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KFC’s Colonel Sanders Is Now a Comic-Book Superhero

KFC has been giving its omnipresent Colonel Sanders mascot a 21st-century re-brand. The company debuted a video game in May that starred the character, allowing fans to “discover” the Colonel’s mysterious roots.

Redditor Discovers The World’s Most Depressing Breakfast Sandwich

Airport food is pretty much always the worst—unless you’re eating Shake Shack at JFK’s Terminal 4, that is.

Man Finds Cockroach In His Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

There are many things we’d love to eat on #NFCD, like Prince’s hot chicken and Fuku’s fried chicken sandwich.

Get to Know The Next Kobayashi, 23-Year-Old Competitive Eater Matt “Megatoad” Stonie

Matt “Megatoad” Stonie rocked the competitive-eating world this weekend at the July 4th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest when he stole the throne from eight-time defending champion Joey “Jaws” Chestnut.

Japanese Drink Manufacturer Drops Unagi-Flavored Soda

Americans have come up with some wacky soda flavors over the years, ranging from juniper berry to bacon.

Lil B Inspires Fans to Respect the Chickens #TYBG

Rapper, author, mogul, composer, and modern-day prophet, Lil B the Based God, took to Twitter last night to discuss why the world must free chickens and cows from the wrath of humans.

How to Properly Dine Like Rihanna

Sunday morning, Rihanna finished off her Fourth of July holiday with an all-American breakfast fit for a mouse (or a model with an eating disorder).

Oreo Debuts “Oreo Thins,” a Slimmed-Down Version of the O.G. Cookie

Oreo is dropping fire new products all the goddamn time. The newest Oreo iteration is “a light, crisp, and delicate cookie” dubbed Oreo Thin.

Fidel Castro Breaks Silence, Talks about Cheese

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro made a very rare public appearance on Friday to talk about…Cuban cheese.

Chef Picks: The Most Under-The-Radar Eating Experiences in Dallas

Dallas will always be a Tex-Mex nirvana, but when the novelty of bubbling queso wears off (does it ever?

The Struggle Plates of Fourth of July 2015

Millions of Americans celebrated Fourth of July by shooting off illegal fireworks, getting wasted off Bud, and eating a ton of food.

What Your Chipotle Order Says About You

Chipotle has become like the Starbucks of burritos, where everyone is so familiar with the menu that they have no qualms about customizing every little minuscule of their meal, line behind them be damned.

This Week’s Best Instagram Food Porn: July 5, 2015

Every week, we scour the Instagram universe to bring you the best food porn fit for a Sunday feast.

The Brilliance of Ghostface Killah’s Food Raps

Few rappers have the pedigree and resume of the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah. The Staten Island rhymer is not only one of the best emcees within the vaunted Wu collective, but also hip-hop in general.

Nine Essential Commandments for Smoking Food, According to BBQ Expert Steven Raichlen

Sure, you can handle a grill, and may even have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to barbecue.

Our 5 Favorite Iconic L.A. Sandwiches

The Dodgers. The Bradbury Building. The Dresden. These institutions stoke regional pride in Angelenos, right alongside French dips and cemitas.

You Can Now Get A 7-Eleven Slurpee Delivered To Your Door In SF And Oakland

The 7-Eleven mantra of “what customers want, when and where they want it” is something the chain takes quite seriously.

Here’s How To Get Free Food From Whole Foods in NYC

Last week, the New York Daily News reported that NYC Whole Foods locations have received more than 800 customer overcharge violations since 2010.

Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes Are Available Starting Today

Taco Bell fans, rejoice: Cap’n Crunch donut holes are now available at locations across the country. Originally, these gooey, warm, cereal-flecked donut holes covered in “milk icing” were only available as a TB test item at locations in Bakersfield, California.

The Thrilling Saga of Chrissy Teigen and the Missing Jack in the Box Order

It’s no secret Chrissy Teigen loves to eat. On Wednesday night, the Sports Illustrated supermodel innocently ordered Jack-in-the-Box tacos for delivery from Postmates, an on-demand food delivery service.