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Cookbook Favorites 2013 – and a giveaway!

For the past few years in December, I’ve posted a collection of my favorite cookbooks of the year – a Top 9.

comfort, colombo marsala & dreams of Italy

Just when I get back from a month or so of travels, Nicole Franzen has to go and start posting photos on Instagram during her travels through Italy.


Of all the journeys and adventures I’ve been on, this is the most important. Back in September, on the most beautiful day of the year so far, Mike and I got married.

Tulum, Mexico – October 2013

Words don’t do justice to the week we spent in Tulum, Mexico….so I won’t bog this post down with a mess of them.

settling back in

7,000 miles. That’s roughly how far I’ve traveled between posts. It’s been an amazing time – what seems like an endless session of most-perfect-days-ever.

in between times

One of the biggest things I’ve discovered as I’ve paid more attention to what I eat is how much snacking goes on at photoshoots.

eating clean

After countless false starts and  misfires on getting my eating habits in order, it took a bit of vanity to kick my butt in gear and eat a little cleaner.

coming around to it

My no-fly list is pretty short when it comes to food. My disdain for green peppers is well-documented and clearly understood.

make a toast to

“I can’t believe you haven’t written about it on your blog!” my friend Broderick said to me on one of his visits to the house.

take it with you

When I was younger – which was at least 287 years ago – I spent some time in France. Like a lot of young folks, I stayed with a host family that lived in Poitiers.