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Easy Fixes for 6 Common Design Mistakes — Apartment Therapy

Pin it Some design mistakes can be fixed easily and in one day. See if your home has any of these common design mistakes happening currently and have a better-looking house by the end of the day with these fixes.

Two Delicious Ways to Cook Potatoes for Potato Salad — Comment of the Day

Pin it Yesterday after our tips on mistakes to avoid when making potato salad, our readers had plenty of really superb tips for making your salad even better.

What Are Good Vegetarian Freezer Meals for Summer? — Good Questions

Pin it Q: I'm having a baby at the end of July and starting to stock my freezer. The thing is, so many freezer-friendly meals require baking at the end, and I live in Texas, where it will be too hot to turn on the oven.

A Smart Tip for Good Grilled Sausages — Grilling Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it Whether you'll be grilling up sausages for the 4th of July this weekend, or any other time this summer, there's one thing you should always do before putting your sausages on the grill.

Creative Solutions to Common Rental Restrictions — Apartment Therapy

Pin it From Apartment Therapy → Real Life Rentals: Problem-Solving Inspirations & Solutions from Our House Tours READ MORE »

Recipe: Beef Burgers with Cabernet Onion Jam — Recipes from The Kitchn

Pin it A sweet, rich onion topping enhances the umami, or savory flavor, of these burgers. Look for 93% lean ground beef, which is enough fat to keep the burgers moist and tender, and lean enough to keep them healthy.

10 Red, White, and Beautiful Desserts We Need Right Now — 4th of July

Pin it There are very few holidays where you can really go over the top with reckless abandon, but during the 4th of July — with explosions in the sky and an excess of family around your house — it seems like the perfect time to partake in one of these 10 oh-so-pretty patriotic desserts.

A Macro View of Food Additives — Food News

Pin it Ever wondered what lycopene, azodicarbonamide, shellac, and maltodextrin look like up close and personal?

The 2-Ingredient Piña Colada: A Love Story (Video!) — Video Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it When two ingredients love each other very, very much, something magical happens. Peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, and eggs and bacon – they are timeless loves.

Tie One On: An Important Tip for a Better Cooler — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it With the 4th of July just a few days away, it's a good time to talk cold drinks and the place where they live.

10 Tips to Help You Get More Countertop Space in Your Small Kitchen — Small Space Living

Anna's Yellow Table Kitchen Pin it Have we convinced you to clear off your countertops? If you read our post last week, you know that keeping countertops reserved exclusively for prep is a secret to living large in a small kitchen.

3 Things You Should Always Take to A Picnic — Advice from The Kitchn

Pin it I've spent the last several years of my life living in and loving the city of Chicago, where interior spaces are small and people can't wait for the warmer months (40 below, no thank you).

Recipe: Bryant Terry's Curried Corn and Coconut Rice — An Afro-Asian 4th of July

Pin it The coconut rice and curried corn in this recipe could very well be eaten separately, and they would make fine additions to lunch or dinner, but the combination of the two is truly special.

Before & After: A Kitchen Stuck in the 1980s Gets a Modern Update — Kitchen Remodel

Pin it When shopping for a new home, Laura and Jason had a hard time finding one they loved, so instead they looked for a home that had good bones and the potential for a full renovation.

SPONSORED POST: Recipe: Watermelon Negroni — Everclear®

Pin it It’s no secret that watermelon is the "it" ingredient this summer. It’s on craft cocktail menus, it’s served with mint and ricotta in super Instagram-able salads at mega hip restaurants everywhere, and it’s still the best barbecue go-to in all the land.

An Ingenious Frozen Yogurt Sandwich to Serve This 4th of July — Delicious Links

Pin it Too often 4th of July desserts are relegated to berry-laden treats. Sure, the blue and red fruit looks patriotic, but do those desserts set off flavor fireworks in your mouth?

What Are Some Recipes for a Novice Bean Cooker? — Good Questions

Pin it Q: I just read the "Good Question" responses to Can You Help Me Learn to Love Beans?, and it was extremely informative as far as cooking them.

The Cleverest Way to Cut a Watermelon Into Bite-Sized Pieces — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin it Open Cooking Lesson There are certain foods that just scream "summer," and watermelon is definitely one of them.

Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream Gets a New Name to Celebrate Marriage Equality — Food News

Pin it Ben & Jerry's — never a company to shy away from political and social issues — announced last week that in celebration of the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of marriage equality, they will be renaming their beloved cookie dough flavor.

Two Practically Perfect White Bowls — Faith's Daily Find 06.30.15

Pin it White bowls are the little black dresses of the kitchen. A small white bowl can hold your morning cereal or yogurt, soup for lunch, and rice and curry for dinner.