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How to Gain Weight

Most articles and books out there about diet and nutrition focus on how to lose weight. It makes sense.

Podcast #340: The Life Lessons From an Adventurer

Inside many men is the call for adventure. My guest today is one of those men and listening to that call has led him to pursue a lifetime of amazing expeditions around the globe, all while balancing a demanding career as an airline pilot and family responsibilities.

The Spiritual Disciplines: Study and Self-Examination

  Welcome back to our series on the spiritual disciplines, which explores exercises that can be used to train the soul.

Cool Uncle Tricks: How to Break Your Nose

An essential part of being an awesome uncle is having a repertoire of tricks and jokes that will amaze your nieces and nephews, and crack them up.

How to Keep Your Course in the Wilderness

Editor’s note: Even when you have a map and compass, and even when you’re following marked trails, it’s possible to take a wrong turn, head in the wrong direction, stray from your intended path and destination, and become lost when trekking in the wilderness.

Podcast #339: The Power of Likability

When you hear the word “popular” you’re probably transported back to high school where cliques of cheerleaders and football players ruled the roost while everyone else was at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

A Man’s Guide to Dressing Sharp and Casual in His 50s

A man’s wardrobe should undergo subtle shifts as he gets older and takes on different roles in life. To help you look great at every age, this year we’ll be offering guides to dressing sharp and casual in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond.

Podcast #338: How to Beat Distraction and Stay Focused

If you’re like me, you have a love-hate relationship with your digital devices. On the one hand, they give us access to unlimited amounts of information, connect us with friends and family, and allow us to work from pretty much anywhere.

Make Every Day a Good Day With This Morning Routine

Do you often feel like you’re not in control of your day? Co-workers make unexpected demands, meetings don’t work out the way you planned, appointments fall through.

Enrollment Is Now Open for The Strenuous Life

In July we opened enrollment to our new program, The Strenuous Life, and formed its first 4 classes of 150 members.

The Ultimate Collection of Manly Smells

Smells can conjure up powerful memories. The smell of pine needles can take you back to childhood Christmases or the smell of a laundry detergent can remind you of home.

Manvotional: Thoreau on Simplicity and Aspiration

A Letter to Harrison Blake March 27, 1848 By Henry David Thoreau I do believe in simplicity. It is astonishing as well as sad, how many trivial affairs even the wisest man thinks he must attend to in a day; how singular an affair he thinks he must omit.

How to Sew a Button

You might think that sewing isn’t a manly skill, and rely on your mom or wife to replace buttons for you when they’ve popped off a shirt or pair of pants.

The Monthly Huckberry Giveaway: September 2017

Below you’ll find some of my favorite recent offerings from Huckberry. Enter the giveaway to win any of these items, or anything else available in their store (up to a value of $500).

How to Increase Your Kids’ Connection to Nature (Even if You Live in the Burbs)

By now you’ve probably heard about the well-publicized research pointing to the extraordinary benefits of spending time in nature.

How to Tell the Difference Between Social Aggression and Asocial Violence

Editor’s note: The following article was adapted from When Violence Is the Answer: Learning How to Do What It Takes When Your Life Is at Stake by Tim Larkin.

Podcast #336: How to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone. It’s what puts hair on your chest, gives you those big manly, muscles, and fills you with fiery thumos.

How to Make a Hobo Stove

The humble hobo stove traces its origins back to the Great Depression. No. 10 tin cans had become a standard package of food stuffs like coffee and fruit before the Depression and so were plentiful.

An Introduction to the Spiritual Disciplines

“The meaning of earthly existence is not, as we have grown used to thinking, in prosperity, but in the development of the soul.” —Alexander Solzhenitsyn Last month we explored the profound parallels between training the physical body and training the spiritual soul: both “physiques” atrophy from lack of use; increase in strength and agility when exercised; require pain, effort, weight, and opposition to grow; and can only be honed through consistent, continual practice.

Have You Checked Out the Art of Manliness Podcast Lately?

Hey, did you know there’s an Art of Manliness Podcast? It’s true. And if you haven’t subscribed yet, may I humbly suggest you do so today?