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Rainbow Lightning: Nature’s Astonishing Bow and Arrow

Most people have experienced lightning. Likewise, ask people if they have ever seen a rainbow and most will answer in the positive.  Yet something which few have seen is the moment that a rainbow and lightning occur at the same time.  Image Credit Ryan Judd Image Credit Phil Plait Lightning frequently happens during heavy storms.

Meet The Loneliest Little Robot in the World

L3.0 is alone.  The streets of Paris have long since ceased resounding to the clamor of humanity and he is left to his own devices.  He spends his days writing notes on paper planes and jettisoning them over the city in the hopes that they will attract some company for him.  Yet one day something ha

It is 2024 and a Fugitive Musician Makes a Final Online Appearance

This short film says an awful lot about the nature of modern martyrdom. Envoi (meaning the verse or stanza which concludes a ballad) was written and directed by Jeremiah Gonda and Adrian Traurig.  A musician, opposed to the totalitarian regime under which he lives, makes a final broadcast to his fans after the execution of his band-mates.

A Terminal Patient Comes to Terms with his Past Through the Redemptive Power of Music

In so many lives there is a point at which terrible news is imparted.  Then it’s coming to terms with it and trying for a positive outcome.  In terms of news about the imminent shrugging off of this mortal coil, how can death ever be healed?

The Svanetian Towers of Georgia

Encircled by peaks of up to 5,000 meters, Svaneti is the highest area in the Caucasus mountain system which people have settled.  In a land dominated by mountains divided by deep gorges, the Svan people settled this historic Georgian province almost two millennia ago and here they flourished.  Yet towards the end of the European Dark Age, at around the end of the ninth century, the Svan found themselves in conflict with the northern Caucasian tribes on the other side of the mountains and with the Ossetians to the east.  Their solution to tribal raids has endured the centuries.

Incredible Iceland Volcano Photo

(For those of you outside of the UK, Iceland is a supermarket chain which specializes in frozen food – no irony intended by the owners, we are fairly sure of that).  Never say that the British want to be left out in the cold when it comes to foreign affairs, eh?

If You Have Never Wanted to Visit Amsterdam, You Will After Watching This

Visiting Amsterdam should always be a pleasure and this time-lapse and hyperlapse by Jack Fisher captures the city beautifully.  It was filmed at the end of last year and in the film are a number of exhibitions from the city’s annual Light Festival.  I particularly like the trip up the city’s canals

How to Avoid Clichés in a Student Film by Using Them

Film students are always, always told by their tutors to avoid certain things but, quite often, they fall in to the trap of misusing and abusing any number of tired and not-to-be-trusted movie making tropes and mistakes.  The list might include tedious on-screen text expositions, filming on campus, using friends as actors – and many, many more.

A Different Lens

This is a very cool montage of eyes in the movies – I had some fun trying to name all of the movies these very short clips are from (I don’t think I got even two thirds of them!

The Sand Dollar – the Animal that Can Clone Itself

This somewhat strange looking specimen is a Sand Dollar and it is featured today over at our sibling site, the Ark in Space.

The Cutty Sark Story

If you might  not get the opportunity to visit Cutty Sark, the British Clipper ship which is preserved as a museum ship in Greenwich, London, then this will get you a little closer, at least imaginatively.  Created by Beakus director Steve Smith for the Cutty Sark, it tells the story of the ship’s years of service as a tea and wool cargo ship, and its record breaking round-the-world voyages.

The Hórreo - Singular Symbol of Spain

If you travel through north eastern Spain the chances are that you will see something like above structure, pictured in Ourense in Galicia.

The Light and the Little Girl

This beautiful and poignant insight in to the mind of a child is something quite special.  The moment when the immaterial is desired but cannot be possessed is pivotal in the development of self-awareness.

The Palace

A young boy, alone and terrified, realizes that his high shelter is about to fall.  Yet what waits for him below is perhaps even more terrifying than his predicament.  This stop-motion short about loss, fear, survival and hope in a dark and foreboding world was co-written, directed and animated by J

Ever Wondered What Happened to Your Favorite Toons of the 80s? Brace Yourself…

Jessica Rabbit lays it all bare about what came to pass after the cameras stopped rolling – and the years have not been kind.  As well as Roger and Jessica (plus daughter...), we get to see what happened to a number of 80s cartoon icons, including Garfield and He-Man.

Hofman’s Hippopo Hits the Thames

There is usually something new to see in London every day but this week there was a new addition on the River Thames unusual even by the standards of the English capital.  There was no need, either, to be particularly eagle-eyed to spot this visitor to one of the world’s most well-known waterways.   While Battersea’s famous power station is usually associated with flying pigs, thanks to the cover of Pink Floyd’s 1977 Animals album, this week it was a 21 meter long floating hippo which caught the attention of those taking a stroll down the river.


A young girl, alone in the forest, has a mysterious encounter with a strange creature.  This magical and beautifully produced animated short was created by a very talented group of students from Gobelins: Camille Andre, Marion Bulot, Clément Doranlo, Myriam Fourati, Jonghyun Jungboix, Alexis Kerjoss

What Can You Do When Your Date Turns Out to be a Sloppy Eater?

We have all had first dates that have gone wrong but hopefully nothing like this – when the object of your desire turns out to be something of a messy eater – to say the very least.

Space Cat Hob

A genetically engineered flying cat (yup) crash lands on a planet only to find that he is surrounded by more even more danger than he has just escaped.  Will he survive this new hostile environment?

The Trift Bridge: The Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge in the Swiss Alps

Climbers have to be fit and healthy to even reach Trift Bridge.  Yet once they get there they must be in possession of other qualities.  It is the longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in the Swiss Alps and even the sight of it can render some people weak at the knees.