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My Five Beauty Obsessions: Abigail Spencer

For actress Abigail Spencer, 33, healthy living is in her blood. Her late father, Yancy Spencer—known as the father of Gulf Coast surfing—lived a life that revolved around the ocean and health.

Your Yoga Prescription: How to boost your mood in two easy steps

Tiffany Cruikshank is the smart, cool creator of Yoga Medicine, a method that pairs yoga with holistic health practices to address the modern-life ailments that are constantly creeping up on you— like stress, insomnia, and back pain.

Recipe: Chia Oat Pitaya Super-Bowl

“The Chia Oat Pitaya Super Bowl is my go-to breakfast when I’m on a mission to impress,” says  Ksenia Avdulova of Breakfast Criminals, a site devoted to, well, breakfast.

Can sipping juice make you mindful?

We can all agree that sipping on a green juice has a vibe and intention that’s way different than chugging a cup of coffee, whose intention is to rev you up, and fast.

Shay Kostabi brings her amped-up interval training approach to LA

Bicoastal fitness dynamo Shay Kostabi got her start in New York City as an in-demand Flybarre master instructor whose classes filled up instantly.

Flywheel Flatiron’s facelift will make your post-class clean-up much easier

Damn girl, have you had work done? That’s what all the other studios would say to Flywheel Flatiron if, you know, fitness studios could talk.

The dive bar of New York City’s boxing boom

“I was with John Lennon in Washington Square Park,” aging rocker David Peel tells me, almost upon saying hello.

Event Alert! Work out like a pro with LUNA at Peloton

Sure, you can rock hills and sprints, but riding with a professional triathlete is going to seriously up your indoor cycling game.

9 ways aromatherapy can boost your health

Recipe: Cacao Balls

“This is my favorite thing to make with raw cacao,” Cox says. “It’s a go-to, super simple snack using only dates as a sweetener, making them the perfect guilt-free snack.” That is, of course, if you don’t eat too many, which is easier said than done.

Recipe: Farro Tomato and Dandelion Greens Salad with Sweet Lemon Balsamic Vinaigrette

"I love this delicious and super-filling grain and green salad as a fresh, full meal before a major work day,” Clean Green Eats author Candice Kumai says.

Recipe: Mid-Day Molokai Mocktail

If you want to be the office hero, bring in a couple bottles of Bai5 Molokai Coconut, limes, and mint to whip up this flavorful spritzer and get you and your co-workers through the midday slump.

Recipe: Turmeric Milk

“I love fusing anti-inflammatory rich turmeric with homemade nut milk or coconut milk,” Nutrition Stripped’s McKel Hill says.

Chia Oat Pitaya Super-Bowl

“The Chia Oat Pitaya Super Bowl is my go-to breakfast when I’m on a mission to impress,” says  Ksenia Avdulova of Breakfast Criminals, a site devoted to, well, breakfast.

5 simple tips to perfect your protein intake

It’s instilled in all of us that protein is the magic ingredient when it comes to everything from weight management and muscle building to beautiful hair and skin.

Vixen Workout is creating an army of dance cardio divas

In an average fitness class, running shoes and ponytails are standard. But to work out in the Vixen Army, recruits wear wedge sneakers (they’re recommended in the What To Wear section of the Vixen website along with a favorite lipstick) and they let their hair down.

This is your face on sleep deprivation

The chic catharsis workout that’s sweeping New York City

What is The Class? Ever since we discovered The Class, a workout created by Taryn Toomey—whom we dubbed “downtown Manhattan’s fitness phenom”—New York women have been flocking to Tribeca to book their spot (often next to a supermodel), and reporting back to their friends, “You just have to take it.” But because it’s a genre-breaker—part boot camp, part alignment training, part therapy (not joking)—The Class defies convention.

Recipe: Lemon & Salt’s Toasted Farro Salad is as pretty as it is delicious

Getting the positioning, lighting, and placement of your cute plate and cutlery just right for the perfect Instagram shot of your avocado toast takes skill.

Equinox is creating wellness-focused hotels—and we have some suggestions

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Equinox is expanding to launch a “hospitality brand intended for health conscious travelers.” (Because, you know, owning a luxury gym with 75 locations, SoulCycle, Pure Yoga, and a rapidly expanding budget gym chain isn’t quite enough.) “We are appealing to the discriminating consumer who lives an active lifestyle and wants to have that as a hotel experience,” Equinox CEO Harvey Spevak told the Wall Street Journal.