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How to create more connection in your sex life

What does healthy, fulfilling sex look like? For Jill Blakeway, a doctor of Chinese medicine, it’s all about energy and connection.

What you need to know about synthetic birth control

Millions of women use hormonal birth control—to avoid pregnancy, to deal with acne, and more. But there’s a downside to bringing synthetic hormones into your body, says women’s hormone expert and Well+Good Council member Alisa Vitti.

Wellness apartment buildings are the wave of the future—here’s what to know

Everyone is moving in the direction of making the home feel like a full-on zen den with crystals, salt lamps, and yoga studio-inspired decor.

This millennial pink lettuce is about to take over your Instagram feed

Whether or not you actually take photos of your food, doing so might actually (like, scientifically) improve how it tastes.

Pet owners: Submit your résumé ASAP to these 13 furry-friend-welcoming offices

People can be obsessive about their pets—especially dogs. And TBH, that’s how it should be when you’re responsible for another living thing.

The one red carpet beauty product celebs have in common this season

There’s a certain aura of glamour that surrounds celebrities as they strut in their gowns (or suits!) down the red carpet.

Missguided makes diverse, realistic mannequins to promote body positivity

In theory, a mannequin’s purpose is to help you imagine how that covetable garment (say, a Year of the Dog hoodie) would look on you, not on a hanger.

Turn your bathtub into a crystal oasis with this high-vibe buy

At the end of a long workday (or say, the end of a long workweek), there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a hot, well-made bath, filled with salts, oils, and herbs to help turn off your mind, warm your body, and ease your muscles.

This exclusive new studio is bringing the buzziest NYC fitness trainers under one roof

What happens when you take the buzziest (read: most-waitlisted) fitness instructors in New York City and put them all under one roof?

This exercise-loving 93-year-old will make you smile through your next sweat sesh

You know when you’re in a Pilates class and your instructor reminds you to breathe? It seems like a bizarre thing to ask of a living being who depends on breathing in order to survive, but occasionally, you (I) realize that you are, in fact, holding your breath.

Latham Thomas says a “phone fast” could enhance your life—here’s how

Even if you don’t think your phone drives your life or that social media ruins your relationships, spending all day and night staring at different screens is not a recipe for pristine health.

A new study pinpoints why people from *this* country are super creative

Creativity is hard to measure. But after just two days in Iceland, psychologist Barbara Kerr, PhD, noticed that people who live in the nation seemed especially adept at churning out creative projects and notable artistic figures (like Björk).

I tried the newest electricity-enhanced workout class in NYC—here’s what you need to know

I used to go to this physical therapist. I was training for my second marathon and my weekly mileage was getting pretty high, so I decided to invest a few dollars (okay, a lot of dollars).

The under-the-radar fruit that’ll give your workouts a boost

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I was presented with a strange snack which somewhat resembled a thirsty, dense, and stringy peach or squash.

You actually *can* drink too much water—here’s what happens when you do

If you’ve ever used a hydration-tracking app—or simply tried to take in eight or more glasses of water per day—you’re likely familiar with the feeling that enough water roughly translates to a lot. With this in mind, it’s almost unfathomable that you could accidentally drink too much of it, right?

Chocolate yoga—AKA the fitness class of your dreams—is now a thing

Can you imagine anything sweeter than a Savasana-chocolate combo to finish out your vinyasa sesh? Well, the chocolate company Love Cocoa recently partnered with Guzel Mursalimova, a United Kingdom–based yoga instructor, to create a 90-minute class that pairs meditation and restorative yoga with delicious organic, vegan chocolate, Brit + Co reported.

This low-impact exercise is to thank for Adam Rippon’s abs

Breathing is important for plenty of reasons: It relieves stress, improves your energy levels, and—oh, yeah—keeps you alive.

Traveling thrill seekers: Here’s how to get a bird’s-eye view of the Grand Canyon

Hiking the Grand Canyon is certainly an activity that’ll feed your wanderlusting soul, but this year, thrill seekers are in for a desert treat: It’s now possible to experience one of the country’s most beloved natural attractions from 1,000 feet up.

How an LA dermatologist would spend $75 on beauty products

Ever wish you had a derm BFF when your skin started freaking out? Annie Chiu, MD, the Hermosa Beach, California dermatologist behind the The Derm Institute, is pretty much that in the flesh.

This turmeric-honey cocktail could help soothe your throat—and your hangover

There are two things topping winter wish lists everywhere right now: an island vacation and a strong-as-hell immune system.