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1900 – 2000

Everyone has to eat, even if they are from the year 2000.  Time travellers Georges and Madeleine audition for a show but the theater manager is less than impressed with what they have to show… Can they come up with something truly spectacular?


Somewhere up the Amazon a ramshackle team searches for a legendary creature, possible a distant relative of one once found in a black lagoon.  They are closer than they think but when it appears, mostro turns out to be Amazonian in more ways than one.  Directed by Chris Romano, the monster movies of the 1950s now have an absolutely fabulous contemporary stablemate!

Japan – The Land of Vending Machines

Anyone who lives in a town or city is used to the sight of the odd vending machine. As a convenience they have no equal – at least when they work or have not run out of the product they are supposed to sell.

Spelling Rules for the Zombie Apocalypse

In my other life I am a college lecturer, teaching 16-19 year olds, many of whom do not have English as their first language.  In order to help them engage with the language I try to make the (potential) tedium of learning a little more visually stimulating (at least when I have the time!

Roommate Wanted - Dead or Alive

If you have ever been a student then you have probably had to face the prospect of living with strangers in order to afford a place to live and all its associated expenses.

Monkey Symphony

Planet of the Apes this ain’t.  Or maybe it is – it’s all about timelines, after all.  Two talented chimpanzee pianists are forced to go their separate ways but years later their paths cross again.

How an Astronomer advanced the Continental Drift Theory

Why are their oceans and why are there continents?  Between 1906 and 1908 Alfred Wegener went on an expedition to the high arctic, doing experiments which had never been done before while trying his best to survive at the same time.

Dragonfly Delight - Amazing Macrophotography

The sight of a dragonfly is one of the more remarkable that nature has to offer. The Ark In Space, with the help of some astounding macrophotography, takes a look at the life cycle of the dragonfly as well as its remarkable and unusual physiology.

Remember Lidice

On 2 July 1942, most of the children of Lidice, a small village in what was then Czechoslovakia, were handed over to the Łódź Gestapo office.

Richard Wagner's Parzival interpreted as a Lush Fashion Video

The stories say that the Holy Grail will only reveal itself to a pure fool enlightened by compassion.  Shot at Chateau de Pierrefonds and Abbaye d'Ourscamps, this gorgeous fashion short directed by by Julien Landais takes the prelude to Wagner’s Parzival and interprets the essence of the story in just over five minutes.

The Window

Four injured soldiers are recovering in hospital, suffering from a variety of injuries.  To pass the time the least incapacitated regales them of stories of everyday life he sees through the window of their hospital ward.

A Message from the Year 10191

Mons is the European Capital of Culture 2015 so to get the year underway the Belgian city unleashed CLOE on an unsuspecting audience.  Created by Dirty Monitor this is a Video mapping performance at 360° featuring a vision of the future transmitted to the past.  The courtyard of Mons’ Carré des Arts (the city’s Graduate School of Art Federation) was transformed as all four sides became the surface for 20 video projectors covering 4400 square meters.

Watch the Tardis Take Off and Land Like You Have Never Seen Before

Don’t you just love it when new life is breathed in to something that you already adore? The Tardis, that time and space machine which has carried a certain Doctor around for over fifty of our earth years, is always seen dematerializing (and re-materializing) in the same manner.

The Giant Puffball: Nature’s Orbicular Idiosyncrasy

There are worse things you can find in the woods.  As summer turns to fall, woodland and meadows the world over play host to one of nature’s more orbicular idiosyncrasies.  It is large, round, white and has a distinctly extra-terrestrial appearance.  Yet the giant puffball is very much of this world, albeit one of its stranger fungal denizens.


This amazing animation by Valerio Spinelli (aka Pixelpongo) features a kaleidoscope of cultural icons, monsters and other bizarre creatures brought to life by a process of overlapping felt circles – yet fuzzy felt this ain’t.  In an act of respect to the marvel of geometry, no shape was stretched or

Valentine’s Day a Disaster? This May Make You Feel Better

No cards or chocolates or roses or anything remotely valentiney? Never mind! Romance isn’t always everything that it’s cracked up to be.  Sometimes (to misquote the Pet Shop Boys) love might come quickly and you can’t stop falling.

Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin interprets Hozier’s Take Me to Church

There are still many people who would never classify ballet as cool – not that their opinion matters much to those who know otherwise.  Yet if any of you still need convincing take a look at this.  Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin (the Royal Ballet’s youngest ever principal) takes Take Me to C

Watch the Potter’s Wheel from the Perspective of the Vase

If you have ever seen Ghost (the 1990 movie starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore) then you will be aware of how the potter’s wheel can be manipulated on film to become something quite, well, suggestive.  Not to anthropomorphize ceramics, of course, but one can only wonder how the poor vase felt.  This short featuring Eric Landon of Tortus in Copenhagen goes some way to address that grave injustice.

Love Valley – Seeing is Believing

Love Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey certainly has a claim to fame – a very large one. Rather euphemistically named, the valley is home to rock structures that bear a passing resemblance to… well - make your own mind up.

Paramotor Paradise

I must have lived a sheltered life as I had never heard of a paramotor before today (and neither has my spellchecker but that is neither here nor there).  Now I have I have this overwhelming urge to go and enlist in the closest paramotoring club and take to the skies using this elegant and very, very cool form of transport.