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Twenty Wonderful Words Which Shouldn’t be Allowed to Wither

There are many words these days that are rarely used – and that is a great shame as even the simple act of their enunciation can bring on a smile, such is their irrefragable brilliance.


This is a short piece that explores the concept of originality by Vucko. This piece achieves this by combining influential quotes from the world’s most creative minds over the past five decades (Pablo Picasso, Jim Jarmusch, Woodrow, Wilson, Lincoln Steffens, Dieter Rams, Jean Luc Godard and others) to create a single narrative that defines what it means to be original.

Sana'a: The Melody of our Alienation

Sana’a the capital of Yemen has always been on my bucket list: in fact I have had a fascination for the whole country since I discovered its amazing architecture.  Yet Yemen is a country in flux, its future uncertain.  This elegeic  piece by Abdurahman Hussain send us a reminder that no matter how strange the city feels, people are not strangers in their own city.

Here are Some Hats from A to Z

I love hats and it’s distressing to see that (certainly in Europe and the US) their once proud ubiquity not to mention diversity has been diminished to such an extent that the one you see most of all is associated with a certain sport involving bats (and worn by those who have for the most part neve

The Radome - Amazing Hi-Tech Radar Umbrella

Brittany, France - Image Credit Flickr User SchoebandThey look as if they might be home to families of extra-terrestrials recently arrived on earth from some sort of galactic cataclysm – and they are everywhere and increasing in number.

Sunday Short Movie: Beyond Memories

Sophie believes that the only way to move on with her life is to forget about a past relationship.

The Biology of Risk Taking: Why Do Teenage Boys Put Themselves in Danger?

If you have ever wondered why teenage boys act so, well, stupidly, then this should give you an insight.  Created by Stefane Lefort for an exhibition about risk in La Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie de Paris, it follows young Maxine who is enjoying a day out at the pool but wants to impress some girls.

Petit Paris

Sean Collins lived in Paris as a young man and returned there last year to make this amazing tilt-shift video.


A man escapes from prison at the same time as a boy runs away from school.  Their paths are destined to meet in a type of synchronicity which might just save the boy’s life in any number of ways.

Urbex – The Art of Urban Exploration

Most of us now live in towns and cities and you might assume that these areas are fully mapped out and known to all.

The Forgotten Space Below Dupont Circle

What lies below Washington DC's Dupont Circle?

Why Children Need to Keep Quiet on Trains

If you know a child who persists in showing you up when traveling on trains then show them this immediately.  It is something of a tall tale, created by Kilogramme is an animation company based in Manchester, England.  However, once you have plonked the errant infant down in front of this joyous animated short they shouldn’t bother you again – at least when on a series of connected railway carriages or wagons moved by a locomotive.

The Secret History of the Banana

I knew a little about the dark side of the banana but Bananas, Sardines and Sharks tells a remarkable true story of a Cold War coup and warns us that no matter how cheap and convenient our stuff is, there is always a price to pay.

Together: A Story of Paris, Nazis, Jews and Muslims, based on True Events

When one considers what happened in Paris last week it is perhaps an opportune time to show this short film which is based on true events.  Together (Ensemble in French and directed by Mohamed Fekrane) is set in 1942 at the height of the Nazi occupation of France.

Watch What Happens When a Four-Year-Old Tries Siri

Sometimes Siri just doesn’t understand… especially if you are four years old.  Over the last few years artist Tyler Jordan and his partner have been in hysterics over what the intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator has made of their son Hazen’s requests for information.

Paris Unity Rally: Millions Come Together in Solidarity

For a day, Paris became the capital of the world when 1.6 million People converged on the streets of the French capital.  Just a few days after the country suffered one its worst terrorist attacks the country responded with the biggest demonstration in its history, larger even than those which marked the Liberation of Paris in 1945.

120 Years Watching Movies Together

On December 28 1885 the Lumiere Brothers performed for their first paying audience at the Grand Cafe in Boulevard des Capucines, marking the debut of cinema as we know it.  So why not celebrate 120 years of watching movies together?


When you live on a desert planet, life can be harsh. In fact, this little alien carries around his cup just in case he comes across one of his world’s rare clouds.

Iguazu Falls – Big Water of the Borders

In the local Tupi language, the word means big water.  One look at the staggering Iguazu Falls, located on the border of the Brazilian State of Paraná and the Argentine Province of Misiones and you realise that this is no exaggeration.

Batman Evolution

Take music which spans over fifty years of superhero history, throw in a piano and over 100 tracks of cello not to mention three legendary cars and what do you get?