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Real-Life Salary Negotiations That Can Help You Push For Better Pay

Acknowledging how salary negotiation commonly intimidates employees everywhere, Jim Hopkinson publishes a collection of real-life strategies employed by individuals who are certain that they are being undercompensated.

Infographic: How To Survive An Office Romance

If you are considering if you should enter into a relationship that involves a co-worker, this infographic by MyBreast will teach you how to survive it.

FBI Agent Shares Secret Ways To Accurately Read A Person���s Body Language

Image via Jason Chatfield The ability to read people would help greatly in making decisions and affect the way you deal with them.

Unique Time-Lapse Typography Video Expresses Creative Agency���s Manifesto

[Click here to view the video in this article] Visual communications agency Column Five has created a video that reiterated their company values and mission statement during a recent Hack Day.

For Designers: A Comprehensive Guide To Font Formats

For typeface designers, one important thing to take note of is font formats. Despite the many formats available, not a single one works on all browsers.

A 1950s Grain Storage Facility Transformed Into A Modern, Cozy Home For Two

Most people wouldn���t think of living in a grain silo, but architect Christoph Kaiser is doing just that.

PANTONE Creates Vibrant Line Of Bags Inspired By Their Color Swatches

[Click here to view the video in this article] PANTONE Laptop Backpack PANTONE has teamed up with premium luggage brand Redland London, to release a collection of bags inspired by their electric colors.

A Complete Guide To Sushi, From Common Types Of Sushi To Proper Dining Etiquette

If you���re new to sushi, this helpful visual guide by will have you up to speed in no time.

A Revolutionary Branding Concept For A Modern Airline That Puts Passengers First

Questioning the conventional, problematic practices of air travel, prominent design studio Teague, known for their long-standing interior work for Boeing planes, offers a start up-inspired branding concept that aims to troubleshoot the outdated systems with a series of effective, game-changing solutions.

Designer Celebrates Son���s First Birthday By Creating More Life-Sized Lettering

Remember designer Bob Ewing���s adorable lettering project with his new-born son Nixon? The kid has just turned One, and here is the latest installment of the series.

Cheeky Sweat Suits Look Good Enough For The Office, Are Comfy Enough To Sleep In

[Click here to view the video in this article] Earlier this year, we wrote about the business suit onesie that a man wore to work without anyone noticing.

Infamous Corporate Logo Fails That Companies Can Learn From

���Kosteleck�� uzeniny is a popular Czech sausage company that has been around since 1917. It���s easy to see why non-Czechs find it so amusing, but it���s been on all the company���s products since the ���20s.��� Hoping to educate companies about visual identity,

See-Through Glass Toaster May Be A Brilliantly Simple Solution To Burnt Toast

If you are tired of burning your toast on slow mornings, this toaster might be useful for you. Similar to this see-through toaster, the Bamboo and Glass toaster is meant to let users see how their bread is being toasted.

Teenage Boys Create ���The PMS Package��� To Soothe Women On Their Periods

Two 19-year-old guys, Ashton Onesko and Luke Buchy, are set to make a lady���s time of the month a tad better with ���The PMS Package���.

If ���The Legend Of Zelda��� Was Made By Studio Ghibli

For fans of The Legend of Zelda, artist Matt Vince imagines what Zelda would be like if it were adapted by the famous Studio Ghibli.

10 Stunning Images You Can Use For Free On Your Blog

Image: Rock Whitney Dear readers, we have come to the last edition of this feature. We hope you have enjoyed the wonderful images curated for you weekly.

A 1950s Grain Storage Structure Transformed Into A Modern, Cozy Home For Two

Most people wouldn���t think of living in a grain silo, but architect Christoph Kaiser is doing just that.

Infographic: 11 Psychological Tricks To Get People To Do What You Want

Here are some ways that will help get people on your side, without them realizing that it was you who have influenced their decision.

���Tech Tats���: New Biowearables Applied To The Skin Like Temporary Tattoos

[Click here to view the video in this article] Designer Eric Schneider has created Tech Tats, new biowearable technology that can be applied directly to the skin like a temporary tattoo.