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where we eat: Juicebox

Last week, I was reminiscing with Danny about a tiny vegetarian restaurant in Seattle, one of my favorites in the 1990s.

right here.

It was early. My knees felt creaky. The coffee was still burbling through the filter. And I was in the kitchen, gathering ingredients to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

right here.

It was early. My knees felt creaky. The coffee was still burbling through the filter. And I was in the kitchen, gathering ingredients to make gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

how to bake gluten-free: converting recipes

You want to make a carrot cake. Your husband loves it. It’s his favorite cake. He dreams about eating it for his birthday every year.

how to bake gluten-free: hydration

Bakers like to talk to each other. We’re slightly odd creatures, after all, and it’s good to know we’re not alone in thinking about different hydration levels in artisan breads or the effect of baking soda on muffins that have been refrigerated overnight.

the store is open.

The store is open. Our gluten-free flour is here. Danny and I have been working for years to bring you this flour.

a word from our sponsors: morey’s gluten-free smoked salmon

We’re pretty crazy about smoked salmon around here. In fact, when I was working today, Danny sent me a photo of our little guy in his highchair, looking happy, reaching for another bite of smoked salmon.

setting our mise en place

A few years ago, rumors of something big about to happen swirled around our small town. There’s a Thai restaurant opening on the island!

meet our sponsors: walker’s shortbread

Walker’s shortbread now makes three gluten-free flavors: classic butter shortbread, chocolate chip shortbread, and ginger and lemon shortbread.

life obliges

On Sunday afternoon, along with more than 100 people from our island community, we attended the memorial for a woman we adore.

a word from our sponsors: bob’s red mill 8-grain hot cereal

Bob’s Red Mill is the one brand of gluten-free food that has been in my home from the time I was first diagnosed in 2005 until today.

Meet Our Sponsors: WEDO banana flour

Banana flour. Who knew? Banana flour. I never imagined this unusual flour would be one of my favorite for baking. Why?

dating him again

You lose a lot when you have children. You lose sleep, of course. Everyone knows that. Well, you think you know that until you are dragging through the day, the 14th day in a row, with no real end in sight, reaching for coffee again and hoping for a nap.

a ritual to feed each other

I’ve been thinking a lot about ritual lately. So much of life is repetition. Do the laundry. Pay the bills.

Meet Our Sponsors: Luna Bar

When we opened this package at our studio, our daughter Lucy read only one phrase: chocolate cupcake.

the solace of biscuits

Some days, it seems, nothing makes me feel more grounded than baking. It seems funny to me now: when I was first diagnosed with celiac, almost a decade ago (a decade?

we’d like to feed you

Folks, we would like to feed you. Feeding people is one of our favorite activities in the world. Add in laughter, talking, teaching, answering questions, the chance to form a new community, and chocolate?

imperfect light

The day after we returned from New York, I spent all day in bed, feverish, rising only to run to the bathroom.

a word from our sponsors: Bob’s Red Mill flaxseed meal

Lately, I’ve been playing with flaxseed again. Why? For one, I never stop playing with flours, measuring out 100 grams of a new flour in an old recipe, just to see how it works.

a good food day

This passage from Marco Canora’s brilliant new cookbook, A Good Food Day: Reboot Your Health with Food That Tastes Great sounded so familiar to Danny, after 2 decades of being a restaurant chef, that he laughed out loud when he read it in bed the night we returned from New York City.