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Disgruntled Taco Bell Customer Shoots Up Drive-Thru Over Upsetting Lack of Sour Cream

The nation waits anxiously for the next time a restaurant forgets to add guacamole.

Kellogg’s Is Opening a Fancy Cereal Café in Times Square and New Yorkers Aren’t Thrilled

“It’s not for us anyway, it’s for the tourists.”

Skittles Shows LGBT Solidarity by Shedding Rainbow Packaging During London Pride Parade

“This Pride, only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention—yours.”

Dwyane Wade's Personal Chef, Richard Ingraham, Explains What It's Like to Cook for the NBA Star

Founder of the private chef network ChefRLI, Ingraham talks about reshaping Wade's diet (more veggies!

New Food Stamp Regulations Could Mean Big Trouble for Bodegas and Corner Stores

These businesses could miss out out on a piece of SNAP’s $74 billion taxpayer-funded budget.

Kit Harington Got Punched in the Face at McDonald’s Before Auditioning for “Game of Thrones”

Not yet a George R. R. Martin character, Harington didn’t fair so well in the battle.

Meet the Hero Who Brought the Beefy Crunch Burrito Back to Taco Bell

"You do have a voice, and whatever you have a passion for, go for it, fight for it."

Chips and Salsa Allegedly Sparked This Massive, Chair-Throwing Brawl in Texas

When restaurants start charging for necessities, chaos inevitably ensues.

Man Helps Raise Over $300,000 for Memphis Teen Who Offered to Carry His Groceries

"Our community, Memphis, picked up this family and put them on a platform."

150 Years Later, Jack Daniel’s Begins to Acknowledge the Ties That Bind Slavery and Whiskey

Millennials care about whiskey, but they’re also starting to care about racial justice.

This Restaurant Will Give You Free Food for Life If You Legally Change Your Name to “Burger”

It remains unclear whether the daily price of a burger equals the daily price of one's dignity.

Video Shows Dunkin' Donuts Employee Serving Pastries After Dropping Tray on the Floor

She really ran out the clock on the five-second rule here.

The Best Dive Bars in Cleveland, According to Bartenders

When you're looking for cheap whiskey and a Katy Perry-free jukebox, your best bet is to follow off-duty barkeeps.

There's Now a 400-Person Wait List to Buy Rosé-Flavored Gummy Bears in New York City

The novelty of pairing pink, bubbly alcohol with various foodstuffs never ceases to amaze the public.

Joey Fatone Continues Transformation Into Guy Fieri by Opening Florida Mall Hot Dog Cart

"Fat Ones" will also feature Italian ice flavors like the "Gone Hollywood," and the "Boybander."

This Evil Genius Just Invented Mountain Dew-Infused Hot Dogs Because America

The recipe also calls for whole corn kernels, Velveeta, Crisco, and bunch of crunched up Doritos.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes the Case for “Less Meat, Less Heat, More Life” in China

The phrase may not be quite as catchy as "I'll be back," or "Get to the chopper!" But hey, it'll do.

Watch This American Hero Bathe in a Pool Filled With 1,500 Gallons of Coca-Cola

Unsurprisingly, he describes the sensation as feeling "really smooth" and "really weird."

The New Agenda of Black Chefs in America

During a roundtable discussion, six black chefs explore their legacy in the culinary arts—and discuss how the conversation is changing.

Leading Poultry Producer Will No Longer Slaughter Chickens While They're Conscious

New humane standards will require sunlight, space, and pre-slaughter anesthesia for chickens.