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Politics, Poultry, and Patience: A Review of NYC’s First Chick-fil-A

New York doesn’t need more fast food. It certainly doesn’t need more fried-chicken sandwiches. And it really doesn’t need any that come with outdated politics.

#AllDayBeef: Chain Restaurants Are Taking Shots at McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

If you thought the Drake-Meek Mill beef was heated, you obviously haven’t seen chain restaurants weigh in on breakfast drama.

10 People Who Are Dissapointed McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Isn’t Living Up to the Hype

The day we’ve been patiently waiting for has finally arrived: McDonald’s all-day breakfast is now available nationwide.

Witness the Absolute Worst Drunk Undergrad Berate a Cafeteria Worker Over Mac And Cheese

The key to boozy eating as an undergrad (and usually underage) college student is becoming as inconspicuous as possible upon entering the dining hall.

Death of the Pizza Party: The Rise and Fall of Chuck E. Cheese’s

There’s no collection of words that strikes as much terror in the hearts of adults as, “We’re going to Chuck E.

ANOTHER One? Nabisco May Release “Filled Cupcake” Oreos in 2016

2015 has most definitely been the year of the Oreo. First Brownie Batter Oreos were announced. Then Oreo Thins took calorie counters everywhere by storm. Earlier this summer, Key Lime Pie Oreos started showing up in stores on the sly.

This Sexy Pizza Rat Costume Is Everything We Hate About Halloween

You must remember the Internet phenomena #PizzaRat. It’s only been, like, two weeks since someone filmed the rat dragging a slice of pie down some MTA steps before eventually giving up on the endeavor and disappear from sight.

‘Pepsi Perfect’ from Back to the Future II is Now a Real Thing

It’s always a little weird when a once-future date that was used in a movie or TV show actually comes to pass, like Lisa Simpson’s wedding or the multiple projected Judgment Days.

Tyler, the Creator Is Using His Influence to Track Down the Greatest Discontinued Snacks

Every celebrity has his or her pet cause. For Katherine Heigl, it’s animal rescue. For Liam Neeson, it’s horse drawn carriages (didn’t see that one coming).

Dunkin Donuts Employee Tags Cop’s Coffee Cup with “BlackLivesMatter”

When you think Providence, RI, you likely don’t think “hotbed of racial tension.” But things are getting heated in “The Divine City” between the police and the populace.

A Gift From the Mash-Up Gods: How to Make a Curd-Ducken Juicy Lucy

The typical American cheese-stuffed Juicy Lucy burger gets us extremely worked up. But what if you made a Juicy Lucy stuffed with not one, but four different types of cheese?

The 10 Cocktails That Made My Career: Julie Reiner

While she was hard at work bartending, Julie Reiner’s dormmates were “drinking their faces off.” After a long night behind the bar, she’d come home to find these revelers “naked and vomiting in the hallway.

Chick-fil-A NYC Opens to Supreme-Style Lines, Marriage Proposals, and LGBT Protests

Chick-fil-A finally opened it’s much-anticipated Herald Square location in NYC over the weekend. The new store is now the largest CFA in the whole country.

The Complete Guide to Making Veggie Burgers at Home

For nationwide bun-and-patty purists, it looks like the ‘beef’ with veggie burgers might finally be over.

The Rap Guide to Pasta

Rappers want be mobsters and mobsters want to be rappers. No? I think the phrase is rappers wanna be athletes and vice versa—but I digress.

A Ramen Expert Recommends the 10 Most Underrated Instant Noodles

If Momofuku Ando is considered the godfather of instant ramen, then you could make a strong case that Hans Lienesch is its greatest modern-day disciple.

Miley Cryus’ “Highly Intelligent” Blowfish and Pig Allegedly Convinced Her to Go Vegan

With an upcoming album dedicated to all the dead pets in Miley’s life, it was only natural for the perpetually stoned pop star to discuss some of her memorable pet moments with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.  Cyrus explains… The post Miley Cryus’ “Highly Intelligent” Blowfish and Pig Allegedly Co

The Scariest Part of Burger King’s New Halloween Burger: It Turns Your Poo Green

Here’s something that might render more fear in you than Halloween itself: the new A1 Halloween Burger at Burger King will turn your poo Grinch-colored. The burger, which channels Japan’s All Black Everything Burger, features A1 steak sauce and two black buns stained with… The post The Scariest Part

O.G. Rap-Blog Troll Byron Crawford Is Secretly the Greatest Yelp Reviewer of All Time

Byron Crawford spent six years as a prolific music blogger for XXL Magazine before he was unceremoniously fired in 2011.