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Deviled Eggs

This past weekend I saw coastal wildflowers blooming purple and yellow, misty morning vistas, colorful buoys and wave-whipped fishing boats.

Olive Oil Braised Spring Vegetables

Back in the late 90's Vogue Entertaining + Travel was the Australia-based magazine I splurged for any time I came across it on the news stand.

Mung Yoga Bowl

I thought I'd show you how I took a favorite component of a recent recipe, made a minor tweak, and turned it into something completely different.

Favorites List (3.25.14)

Apologies in advance, I feel like I should be posting this favorites list prior to the weekend, when people have a bit more time to stretch out and read longer-format pieces.

Giant Lemon Fennel Beans

Baby fennel, big white beans, sliced lemon, a honey-kissed in-pan white wine sauce, all finished with a shower of chopped dill.

Shredded Egg Salad

I bought some special eggs the other day. I mean, there are special eggs, and there are special eggs.

Green Curry Porridge

I thought I'd share another QUITOKEETO lunch with you today. This one in particular was a stand-out. It went something like this: a boisterous green curry porridge made with pan-toasted brown rice, spicy herb-packed green coconut broth, all punctuated with winter squash and lots of green onions.

Bartavelle / Cookbooks

Bartavelle is a sweet little spot nestled into a venerable corner in Berkeley, California. It's tucked into a pocket just to the right of Acme Bread, to the left of Kermit Lynch, in the space Cafe Fanny used to be.

Horseradish Sauce

I know you all like a simple, goes-on-anything sauce. It has been a while, so I thought I'd shoot this gem in your direction.

Sake Mushrooms

Do you all keep piles of *very important things* around? Bills, notes, magazine clippings - that sort of thing?


If pressed, I could tell you how to make good guacamole in one sentence. Something like this - mash ripe avocados with finely chopped white onions, a minced garlic clove, a squeeze of lime juice, then salt to taste.

Le Bal Café / Cookbooks

I tend to pop off photos of cookbook shelves when I come across them. In the moment, just a couple frames with my cell phone, for browsing later.

Immunity Soup

This soup is built on a monster white pepper broth. White pepper with jolts of ginger, and stabs of garlic.

California Barley Bowl

I mentioned in a recent favorites list that I've been cooking from Megan Gordon's new cookbook, Whole Grain Mornings.

Favorites List (1.04.14)

The first favorites list of the new year - I bought a stack of books mentioned in the New York Times Notable list, and look forward to working my way through them in the coming months.

Detoxifying Mint Tea

Blending your own herbal tea is a revelation. Once you start, it's hard to go back to tea bags. This way, you're able to shape your blends to be as simple or complex as you like.

Miso Tahini Soup

Last weekend we took our little shop project, QUITOKEETO, to the Remodelista Holiday Market. It took place at the Heath Ceramics factory, and it was the first time we've done anything "out in the wild" related to the shop.

Winter Punch

It's a bit unclear how it happened, but well over a decade has passed on this site without a punch recipe.

Persian Yogurt Soup

This soup is a test of patience and restraint. If you're easily distracted, skip it. If you can mind a pot, stirring, singularly-focused, for a half hour, perhaps longer, you'll be rewarded with a beautiful, herbed, Persian yogurt soup, Ashe Mast.

A Good Winter Salad

This is the salad I made on Thursday. My intent was to assemble a big, green salad. It would be the sea of green on the Thanksgiving table.