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After Philly Cheesesteak Debacle, Scott Walker Punked At New Hampshire Pizzeria

Republican presidential contender and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has an appetite for politics, and according to the above photo, hundreds of millions of dollars of the Koch Brothers‘ campaign cash, but he should probably stay out of restaurants all together.

Are The Days of Slutty Chinese Food Numbered?

That’s one question Besha Rodell ponders in today’s LA Weekly, in the wake of last week’s Twitter backlash against Bon Appetit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport, whose enthusiasm for “slutty Chinese food” led to a pile-on by some of food media’s most prominent women food writers.

Major Food Group May Impress The President, But Can it Keep Four Seasons Regulars?

Just like that store that temporarily sells Halloween costumes replaced Mesa Grill, Major Food Group has signed on to revamp the soon-to-be-former Four Seasons space.

Whose Restaurant Was a Bigger Fail? Flavor Flav or Stephen Spielberg?

Some celebrities invest in their nobler passions, like the ill-fated JFK Jr‘s ill-fated George magazine, others just want to marry a Kennedy and make Terminator money off your hunger for Cap’n Crunch-crusted chicken fingers.

Grub Street Goes Down as Part of NYMag DDOS Hack

Probably not because he was never invited to take part in the Grub Street Diet, a hacker named ThreatKing shut down New York magazine’s websites including Grub Street, Vulture, and The Cut early this morning, just as the site published a widely-acclaimed profile of 35 of Bill Cosby‘s rape accusers.

Tender is the Tinder of Food Porn

If, like Tracy Jordan, you love cornbread so much you want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant, Tender is for you.

Let Stephen Colbert Join You For Lunch This Week, Not Share His Snickers

If your job involves the internet like ours, you’re probably 1) packing your own lunch, 2) eating at your desk, and 3) only have 82 seconds to consume that Duane Reade sandwich at the communal card table you call a desk.

Ludo Lefebvre Proves He Wants a James Beard Award More Than a TV Gig

When we spoke to the Trois Mec chef about life after ABC‘s cancellation of The Taste, Ludo Lefebvre told us he’d currently rather focus on competing for more James Beard awards than TV contracts: Now I need to open another restaurant because I want to be nominated next year for Best New Restaurant.

David Chang’s Food Waste To Become Fuku’s Latest Menu Item

Per the Momofuku boss’ Instagram account, David Chang alerted followers to the latest menu craze sure to have people who spend their morning compulsively reading food blogs spending their afternoons obsessively lining up 1st Avenue once again.

Video: Buffet-Obsessed Paul Rudd Could School John Oliver About Food Waste

Paul Rudd could teach John Oliver a thing or two about food waste. While promoting Ant-Man on Conan O’Brien, he recalled his youthful obsession with $2.50 Chinese restaurant buffets where he’d not only eat dishes caked in MSG but dump them into Tupperware for dinner the next day.

Watch John Oliver Take On American Food Waste, Dispel Myth About Eating Before Swimming

FIFA and the Greek debt crisis may be the biggest European scandals John Oliver devotes his scolding on Last Week Tonight, but when it comes to American culture he has the frequently expressed lowest opinion of our food culture, from the harsh political reality of chicken farming to Dr.

What Stoner Chefs and Canceled Food Shows Received Emmy Nominations?

This year’s Emmy nominations include recognition for some of television’s most unwatchable food shows that are either no longer on the air or shouldn’t be.

Canada’s Best-Instagramming Chef, Dave Mottershall, Is $1000 Away From His Own Restaurant

All photos by Adam Robb Chef Dave Mottershall has 28,000+ Instagram followers stalking his house-aged salume and beer-battered fiddleheads, but he still doesn’t have a kitchen of his own, operating his year-old pop-up Loka Snacks out the back of the dark, rocking, and very photo-unfriendly Hi-Lo Bar in Riverside, but now the 2012 PEI Chef of the Year is less than $1000 (Canadian!

Watch Nick Offerman Explore The Farm Where School Lunch Pizzas Grow

If the Papa John’s puppy pull-slice hellscape video is a pizza lover’s nightmare, Nick Offerman‘s Pizza Farm is a cheese and heart-melting oasis where schoolchildren everywhere get the nutrition by the slice they need straight from Mother Earth.

Watch Google DeepDream Makes Papa John’s Pizza Look Just Like You Feel After Eating It

The Velvet Elvis paintings of the future are here via Google‘s DeepDream technology which reveals what happens when computers attempt to generate the imagery they’re meant to discern, which is to say if you show a computer enough grotesque pizza hybrids it’s going to school you like Deep Blue to the Garry Kasparovs working inside Pizza Hut and Papa John’s test kitchens.

Starbucks Wants You Working, Taco Bell’s Wifi Woes, Chipotle Carnitas Back and Expensive!

KFC: Anthony Bourdain compares his mac-and-cheese runs to KFC to being recognized leaving a porn shop.

Fast Food Quick Bites: The Pope Changes at Burger King, Minions Curse Out McDonald’s

McDonald’s: Just like a real child, Minions toys inside Happy Meals are reportedly programmed to say “What the f***?

Everything Zac Posen Ate in This Week’s Grub Street Diet

Want to know what this week’s Grub Street diarist ate, but don’t want to know anything about the book/movie/album they’re subliminally promoting?

Outspoken Obama Critic Geoffrey Zakarian Pulls Restaurant From Trump DC

Borgata room service consultant and Food Network game show regular Geoffrey Zakarian is the latest chef to abandon Donald Trump.

Fast Food Quick Bites: KFC Pizza, Shake Shack Shortage, Panera Employees Gets Punchy

KFC: The fried chicken chain that loves Josh Ozersky and Darrell Hammond apparently hates Filipinos, because they’ve come up with KFChizza in their Philippines market, serving a melted cheese and red sauce smothered chicken cutlet topped with pepperoni and pineapple.