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Cheat Sheet: Everything you need to know about the boxing workout boom

And the hottest workout of the summer is…you guessed it, boxing. Over the past year, the demanding, full-body sport has been taking the fitness scene by storm—in New York City, Los Angeles, and beyond—with new studio openings and tons of celebrity fans who swear by its calorie-burning, muscle-building, and stress-relieving benefits.

Will New Yorkers jump into the Hudson for an Equinox membership?

Dive 20-feet below the surface of a pond, dig through a gravel pit, and run up 12 flights of stairs before the sun rises.

10 superfoods for better sleep

The 5 best and worst nutrition bars

Why (and how) Heather Thomson is preparing to summit a 14,000-foot peak

If watching drama unfold on Real Housewives of New York City is one of your guilty pleasures, you’ll recognize Heather Thomson from the reality TV show.

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Missed the convos that were happening while everyone waited to get into the spin studio? We share the buzzy food, fitness, beauty, and wellness news from our friends around the web that you shouldn’t miss this week.

Hollywood Cycle behind the scenes: Nichelle Hines dishes on her reality TV persona

Every reality TV show’s got a “bad bitch.” On Hollywood Cycle, a new E! show that showcases the inner workings of Los Angeles indoor cycling hotspot Cycle House, it’s Nichelle Hines, the studio’s CRO (Chief Ride Officer).

Could eating these foods help you feel less anxious?

Now you can get Instagram-ready healthy breakfast parfaits delivered

You know those gorgeous layered Mason jar parfaits you see all over Instagram and Pinterest? Well, now you can get them brought to your door instead of spending your Sunday making them.

My Workout Playlist: SIN Workout’s Vanessa Martin

Still running to songs of seasons past? We’re here to help! Each week, we share the tunes of popular fitness instructors who’ve got a serious knack for cranking out amazingly motivating music.  This week we tapped Vanessa Martin, creator of fitness concierge service SIN Workouts, to share her rockin’ tunes. Since Martin has literally created a career by motivating clients through their workouts (and being their human alarm clock), we knew her playlist would be everything we need to power through ours.

Sweetgreen debuts a sustainable salad made of veggie scraps

Sweet, sustainable news, New Yorkers. Healthy salad destination Sweetgreen, (which has been taking over the city one neighborhood at a time—from Tribeca to Williamsburg) is collaborating with Dan Barber’s sustainability project WastED to launch a salad made from the veggie scraps that often get thrown out during wash-and-chop prep.

Guess which iconic New York workout is launching in Los Angeles?

Since 2008, Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp, created by brainiac fitness-nutrition pro Ariane Hundt, has been giving New York City’s fitness-obsessed the chance to sweat it out on the New York landmark while enjoying the incredible city views (and dodging tourists).

Why giving yourself a break is key to your well-being—and 3 tips for how to do it

I had one of those “Ah-ha moments” in yoga recently. It happened while I was slathered in sunscreen on the renovated rooftop at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston’s Back Bay, with yoga instructor and newly minted author Rebecca Pacheco (who’s leading a series there).

What’s your go-to quick and healthy breakfast?

Welcome to our every-so-often series of questions to discover how you, our readers, live a super interesting, healthy life.

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Missed the convos that were happening while everyone waited to get into the spin studio? We share the buzzy food, fitness, beauty, and wellness news from our friends around the web that you shouldn’t miss this week.

Nike is about to make Chucks comfortable

If you’ve ever worn a pair of Converse Chucks (formally known as Chuck Taylor All Stars), you probably felt like you were part of a cool cultural zeitgest—until they started pinching your toes and making your soles sore.

How to make the perfect Caprese salad, according to Eli Zabar

New York City food icon Eli Zabar is generally a light-hearted guy, but when asked to choose an olive oil during a recent visit to his grocery spot Eli’s Vinegar Factory, his manner grew serious.

Jade vs. Manduka: Yoga mat throwdown

Everything you need to know about makeup expiration dates

It’s easy to get attached to your beauty products. After all, if you’re shelling out for quality natural products, it seems like a crime to throw something out before you’ve used every last drop.