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The Swimming Pool that Turned into a Museum

In the last few years of the twentieth century the Mayor of Lille in northern France had a quandary. The old swimming pool in the small town of Roubaix had been closed in 1985 due to safety problems.  So, why not simply knock the old building down?

The Kiosk

For years now, the kiosk has been Olga‘s little home simply because her sweet tooth and monotonous life has made her bigger than the exit.

Emerald Rush – Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins should have made an appearance on Kuriositas at some point over the last ten years but hasn’t.

Above the Clouds: The Yuanyang Rice Terraces in China

We have covered some of China’s extraordinary rice terraces before on Kuriositas but this needs to be included!

Holi - Festival of Colors

If you live in a large, multi-ethnic city virtually anywhere in the world it is a possibility that in the next few weeks you will see groups of people in parks merrily spattering each other with paint.

Did You Know There is a Spaceport in Alaska?

Me neither.  I always associate American spaceports with sunnier climes but it seems that Kodiak Island in Alaska is pretty much the ideal place to launch great big things in to space.


A mixture of live action and animation is always something of a risk, but this animated short pulls off this tactic beautifully, using both forms of storytelling to take us inside the world of a man who has, it seems, lost almost everything that he ever held dear.

Dolly Said No to Elvis

The title of this song by Mark Nevin with animation by Heather Colbert does sound like the King tried to take advantage of Ms Parton – and that is true but perhaps not quite in the way you might think.

10 Spectacular Radio Telescopes around the World

Take a whistle stop tour of some of the most spectacular radio telescopes in the world and find out about what actually goes on there.

Three Generations after The Holocaust, How Do Young Jews and Germans See Each Other?

This short animated documentary is based on interviews with young people from Germany and Israel. They are all relatives of the third generation with people who experienced the Holocaust during the Second World War.

The Fleet – London’s Underground River

If you listen carefully just above this unassuming grate you can hear the ripple and splash of flowing water.

How Do Cranberries Grow?

One of the few intensively farmed indigenous fruits in the US, the cranberry outranks almost every other fruit and vegetable for anti-oxidants.  However, many people think that cranberries grow under water but that isn’t the case at all!

Interesting Facts about The Stars

If you are looking for some accessible facts about the stars then you have come to the right place, courtesy of this fascinating and elegant animation about those balls of gas burning billions of miles away as Pumbaa from The Lion King once described them.  Created by data design agency After The Flood for the BBC this will suit most tastes from idle curiosity to those of you with homework to do for tomorrow!

Peacock Spider – Australia’s Show Off Super Hero Spider

This is the peacock spider – and it knows how to show off. Featured today on our sibling site, the Ark in Space, this species wave their legs when first in courtship mode – and you might think that bizarre enough.

Man and Woman Sculpture Reunites Lost Lovers Daily

Sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze (who is also an architect and a painter) created Man and Woman to remember a pair of star-crossed lovers that many of us have not hear of.

The Ancient Salt Ponds of Maras, Peru

Before the rise of the Inca Empire, those with an eye to make money but no aversion to hard work, made their way to Maras.  There, a subterranean stream surfaced and its waters were rich with salt.  Deep underground there is a vast deposit of salt, perhaps the remnant of some prehistoric ocean.


In a time where the digital glimpse into a relationship is usually a picture perfect happy couple, appearances can be more deceiving than ever.

The Zoetrope begat the Caketrope and Gâteau Gato is Born

The zoetrope continues to evolve in to the twenty first century – and this particular twist on the art form is known as the caketrope.

Watch the Story of the Dinosaurs through the Eyes of a Four Year Old

The story of dinosaurs spans millions of years so who better to encapsulate it, then, than a four year old?

A Magical Mermaid Miscellany

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, Denmark, has entranced onlookers since it was erected in 1909.