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Bolleyvall by Ree

Paige, her friend, and I left the ranch at 5:00 yesterday morning and drove to Texas to a bolleyvall, I mean volleyvall, I mean volleyball tournament!

Our Gal, Joanne! by PW Food & Friends

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Food & Friends programming for a little birthday shout-out. Of course, we couldn’t celebrate a birthday around here without a lot of food, so be prepared for some weekend scrumptiousness.

“Who, Which, Except” Quiz: Answers and Winners! by Ree

Great job on the quiz, everyone! Here are the stats, answers, and winners!   STATS 2,765 people took the quiz.

Craft Book Look by PW & Friends

Crafting books are gorgeous. The supplies! The projects! The perfectly executed ideas! It’s pure, colorful, creative escapism every time you open the pages.

The Cutest Cookies by Ree

I received these cookies in the mail as a gift, and they were too amazing not to share on my cooking website!

Shrimp Ceviche Tostadas by Heather

I am—and forever will be—completely uncontrollable around Mexican food. It is my soul food and it calls to me in all ways, at all times, and in all situations.

Confetti Snack Cake by Jessica

I have never been above using boxed cake mix, and there is one good reason. It starts with an F and ends in -unfetti.

How to Make Slow Cooker Refried Beans by Sommer

As football season and the holidays come into full force, I have pulled out my slow cookers for backup.

Greek Yogurt Pancakes by Ree

This is a deliciously direct (directly delicious?) descendant of Edna Mae’s Sour Cream pancakes, which are pretty dadgum hard to beat if you ask me.

“Who, Which, Except” Movie Quiz: Thursday Night! by Ree

Tomorrow night, I’m having a whole new kind of movie quiz here on PW Fun & Learning! It’s a “Who, Which, Except” quiz, and rather than explain to you how it works now, I’ll just let you drop by tomorrow night and give it a whirl!

Charlie Cookie Jars! by Ree

I’ve received the cutest photos of the Charlie Cookie Jars that have made it into folks’ homes. Once I have a chance to gather them up, I will post them here, because they are hilarious.

Temporary Wallpaper! by PW & Friends

Temporary wallpaper is undeniably one of the best home decor items to emerge in decades. And it’s come a long way since its incarnation.

5 Uses for Parchment Paper in Baking by Bridget

Parchment paper … what did I ever do without you? Let me show you my 5 favorite ways to use parchment paper when baking.

Crispy Fried Calamari (Gluten-free) by Heather

I am fairly certain that the first time I willingly agreed to eat squid, it was because it was deep fried.

Me & David, David & Me by Ree

I went to QVC on Sunday, and I dressed like Stevie Nicks, but without the great voice.     I was there to premiere my new cookbook, which is coming out two weeks from today.

Apple Spiced Pancakes by Dara

Weekends are for coffee on the couch, or outside on our comfy patio chairs in the summertime, and lazy breakfasts.

My Favorite Bag by Ree

Today, because it’s Monday, and because I love ya, I’m giving away two (2) Kelly Moore Libby Bags in my favorite green color!

Simmering Scents by PW & Friends

Now this is one of those Pinterest-centric (is that a word?) DIY’s that we can really wrap our heads around.

Easy-to-Peel Eggs by Joanne

If you’re someone who really likes egg salad sandwiches, you end up hard-boiling a tremendous number of eggs.

Chipotle Bacon Turkey Sliders by Jessica

What is it about miniature food that makes it so fun to eat? I mean, besides the fact that since it’s mini, you can eat more of it.