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Flower Beards: Sorry, Boys, But the Green Man Got There First

Flower Beards. The internet has recently been festooned with pictures of young, hirsute men who have chosen to decorate their facial hair with a variety of blooms.

This Ice Cream Time-Lapse will Melt Your Heart

Ice creams and lollies are meant to be eaten – that is the sole reason for their existence. So when they are left to melt it is nothing short of tragic.

Engrenage: Gears

In a race to survive when do reality and the imagination merge?

Old Lady Luck

This old girl has lived a fruitful life – at least in terms of her enormous number of descendants. She believes they should all receive a card on their birthday with a little cash inside for a present.  However, one day the money runs out – and what is old lady luck to do?

One of a Kind

If I tried to give you a short synopsis of this I would probably fail or I would completely do the spoiler thing and give the game away.  What I will say is I think you will find this latest piece by Trunk Animation, directed by Rok Predin a peculiarly satisfying if enigmatic experience.  Plus if yo

Extreme Crest Feathers: 10 Reasons Why Crest is Best

Many species of birds possess crest feathers and this feature dates back to the age of the dinosaur: the fossil record indicates that a number of species had feathers on their heads.

Monty Python’s Dead Parrot Returns (and This Time it’s 50-Foot-Tall)

For Londoners yesterday it was time for something completely different.  Along the banks of the River Thames which runs through the heart of the city a rather large dead parrot, fifty foot in height (or length depending on the time of day and the bird’s recumbence), had been deposited.  Although it may have bemused any number of tourists for most British people a dead parrot is an immediately recognizable cultural icon.

Credence: Challenging LGBT Portrayal in Film through Sci-Fi

Film should challenge as well as entertain.  So it is good to see that young filmmakers like Mike Buonaiuto is making the first Sci¬Fi short film of its kind to challenge the way gay characters are portrayed.  Credence looks like a very interesting concept if the trailer above is anything to go by.

Sci-fi Fantasy Mashup Tattoo Design Supreme!

A friend of artist Larry Wentzel (aka Wild Guru Larry) commissioned him to mash up his favorite science fiction and fantasy icons into a single design.

Skull Rock: Is this the Best Super Villain Lair Ever?

Are you a super villain looking for a new lair? Then look no further. Take a look at Skull Rock, also known as Cleft Island.

It’s a Plastic World

It was hailed as the miracle material but plastic – and the places it ends up thanks to our inability to clean up after ourselves – is one of the biggest threats to life on the planet.

Paris, Archi'llusion

Imagine Paris as a city where buildings can only be one or two storeys tall and you get the concept.

Star Trek: The Human Lens Flare

If you think your job sucks then spare a thought for Lorenzo Flarius, the human lens flare.  You may not be aware of this but Lorenzo made a massive contribution to Star Trek Into Darkness and I for one am really happy that filmmaker Luke Knezevic has given us the opportunity to learn more about this supremely talented young man.

A Rift Runs Through It: Iceland’s Divergence of the Plates

Thingvellir, Iceland: the landscape is wild and desolate but hauntingly beautiful.  Yet the serene magnificence of the surroundings belies an astonishing fact.  It is here as a result of massive, geological trauma.

Zombie Survival Guide

We have seen, so often, survival guides showing us how to get through the zombie apocalypse.  Here at last is a short instructional video made by zombies for zombies.  It’s not easy being the undead and if you can escape its pitfalls then you certainly have a bright (and meat filled) future to look

A Walk Around The Block by Bill Harley

This song by Bill Harley became so popular on one kids’ satellite radio station that, on the request of parents, it was taken off air for a week.  That is altogether appropriate for a song which celebrates the uncanny ability of almost every child to infuriate and exasperate its parent to the point


If you have children who are about to start their summer holiday then you might appreciate this – as long as you keep in mind that its creator, Chris Capel, has his tongue so firmly in his cheek it’s probably a surprise that he can talk.  If you are easily offended then, again, don’t press that play


The wonderfully barmy English philosopher Jeremy Bentham once wrote: Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.  It is so true.

Africa’s Unique Volcano: Ol Doinyo Lengai

For countless generations, the Maasai people of Tanzania have called the active volcano which dominates their landscape Ol Doinyo Lengai.

Verdi Vs Wagner

Verdi and Wagner were born in the same year – 1813 – and last year was their bicentennial.  Although the two never met they didn’t much like each other's work.  For Wagner, Verdi’s work was too populist: for Verdi, Wagner’s work often strayed off path which is a nice way to say way too long and a bit bombastic.  Here, animator Pablo Morales de los Ríos imagines that the two did meet – and they sort each other out through five Acts (or should that be rounds?