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Hate Trump or Clinton? This Website Uses That Fury to Help You Lose Weight

Setting goals is one thing, but actually sticking to them is, well... yeah. The aptly named website Trump Your Goals is here to help, whether you want to lose weight or run a 5K—albeit in a pretty messed up way.

A Bodyweight Workout That Gets Back to Basics

Sometimes you need to feel the burn to feel like you got a good workout, right? While it's good to incorporate high intensity exercise into your routine, it's also important to perfect your form.

The Secret to Hosting a Dinner Party That Won’t Turn You Into a Stress Case

Three different kitchen timers go off at the exact moment you drop a carton of eggs; the avocados you bought days ago still aren’t ripe; and the oven was a little too hot, leaving your roasted chicken bone-dry.

How to Make the Greatist Ice Cream Sundae of All Time

Few desserts cover as much ground as the ice cream sundae. A truly perfect one is a sweet, salty, chocolaty, crunchy, creamy, fruity (did we miss anything?

These 5 Illustrations Perfectly Sum Up What Anxiety Feels Like

We all get anxious from time to time. Think about the sweaty palms and heart-beating-out-of-your-chest feeling you get before a job interview or speaking in front of a crowd.

Appeals Court Says It’s Cool for Employers to Discriminate Against Dreadlocks. WTF?!

Last time we checked, hair styles had nothing to do with crushing it at work. Even if you're in the food service industry, where a stray hair could end up in someone's food, all you've got to do is put on a hat or hair net, and you're good to go.

What Dating a Sober Guy Taught Me About Myself

We were watching The Lego Movie. I remember it clearly, because it felt odd to be stressing out while listening to the movie's upbeat theme song: Everything is awesome; everything is cool when you're part of a team.

GreatistYou Confessions: Darby and Adrienne's Story

We asked our GreatistYou contestants to reflect on their six-week journeys. Darby and Adrienne set out to establish healthy habits and run their first 10K.

7 Game Day Recipes Better Than a Greasy Pile of Wings

The start of fall = kickoff to football season. And for some, the very word "football" means running to the nearest couch and posting up with a mountain of wings.

These 9 Desserts Prove Dairy-Free Is Still Delicious

If you avoid milk-based products, you probably think it's slim pickings when it comes to desserts. Time to moo-ve those thoughts aside, because the world of dairy-free sweets is just as chocolaty and satisfying as those heavy cream-steeped treats your friends are eating.

Shailene Woodley Makes a Good Case for Why Schools Should Teach Masturbation

It's been years since we took sex ed, but we don't remember any classes teaching us how to masturbate.

GreatistYou Confessions: Regina's Story

We asked our GreatistYou contestants to reflect on their six-week journeys. Regina's goal was to be competition ready for her first Muay Thai fight at the end of September.

The Unexpected Way My Job Helped Manage My Anxiety

My anxiety makes interacting with any stranger a stressful and unpleasant experience, but store cashiers were especially problematic for me.

23 Take-Out Favorites You Can Make Way Healthier at Home

Takeout can be a total lifesaver on those nights when you’ve stumbled in from work way past dinnertime or have zero food in the house.

Comedian Mocks Silly Fitness Trends With Incredible Instagrams

People go a little hashtag crazy on Instagram. #CleanEating #JuiceCleanse #FitnessGoals. You’re so healthy, we get it!

Hilaria Baldwin Shares Post-Pregnancy Photos That Are Actually Realistic

Thank you, Hilaria Baldwin, for showing us what a post-baby body looks like: The wife of actor Alec Baldwin posted this pic a day after giving birth.

Women Share Their Dress Sizes Because No One Should Be Embarrassed by a Number on a Tag

The women who walk down the runway have never looked like the people we pass by on the street. In the U.S.

The Best Way to Roast Every Fall Vegetable

With the first signs of fall come Halloween decorations (seriously, people?!) and sudden cravings for roasted vegetables.

The 7 Biggest Lies Holding You Back From Happiness

Over time, our consistent thoughts become our beliefs. This is a positive thing if our beliefs serve us in some way—like believing you are a healthy person, resilient, or talented in your work.

9 Savory Oatmeal Recipes Way Better Than the Sweet Stuff

You probably already know that oatmeal is a super-cheap, uber-healthy breakfast option; when loaded with berries and a generous pour of maple syrup, it’s also sneaky way to have sweets first thing in the morning.