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Weekly Meal Plan {Week 7}

Happy weekend and happy meal planning! We hope you enjoy our picks for this week’s meal plan! Enjoy! (...) Read the rest of Weekly Meal Plan {Week 7} (328 words) © Two Peas for Two Peas & Their Pod, 2015.

Roasted Mushroom, Kale, and Goat Cheese Tacos

Roasted Mushroom, Kale, and Goat Cheese Tacos-these simple vegetarian tacos are full of flavor and make a great weeknight meal!

This and That

His 1. I really love the interest Caleb is taking with Maxwell. It’s so cute. He loves being a big brother and Maxwell adores him.

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies {Made with Coconut Oil}

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies-you will never guess these cookies are on the healthier side!

Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes-make a big stack because these pancakes go quickly! And if you happen to have leftovers, put them in the freezer!

Weekly Meal Plan {Week 6}

Happy Meal Planning! We hope you find this week’s menu helpful! Enjoy! (...) Read the rest of Weekly Meal Plan {Week 6} (296 words) © Two Peas for Two Peas & Their Pod, 2015.

Flourless Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Flourless Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies-chewy, gluten-free almond butter cookies dotted with chocolate chips and sprinkled with sea salt!

This and That

His 1. Caleb got a haircut and is looking mighty handsome! 2. Fascinating story of survival I just came across.

White Chickpea Chili

White Chickpea Chili-our family loves this easy vegan and gluten-free chili recipe! It is full of flavor and perfect for a cold day!

Easy Cornbread

Easy Cornbread-this is the BEST homemade cornbread recipe and it is super easy to make! It is great topped with butter and drizzled with honey!

Weekly Meal Plan {Week 5}

Need dinner ideas? We are here to help! We hope you enjoy this week’s meal plan! Have a great weekend!

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie-this simple smoothie is healthy enough for breakfast and decadent enough for dessert!

This and That

His 1. Maxwell had his 6 month check-up this week. He is doing great! I just can’t believe he is 6 months old already!

5-Ingredient Spinach Parmesan Pasta

5-Ingredient Spinach Parmesan Pasta-you only need 5 ingredients to make this amazing pasta dish! Add it to your dinner menu today!

Yeasted Belgian Waffles

Yeasted Belgian Waffles-mix the batter up the night before and enjoy beautiful, golden waffles in the morning!

Weekly Meal Plan {Week 4}

Happy Saturday! Ready for another week of meal planning? Ready or not, here the meal plan comes! And remember, we created a Weekly Meal Plan section on our blog so you can get inspiration from all of the weeks!

15 Valentine’s Day Desserts

15 Valentine’s Day Desserts-these decadent and divine dessert recipes are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

This and That

His 1. Maxwell is one happy dude! 2. Have you seen this weather report? Pretty funny! 3. Check out this story.

Chocolate Pudding Cake

Chocolate Pudding Cake-a rich and moist chocolate cake with a silky chocolate pudding sauce. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you will be in chocolate dessert heaven!

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cookies-chocolate cookies dotted with dark chocolate chips and raspberries. The chocolate and raspberry combo is divine!