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LOL: Tips For Appearing ���Smart��� And ���Popular��� On Twitter

Previously, we featured some tricks to appearing ���smart��� in video conference calls, emails, and meetings.

The Differences Between China And Hong Kong In Simple Graphics

Design website Local Studio HK has come up with a series of graphics that shows the differences between China and Hong Kong.

Photographer Captures Rare Shot Of A Crow ���Hitching A Ride��� On An Eagle

Photographer Phoo Chan���whose works have been published in National Geographic���has captured a rare photo of a crow ���hitching a ride��� on the back of an eagle.

LOL: The U.S.A Explained To Non-Americans

The Oatmeal has created a satirical introduction to iconic landmarks and traditions of the U.S.A. The humorous guide, titled ���America explained to non-Americans���, provide tongue-in-cheek explanations of The Statue of Liberty, Thanksgiving, and comfort food that are typically enjoyed by Americans.

Artist ���Cuts Open��� Faces Of Famous People To Reveal Their Inner Beauty

In his collection of eye-catching, hyperrealistic paintings, Santa Catarina, Brazil-based artist Marcelo Monreal takes apart the faces of celebrities, pop culture figures and supermodels to reveal a lush, beautiful bed of flowers beneath the surface.

Minimalist Visual Recipes Display Neatly Arranged Ingredients And Utensils

These stunning compositions by Mikkel Jul Hvilsh��j are minimalist visual recipes that show you what goes into a dish.

Controversial, Thought-Provoking Campaign Fights For Male Gender Equality

Indian online lifestyle magazine Maggcom launched an interesting web campaign called ���#DontMancriminate��� in late June.

Men's Synchronized Swimming Team Show Why You Should Never Drink And Dive

[Click here to view the video in this article] [via YouTube, images via Don���t Drink And Dive]

Milk Dispenser Shaped Like Udders, Mimics The Process Of Milking A Cow

Design Studio 55 has created a milk dispenser shaped like udders that mimics the milking of a cow. Called ���Vache �� Lait������translated as the ���Milk Cow��� project���it was a submission to The Milk Factory���s ���What���s Next for Milk?

Infographic: An Ultimate Guide To European Street Food

When we think about European food, we usually think of pizza or frites. This infographic will come in handy for those who want to step out of their comfort zone, and try some local treats.

Designers��� Posters Show ���The Most Important��� Thing That They���ve Learned

���This hand made, fluid ink piece depicts a strong mantra of the studio, that There Is No Weapon Sharper Than Will - meaning you can achieve anything you want to with the right mindset.��� by DMSQD Sheffield design studio Side by Side has created just do good shit, a platform to challenge and showcase local creatives.

Humorous Graphs Chart The Emotions You Feel When Watching Disney Pixar Movies

In honor of the heartwarming nature of the newly-released animated film, Inside Out, the team at Oh My Disney has created a fun series of graphs detailing the full spectrum of emotions experienced when watching a Disney Pixar movie.

���World���s Fastest Commercial��� By Nike Features A Star-Studded Athletic Cast

[Click here to view the video in this article] Nike has roped in 13 big names for its latest speedy spot, titled ���Find Your Fast���, to promote its ���Air Zoom Elite 8��� running shoe.

Man Quits Job, Becomes Instagram Celebrity With Stunning Photos

If you need a little push to pursue your passions, former IT specialist at IBM Eelco Roos might just be your inspirational role model.

Free Diving Photographer Snaps Mesmerizing Images Of Underwater Giants

After freelance photographer and filmmaker Michaela Skovranova moved with her family from landlocked Slovakia to the coast of Australia, she fell in love with the sea and its marine residents.

A Beautiful, Interactive Timeline That Visualizes How Time Flies By

Austrian designer Maximilian Kiener has beautifully visualized the concept of time, and how it often seems to fly by, with an interactive timeline that takes you through the conventional milestones of a person���s life, creatively summing up the importance of seizing our days.

A Visual Guide To The Flavors In Popular Liquors

Many factors contribute to the flavor profile of a liquor. These include its ingredients, how and what it���s aged in, where it���s made and other factors.

Infographic: The Ultimate Graphic Design Survival Kit

Click on image to enlarge Click on image to enlarge Designers, this ���Graphic Design Survival Kit��� by New Media would show you how to get by in the tough world of design.

Expandable Portable Studio Lets You Take Better Professional Photos With A Phone

���Lightcase Pro��� is a bigger, better update of the Lightcase that was last featured here. Users can now take photos of bigger-sized items by joining other Lightcase Pro units together���it can be easily assembled by fixing together the sides in under 30 seconds, and unfolds into a flat package that slips conveniently into a bag.

Micro Sculptures Of Emojis, Detailed Landscapes Carved From Colored Pencil Tips

We previously featured Salavat Fidai���s micro sculptures carved from pencil tips and Hoang Tran���s movie characters carved from crayons.