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Perpetual Ed

Can the bleakness of negativism make life’s small joys sweeter in the face of illness and death? The post Perpetual Ed appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Why boring streets make pedestrians stressed and unhappy

In 2007, the Whole Foods supermarket chain built one of their largest stores on New York City’s storied Lower East Side, occupying an entire block of East Houston Street from the Bowery to Chrystie Street.

Who makes your t-shirts?

Does buying cheap clothes hurt or help the people who make them? Life and work inside the global garment industry The post Who makes your t-shirts?

What is the moral worth of rescuing individual wild animals?

It was a frigid Tuesday in November when a tiny rufous hummingbird showed up in a front yard in St Paul.

Can a thousand tiny swarming robots outsmart nature?

Human biology is complex but imperfect. Could mini robots reveal how to ‘programme’ cells for improved performance?

What's the best way to solve homelessness? Give people homes

David Hogue isn’t sure that he should tell me his name. He sits in a back office in the shelter where he has lived for the past 18 months, hands folded neatly in his lap.

The risks of the everyday

Forget plane crashes and shark attacks – beware your shower! The risks that matter most might be those you notice least The post The risks of the everyday appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Can you be obese and healthy? Maybe, but not for long

Since the World Health Organization declared a global obesity epidemic in 1997, weight has played a dominant role in the conversation about health and wellness.

Spiders tune their webs like guitars

How does a spider tell a potential meal from a potential mate? The answer lies in the vibrations of its finely-tuned web The post Spiders tune their webs like guitars appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

When are you better off not knowing the truth?

In 2006 in California, Anne Wojcicki co-founded the personal genetics company 23andMe, with the mission of ‘helping people access, understand and benefit from the human genome’.

Massimo Pigliucci on death and Stoicism

How the Stoical view of death allows for suicide yet urges engagement with the world and enjoyment of life The post Massimo Pigliucci on death and Stoicism appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Is there such a thing as an almost-rape?

‘You know, one in five women are sexually assaulted,’ my stepfather told me. I was in middle school. The age where I listened to a lot of ‘angry-girl music’ – Tori Amos in particular.

Knotty objects: steak

Has meat outlived its usefulness? Why finding creative ways to end our reliance on meat may be a moral imperative The post Knotty objects: steak appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Madness made me

Have mental health diagnoses lost sight of the actual human beings they seek to treat? The post Madness made me appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Step by step, Americans are sacrificing the right to walk

In 2011, Raquel Nelson was convicted of vehicular homicide following the death of her four-year-old son.

The wild life of a female flamboyant cuttlefish

Highly poisonous but marvellous to watch, flamboyant cuttlefish mate face-to-face, the female looming over the male The post The wild life of a female flamboyant cuttlefish appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Judge, jury and executioner: the unaccountable algorithm

In a recent podcast series called Instaserfs, a former Uber driver named Mansour gave a chilling description of the new, computer-mediated workplace.


A chilling rendering of every nuclear detonation on record charts the spread of humanity’s most destructive weapon The post Trinity appeared first on Aeon Magazine.

Is archaeology better off without religion?

In her first year teaching at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, Leanne Pace taught a class called Near Eastern Archaeology.

Ars Qubica

Discover the secret geometry of beauty – the mathematical rules underpinning form and pattern in art and design The post Ars Qubica appeared first on Aeon Magazine.