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This Dude Stopped at an In-N-Out Burger During a Car Chase With Police

A man tried to order some fast-food while fleeing from police.

Twitter Is Dragging This Woman Who Complained About a Bodega Cat on Yelp

A woman complained about a cat in a bodega and New Yorkers are furious.

Remembering the 12 Greatest Food Vines of All Time

Vine is shutting down, so First We Feast put together the greatest food loops of all time.

Yuengling Brewery Endorsed Trump for President, and Beer Fans Are Not Happy

Yuengling's owner told Donald Trump's son that he supports his father.

Watch Martha Stewart Admit to Sexting After Making Cocktails With Snoop Dogg

Martha Stewart admittted she had sexted before on Ellen Wednesday.

Chipotle’s New Hamburger Joint, Tasty Made, Officially Opens Today

Chipotle's first burger restaurant opens today in Ohio.

Watch Bobby Lee Take on the Hot Ones Challenge

The comedian and actor pushes the First We Feast wing challenge into gonzo territory.

Watch Anthony Bourdain Discuss the “Very Positive Experience" He Had Dropping Acid

Anthony Bourdain reveals he took a ton of LSD as a young man.

The Surprising History of African-American Dishes That Defined the American Palate

How the National Museum of African American History and Culture's restaurant is revising the stereotypes of our country's culinary past.

KFC Is Expanding a Fried Chicken-Pizza Mashup Called the “Chizza"

KFC is release a new item called the Chizza in Japan.

Women Are Now Boozing Almost as Heavily as Men, Research Shows

A new study claims that millennial women are now drinking as much as their male counterparts.

Burger King Is Trolling the Hell Out of McDonald’s With This Halloween Costume

A New York Burger King dressed up as a McDonald's ghost for Halloween.

Watch This Dude Bake Bread Using the Natural Heat of an Icelandic Volcano

This video shows an icelandic man beaking bread in a natural hotspring.

There’s Been a Massive Increase in “Pizza Porn” Searches This Year

Pornhub compiled a bunch of date about people's pizza porn viewing habits.

Is It More Difficult to Run a Restaurant in NYC, LA, or San Francisco?

The New York Times sees how hard it is to onw a restaurant in NYC, LA, and San Francisco.

Daniela Soto-Innes Is on a Mission to Make Cooks Happy

How the ebullient chef at New York's most prestigious Mexican restaurant killed expectations with kindness.

Would You Eat a “100 Percent Deer Meat” Sandwich From Arby’s?

Arby's is releasing a new venison steak sandwich.

School Teacher Suspended for Comparing Black People to Jelly Beans “No One Likes"

This school teacher made a racist joke about black people and candy.

Chipotle and Taco Bell Are Giving Away a Bunch of Free Food for the World Series

If you want a free burrito, you better start breaking out that Indians and Cubs gear.

Starbucks Just Sued the Crap Out of a Guy Who Makes Frapuccino-Inspired Bongs

A glass-blower owes Starbucks $400,000 after the coffee giant sued over a "dabuccino" bong.