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Chinese Woman “Accidentally” Swallows 6-inch Metal Spoon While Eating Noodles

A 27-year-old woman from the Chinese province of Jiangsu was hospitalized Sunday after she swallowed a 6-inch-long metal spoon.

10 Californians Who Are Pissed That In-N-Out is Coming to Oregon

California-based burger chain In-N-Out is coming to the Beaver State, and Oregonians are hyped.

Here We Go Again: Online Feud Revives The Chicago-NYC Pizza Rivalry

When a New Yorker insults Chicago’s pizza, you know it’s going to open a can of worms.

Baltimore Ravens’ $18 “Tailgater Burger” is the Latest and Greatest Stadium-Food Monstrosity

Behold the latest creation in the world of insane stadium foods: the $18 Baltimore Ravens Tailgater Burger.

Taco Bell is Testing a Taco Version of the KFC Double Down, Featuring a Shell Made of Fried Chicken

In one of the most insane fast-food moves ever, Taco Bell has added a new taco to its menu featuring a shell made of fried chicken. The chain is calling it the “Naked Crispy Chicken Taco.” Taco Bell Is Making Fried Chicken Taco Shells, Here's What We… The post Taco Bell is Testing a Taco Version of

Burger King Is Going to Make a Multi-Franchise Peace-Day Burger Work

Progressive-minded fast-food junkies had their hearts crushed recently when Burger King’s proposed one-day-only “McWhopper” for Peace Day was shut down by McDonald’s.

Target Just Applied for a License to Serve Booze to Shoppers

Ever had plans to get a drink with friends and then suddenly realized you need laundry detergent, new sheets, and a box of Lucky Charms?

The Best College-Town Dining Eats, According to College-Sports Writers

Of the approximately 3,000 four-year colleges in the U.S., 245 of them field teams in NCAA Division I football, the highest level of the sport that isn’t the NFL.

Marshawn Lynch Just Appeared on a Random Shopping Channel to Sell America Skittles

While Marshawn Lynch may not be a huge fan of the press, he is by far the greatest Skittles fan of all time.

The Preferred Drink of Every Hot Early-2000s Rapper, Hpnotiq, Is About to Make a Comeback

In the early days of Y2K, the electric-blue liqueur Hpnotiq was ubiquitous in rap lyrics and videos. Back in 2005, Kanye rapped “Hpnotiq for Henny?

Finally: McDonald’s Launches All-Day Breakfast

Listen up: the days of waking up at 10:30am only to realize you’ve missed the McDonald’s breakfast hours are now over.

Chipotle Expands Delivery Service to 40 College Campuses This Fall

Whether you’re busy attending countless university networking events or too stoned lazy to make it out of your dorm room, a new Chipotle partnership is about to make coping a burrito bowls one million times more convenient.

Snack Hacks That Will Make You Forget About PB&J Forever

Personally, I don’t understand adults who are still obsessed with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Watch Two of the World’s Most Terrifying Snakes Battle it Out to the Death

Have you ever wondered which of nature’s most powerful snakes would win in a deathmatch? Two of the world’s most feared snakes, the reticulated python and king cobra, battled it out to the death in front of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

Fans Fire Back at Chipotle For Allegedly Using GMO Products

After vowing to go GMO-free in the summer of 2014, Chipotle began taking steps to ensure that by the end of year, the chain would be completely free of GMO products.

Steven Colbert Gets His Own Stumptown “Col’ Brew” Coffee

In honor of Steven Colbert’s addition to late-night talk show television, The Late Show with Colbert partnered with Portland, Oregon-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters to create the first-ever Col’ Brew.  The cold brew celebrates the upcoming premiere of The Late Show with… The post Steven Colbert Gets

The 10 Commandments for Eating and Drinking in Las Vegas

Tasting Table editor-in-chief Kat Kinsman is here to set the record straight: Your notions of Las Vegas as a cesspool of gaudy filth unworthy of your time and money are completely misguided.

The Best Dive Bars in Boston, According to Bartenders

There are two kinds of dive bars in Boston: the kind with live rock bands and the kind with Keno.

A New Report Says Buying Organic is a Waste of Money

Quartz recently crunched the numbers on the benefits and drawbacks of organic food and came up with a pretty simple conclusion: it’s a rip-off.

British Mom Claims She Lost 120 Pounds After Cutting Soda Out of Her Diet

A mother of three who lives in Birmingham, England recently dropped half of her body weight by cutting Coca-Cola out of her diet.