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Strawberry Lattice Pie

It’s Summer Pie Practice Season.  Isn’t that what you call Spring?   Beautiful strawberries are starting to hit the markets, and they’re a bit early for super sweetness, but not too early to start experimenting with pies and practicing our lattice technique!

Crispy Avocado Fries with Melty Cheese Dip

It’s starting to look like I moved to New Orleans as an excuse to deep fry my California vegetables, make melty cheese dip, live off Red Beans and Rice, and plate after plate of fresh beignets.

Buttery + Salty Marshmallow Popcorn Crunch

What if there could be a treat that was like Rice Krispie treats, but also like a bowl of kettle corn, and then also salty, but then dotted with an obnoxious amount of sprinkles?

Let It Be Sunday

Hello friends!  I hope this morning finds you happy and rested, ready for buttery toast and a leisurely morning.

Chicken and Dumplings

The days really are warming.  There are the prettiest strawberries in the market.  It might almost be time to daydream about watermelon wedges.

Let It Be Sunday

Hello my friends!  It’s Sunday and I hope you’re ready for some Spring sunshine and frothy cappuccinos.

Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia

Hey friends! I’ve been here, there, and everywhere lately eating dang near every single thing I can get my hand on from New Orleans, north to Philadelphia.

Peanut Butter Bacon and Dark Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are asking for your attention.  Not so much begging or pleading, but asking nicely for you to pay attention.

Let It Be Sunday

Hello friends!   Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!   How are you feeling this week?  Standing with both feet on the ground?

Cheddar Croissant Donuts with Honey Mustard

Can you even remember who you were before you knew that we could turn donuts into croissants and croissants into donuts?

New Favorite Spring Cookbooks

The trees are starting the flower.  Strawberries are starting to fill the shelves at the grocery store.

Let It Be Sunday

Hello friends!   We’re well into this Sunday and it feels all the way like Spring.  I hope your brunch table runneth over.

Roasted Strawberry and Dumpling Skillet Cake

I was looking for rainbow carrots.  I was thinking we’d roast some carrots… you know, sit around a plate of carrots and just chat.

New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

It’s taken me entirely too long to get to soak my red beans.  A year!  I’ve lived in New Orleans a year and I’ve never soaked my red beans to make a pot of Red Beans and Rice.

Let It Be Sunday

Happy Sunday, friends!   I have three hopes for you today:   I hope there’s champagne in your orange juice and fresh flowers in  a vase.

How To Brown Butter

Browning butter is one of those life skills that should be taught to everyone alongside things like:  how to change a tire,  how to tip at a restaurant, how to ride a bike with no hands, and how to mince garlic.

How To Be A Better Baker

We talk a lot about doughnuts and waffles.  We talk about my cat a bit too much.  We talk about New Orleans and beignets and parades, and beads.

Let It Be Sunday

Hello friends!  Welcome to another Sunday!  This weekend my new neighborhood, the Irish Channel, is alive with green beer, Irish pride, and lots of dudes in green cumberbuns handing fake flower out to ladies in the Irish Channel Parade.

Brown Butter Banana Skillet Cake with Strawberries and Pecans

I always have the best intentions when I buy a bundle of bananas. ! daydream about protein-packed green smoothies.

Sweet and Sour Green Juice

If you found me sitting on my living room floor drinking this green juice, eating peanut butter with a spoon straight from the container, and blasting 90’s Ani DiFranco, well… you could chalk that up to awesome taste, cool life-stylings, or… more likely, single real-life independent-woman cat-lady instincts come to life.