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Here Are the 8 Most Unhealthy Restaurant Meals In the U.S.

Ah, ‘Murica. Land of the cheese. Home of the bacon. To remind us how much we rule at gluttony, the Center for Science in the Public Interest compiles an annual Xtreme Eating Awards list from the top 200 restaurants in America… The post Here Are the 8 Most Unhealthy Restaurant Meals In the U.S.

Nerds Have Figured Out the “Mathematically Correct” Way to Slice a Bagel

What is the perfect way to slice a bagel? If you said “with a Sharper Image Precision Cut Bagel Slicer,” you are basic.

Watch Mike Myers Win at Beer Pong and Talk About His First NYC Ribs (Video)

Episode 8 of Mario Batali’s Hulu series, The High Road with Mario Batali, features actor Mike Myers submitting to an inquisition from The Orange Clogged One at the top of the Washington Square Arch.

Peaches Wearing Underwear Are a Reminder That Peaches Are Just Edible Butts

“She got a Georgia peach on her rear end like a license plate,” raps Rich Homie Quan on his breakout hit “Type of Way.” If you weren’t quite sure what he meant by that, these panty-clad peaches should help paint… The post Peaches Wearing Underwear Are a Reminder That Peaches Are Just Edible Butts ap

This Woman’s “ILVTOFU” Vanity Plate Was Deemed Too Vulgar By the State of Tennessee

You would think that declaring your love for tofu on a license plate would be totally acceptable, but that all depends on how you phrase it.

@CatsOnTap Is a Twitter Account Devoted Solely to Photos of Cats with Beer

From the same Internet that brought you Breaded Cats and Sushi Cats comes Beer Cats, a Twitter account whose sole mandate is to disseminate photos of cats and beer.

In a Single Vine, This Dude Teaches You How to Tip Like an A**hole

When we taught you everything you could ever want to know about tipping in restaurants and bars, it turns out we forgot one thing: how to tip like a vengeful douche.

Eating History: How to Cook Rice the 1850s Way

Welcome to “Eating History,” a series in which Jaya Saxena of the New-York Historical Society mines the vast archives of the museum and library in search of vintage images and ephemera that offer a look into how New Yorkers used to dine.

MUNCHIES Partakes in a Gourmet Weed Dinner at Hunter S. Thompson’s House

In celebration of the very recent marijuana legalization in Colorado, MUNCHIES colomnist David Bienenstock journeyed to the state to attend a once-in-a-lifetime cannabis dinner with a select group of marijuana lovers and experts.

Introducing “Xamaleón,” an Ice Cream that Changes Color As You Lick It

Spanish chef and physicist Manuel Linares has created an ice cream made completely with natural ingredients that changes color when you lick it. It’s hard to imagine something like this doesn’t require an artificially-engineered additive or ingredient, but it doesn’t.

Study Shows One Third of Overweight Kids Don’t Think They’re Fat

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2012 one third of American children and adolescents were overweight or obese.

Slip N’ Slide Drinking Game Goes Viral

Flip Cup and Slip n’ Slides are definitely not new, and people have been putting the two together for at least a couple of years.

Rank How Good You Are at Dining Alone With This “Korean Solo Dining Guide”

We eat by ourselves all the time, whether we’re grabbing a bacon, egg, and cheese on our way to work in the morning, or searing a steak for one at home.

Lava-Seared Steak Has To Be the Next Big Trend

London-based creative team bompas & parr just staged a cookout on an artificial volcano, and our minds are officially blown.

Worst Press Release of the Day: OMG, Are You a ‘Culinado’ or Just an Inferior ‘Foodie’!?

As our food culture has undergone seismic changes in the past few decades—as Food Network has stormed the gates of pop culture and chefs have been transformed into gods—the cute little word “foodie” has been forced to carry a heavier burden… The post Worst Press Release of the Day: OMG, Are You a ‘Culinado’ or Just an Inferior ‘Foodie’!

Beer with Baby: Victory Summer Love

Welcome to Beer with Baby, a column in which beer writer Joshua Bernstein reviews craft brews through the eyes of a tired, over-stressed parent.  Not too long ago, my daughter, Violet, had fingers like a quarter-sucking claw crane game at a… The post Beer with Baby: Victory Summer Love appeared firs

Check Out the Nifty Cover for Lucky Peach’s ‘Seashore’ Issue

The 12th issue of quarterly food journal Lucky Peach, titled “The Seashore,” features stories ”all about food from littoral realms—the spaces where land meets sea.”  Here are some fascinating experiences you can expect to read about: Diving for abalone and seaweed off… The post Check Out the Nifty C

McDonald’s Japan Debuts New Tofu Nuggets

International fast food items are so much cooler than what we have in America *sigh*. Japan’s newest WTF offering?

That ‘Craft’ Whiskey You Love is Most Likely From a Factory Distillery in Indiana

Do you have a favorite craft whiskey? Maybe you’re drinking it right now as you read this—or maybe you just wish you were.

The Great Christmas Beer Challenge (Video)

Recently, Crown Heights craft-beer bar Covenhoven hosted its first “Christmas in July” party, giving impatient drinkers a chance to get their hands on some dark, boozy winter beers in the dead of summer.