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Diablo Sauce Isn’t the Only Discontinued Food with an Online Black Market

The world recoiled earlier this month when it was announced that a black market for recently recalled (and potentially deadly) Blue Bell Ice Cream had revealed itself in the wilds of the Internet. However disgusting this may be, it’s not without… The post Diablo Sauce Isn’t the Only Discontinued Foo

The BeerMenus App Makes It Easy to Find Beers You Love, Or Want To Try

Smartphones were created to make you a more legitimate beer nerd.

Bourbon Street Lucky Dog Vendor Dishes On His 30 Years of Hot-Dog Slinging

On the corner of Conti and Bourbon Streets in New Orleans, Mark Clin scoops chili onto a hot dog with expert precision. “I do this six days a week,” he said without lifting his eyes.

French Bartender Convicted of Manslaughter After Customer Downs 56 Shots And Dies

There’s an unspoken understanding between good bartenders and their customers. Bar patrons generally want to drink and have fun, but not accidentally kill themselves while doing it.

Interesting Food Words You Never Knew, Courtesy of the Spelling Bee

The only thing that stood between 13-year-old Arvind Mahankali and the 2014 National Spelling Bee trophy was everyone’s favorite Passover treat, knaidel, the Yiddish equivalent of matzo ball.

Fight Over Last Rib at BBQ Turns Violent: Woman’s Eye Gouged With Meat Fork

Things got heated at a family barbecue in Muncie, Indiana over Memorial Day Weekend.

Spend the Rest of the Day Looking at This Pizza-Topped Pizza

We’ve already established that pizza is the king of the Internet. So what does that make pizza-topped pizza?

McDonald’s Wants to Up its Food Game With Toastier Buns

The great McDonald’s struggle to reinvent itself in the face of slumping sales keeps evolving. Some highlights: Back in April, the $5 premium sirloin burger was unveiled.

The J.R. Smith Guide to Partying

J.R. Smith is a gift to the world. The Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard isn’t just one of the NBA’s best players off the bench (as he’s demonstrated since being traded to the NBA Finals contenders in January); he’s also a walking TMZ report.

This Ad For Banned Food in Russia “Hides” Itself From Police When They Approach It

After the U.S. and several European Union countries sanctioned Russia for its activities in the Ukraine last year, Russia quickly retaliated with import bans on food products from said countries.

Russ & Daughters Limited-Edition Skateboard Dek is a Must-Cop

Our love for Russ & Daughters, the iconic LES appetizing shop and cafe, knows no bounds. Naturally, we were amped when we heard R&D had partnered with skate shop SHUT to create “The Whitefish,” a limited-edition skateboard.

Mapping the Hyper-Specific Food Cravings of Each State with FourSquare

Which state lusts after huckleberry? Where in the country do people chow down on the most bison? Now, there’s an easy way to tell the most hyper-local cravings across the country.

Berkeley Grad Employed at In-N-Out Attempts to Murder Boss

Working in fast food is an increasingly difficult (and often, discouraging) occupation. Over the past five years, efforts to raise wages, unionize employees, and fight back against on-the-job injuries have been cresting, as the workers’ rights movement (thankfully) swells.

Dan Barber’s Veggie Burgers Coming to Shake Shack for One Day Only

The O.G. Shake Shack in Madison Square Park just reopened last week. To celebrate, Shake Shack will sell 500 wastED Juice Pulp Cheeseburgers, created by chef Dan Barber, for one day only (this Friday, May 29).

The World’s First Test-Tube Burger Now Costs Under $12

It’s only been two years since the world’s first test-tube-grown burger—grown from actual cow stem cells—underwhelmed both taste-testers and chefs alike.

How To Eat Cow: 5 Under-The-Radar Beef Cuts You Should Know About

Sure, you know your way around tenderloin, chuck, and brisket after studying the fundamentals of basic beef cuts.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Tristan Thompson Drops An Insane #HotTake About Leftovers

The NBA Playoffs are nearing their conclusion, and one of the stars of the league’s second season has been Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Tristan Thompson.

Philly Brewery Playing Wu Tang 24/7 While its “Ain’t Nuthin’ To Funk With” Beer Ages in Casks

Vince Desrosiers, head brewer at Dock Street Brewing Co. in West Philly, is playing Wu Tang Clan while his golden saison ages in barrels for the next six months.

Taco Bell Says It’s Removing All Artificial Ingredients By The End Of 2015

By the end of this year, Taco Bell will have legitimate black pepper (opposed to “black pepper flavor”) in its signature seasoned beef, reports the Associated Press.

Waitress Knocks Out Idiot Customer After He Grabs Her Butt

As any woman who has ever worked as a server can tell you, harassment is unfortunately not uncommon in the profession. Customers can be real douchebags.