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Martha Stewart Thinks Blake Lively Trying To Be Her Is ‘Stupid’ Because She’s Already Blake Lively

Gossip Girl for life Blake Lively recently launched a lifestyle blog to the chagrin of anyone who likes to navigate the internet for pleasure, and her former neighbor Martha Stewart weighed in on her attempts to break into the homemaker biz: “Let her try.” No, no, she’s being sincere!

Dynasty: Gordon Ramsay’s Daughter Is Getting Her Own Cooking Show

A while ago, Gordon Ramsay announced that he was canceling one of his flagship shows, Kitchen Nightmares.

WATCH: Questlove Judges Cubano Sandwich Showdown Between Martha Stewart and Jimmy Fallon

Martha Stewart joined Jimmy Fallon Friday night for a quick Cubano showdown judged by Questlove, who kept the taste-test blind by being forced into a ridiculous Daft Punk helmet dubbed “The Dome of Silence.” Can we have one to protect us from the blogosphere at large the next time misogynist asshats talk about how “meh” they are on lady chefs?

WATCH: An Entire Television Episode of Epic Meal Empire

Ever wanted to see the glory of Epic Food Time combined with the maker-y tendencies of Ace of Cakes and the beards of Duck Dynasty?

Uma Thurman Joins Cast of Bradley Cooper’s Chef Movie, Which Is Not Called Chef Anymore

As we’ve previously reported, Bradley Cooper’s chef film will now be titled Adam Jones, because Jon Favreau basically already made the same movie and already called it Chef.

Richard Blais Becomes Second Chef This Month to Sell Cat Food

The sophisticated cat of today no longer eats out of a crystal chalice with a butler. (That is so gauche.) The sophisticated cat of today eats tweezer food, listens to the cat equivalent of hypnotic whale songs, and sleeps in expensive beds made with reclaimed wood from an artisan dumpster.

John Tesar Inks Reality Show Deal, Declares ‘The Era of the Critic Over’

Dear, sweet, lovable loudmouth John Tesar has announced on the heels of his Twitter rampage against Dallas Morning News critic Leslie Brenner that he’s inked a deal with a prominent reality show production company, which has worked with Bravo in the past.

The Nicest People Anthony Bourdain Ever Met Were in Iran

Anthony Bourdain is quickly becoming the world’s most unusual war correspondent, and in an interview with Blogs Of War, he shared one of his discoveries: in the harshest of countries, especially the ones whose official policy position is Hating America, he’s met some wonderful, reasonable people.

Taste Talks Brooklyn 2014 Lineup Announced, Curated by Danny Bowien

Danny Bowien and his asymmetrical bob (not pictured above) are curating the Taste Talks Brooklyn 2014 lineup, presented by Mario Batali.

Bradley Cooper Replaced by 50 Shades of Grey Star in Upcoming Chef Film

Remember a year ago when two competing Chef films were slated for production? The Jon Favreau one already came out, but the second one — the one with Bradley Cooper — just got an update: it’s not going to be “the one with Bradley Cooper.” anymore.

WATCH: Paula Deen Smooches Barnyard Animals

Paula Deen gave People an exclusive first look at her new online network, and the first clip, naturally, features Paula playing with her grandchildren (play that “look!

WATCH: Adam Richman Apologizes for Instagram Rant on Sway

It’s been weeks since Adam Richman went off on a woman on Instagram and called her the dreaded c-word, but he finally made his apology — on Sway In The Morning?

Linton Hopkins Writes the Anti-Alice Waters Op-ed: In Defense of Big Food

Linton Hopkins wrote a piece for Esquire’s Eat Like a Man blog, as a part of their new “The Spill” series, which allows chefs, restaurateurs, and other insiders to vent aloud their issues with the biz, presumably when the Washington Post doesn’t come knocking on their doors for op-eds.

Dreams Come True: Listen to Thomas Keller Play Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Nerd dreams came true on Saturday when Thomas Keller, chef of The French Laundry and Per Se, went onto NPR to play Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Alan Sytsma: Rants Like John Tesar’s Make Diners Feel Unwelcomed

Oh the think[ piece]s you can think when your entire Twitter feed is jammed with 250 voices discussing the same topic.

Ridley Scott to Turn Marco Pierre White’s Memoir into Hollywood Film

WHOA. WHOA. WHOA. We’ve had movies based on chef biopics before, but never one of the caliber announced in Deadline today: Ridley Scott, he of Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator, and Black Hawk Down, plans on making a film based on the memoir of Marco Pierre White.

Mark Bittman, Michael Pollan Named Among JBF 2014 Leadership Award Recipients

The James Beard Foundation has named this year’s five recipients of the 2014 JBF Leadership Awards, honoring culinary innovators outside the strict realm of kitchens and restaurants.

Every Rage Tweet John Tesar Fired Off in Response to Leslie Brenner’s 3-Star Review

John Tesar went on a scorched earth Twitter tirade against Dallas Morning News critic Leslie Brenner following a tepid review with a few bright spots, but still one that only scored him 3 out of 5 stars at Knife.

NBC Won’t Drop Adam Richman’s Show

Despite the controversy surrounding Adam Richman after he made some really terrible comments to strangers on Instagram, not everyone is dropping him: unlike the Travel Channel, NBC won’t be canceling Richman’s new show, Food Fighters.

Jacques Pepin: A Good Kitchen Is ‘Not Exciting or Dramatic Enough for TV

You’re confused. We know. Because you saw “Jacques Pepin” in the headline and “Smackdowns” as the category.