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The ultimate guide to breathing properly during your workout

Powering through a tough workout is hard; breathing is easy. And good news: if you focus a little, the second can help you get through the first (and even improve your performance).

Daily Harvest’s founder is on a quest to restore respect to the freezer aisle, one smoothie at a time

Welcome to Fit for Business, a new column from Well+Good’s co-founder and publisher Alexia Brue. Each week, she’ll take you behind-the-scenes with the most successful healthy-living entrepreneurs around the world, so you can learn what inspires them, what challenges them, and what it’s like to work in the (booming) wellness space.  This week she’s sitting down with Rachel Drori, founder and CEO of Daily Harvest, a ready-to-blend smoothie delivery service.  Rachel Drori’s on a mission to restore respect to the freezer aisle.

See what happened when this school replaced detention with meditation

As a kid in detention—for those of you who ever did hard time after school (hand raises)—did you ever spend that time thinking about what you did?

How to “read” your face to decipher the root cause of a breakout

Being able to read body language is a crucial life skill. And that applies to understanding the messages you’re sending yourself—because when acne strikes, it’s usually your body trying to tell you something’s up.

The detoxifying charcoal cocktail you need to try

At Well+Good, we’re constantly coming across genius recipes—whether it’s on Instagram, in soon-to-be published cookbooks, or directly from buzzy food bloggers themselves.

What’s your dosha? Take our quiz to find out

Whether you’re just learning the ABCs of Ayurveda or are already really into it (the most extreme cleanse on earth, anyone?

8 chic tracksuits you’ll actually want to wear

Real talk: the tracksuit has a very checkered past. Sure, there have been highs (Run DMC rocking their Adidas), but the lows have been, well, low. Who doesn’t look back on those Juicy Couture velour sets and cringe?

The Nike sneakers you need to make an appointment to buy

In 1989, Marty McFly tried on a pair of self-tying sneakers that blew his mind in Back to the Future Part II.

Hey, let’s work out together—and raise money to help cancer survivors

You’ve already heard that we’re inviting you to the coolest workout event ever: our 4th Annual Fitness Biathlon, featuring back-to-back classes at some of the top studios in NYC.

First look: Y7 is bringing its hip-hop yoga flow to the Upper East Side

The original hip-hop yoga studio—none other than Y7—is opening on New York City’s Upper East Side (or as they like to call it: upward east side).

Zumba gets a HIIT makeover with its first non-dance class

Walk into a Zumba class, and you expect to encounter grapevines and plenty of salsa steps. But burpees?

Going all-natural? Here are 5 things you need to know before your next manicure

Many health-conscious women have spent years painting their nails every hue under the sun, not really worrying about what goes into those gorgeous colors.

How to get over secondhand heartbreak

Breakups are hard—even if they don’t directly involve you. Maybe your parents dropped a surprise divorce bombshell on you, or some close friends have unexpectedly announced they’re calling it quits.

Clean up your bar cart with these better-for-you bottled cocktails and mixers

Nothing elevates a home to grown-up status quite like a bar cart—think of it as the yin to your indoor swing‘s yang.

These apple smoothie recipes are a total fall game-changer

The farmers’ market is currently overflowing with galas and pink ladies, and—if you’re on the apple-picking train—your fridge probably looks like an orchard right now (#fallgoals).

How to dress like a cool Londoner, according to the founder of Sweaty Betty

There’s just something inherently chic about the British. Chalk it up to their instantly cool-seeming accent or quick-witted humo(u)r, but there’s one trait about Londoners that is undeniably cool—their style.

These apple smoothie recipes are a total fall game-changer

The farmers’ market is currently overflowing with galas and pink ladies, and—if you’re on the apple-picking train—your fridge probably looks like an orchard right now (#fallgoals).

This Instagram star just proved that angle is everything

Social media has become an amazing resource for recipe development, fashion trendspotting, and—perhaps most notably—fitness inspiration.

The buzzy wellness beverage Kim Kardashian is obsessed with

Kourtney Kardashian may be the most health-conscious of the Kardashian sisters, sipping on her low-sugar avocado smoothie every morning and teaching a body-positive mindset to her children.

This is what the ultimate anti-inflammatory meal looks like

When Shelly Malone was 32 years old, she had a baby—but her elation was cut short almost immediately, as she started showing serious symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.