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Illustrator Proposes To Long-Time Girlfriend With An Awesome Animation Video

[Click here to view the video in this article] Illustrator and animator Adam Rosenbaum spent months after work and the occasional weekends perfecting his animation video to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend.

A Photo Gallery Of Images Creatively Enhanced With Stitches Of Thread

Sillouettes, 2011. Jessica Wohl Artist Orly Cogan curated a series of photographs that were artfully "enhanced" by 11 artists in the exhibit, ‘The Embroidered Image’.

In Vienna, You Can Hang Out In A Public ‘House Of Hammocks’

German architect firm heri&salli has designed a ‘House of Hammocks’ in Vienna, Austria. Called ‘Flederhaus’, which means bat in German, the five-story tall building contains 28 hammocks available for public use.

Photographer Takes Playful Portraits That Defy The Bible's ‘10 Commandments’

You Shall Not Kill Photographer Anna Friemoth tackles the Ten Commandments with much wit—by taking self-portraits that illustrates each of the biblical principles.

Chart: TV, Film Characters And Their Drink Of Choice

Click on image to enlarge Click on image to enlarge Website Cool Material has created a chart that showcases the preferred drinks of famous characters from TV shows and movies.

‘Honest Trailer’ Hilariously Renames All Pokémon In Red And Blue Version

[Click here to view the video in this article] YouTube channel Smosh Games is back with an honest look at video games Pokémon Red and Blue.

Infographic: Beware Of These Seven Common Lies Interviewers Tell

JobCluster has put together a list of lies that interviewers will commonly tell when they desperately need a position to be filled, or if they don't find the candidate a good fit for the company.

Captivating Time-Lapse Shows Everyday Objects Disintegrating & Reappearing

[Click here to view the video in this article] We’ve previously seen objects being sanded down layer by layer.

This Awesome Device Lets You Fill 100 Water Balloons In A Minute

Inventor Josh Malone, with inspiration and help from his wife and kids, has developed a device that can fill 100 water balloons in a minute.

Infographic: The Advertiser’s Guide To Reaching Travelers On Facebook

Mobile ad buying platform Ampush has come up with an infographic to help advertisers better target the large pool of travelers on Facebook.

‘Imoji’ App Turns Your Selfies Into Emojis, Adds Personal Touch To Messages

[Click here to view the video in this article] Those of you who are prone to taking selfies might want to check out ‘Imoji’, an iOS app that turns them into fun, textable emojis.

Infographic: A Guide To Cellphone Etiquettes In 11 Countries

Kansas-based servicing company RepairLabs has put together an interesting infographic on phone etiquette around the world.

Designer Imagines Famous Personalities With Big Noses, No Mouths

New York-based interactive designer Phillip Pastore has created a Tumblr blog where he posts hilarious digitally-altered photos of famous figures with exaggerated noses and non-existent mouths.

Bizarre Photographs Of Animals That Do Not Exist In Real Life

Cercophitecus Icarocornu (Fauna) Spanish artist Joan Fontcuberta’s 1987 series ‘Fauna’ is a bizarre look at animals that do not exist in real life.

Creative Bookshelf Lets You Literally Weigh Your Read Books Against The Unread

Do you want to know exactly how much progress you are making with the books on your reading list? Simply start using the “Read-Unread Bookshelf” by Brooklyn-based designer Niko Economidis.

Brace Yourself, ‘Game Of Thrones’ Emojis Are Coming…

The Iron Throne After seeing how popular the Seinfeld emojis were, website Elite Daily decided to create a set for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones.

Photographer Creates Surreal Images Of Fantastical Dream Worlds

Photographer Logan Zillmer makes his imagination come to life through his surreal photo series of dream worlds.

Artist Paints Delightful Artworks On Used Cigarette Packs

French artist Léo Dorfner has created a collection of lovely mixed-media artworks, titled “Smoke Signals”.

Photographer’s Humorous Self-Portraits Poke Fun At Our Selfie-Obsessed Society

That one time I asked the workers of the world to unite Photographer Mike Mellia, who previously paid tribute to his late father with a collection of cinematic images and inserted his face into products of iconic brands, has a humorous self-portrait series that pokes fun at our selfie-obsessed society.

Sensual Typographic Scented Candles And Lighters For Playful Lovers

Dutch artist Pieter Ceizer has collaborated with Parisian luxury boutique colette, showcasing the artist's signature typography designs on the “Hottie” pack items.