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Link Love: Yoga Joes, Two-minute stress-busting tricks, and more

Yoga Joe in a skillfull crow pose (Photo: Yoga Joe) Introducing Yoga Joes Make warrior poses, not war.

Why you should start your workout with cardio

How to turn your bathroom into a Japanese spa

Mauri Weakley in her Ditmas Park shop, Collyer’s Mansion (Photo: Melisse Gelula for Well+Good) The tiny New York apartment bathroom is a humbling place.

Could ‘Souping’ be the new juicing?

(Photo: If the prospect of another juice cleanse leaves you cold (and hungry and irritable), how does a soup cleanse sound?

Tea is the new coffee: New York City’s first matcha cafe just opened

(Photo: Facebook/MatchaBarNYC) If you’ve been trying to kick your addiction to coffee, you may want to add a morning L train stop to your commute.

My Studio Style: Elvira Yambot

(Photo: Instagram/LittleMissToneHouse) Elvira Yambot is not the kind of girl that just throws on a t-shirt to work out.

Booking smart: How Athletes Club, ClassPass, and FitClub compare

If you’re a fitness class junkie who likes to sweat around, reserving weekly sessions at studios all over the city can become a lengthy, expensive process.

Beauty detox guru Kimberly Snyder debuts supplements

(Photo: Kimberly Snyder) Celeb nutritionist Kimberly Snyder is known for being a beauty-foods evangelist and a go-to healthy Hollywood guru who tends to the high-profile tummies of everyone from Drew Barrymore and Kate Mara, to Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn.

The easy, natural way to prevent a migraine

Refrigerator Look Book: Cara Chard

(Photo: Cara Chard) Growing up, Cara Chard hated her last name. But by the time her wedding came around and she had the chance to change it, she couldn’t do it.

The fitness tracker that acts like a nagging Pilates teacher

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a fitness trainer and Pilates instructor follow you around all day?

Recipe: Tara Stiles’ Pumpkin Coconut Cream Soup

(Photo: Make Your Own Rules Diet) “Fall is my favorite season,” Strala founder Tara Stiles writes in her new book called Make Your Own Rules Diet, out November 11 (but available now for pre-order).

Tara Stiles is finally making her own rules

(Photo: Make Your Own Rules Diet) You already know Tara Stiles as the founder of Strala yoga studio in New York City, the face of Reebok’s yoga line, and author of Slim Calm and Sexy and Yoga Cures. But Stiles’ latest book, Make Your Own Rules Diet, out November 11, feels like the first real peek into who the 33-year-old is behind the moniker of “celebrity yogi.” Designed like a scrapbook with “realistic and relatable” personal photos and quirky illustrations, Stiles’ new book (now available for pre-order) offers yoga sequences, meditations, and easy recipes—all with the simple intention of inspiring you to take excellent care of yourself—and to find a diet that’s really reflective of a balanced lifestyle.

Lolë’s fall collection has you covered

(Photos: Lolë) Sponsored Fall brings some really nice things—layers, leaves, lattes! And some not so nice things—a gym bag that’s twice as heavy thanks to those layers, and finding a warm jacket that doesn’t add bulk.

The Week’s Top Stories: September 12–18

(Photo: We Heart It) Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.

Lorna Jane to hold its first annual Active Nation Day in Los Angeles

(Photo: Lorna Jane) Perky, Australian lifestyle dynamo Lorna Jane Clarkson has been inspiring women to get moving Down Under with her Active Nation Day since 2012.

3 fabulous ways to braid your hair for fall

London’s wellness scene, via the city’s coolest, healthy sisters

If you thought London was just pints and pubs, fish and chips, and (watching) rugby, Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are here to prove you wrong.

How yogis spend their Sundays

Yogis know a lot about finding balance. Which is why we bet they rarely reach the last day of the week with that same desperation for R&R as the rest of us.

Brooklyn style: Puma x Sophia Chang’s cool athletic collection

(Photo: Puma) Brooklyn’s never been afraid to rock a pair of track pants and high-tops. (Thank you, Beastie Boys.) And neither has native New Yorker and artist Sophia Chang, who often sees her projects through a sweaty, athletic lens.