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Before Guy Fieri Found Fame, He Sold Mufflers On TV

Screw the Photoshopped-hair-nightmare of Guy Fieri, let’s watch the man sell some mufflers! Eater shares these absolute gems of early career muffler commercials, starring yours truly.

WATCH: Epic Meal Time One-Ups the Turducken With the ‘Voltron’ for Thanksgiving

If you don’t like seeing tiny animals stuffed inside one another, this may not be the recipe for you.

LIST: How to Cover Your Ass If You Haven’t Started Preparing Your Turkey Yet

Now is the time when you should really, really start thinking about how you’re going to cook your turkey.

Albert Adrià On His Own Definition of Fear: ‘When You Transform It Into a Creative Element, You Get Your Dreams’

Fear is a, well, scary thing. And if anyone should be afraid, it should be Albert “the brother of him, who shall not be named” Adrià.

You Can Now Use Emojis to Search the New York Times’ Food Section

Who knew that Sam Sifton was so into emojis? Following in the footsteps of Yelp, who invented that emoji search engine long ago, Sifton announced a fun lil’ fact on the new New York Times food section via Twitter.

People Magazine Got It Wrong: Here’s Who Should Have Been Named #SexiestChef

Alright friends, let us get down to it: we don’t like to nitpick a list of attractive men, but we have a bone to pick with People’s choice of “sexiest chef.” First of all, we were so swept up in, we don’t know, life, that the news that People even adds chefs to the its stupid list of sexiest men.

Turkey Or Bust: Chefs Reveal Their Thanksgiving Dealbreakers

Not everyone is in agreement as to what dishes make a great Thanksgiving dinner. McSweeney’s may make a great case for “Chinese Turkey,” and David Chang can’t stand turkey, period.

Read Jose Andrés’ Thanksgiving Tribute to Clean Cooking Fuel

Though not the typical Thanksgiving tribute we would have expected, we applaud Jose Andrés’ op-ed to enlighten us on what cooking fuel and clean stoves really means for the developing world.

Meet the First-Ever Female Pastry Chef at the White House

Her name is Susan E. Morrison (and she goes by “Susie”). She’ll be joining the first-ever female executive at the White House, Cristeta Comerford, whom is said to be Morrison’s “mentor, leader and inspiration.” The coolest part of it all, shares Obama Foodorama?

This is What a $35,000 Thanksgiving Dinner Looks Like

This is what Thanksgiving is all about, right? You know, spending a college tuition on one super expensive Thanksgiving Day meal because you have like, sooooooooo much to be grateful, right?

Page Six Tries to Bust Giada De Laurentiis For Spitting Out Food On TV Show

It’s a classic tale: media tries to slam woman for her weight, and therefore must find some juicy gossip to back up that claim.

In Response to Martha Stewart’s ‘Conscious Coupling’ Pie Article, Gwyneth Paltrow Made a ‘Jailbird’ Cake

This feud is getting GOOD. GOOP-Y GOOD. You may remember that Martha Stewart, who has not backed down from her insistence that lifestyle brand Gwyneth Paltrow and everything GOOP must hail her lordship, published a pie editorial in her magazine called “Conscious Coupling.” You know, as a dig to her marriage troubles with Chris Martin.

WATCH: Jose Andrés and Ellen Degeneres in the Very Best, Most Hilarious Cooking Segment Ever

This interview will go down in infamy. It’s the equivalent of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch — except, you know, Jose Andrés hasn’t gone temporarily insane.

WATCH: Nigella Lawson’s Voice Stars on Modern Family

We too could use some extra help in the kitchen, if Nigella Lawson so wanted to guide us through cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

How Should We Feel About a ‘Food Porn’ Lingerie Set?

That’s one way to take #foodporn to actual porn level, we guess. Sure, there’s something cheeky about a set of lingerie called “The Happiest Meal” or “After Take Out.” That’s what L.A.

Let’s All Collectively Freak Out Over Guy Fieri With Normal Hair

We know, we’re traumatized too. Frankly, we’re surprised that such a Photoshop miracle has taken so long to go viral, but here is Guy Fieri, with a weird-ish non-dyed kind-of-comb-over.

WATCH: Mario Batali Makes a Better Cocktail! And Jimmy Fallon Fails

Has someone been taking bartending lessons, we wonder? Because Mario Batali is really doing well with that muddler, while Jimmy Fallon just sort of gently prods his lemon and apple.

Gordon Ramsay’s Mom Appears on MasterChef Junior, And We Have So Many Questions

We’ve been behind on all of our MasterChef Junior cuteness, which is a shame because sometimes we just need our weekly cry watching adorable kids going after their dreams.

Guy Makes Kickstarter for Bacon-Wrapped Pork Gator Turducken, Fails Miserably

So you want to host your own Thanksgiving party for your friends (you know, Friendsgiving) and think to yourself, “Hm, how do I feed many mouths with delicious food?

Don’t Worry About Anything, Because There’s a Hamster Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Phew. Just when we were getting down on everything Thanksgiving-related, along comes this little guy munching on a mini turkey and pumpkin pie, and our hearts just burst.