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Guinea Pig Fashion To Hit The Runways Perhaps?

There’s a new kind of label hitting the fashion scene and we ‘re not not talking about Chanel, Prada or Burberry.

Your Man Needs A Pair of Scented Underwear

There are many things us ladies have on our laundry list of what we are looking for in a man: a sense of humor, a great smile, romantic etc.

Hello Kitty Breast Implants, Really?

These days you can find just about anything in a Hello Kitty-fied version. The icon even has its own Twitter with more that 150,000 followers, #kittyoverload.

Now You Can Race Your Vibrator!

May the best dildo win! Vegas has a new game to bet on which involves four battery-operated vibrators racing against each other.

Oh Baby – A Vibrating iPhone Sex App Set To Launch Soon!

There’s an app for everything these days, including app-controlled vibrating underwear. Yup, with this new technology you can arouse your lover down under with just a click of a button.

Reese Witherspoon Got Busted: See The Mugshot!

  Reese Witherspoon was a naughty girl this past weekend – just check out this mugshot! Whilst driving with her husband, Jim Toth in Atlanta on Friday the couple was pulled over due to reports that Toth was driving in the wrong lane.  Reese gave the officer some Hollywood flack when he pulled them over saying, “Do you know who I am?

Like Milk? Then Try Pure Milk Vodka!

Introducing grass-grazed vodka! Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka is the world’s first pure milk vodka and we are udderly intrigued.

Beyonce’s Golden Nipples

Beyonce has kicked off her “Mrs.Carter World Tour” with quite a bang thanks to her nipply costume choices.

Curl Your Hair With A Pitcher Ladies

Sat what?! You can curl your hair with a pitcher and hairdryer? Check out this video below on how you can get a head full of curls by spinning your hair in a jug.