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Huckberry and Taylor Stitch Made a Rad “Holiday Chef Shirt”

Fashion website Huckberry teamed up with men’s shirt maker Taylor Stitch to produce a high-quality, fashionable chef shirt for the holidays.  The shirt, which comes in blue and white (we’ll take the blue), was inspired by SF chef Timmy Malloy, of Local’s… The post Huckberry and Taylor Stitch Made a

Someone Sent a Tadoori Lamb Chop into Space (Video)

“Ex-rapper, book writer, and food eater” Nikesh Shukla sent a lamb chop into space to promote his new book, Meatspace.  Shukla and graphic artist Nick Hearne copped a tandoori lamb chop at Punjabi restaurant Tayyabs in East London, then drove it 119 miles… The post Someone Sent a Tadoori Lamb Chop i

America’s Most Popular Burger Chains, Mapped

The folks over at Flowing Data made a useful series of burger maps, documenting America’s taste in burger chains across the U.S.

The Massive Cost of Eating Morally on Thanksgiving

Here’s some food for thought as the country collectively gets our basters ready. We all know that organic food is pricier than non-organic, but Vox has published a detailed explainer about why organic, pasture-raised, and heritage breed turkeys can cost up to six times more… The post The Massive Cos

Why Companies Offer Free Food at Work

There’s a rumor about Google, according to ABC News, that the company’s employees are never more than 150 feet from food.

Beyond Bronson: 5 Rappers You Didn’t Know Could Really Cook

The idea of the hip-hop chef has soared into the public imagination in recent years, thanks to the success of culinarily minded MCs like Action Bronson, 2Chainz, and Coolio.

Infographic: A Guide to the Street Foods of Europe

We love street food. No matter if we’re talking seafood tostadas from a stand in Mexico, or a bacon-wrapped hot dog on the streets of L.A.—we love it all.

Why We Spill Coffee More Easily Than We Spill Beer

By now, we all know the struggle that goes along with trying to carry a bunch of drinks to the table.

Get Yer Lucky Peach Holiday Merch Starting Today

While we fully support buying portable tandoor ovens for all of your loved ones, sometimes you need some cheaper holiday options to ensure that you don’t begin the new year with an eviction notice.

You Can Use Spotify Playlists To Perfectly Time Your Turkey

If there’s one thing that’s certain in life, it’s that cooking Thanksgiving dinner tortures you for hours with delicious smells.

This Week’s Best Instagram Food Porn: November 23, 2014

Every week, we scour the Instagram universe to bring you the best food porn fit for a Sunday feast.

Foods You’ve Never Seen in Their Natural State

Chickpeas don’t actually sprout and grow in aluminum cans—who knew? Similarly, wasabi doesn’t grow in the paste form that you see at sushi restaurants.

Contrarian Thanksgiving: Large-Format Feasts Beyond Turkey

Let’s say you dropped the (Butter)ball this year. And despite your best attempts, there is not a large-breasted fowl to be found within a fifty mile radius of your home, where you kindly offered to host this year’s Turkey Day.

The Man Who Discovered Juicing is Named Norman Walker

You can sit there and hope that the juice trend will eventually plateau, and quickly fade, because seeing people toting murky drinks that look like they’re filled with cat puke is quite an eyesore.

Rick Ross to Haters: “Go Eat a Cheeseburger”

Rick Ross—who will go down in history as the rapper that helped popularize the pear—did an interview with about his vision for Hood Billionaire, his second album in eight months.

U.S. Pigs Are Too Fat to Be Your Holiday Ham This Year

This year, some grocers are giving away turkey if customers buy ham, because the price of ham has doubled since last year.

Watch a Bunch of Rappers Attempt to Eat Two Massive Waffles in Under Five Minutes

Hip-hop and waffles have history. Waffle House, the esteemed southern eatery, gets name checked with great regularity.

Shoutout to Rick Ross for Helping the Pear Market Boom

Rapper Rick Ross and his #shoutouttoallthepear catchphrase got the pear industry booming.

Great News: New Study Says Most Heavy Drinkers Aren’t Alcoholics

One in three adults drinks excessively, according to the CDC. But that doesn’t automatically mean that person is an alcoholic, according to a new study published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease.

10 Essential Middle Eastern Recipes

If your only familiarity with Middle Eastern food is running your finger through a container of Sabra hummus, it’s time to expand your horizons.