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COS Opens its First US Store

After opening in 20 counties across the globe, H&M's high-end fashion concept COS finally opens its first store in the USA choosing Beverly Hills as their first brick and mortar location.

Pop Up Flea Tokyo

The ever popular Pop Up Flea sets its sights on Japan tomorrow (or today, for all our Japanese readers), bringing their array of American goods to Tokyo for the very first time.

Wallace and Barnes RAF Jacket

We're always keeping a close eye on Wallace and Barnes, J.Crew's premium in-house label, which always impresses with their elevated staples.

Best Made Submariners

Nothing is worse than freezing your toes off because of a thin pair of socks. Best Made just stocked their shop with a new pair of essentials that'll keep your feet warm all winter long with their mil-spec Submariners.

Uniform Wares Swiss-made Collection

Uniform Wares, one of our favorite watch lines here at Acquire, gets a nice little overhaul this year with the launch of their Swiss-made Collection.

Microsoft Band

You didn't think Microsoft was going to sit this one out, did you? The software behemoth is introducing a new wearable today called the Microsoft Band powered by their new Microsoft Health software.

The Hill-Side Shirt Collection

It was only a matter of time before The Hill-Side brought those damn good fabrics to a range of shirting.

2016 BMW X5 M & X6 M

BMW unleashes a duo of Bavarian brutes with the unveiling of the high-performance X5 M SUV and X6 M Crossover.

The Absence

What makes a good pair of pants? Well, if you asked The Absence, it would be matching Japanese fabrics with a team of people who craft their pieces by hand and have generations of experience in doing so.


VW can update and redesign the Beetle all they want, but it will never ever come close to capturing the charm of the original car.

UVEX Snowstrike VT

UVEX's Snowstrike VT isn't your average ski/snow goggle, it's hiding a pretty incredible trick up its sleeve and could very well be the only goggle you'll ever need.

HP Sprout

With all the focus on mobile computing it's been awhile since we've seen anything that truly excites us on the desktop side of things.

Every Day is Play

Successfully funded through Kickstarter last fast, Game Paused has released its "Every Day is Play" book for general purchase and is a must-have coffee book for anyone who's ever picked up a gamepad: "A snapshot of video game culture past and present, Every Day is Play is the first self-published book project from Game Paused.

2015 Audi R8 Competition

Making its debut at the LA Auto Show, Audi unveils their fastest production vehicle, the 2015 R8 Competition.

Native Apollo Chukka

Vancouver-based Native follows up the Apollo Moc with another great release, the Apollo Chukka. The company is releasing it in an early limited release called the Shibori Dyed Pack that takes the thousand-year-old Japanese techniques of Shibori dying and applies it to Native's modern and minimalist take on the classic chukka.

Filson Restoration Department

Bringing new life to their vintage bags and accessories, Filson launches the Filson Restoration Department.

FEIT Cashmere Accessories

FEIT takes a short break from its leather goods line and tries its hand on a cashmere scarf and beanie, just in time for the winter.

Nigel Cabourn Mainline Japan Pea Coat

Nigel Cabourn just added a few of its Mainline Japan pieces onto its online store and we couldn't help but notice this stunning Pea Coat and if you've ever felt a Cabourn piece firsthand, you know this is probably the Pea Coat to end all Pea Coats.


Can't decide between and aluminum or leather when it comes to your carry-on? Ghurka's Pontooon IV might just convince you that leather is the way to go.

Montblanc Extreme Leather Collection

Montblanc could have just picked a beautiful leather and gone about their day, but this is the Extreme Leather Collection and not just any leather would do.