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You’ll Never Guess Which Foods Floyd Mayweather Breaks His Diet With

We already told you about Manny Pacquiao’s strict warm-milk-and-beef-broth routine (and the fact that his dad cooked and ate the family dog).

Uber Will Deliver Mighty Quinn’s and Sweetgreen to Your Office In 10 Minutes

This morning, David Chang launched his NYC food-delivery app, Maple. Right on the heels of the Maple launch, Uber dropped some serious food-delivery news of its own.

Bumble Bee Worker Cooked Alive with 12,000 Pounds of Tuna

In October 2012, Bumble Bee Foods worker Jose Melena had climbed inside one of the plant’s industrial pressure cookers to do some routine maintenance before loading up the next batch of tuna, reports the LA Times.

David Chang Plans to Fix Your Terrible Takeout Game

Tired of your struggle work lunches or looking to kick your Chinese delivery addiction? Maple—launching today—might just be the answer.

The 20 Most Instagrammed Dishes in Chicago

Deadspin journalist Drew Magary hit the nail on the head when he described the Windy City in a recent podcast: Chicago has all of the amenities of a cosmopolitan city like New York, but it’s way cheaper—especially when it comes to the grub.… The post The 20 Most Instagrammed Dishes in Chicago appear

Mayor of Paris Gives Food Trucks Her Blessing

Cheap eats lovers of Paris, rejoice! After being shut out of the city for years, food trucks are now officially rolling onto Parisian streets with the blessing of Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Sonic Decides to Double-Down on The Success of Its Super-Sugary Candy Slushes

Drive-in chain Sonic found an unexpected menu gem when it dropped its candy-filled slushes last year.

Andrew Zimmern Throws Shade at Ballpark Food Monstrosities

We’ve seen quite a few intriguing (and horrifying) ballpark creations launched this season. Just take the 1,117-calorie Churro Dog, which is being served at Chase Field in Arizona, or this 18-inch Krispy Kreme doughnut hot dog.

Of Course Obama Dines On Baller China

The White House just unveiled the official Obama state china, and it is as swaggy as expected. For the 11-piece place settings, Michelle chose blue accents inspired by the waters off the President’s home state of Hawai’i.

Woman Discovers Two-Way Mirror in Bar Bathroom, Bar Owner Refuses to Remove It

Last night, comedian Tamale Rocks was scheduled to perform at a bar called Cigars & Stripes, located in Berwyn, a western suburb of Chicago. When Rocks went to the bathroom, she found a two-way, full-length mirror pointed directly at the toilet.

Meet ‘Times New Ramen,’ The Most Noodle-Like Serif Font Ever Created

If you’re the kind of person who loves ramen so much, you sleep on it at night and also plan to visit Hakone, Japan just to bathe in it, you need to download this Times New Ramen font.

An Illustrated History of New Orleans Food

“[Writers] Trollope and Twain both wrote about New Orleans’ culinary mastery more than 100 years ago.

This Week’s Best Instagram Food Porn: April 26, 2015

Every week, we scour the Instagram universe to bring you the best food porn fit for a Sunday feast. Instagram went bananas this week, and we have all the fruit-centric ‘grams to prove it. Just look at Sqirl‘s strawberry galettes; photographer Daniel… The post This Week’s Best Instagram Food Porn: Ap

Two Puerto Rican Brothers Rate Cuchifritos in the Bronx and Spanish Harlem

As Puerto Ricans bred in North Jersey, my brother and I have what you might call fried-food–eating talents.

Man Smuggles Trader Joe’s into Canada, Sells It at His Store “Pirate Joe’s”

Some folks smuggle weed, others risk their lives illegally transporting cocaine. Michael Hallatt smuggles Trader Joe’s gluten-free granola and roasted gorgonzola crackers across the U.S.

Bourdain Explains Why America’s Top Chefs are Obsessed with Korean Food

Tonight on Anderson Cooper 360, Anthony Bourdain will cook budae jjigae for the CNN anchor, who apparently doesn’t like Korean food. “What about Korean food is so good?

Wisconsin Woman Breaks Into House, Steals Cheese And Guinness

A man interrupted a burglary at his home in Madison, Wisconsin earlier this week—one that couldn’t have been more Wisconsin if it tried.

60% of Raw Shrimp in the World is Tainted with Bacteria

Americans love us some shrimp, whether it’s tossed into a stir-fry at your local Chinese take-out joint, purchased in bulk at Trader Joe’s, or battered and fried at Red Lobster.

Watch the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans Continue Their Awkward History With Food in This Clip at a John Besh Restaurant

The NBA’s Pelicans are a professional basketball team located in New Orleans, Louisiana, a city which is known more for its awesome food and laissez-faire attitude than b-ball history.

Cotton Candy French Fries, and Other Ridiculous Mashup Foods of the Week

We’re living in an age of mashup-food mania, a time in which a new frankenfood unveils itself everyday.