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The fish tamer

One man’s dying wish launches a beguiling Mediterranean meditation on friendship, ageing and the seafaring life The post The fish tamer appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

What happens when carnivores lose their taste for butchery?

The skin did not come off like a sweater, as I’d been told it would. I’d looked at how to do it in the classic Joy of Cooking, figuring the directions for squirrel couldn’t be much different from rabbit: hook it through the heels, yank the skin down to its paws.

How electric light changed the night

Electricity gave us dominion over the night, but is the light now controlling us? The post How electric light changed the night appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

How toxic is smokestack nostalgia?

Two memorials pay homage to the miners killed in a coal dust explosion on 5 April 2010 at the Upper Big Branch mine in Montcoal, West Virginia.


Is ‘rewilding’ the future of nature? In a reserve in the Netherlands, all life is subject to ancient ecological rhythms The post Winter appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

We are not edging up to a mass extinction

The way the public hears about conservation issues is nearly always in the mode of ‘[Beloved Animal] Threatened With Extinction’.

Chinese dreamer

Will the so-called Chinese Dream come true for this 18-year-old from the country’s 260 million migrant workers?

Why wealth makes men faithful and poverty makes women choosy

We’re both happily married law professors who followed the same trajectory. We graduated from college, became established in our professions, got married, and had children.

I hope this helps: modal realism

What to do about deep regret? In a new Aeon series Sam Dresser mines philosophy to solve your personal dilemmas The post I hope this helps: modal realism appeared first on Aeon Magazine.


At the only checkpoint on the India-Pakistan border, a nightly ritual unites the citizens of long-adversarial countries The post Wagah appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Why don’t our brains explode when we watch movies?

Suppose you were sitting at home, relaxing on a sofa with your dog, when suddenly your visual image of the dog gave way to that of a steaming bowl of noodles.

Self-sacrifice is the ultimate irrationality: what motivates it?

The YouTube video is grainy and little more than 90 seconds long. A group of men sit under olive trees on a hill, in a scene that would resemble a cheery picnic were it not for the rifles resting at their feet.


What do the spiritual practices of five-year-olds across five religions tell us about the meaning and power of ritual?

The plant family tree

How our developing understanding of plants changed our knowledge of life itself – from Linnaeus to Darwin to DNA The post The plant family tree appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Could we reboot a modern civilisation without fossil fuels?

Imagine that the world as we know it ends tomorrow. There’s a global catastrophe: a pandemic virus, an asteroid strike, or perhaps a nuclear holocaust.

The forensic photographer

Crime scenes, black lights and fingerprints – the greatest tool the forensic photographer has is his enquiring mindset The post The forensic photographer appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

An interview with a conscientious objector

First Lieutenant Jacob Bridge is stationed in Hawaii as a logistics officer.

Suburban God

What place does God have in an affluent, suburban world? A pastor travels door-to-door to find out The post Suburban God appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Could we make our home on a rogue planet without a Sun?

It’s 10,000 years in the future. You are a space explorer, preparing to land on the surface of a newly discovered world that might support life.

Daniel Levitin on information overload

Why daydreaming not multitasking is the way to process the unprecedented amount of information we now face The post Daniel Levitin on information overload appeared first on Aeon Magazine.