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Lemon Poppy Seed Crepes with Blueberry Curd

I’m working really hard on my upcoming Brunch cookbook.  I say this as I’m surrounded by pages of proofs, going over page after page, word after word, image after image, testing testing testing, in an effort to make sure the book is absolutely perfect for you.

Pro Tips: Ask a Sommelier

Pro Tips:  a new series on Joy the Baker wherein I ask my expert friends loads of questions about their field and get the nitty gritty for all of us.

Banana Cream Pie Doughnuts

Banana Cream Pie is my favorite…  actually, hold please… if you had a Coconut Cream Pie in your fridge I could be persuaded to flip.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello dearhearts, How’s the middle of August treating you? The amount of sweat is just astounding, isn’t it?

Grilled Strawberry Shortcake

Oh these sweet sweet days!   When the coals are hot, the hot dogs are pleasantly burnt, the beers are canned and cozied, and the cheeseburgers are a little too well done with too much cheese.

Pro Tips: Financial Planning

Pro Tips:  a new series on Joy the Baker wherein I ask my expert friends loads of questions about their field and get the nitty gritty for all of us.

Let It Be Sunday!

Cut the grass out back.  Fill the pot hole out front.  Clean the bathroom inside. Fold the laundry. Eat tacos as reward.

Peach and Orange Flower Old Fashioned

There’s a reason we talk about the weather here in New Orleans.  It’s not small talk.  Hardly.   We talk about it because in the summer it is ever-present and unpredictable.

Let It Be Tuesday!

This list of weekend reads was supposed to come your way on Sunday.  That didn’t happen and I have a slight sunburn on my shoulders… such are the hazards (and joys) of summer living.

Cajun Stuffed Tomatoes Over Creamy Grits

If I’m a tomato (stay with me… we’re in this together).   If I’m a tomato, hanging out with the rest of my tomato buddies, piled together on a grocery display I might daydream about the things I could become.

Baking 101: How To Frost A Cake

Baking 101:  a series circling around the basics of baking ingredients and kitchen techniques designed to sprinkle a confidence into our culinary lives.  Today: a step-by-step guide to frosting a three layer cake at home like a champion.

Monday Meditations

I spent most of the past weekend working, which… far from a humble brag, is actually a very bad habit.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello my friends.  We’re staring August straight in the face and I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t really made the time to treat myself to summer.

Franks and Beans. Yes, Franks and Beans.

My savory brain is in charge these days.   By ‘savory brain’ I mean that all I want to eat are hot dogs, bacon, and cheese.

Let It Be Sunday!

I don’t much like the news this week.  I don’t much like it at all.  I’m tired of the Republicans yelling at me.

A Peek Inside The Guest Room!

Hi friends! If you’ll remember, a few months ago I moved from a tiny (petite and really quite charming) apartment, and into my first house.

Turkey Meatloaf Sliders on Cheddar Potato Biscuits

Let’s talk about small things with big impact.   Baby cats:  fluffy, hoppy, wide-eyed, clever, undeniably cute… we’ll call them kittens and let them rule the Internet.

Let It Be Sunday!

What in the world is going on with us?  Do we live in a world gone mad?  Have we always lived in a mad world, and now Twitter is shoveling in our brains at a faster rate?

Summer Tomato Pie

There’s a spectrum to Tomato Pies.  There are the Tomato Pies that think themselves Apple Pies:  double crusted, savory but spiced, and very very wet….

Summer 2016: Travel Treats

  Hello my friends! I hope this summer takes you out on the road, soaring in the air, swimming in a lake, up in the mountains, peering into the Grand Canyon… you get the idea.