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A Brief History of the Most Iconic Rap and Athlete Moments at Waffle House

Waffle House is an American institution recognized for its cheap eats, long hours, and the crazy shenanigans that go down inside its walls.

10 Inventions That Fueled Our Worst Drunken Habits

Alexander Graham Bell. Nikola Tesla. Elon Musk. Geniuses. Legends. Great inventors. Except none of their prized creations tackled the one thing we all truly care about: getting plowed.

Finish this 30-Pound Burrito at a Taqueria in Brooklyn, and You’ll Become a 10% Owner of the Restaurant

You’re always telling your friends about how you’d love to open up a hip taqueria in Brooklyn, but don’t quite have the capital. #ParkSlopeProblems Well, today is your lucky day: Park Slope restaurant Don Chingon is offering a 10 percent stake in the… The post Finish this 30-Pound Burrito at a Taque

1500-Pound Cow Roaming the Streets of Upstate New York Has Been Captured After Multiple Failed Police Attemps

A rogue cow notorious for roaming the streets of New Hartford and Utica, New York has finally been captured. The 1,500-pound champion was successfully able to avoid police capture and live freely for months before its captivity.

Here’s What Your Drink Order Says About You, According to Bartenders

As it turns out, when you feel like bartenders are silently judging your drink order, they actually are. A recent Reddit thread asked bartenders to break down each stereotype associated with a customer’s typical drink order.

We Spoke With a Dietician About Whether Burger King’s Halloween Whopper Can Really Turn Your Poop Green

It’s come to the public’s attention that the new A1 Halloween Burger at Burger King will turn your poo Grinch-colored green.

This Rugby-Themed Pizza Looks a lot Like a…. You Know What We’re Thinking

When UK supermarket Morrison’s decided to introduce a fun and creative pizza in honor of the Rugby World Cup, distributors did not realize one large flaw with the design.

Two Rodents Fight for The Title of New York #PizzaRat 2.0

Within a week, the notorious #PizzaRat went from hungry rodent to viral New York sensation. Now, it seems as though everyone wants a slice of that fame.

Burger Heroes: Meet the Staff of L.A.’s Iconic Lunch Counter, The Apple Pan

In a city that offers patties laced with bone marrow and topped with pastrami, what makes Angelenos return time and time again to a no-frills, old-school spot like The Apple Pan?

New $8 Million Bougie Apartments Come Equipt With Personal Pizza Elevators

There are few things in life that top a freshly delivered pizza after a long night out.

U.S. Federal Prisons to Stop Serving Pork After it Was Deemed the Least Popular Prison Meat

Although 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt Jones attributes her longevity to eating bacon every day, it looks as though United States prison inmates won’t be having any bacon-focused breakfasts any time soon.

Become a Whiskey Expert With This Amazing Scratch and Sniff Guide

If you long for those childhood days spent smelling your way through countless stickers, look no further than The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All.

800-Pound Man Orders Pizza to His Hospital Room, Promptly Gets Kicked Out of Hospital

Everybody loves pizza. But when you weigh nearly 800 pounds like Rhode Island resident and former Dr.

The World’s Oldest Living Person Claims She Reached 116 By Eating Bacon Every Day

Susannah Mushatt Jones, who recently celebrated her 116th birthday as the oldest person on earth this past July, is bacon’s biggest fan.

How “Hood” Chinese Food Became an NYC Staple

“It looks mad hood, but they got the best chicken wings I’ve ever had from a Chinese spot,” says Joell Ortiz, talking about a rugged-looking enterprise across from the Cooper Park housing projects in Brooklyn.

E-40’s Forty-Ounce Malt Liquor To Be Released This December; Tops Our List of Holiday Stocking Stuffers

If you’re still in the market for the perfect gift for that rap-obsessed someone if your life, look no further than E-40’s soon-to-be-released 40-ounce malt liquor.

The Insomniac’s Guide to Queens With Rap Collective World’s Fair

As part of our ongoing Insomniac Series, we ask notable night owls to reveal the watering holes, food spots, and neighborhood classics that thrive after hours.

LeBron’s Ditching McDonald’s to Become a Pizzeria Franchisee

Expect to see copious amounts of pizza-related Instagram photos on LeBron’s social media accounts. Despite McDonald’s recent introduction of all-day breakfast, LeBron James has decided to end his endorsement deal with McDonald’s. Instead, he has plans to support the fast-casual pizza chain, Blaze.

Here’s Why Hash Browns Are Missing From Your McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

If you’re upset your local McDonald’s is not offering hash browns past 10:30am, you’re not alone.

Introducing DrinkEasy, the World’s First Text Message-Based Liquor Delivery Service

When you want to get your drink on, who can be bothered to walk all the way to the liquor store? Or, worse, pick up the phone to order a delivery?