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Burger King's New “Meatatarian” Menu Offers Entirely Too Much Meat

“Lack of protein can lead to mood swings."

This Japanese Ramen Shop Offers Lonely Customers Virtual Reality Dates

Who wouldn't want to have dinner with the 15 members of a burger-themed girl group?

New York “Pizza Nazi” Arrested After Claiming His Weed Stash Was a Cooking Herb

Whitney Aycock also tried to claim that the marijuana plant in the back of his restaurant was "catnip."

Frank Ocean Celebrates “Blonde” With a Birthday Cake From Tyler, the Creator

If that's not friendship, we don't know what is.

Would You Drink a Beer Made From 45-Million-Year Old Yeast?

Fossil Fuels Brewing Co. is making a French farmhouse-style saison.

A Staten Island Man Got Arrested for Refusing to Pay for a Stale Doughnut

“I am not paying for it, I didn't like it."

Stanford’s Response to the Brock Turner Case Is Banning Large Bottles of Liquor

The school's policy is being criticized for following “a too-familiar rapist defense narrative."

What a Celebrity Chef’s $15, “Guilt-Free” Chopped Cheese Says About New York

The iconic bodega sandwich is at the center of controversy once again.

Watch This Maniac Submerge Himself in 1,250 Bottles of Hot Sauce

This went about as poorly as you'd expect.

Here’s Photo Evidence of Bill Murray Swiping a Stranger’s French Fries

“No one will ever believe you.”

One Man May Have Finally Unearthed KFC’s Legendary Secret Recipe

The company has protected its secret formula with the cautiousness of a clandestine government agency.

Anthony Bourdain Explains One of the Biggest Problems With Cookbooks

“Everyone lies in cookbooks."

How Chicken Conquered the American Dinner Plate

A nugget, a Canadian, and a mailorder mishap all speak to the wild journey of chicken's entrance into mainstream America.

Mike Pence Gives Donald Trump a “Shoutout” by Eating KFC on a Jet

We're still waiting on Hillary to drop her Popeyes photo and put an end to all this madness.

Riding His Viral Fame, Al Roker Gets His Own Shake Shack Burger This Week

“It looked like a California mudslide that wiped out an In-N-Out Burger in the process,” one reviewer wrote.

Mark Wahlberg's Restaurant Chain Is Facing a Lawsuit Over Wage Theft

Good vibrations and sweet sensations are apparently few and far between at the Coney Island Wahlburgers.

Ramen Noodles Are Replacing Cigarettes as the Primary Currency in Prison

“Soup is money in here. It’s sad but true.”

Man Has 40 Knives Removed From Stomach, Claims He's Addicted to the Taste

"How people get addicted to alcohol and other things, my situation was similar."

Check Out the Massive, 350-Pound Grouper Fish This NBA Player Just Caught

It doesn't matter if he's on the court or on the water—Wilson Chandler has skills.