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Superfood Tapenade

I cook a lot of simple meals. The type of meals California cooks occasionally get mocked for. You know the equation - a great ingredient sautéed with local olive oil and seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper.

Lazy Day Peanut Noodle Salad

I've been trying to cook from the archives a bit lately. There are so many recipes that I'll cook on repeat for months, and then neglect when a new favorite makes an appearance.

A Few Words on How to Cook Artichokes

If you're going to invest the time into cooking artichokes, you want them to be fantastic. In the spring I tend to cook artichokes once or twice a week, and although the process takes time and attention, I can't help myself.

Favorites List (05.15.15)

A favorites list for the weekend. Happy spring everyone. -h - Reading: Congo, and then God's Hotel - Kelly Colchin drew my kitchen & asked me a bunch of questions.

Asparagus Panzanella

There is quite a lot going on on here. I'm putting the finishing touches on this little beast. The photos are shot, the cover is set, and the files are locked down.

Green Smoothie

I'm going to argue that you need a green smoothie recipe as part of your morning arsenal. We covered green juice a while back, but this is a different beast.

Genius Kale Salad

There is a special kale salad in the in the new Food52 Genius Recipes cookbook. A single kale salad that ran the gauntlet, beating out all others, for a slice of limelight in the book.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Quick, clever, healthy breakfast ideas are something I'm always excited to discover. I'm talking about preparations you can make at home, in the morning, when you're often crunched for time.

Weekday Vegetable Soup

Vegetable soup has become a staple lunch of weekdays around here. I like the idea that you can combine a good range of ingredients into one bowl of soup goodness, and I typically use whatever vegetables I have on hand, some beans and/or grains, and a few spice accents.

Cocagne Bean & Artichoke Salad

My parents live an hour south of us in the house my sister and I grew up in. They built on a pretty plot of land in the suburban foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains in the 70s, when I was four, and they've lived there since.

Writing a Cookbook Proposal

I get a lot of questions related to cookbook proposals. There are a number of reasons to write one. Most believe it's the step you need to take just before pursuing a book deal, which is often true.

A Simple Asparagus Soup

The markets here have shifted from yellow and orange orbs of citrus to banks of green asparagus, baskets of artichokes, bouquets of green garlic, and tiny favas the size of my ring finger.

Green Curry Dumplings

Big hugs. If you're up for a bit of a project, and you want to make something to lift the spirits, this is where you need to land.

Favorites List (03.17.15)

The Fall 2015 Ten Speed Press catalog did the dive through my mail slot the other day, and it looks incredible.

Diana Henry's Uzbeki Carrots

This is the most interesting carrot recipe I've attempted in a long time, and I'll start by attempting to explain why.

Anna's California Miso Avocado Salad

There is a list of impressive cookbooks queuing up for release this spring. Thoughtful, beautiful titles filled with writing and recipes that make you excited to light up your kitchen.

Tokyo Photos & Soba Water

I didn't take many photographs on my recent trip to Tokyo - 100, or so? As I was browsing them on the flight home it was clear that a good percentage were of the view from our hotel room thirty floors above Ginza.

Near & Far: A New Cookbook

I've been living with a mammoth binder and a pair of double-sided bulletin boards covered with photos for the past few years.

Kale Quinoa Bites

These little kale-packed quinoa bites came with me to Tokyo. I wedged eight of them into a structured container, tucked that into my purse, and onto the flight we went.

Pomelo Noodles

There's a bit of a joke around our house, because of a saying I have. It's more of a sentiment, actually.