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YES! Brisket Breakfast Biscuits

I’m going to ask you a series of favors and I’m going to suggest it’s for your weekend benefit.   Could you do me and put the words ‘big hunk of brisket’ on your grocery list?

Dark Chocolate Guinness Brownies

There’s a thing that bakers won’t always tell you:  the simplest baked goods are sometimes the trickiest.

Let It Be Sunday!

Right here is where we are.  Hopefully with a mug of warmth in hand, with a few moments to ourselves, with a peaceful sky above, mellow plans for the day, and if we’re very very lucky… the sound of the ocean surrounding us.

Pork, Plum and Pistachio Rice Dish

I feel like I’m always in the in-between these days.  In between unpacking and repacking a suitcase- I love it, I really love it.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello dearhearts,  Here’s what’s on my mind and in my Internet this week.   •  Are you registered to vote?

Our Fall 2016 Reading List

It’s time to talk about the books we’re stacking on your nightstands for the Fall months!  I’m feeling sweater, cappuccino and a stolen hour to just read in our futures.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Working in a restaurant kitchen means a few things.  You wear the same shoes as hardworking nurses because standing for prep afternoon and service night is no joke.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello dearhearts! I’ve hustled my heart out in the kitchen with Jon this week and wrangled the Internet into a manageable list.

Weekend Breakfast: Savory French Toast with Fried Egg

Can I shimmy my way into your weekend?  Can I wedge myself in if I come offering inspiration and encouragement?

Pro Tips: Ask A Butcher

Pro Tips:  a new series on Joy the Baker wherein I ask my expert friends loads of questions about their field and get the nitty gritty for all of us.

Mostly Almost Sweater-Weather Recipes

I chose the hottest day of August to leave my house, get into the oven (my car), drive to another oven (the French Quarter), to quick-shop at my favorite clothing store (UAL) with one very specific purpose: to buy all of their sweaters.

Let It Be Sunday!

What kind of traveler are you? Do you unpack your suitcase right when you get home? Are you back up and running into your routine in hours?

I Love You, London!

I walked 37 miles, in one pair of Pumas, over 6 days in London. I figure that’s a mile for every time the words ‘fish & chips” “one pint” or “another croissant, please” fell out of my mouth and food appeared on my plate.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello friends!  Thank you for your patience with me.  I’ve been in London for the past handful of days and my internal clock is a little screwy.

Maple Bacon Cinnamon Roll Cake

Remember a few years back when we started putting bacon on and in all of our desserts?  I think it came just after the Red Velvet and giant cupcake phase.

Let It Be Sunday!

Below is your moment, several moments, of intentional Internet diversion.  It’s been crafted with love and care on a couch in New Orleans while watching season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy and eating the above Drake on Cake.

Everyday, New Orleans.

It’s 172 days until Mardi Gras.  Not that we’re counting.  Sure we’ve got this year’s Thanksgiving to consider, Christmas lights to hang eventually, a New Year to cheer and then some sort of diet resolution to endure… but really, down here we’re counting down the days to Mardi Gras (now that we’re no longer counting the dog-days of August + the days until the Saints play football).

Very Versatile Orecchietti with Sausage + Parmesan

Coming back from a long (end of summer, to boot) holiday weekend is a great time to count our small victories: those little moments in life where we find that sparkle of success.

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello my friends! I hope you’re having the most lovely weekend! We’ve gotten the extra day we all need deep down in our hearts and I hope you’re celebrating today with a good sleep-in and a lazy day ahead.

The Last Long Weekend

Ok maybe I’m being a tad bit dramatic. It’s not the laaaaast long weekend.  It’s just the last good long weekend, especially according to our Mom-cut jean shorts, according to our flower crowns, and according to our glasses of Summer Water.