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Watch: Five Delicious Microwave Mug Meals Perfect For The Millennial On-The-Go

[Click here to view the video in this article] Professional Irish chef Gemma Stafford gets in on the microwave mug meal trend and has created her very own set of recipes that are both delicious and nutritious, making it possible for you to put together both sweet and savoury meals in just a few minutes.

A Letter To All Our Readers...

Hello there, It's been more than 12 years since we published our first article. The journey has been fantastic all this while, and we hope to continue delivering you the best ideas on innovation and creativity for many more years to come.

Stunning Polynesian Sleeve Tattoos Meticulously Crafted With Intricate Details

When Indonesian artist Jared Asalli of Fingers Crossed Tattoo Co chanced upon a tattoo starter kit online in beginning 2011, he didn���t read much into its purchase.

Oreo Lets Passers-By Taste Their New Cookie Flavor Via A Magical ���Portal���

In a creative approach to introducing Oreo���s limited edition ���filled cupcake��� flavor, a group of creative agencies consisting of Iontank, 360i, The Martin Agency and Carat, led by Weber Shandwick, has created a mysterious ���portal��� on 245 W.

Watch: Popular Films That Subtly Hint At Their Twists And Endings With Spoilers

[Click here to view the video in this article] Videos by Screen Rant are known to reveal often overlooked secrets about films, like the biggest mistakes in Disney films and hidden details in popular movie trailers.

Design Studio Unveils The Process Behind Building Google���s New Visual Identity

New York City-based independent, collaborative design studio The Rivalry unveils the process behind the conception of Google���s new visual identity, which was launched last September, showing how the team adapted their design to the ���ever-evolving multi-screen world.��� With about 200 Google products to consider and over 12 billion searches made monthly, the creatives reveal a series of calculated visuals that include primary logotypes and icons, visual identity guidelines and a variety of branded materials that made the final cut.

Nendo���s Chocolate Bars Come In A Lovely Range Of Textured 3D Patterns

Acclaimed Japanese design studio Nendo has created lovely concepts with chocolate, from chocolate pencils and a chocolate paint set to miniature chocolate geometric sculptures.

An Unsettling Compilation Of Smiles From Film���s Worst Villains

[Click here to view the video in this article] Villains come in many shapes, colors and with various quirks and motivations, but they often have one thing in common: their smile.

Watch: Feast On This Very Realistic ���Human Heart Cake��� This Valentine���s Day

[Click here to view the video in this article] Valentine���s Day is just around the corner, and Yolanda Gampp of How To Cake It has the perfect cake for those left with a broken heart, or would just prefer raw, unabashed love to overly-commercialized versions of it.

Infographic: How The ���Netflix And Chill��� Trend Is Changing Modern Romances

Picking up on how its streaming service is starting to influence change in people���s dating lives, Netflix conducted a survey with 1008 young Americans, touching on how the ���Netflix and chill��� phenomenon has grown to become a key component in many modern romances.

Cute Creature Cushions You Can Hug And Protect Your Wrists With While Typing

Acknowledging the growing ailment of strained wrists stemmed from working with a computer for extended periods of time without sufficient rest, the Japanese have invented a series of big, huggable creature-themed cushions that will provide support for your wrists while keeping you company at work.

This Pastry Chef���s Beautiful Dessert-Making Videos Will Make Your Mouth Water

Image via Garry Larduinat French pastry chef Garry Larduinat has been sharing videos of his dessert-making process on Instagram, and they are an absolute treat to watch.

Disney Princesses Reimagined As Modern Girls Living In The 21st Century

Mulan and Merida We have recently seen Disney princesses reimagined as Jedi Knights and in the style of Tim Burton.

Couple Turns Old Bus Into Mobile Tiny Home-Cum-Artist Studio, Travel Across US

Similar to the ���Big Blue��� mobile tiny home, this dilapidated 1998 church bus was converted into a cozy tiny house on wheels by couple Christopher Stoll and his girlfriend Tori.

Man Transforms His Love Story Into Epic Movie Trailer To Propose To His Girlfriend

[Click here to view the video in this article] We previously wrote about a guy who hid his marriage proposal in 148 photos that he took of his girlfriend over months.

A Handy Guide To The Art And Process Of Hand-Lettering For Beginners

Hand-lettering is making a comeback and gaining popularity, which is evident from the sheer volume of hand-lettering projects that could be found on the internet.

Infographic: How Do Creatives Spend Their Time In An Average Day?

What is it like to lead a creative life? Portfolio site Format surveyed over 2000 creatives about their daily habits, exploring how they live, work and play on a daily basis.

Adorable Unicorn Bedroom Slippers That Light Up When You Walk

Light up the route to your bathroom with these cute Light Up Unicorn Slippers. These bedroom slippers have a built-in sensor that lights up when you walk.

Infographic: How Does The Physics Of ���Superman��� Hold Up In Real Life?

Superman is one of the most famous superheroes, famed for his strength, ability to fly, and sense of justice.

Prop Master Reveals What Actors Are Really Smoking Or Snorting In Films

Depictions of smoking might be banned by many TV networks, but the smoking cigarette often remains too cinematic for filmmakers to resist.