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Things to Do In Savannah – Girl Scouts Founder Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthplace

On our road trip this summer we had the pleasure of visiting Savannah, Georgia. It’s a charming city filled with history which provided an abundance of opportunities for me to educate our children on the history of the south.

4 Reasons To Stop Tricking Your Kids Into Eating Healthy

Does your child make the most creatively absurd faces on seeing even the slightest trace of veggies on his/ her plate?

7 Tips to Get Your Entire Family Exercising Together

The thought of exercise can be off-putting for most people. Families today are so set in their ways and so busy doing tons of other activities it may be hard finding the time to fit in exercise for an individual, let alone the entire family.

Healthy Weight Loss Challenge Day 12 – Legs and Shoulders Workout

Today is day 12 of my 90 day weight loss challenge. Today I did a legs and shoulders workout. Military Press Front Raises Side Raises Legs – 3 sets of each exercise.

Healthy Weight Loss Challenge Day 11 – Rest and Wrap

Today is day 11 of my 90 day weight loss challenge. Today was supposed to be shoulders, legs and abs day but I decided to have a day of beauty with this sweetie pie.

How to Deal with Financial Stress Now!

Almost three-quarters of Americans say they’re under financial stress, and one-quarter say their condition is extreme, according to a recent study by the American Psychological Association.

Healthy Weight Loss Challenge Day 10 – Back and Biceps Workout

Today is day 10 of my 90 day weight loss challenge. All went well during my back and biceps workout. I can feel myself getting stronger mentally and physically.

Healthy Weight Loss Challenge Day 9 – Chest and Triceps Workout

Today is day 9 of my 90 day weight loss challenge. I didn’t get to workout until 8:30PM. We’ll be traveling again soon so I had to get some things in order.

Traveling With Kids in Tow: Planning Your Road Trip

The Great American Road Trip can be one of the most memorable vacations to take with your children. Traveling cross-country offers unparalleled family bonding time, learning opportunities and schedule flexibility.

Healthy Weight Loss Challenge Day 8 – Shoulders and Legs Workout

Wow, it’s week two of the challenge!  Today is day 8 of my 90 day weight loss challenge. I did a shoulders and legs workout using dumbbells.

Healthy Weight Loss Challenge Day 7 – Bike Riding With Baby Girl

It’s day 7 of my 90 day weight loss challenge. Yay! I completed a whole week of eating a healthy diet and exercising daily.

Healthy Weight Loss Challenge Day 6 – Back and Bicep Dumbbell Workout

It’s day 6 of my 90 day weight loss challenge. Today is a back and bicep dumbbell workout. The workouts are getting a little easier but I have a long way to go.

Quick and Easy Stuffed Avocado Recipe

I love avocados. They are so good for you and tastes delicious! They pair well with so many different foods too.

Healthy Weight Loss Challenge Day 5 – Chest and Tricep Dumbbell Workout

It’s day 5  of my 90 day weight loss challenge Today is a chest and tricep dumbbell workout. O.K. I have a confession to make.

3 Days of Family Fun in Mansfield, Ohio

During our visit to Mansfield, Ohio to visit the Biblewalk Wax Museum we had a chance to take in the area.

Free Things to do in Mansfield Ohio – Ohio Bird Sanctuary

On our last day in Mansfield, Ohio we visited the Ohio Bird Sanctuary.  The sanctuary mends and houses a variety of birds including falcons, owls, crows, hawks, vultures, bald eagle and many others.

Things to do in Mansfield Ohio – Biblewalk Wax Museum

If you’re looking for things to do in Mansfield Ohio consider a visit to the Biblewalk Wax Museum. With over 300 life size wax figures it’s a treat you’re whole family can enjoy.

The Essential Children’s Party Checklist

If you ask any child what their favorite day of the year is, more than likely the answer will be their birthday.

Organizing Children’s Parties – The Stress Free Guide

A time of joy for any parent, children’s birthdays are always a highlight of the year and of course what better way to celebrate your child’s birthday than by throwing a party.

Free Things to Do in Maryland – Thomas Issac Log Cabin Historic Ellicott City

During our day trip treasure hunt of free sights to see in Historic Ellicott City, we came across the Thomas Issac Log Cabin.