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Let It Be Sunday!

Here’s what I recommend.  I recommend you take yourself out to dinner.  Wear your loose-fitting jeans for max comfort, bring a book, call a car, sit at the bar, order an entire pizza for yourself, and have as much wine as makes you happy.

Baking Bootcamp: Chocolate Hazelnut Rolls with Quick Puff Pastry

Hey friends!   I’m so excited to announce that it’s time for another Baking Bootcamp Series with King Arthur Flour!

Bucket List Recipes

Stepping in the kitchen takes confidence and guts, usually inspired by a grumbling stomach or a nagging sweet tooth.

Lemon Vanilla Cookie Krispie Treats

It’s ridiculous, really.  I’m always looking for any and every excuse to buy a bag of cookies from the grocery store.

Let It Be Sunday!

I had a moment in the airport, one of those all-purpose airport stores with books and expensive water, and headphones (whyyyy do I always forget my headphones!

Let It Be Thursday!

Happy Thursday, my friends!  The closer we get to the weekend, the more I find myself slouched at my computer staring at the screen.

Brown Butter Chess Pie

I watched the movie Steel Magnolias the other day.   The full picture (if you’re curious) was me, my cat Tron, a rousing Thursday night, a shamefully large bowl of cheese grits and peas, and a paper towel I later used as a cry-tissue, sitting on my bed watching the movie Steel Magnolias.

Easy PB + J Sandwich Donuts

This is either a new high in midnight snacking, or a new low. Surely, it’s nothing in between.  Here’s what’s happening.  Brioche bread + peanut butter and jelly + battered and fried + coated in cinnamon and sugar.

Let It Be Sunday!

I’m not sure I’m ready for the take-on-the-Fall attitude I’m supposed to adopt. Whoa, everyone.  Can we slow down the pace just a little?

Beef Enchiladas with green olives and raisins

Making enchiladas in my family is an event.  Not one of those ‘bust out the fine china’ events… but definitely a ‘dad’s been wearing an apron over his pajamas all day’ event.

What Makes A Great Cookbook?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a great cookbook.  I’m currently working on my third book (wow…) about Brunch and as it carefully, lovingly, stressfully, curiously, and haphazardly takes shape, I think a lot about how to make it great.  ‘Great’ is both elusive and subjective.

Brown Butter Brûléed Doughnut Holes

Have you heard about the latest trend?  Don’t say Kylie Jenner… don’t you dare.   The latest trend has everything to do with fire, applied with intention and concentration to… basically anything and everything covered in granulated sugar.

Let It Be Sunday!

It must have been a Tuesday in August.  I was in a supreme rush to get to an appointment on time and with as little sweat running down my back as possible.

What’s Your Daydream Dream Job?

In most ways, I’d say that I have my dream job.  I mean… I make and take pictures of doughnuts and cookies for a living.

Really Very Good Chocolate Pudding

What do your guts know?  That tremble, tickle, internal compass in the center-insides of our bodies.  Those GUTS… they have feelings.

Let It Be Sunday!

I walked by this house in the Garden District earlier this week when the sun was just going down, people were home from work making dinner for their families… the sky was darkening and street lights were just starting to flicker to life.

Slight Fear of Commitment Roast Chicken

Did you know that there’s a special chicken you eat when you get engaged.?  A chicken so treasured, so perfectly roasted, so exclusive, so only for people with fresh diamonds on their fingers that it’s actually called Engagement Roast Chicken.

A Few Notable Notes and I Dipped Your Chips In Chocolate

Hey friends!   We need to talk about a few things.  I’ll keep this short because it’s Wednesday and you look super busy.

Buttery Layered Buttermilk Biscuits

Now, you know I love a biscuit!  Now that I live in the south, I take my biscuits more seriously than ever.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello, my friends!  I’m happy it’s Sunday.  I’m happy we’re here together.  Remember last week when I was like aaaahhhh I CAN’T DEAL!