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Awesome Matching ���Geek Tattoos��� For Couples Inspired By Novels And Films

Image via @quaseblogueiras Are you looking for the perfect tattoo to get with your partner? BuzzFeed has put together a collection of ���geeky couple tattoos��� that you may be interested in.

Designer Redesigns A Logo In A Day, Shows How Constraints Can Boost Creativity

[Click here to view the video in this article] Graphic designer Brandon Rike recently took on the challenge to redesign a logo in just one day.

Inspiring Posters Of Typography Quotes, Thoughts From Famous ���Type People���

Graphic designer Bill Dawson of XK9 has curated a wonderful collection of typographic-themed quotes and musings from famous designers, typographers and other ���type people���.

Wonderful, Wild Images That Embody The Freedom And Spirit Of Youth

Beijing-based photographer Wang Wei enjoys using traditional 35mm film to capture the quirky and vibrant images seen on his Instagram account.

Man Builds 275-Square-Foot Tiny Home To Live A Mortgage-Free Life

[Click here to view the video in this article] Jacob Adler of Sheldahl, Iowa, is building his own 275-square-foot tiny house���complete with a living room and kitchen on the first floor, and a bedroom and bathroom on the second floor���for the paltry sum of US$22,000.

Infographic: Fascinating Facts Of 24 Countries��� Flags From Around The World

While most countries��� flags are rectangular in shape, Nepal���s flag is the only one in the world that takes on an unusual triangular shape, with its double pennants symbolizing the peaks of the Himalayas.

Illustrations Show 15 Small Ways To Keep Yourself Happy At Work

Here are some simple things you can do in the office that will lift your spirits at work. Put together by Mashable, little details like a framed photo, and adding a plant to your work desk will help create a pleasant environment to work in.

Watch: Social Experiment Captures Appalling Physical Abuse Towards Gays

[Click here to view the video in this article] With the legalization of same-sex marriages across all states in America passed, ChebuRussiaTV conducted a social experiment in Russia to test the everyday citizen���s reaction towards the LGBT community by holding hands and walking around in public.

A Delightful Travel Video Shot In The Iconic Style Of Wes Anderson���s Films

[Click here to view the video in this article] This clever travel video by tourism group Discover Claremont is inspired by director Wes Anderson���s popular films.

Fun, Entertaining GIFs Showcase The Crazy Cars From ���Mad Max: Fury Road���

For fans of the recently released Mad Max: Fury Road, you might enjoy these brilliant GIFs of the extraordinary vehicles featured in the movie.

Take A Look At The Stunning Interiors Of Taylor Swift���s Apartment

Fancy a peek at the interiors of popular singer-songwriter Taylor Swift���s house? Fashion, beauty and celebrity magazine InStyle has released some photos of the songstress��� seven-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom apartment.

For Students: A Rich Resource Of Tips, Advice From A Seasoned Graphic Designer

Image: Diego Schtutman If you are a budding designer looking for advice on your work, this might be a valuable resource.

Designers Create An Illustrated Deck Of Cards For ���Cards Against Humanity���

The popular party game ���Cards Against Humanity��� has a new expansion pack that features a deck of fully-illustrated cards.

Female Body Typeface: Letters Formed By Women In Gymnastics, Yoga Poses

Barcelona-based illustrator and animator Adolf Rodriguez has created the ���Female Body Typeface���. The cheeky illustrated typeface features women stretching, performing gymnastics and yoga positions to form the letters of the alphabet.

For Designers: Tips For Creating A Contract To Handle Difficult Clients

Image: Tom Beck Neal O���Grady of design blog Webflow shares advice on how designers can manage client relationships with a contract in a recent post.

���Fatty��� Is The New Taste That Has Been Added To The Human Palate

An article published in the journal Chemical Senses proposes that the fatty taste is a new basic taste.

Watch: Stunning Tribute To Studio Ghibli���s Hayao Miyazaki

[Click here to view the video in this article] Last month, we featured a Studio Ghibli tribute by a group of animators from Thailand.

Infographic: How Millennials Are Redefining The Future Of Work

Click on image to enlarge Click on image to enlarge Millennials are said to be the most tech-savvy generation, and they are using the internet to redefine the traditional ways of work and business.

Creative Writes Stories About Strangers��� Photos, Shows A Different Perspective

���Rewritten Photographs��� is a project by San Francisco-based creative Mishal Jagjivan, in which she writes stories based on photographs submitted by strangers.

Artist Crafts Stunning Guitars From Old Skateboard Decks

Nick Pourfard is a man of many talents. The 22-year-old artist, musician and skateboarder has merged all of his skills and created guitars built from old skateboard decks.