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gluten-free honey buckwheat spice cake

This gluten-free honey buckwheat cake is also free of dairy and refined sugar. Right after a rainy baseball game, we all returned home with mud on our shoes and grins on our faces.

bean bake casserole

Bean bake casserole for dinner? We’re excited here.  Quite a few things have changed around here in the last decade.

Meet Our Sponsors: Freshly

Freshly, a gluten-free fresh meal delivery service, is our latest sponsor. The opinions and words used here are our own.  As we all seem to grow busier, cooking every meal from scratch, made with whole foods, seems more and more difficult.

writing seminars on Vashon

  As soon as I could grasp that it was people who wrote the books I loved — real people! not magicians!

gluten-free rhubarb pie

Gluten-free rhubarb pie can be yours, if you want it. And you don’t need strawberries. Yesterday afternoon, there was a warm breeze floating in from the west.

roasted garlic bean dip

I don’t write about him the way I used to: breathless, giggling, everything a discovery. The words tumbled out of me then, urgent, since I had to throw them down on the page, as fast as I could, still not believing my luck.

seaweed popcorn

Lucy steps off the bus a few moments before 4, bounding with energy and the stories she wants to tell us.

meet our sponsors: Align probiotic

  Disclosure: I’m a sponsored Align Influencer, on behalf of their gluten-free probiotic, but all opinions are my own.

gluten-free tempura

Last week, when I was in Los Angeles for the IACP conference, I was reminded again how much I love cookbooks.

gluten-free Los Angeles

Los Angeles, gluten-free.  Mere hours after I landed in Los Angeles to attend the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) conference, I walked down Sunset Boulevard toward one of my favorite California indulgences.

walking forward

This post was sponsored by Harmony Books. See the end of the post for more details.  Almost every Sunday morning, my dear friend Tita and I take a walk.

gluten-free date oatmeal bars

Early in the morning, Lucy and I snuggled under the cozy blanket on the wide chair by the window. I knew about Brussels, more senseless deaths, carnage.

introducing feeding our people

let’s do this together. “let the beauty we love be what we do.” — rumi   Imagine a quiet corner of the internet.

gluten-free baked doughnuts

This post recounts the trip we took to western Montana a few weeks ago. Our trip was sponsored by Glacier Country Tourism. Even though the trip was sponsored, all the photographs, stories, and opinions are our own.

gluten-free Irish soda bread

For the first week of March, a new beginning on this site. And, gluten-free Irish soda bread.    Welcome!

gluten-free granola

If there were an award for making batch after batch of mediocre gluten-free granola, I would have won it several years running.

breathing in that big sky

On Sunday afternoon, as we were packing our bags for our trip to Montana, I was trying to bake something good before the light left the sky.

Meet Our Sponsors: Among Friends Baking Mixes

This feature on Among Friends Baking Mixes is a sponsored post. For more on our sponsorship program, read this.  The other day, I finally had the chance to speak with Lizann Anderson, one of the founders of Among Friends Baking Mixes. We’ve been enjoying these mixes for months, not only for their ease in the making (Lucy feels like a baking master when she puts one together herself), but also for their whole grains and good ingredients.

gluten-free tomato soup cake

  Gluten-free tomato soup cake? you may be asking yourself. Is that for real? Is that even a thing?  Oh yes.

gluten-free blueberry muffins, 2016 style

When I first made gluten-free blueberry muffins, I was so happy to see them come out lovely that I photographed them and wrote them up as a recipe on this site immediately.