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Exclusive Insanely Cute Cupcake Necklace – 6 Days Only

First, the facts:  This adorable cupcake and sloth necklace that I designed in conjunction with Danger!

Triple Chocolate Raspberry Ice Cream Bars

I love how these triple chocolate raspberry ice cream bars play with texture.  As you experience each layer, you’ll move from crunchy to icy to creamy to the pop of fresh raspberries.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Jello

Do you remember when no party was complete without a jello mold, usually with something unidentifiable floating inside?

KitchenAid Mixer and Paper Eskimo Party Pack Giveaway ($450 Value!)

It has been a while since I hosted a big giveaway on Cupcake Project and I hope you are as excited about this one as I am.

Limoncello Rice Krispie Clusters

It’s almost the end of the school year and that means that it’s teacher gift time.  I am all about food gifts for teachers – accompanied, of course, by sweet hand-written notes from the kids.

Banana Cream Pie Yogurt Parfait

These banana cream pie yogurt parfaits are among the most elegant desserts that I’ve ever made – we barely break out our stemware for drinks, let alone for dessert.

Roasted Banana Curd is the New Cookie Butter

This jar of bananas ain’t no baby food, people.  Roasted banana curd is sinfully delicious!  It’s thick, spreadable, and tastes like banana bread in a jar.

Celebrate with Sangria Cupcakes

I searched my blog archives no fewer than five times before believing that I had never posted sangria cupcakes here.

Three Reasons You Should Make Your Own Yogurt

Why should you bother making homemade yogurt when it’s SO easy to buy it?  And, how do you make homemade yogurt?

Passover Pull-Apart Garlic Rolls

You might want to save these Passover pull-apart garlic rolls for the second half of Passover when your bread craving has kicked in with full force.

Matzoh Popzoh – Matzoh Crack Passover Popsicles

Matzoh Popzoh is a Passover dessert that – like flourless chocolate cake – you will not want to “pass over” during the rest of the year.

Redbud Bubbly

If you live in a redbud growing region and want to make redbud syrup (and subsequently this redbud bubbly), act quickly.

Redbud Syrup

When we house hunted, we dreamed of living in an old house with lots of character – nooks and crannies, pocket doors, and maybe a turret.

Bloody Mary Sticky Buns

As a kid, the idea of drinking something salty and tomatoey seemed unfathomable.  Even in adulthood, some still turn their noses up at Bloody Marys while others develop bloodlust for the drink.

Why You Should Throw Out Every Baking Rule

As bakers, we hold exact measuring, ingredient ratios, and established flavor profiles as gospel.  We pride ourselves on being kitchen rule followers.

Caramel Apple + Cheese Soda Bread

Hours after making this soda bread, I walked in the door from picking my son up from school and my house still smelled like caramel apples and cheese.

Spiced Carrot Lava Cakes

I’ve baked carrot cake so many ways that I’m surprised I don’t have rabbits lingering outside my window.

Springtime Carrot Curd

One of our son’s Kindergarten friends thought my carrot curd tasted like spiced pumpkin pie.  He wasn’t that far off.

Shoot and Score with March Madness Cookies

Have you been to a March Madness party?  I never have, but I hear it’s a thing and it seems that I’m the last to know.

Double Chocolate Brownie Cookies The Way You Like Them

Everyone needs a chocolate cookie recipe in their repertoire that exceeds all expectations of how good a chocolate cookie can be.