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Chicago Brewer Severs Ties with Donald Trump, Renames Trump Tower Beer “F*** Your Hair’

5 Rabbit Cervecceria, a Latino-owned brewery outside Chicago, will no longer produce beer for Trump Tower‘s Rebar, following the Republican presidential candidate’s racist remarks about Mexicans, but it  did find a way to expand on its relationship with The Donald that won’t be lost in translation.

Parker Posey Invented a Foodie DVD Board Game Called “Black Light Dinner Party”

Watch out Parker Brothers! Buried in The New York Times style section profile of the rooftop BBQ dance party-obsessed actress Parker Posey — which mostly focuses on her career struggles in Hollywood — buries the lede of her ultimate indie release, “Black Light Dinner Party.” Per NYT: “It’s a movie that will never be released because it comes with a board game and a DVD and a black-light light bulb and white pancake makeup,” she said.“Sometimes there’s a recipe at the bottom of the screen.

Everything The Fat Jew aka Josh Ostrovsky Ate in This Week’s Grub Street Diet

Want to know what this week’s Grub Street diarist ate, but don’t want to know anything about the book/movie/album they’re subliminally promoting?

Watch Previews of New NBC, FYI, Shows Pitting Grown Chefs Against Children

Food Fighters features 12 year old Danielle McKay. (Greg Gayne/NBC) While Gordon Ramsay‘s Masterchef Junior brings out the best in the belligerent chef, who wants to see his prepubescent contestants succeed, two new cooking shows coming this summer seek to shame children who once loved to cook with a mean-spirited dominance championed by Stephanie March‘s Bobby Flay‘s Throwdown.

Florida State Mascot Killed Over Gumbo Recipe at Buddy’s Seafood Market

A more recent Chief Osceola, on the field at FSU. Building on his experience portraying Chief Osceola at Florida State University football games, Buddy’s Seafood Market employee Caleb Joshua Halley was killed by coworker Orlando Thompson last week over an argument over the Panama City restaurant’s gumbo recipe, making him another tragic Florida Man mascot.

Watch ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protestors Take Action Inside, Outside, 21 Club

Not just because it’s easier to get inside than Polo Bar, a group of Black Lives Matter activists called the Never 21 Club disguised themselves as 21 Club servers last Friday afternoon, dishing out a lesson in social justice by handing restaurant patrons a menu listed with the names of black youths killed by police before turning 21.

Closing of Momofuku Milk Bar SoHo Brings End to 6-Year Band of Outsiders Collaboration

Momofuku Milk Bar‘s Christina Tosi has been collaborating with Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg since 2009, when Anna Wintour‘s annual, economy-boosting Fashion’s Night Out stunt required retailers to invent gimmicks to attract customers to shop full-priced merchandise.

Watch the Trailer for Mala Mala, Starring Puerto Rican Trans Chef Paxx Caraballo Moll

On last night’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took a closer look at transgender discrimination in the United States.

Everything Willie Geist Ate in This Week’s Grub Street Diet

Credit: NBC Want to know what this week’s Grub Street diarist ate, but don’t want to read about the book/movie/album they’re subliminally promoting?

PYT Bringing Their Burgers to the Bowery; Philadelphia Can Keep its Best Pizza

PYT, Philly’s Piazza burger joint famous for bacon-shelled tacos and fried lasagna burger buns, is opening this summer on the Bowery.

Diddy To Lose Booze Business If Assault Charges Stick

Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ alleged kettlebell swing at UCLA strength training coach Sal Alosi, can have serious implications for his investment in Diageo brands Ciroc Vodka and DeLeon Tequila.

Watch This Documentary About The Last Days of Wylie Dufresne’s WD-50

Time documented the final days of New York City’s last modernist dining institution, Wylie Dufresne‘s WD-50, before it closed its doors last fall to make way for an apartment building.

Rosio Sanchez Opens Copenhagen Taco Stand; Wylie Dufresne Making Sandwiches

Before Rosio Sanchez opened her Hija de Sanchez taco stand in Copenhangen last week, she served as pastry chef at world’s best restaurant Noma.

Jamie Oliver Shaming Your Sugar Addiction with Menu Surcharge

If you’re familiar enough with health-conscious English chef Jamie Oliver‘s cooking that you’re seeking out his restaurants you’re probably not there for the sugariest items on his menus, but according to the Nottingham Post, he’ll soon be making you pay for such indiscretions.

Martha Stewart Sells her Omnimedia Empire, Will Continue to Rule It

Martha Stewart‘s had more success this year as a pop culture icon than a businesswoman. While Orange is the New Black laid the groundwork to give her prison time its due next season, and she’s been chronicled smoking with Jeff Ross and Snoop Dogg, it was announced today, with lackluster enthusiasm, that she’s selling her Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Empire for $353MM to Sequential Brands Group, the owner of brands like Ellen Tracy and Linens N Things.

Former White House Chef Walter Scheib Found Dead in New Mexico

Credit: Walter Scheib, the former White House executive chef for presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush, has been found dead by New Mexico state police one week after he went missing on a hike in the mountains surrounding Taos Ski Valley.

Watch Elmo Cook for Jason Schwartzman, Questlove, Fallon, on The Tonight Show

Sesame Street‘s red-headed stepchild Elmo visited The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, cooking Muppets-inspired fare alongside Questlove, but all he really cared about was impressing Jason Schwartzman unlike any character in any Jason Schwartzman movie ever.

Everything Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan Ate in This Week’s Grub Street Diet

Photo: Adam Robb Want to know what this week’s Grub Street diarist ate, but don’t want to read about the book/movie/album they’re subliminally promoting?

Weslodge Owners Acknowledge Lady Chef Abuse Incident; Kitchen Bitches adds Speakers

The owners of the restaurant group behind Toronto’s Weslodge, Charles Khabouth and Hanif Harji, yesterday released a statement revealing their own internal investigation into former pastry chef Kate Burnham‘s workplace sex abuse claims turned up a lack of communication about the incidents, and that the three men at the center of Burnham’s allegations, sous chefs Dan Lidbury and Colin Mercer, and chef de cuisine, Kanida Chey, all departed the restaurant in 2014.

Watch Fox & Friends Consume Pizza Hut Hot Dog Pie, Jon Stewart’s Revulsion

Jon Stewart last night opined on Fox & Friends‘ latest low, their love of Pizza Hut‘s monstrous 28-hot dog bite hybrid pie.