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Why these 4 celebs swear by this $175 cream

Could the secret to glowing skin be in a $175 bottle of lotion? It might be hard to justify a beauty product that costs more than your electric bill—or 50-plus items at this new online grocery store—but for some celebs, it’s totally worth it.

The immune-boosting drink that makes apple cider vinegar look tame

A few years ago, I developed a mid-winter cough that sounded so alarming, a friend went to her trusted Chinese herbalist in search of a cure.

This genius packing hack ensures supplements don’t take up your whole suitcase

What do you do when you’re going on the road and want to take all your supplements with you? You have melatonin for restless nights, maca for that once-a-month hormonal acne, a digestive enzyme for your gut health, and you haven’t started packing your clothes yet.

10 activewear items you’ll definitely want to pre-order from Barneys right now

With fall around the corner, a wardrobe refresh is in order—and your new-season purchases should extend from your closet to your gym bag.

The 3 essential oils that should be in every aromatic starter pack

So you jumped the gun and bought a diffuser before you actually had anything to diffuse (“too pretty to pass up” is a real thing, right?

10 ways everyone feels while working out

Whether it’s a boutique fitness class or solo gym sesh, there are certain emotions most people experience while exercising—they usually run the gamut from mood-boosting euphoria to WTF?

Newsflash: ClassPass is in major expansion mode—is your city next?

If you’re the type of sweat sesh regular who loves to try yoga, HIIT, barre, and boxing—all in the same week—your workout lineup may be getting a huge shake-up soon.

Exclusive: This new healthier hot chocolate is made with matcha and adaptogens

Warming drinks like hot chocolate are enticing all year long—even in summer. (Especially when you work in a freezing cold office and that 4 p.m.

Beyoncé is serving up more “Lemonade” life lessons

A 600-page book packed with all things Beyoncé might sound too good to be true, but luckily for members of the Beyhive, it’s actually coming.

And the best state for women’s equality is…

Dream of being a #girlboss? Well, the state where you live might determine how easily you reach that goal.

7 gorgeous places to go glamping right now

Glamorous camping (AKA glamping) is super buzzy at the moment: Think fireside mermaid baths, stargazing on your own private deck, and peaceful nights snoozing on a plush mattress—instead of a lumpy sleeping bag.

5 celebrity couples that prove sweaty is the new sexy

When your workout buddy is also bae, breaking a sweat can be pretty cute. To appeal to the loved up among us, some studios offer workout classes specifically aimed at twosomes (couples’ workouts have been on the rise for the past few years).

How to *finally* learn Spanish—and get strong abs at the same time

If you’re still mad at yourself for not paying closer attention in high school Spanish (or French, or Latin, for that matter), it’s not too late to master a new language, and interestingly enough, you’ll get a solid workout in the process.

This woman’s menstrual issues got her fired—but is that legal?

We’ve all been there. One second you’re minding your own business, and the next you’re trying your best to casually shimmy to the bathroom without anyone noticing the bright red stain on your behind.

Is your post-eclipse headache a big deal? Here’s what you need to know

Across the country yesterday, everyone and their dogs went outside to catch a glimpse of the first total solar eclipse in the country since 1979.

I became a “human pendulum” to figure out my gut issues—here’s what happened

When experiencing digestive probs on the reg, most people are willing to try anything. Supplements, dietary changes (which may or may not involve nixing avocados), even stool testing isn’t out of the question if you really want to get to the bottom of things, so to speak.

Starbucks just added sushi burritos to its menu—but are they healthy?

You have to give Starbucks credit for embracing new trends: First its healthy Purple Drink was a huge hit, then the coffeehouse titan jumped on the all-unicorn-everything obsession with a colorful frappuccino—which comes with a side of sugar-high (free of charge), by the way. But the latest addition to its menu might be the most interesting one yet.

3 reasons to add vegan liquid collagen to your skin-care routine

With rumored benefits like improved skin elasticity and that dewey no-makeup glow, there’s a reason you’ve seen so many collagen-boosting smoothies and face masks all over Instagram.

The Nordic ingredient your skin-care regimen needs ASAP

From adaptogenic mushrooms growing on the Arctic tundra to nutrient-loaded algae blooming in the depths of the ocean, it seems like all the most powerful wellness boosters are cultivated in the least hospitable environments.

10 pretty chia pudding recipes that’ll totally transform your morning

On the list of ways to maximize your mornings, making chia seed pudding for breakfast ranks right up there—somewhere between sleep training and that first supercharged cup of coffee.