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Cheesecake Factory Dropped Its Inevitable Drake Meme. And It Bricked.

Is this really the best they could do?

Just Blaze is Opening a Ramen Shop in Jersey City

The super-producer is dipping his hand into the restaurant world with a second location of Jersey's Ani Ramen.

An Essential Guide to New-Wave Fruit Snacks

Don't doubt the power of fruit snacks next time the munchies hit.

Genius Stoner Turns McDonald's Meal Into Cheeseburger Bong

This thing will get you high and cure your munchies at the same time.

Watch B’More Rapper Tate Kobang Get It “Poppin” With Waffle House Employees

The Baltimore MC is still waiting for a Waffle House to open up in Charm City.

Yelp Is Raising Wages After An Employee's Scathing Letter Went Viral

Talia Jane may have been fired, but her open letter to Yelp made the company start paying its employees more.

Was I Shafted by My Sommelier?

As part of our "What Went Wrong" series, we ask industry insiders to weigh in socially awkward restaurants interactions.

Lee Waas, the Genius Behind the Mister Softee Jingle, Dies at 94

The man, the myth, the legend.

Here's What Google Can Tell Us About Our Food Preferences

America is moving away from cake and toward carb-heavy pastas.

Katt Williams Was Arrested For Throwing a Salt Shaker at a Restraurant Manager's Face

Williams fled to a nearby Waffle House.

A Bar in Houston Actually Made a “Rebecca with the Good Hair” Cocktail

Why is Beyoncé’s hometown honoring the singer's new arch-enemy?

Automatic Woks and Robot Chefs Are Changing the Future of Cooking

What a time to be alive.

Watch Key & Peele Take on the Hot Ones Challenge

This is your film junket on hot sauce.

A Checkers Drive-In “Mistakenly" Stored Hundreds of Burger Buns in Its Bathroom

Customers aren't buying the restaurant's excuse.

NYC Chefs Defend Their Least Popular Dishes

If numbers don't lie, and the fanfare isn't there, then why do chefs insist on keeping unsung items on their menu?

How Beyoncé Turned the Lemon Emoji Into a Social-Media Sensation

Twitter data reveals the true power of Queen Bey's emoji influence.

Obese Gang Leader “Wobbles” Smuggles Snacks Into Bronx Court Hearing

The “tubby, tattooed gangster” hid a pack of honey-roasted peanuts in his wheelchair.

Watch a Supercut of People Getting Super Drunk in Movies

It's lit.

NFL Scout Claims Eli Apple Will Make a Poor Pro Because “He Can't Cook"

Here's the hottest sports take you'll hear all day.

Chipotle Is Trying to Distract Customers From Crashing Stock Prices With Chorizo

The burrito behemoth is hoping people won't notice it just posted a $26.4 million loss.