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This Week’s Best Instagram Food Porn: March 29, 2015

Every week, we scour the Instagram universe to bring you the best food porn fit for a Sunday feast. We’ve got wondrous food combinations that prove a little ingenuity goes a long way in deliciousness.

Dinner with a DJ: Chris Liebing Talks Veganism, Jamie Oliver, and the Challenges of Eating Well on the Road

If you’re ever given the opportunity to have a DJ cook a meal for you, say yes.

The Most Insane Foods at Sports Stadiums and Arenas Around the Country

For me, the NCAA basketball tournament is like Christmas meets the Super Bowl meets my birthday—spread out over two weeks and minus any annoying relatives.

This Hilarious Twitter Rant Accuses Chipotle of Skimping on Meat

As long as #CarnitasGate isn’t raging, we’re usually pretty happy with our meat at Chipotle, which is a lot tastier than the questionably sourced stuff served by a lot of fast-food competitors.

One Company Owns the Multi-Million Dollar Kombucha Market

Most people today have at least tried kombucha, the fermented tea packed with microorganisms that are purportedly great for your health.

Video: Monsanto Lobbyist Refuses to Drink Monsanto Weed Killer

In an interview with French TV channel Canal+, Monsanto lobbyist Patrick Moore claims company’s Roundup weed killer is safe for humans to drink a large quantity of.

How to make Caramelized Pork Báhn Mì at Home

If you are intrigued by the pork báhn mì revolution going down in New Orleans, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

As Beef Prices Soar, Fast-Food Chains Launch New Chicken-Based Menu Items

Yesterday, Taco Bell unleashed a quadruple chicken threat on the fast-food loving masses with the following new menu items: Chicken Biscuit Taco, Chickstar, Crispy Chicken Grillers, and the Double Crispy Chicken Quesadilla.

10 Street Foods From Queens Every New Yorker Should Know About

With cuisine from all over the world—from Argentina to Vietnam, Tibet to Bangladesh, and many points on the map in between—Queens offers an embarrassment of riches for adventurous eaters in New York.

Culinary Bro Down Live-Tweets the Taco Bell Biscuit Taco Launch

This week, America said goodbye to the Waffle Taco, which Taco Bell dropped from its breakfast menu.

Ridiculous Mashup Foods of the Week

We’re living in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday.

These Coffee Pods Dissolve Completely (And Don’t Destroy The Environment)

You might love the convenience of your favorite coffee pods, but simultaneously feel guilty about their harmful environmental effects and the waste they create.

Cinderella Story: Underdog Chefs Who Are Dominating the Food Game

March Madness is in full swing, bringing with it all the pro-level snacking, endurance drinking, and bracketology that a person could hope for.

The Complicated Relationship Between Jews and Pork

Despite spending a decade of his life researching, writing about, and even processing pork, Jeffrey Yoskowitz has never actually tasted the other white meat.

A Sriracha Snack Line Now Exists, And We Can Die Happy

Seattle-based company Pop! Gourmet Foods has partnered with Huy Fong Foods—the makers of Sriracha—to launch a line of Sriracha-infused snacks.

This Pepperoni-Covered Whip Was The Highlight of The 2015 Pizza Expo

This week, something epic went down: More than 10,000 pizza enthusiasts, pizza buyers, pizza restaurant owners, and pizza makers gathered together at the Las Vegas Convention Center for the 31st annual International Pizza Expo.

Watch Timofey Mozgov Star in the Greatest Pro Athlete Commercial of All Time

As a Northeast Ohio sports fan, I take particular pride in seeing Cleveland’s professional athletes star in local advertisements.

Watch This Dude Go Super Saiyan at KFC, McDonald’s, and the Grocery Store

This Australian dude thinks he’s from Dragon Ball Z.

Can a Restaurant Critic Have A Conscience?

In his January review of Williamsburg’s produce-centric Semilla, New York Observer critic Joshua David Stein asked, “Is it possible to sufficiently chronicle the throbbing gristle of the New York food world as a vegetarian?

How to Open a Bottle of Wine Using a Bike Pump and Blowtorch

We’ve all been there: You’re lounging around at home, you realize you have a fine bottle of Friulano in the kitchen, and a special someone to impress waiting in the living room.