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Manhattan Has, On Average, One Starbucks Location Every 5.6 Blocks

When you’re running around frantically trying to find free wifi and a cup of coffee to get you through the day, where do you go?

Watch Matt Stonie Devour a 12-Pack of Taco Bell Tacos in Under 1 Minute 30 Seconds

We’ve seen Matt Stonie conquer large quantities of food before, but the pure speed Stonie demonstrates in his Taco Bell 12-pack challenge is unrivaled.

107-Year-Old Man Believes You Should Drink Four Bottles of Red Wine a Day to Live Longer

Everyone has their own tips and tricks for saying healthy, whether it’s a green juice every morning or a quick afternoon run.

Check Out The Horrifying Food Diary of an L.A. Juice Company Founder

Full disclosure: For breakfast this morning, I made myself a smoothie with almond butter, blueberries, and kale.

The Cult of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Your Favorite Brewer’s Favorite Beer

One of my first dates with my now-wife found us watching March Madness at a crummy sports bar off Second Avenue in New York City.

Italian Husband Is Taking Legal Action Against His Wife Who Doesn’t Want to Cook

We’ve all heard the phrase “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but one Italian man is taking the expression to new heights. The Local reports that a 47-year-old man from Lazio has allegedly decided to sue his wife because she doesn’t cook… The post Italian Husband Is Taking Legal Acti

Florida Man Allegedly Threw a Gator Into a Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window

Florida had no shortage of ratchet happenings back in 2015; thankfully, 2016 is looking to be no different.

People Keep Blowing Up a Random Guy’s Phone to Try and Cop Free Chipotle

Chipotle really wants to make its way back into your heart, even if it means handing out free burritos to earn your trust back.

Woman Allegedly Throat Punched Fast-Food Worker Over a McRib

A woman with a rad wig named Carla claims she went to a McDonald’s on Dorset and was “disrespected.” Carla says that the drive thru was backed up so she had to get out of her car and go inside to order her… The post Woman Allegedly Throat Punched Fast-Food Worker Over a McRib appeared first on First

These Giant Crabs Can Grow to Be Three-Feet-Long

In terms of size, King crab legs—which we’ve always considered massive—having nothing on coconut crab legs.

Man Dies During Krispy Kreme Race During Which Runners Eat a Dozen Doughnuts

The annual Krispy Kreme Challenge, a race that involves eating doughnuts, took a turn for the not-so-sweet when a competitor died over the weekend.

Chipotle Closes All U.S. Locations the Day After Super Bowl When Everyone is Hungover at Work

Today, February 8th, Chipotle is temporarily shutting all its U.S. stores until 3pm in local timezones for a nationwide staff meeting on food safety. There’s a lot to be covered at the four-hour meeting, including how to bounce back from the E.

Peyton Manning Celebrates Winning the Super Bowl by Kissing Papa John

If you had just won Super Bowl 50, the biggest, most important football came of the season, who would you kiss first?

The Complete Guide to Making Cinnamon Buns at Home

If you’ve ever had to kill time during a flight layover, then you’ve most likely followed your nose to the nearest Cinnabon outpost.

Fans at Super Bowl 50 Can Order a Hot Dog Topped With Real Gold

The Super Bowl is crazy expensive. Ticket prices this year have reached a new high, with an average cost of more than $4,500, and then there’s airfare, hotels, the parties, parking, and more.

San Francisco’s Hills Are Wreaking Havoc on Super Bowl Beer Deliveries

By the time the Super Bowl kicks off this evening, most football fans across the country will already have a few beers and a dozen chicken wings in their system.

Huge Spider Found Chillin’ In A Bag of Mixed Greens

An Australian couple got a little more protein than they bargained for when they bought a bag of pre-mixed salad greens that was also home to a giant, and still very much alive, huntsman spider.

This College photo of Guy Fieri With a Mullet is What Dreams are Made Of

Before Guy Fieri was dropping fire mixtapes, and before he got us hooked on Donkey Sauce, hell, before he was selling mufflers on TV, he was just Guy Ferry, an unsuspecting frat star with a killer mullet and a stoned… The post This College photo of Guy Fieri With a Mullet is What Dreams are Made Of

Brawl Breaks Out in the Stands of Philly Wing-Eating Contest

Philadelphia is famous for many things, but infamous for two in particular: greasy food and obnoxious sports fans.

Listen to Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon Play a Recipe for “Corn With Miso Butter and Bacon” on Her Guitar

Have you ever heard someone “play” a recipe on their guitar?