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The Happiest Songs to Play in the Kitchen — Kitchn Tunes

(Image credit: Brittany Keats Cerullo) For many of us, being in the kitchen is about so much more than cooking.

Why a Cone Is Better than a Cup, According to Jeni Britton Bauer — Global Ice Cream Social

(Image credit: Courtesy of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams) In the epic ice cream-hosted matchup of cone versus cup, we have to admit we've come down on both sides.

Recipe: Lavender Namoora — The Ramadan Table

(Image credit: Leela Cyd) Called namoora in Lebanon, basbousa in Egypt, and haressa in Syria and Palestine, this semolina sheet cake is often served throughout the arab world and often during Eid Al-Fitr.

Carrying Home in a Sheet Cake — The Ramadan Table

Amanda's Lavender Namoora (Image credit: Leela Cyd) Namoora holds a special place in my heart. This sweet semolina sheet cake speckled with almonds takes me back to my grandmother’s home in Dearborn, Michigan.

What's the Difference Between Sausage and Bratwurst? — Word of Mouth

(Image credit: Samantha Bolton) Sausages, brats, bangers, and dogs are terms that are often used when referring to any of the fresh sausage links we adore for their ability to pair well with ball games and beer.

Discover the Summer Entertaining Style for Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type — Go Outside (If You Want To)

(Image credit: Melissa Ryan) The popular Myers-Briggs personality test can provide keen insights into the right career or even the right relationship, so we figured why not use it for something that really matters?

17 No-Bake Desserts for Your 4th of July Get-Together — Holiday Recipes from The Kitchn

Mango Coconut Icebox Cake (Image credit: Faith Durand) Open Slideshow Summer cooking is all about minimalism, and the treats we whip up for the Fourth of July are no exception.

10 Easy Ways to Dress Up a Corn Dog — 10 Easy Ways

(Image credit: Andrea D'Agosto) Corn dogs are actually pretty amazing. Think about it: It's a hot dog covered in cornbread batter and deep-fried on a stick.

SPONSORED POST: A Simply Better Summer Snack: Peach, Blueberry, & Cream Cheese Toast — Recipes From The Kitchn Sponsored By Arla

Something about summer makes me want to simplify. Maybe it's the long, warm days tugging me out of the kitchen and into the sun, or maybe it's the abundance of perky produce begging to be no more than subtly embellished.

12 Totally Delicious Things We Saw at Fancy Food Summer 2016 — Summer Fancy Food Show 2016

(Image credit: Ariel Knutson) It's that magical time of year again, when too many delicious things to count make their way into the Javits Center in New York for Summer Fancy Food.

Recipe: Cheezy Potato Salad — 4th of July Recipes from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Brie Passano) Potato salad is essential at any cookout. This creamy recipe is mayonnaise-free and full of crisp bacon and celery.

7 DIY Sea Salt Cleaners & Scrubs — Apartment Therapy

(Image credit: Oleksandra Naumenko/Shutterstock) From Apartment Therapy → Make It Yourself: 7 All-Natural Sea Salt Cleaners & Scrubs READ MORE »

This Colorful Citrus-Miso Slaw Has Some Major Veggie Power — Delicious Links

(Image credit: The First Mess) Any 4th of July spread needs a good slaw. This year, we're trying something a little lighter and brighter than the traditional mayo-based version.

My 5 Favorite Ways to Use French’s Classic Yellow Mustard — One Good Thing

(Image credit: Giant Eagle) When you write about food, you get to sample some pretty interesting things — exotic marmalades, fancy ketchup, artisanal honey from specially fed bees.

How To Make 3 Easy Coleslaw Dressings — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

(Image credit: Kelli Foster) Open Cooking Lesson Some things in life are difficult: taxes, air travel over the holidays, mastering the perfect kouign amann.

Recipe: The Blush Wine Cooler — Getting Fizzy with It

(Image credit: Samantha Bolton) It doesn’t get more classic than sweet White Zinfandel when it comes to wine coolers, and quite honestly, they’ve never tasted better.

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Water Bottle — Apartment Therapy

(Image credit: EarthLust) From Apartment Therapy → Top Ten: Best Water Bottles, From High-Tech to High-Design READ MORE »

This Is Max Falkowitz's Favorite Pint of Ice Cream — My Favorite Pint

(Image credit: Samantha Bolton) Max Falkowitz is a self-described "ice cream whisperer." When I first started really getting into ice cream, I tried to read everything he wrote on the subject while he was an editor at Serious Eats.

10 Party Foods Every Awkward Middle School Dance Needs to Have — So Awkward

(Image credit: Mat Hayward/Shutterstock) If you can survive an awkward middle school dance, you're basically ready to take on the world.

Why You Should Just Relax About Your Cluttered Countertops — Free in the Kitchen

(Image credit: Dana Velden) This is one of my kitchen countertops. You'll notice that it is not clutter-free.