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How to be a better reader of beauty labels

Avoiding scary chemicals isn’t hard work—if you know what to look for. (Photo: SheKnows)   If I had a buck for every time a friend whipped a beauty product out of her gym bag or purse and asked, “This is good for me, right?

My Studio Style: Marisa Wayne

 The Grit founder and instructor favors surprisingly soft picks. (Photo: Grit Cycle) Marisa Wayne just so happens to be the late John Wayne’s daughter.

Drink pretty: Teas with beauty benefits

Link Love: How to use a foam roller, habits that mess with your hormones, and more

(Photo:   Is your Tupperware messing with your hormones? Other sneaky culprits include sleep deprivation, exercise, and soy.

A New York chef’s crusade to save the ramps

Lamb Neck Confit with housemade ricotta, radish, spring onion, and broccoli from the Save the Ramps menu.

How to sneak squats and stretches in at work

( Athlete and fitness apparel designer Melissa Moo Harkins did the Lake Placid Ironman, then crossed the finish line and promptly got married, still wearing her running shoes and medal.

The “DARK” Act could ban states from requiring GMO labeling

(Photo:   Ingredient label, schmingredient label. Representative Mike Pompeo doesn’t really care if you want to know what’s in the food you’re eating.

8 reasons to book a massage

(Photo: via Huffington Post There’s no denying a massage is calming—until you start feeling guilty for indulging in a little special treatment.

Running an 10K? Download your training plan, here

New, must-have natural makeup for spring

Oh, you’re going to look so good in the sunshine. This spring, the return of flowers blooming and birds chirping also marks the launch of lots of awesome new all-natural products to add to your makeup bag.

Why your boyfriend should come with you to yoga

We’d do yoga dates everyday if our boyfriends looked like this. (Photo: Arde Magazine)   It’s no secret, yoga is a female-dominated workout.

Spinning launches a nationwide fundraiser

(Photo: Spinning)   This Saturday, April 26, Spinning (the trademarked brand of indoor cycling) will join forces with the American Heart Association with rides at more than 40 participating spin studios and fitness centers across the country.

Link Love: The prettiest spring salad, 100 days of push-ups, and more

(Photo: Green Kitchen Stories)   Spring buckwheat salad Could it possibly be as delicious as it is beautiful?

My Favorite Green Juice Recipe: Jack Mazzola

Jack Mazzola, founder of Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee—and green juice lover. (Photo: Industry Of One)   Think coffee belongs to the jittery, stressed, over-tired New York set?

Why more vegans and vegetarians are putting meat back on their plates

(Photo:   For five years, Claire Murray was a vegetarian, confident in her belief that she needed fruit, veggies, and whole foods for nourishment—and nothing more.

Exceed heads downtown, with a new flagship studio in Tribeca

(Photo: Exceed Physical Culture)   Popular Upper East Side boutique fitness spot Exceed Physical Culture is moving downtown this spring, with a new flagship studio in Tribeca slated to open mid-May.

Why you really can’t fake it in bed

(Photo: By Mandy Oaklander for Prevention If you’re faking it in bed, we won’t tell, but your partner can: New research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior finds that your mate is pretty good at intuiting just how satisfied you are with your sex life.

This spa wants you to give yourself a DIY “beer facial”

(Photo: The Umstead Hotel and Spa)   Spa menus are no stranger to lifting kitchen items for your face, like milk, honey, and more.

6 tips for cutting back on sugar

Cutting back on sugar is “gnarly,” admits convert Sarah Wilson—author of I Quit Sugar—but it’s far from impossible.

Are you addicted to sugar, without knowing it?

A little sugar could be too much, says journalist-turned wellness expert Sarah Wilson. (Photo:   Before longtime journalist and author of I Quit Sugar, Sarah Wilson, well, quit sugar, she didn’t think she had a problem with the sweet stuff.