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Let It Be Sunday!

A short, Memorial Day edition of Let It Be Sunday because we should all be outside living it up and I’m obnoxious enough to still be celebrating my birthday in gorgeous Philadelphia, there are ribs in the oven calling my name and wine that isn’t going to drink itself.

This is 35.

I’m trying to think back to my 18th birthday.  Was there a pinata?  I hope so. I’ve never been one to have my life planned out year by year.

Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burritos

Sushi Burritos:  an exercise in making my own dreams come true.  Also within the category of being my own dream maker:  making short ribs (really any ribs at all), making angel food cake (it as fluffy as dreams), and jelly-filled donuts.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hey friends!  Welcome to it! I hope this weekend finds you happy and well, having napped, cocktailed, or baconed at least once so far.

Roasted Strawberry Shortcakes with Basil Cream

Do you want to know how ready I am for Summer?  I bought a one piece, long-sleeve (yup) bathing suit like… 2 months ago.

Really Very Good Vegetarian Nachos

This recipe started out with the most vegan of intentions.   I scooped nutritional yeast from the bulk bins at the grocery store, feeling like… yea it looks and smells just like fish food… we could totally turn this into a creamy, cheese-ish bechamel-type sauce.

Let It Be Sunday!

You know what you can do in New Orleans?  You can walk down the street, walking a dog that is not yours, drinking a beer in a koozie, wearing purple pants, at sunset, like a civilized human being, amen.

My Favorite Grocery Store Splurge Items

I’ll find any excuse to treat myself.  Actually, my whole system of self-adulting is based on an intricate balance of tasks and rewards to keep myself motivated and happy.

Cream Cheese Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream

We have a history of doing ridiculous things in the name of ice cream since childhood, right?  There’s no life lesson quite like learning how to both chew gum aaaannd eat ice cream when you order Blue Bubble Gum Ice Cream (a flavor surely sent down from the heavens).

What Can We Do Better This Week?

I’m here with some Monday tools because I want us to have a week that is equal parts productive and not totally sucky.

Let It Be Sunday!

Good morning friends.  Welcome to the best day of the week!  I hope you’re weekending well.  It’s May and I feel like people are starting to ease into lazy outdoor weekends and I’m thankful for it.

Internet Speak Strawberry Pies

There’s a thing that happens on the Internet and it happens quickly.  Things change.  The way we communicate morphs from snappy phrases, to simple words, to straight-up clever acronyms.

Kale Pesto Pasta Salad

I know I know I know it’s not donuts that taste like cookies, but hang in there with me.    Occasionally we have to empty our produce drawer into our bodies.

Let It Be Sunday!

Happy Sunday, my friends!  Did you know that Drake came out with a new album this week?  That bodes well for Drake on Cake.

All the Kitchens We’ve Lived In

It’s been over eight years of kitchen adventures here on Joy the Baker.  Eight years!  That’s as long as I’ve done anything consistently professional, ever.

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Baked Donuts

I’m very particular about my chocolate chip cookies insofar as they must be perfect.  And sure, sometimes anything with butter and chocolate will do… but also, life is too short to be futzing around with disappointing cookies.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello friends!  Welcome to Sunday and hallelujah / glory be!  I’ve been venturing out for walks in my new neighborhood which, as silly as it sounds, takes a few dashes of courage and an open heart… and jeepers it’s magic!

New Spring Cookbook Inspiration!

Hello sweet friends!   I thiiink I’ve uncovered the last of my boxes filled with cookbooks, but each time I think there can’t possibly be more in my collection, I run across another box, or a few stray books hastily bundled into a box of small kitchen appliances.

Juicy Strawberry Pistachio Bake

This past weekend I told you about the giant Grand Canyon of a pothole that exists outside of my little house here in New Orleans.

Monday To-Do List

Hey friends!  Good morning! Here we are staring a Monday straight in the face.  There’s only one way to see it through.