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Shoe Thief Jacks Sandals From Customer at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

The Canadians are always up to something. If it’s not eating french fries with gravy or taking trips to Tim Hortons, it’s stealing the shoes off of unsuspecting McDonald’s customers.

Cannibal Crocodile Does Crazy Barrel Roll and Eats The Leg of His Neighbor

Spectators at an Australian zoo got a little more than they bargained for during feeding time at the crocodile enclosure.

This Two-Headed Piglet Can Eat With Both Of Its Mouths

No, you’re not seeing double. A farmer in Xinkou, China found this two-headed piglet outside of a Buddhist Temple and decided to adopt the animal and raise it as his own.

Discrete Device Allows You to Test Food for Allergens On the Spot

Say goodbye to the question Are you sure there’s no gluten in it?

Kid Flexes On All His Friends with Transforming Optimus Prime Birthday Cake

This kid had the most incredible birthday party ever. Really, all of your birthday parties sucked in comparison.

Quiz: How Many of These Legendary Restaurant Critics Can You Name?

If you’re reading this, you probably know all about the food world. You’ve been to all the restaurants on all the best-of lists.

Only In Florida: Food Truck Explodes on The Streets of Miami

A neighborhood in Southern Florida woke up to shattered windows and shrapnel scattered across its lawns early Thursday morning after a truck exploded on the street.

An Orlando McDonald’s Is Testing Wood-Fired Pizza And Pasta

The world’s largest Entertainment McDonald’s & PlayPlace is being built from the ground up on Orlando’s International Drive.

Two Million Pounds of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon Has Been Recalled by Kraft

The year 2015 is officially the age of the food recall.

CEO of Napa Wine Train Kicks Group of Black Women Off the Tour for Laughing

Fact: Wine and laughter go hand in hand. Fact no. 2: When you’re aboard something called a “wine train,” you don’t expect to be shushed like you would in a library.

There’s Most Likely Fecal Bacteria In Every Burger You Eat

Here’s some surprising news for all you burger obsessives out there. Consumer Reports just conducted an in-depth analysis of ground beef from all across America, ranging from grass-fed organic meat to the conventional stuff you buy at Albertsons and Costco.

Big Sean Was Blessed With Perhaps The Greatest Gift Ever: A VIP Chipotle Card

No one understands the power of Chipotle better than Big Sean. Let’s not forget the time when Sean Don treated fans at a NYC Chipotle to free food, nor the fact that endless burrito bowls helped mend the rapper’s broken heart.

How Illustrations Made A Comeback in the #FoodPorn Era

When journalist David Carr first wrote about Lucky Peach back in 2011, he singled out the debut cover as a striking symbol of its vision: a backside of a “wrinkly” chicken “squirting out graphic eggs.” Since then we’ve seen the trailblazing magazine shatter conventions… The post How Illustrations Ma

Colonel Sanders Dissaproved of KFC’s Product, Opened a Competing Fried-Chicken Restaurant

Colonel Sanders’ white hair, weird-looking goatee, and dapper suit have been a fast-food staple for decades, but there’s much more to Harland David Sanders’ story than meets the eye.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Claims This Sports Drink Helped Him Avoid A Concussion

If you watched the Seattle Seahawks play the Green Bay Packers in January’s NFC Championship Game, you saw Russell Wilson take a nasty hit to the head.

Uncovering New York City’s Music-Industry Hangouts With Moby

The New York City of today—a land of luxury condos, polished cocktail bars, and impossibly high rent—is a different beast than it was in the ’90s, when Richard Melville Hall, known by his stage name Moby, came into his own as one of… The post Uncovering New York City’s Music-Industry Hangouts With M

Denver City Council Thinks Twice About Letting Chick-fil-A Open a Restaurant at Denver International Airport

Travelers going through Denver International Airport with a hankering for Chick-fil-A are out of luck.

Amazon Will Deliver Booze to Your Door in One Hour, if You Live in Seattle

We knew that subscription to Amazon Prime would pay off. The company that will deliver almost anything to your door has added something new for Prime customers in the Seattle Metro region: booze.

German Soccer Team Is Succeeding with a No-Pizza Diet

The goal of playing soccer as a kid is to get pizza.

A Beginner’s Guide to Drinking Beer in Belgium

For as small as it is geographically (by square mileage, it’s roughly 20% of the size of my home state of Georgia), Belgium packs a heavy punch in the beer industry.