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Giada De Laurentiis Tweeted Her Favorite Super Bowl Recipe

Today, Giada De Laurentiis tweeted her favorite Super Bowl Recipe, for spicy tequila lime chicken wings.

1,500 People Attended Benoît Violier’s Funeral

This week, Benoît Violier, a beloved French-Swiss chef whose restaurant was just declared the best in the world by La Liste was found dead in his home, apparently from suicide.

Super Bowl Weekend: What The Celeb Chef Restaurants Are Doing

Super Bowl 50 is upon us which means, if nothing else, lots of fun food. If you want to Super Bowl like a celebrity chef, you can start by going to one of their restaurants.

Top Chef Recap: Restaurant Wars Part 1

Restaurant Wars started last night on Top Chef, and everyone is pissed off. Everyone knows it’s coming and tensions are high.

Anthony Bourdain’s All-Time Top Three Meals: Morning Roundup

Good morning! It’s finally Friday. You made it. Here’s what you need to know before you start your day.

Michael Pollan’s Netflix Series is Coming, and It Looks Incredible

Ever since I read Michael Pollan‘s famous quote, “Eat food. Not too much. Mainly plants,” I’ve been kind of obsessed with him.

Super Bowl Snack Idea: Mario Batali’s Pot Brownies

Everyone loves Super Bowl snack food. If you’re anything like us, it’s the only reason you’re watching the Super Bowl at all.

Restaurant Startup Recap: A Place In The Sun

Last night on Restaurant Startup, two teams came to Joe Bastianich and Elizabeth Blau with concepts that would take their hometown dining options to the next level.

Nobody is Bringing Home the Bacon on Top Chef: Video

It’s restaurant wars tonight on Top Chef! The competition is getting tight, and literally everyone is mad at everyone.

You Will Soon Be Able to Cook in Julia Child’s Home

  Julia Child is the OG Celebrity Chef in every way. She gave the American people French cuisine with her cook book, and her TV show The French Chef which came out in 1963 is still on everyone’s minds.

Six Dollar Footlong Doesn’t Have The Same Ring: Last Call

We’ve got good news and bad news. We’ll give you the bad first: Your sandwiches are getting more expensive.

Pete Wells Says Alain Ducasse’s Midtown Bistro Will Transport You To France

  For Alain Ducasse‘s French Bistro, Benoit, it seems the third time’s the charm. In 2008, Frank Bruni said that many dishes that should have been “mainstays” missed the mark.

The “Goddesses” Who Inspire Marcus Samuelsson’s Black History Month Menu

Chef Marcus Samuelsson creates a menu for Black History Month each year at Red Rooster Harlem, but this year it’s a bit different: he’s drawing on strong female influences from the past, present and future.

7 Things We Learned About Danny Meyer From His New York Times Magazine Interview

  In an interview with The New York Times Magazine this week, restaurateur Danny Meyer talks all things hospitality, and even gives us some of his politics.

Even Water is Bad for You: Last Call

Seltzer is ruining your life, but Williamsburg is about to get what should be some very very delicious pizza out of Clinton Hill.

How to Throw the Ultimate ‘Hamilton’ Dinner Party

Want to be “in the room where it happens?” Full disclosure, we cannot get you there. For one thing, we can’t time travel.

Stop Eating So Many Wings: Morning Round Up

Happy Tuesday! Here’s some food for thought this morning… Huffington Post Americans are on track to eat 1.3 billion wings during the Super Bowl this year.

We’ll Never Know What Caused the E. Coli Outbreak at Chipotle: Last Call

NBC News The E. Coli outbreak at Chipotle has been declared over by the CDC, and investigators still don’t know what caused it.

Masa is the Latest Restaurant to Abolish Tipping

Masa Takayama via Wikipedia Masa is already America’s most expensive restaurant, and you’re about to get even more sticker shock.

Michelin Stars for 2016 are Out in France

Michelin has revealed its stars for France, and as always, some chefs fared well while others…not so much.