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Must-Watch Documentaries by The Pioneer Woman

I don’t usually talk about movies and TV shows at length here on my Confessions section, because I don’t want to act like this section of my website is anything other than what it is: A blog about my life on the ranch, my family, my pets, and whatever we happen to be up to on any given week.

Pretty Pillows! by The Pioneer Woman

These cute pillows are one aspect of my bedding collection that I love, because they have a lot of color and personality…and you don’t have to use them in the bedroom!

Cupcakes and Gambling by The Pioneer Woman

We are getting ready to start offering cupcakes in the bakery at the Merc. This means (bad news) that I have to taste taste taste cupcakes constantly until they’re perfect.

Word Nerd Quiz: Wednesday Night! by PW Fun & Learning

We haven’t had a Word Nerd quiz in a while, and it’s time to rectify that! Let’s get that party started again Wednesday night and geek out over words together.

Bibimbap (비빔밥) by Erica

We’re all food enthusiasts here, right? So I don’t feel too weird confessing that when I think about making/eating bibimbap, I get a little giddy and want to do a happy dance.

Top Gun Quiz: Answers and Winners! by PW Fun & Learning

Excellent work on the Top Gun Quiz, everyone!   Here are the stats, answers, and winners.   STATS 1,129 people took the quiz.

10 Pioneer Woman Knife Sets! by The Pioneer Woman

I’ve been using my new Pioneer Woman cutlery, and I love the new handles! They’re durable, the blades are sharp, and they’re easy to hold, and let’s face it: Anything turquoise and red in the kitchen is more fun to use!

Pancake Day! by PW Food & Friends

Call it Pancake Day or call it Shrove Tuesday, we’re all for anything that gives us a reason to eat more pancakes—pancakes for breakfast, as a snack, pancakes for dinner, with the occasional waffle and crepe thrown in.

Cowboy Specks by The Pioneer Woman

This is Bryce and Patrick (Josh’s stepson). I snapped this photo last year and just now discovered it while trying to find a photo of a cow on my hard drive.

Rosemary Garlic Fried Potatoes by The Pioneer Woman

Sometimes you just need to throw potatoes in a pot and fry them. You just do. But in all my experience with frying potatoes through the years, I’ve found that simply throwing them (however violently) into a pot of oil when they’re raw just will never result in that magical, crispy wonderfulness that potatoes are meant to have.

Crispy Hasselback Potatoes for Your Steak Dinner! by Sommer

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you might find yourself wondering what to make your sweetheart for dinner February 14th.

Top Gun Quiz: Thursday Night! by PW Fun & Learning

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? Then rev up your engine, listen to her howlin’ roar, and be here Thursday night for a big Top Gun quiz!

Wizard of Oz Quiz: Answers and Winners! by PW Fun & Learning

Wow, you slayed that quiz! We’re going to have to check previous quizzes but it sure feels like you set some kind of record there because almost 1 out of every 3 participants got a perfect score.

Beer Bread by Bridget

Beer bread goes down as one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. I don’t know if it’s because the bread is warm, fluffy, buttery perfection, or if it’s because my mom made it often.

Patty Melt Video by The Pioneer Woman

Man, oh man. Is there anything better than a patty melt? This one’s big enough for you and your sweetie (or buddy) to share!

Pioneer Woman Mixing Bowl Sets! by The Pioneer Woman

There are few things I love more than a set of nesting mixing bowls, and I have two melamine sets in my product line that I use all.

The Wizard of Oz Quiz: Wednesday Night! by PW Fun & Learning

Quiz Begins In:   This week’s quiz is all about the Wizard of Oz film! The plot, the music, the characters, the quotes and memorable scenes … all of it is fair game.

It is Well With My Soul by The Pioneer Woman

Good morning and Happy Monday! Henry continues to rule the world, I mean my heart, I mean take all my time, I mean all of the above.

How to Put Together a Roast Dinner by Erica

To me, a roast dinner is one of the most rewarding meals to make. It’s easy, nutritious, and delicious.

Creamy Avocado Ranch Dip by Sommer

Can you believe Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend? After a whole month of sticking to New Year’s resolutions with “good behavior” and healthy eating, it’s hard to know how to approach one of the naughtiest food days of the year.