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The Gravy Shot: It’s What’s Been Missing From Your Thanksgiving Spread

Love gravy? Love getting hammed over the holidays? Then we have the perfect Thanksgiving treat for you.

McDonald’s Japan Introduces 48-Piece Chicken McNugget Bucket

Behold, one of mankind’s greatest creations: the 48-piece Chicken McNugget bucket.

A Historical Tale of the Pilgrim Who was Charged for Having Sex with a Turkey

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Americans around the nation are preparing to create the meal of the year.

A Brief History of David Chang’s Food Proclamations

When David Chang unveiled his new menu item, Fuku Fingers, a couple months back, media outlets swarmed.

Restaurant Gives Discounts to Customers Willing to Channel Their Inner Macho Man

A dining establishment in Burbank, CA called Not a Burger Stand is offering its customers a Randy Savage discount.

Japanese Spa Patrons Bathe in Wine to Celebrate French Holiday

At Japanese spa Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, you can literally bathe in Beaujolais Nouveau red wine. The post Japanese Spa Patrons Bathe in Wine to Celebrate French Holiday appeared first on First We Feast.

University of Michigan Uses Virtual Birthday Cake as Next-Level Recruiting Tool

The University of Michigan’s head football coach and former quarterback Jim Harbaugh has found a unique and next-level recruiting tool to make his incoming and potential recruits feel a little extra special this year: virtual cake.

Fearless Woman Live Tweets Whilst Baking Bread Using Yeast From Her Own Vagina

People do crazy things for science, but few DIY scientific experiments can top this woman’s bread-baking endeavor.

Watch Fish Go H.A.M. On Some Free Food

Every creature loves free food, even fish. A video posted to YouTube shows a “peasant woman” in China dumping two buckets of feed into a pond before thousands of fish go H.A.M.

Here’s The Massive Apple Pie Diddy Had at His 46 Birthday

Diddy goes hard with everything he does, and also uses every opportunity imaginable to plug his booze brand.

Man Steals Beer Truck and Runs Over Himself While Trying to Escape

Is there any beer in the world that is worth having a semi-truck run over your leg for?

Get Baked on Cannabis Turkey This Thanksgiving

Pie and stuffing aren’t the the only things at the table that should be baked this Thanksgiving. The turkey should be too.

Asher Roth and Fat Tony Review Sushi From Around Los Angeles

Recently, Asher Roth and Houston MC Fat Tony teamed up for “Sushi,” a playful ode to raw fish and, um, ladies filled with innuendo and cheeky references to dates at Sugarfish. It’s obvious that the two artists are serious tuna-roll fiends, with plenty of eating experience… The post Asher Roth and Fa

McDonald’s Coughs Up $355,000 to Settle Immigrant Discrimination Claims

McDonald’s golden arches may appear a little less than golden these days due the company’s alleged discrimination of immigrants.

New Study Says Being a Coffee Addict Could Prolong Your Life

Turns out your coffee addiction might actually be great for you.

LeBron James and Draymond Green Bet Two Bottles of Wine Over a College-Football Game

A lot rode on the outcome of Saturday’s college-football game between the No. 9-ranked Michigan State Spartans and No.

Snoop Gives Out Thousands of Turkeys To Families in Inglewood

Thanksgiving is America’s reminder to consider the needs of others and give back to your community.

Panda Express Orange Chicken Makes Its Triumphant Return to NYC

It’s been 14 years since the Chinese-American fast-food chain Panda Express had a storefront in the five boroughs, but NYC’s orange-chicken drought finally comes to an end today.

Philly Pizza Shop Owners Pulled Off Southwest Flight For Speaking Arabic

The owners of a Philly pie joint called Pizza Point, Maher Khalil and Anas Ayyad, claim they were attempting to board their Southwest flight from Chicago back to Philadelphia when they were “asked to step aside during the boarding process… The post Philly Pizza Shop Owners Pulled Off Southwest Fligh

Chipotle’s E. Coli Outbreak Spreads to Six More States

Even if you disagree with this declaration of Chipotle’s utter trash-ness, you might not be psyched by the recent news coming out of the chain’s HQ.