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Anthony Bourdain’s Market Has An Instagram, And He’s Posting Renderings

New York is anxiously awaiting Anthony Bourdain‘s Night Market, and we’re clamoring for any information we can get. September’s New York Times article was enough to tide us over for a while, but now, Bourdain has created an instagram account for the market, and it’s got renderings.

David Chang’s Empire is Offering Something for Everyone on Valentine’s Day

Yes, you hate Valentine’s day. It sucks, we get it. But besides all of the sucking, it’s actually not that bad.

Last Chance Kitchen Episode 8: Only One Chef Can Call The Shots

Last Chance Kitchen brought to you by Hidden Valley Ranch is back this week after a one-week hiatus (no one was eliminated last week), and, spoiler: it’s Jason vs. Phillip.

Top Chef Recap: Restaurant Wars, Part 2

Last night was Restaurant Wars Part 2 on Top Chef and I decidedly did not play our drinking game so that I could write this recap.

Sunglass-Clad Audience Member Trolls Donald Trump About His Meat

At a Donald Trump rally in south Carolina, an internet star was born, or at least reborn. During a Trump event at Clemson University in Pendleton, South Carolina Wednesday night, a sunglasses-wearing man upstaged Trump with a series of animated facial reactions, some hilarious garb, and a sign that mocked Trump’s horrifying preference for meat-doneness.

If You’ve Ever Wanted to Get Tattooed in a Whole Foods, You May Be in Luck: Last Call

It’s almost time to head out for Thirsty Thursday. Before you go, here’s what you need to read: Eater You know when you’re shopping for groceries and you’re like, “Damn!

Restaurant Startup Recap: Too Many Balls Jokes

Enough with the balls jokes. We get it. Rice balls are funny when you talk about them like they’re testicles.

DRINKING GAME: Top Chef Restaurant Wars, Part 2

Restaurant Wars is a two-parter this season on Top Chef, so tensions are higher than ever. But you need to calm down because screaming at Phillip for the entire hour isn’t going to get your landlord to renew your apartment lease, and it’s also not going to affect the outcome of this episode or any other.

Brooklyn is Getting a Breaking Bad-Inspired Coffee Shop

Dennis Kozan of Munich Germany opened a Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop in Istanbul about a year ago called Walter’s, and now he’s opening up shop in Brooklyn.

WATCH: Restaurant Wars Part 2, Tonight on Top Chef

Restaurant Wars continues tonight on Top Chef.  To remind you, this season, each restaurant has to do both lunch and dinner service, and every contestant has to be either front of house or executive chef for one part of it.

Burger King is Going to Start Selling the Hot Dogs No One Asked for: Last Call

Happy end of Hump Day, y’all. Here’s what you need to read before you head out for the day: Grub Street Burger King has added hot dogs to its menu.

Mile End Deli Is The Only Restaurant You Should Consider Going To For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the worst, obviously. If you’re single, it reminds you of that. If you’re dating someone, you have to spend exorbitant amounts of money in a restaurant to eat something that will cost literally half the amount tomorrow. But there’s one ticket in town that literally could not be more worth it: Chef Jacques La Merde at Mile End Deli in Manhattan.

Happy 90th Birthday, Mimi Sheraton!

Today, former New York Times restaurant critic Mimi Sheraton turns 90. Her career can only be described as legendary.

WATCH: April Bloomfield Makes Burgers With Seth Meyers

Last night, April Bloomfield stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to show host Seth Meyers and Aidy Bryant how to make burgers.

Marcus Samuelsson is Doing The Impossible

Save for my neighborhood pizza place or my Sunday night Chinese food ritual, I never want to go to a restaurant more than once.

Pete Wells Gives Two Stars To Llama Inn In Williamsburg

Pete Wells’ latest review has us wanting to go to Williamsburg for ceviche and something called the Llama del Rey.

Emeril Lagasse Is In New Orleans And You’re Not. Here’s How To Celebrate Mardi Gras Right Anyway

Happy Fat Tuesday to all! Mardi Gras and despite the fact that it’s fully a religious holiday, it’s something we can all celebrate.

The First New Batali/Bastianich Spot in 10 Years and More: Last Call

How was that post Super Bowl hangover today? Terrible? Well, you made it through Monday. Here’s wha you need to read before you head out for the day: Grub Street Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich haven’t opened a new restaurant in New York City in ten years (Eataly excluded).

Benoît Violier May Have Been The Victim Of A Major Wine Scam

Legendary chef Benoît Violier‘s death last week shook up the Culinary world. He was found dead in his home with a hunting rifle nearby.

Chipotle is Closed: Here are 10 Things You Should Have for Lunch Instead

By now, you’ve definitely heard. To be honest, you’ve probably heard way too much. All Chipotle locations are closed today, February 8th, for a few hours for a national staff meeting about food safety.