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Meet Our Sponsors: Washington State Dairy

“The cow is queen.” I don’t know how many times I heard that sentence the day I visited the Werkhoven family dairy farm in Monroe.

creating, connecting

Would you like some warm, soft pretzels? They’re especially good dipped in strong mustard. Gluten-free awareness is far more ubiquitous now than it was ten years ago.

Meet Our Sponsors: Tri-Lamb Board

Thank you to Lean on Lamb for sponsoring this recipe and the Provencal lamb burger with red-wine-caramelized onions, goat cheese, and basil we shared with you in May.

Meet Our Sponsors: organicgirl

Introducing organicgirl, producers of great organic dark greens, our latest sponsor.  We eat a lot of dark greens around here.

places we eat: Chavez

Eight years ago yesterday, I married my favorite person in the world. I like him more now than I did that hot July day, when I thought my heart would burst with how much I love him.

all good cooks

I think often of Miss Edna Lewis. I still read the opening to every seasonal section in her book, The Taste of Country Cooking, as we are about to enter into the next phase of the year.

American Classics Reinvented

American Classics Reinvented is almost here! Pre-order now! This book full of American comfort food, gluten-free, will be published on September 1st, 2015.

Meet Our Sponsors: Freschetta Gluten-Free Pizza

A few weeks ago, our 6-year-old daughter went to a sleepover birthday party. She packed her bag full of books, her pajamas, and her Knuffle Bunny doll.

and the living is easy

The other day, I asked Lucy how her summer is going. (Summer only technically began a few weeks ago, but in kid time, it feels like AGES since kindergarten ended.) Joyful as always, Lu threw her arms in the air and shouted, “GREAT!

gluten-free cherry pie

It’s the 4th of July today. It seems fitting to celebrate this independence day with some cherry pie.

Meet Our Sponsors: Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Remember when no one had heard of coconut oil? Those days are long gone, thankfully. We’re crazy about coconut oil around here.

Meet Our Sponsors: Love with Food

  A friend of mine who is fairly recently gluten-free saw this Love with Food box on our dining room table the other day.

mostly, the laughter

I have a not-so-secret crush on Renee Erickson. It’s okay. Danny understands. It’s not a romantic crush — my heart rests in the heart of my darling husband who grounds me.

satisfying, every time

I’m kind of a goober, really. Even though I exult at the first unfurlings of spring green leaves, and feel deeply the fleeting beauty of the red leaves of fall, my body seems to feel it should always be summer.

gluten-free girl baking classes

  Imagine this. We gather together in the kitchen, to share stories, laugh, and bake together. And then we share a seasonal meal, made with local ingredients, all of it delicious.

meet our sponsors: tri-lamb board

It may be cloudy and in the 60s outside. The calendar says we need to wait another four weeks to declare it.

please eat pie

It is 1984. My best friend Sharon and I are sitting on the living room floor of our Southern California home, waiting.

Meet Our Sponsors: Alaska Gold Brand

Announcing Alaska Gold Brand seafood as our latest sponsor. We’re crazy about salmon in this house. Danny smokes a side of salmon nearly every week, which we eat as an appetizer for dinner with the kids.

Meet Our Sponsors: Coors Peak

I have to admit this first: I didn’t expect to like Coors Peak. When I thought I could eat gluten, I was a bit of a beer snob.

the old work, better

Someday, I swear, I’m going to go all Leaves of Grass on this site. The first time I said this to Danny, a few months ago, he looked at me with confusion in his eyes. He’s used to my strange pronouncements by now.