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Is Instagram making us healthier?

When Ali Maffucci quit her corporate job to start a recipe blog in 2013, she was just a woman with a spiralizer in her Jersey City kitchen. Maffucci, 27, loved how spiralizing (AKA making noodles out of vegetables) made healthy eating less expected than, say, salads.

The Week’s Top Stories: March 20–26

Playing catch-up? Here are the week’s must-read Well+Good stories you may have missed. ANYWHERE The hottest workout trend you need to know about Hint: It’s sprinting into your hometown.

A Shark Tank-style competition wants to hear your wellness startup idea

If you’ve got a genius idea for a healthy product or wellness-minded company, now just might be the perfect time to share it with the world.

The filmmaker who wants Millennials to start thinking about Alzheimer’s

Three years ago, filmmaker Max Lugavere’s mom started showing signs of dementia at age 59. And when he began looking for answers to the question anyone would ask—”why?

First Look: BFX’s new FiDi studio fuses cycling and strength training in one sweet room

A number of fitness brands in Manhattan have tried to introduce half-and-half classes that pair spinning with another discipline like weight training or yoga.

8 yoga poses you should do every day

Are you running junk miles?

When you’re putting in endless hours running effort-packed miles in preparation for a race, the last thing you want someone to call those miles is “junk.” Which is why before you lace up for spring race season, there’s an important factor to keep in mind: quality versus quantity.

Link Love: A hearty spring salad, bizarre fitness records, and more

(Photo: Naturally Ella) We share the most interesting food, fitness, beauty, and wellness news from our partners and friends around the web.

Does your favorite bottle of wine have high levels of arsenic in it?

We don’t want to ruin your buzz, but when you’re at the wine store shopping for your dinner party (or restocking pre Thursday’s Scandal episode), you might have to look out for more than just the organic seal or how much sulfur dioxide a bottle has.

The essential detox practice most women overlook (and how to do it)

Partner Sponsored By From our Partner Mio knows that fit bodies need fit skin, which is why we've partnered with Well+Good to share a collection of skincare tips, techniques and secrets for glowing, healthy skin.

Are these the nicest hotel gyms in the country?

My Favorite Green Juice: Lexi Atkins

Rising star Lexi Atkins needs an energizing, better-than-espresso green juice. Why? She just starred in The Boy Next Door with Jennifer Lopez.

5 ways to quit beating yourself up at your workouts

“Why is she sweatier than me? How did that girl get so toned? I can’t do as many push-ups as the chick next to me.

Class Action: RumbleFit is Soho’s new indie kickboxing workout

RumbleFit, 3 classes for $98 ($20 for first class) Where it’s offered: Mercer Street, Soho, New York City New Yorkers are used to working out in strange places: Nightclub?

Are purse snatchers targeting your yoga studio?

Oh great, one more thing to distract you from “letting it all go” during savasana. According to yoga scene blog YogaCity NYC, a woman’s wallet was recently stolen as she was changing for class at Yoga Vida, after two men successfully executed a carefully crafted scheme at the downtown studio.

9 simple solutions for spring allergies

The hottest workout trend you need to know about

You’ve probably noticed that we love uncovering the next big wellness and fitness trends that are about to rock our world.

5 best partner yoga pics on Instagram this week

Two is better than one, right? Well, last week it certainly was. Instagram was filled with partner yoga shots—from Gypset Goddess Kaitlin Turner to Koya Webb, and Honza and Claudine Lafond of YogaBeyond—all proving that when it comes to jaw-dropping poses, you can be way better together.

Refrigerator Look Book: Solomon Choi

When you think 16 Handles, you generally think cookie- and candy-covered dessert. (Or maybe that’s just me?

The healthy habits Victoria’s Secret supermodel Erin Heatherton lives by

You might know supermodel Erin Heatherton best from her struts down the Victoria’s Secret runway in lace-y bras and feathery angel wings, or from this year’s pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.