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Recipe: Spinach Salad with Warm Brown Butter Dressing — Side Dish Recipes from The Kitchn

While I love bacon dressing, my husband isn't a fan and our vegetarian friends can't partake, so I wanted to make an equally delectable warm vinaigrette to toss with an easy spinach salad.

Here's How To Turn Your Favorite Food Into a Pair of Sneakers — Food News

Do you have a thing for pizza? Can't live without tacos? Is a day without pasta a crime in your home?

4 Ways to Turn Grilled Cheese Into Avocado Grilled Cheese (Because Isn't That Nice?) — Delicious Links

Grilled cheese is very good. It's good for a reason — all that toasty bread and melted cheese makes for comfort food par excellence.

What Are Some Great Cookbooks for Fish and Poultry? — Good Questions

Q: I've been looking for some new cookbooks but I always run into the same problem: I don't eat red meat.

Kitchen Before & After: A Chaotic Remodel Leads to A Big Payoff — Kitchen Remodel

Sally's kitchen renovation started innocently enough — she and her husband just planned to replace their cabinets with help from a neighbor who renovates kitchens.

Selvedge Apron by Gustin — Faith's Daily Find 10.02.14

Selvedge Apron by Gustin • $49 I received an email a few weeks ago from Troy, a reader, who wanted to share his love of this San Francisco clothing company, which also makes these great aprons.

5 Ways to Pizza-fy Your Leftovers — Cooking Tips from The Kitchn

Zucchini noodle salad, repurposed as pizza. A fridge full of leftovers feels like a blessing some nights, and a guilt trip on others.

Spot the DIY in This Kitchen! — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → Can You Spy the DIY? Sunny Kitchen Edition READ MORE »

12 Wall Pot Racks for Short People — Kitchen Organization

Open Slideshow When we talk about easy, inexpensive ways to improve the storage in your kitchen — any kitchen, even a rental — a pot rack comes up quickly.

Recipe: Jammy Granola Bars — Snack Recipes from The Kitchn

These granola bars are the most decadent thing to emerge from my kitchen in quite a while, and let me tell you, they're worth every rich, buttery, jam-filled bite.

Beloved Children's Book Author Roald Dahl's Quirky Cookbook — Books and Media

The widow of Roald Dahl, author of James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, compiled a cookbook of treat recipes from his classic children's books.

Spiced Plum Bars Remind Us That Under No Circumstances Should We Miss Plum Season — Delicious Links

Plums are the quiet fruit of fall, next to the splashy late peaches and the household names like apples and pears.

Can I Baste a Turkey with Bacon Grease? — Good Questions

Q: I've saved up quite a bit of bacon grease that I use sparingly in different recipes. I'm beginning to prep for my first big scale family Thanksgiving (15 people as opposed to my typical 6 or so).

7 Smart Storage Solutions for Small Kitchens — Kitchen Organizing

Readers with small kitchens, we feel your pain. Most all of us here at The Kitchn have at one point or another dealt with a tiny kitchen that forced us to get creative in how we stored, cooked, and enjoyed our food.

Julia Child Print by Peter Emmerich — Faith's Daily Find 10.01.14

Julia Child Print by Peter Emmerich • $25 • Etsy I spotted this print yesterday in Jeff and Joseph's lovely bungalow kitchen, and had to know where it came from.

5 Recipes I Learned in College and Still Use Today — College Cooking

How To Make Hummus from Scratch Ah, college cooking. It brings to mind such sophisticated fare as Rice Krispie treats (eaten straight out of the bowl, of course), thick dining hall chili, boxed brownie mixes and the like.

Why It's Important That You Cook at Home — Apartment Therapy

From Apartment Therapy → Cooking Creates Your Home's Pheromones or The Importance of Cooking at Home READ MORE »

Join The Kitchn's Cooking School! — The Kitchn's Cooking School

20 Days, 20 Lessons to Become a Better Cook Have you ever wanted to go to cooking school? Le Cordon Bleu may not be in the cards just yet — but there's another way!

Join The Kitchn's Cooking School! — The Kitchn's Cooking School

20 Days, 20 Lessons to Become a Better Cook Have you ever wanted to go to cooking school? Le Cordon Bleu may not be in the cards just yet — but there's another way!

Help Me Find a 3-Ingredient Key Lime Pie Recipe! — Good Questions

Q: A colleague brought a Key lime pie into work the other day and it was delicious! She said the filling had only three ingredients — sweetened condensed milk, whipping cream, and lime juice.