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Advantages Of Kickboxing: Why Women Should Join

Are you a fitness fanatic? Do you keep a watchful eye on the transforming fitness world? Then you must have noticed one thing for sure — no specific fitness mantra remains in vogue for too long.

Tots to Teens Expo – Washington D.C.

Join Healthy Family Matters as we share how to care for your family naturally using Young Living Essential Oils and smart lifestyle changes at the Tots to Teens Expo.

How To Reduce Stress During Pregnancy

Find out how to make your pregnant days a beautiful period that you will always gladly remember. Most people are not familiar with the harm stress causes, this goes especially during pregnancy, when stress affects the condition of the baby as well as the health of the mother.

Cedarwood Essential Oil, a Respiratory Aromatherapy Oil for Emotional Clearing

What emotions come up for you when you think of the rich aroma of your grandmother’s cedar chest? Cedarwood is the aroma of heirlooms and memories.

Worried About Bed Bugs? Don’t Let Fear Get The Best Of You

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly common across the United States, but that doesn’t mean they are getting any easier to deal with.

50 Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

No less a personage than Captain Cook himself is said to have given the name Tea Tree to species of myrtle indigenous to Australia.

5 Foods You Need To Avoid Before Bed At All Costs

5 Foods You Need to Avoid Before Bed At All Costs The midnight cravings are sometimes the most difficult foods to avoid eating.

The Truth Behind Our ‘Five A Day’: Not As Nutritious As We Thought

The phrase ‘five a day’ has been sufficiently drummed into us throughout the last few years and it’s now a part of the common vernacular.

4 Bad Habits That Keep You From Losing Weight

If you’re like most people, when it comes to losing weight, you could use all the help you can get. What you don’t need is anyone trying to sabotage your results every step of the way.

6 Cute Cupcake Inspirations For Easter

Easter is a fun time to try out new recipes, especially easy treats for kids. These Easter cupcake recipes are easy to make and really cute too.

7 Simple Ways To Boost The Amount Of Waste Your Family Recycles

Recycling household waste helps reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Most homes now try hard to recycle their paper and glass, but there are still a lot of other recyclable items that end up in landfill.

Fun And Exciting Exercises You’ll Love Doing

Exercise is pain for many, especially for the physically inactive to whom shedding pounds is a medical necessity.

Great Ideas For Gardens That Require Low Maintenance

You can enjoy a beautiful garden with a little bit of effort and taking the time to find out about low maintenance ideas.

6 Tips To Help You Boost Your Self Confidence

Do you find yourself feeling inadequate? If you do, then you need a confidence boost. Confidence is all about feeling comfortable in your own skin.

50 Health Benefits 0f Aloe Vera

The aloe Vera plant thrives in the tropical climates of both Africa and Asia. It is an essential ingredient in many herbal remedies.

Celebrate International Waffle Day With These Recipes

Did you know that March 25 is International Waffle Day? This holiday originated in Sweden, where it is called Våffeldagen.

How To Get Fit By Having Fun

It’s definitely something that many people put off because it’s deemed as too difficult or too much like hard work but what if you found out that keeping fit is all about having fun?

Going Green In Ten Easy Steps

Climate change is almost oxymoronic these days. A better term might be constant climate change, as more than ever the old adage, the only thing that is constant…is change, is manifesting right before our eyes.

Essential Oil Alternatives For the Top 10 Drugs Prescribed by Pediatricians

When your child becomes unwell, you want to do everything you possibly can to help that child recover and be restored to health.

Suffer From Heartburn? 3 Ways To Prevent It Before It Starts

Heartburn is characterized by a burning sensation that can begin in the stomach or the chest and rise through the esophagus.