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Sugar Pie Hot Chocolate

My mom was a teacher and my dad owns a store, so as a kid I never really understood what corporate life was like.

Cafe au Lait Mini Cakes

Did you know that St. Louis has the second largest Mardi Gras celebration in the country?  In my 20’s, I checked in parade floats at the main parade each year.

Champagne and Strawberry Cotton Cake

A year ago, I was at a dinner at Oak & Char in Chicago hosted by Meyer.  The whole meal was memorable, but (of course) I paid the most attention to dessert.

5 Ingredient Chocolate Almond Cheese Danish

This Valentine’s Day dessert recipe is over-the-top good and it’s SO easy.  Getting complemented on it makes me feel like I cheated.

Chocolate Turtle Snickerdoodle Bars

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: snickerdoodle may be one of the happiest words on the planet.

Homemade Chocolate Turtles

Making homemade chocolate turtles with with pecans and salted caramel is a simple introduction to candy making at home.

Chocolate Chip Cookiedillas

Do you know what’s better than a quesadilla? A chocolate chip cookiedilla stuffed with marshmallow and chocolate chips!

Deep Fried Super Bowl Brownie Hand Pies

Imagine a Super Bowl dessert that is a rich, fudgey brownie surrounded by flaky chocolate pie dough.  Don’t stop there.

How to Turn Rice Pudding Into Finger Food

I’ve never seen rice pudding on display at a party dessert table.  I attribute this to two factors: 1.

Belgian-to-the-Max Waffles

Am I the only one who doesn’t care at all about the new Star Wars movie?  I just can’t geek out about humans and odd robots running around fighting space wars – not my thing.

Spicy Almond Gingerbread

I baked this spicy almond gingerbread four times in the past week.  First it was too dry, then too flavorless, then too cracked, but the final version was absolutely scrumptiously right!

Salted Caramel Gooey Butter Bars

There are a few types of gooey butter bar (or as we say here in St. Louis, gooey butter cake) bakers: those who make yeasty cake-like gooey butter bars, those who prepare a “cheater” version made with cake mix and cream cheese, and those who bake a from-scratch version made with evaporated milk.

Chocolate Eggnog Christmas Cupcakes

My chocolate eggnog Christmas cupcakes are a riff on my Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes; I look for any excuse to use that perfect recipe as a base.

Caramelized Banana Spritz Cookies

Most cookie press recipes (spritz cookies) are for basic butter cookies, perhaps with a little bit of spice.

Crumb-Topped Raspberry Scones

Repeat after me: “Crumb topping makes everything better!”  This is even true of the already buttery-rich coffee shop staple, the scone – especially with juicy raspberries tucked under the crumbs!

Cherry-Glazed Chocolate Almond Cinnamon Rolls

I am a member of a group for entrepreneurial women in St. Louis.  Our meetings have nothing to do with recipes and everything to do with supporting each other to help our businesses grow.

Sweet Potato Casserole Donut Holes + 25 Thanksgiving Recipes + 25 Giveaways

I’m super excited about today’s post!  I’ve teamed up with a fabulous group of bloggers to bring you 25 Thanksgiving recipes.

Cranberry Almond Cornmeal Bundt Cake

I love everything about this cranberry almond cornmeal Bundt cake.  I love how beautiful it looks without having to mess with leveling or frosting.

Thankful Heart Apple Cider Cookies

Research says that being thankful actually makes people happier.  I like this research because being thankful is easy for me to do – much easier than having to fold laundry immediately after the end of the dryer cycle in order to unlock the door to my happiness.

How to Make Waffle Pie Crust and Change Your Pies Forever

If you love loading down your waffles with toppings, piling on nuts, syrup, fruit, and whatever else you can find, waffle pie crust is for you.