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Getting sweaty can seriously boost your self-confidence

Miami-nightclub-inspired 305 Fitness is opening a Manhattan studio

This fall, 305 Fitness will have a permanent home in New York City. (Photo: 305 Fitness/Facebook) 305 Fitness, the dance cardio party workout by Miami-born instructor Sadie Kurzban, will finally have a permanent home in Manhattan this fall.

Refrigerator Look Book: Craig Kanarick

(Photo: Mouth) At any given time, Craig Kanarick’s fridge is filled with delish, indie products from far and wide—a hot sauce from Hawaii, cold-brew iced coffee from Brooklyn, pickles from Colorado, and fresh vegetables nabbed from the Union Square Green Market, just to name a few.

Why eating charcoal is now a wellness trend

(Photo: Hello Home Shoppe) Any time she sets foot on a plane, holistic beauty guru Shiva Rose packs her essentials—a passport, guidebooks…and activated charcoal supplements.

Recipe: The cauliflower salad Brooklynites love

(Photo: Mimi’s Hummus) Mimi Kitani is the fast-talking founder of Mimi’s Hummus, a prominent favorite on Ditmas Park’s restaurant row, since it opened on Cortelyou Road in 2009.

Alternative adds chic, sweaty styles to its collection of burnout tees

Alternative (formely Alternative Apparel) launched its new Move collection earlier this week. And the brand, known for its burnout tees and ecofriendly fabrics, is taking things up a sweaty notch, by debuting wicking fabrics and performance-considerate cuts.

Fitness and wellness are the next big thing—in investment

(Photo: YogaWorks) Sure, you’re reminded that boutique fitness studios are booming each time you get placed on the waitlist for spin class.

3 recipes for one really healthy day from Lorna Jane Clarkson

At 168 international stores and counting, the Aussie founder of eponymous fitness fashion brand Lorna Jane has created an empire built on making women feel chic and pretty when they work out.

How not to be bored on the treadmill ever again (with workout!)

David Siik on the treadmill, AKA BITE training tool. (Photo: Jason Nicoto for Equinox) When temperatures start skyrocketing above 90, getting in your miles outside can feel pretty (chafing, panting) uncomfortable.

The Week’s Top Stories: July 18–24

(Photo: We Heart It) Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed.

Try The Foundation daily nutrient pack—free!

ALOHA’s daily nutrient pack, The Foundation, has essential nutrients, plant-based omega-3s and powerful antioxidants.

Link Love: Banana wraps for breakfast, sleep intel, and more

(Photo: Alexandra Olivia via Dallas News) #MightyKacy The gymnast-turned-Ninja Warrior is the first female to compete in—and complete—the insane obstacle course.

Would you wear a flower crown?

A crown designed by Christy Meisner, who makes custom crowns for celebrities and, now, you. (Photo: crownsbychristy/Instagram) One sunny Saturday afternoon this past spring, Lauren Gagliardi, and Amy Rhodin, both 25 and working in television production, wanted to get crafty, so they bought a few bunches of daisies and baby’s breath from a bodega in Brooklyn, picked up some flower tape and wire, and met at Rhodin’s Williamsburg apartment…to make flower crowns.

Blossom expands with a vegan bar—and whole lot more

Cafe Blossom’s new location, at 507 Columbus Avenue, will be less than two blocks north of the old space, pictured here.

Your new CrossFit trainer? Just the fittest woman on the planet

“Iceland Annie’s” last name literally means “Thor’s daughter,” so she may have been born with a slight genetic inclination for athleticism.

Now there’s a juice that’s good for your lady parts

(Photo: Jugofresh) You already drink cold-pressed juice for your health. But Jugofresh just took it to a whole other (much lower) level.

Are these 10 trendy health foods worth the hype?

The guy who decided that yoga mats should be pretty

(Photo: Yoga Design Lab) While Chad Turner was doing yoga on a vacation in Bali, he had a realization that killed his bliss: All of the yoga mats around him were ugly.

6 ways to make ice cubes with serious cool factor

Remember using ice trays to make popsicles as a kid? Yeah, these are way better. We’re talking ingenious ice cubes that are not just freaking adorable, they’re the answer to preparing smoothies in a snap, and, we’re not gonna lie, they taste pretty darn good in cocktails (made with quinoa vodka, of course!

Shipping news: Now a fixture on the New York City juice scene delivers coast to coast

Live in Iowa? Well, now, you can get these delivered right to your front door. (Photo: Organic Avenue/Instagram) Juice and cleanse company Organic Avenue is taking a trip across the Hudson River—and beyond.