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Seafood Caught By Slaves Will Finally Be Outlawed in the U.S.

Congress made an important move this week: they presented a bill to the President that would hopefully end US involvement in food produced by slave labor.

Fuku Season 3: How a Chicken Sandwich Overshadowed Kanye West’s Entire MSG Presentation

For fans of the megastar rapper Kanye West, much has happened in the past couple weeks. The past 24 hours, especially, have been a wonderful hell of provocative tweets, bad blood, red herrings, and false starts.

Anthony Bourdain Teases Upcoming NYC Food Hall with Vendor Pics and Artist Renderings

We already know that Anthony Bourdain’s massive NYC food hall, Bourdain Market, will be located in Pier 57 at West 15th Street and the Hudson River.

Watch a Young Marshawn Lynch Promise his Linemen a Trip To Sizzler

Marshawn Lynch may have retired on Super Bowl Sunday, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be forgotten in the hearts of football fans and food lovers alike.

Whole Foods’ New Stores Might Have Tattoo Parlors On-Site to Draw Millennial Customers

Whole Foods is in the process of opening up a series of new grocery stores aimed at price-conscious millennials that have been avoiding things like $6 asparagus water.

A Breaking Bad-Themed Coffee Shop is Coming Soon to Brooklyn

We see no end in sight to the Times Square-ification of Williamsburg. Walter’s, a coffee shop specifically designed for Breaking Bad fans, will open this summer amidst the juice bars and semi-artisanal chocolate shops in Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhood.

Watch T.J. Miller Tackle the Hot Ones Challenge

Deadpool is not your average comic-book movie. With its R-rating and in-your-face violence, the Marvel flick shakes up the cliches of the genre in favor of some raunchy adult fun—and it’s already breaking box-office records internationally as a result.

Right on Cue, Rap-Beef Veteran Whataburger Fires Twitter Shots at Kanye West

Texas-based burger joint Whataburger has a history of attempting to hop into rap beef. Its latest jab—directed at Kanye West—is likely in reference to Yeezy provoking both Taylor Swift and Wiz Khalifa on Twitter.

2 Chainz Talks Fashion Week Diet Tips and the Importance of Sea Bass

You can call him Tity Boi or you can call him 2 Chainz—just make sure you don’t call his fish dry.

Smoke DZA Picks the Ultimate Stoner Snacks

Harlem’s Smoke DZA is a fan favorite amongst the stoner community—and for good reason.

The #StrugglePlates of Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3

Yeezy season is upon us once again and this time it’s bigger than ever. Not only is Kanye revealing the designs to his coveted fashion line, but his highly anticipated album is finally being revealed.

Japanese Restaurant Manager Is Under Investigation For Robbing His Own Restaurant

When it comes to making some extra cash, people are willing to jump through hoops. But one restaurant manager took it to the extreme, breaking into his own place of employment to swipe some money.

Eat Fried Chicken Out of a Shoe Box at This Hybrid Sneaker Store-Restaurant

When we heard a sneaker boutique-cereal bar opened up in Brooklyn last summer, it seemed kind of revolutionary.

This Caffeine Bracelet Will Revolutionize How You Get a Caffeine Jolt

Do you not appreciate the taste of coffee? Do you abhor the jittery, over-caffeinated feeling you get after drinking a cup of joe, but still crave a morning pick me up?

The Brewer’s Association Is Trying to Turn Peyton Manning on to Craft Beer

It’s no secret that companies spend millions each year to get a coveted time slot for their advertisements during the Super Bowl, but getting a quick shout-out from a player about your product can be just as effective, and a million times cheaper.

Girl Covers Herself in Chick-Fil-A to Bring Awareness to the Negative Effects of Hook-Up Culture

Every protester has a different way of making a statement. Some prefer to picket outside shops to convince consumers to buy their goods elsewhere; others opt to dress up like animals hoping to sway meat-eaters to go vegan.

A Pizza Scholar Explores the Essential Square Slices of NYC

Scott Wiener is the founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours and author of Viva la Pizza!: The Art of the Pizza Box (@scottspizzatour).

Budding Restaurateur Opens Big Lebowski-Themed Restaurant in His 3,200-Person Town

This week in the town of Robins, a small suburb of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a forward-thinking man named Shawn Bodensteiner opened a Big Lebowski-themed bar and restaurant.

Skate Fermented in Its Own Urine is a Delicacy in Korea

Would you eat fish that has been left to ferment in its own urine for a month? What if we told you it had “a sharp, pungent aroma,” kind of like “a heady mix of public toilet and wet laundry left… The post Skate Fermented in Its Own Urine is a Delicacy in Korea appeared first on First We Feast.

Burger King Is Getting Into the Hot Dog Game

There’s a new addition to Burger King’s menu, but it’s not a version of its namesake dish. According to Yahoo, it is another cookout favorite: The chain will start serving grilled hot dogs nationwide by February 23.