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Seattle Is Garbage-Shaming Its Residents For Not Composting Their Food Waste

Seattle, a city that just approved a $15-per-hour minimum wage, has applied its progressive-leaning ideals to take on another civic issue: food waste.

50 Kitchen Hacks in One Infographic

We love a good kitchen hack, whether it’s a pro tip you can use at home, or sad desk lunch avoidance techniques.

Why You Should Live Near Whole Foods and Starbucks

In real estate terms, the Starbucks Effect and the Whole Foods effect refers to how property prices go up once one of these businesses moves into the neighborhood.

McDonald’s Desperately Tries To Prove It Uses Real Eggs

Now that McDonald’s french fry method has been revealed, the burger franchise is set on decoding the next great mystery—eggs, or more specifically, if real ones are used in their products.

An Illustrated Bob’s Burgers Cookbook is Coming

There are many reasons to love Bob’s Burgers, not least of which is the ever-entertaining cast of daily-special burgers that appear on the show. One enterprising Tumblr user even documents every single one with a screencap as the episode airs.

Riff Raff Shares His Secret to Creating the Ultimate Dipping Sauce (Video)

Back in October, Riff Raff announced via Instagram that he was done with kokayne, pineapple Ciroc, and bailing on professional appearances.

Four Big Ways the Recipe Game Is Changing

We’ve seen great tides of change overtake the food world in the past few years, from reservation tech advances like Resy, to received policy changes rewarding line cooks. So it was only a matter of time before the recipe—the fundamental building block of cooking—received its own… The post Four Big W

Watch Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch Open Up Over Skittles (Video)

It’s tough out there if you’re Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch. The problem is, he just wants to play football.

How To Make DIY Indonesian Sambal

Brian Moeljadi is the founder of BOWLD, an L.A.-based Indonesian pop-up and catering company specializing in rice bowls.

Poursteady is a Coffee Machine That Does Five Perfect Pour-overs At Once

Pour-over purists have long touted the benefits of their chosen method of coffee brewing.

Chipotle Rolls Out Second, Equally Impressive Author Series

Alongside food, Chipotle has been serving up food-for-thought since last May, thanks to Jonathan Safran Foer.

Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul Cooks Up Super Bowl Sausage (Video)

As DJ Paul Super Bowl Week continues, we move from hot wings to another essential element of the game-day spread: sausage!

Oskar Blues’ New Beer is a Not-So-Subtle Shout Out to Pot

Sometimes, it can start to feel like Colorado is just rubbing its legal marijuana laws in our faces.

Joey Bada$$ Makes Curry Chicken and Waffles with Sweet Chick’s John Seymour

The young Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ has gotten attention for many things since entering the scene in 2010, including his acclaimed mixtape 1999 and that time Malia Obama appeared to be repping his hip-hop collective, Pro Era.

Mayor de Blasio’s Travel Ban Crushed New York’s Seamless Dreams During the Non-Event Blizzard

When the NYC travel ban on all “non-essential” vehicles started at 11pm last night, Mayor de Blasio stated in no uncertain terms that this included Seamless and other food-delivery services.

Special Delivery: These Condoms are Packaged Like Pizza

Back in September, our dreams were crushed when we found out that pumpkin-spiced condoms were a hoax.

#HipHipCocktails Spawns the French Montana 75, Run the Juleps, and Vodka Flocka Flame

The potential “worst snowstorm in history” failed to materialize last night—at least in NYC—but there was certainly a blizzard of cabin fever-induced tweeting to contend with.

Hershey’s Cuts Off U.K. Cadbury Chocolate Supply

The entire Northeast is in the process of being snowed in and Hershey’s has blocked U.K. chocolate imports. A lot of one-way tickets are being booked today.

Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul Makes the Ultimate Super Bowl Wings (Video)

When you’re trying to figure out how to throw the best possible Super Bowl party, it would make sense to ask the guy who A) made monster party hits like “Stay Fly,” B) has his own line of BBQ rubs… The post Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul Makes the Ultimate Super Bowl Wings (Video) appeared first on First W

The KFC Double Down Dog Is the Meat-Wrapped Wiener You’ve Been Waiting For

Long before we hit Peak Mashup in the fast-food world, KFC set the pace with ridiculous, meat-on-meat creations like the infamousDouble Down sandwich.