated Hair

One hair salon in Madrid named X-Presion has been making waves on the Internet with their interesting approach to hair coloring that results in hair that appear to have ‘pixels’ of color.

Smart Desk Reminds You To Stand Up When You’ve Been Sitting For Too Long

You may already know that sitting crouched in front of your computer for hours is bad for your health, but that does not mean that you don’t continue to do it.

In London, A Giant Ball Pit For Adults To Play In

[Click here to view the video in this article] British design studio Pearlfisher has created a new, different kind of art installation in London: a ball pit for adults.

The World's Largest GIF, As Seen From Space

[Click here to view the video in this article] Advertising agency M&C Saatchi teamed up with popular artist INSA to create the world’s largest GIF image.

McDonald's USA Lets You Pay For Food With Hugs, High Fives, Or A Little Dance

[Click here to view the video in this article] In some selected McDonald’s stores in the United States of America, one now has a chance of being selected to pay for their food purchases with alternative forms of payment, which McDonald’s terms as “Lovin’�.

The Letter ‘A’ Creatively Formed With Elegantly Contorted Human Bodies

New York-based creative studio Vault 49 has created a striking typographic design of the letter ‘A’ that is formed using the bodies of men and women.

Employees Reveal Secrets Of Working In An Amazon Warehouse

Online retailer giant Amazon holds its massive inventory in more than 50 “fulfilment centers� or warehouses, and hires about 40,000 employees to work in them.

3D-Printed Light Bulb Shades Designed To Like Inverted Art Deco Skyscrapers

If you think that the LED light bulbs in your home is looking a little too bare and uninspiring, why not accessorize them with the statement-making Stalaclight bulb shades?

Brightly Colored, Minimalist Illustrations Of London’s Striking Skyscrapers

Based in London, graphic designer Joshua Clarke has created a collection of pastel-hued posters that features several of the British capital’s more visually striking skyscrapers.

Slip Your Phone Into This Leather Sleeve To Charge It Wirelessly

Even with the slimmest of battery power banks, they are still a hassle to carry around, especially when you need USB cords to use them.

A Facebook Page Dedicated To ‘Copywriter VS Art Director’

Last year, you had a laugh at the funny GIFs that portray the differences between a copywriter and an art director.

Heartwarming Video Shows Stray Dogs And Inmates Sharing An Unexpected Bond

[Click here to view the video in this article] An upcoming documentary titled Dogs on the Inside, set to be released on February 2015, will be featuring heart-warming stories between the most unlikeliest of subjects: abused stray dogs, and inmates in a Massachusetts prison.

Beautiful Fonts Found On Street Signs, Phone Boxes Of Major Cities

St. Jansbrug, Amsterdam Image via David Quay It is no big secret that the apt use of typeface design can easily influence the aesthetics of products, or even places.

Chart: Types Of Beer You Should Know

Previously, we featured 78 cocktails for bar people and party monsters. Now here’s one for the beer lovers.

Man Wears Make-Up For One Week, Shares What He Learns

Isaac Fitzgerald of BuzzFeed recently underwent an experiment where he wore make-up for one week, and documented his experience.

Infographic: Why Google Spends So Much Money On Acquiring Other Companies

According to UK-based design and marketing agency Aptitude, “2 years prior to Jan 2014, Google outspent its 5 closest rivals on acquisitions combined�—for a relatively young company, the internet giant has certainly been shopping a lot.

Creatives Reveal The 11 Things That They Wish Design School Taught Them

Image: BayRock Studios Have you ever regretted not picking up useful skills, or not being better informed about marketing your talents when you were in design school?