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Fresh Off The Boat Recap, Episode 7: “Showdown At the Golden Saddle”

It’s all about the Dad (finally!)! He’s got a new scheme for the restaurant! Well, I guess we know where Eddie Huang gets it from.

10 Other Vessels Besides a Trash Can In Which Guy Fieri Should Make His Nachos

A photo has gone viral of Guy Fieri dumping out what we can only assume to be pounds upon pounds of nachos out of a trash can during South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

Look At That, Paula Deen Is Publishing Cookbooks Again

Did we get incepted back to 2013 or something? Pre-Paula Deen-Gate? Did we get in a hot tub time machine?

Report: ABC May Be Canceling The Taste (Finally)

Frankly, we’re amazed it even lasted this long? According to some rumormongering new reports, not even a star like Anthony Bourdain can save ABC’s fledgling cooking competition show The Taste.

Taco Bell to Offer Deep-Fried Capn’ Crunch Cereal, Officially Drunk Off Breakfast

Oh, Taco Bell. You somehow figure out ways to make us talk about your crazy menu again, and again, and again.

Rant of the Day: Why Are We So Enthralled With Brown Water — Er, Bone Broth?

Food fads come and go. Some are good — hello, Cronut! Some are everlasting — bacon on everything! And some are just WTF — flavored infused foams?

Mario Batali Is So Hip, He Wrote a Forward For a Fake Brooklyn Cookbook

Let Mario Batali guide you in how to make “Six Hot Dog Weiners.” Way back before Underfinger was the hoax to fool us all, it was a fake menu for a restaurant called FUDS that got the food media everyone talking.

Eddie Huang Rang the NASDAQ Opening Bell Today (And Maybe Made A Reference to Drugs While Doing It)

The 8-ball jacket does not go unnoticed, Mr. Huang. Because the world is digging on Fresh Off The Boat (read our recaps here), Eddie Huang is going full-on celebrity by ringing the opening bell on Wall Street today.

Read How Anthony Bourdain Wants To Be Remembered Some Day

It’s quite endearing, as only a “bad boy chef” turned “television star” (and secretly world’s cutest family man) can be.

Paula Deen to Launch Cooking Podcasts

Guy Fieri is (was) coming for your wine, Paula Deen is coming for your podcasts — nothing is sacred anymore.

Fresh Off The Boat, Episode 6 Recap: “Fajita Man”

The family is loitering in the frozen food aisle because Mom won’t turn on the AC. This becomes a running theme throughout the show that I don’t even know how to make sound funny — this is not starting well.

Don’t Worry, Guy Fieri Isn’t Coming For Your Wine (Yet)

Did you know that for nearly two years, Guy Fieri has been working to open a winery in Sonoma, Calif.?

Your Word of the Day, Thanks to Amanda Cohen: ‘Drunkatarian’

The New York Times knows what’s up, and it’s raining vegetables on New York City. Now that Amanda Cohen’s Dirt Candy is back up and running, we’re getting all sorts of awesome tidbits from our queen of the lady chefs.

Noma Has a Club Monoco Pop-Up Boutique?

Because $55 chopsticks and $3,000 shelving units from the Noma Tokyo pop-up weren’t enough to feed the insatiable, fashion-forward diners, huh?

Everything is Awesome: Art Smith’s 101 Gay Weddings, With Guy Fieri (!) As Officiant

Will anything make us happier than seeing couples in love with chef Art Smith and Guy Fieri by their sides?

Of Course Adam Platt Hung Out With Sam Kass in Brooklyn

And they ate at Roberta’s, because that’s what Brooklynites do. Former White House chef and Washington D.C.

The Best Chefs in America You’ve Never Heard Of

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if the celebrity chefs were able to go on television and, well, not act like television chefs?

John Tesar, Josh Ozersky Writing a Meat-tastic Cookbook

It’s John Tesar’s (rightful) turn back in the spotlight, and it has nothing to do with a restaurant critic.

Excuse Us While We All Hail April Bloomfield In Her Vogue Photo Shoot

Oh, Karlie Kloss is in there too? NBD. Too bad it’s April Bloomfield just killing it, we barely even noticed that other chick.

Match Made in Heaven: Tom Colicchio Joins MSNBC As Food Correspondent

Tom Colicchio and MSNBC go together like peanut butter and jelly, or government incompetance and food stamps — wait, never mind.