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A Funny 'Unicorn' Mask For Your Dog This Halloween

If you are thinking of how to dress your dog up for Halloween, Japanese designer Hiroko Fukatsu has designed a unicorn mask that will transform your adorable dog into a unicorn.

A Simple Invention For Your Cheap Whiskey That Makes It Taste Expensive

Portland-based company Whiskey Elements has created a simple tool that makes cheap whiskey taste deliciously oak-aged in just 24 hours.

Infographic: Tips To Make Your Mornings Better

Online website Entrepreneur has collaborated with Column Five Media to produce this infographic that provides useful advice on how you can ‘Take Back Your Mornings’.

Check Out This Adorable, Functioning DIY LEGO Pinhole Camera

LEGO has been used in many creative ways but we were really amazed by what Colorado State University student Ryan Howerter has done with a LEGO brick—he turned one into a functioning pinhole camera.

Thought-Provoking Photographs Capture The ‘Death Of Conversations’

Bothered by how technology has made people “dull”, London-based street photographer, who goes by the name of Babycakes Romero, decided to photograph a series showcasing people who are in the company of others, yet they are constantly looking at their phones.

Infographic: How To Curb Distractions & Stay Focused

Virgin Pulse, part of the Virgin Group, has put together an infographic detailing the common distractions at work and the healthy habits you can cultivate to curb them.

Creative Designer Turns Old Apple Computers Into Stylish Furniture Set

Old is gold, as proven by German designer Klaus Geiger, who took a few of Apple’s Power Mac G5 and turned them into a series of stylish, modern furniture.

Infographic: How To Be The Ultimate Leader

UK-based Thales Learning & Development has come up with an infographic laying out seven traits of an ultimate leader.

Infographic: How Co-Workers Affect Your Productivity

Online collaboration platform Taskworld has created an infographic that tells you the effects your co-workers might be having on your productivity.

Watch Brad Pitt Get ‘Insulted’ In Hilarious Interview With Zach Galifianakis

In the latest episode of Between Two Ferns on Funny or Die, Brad Pitt was asked a series of insulting questions by host Zach Galifianakis.

An Honest & Amusing ‘Expectations VS Reality’ Look At Getting In Shape

Many of us want to be in the best shape possible. But desires and reality are more often than not two separate issues as shown in this following ‘Expectations VS Reality’ series.

Infographic: 17 Desk Stretches That Might Save Your Life

We have recently featured a few articles on how sitting and standing too much is bad for you. Fret not, you can easily solve this sitting and standing conundrum with these simple desk stretches listed in the infographic, created by Officevibe, below.

Infographic: Eight Trademarks Of Coffee Snobbery

When it comes to coffee, how big of a snob are you? A tongue-in-cheek infographic created by Australian coffee chain Bahati Coffee lets you know what kind of “coffee snob” you are, based on the choices that you make when it comes to purchasing and consuming coffee.

Ad Agency Rewards Employees With Free Beer For Filling Out Timesheets

To encourage its employees to fill out their timesheets promptly, Minneapolis-based ad agency Colle+McVoy has decided to reward them with free beer for doing so.

Woman Inserts Herself Into Her Mother’s Childhood Photos To Charming Results

Would you make great friends with your mother if the both of you had the opportunity to grow up together?

Infographic: How To Capitalize On Emotions To Increase Customer Loyalty & Sales

Zillion Designs, who previously showed us how to understand serif and sans serif typefaces, is back with an infographic that explains how companies can capitalize on emotional rebranding to drive sales and revenue.

New NYC Tourism Board Ads Want Locals To Explore The City’s Neighborhoods

NYC & Company, the official tourism organization for New York City, has a new campaign that urges its locals to explore other neighborhoods in the city more often.

Funny Anime-Inspired ‘2.5D Masks’ That You Can Download And Make For Free

We recently featured these geometrical 3D masks templates that you can assemble at home. How about making these adorable, yet slightly frightening, anime-inspired ‘2.5D Masks’ too?

Chart: How To Match The Right Pair Of Shoes For Every Type Of Pants

The right pair of shoes with the appropriate type of pants would help complete a dapper look effortlessly.

Photographer Emulates Romantic Stock Images With Complete Strangers

It’s not uncommon to research and look up pictures of a place that you’re going to visit. But what about actually reaching your destination and re-enacting the scenarios from the stock images that turned up in your search?