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The New York TImes Doubts Jeb Bush Is Our Next Eater-in-Chief

The New York Times took Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush‘s recent Paleo diet to task today, wondering if shedding weight will also shed him votes come 2016: The rigid abstemiousness runs the risk of putting him at a dietary distance from an American electorate that still binges on carbohydrates and, after eight years of a tea-sipping president, craves a relatable eater-in-chief.

What to Expect at Tonight’s James Beard Book, Broadcast, and Journalism Awards

Tomorrow night, Washington DC’s beltway journalists will feed their egos at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Burger King Russia Offers New Lease on Breasts Via “Uber for Boobs”

Just missing the cutoff for our roundup of the most sexist food ads of all time, Burger King Russia posted this new promotion to their VK homepage.

Cecily Strong, Jonah Ryan, on Menu for White House Correspondents Dinner

You know that scene in Ghostbusters, where Louis is on the wrong side of the glass outside Tavern on the Green helplessly listening to the muted chatter of the diners inside?

Read the “Lusty Summertime Hedonism” Menu for Amy Pascal’s Stoner Dinner Party

Amy Pascal may not have approved of her new office smelling like Seth Rogen’s stale weed, but she’s definitely open to intoxicating edibles, per an email exchange with Melissa Kelly, unearthed among the hacked Sony emails, that describes planning a dinner party blending a “balanced mix of pretty [Amy Pascal] entertaining and everything that would taste amazing while stoned.” The less than subtle suggestion of “lusty, summertime hedonism” sure to get guests to “loosen up” caps the meal of filet mignon, corn cakes with smoked chili cream, and lipstick peppers stuffed with creamy cheese, one that begins with “small, rustic grilled cheese sandwiches,” and ends with an “unconventionally Oakmont dessert.”   Kelly suggests “an assortment of six intoxicating sweets” presented family-style be served with “fair warning.” Pascal‘s reply?

See These Food Movies at the Tribeca Film Festival, Then Taste Them in Real Life

It’s not too late to see three deliciously stunning food documentaries premiering at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, from The Birth of Saké, telling the story of the family-owned and hand-crafted Tedorigawa label, Chef’s Table, which debuts this Saturday with a talk hosted by Blue Hill chef Dan Barber (and at home on Netflix,) and Steak Revolution, following a global pursuit for the world’s most coveted cuts of beef.

Possible Daniel Boulud Reality TV Shows, Dinex Connections, Revealed in Sony Emails

In the first part of our look at the role food plays in the Sony email leak, we introduced you to Sony CEO Michael Lynton, who corresponded with his sister, Lili Lynton, about developing a diet chocolate bar.

Hacked Sony Emails Reveal Malcolm Gladwell on Eater, Joel Klein on Pizza, Amy Pascal’s Diet

Sure, some people would search the Wikileaks archive of hacked Sony emails to read all about Ben Affleck suppressing his slave-owning ancestors, but this is The Braiser.

Bobby Flay Accused Of Choosing SOBEWFF, Alleged Mistress, Over Wife Stephanie March

Page Six reports the most recent accusations of indiscretion against Bobby Flay, currently in the throes of divorce from actress Stephanie March.

Q&A: Gordon Ramsay on Poaching His Critics Sous Vide, Hotel Unions, and Daughter Tilly - The Braiser Interview: Gordon Ramsay

“Now anybody doubting that this city is on the decline, that is utter bullshit,” Gordon Ramsay declared before Atlantic City’s first spring bloom of Atlantic City beach-goers and gamblers.

Phillies Hoping for Win with Big Burger - Not-so-good Phillies team looking to lure fans with big food

Photo: NBC10 When your baseball team is, well, not so good, how do you get fans through the gates? Make them fat.

FoodTV’s Sunny Anderson & Andy Milonakis Ruin Good Beef. On purpose. - Shake 'n Bake Wagyu

Image via Munchies Sunny Anderson of FoodTV’s Cooking for Real and hell-bent comedic actor Andy Milonakis get together to make bad things happen to good food.

Organic. Farm Raised. Local. Lab grown? - Enter the lab-burger-atory

An Australian doctor turned laboratory rancher is birthing a beef supply without the hassle of, well, birthing cattle.

Hallelujah! Anthony Bourdain to Publish Prequel to Graphic Novel Get Jiro

Remember how freaking bad ass Get Jiro was? Can you tell just how excited we are for a prequel?! New reports say that Anthony Bourdain will publish the prequel, Get Jiro!

Where In the World Is Anthony Bourdain? The Destination Lineup for Season 5 of Parts Unknown - Lineup for Season 5 of Parts Unknown

The destination checklist is just as bad-ass as season four — more war-torn countries, and more unexpected surprises.

Fresh Off The Boat Recap, Episode 9: “License To Sell”

Mom is finally selling houses! Problem is she isn’t licensed. No big whoop for her, the test will be a breeze!

Here Are Your James Beard Finalists for 2015

It’s that coveted day of the year — when boys and girls become men and women, chefs become better chefs, and all of the media will immediately start debating who deserved a James Beard nomination and who didn’t.

Pimp My Ride, Alton Brown Edition

Inside Alton Brown’s tour bus, with a very sneaky bus driver. Nothing better than any sort of tour with Brown, as he gives his viewers a peek into his “rock n’ roll” lifestyle.

Shocking News: Following Cooking Shows’ Recipes Will Make You Fat, Says Study

Well, what did you really expect? If you happen to love your Paula Deen, Giada de Laurentiis, Bobby Flay and their cooking shows, you may be sh*t out of luck.

Fresh Off The Boat… Am I Hate-Watching It?

Fresh Off The Boat is a repeat this week! Really, ABC? You’ve got 13 episodes in the can and already you are doing repeats?