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Kartari Chand, aged 101, and Karam Chand, 109, have the world’s longest known marriage. After 88 years together, their relationship and their family – including eight children, 26 grandchildren and 27 great-grandchildren – remain at the heart of their shared happiness.

The solution to doping is to extend the blame beyond athletes

Doping in sport is widespread and shows little sign of abating. Athletes are dropping out of the Rio Olympics like flies.

Triangle of power

Making students learn to execute similar operations using three different kinds of notation – as in the case of exponents, logarithms and roots – is a bit like asking them to learn to say the same thing in three different languages for no good reason. With such counterintuitive and redundant standardised notation systems, it’s easy to understand why many students become overwhelmed by mathematics and choose to pursue fields where complex calculations aren’t necessary.

Foodie localism loves farming in theory, but not in practice

A few years ago, as the co-owner of a direct-market vegetable farm, my life revolved around harvests and freeze dates, farmers’ market sales and enrolment numbers for our Community Supported Agriculture programme.

Nadia’s story

Nothing about my unborn daughter’s heart was right. If we didn’t try to save her, would the decision haunt me forever?

There is no difference between computer art and human art

In December 1964, over a single evening session in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, John Coltrane and his quartet recorded the entirety of A Love Supreme.

Spot the WEIRDo

Too much research is done on Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic students. Can science widen its base?

Carnivorous worms mimic the night sky

Some insects deceive predators or lure prey by mimicking the appearance of others. Glow worms in the Waitomo Caves of New Zealand have a more creative approach: they mimic stars, collaborating to disorient and prey on moths that use light in the night sky to navigate. Part of KQED’s science documentary series Deep Look, this luminous short provides a fascinating glimpse of one of nature’s most unusual – and inventive – predators.

Extinction is forever: de-extinction can’t save what we had

When I hike up into the hills around Salt Lake City, above the Bonneville Shoreline Trail where the sagebrush gives way to the shade of the forest, mastodons are on my mind.

What Mortimer did

A diplomat in British India blundered a border. The consequences continue to shape world politics By Rafia Zakaria Read at Aeon

Santa Cruz del Islote

Fifty miles off the coast of the port city Cartagena in Colombia, the island of Santa Cruz del Islote exists as a mostly self-sustaining human ecosystem built on fishing.

How the buzz of dancing and sports bonds us together

Many of us know that physical exercise is good not only for our bodies, but also for our ‘soul’. It can give us a unique psychological buzz, especially when we do it with others – just ask your nearest SoulCycle devotee or Tough Mudder initiate.

Right on track

If there is a greater thrill of travelling than the discovery of unfamiliar places, for me it’s getting there by train By Margarita Gokun Silver Read at Aeon

The function of music with Jad Abumrad

‘Music doesn’t mean anything – it just is...’ Like language, music is organised, human-made sound that sprang up independently across early human cultures.

Sex, drugs and late nights: on night owls and psychopaths

Some people like going to bed early in the evening and waking up at the crack of dawn. Others are most alive after the Sun has set, preferring the darkness of night to the brightness of morning.


The Voyager spacecrafts were launched by the United States in 1977 to explore our Solar System’s gas giants – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – and then interstellar space, where they’re still gathering valuable information.

Should a human-pig chimera be treated as a person?

There is a well-documented organ shortage throughout the world. For example, 3,000 kidney transplants were made last year in the United Kingdom, but that still left 5,000 people on the waiting list at the end of the period.


Ever-faster feedback loops and micro-targeted digital porn are pushing human sexuality into some seriously weird places By Mark Hay Read at Aeon

Girls of the global South can’t fix the world alone

In recent decades, the world has been moved to help girls, especially girls in the global South. The Western campaigns and projects are legion: Girl Effect, Girl Up, Girl Rising, G(irls)20 Summit, Because I am a Girl, Let Girls Learn, Girl Declaration.

Only the lonely

Loneliness is hell: debilitating yet formative. Can we avoid the pains of loneliness yet enjoy the pleasures of solitude?