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Rebounder Exercises for Beginners

Using a rebounder is a great way to get in shape as these mini trampolines allow effective workouts without the stress that is placed on the body during high impact exercise.

Passionately Yours! 8 Healthy Benefits of Passion Fruit

Luscious purple and scintillatingly tangy – as exotic as that already sounds, the passion fruit is one fruit that is not only delicious to taste, but is also packed with amazing health benefits that will make you live a healthier life.

Traveling Tips – How to Make Any Trip Educational for Kids

Whether you are going for a day trip, weekend trip or a full-blown vacation, traveling with kids can be challenging.

Family Fitness: How to Stay Healthy Together

In these days of fast food dinners and hours spent sitting at computers and video games, families need more than ever to work together to stay healthy.

How to Increase Your Energy Naturally

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve run out of gas? Do you have to push yourself to get going and accomplish your goals for the day?

8 Tips on Avoiding Injury While Using Your Rebounder

A rebounder is made for providing an effective low-impact workout, which will improve the heart, circulation and muscle functions as well as burn calories.

Kid Friendly Mango Ketchup Recipe + 5 Easy Kids Meal Ideas

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen lately. I’ve been cooking a lot in my Crock Pot and have been loving it.

How to Stay Healthy and Stress Free Between Family and Work

Many people from my environment don’t know how to stay healthy and deal with work-related stress. Several years ago I had the same problem.

Vacation Fitness – Healthy Eating and Staying Fit While Gone Away

When you go on vacation it can be easy to fall out of your regular exercise routine and altogether stop healthy eating habits.

Tools for Summertime Family Fun

Tools for Summertime Family Fun This school year is winding down and I hope that you and your children are planning some marvelous vacations around our county, the state, and points beyond.

Rebounder Benefits – Get Fit and Have Fun for a Healthy Lifestyle

Rebounding exercise has multiple benefits both physically and psychologically. According to a report by NASA, this form of exercise is 68% more effective than running or using treadmills.

Shrimp, Chicken and Smoked Sausage Gumbo Recipe

Mother’s Day was fantastic. I was served breakfast in bed by the three loves of my life and later that evening hubby grilled my favorites, steak, shrimp and chicken for dinner.

Top 10 Tips for Camping Safely

Camping is a popular pastime for many, and with the kids out of school, summer can be a great opportunity to get out of town and go on that camping trip you’ve been meaning to take.

16 Easy Grilling Recipes to Enjoy Year Round

My family loves grilled food. My husband is a caterer and grilling is his specialty. He loves to grill so much that he does it year round.  Since the warm weather is here you too can fire up your creative juices, as well as the grill, and try some new grilling recipes.

Spring Heart Pillow Craft

Do you have a little dream inside of you, itching to come out and show itself? Is there something you wish for every night before you go to sleep?

10 Health Benefits of Avocados

Avocados are said to be one of the few whole foods which can provide your body with all the essential amino acids that your body needs to create its own proteins.

Crock Pot Black Bean and Corn Soup Recipe

I love soup and have been hearing so many good things about black bean soup that I decided to give this Crock Pot Black Bean and Corn Soup Recipe a try and it came out delicious.

Family Day Trip: National Air and Space Museum Washington D.C.

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring so we decided to pack a lunch and take a family day trip to the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.

5 Healthy Foods That Decrease Cholesterol

What you eat affects more than just your weight, and the right foods can dramatically improve your overall health.

Easy Crock Pot Cabbage Recipe

Since getting serious about my weight loss journey, I’ve been doing a lot more home cooking. I enjoy cabbage but this is the first time that I have cooked it. Cabbage is high in antioxidants which are crucial for the prevention of free radical damage to the body.