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The death of bees explained

What’s killing the honeybees? While we’re still untangling the causes, it’s clear that our fates are deeply entwined The post The death of bees explained appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Why do archaeological fraudsters work so hard to deceive us?

Three archaeologists walk into a recently excavated prehistoric bar in Iceland. Athwart the barstools sit various skeletons, both human and dinosaur.

Lady Razorbacks

Sport as sanctuary: how a group of women from the Pacific Islands find release and redemption on the rugby field The post Lady Razorbacks appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Should we harvest organs from patients who are not dead yet?

A previously healthy middle-aged man has suffered a massive stroke from a ruptured artery in his brain and fallen into a persistent, then permanent, coma.

Resurrection plants

Will life-forms that can survive a century without water help us develop resilient crops for a drought-ridden future?

Mine Kafon

Inspired by children’s toys, an Afghani inventor’s clever, surprisingly low-cost solution to the threat of landmines The post Mine Kafon appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Why should gay rights depend on being ‘born this way’?

Last month, the US Supreme Court affirmed the rights of same-sex couples to marry. The decision was a major achievement for a liberation movement that began nearly half a century ago.

Chuck Jones: the evolution of an artist

How the inventive absurdity of ‘Looney Tunes’ emerged from discipline and a commitment to understanding human behaviour The post Chuck Jones: the evolution of an artist appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Climb in, float off, zone out: why floatation blows my mind

‘Experience Nothing.’ When my local float centre was under construction, this phrase kept catching my eye.


Confined to darkness, silence and pain by a rare genetic disorder, Gina wants control over one thing: the choice to die The post Gina appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Explaining the boom in kitschy books about visiting heaven

In The Republic, Plato tells the story of Er, a soldier slain in battle, found amid the decaying corpses of other soldiers.

The life you can save

Do you have a different responsibility to a child drowning in front of you than to one dying halfway around the world?

How feeding children’s ambition only sets them up to fail

Twelve-year-old Gwenyth has dark brown eyes and a fierce desire to change people’s negative perception of sharks.

The right to privacy

Should you have the right to do whatever you want with a bike in your own room? The curious case of a ‘cycle sexualist’ The post The right to privacy appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

How constructor theory solves the riddle of life

Living things have puzzled and challenged us since the dawn of our species. Even in the light of our modern scientific understanding, they seem remarkable.

The whale warehouse

Behind the curated exhibitions in natural history museums, lie the sprawling, stinking marvels of the specimen collections The post The whale warehouse appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

How often do ethics professors call their mothers?

None of the classic questions of philosophy are beyond a seven-year-old’s understanding. If God exists, why do bad things happen?

Overworked to suicide

A lethal mix: how work-related social pressures and taboos around mental illness ravage white-collar workers in Japan The post Overworked to suicide appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Why are only two of the world’s top 100 chess players women?

Here’s a story my father likes to tell. When I was five, my family spent several months living in Barbados.

Look up! The billion-bug highway you can’t see

The blue sky might look clear, but thousands of feet overhead countless insects are riding their own mass-transit system The post Look up!