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These are the healthiest—and least healthy—states in America

New York, California, and Colorado may have a thriving wellness scene, but all three fail to crack the top five of the country’s healthiest states, based on the United Health Foundation‘s just-released annual report.

How to throw a French-girl approved holiday party

When it comes to hosting the perfect dinner party—and looking effortlessly chic while doing it—French women have got it all figured out.

The childlike reason Lupita Nyong’o’s self-care routine centers upon learning new things

During childhood, you’re constantly learning, whether how to tie your shoes properly, how to read, or what your birth order means.

The one carry-on staple that will keep you stain-free during travel

In order to travel stress-free during the holidays, you need a little foresight and some careful planning.

7 pro-approved ways to transform your bathroom into a post-workout recovery zone

You unclip your shoes after a Beyoncé-level Soul Cycle class and sprint for the communal showers. Twenty minutes later you’re clean, caffeinated, and enjoying a delish Daily Harvest smoothie at your desk.

For a holiday with an extra helping of #GirlPower, Beyoncé decor is here

Although there will always be disagreements regarding the best holiday desserts (I’m staunchly pro gingerbread) and the proper way to stuff a turkey, one of the few sure things in life upon which all folks can agree is Beyoncé.

This is the right way to drink water, according to Ayurveda

We all know it: We’re not drinking enough water. Staying well hydrated can help us feel more energetic, get a dewy complexion, and even stave off the munchies.

Pinterest predicts 2018 will be full of gut-friendly cooking and *edible* essential oils

While some fads come and go, others stick—or, well, get pinned—in such a high volume, they become legit trends.

The 2018 Golden Globe nominations highlight athletic boss babes

The news cycle during the past few months has been dominated by a harrowing number of #MeToo stories, highlighting unwanted sexual encounters that have taken place in yoga studios, the entertainment world, the workplace, and beyond.

Mandy Moore’s best advice comes down to just one word

At 33 years old, actress Mandy Moore might not seem old enough to have sage advice for her younger self.

How to make the four-ingredient matcha cups Candice Kumai is gifting all her friends

By now, chances are your office is on the verge of a collective sugar crash from the plates of Christmas cookies making their way into the kitchen.

10 embellished sneakers that offer sophisticated flare

This time of year, you may find yourself wanting to go all out with your ensembles, and that often includes starting the party south of your ankles.

Healthy holiday gift guide: creative gifts for the wanderluster in your life

You know that person in your life whom you can only keep track of via Instagram geotags? Well, said person is likely already in possession of and likely receiving more neck pillows than they need—so, be a little more creative this holiday season!

How to get inspired to get moving (in a minute or less)

When your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. (the one labeled “wake up now or you’ll miss your workout”), what makes you stop from hitting the snooze button and rolling over?

Why your relationships may be key to your longevity

Next time you’re tempted to cancel dinner plans for some quality time with Netflix—again!—you may want to think twice.

7 celeb-tested workouts that got us seriously sweating this year

You might spot famous folks like Michelle Obama and Beyoncé at SoulCycle, and you can dupe a star-sanctioned workout by hitting a number of beloved (boxing-heavy) studios.

Shower plants will literally make your bathroom feel like a lush tropical garden

Turning your home into a full-on Zen space is one of the biggest wellness trends of 2018—think Himalayan salt lamps, meditation nooks, and healing crystal-inspired home decor.

De-puff your eyes by keeping these 6 tools in the fridge

As I sit shivering at my keyboard just after New York City’s first snowfall, advising you to remove (and then use) anything from the refrigerator as a beauty treatment seems ill-advised.

Could too much kale cause thyroid issues?

There’s a rumor being whispered in certain health circles—have you heard it? It’s that a scary connection between kale and your thyroid can supposedly throw your whole body out of whack.

Are ‘meat taxes’ the next ‘soda tax’?

Soda taxes have proven to be successful in getting people to buy fewer sugary drinks. (All the cool kids are drinking kombucha now anyway.) Now, investors are pushing a controversial new “meat tax,” hoping it will have the same effect and ultimately lower greenhouse gas emissions—14.5 percent of emissions worldwide come from livestock—that negatively impact the environment.