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Taking mushrooms was the most spiritual experience of my life

There’s a popular meditation technique that centers on the phrase “Let go.” You silently say “let” as you breathe in, and “go” as you breathe out, in an effort to find release from whatever it is you’re holding onto.

Quick-prep recipe: Turmeric Zucchini Noodles with Cilantro Tahini

Mikaela Reuben is a rising (healthy) rockstar chef, cooking for celebrity clients like Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, and traveling the world to whip up meals for the Red Hot Chili Peppers on tour and host wellness retreats.

5 worst energy drinks that pretend to be healthy

When it comes to being smart about the beverages you sip in the name of energy and hydration, there are the basics that pretty much everyone knows.

Our editors’ favorite new natural beauty launches

Summer is winding down. (Sob!) And as it does, your skin’s probably in need of a little extra loving, what with all the sun, saltwater, and sangrias you may have enjoyed.

The Week’s Top Stories: August 21–27

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s five must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed. 1. Why everyone’s eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a bowl Six delicious bowls that will convince you to give up plates for good.

13 incredible event shots from our Surfside Salutations finale in Montauk

Last weekend marked the third (and final!) Surfside Salutations event of the summer. More than 100 Well+Good readers joined us in Montauk as we took over The Surf Lodge for a day of fitness, beauty, and wellness fun.

My Five Beauty Obsessions: Deborah Lippmann, non-toxic nail pioneer

While Deborah Lippmann nail polish is now heralded by fashion editors and spotted on runways far and wide thanks to the super-chic, on-trend colors, the celebrity manicurist behind the brand was also a quiet pioneer in making the lacquers you love less toxic.

5 ways to hold onto your summer bliss like a mindfulness expert

As summer winds down, Summer Fridays come to an end, and temps start to drop, it can be crazy hard to keep a sunny attitude and roll with fall’s more amped-up pace.

What we’re reading now: Summer fruit recipes, get fit with a towel, and more

Missed the convos that were happening while everyone waited to get into the spin studio? We share the buzzy food, fitness, beauty, and wellness news from our friends around the web that you shouldn’t miss this week.

11 reasons to eat more avocados (as if you needed them)

The tasty omega supplement that wants to put a stop to the burping

A lot of supplement companies don’t seem to think much about what it’s like for us to actually swallow their offerings.

The A-to-Z Guide to the Most Supportive Sports Bras

Being big-chested comes with benefits, and certain challenges. Chief among them? Shopping for sports bras. My own breasts aren’t even that big—I’m a 34D—but I’ve definitely been shocked when I’m out jogging, catch sight of my reflection, and see the girls bouncing up and down with every step.

5 delicious, healthy cold soup recipes to try before fall

How stress is messing with your healthy food choices

The next time you mean to pick up a spinach salad on the way home from working a 12-hour day and instead find yourself checking out with a box of Annie’s Macaroni & Cheese, blame it on “candy brain.” It’s a term the New York Times uses to describe the results of a new study that showed elevated stress levels really do cause people to choose less healthy foods.

5 reasons you may want to go to healthy adult sleepaway camp

If you’re not familiar with the term “adult sleepaway camp,” but you like tents, campfires, making friends for life, and (vegan) s’mores, you should keep reading.

Refrigerator Look Book: Kelsey Miller, founder of the Anti-Diet Project

When it comes to promoting body positivity, Kelsey Miller is now one of the movement’s most well-known voices.

Kate Hudson reveals plans for Fabletics stores with affordable workout clothes

Soon the fitness obsessed (starting with those in the Valley) will have a new place to score celeb-approved capris, tanks, and hoodies.

6 healthy ways to flavor your coffee

5 tips to master your first dance cardio class (even if you’ve got no rhythm)

If your idea of dancing is swaying side to side in place, or you can’t imagine letting go enough on the dance floor that it would result in a good workout (before midnight and a few cocktails), then taking your first dance cardio class can be really, really scary.

Why everyone’s eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a bowl

It all started with smoothie bowls. You know, the ridiculously photogenic ones that populate your Instagram feed every morning?