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Here’s The Word, Turkey-Bird

Listen, I know I can’t compete with your Aunt Martha’s green bean casserole, or your Uncle Steve’s ultra-moist stuffing.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello my friends!  How has your internal dialogue been this week?  All positive?  All complimentary?  All like, you-can-do-it?

Roasted Vegetable Winter Crumble

It’s that time of year when we need to draw deeply upon our super powers.  It’s the holidays, there’s no denying it… and all of us are supposed to know how to bake a turkey.

Cranberry Orange and Cream Clafoutis

Clafouti  //  noun, super French, [klah-foo-tee]:  An almost breakfast-y tart kind of dessert that’s eggy, custardy, fruit-studded, and somehow cake-like in structure and substance.

Let It Be Monday!

Hello friends! I’m tardy in sharing with my favorite post of the week with you.  Some days are hard to get a hold of.

Baking Bootcamp: Sourdough Everything Pretzels

We’re making pretzels!   There’s a chill in the air, likely some sort of football related programming on the television, and it’s time to get more warm and decadent in our snacking.

Chili Cheese Dogs

This is an exercise in following your craving.  Actually, this is more of an exercise in dragging you along into following my craving.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello my friends!  It’s Sunday which means we’re entitled to three donuts, two cups of coffee, and one really solid high-five.

Bourbon Pear Crumble Pie

The apples on my kitchen counter are looking at me in utter confusion.  They don’t understand how I could make a beautiful pie crust, make a sweet, pecan-studded crumble, bring out the bourbon, and reach for the pears instead of them.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sweet Rolls

I have a lot of guilty pleasures.  So many, in fact… I think I’ve stopped feeling guilty about them.  What’s the use in that anyway?

Let It Be Sunday!

Good morning!  Happy day after Halloween!  If you’re waking up in your elephant costume onsie, with emo eye makeup smeared all over your face, or with green body paint all over your sheets… not to worry… I ate my weight in peanut butter m&m’s last night and watched enough scary movies to keep up wide awake through the new year so… we all have our stuff.

The Five Baked Goods I Buy (and totally don’t make at home)

After a good many years working in the food service industry, in the kitchen searing my eyelashes together opening the hot oven, making whipped cream from scratch 12 times a night, smelling like cheese, going home with french fries smashed inside the soles of my non-slip (why and I still slipping?

Flaky Apple Dumplings with Salted Maple Caramel

There’s no denying it, we’re heading straight for the holidays.  Just about the time I bust out my Fall scarves, I find myself wanting to scent my house with cinnamon and spice.

Let It Be Sunday!

This photo is a meditation on sitting and wait.   I’ve been in the kitchen this week experimenting with recipes that are outside of my wheelhouse.

My Ten Fall Favorites In New Orleans!

You’re cordially invited to visit New Orleans!  The city is calling.   It’s my favorite time of year in beautiful New Orleans!

French Toast For One or Two

I hated bananas from the tender age of 6 straight through until the ripe old age of 32.5.  I remember it very distinctly.

Whipped Ricotta with Honey and Ghost Pepper Salt

Here’s how I came to be sitting on my living room floor, in my pajama top, wiping my hands of a ripped pair of house jeans, chew-shoving toasted brioche smothered in spicy honey cheese into my mouth: I went to spin class.  A few years ago when I lived in Venice (CA, not Italy), I’d go to a quaint little exercise class called Soul Cycle.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello, friends.  Welcome to another one of those things called Sunday.  Maybe you’re headed out apple picking or going to catch snakes… whatever it is festive people do in the Fall, I hope you’re enthusiastically doing it.

This Is How We Weekend

Listen up.  It’s time to take our weekend-ing seriously.  Most of us get two preciously consecutive days away from work and we need to make the most of it… but not in an overachiever, do-all-the-things kind of way.

Fruit Sugars

Fancy is rarely what it seems.  Fancy sugars.  Fancy honey.  Fancy salts.  Little kitchen gems that add a boost of flavor and an extra ooohhh and aaaahhh from guests… they’re actually easy kitchen tricks.