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Report: Violent Drug Cartels Causing Insane Spike In Lime Prices

America’s lime shortage can, at face value, be traced to citrus blights and heavy rainfalls in Mexico, but a recent National Journal report revealed that there’s a grislier reason behind the insanely high prices of limes: Mexican drug cartels muscling into the lime industry.

Breakfast Links: Bourdain and Ruhlman Do Vegas, Go to A Dark Place Within Souls

How Anthony Bourdain And Michael Ruhlman Overcame Their Las Vegas Problems (Food Republic) Next Sunday, the food world’s best frenemies for life go to Las Vegas.

MasterChef Junior Winner Cooks for 14 at British Consul General’s Residence

After winning MasterChef Junior, Alexander Weiss, a student of the British International School of New York was invited by the British Consul General Danny Lopez to cook a British-inspired meal along with Manuel Rodriguez, his chef-in-residence, at his home.

Guy Fieri Backpedals, Wants Everyone to Keep in Mind His Restaurant Is Just a ‘Licensing Deal’

In a Las Vegas Weekly article about Guy Fieri’s new restaurant opening on The Strip, Guy both calls the interviewer “bro” and utters with painful earnestness the words “let’s be real honest about what this is.” But he also addressed the Pete Wells questionnaire/review of his Times Square restaurant read ’round the world, and wishes to keep us all honest, bro.

Look At These Civil Rights Peeps in the WaPo’s Peeps Diorama Contest

Every year, the Washington Post holds a contest searching for the best Peeps diorama, and every year, they pick the biggest, fluffiest, wittiest, neon-est dioramas as their favorite.

WATCH: Aw Yeah, Alton Brown Started A Web Cooking Show

We missed you, Good Eats. We missed you so much that we scream at Hulu whenever there are only three seasonally-related episodes available at a time.

Breakfast Links: The Seder Plate Personality Test

A Seder Plate for Every Personality (Tablet) No, really, these are some extremely fancy and well-designed seder plates.

The Only Thing We Needed Less Than Guy Fieri K-Cups Are These Oatmeal K-Cups

Calling it right now: the next K-cup phenomenon, provided this oatmeal one takes off — which it will, because the American people are apparently obsessed with foods that come out of pods with the assistance of hot water — will be ramen K-cups.

New York Finally Opens Nightclub For Toddlers, Because Nobody Wants to Actually Be A Parent

Are you a former scenester with kids, who loves clubbing but hates how boring parenthood is? Wouldn’t children’s birthday parties be more interesting with Red Bull/vodkas and ecstasy?

Breakfast Links: It’s A Coffee Kind of Morning

STUDY: Teens Are Spending All Their Money On Starbucks (HuffPost Food) We’re probably more inclined to see that money go into something sensible, like a 401(k), but we’re Olds.

WATCH: Duff Goldman’s Cakes Star in Katy Perry’s ‘Birthday’ Lyric Video

Apparently, lyric videos have taken on a similar production value to real music videos, because Katy Perry’s lyric vid for her new single “Birthday” stars both her, and what appears to be a complicated take of scrolling lyrics written across various cake props.

Ferran Adria Finally Joins Twitter; Can Tweet in Three Languages

Today, after decades of being one of the best chefs in the world, Ferran Adrià joined Twitter. Now we can dissect his thoughts and know what he’s thinking in every single waking moment of his life!

Breakfast Links: Michelin Inspectors Judge Top Chef: France, Everybody Flips

Critics turn up their noses at Michelin’s move into reality TV (The Australian, subscription required) The famously anonymous inspectors will, for the first time, appear on reality television and judge an episode of Top Chef: France.

Your Terrible Dessert of The Day: Viagra Ice Cream (Plus Champagne)

Once upon a time, a mysterious A-List celebrity requested a special ice cream from British ice cream savant Charlie Harry Francis.

WATCH: Fresh Off The Boat Season 2 Finale Ends in Chengdu

Eddie Huang visited Chengdu for his Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 finale, and the third and final installment went live today.

WATCH: Art Meets Dumb Meets Man Stereotypes in This Odd Bourbon Ad

In the middle of Mad Men last night, Gawker caught this head-scratching ad from bourbon maker Woodbury Reserves.

Breakfast Links: Hannibal Buress Has Terrible Egg Scrambling Technique, Is Lovable Anyway

NYLON TV: COOKIN’ WITH HANNIBAL BURESS (NYLON) “Make sure you have eggs. There’s no real substitute.” Also, “pan moisturizers.” WHEN IS BROAD CITY COMING BACK?

Tonight in Food TV: Anthony Bourdain Is Vomiting-Scared in Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain is back, bitches. And he’s going all in in India. And sure, we can talk about all the vegetarian dishes he gets to snack on in the season premiere of Parts Unknown, or we can show you this danger-defying clip of him scaling the Himalayas — we pick the Himalayas.

From Our Friends: Don Draper Cocktails, At Last!

Last chance to make season premiere Mad Men cocktails and drink like Don Draper tonight! (And by that, we mean just drink all.

A ‘Bud and Breakfast’ Is Opening in Denver, Start Making 4/20 Plans Now

That is, if you don’t spend your 4/20 in the Boulder smoke-out on the campus quad. Which is just as fun, according to this former Boulder resident.