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Do you need to go on a protein detox?

If you love a good sweat, you’re probably all about lean protein to keep your muscles strong. But there’s a connection between the macronutrient and sugar—which  Kimberly Snyder, celeb nutritionist and Wellness Council member, explains the relationship between the two, how to tell if yours is healthy, and what to do if it’s not.

One surprising way to get ahead in your career

Whether it’s setting a goal at the gym, tackling a home improvement project (hello, decluttered oasis), or competing for a promotion at work, have you ever noticed that once you just know you’re going to crush it, your momentum slows down?

What to pack for a soul-satisfying vacay

Close your eyes and picture your happy place. Chances are, you’re imagining something a little less covered in dirty slush (shout out, winter in New York City!

3 super-photogenic—and wallet-friendly—beet recipes from My New Roots’ Sarah Britton

To say My New Roots founder (and plant-based foodfluencer OG) Sarah Britton likes beets is a vast understatement.

How a man’s jockstrap inspired the invention of the sports bra

Today, sports bras aren’t just sports bras. In addition to providing super-supportive control, you can find styles designed to do everything from making you a better runner to giving you an Instagram-ready look.

Meet phototherapy: The buzzy, blemish-banning treatment that celebs are crazy about

If Emma Watson wasn’t already angling for the job, I’d definitely let Lena Dunham be my life coach: When the Girls star praised malasana squats for helping improve her dance moves, I listened.

The one thing most people get wrong in a HIIT workout—and how to fix it

High intensity interval training is the Emma Stone of the fitness world—a rising star with serious cred (and now, an Oscar).

These 5 mood-boosting herbs will help you end winter on a high

Sure, stockpiling hygge essentials can make seasonal depression a little easier to bear, but sometimes it takes more than a shaggy throw to cure the late-winter blues. (Especially when they’re amplified by stressors like a sick parent, an overbearing boss, or a fight with your BFF.) That’s where herbs come in.

This superfood could be causing you major bloating

You devote Sunday nights to meal prepping, limit the sugar, and fill your blender with trending ingredients to make the perfect superfood smoothie.

3 signs you might be doing too much cardio

There’s nothing better than a really good spin class first thing in the morning—it’s a great sweat and an incredible endorphin boost.

These 12 natural beauty products will completely rejuvenate your dull skin

Ever notice that right before the seasons start to change, your skin enters this period of serious (and badly behaving) contradiction?

The 9 best-selling leggings you should have in your closet

There’s an undeniable high that comes from scouring social media for the latest athleisure fads. (Pom pom sneakers, anyone?

The one thing you can do to boost your immunity—no meds needed

During cold and flu season, there’s almost no way to avoid catching some kind of bug. You wash your hands often, cover your sweaty head with a beanie post-workout, and even hit the weight machines with a triple wipe down before you do your thing.

How healthy are Starbucks’ new springtime drinks?

As if gifting the world with its healthiest menu item to date wasn’t enough of a pre-spring surprise, Starbucks has added two new drinks to the menu—yes, two!

How Jessica Biel sweated it out before hitting the red carpet

On the red carpet for the Academy Awards last night, plenty of actresses donned gold, channeling the Oscar award itself.

Watch out, Whole Foods: How Costco became the most important player in the organic produce game

Whole Foods may win the prize for the most recognizable retailer when it comes to organic food, but the top honor when it comes to market share actually goes to…Costco.

How to solve your #busygirl mealtime problems

Some mornings, you’re lucky if you get out the door with a banana in hand—and when you finally make it home, Seamless is your enabling BFF.

4 things you need to know about Tracy Anderson’s massive new studio with Gwyneth Paltrow

When dream team Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson announced their conscious coupling for an upcoming studio space on 59th Street in New York City last summer, there were very few details known.

Taste the rainbow: Why (healthy) “unicorn food” is everywhere

This week on The Plus Factor, we’re exploring why rainbow-colored “unicorn” food is all over not just healthy Instagram feeds, but the menus of buzzy wellness-centric cafes.

The brilliant, skin-brightening beauty hack featuring anti-inflammatory turmeric

As if turmeric didn’t have enough talents on its résumé, it’s also a pro at soothing facial redness and inflammation—fast.